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The Tiny Closet Shop Clothing Review by Wardrobe Oxygen

Over the past year, many of you here at Wardrobe Oxygen and in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community have been desiring reviews on smaller fashion brands, sustainable fashion, women- and Black-owned clothing retailers, and lesser-known size-inclusive apparel companies.

In an effort to offer a variety of reviews of quality brands, I have reached out to members of the Wardrobe Oxygen community to share their thoughts on such brands that have inclusive sizing. My hope is their detailed reviews, plus the variety of hearing from people with different sized and shaped bodies, having different lifestyles, and living in different climates will prove helpful to you.

I look forward to hearing what you think about this series. We start it with Lissa who has been an active member of the Wardrobe Oxygen community (you can find her on Instagram). While she wears the same clothing size as me, she has a different shape and is a different height. She recently tried The Tiny Closet Shop and offered to share her thoughts. Thank you, Lissa, for your great feedback!

Your Reviewer: Lissa

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 06

About a year ago, towards the beginning of This Pandemic Life, I made the decision to switch (almost) entirely to ethical/sustainable clothing options.  The world is basically on fire (both literally and figuratively) and I figure that I can do my own small part to encourage sustainability. 

My body has changed a lot in the last few years (and continued to change through the pandemic) and I found myself purchasing clothing more regularly than I have in the past.  When I think of ethical/sustainable clothing, I think of pieces that are purchased second hand, or new from a company with transparent supply chain information, including the wages and working conditions of the garment makers and sourcing fabrics that are made in sustainable ways (e.g., recycled products, deadstock, cotton that meets the global organic textile standard, etc).

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 05

I typically wear the same size as Alison does in most brands but my body shape is quite different.  I am a pretty classic pear shape – in most brands, I wear a straight size 14 in pants, and I usually take a 10 or a 12 in dresses depending on the cut.  In Universal Standard, I’m usually an XS.  Also, I am 5’10” and sometimes I find tall sizes fit me better than the regular lengths. Today, on the day I am writing this, my measurements appear to be 38-32-45. 

What is The Tiny Closet?

natalie free the tiny closet

The Tiny Closet began in 2011 as Natalie Free's blog. She started the blog after getting laid off, and used it as a chance to revamp her life – shopping less, choosing organic, living more simply. On her blog, Natalie recapped bits of her life with her ultra-cool style that she achieved with a relatively small wardrobe, and over time more of those pieces she sewed herself.

In 2013, Natalie got her business license and began sewing more regularly. Friends loved her clothes and asked her to make some for them. The pieces she created gained more and more interest and come 2016 she launched The Tiny Closet Shop. Within eight months, Natalie was selling so many of her pieces she was able to quit her job and focus on it full-time.

the tiny closet review

The Tiny Closet Shop is a California-based Black woman-owned fashion brand that offers new clothing from outsourced/deadstock fabric to reduce waste. All pieces are made to order; there is no inventory to again reduce waste. Hardly anything is thrown away – Natalie sells her samples, and she uses fabric scraps for drafting new patterns and creating dye samples.

Everything is made by hand, and as The Tiny Closet Shop expands, its focus continues to be on ways to reduce waste, be sustainable, and kind to the environment. The Tiny Closet offers free shipping on orders $150+.

the tiny closet maxi dress review

The look of The Tiny Closet is minimalist, modern, architectural, comfortable, yet chic.

The Tiny Closet Shop offers fashion in US sizes 2-18 with petite and tall sizing available. Each garment has its unique size chart and extensive details about the fabric, the size of the model, the garment measurements, and even styling tips.

The Tiny Closet Review


When someone on Facebook suggested the Tiny Closet Shop, I was intrigued.  For this shop, all garments are cut and made to order so there is no excess inventory, and the owner uses all deadstock fabrics for her collections.  All of her collections have this relaxed, cool-girl vibe to them that I find very appealing.

I chose three pieces from the capsule collection to try: the Tourist Dress in bone, the Tourist Tunic in indigo, and the Lounger Midi Pants in black. 


For the dress and the shirt, I chose size medium (listed as 8-10 in the dress, and 10-12 in the top) and for the pants I chose size large (12-14).  For both the Tourist Dress and Tunic, I selected the deep v-neck option and for the pants, I chose the tall option. 

I chose these three pieces as they seemed really versatile.  I could imagine wearing each piece to work, but also to run errands or even dressed up for a nice dinner (once it warms up enough to eat outside again).  Also, I thought that all three pieces would travel well.  Prior to This Pandemic Life, I traveled quite frequently and I hope to be able to go back to that lifestyle when it is safe for everyone.   


While the Tiny Closet Shop additionally bills all of these as part of a “year-round wardrobe”, I think this is very climate-dependent.  I am sure I would wear these sorts of clothes year-round in Los Angeles (where the Tiny Closet Shop is located) or even in San Francisco (where I grew up), but winters in the Midwest require fabrics made of sterner stuff. 

