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Three cushions layered across each other, covered with GURLI covers in brown-yellow, white and black.

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Why not make yourself more comfortable and get a more personal look with cushions that will stay fresh for longer outdoors? They're a budget-friendly boost that will cheer you up even when the sun isn’t shining.

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10+ Eco-Friendly & Ethical Throw Pillows for Every Room Aesthetic

The right set of ethical throw pillows can instantly transform your space — they can add rich textures, bring in fresh colors, and celebrate artisanal heritage.

What makes for an ethical or sustainable pillow, though? 

As always, there is no black-or-white answer and there are multiple considerations and layers at play. You may not necessarily find a brand that meets all of these criteria but generally speaking, some elements to look for are:

  • Ethical Manufacturing: Does the brand follow transparent and responsible production practices? Do they have third-party verifications (not necessarily required, but can be an added bonus)? Do they pay living wages and offer benefits? What do they do to ensure a safe and healthy workplace? 
  • Cultural Preservation: In many areas in the world, traditional art forms and craft techniques are at risk of dying out or even going extinct. How is the brand supporting and celebrating the continuation of these generations-old traditions? (This includes paying artisans fair wages so that they can actually provide for themselves and their families with their art.)
  • Materials: Does the brand use thoughtfully sourced natural materials like organic cotton, hemp, or linen? Do they use plant-based dyes or at least azo-free and non-toxic dyes? 
  • Other Sustainable Practices: Does the brand use renewable energy? Do they recycle their water and waste? Do they have eco-friendly packaging? What other ways are they working to minimize waste and emissions?
  • Ownership: Who is behind this brand? Who is making the decisions and who is profiting? You may want to look for a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC)-owned business, a Woman of Color (WOC)-owned business, or LGBTQIA+-owned business for instance. 

The brands in this guide all meet multiple criteria listed above. Next to each brand description, the Conscious Qualities section will specify which criteria the brand meets!

Before we dive in, note that some of these brands have throw pillow covers that come without pillows inside. For eco-friendly pillow filling options, check out Carolina Morning, a woman-owned brand with fillings like buckwheat hulls, buckwheat pillows, and Kapok.

Oh, and for more responsibly-made design inspiration, check out this guide to ethical home decor and this one to eco-friendly furniture!

This guide includes partners and affiliates, which helps us continue creating free resources like this one! As always, all brand selections are vetted for their sustainability and ethics and our brands we love.Cover image courtesy of Zuahaza.

1. Zuahaza

Passionate about natural textiles, sustainable production, and indigenous craftsmanship, Tatiana Ordoñez founded Zuahaza in 2019. The brand, based in Bogota, Colombia, revitalizes heritage crafts by collaborating with women artisans in Colombia to create modern textiles made using organic fabrics, natural dyes, and traditional techniques.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Cultural Preservation, Organic Fabrics, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$

Check Out Zuahaza

Sustainable and ethical throw pillows from Zuahaza

2.The Citizenry

Neutral yet bold, The Citizenry’s ethical pillows are handcrafted with unique details and stand-out patterns but come in versatile hues that can transition through the seasons. The brand’s pillows are hand-loomed from natural fibers by master weavers in workshops around the world who earn wages double the fair trade requirement.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Slow Made, Cultural Preservation

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Check Out The Citizenry

Sustainable and ethical throw pillows from The Citizenry

3. Passion Lilie

As a Fair Trade Federation member, Passion Lilie is committed to ethical production practices, including paying living wages, ensuring healthy working conditions, and investing in artisan communities. The brand’s fair trade pillows are made by artisans in India using traditional art forms like block printing or ikat weaving and dyeing techniques.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Cultural Preservation, Natural Fibers

Price Range: $ 

Check Out Passion Lilie

Fair trade throw pillow from Passion Lilie
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4. Soil to Studio

As the name suggests, Soil to Studio follows sustainable and ethical practices from the fiber they source to the final touches made on their products. Soil to Studio uses eco-minded fibers such as linen and organic cotton, partners with artisans who set their own prices for their pieces, and utlizes sustainable manufacturing practices such as solar power energy and rainwater recycling.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Organic Fabrics, Sustainable Practices, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$

Explore Soil to Studio on Made Trade 

Yellow sustainable and ethical throw pillows from Soil to Studio


MINNA works closely with their artisan partners, collaborating with family-run workshops and independent co-operatives to ensure sustainable employment and fair trade practices (artisans set their own prices for their work). To support the continuation of the ancient crafts of these artisan communities, MINNA pairs contemporary design with indigenous techniques for their ethical throw pillows.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Cultural Preservation, Natural Fibers, LGBTQIA+ Owned

Price Range: $$$

Check Out Minna

Ethical throw pillows with a contemporary design from MINNA

6. Bolé Road Textiles

Born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the brand’s founder Hana is passionate about sharing her culture and heritage with the world while supporting Ethiopian artisans and revitalizing local economies. Bolé Road Textile’s ethical throw pillows are handwoven from 100% handspun Ethiopian cotton using ancient weaving techniques.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Cultural Preservation, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$$

Check Out Bolé Road Textiles

Blue ethical throw pillows from Bolé Road Textiles

7. California Cotton

For a more minimalist aesthetic, California Cotton has organic accent pillows made with simple, modern designs. Each eco-friendly pillow is made from 100% Fair Trade Certified™ and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Part of this GOTS certification ensures that the fabric is free of toxic chemicals like heavy metals, formaldehyde, and Azo-dyes.

