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Does Menards carry pool sand?

Pool Filter Sand at Menards® Go to the home page.

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Likewise, does Menards carry sand?

All Purpose Dried Sand - 60 lb at Menards®

Also, is pool sand safe for aquariums? It is perfectly safe. Diatoms feed on silica, but we really haven't seen a problem with it in the 20ish tanks we use it in. Thanks everyone, I look forward to changing out the sand after Christmas. Save yourself some money and return the sand to Leslie's and get the same stuff at Menards.

Just so, how much is a bag of pool filter sand?

In Stock. I purchased seven bags of this for my sand filter.

Top Selected Products and Reviews.

List Price:$14.89
You Save:$4.92 (33%)

Is pool filter sand the same as silica sand?

Pool sand is a very effective filter, but it's also a bit pricey. Because play sand, also known as sandbox sand, is less expensive than pool sand, pool owners are often tempted to try using it in the pool filter. Play sand and pool sand are not the same, however, and are not interchangeable.


Substrate from Menards/ Home Depot?

Hi guys!

I have had my two adult axies for almost a year now. They have been in a 40 gal breeder but we recently bought our first house and I had more space so I just purchased a 75 gallon! I was so excited to find a larger tank that was still longer instead of tall. Since I will be moving them I wanted to take the time to remodel. I love the natural look so I was wanting to add sand as a substrate along with low light plants and some wood (if I can find some nice large pieces without sharp ends).

I'm having a really hard time deciding on what sand to use. I'd rather not spend the money on real aquarium sand since I need it for 75 gallons. I've read a lot about pool filter sand and play sand. Since my previous tank was bare bottom (I was preparing for babies but fell in love with the two adults I adopted), I'm a littler nervous to use the wrong thing. How do I make sure the sand will be axie safe? We feed our boys worms via long tongs so I'm not too concerned about them inhaling much sand when eating, but we're going to try adding in a sandless feeding platform as well.

Are any of the pool filter sand or play sand options from either Menards or Home Depot acceptable? I really just need help picking out the specific brand of substrate to get.

I've been looking into substrate for a long time now, I have made the decision that I would be comfortable with a shallow amount of sand on the bottom for gripping and aesthetics.



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Does Menards have sand?

All Purpose Dried Sand - 60 lb at Menards® Go to the home page.

Click to see full answer.

Furthermore, does Menards have pool sand?

Pool Filter Sand at Menards® Go to the home page.

Additionally, what is all purpose sand made of? All-Purpose Sand is a washed coarse sand that can be used as underlayment for brick pavers and flagstones. This sand increases traction on snow and ice when applied to slippery surfaces. Quikrete 50 lb. All-Purpose Sand can be mixed with portland cement and gravel to make a concrete mix.

Also know, what kind of sand is in tube sand?

Tube sand is generally understood to be gritty traction sand packaged in a durable poly woven bag. It is shaped to fit over the fender wells to provide additional weight for pick up trucks and cars.

Does Home Depot sell sand?

Play sand is, in fact, sold separately at Home Depot.


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Just got back from Home Depot. Unfortunately, the very item number and SKU of the bags of sand they have locally were all normal brown play sand, not white like the picture implies (nor really grey like the Pavestone rep. had told me over the phone). I suppose it is possible, and in fact probable, that they have the same SKU for various types of sand and it may be hit or miss whether you actually find white sand with that SKU The "fizz test" was a negative - no fizz whatsoever.

All that said, I found some country stone "white kid's choice" playsand that was truly white at Menard's locally. This stuff also failed the "fizz test" but a close inspection of the grains showed them to be round (well, much more round than "normal" sand I have seen). I am going to try and find out what the composition of this sand is, but I can say with near complete certainty that it isn't calcite. It does, however, look very nice when wet, the grain sizes are almost identical (I saw very little variation and literally no "pebbles" mixed in with the sand. It certainly passes the visual appeal test, at least for me.


Originally Posted by brycerbView Post

I believe the silica thing to be BS.

Perhaps, but that wasn't really the topic of this discussion....

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Sand menards play

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Play Sand vs Pool Sand

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