I ordered the beginning of February and received my clothing in two shipments the first two weeks of March.  Everything was packaged beautifully, but I do wish that they had held shipment of my pants and top until the dress was ready to minimize the environmental impact of mailing. 

The clothing came in regular priority mail envelopes and wrapped in plain white tissue paper, all of which I saved for reuse.   The first shipment also came with another code for 15% off my next purchase, which I thought was very nice! But do I like the clothes enough for there to be a “next purchase”?

The Tiny Closet Lounger Midi Pants Review

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 14

On the models online, these look like the cool “beach pants” that I like to live in all summer long.  The linen is a mid-weight linen that felt a little scratchy on try on, but I am sure that it would soften in multiple washes. 

On the positive side, the pants have a simple silhouette, but everything seemed to be finished well and the elastic waist is tacked down periodically so that it would not turn during washing and wearing.  The length and rise in the tall size were perfect. 

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 13

However, these pants were absolutely enormous.  From the front, they are not that bad, but from the side it looked like I was wearing a full midi skirt.  These are the culottes of my nightmares.  I honestly felt enveloped in fabric, and not in a stylish, cool-girl way.  I think I could have easily sized down to the medium. 

Also, these pants have no pockets.  I am at a point in my life where a tiny piece of my soul dies every time I wear a skirt or dress without a pocket large enough for the keys to my office.  For pants, pockets are an absolute must. 

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 12

Tiny Closet Shop allows you to return within a week, so I snapped a couple of quick pictures at home and dropped them back in the mail the next day.  [I am wearing these with a foundation v-neck from Universal Standard (size XS).] 

The Tiny Closet Tourist Tunic Review

Lissa wearing the Tiny Closet Shop tunic

I really like the Tourist Tunic and did not find the deep v-neck to be particularly revealing even with my 32G-sized bust.  I did consider returning this as it is quite voluminous and if I were going to order in another color, I think I would actually size down to a small.

The Tiny Closet Tourist Tunic on Lissa, styled with faded ankle jeans and a long silver necklace

That said, the armholes on the Tourist Tunic are not very large, and the fabric has no stretch to it, so I’m not sure my arms would fit the size small.  The Tencel fabric does have a wonderful drape to it and feels amazing. 

When I bought this tunic, I had envisioned wearing it with leggings or ponte pants since the asymmetrical hemline comes past my butt, but I actually found the difference in volume between leggings and the top to look unbalanced. 

The Tiny Closet Tourist Tunic Review

I settled on pairing this tunic with a pair of faded boyfriend-style jeans and loafers, with a statement necklace.  I have a casual workplace, so I wore this outfit to work the next day. 

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 11

I could also imagine styling the Tourist Tunic as Natalie did on the website, with a pair of wide-leg linen pants if you wanted a more bohemian look

The Tiny Closet Tourist Dress Review

Lissa in the white Tiny Closet Tourist Dress against a colorful brick mural

The Tourist Dress is the cool-girl dress of my dreams.  It has a super relaxed silhouette, but the double-facing and tall hems give it an excellent drape. 

This dress is made of the same Tencel fabric as the tunic with the same smoothness.  I tried styling it with a belt or with a blazer for work, but with the drape of the dress both options bunch the fabric up strangely. 

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 03

Honestly, this dress is everything I wanted the Geneva dress from Universal Standard to be on me – slouchy and effortless, yet also polished.  I do not think I will wear this for work, but I would definitely wear it around on the weekend to run errands, or go to brunch, or dress it up to go out in the evening. 

This would be a perfect dress to take on a trip as it truly could go from day to night.  The bone color is just off-white enough to avoid that “wedding dress” vibe that I always worry about with white dresses. 

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 01

In the spring, I would style this dress as I have here, with leggings and flats, and maybe a long drapey sweater, but in the summer, I would ditch the leggings and just wear a fun pair of sandals. 

The Tiny Closet Shop Recap

The Tiny Closet Shop Review 04

Overall, I was really happy with my experience and I would happily order from The Tiny Closet Shop again.  If you sign up for her mailing list, you get 15% off of your first purchase!

Did you like this review? Have you tried The Tiny Closet? Would you like to see more reviews from members of the Wardrobe Oxygen community? let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


season highlights

FALL arrives now







020921 CLASSIC maxi dress floral rayon crepe the tiny closet fine womenswear -6.jpg

Welcome to my

tiny closet


For years, I've been fascinated with the art of getting dressed.  And it all begins with a well-curated closet.

Searching for the most effortless way to dress, shop and build a closet I love, I created a collection of clothing that answered all of my needs.  

The Tiny Closet is a line of simple, beautiful statement clothing, created to simplify any closet, instill confidence and effortlessness in the wearer, and to be loved and lived in everyday


So let's love and live in our clothing!