Conscious Qualities: Organic Fabrics, Non-Toxic, Fair Trade

Price Range: $

Check Out California Cotton

Organic pillows from California Cotton

8. Kiliim

By pairing modern designs to the time-honored techniques for their ethical throw pillows and other textiles, Kiliim is sustaining and reviving the ancestral Egyptian craft of kilim making in Fowwa, Egypt. Kiliim also follows fair production practices — their artisans work in safe environments that align with World Fair Trade Organization’s guidelines and earn incomes 50% higher than average.

Conscious Qualities: Fair Trade, Cultural Preservation, Natural Fibers

Price Range: $$

Check Out Kiliim on Made Trade

Ethical throw pillows from Kiliim


VISO bold, abstract home textiles are like looking at pieces of art in a museum! Each dynamic, vibrantly printed throw showcases exceptional design “executed by artisans who pour their expertise and vision into every product.” The brand is sold on Black-owned and B-Corp certified marketplace GOODEE.

Conscious Qualities: Natural Materials, Slow Made

Price Range: $$

Explore Viso on GOODEE 

Eco-friendly abstract pillows from Viso

10. VivaTerra

VivaTerra has a beautifully eclectic selection of eco-friendly pillows, from textured and neutral-hued floor pillows to seasonal holiday-themed decorative pillows. The retailer sources pillows that follow different values — like natural, artisan-made, or made in the US, so look for the ones that best align with your lifestyle and priorities.

Conscious Qualities: Natural Fabrics, Cultural Preservation (varies by product)

Price Range: $$

Check Out VivaTerra

Eco-friendly eclectic pillows from VivaTerra

11. 54kibo

Founded by Nana Quagrain, who was born in Ghana and raised in South Africa, 54kibo showcases the creativity and talent of artisans from the African diaspora to the world. 54kibo has eclectic throw pillows inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Tunisia, South Africa, West Africa, and Haiti.

Conscious Qualities: Black-Owned, Ethical Production, Cultural Preservation

Price Range: $$

Check Out 54kibo

Ethical Throw Pillows from 54kibo

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10 Ethical Throw Pillows - Conscious Life and Style

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A naked sofa or armchair presents an opportunity. You’ve done the hard work sourcing the furniture—now it’s time to get creative with the best throw pillows and accent cushions money can buy. Whether you’re going monochrome or mixing and matching, there’s no shortage of retailers selling pillows that showcase serious design talent. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 29 of our favorite throw pillows. If you’re decorating on a tight budget, we’ve got options for you. Want sustainably made options? We’ve got you covered there too. And if you’re looking for pillows that reflect your personal taste, you can rest assured this list has something for you.


No trip to Target (virtual or physical) is complete without a peak at their furnishings. Their lineup of throw pillows gets us every time. Want colorful and vibrant? Look to Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow. Want farmhouse chic? Check out their collection of Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. There’s so much goodness to choose from you’ll wish you had more couches, beds, and chairs to spruce up.

Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Beaded Radial Pattern Square Throw Pillow


Amazon is brimming with all kinds of home decor finds, including throw pillows and pillow covers. Pillow covers are a go-to when you need to refresh an old pillow that doesn’t fit into your color scheme anymore. Give yours a new pink life using Phantoscope velvet throw pillow covers (pictured below) or a fancy faux fur. 

Phantoscope Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers (2-Pack)


Wayfair has throw pillows—and, seemingly, every other home decor object—in any shape, size, color, and style you might desire. Explore their never-ending selection at discount prices, including these textured chevron options (pictured below).

Light Gray Lucia Life Styles Square Pillow Cover & Insert


It should come as no surprise that Etsy—a beacon for home decor obsessives—offers some of the best throw pillows you can find. Whether you’re looking for minimalist linen like the one here, bright velvet, or wildly patterned cushion covers, there is at least one seller on Etsy ready to provide a little well-designed comfort and satisfy your plush-loving imagination.

Serena & Lily

Known for their beachy, laid-back California style, Serena & Lily offers a seemingly endless array of pillow covers in their distinctive aesthetic. Shoppers who know exactly what they’re looking for can sort by color, size, price, and indoor or outdoor use to efficiently find the perfect accents for their home.

West Elm

If you’ve ever decorated, well, anything, then you don’t need us to tell you about West Elm. Given their wide variety of throw pillow sets, covers, and inserts, chances are you’ll find everything you need. We particularly like the machine-washable cotton velvet covers below.


Jungalow, founded by Justina Blakeney, is a hub for all things home decor—from ceramics to plant hangers and from bedspreads to rugs. Their collection of boho accent pillows is incredibly vast and packed with personality. You’ll find delicate embroidery, a bright color palette, and all sorts of textures (think velvet, hook stitch, shag, and faux fur), as well as a selection of outdoor pillows and floor cushions. Turn to Jungalow if ever you’re in need of a soon-to-be-treasured statement piece and a pop of color. Also very much appreciated is that their price point tends to stay under $100.