Stay tuned for our new Look Book! Coming soon.

blog424 the tiny closet new years 2018 minimal lifestyle glamour gold evening heels -6.jpg


I am a small-business owner, responsible for manufacturing and selling new clothing from outsourced fabrics. I make my business available to both a domestic and global audience yearlong. Because of these choices, I am very conscious of how I operate my business, and I take every action necessary to minimize my carbon footprint, support ethical wholesalers, source and use only dead stock fabric, and eliminate waste with made-to-order production. Click above to learn more.

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This might just be my favorite seasonal capsule yet.  And I'm not even a "Spring" person.  

But the color palette I pulled together for this season really fit my personal style and did a good job of translating my mood for Spring.  I may not kick it with pastels or florals, but warm tans, crisp white, an understated blush statement (with lots of wheat hues) all together transition me nicely out of Winter.

My foundational capsule, Thee capsule, I wear all year round so it is always apart of my seasonal wardrobe.  But lets just focus on the Spring capsule for now: 

Texture is pretty important to me.  I don't wear a plethora of color or prints so I need to go deeper with coordination and focus on design and texture!  Super thick mud cloth, smooth rayon ponti knit, a lightweight linen and ribbed cotton knit.  No matter how I wear any of the above pieces with each other and with my base wardrobe, they will compliment everything quite nicely.

There is one item missing in this capsule during the shoot and that is this top here, which is presently being made into a pattern to be manufactured and released in the shop!  Very exciting.

All my Spring pieces are items you may've already previewed - but if not...

  • The blush V-neck dress is a new fave of mine this season and for Summer as well.  I have not yet featured it here on the blog but it too is available to shop and you can view it on me here.

  • My new gaucho pants are hands down my most favorite design.  These haven't been featured yet on the blog either but they'll be debuting in the shop very soon!  And you can view them in my Look Book.

  • The cropped ribbed top is a new piece scheduled to be released in the shop this month.  You can view it here.

So that is my lil collection for Spring!  

Now let's recap on my base wardrobe.  I pulled the various items below to be apart of my Spring capsule as they go best with the season and the specific collection.

Almost all of these items are available in the shop.  The Tiny Closet Shop really is a reflection of my personal style.  I shop for my clothing mainly from myself, ha!

This dark stormy top is long in back and cropped in front.  Featured in this blog post here, it goes with all my pants and jeans - all my bottoms!

This heather grey jersey dress is asymmetric and great for not just everyday activities but events as well.  No wonder I wear it all year long.  Originally featured here on the blog in a slightly different grey.  And you can shop it here at my shop!

This railroad denim dress has been in the shop for a few seasons now, first debuting for Fall.  But with mild, comfy California weather, I can wear this mama almost all year.  Anyway, you've never seen me in it - only my models in the shop.  But I'll be wearing it here on the blog this season.

I think this smoky asymmetric dress (identical to the grey knit one above) is drop dead gorgeous.  And I feel so luxurious in it!  I love it also because even though it feels and looks just like washed silk, it's semi-synthetic cupro (made from cotton) aaaaand no dry cleaning necessary!  Just pop it in the washer, tumble dry and go.  It's fancy without all the maintenance.  Plus it looks dynamite on.  You can take a look (and even shop it!) here at the shop. 

And I did want to include my new season shoes.  I will probably were mules for the rest of my life.  Why?  I have no idea!  I just really fancy them.  They're luxurious looking yet comfortable and I can wear them leisurely as well as for higher end events and occasions.  

The polka-dot chinos were a spontaneous purchase (gasp!!)  J. Crew has been having absolutely ludicrous sales so I finally jumped on it and bought 2 things.  These pants I'll be showing you on Thursday in my normal scheduled posting time.  They're so fun and easy.  And I got them two sizes too big because I wanted a really loose, baggy look.  You'll see em' in a couple days.  That reminds me, speaking of spontaneous/impulse purchases, there is indeed an art to it that I have been planning to share!  Impulse purchases are not only ok (yes, even if you're a minimalist) they're dare I say, necessary!  But more on that later...

I own two pairs of vintage Levi's: one pair is baggy and a bit torn up and the other pair, though I haven't shared them with you yet for some crazy reason, are tight, high waisted and make my butt look like a baby pumpkin.  Heyoh! 

But anyway...

Lots to share and still more to show and tell!  I'm looking forward to the continuation of this season.  I am also working on featuring my season capsules earlier than in the middle of the season itself.  Sorry about that.  But hopefully this Tiny tour of my Tiny Spring closet will inspire ideas for your own personal style and show you that just a few thoughtfully curated items you absolutely love each season can really make a fulfilling difference.  Quality over quantity isn't just efficient for my personal lifestyle, it's actually more cost effective!  You wear your clothes longer, you shop less, you waste less and you conserve energy on daily decision-making.  


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