A go-to for us when it comes to quality kitchenware, Food52 also carries several independent brands making great decorative pillows. The simple linen options pictured (available in 16 different colors) are by Hawkins New York. Pillows from Minna, Caroline Z. Hurley, and Farmhouse Pottery all make appearances on the site.

Bolé Road Textiles

Designed by former architect Hana Getachew in Brooklyn, all of Bolé Road Textiles’s pillows are handmade in Ethiopia by artisans in collectives and small, female-owned businesses. Bolé Road’s offerings range from the bold and bright to more neutral colors and black and white, but each item represents the brand’s commitment to thoughtful manufacturing and natural materials.

Made Trade

Made Trade is a hub for sustainably-made, ethically sourced home goods—including, of course, gorgeous decorative throw pillows, like this white-and-navy cotton pom cushion made in India. The brand also focuses on curating products from artisans who are Fair Trade, BIPOC-owned, female-owned, or what they refer to as heritage brands, meaning they employ traditional techniques and practices that are in danger of being phased out by mass production and technology.


Brothers Byron and Dexter Peart launched Goodee around the idea of conscious consumerism. As a Certified B Corporation, the brand is committed to products that are sustainably made, engage in the circular economy, and are ethically produced. Its in-house line of throw pillows exemplifies that ethos. The pillows are made of fabrics from Burkina Faso and Mali, are sewn in fair-trade collectives in Kenya, and made in partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a project from the U.N. and WTO. The pillow fill is GOTS-certified organic cotton and muslin from CeCe’s Wool, a nonprofit that provides employment and services for people with developmental disabilities. And, with their rich color scheme and intentional design, these pillows are also gorgeous to look at!

Block Shop Textiles

Block Shop Textiles, founded by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman in 2013, marries Bauhaus-inspired design, artisanal techniques, and transparent manufacturing practices at the heart of its operations in Jaipur, India. True to the Stockman sisters’ vision, this lumbar pillow with its distinctive geometric design is made of Belgian linen, filled with a down insert made in the U.S., and handsewn and hand-block-printed by a team of experts in Jaipur.


54Kibo, helmed by Nana Quagraine, is a gathering place for the best and brightest artisans across the African Diaspora. Whether you’re looking to decorate your living room, outfit a nursery, or give a stellar housewarming gift, you’ll find considered design objects for any decorating project. This collection of cotton pillows is made in Tunisia with a minimalist crosshatch pattern and subtle tassels that’ll work with countless home interior styles.

H&M Home

Another mega retailer that merchandises sustainable options at a very low price point is H&M Home. This 100% organic cotton cover is a step up from a neutral, and its classic colors and design can be used to stand out on your sofa, or blend in with a few mix-and-match options.

Coterie Brooklyn

Brooklyn pillow cover treasure trove Coterie Brooklyn carries a deep inventory of original designs by Grace Harris of Stitched by Grace. Harris’s designs are clean and minimal, but use high-quality fabrics and thoughtful materials including distinguished faux-leather details. More than 150 of her designs, as well as corresponding pillow inserts, can be found at Coterie at very reasonable prices (like, less than $50).


Always reliable for a little something special in any furniture or home decor category (macramé, tie-dye, tufted—you name it) Anthropologie offers a wide variety of pillow colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and textures.

Eva Sonaike

If you’re looking for color, print, and luxury details (like hidden zippers, duck feather fill and velvet piping), U.K.-based Eva Sonaike has gorgeous options aplenty. She blends West African and European influences to create pillows, poufs, rugs, and lampshades like no other.


Sara Berks, via her Hudson, New York, textile company Minna, works with artisans all over Latin America to create products that are made with traditional weaving techniques in ethical workshops. The brand takes great care to showcase the makers behind each product they bring to market. The Shadow Pillow, for example, is made in Momostenango, Guatemala, by artisans who use wool pedal looms and nontoxic dyes to achieve the thick, luxe finishing on the pillows, as well as area rugs in colorful abstract designs.

Yinka Ilori

Yinka Ilori is a London-based designer whose unique homewares use color like no other. His homeware collection includes colorful throw pillows in intricate, abstract patterns.

Modish Decor Pillows

Designer Chantal Bradley does beautiful pillows well, and she has since 2015. With a velvet pillow in nearly every striking color you can imagine, as well as some exceptional animal print, metallic, and Mongolian fur options, she makes it easy for you to accessorize any room or style.


When you think of Nordstrom’s home decor, classic pieces in solid colors and timeless patterns probably come to mind—and you’re totally right. Nordstrom does have a wealth of elegant home staples, but they also have funky finds that let you take a walk on the wild side. Case in point: this linen cushion cover with a jungle cat that makes us purr. 


All Bläanks’s pillows are, brilliantly, machine washable creations. In addition to their own designs, you can work with them to create bespoke pillows that are exactly the size, style, and color you’re looking for. We also love Bläanks’s commitment to sustainability–their textiles are made in the United States using recycled cotton yarn blends.


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