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Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Member Favorites: 53,858 Age: 17-18 (I); 21 (II)
Birthday: June 9th (Gemini)
Height: 175 cm (I); 178 cm (II)
Weight: 57 kg (I); 58 kg (II)
Blood Type: AB
Nature Type: Fire and Water
From: Konohagakure (Leaf)
Rank: S-class Missing-Nin
Registered Ninja #: 012110
Affiliation: Akatsuki
Ring: Shu (Red)
Finger Position: Right Ring
Partner: Hoshigaki Kisame
Favorite Foods: Rice balls (kelp), cabbage, Dango
Least Favorite Foods: Steak
Hobby: Visiting traditional Japanese cafés
First Manga Appearance: Ch. 139
First Anime Appearance: Ep. 80
Assignments Completed: 53 D-Rank, 152 C-Rank, 134 B-Rank, 0 A-Rank, 1 S-Rank
Famous Quote: Foolish little brother, if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life.

Itachi Uchiha is a missing-nin from Konohagakure, and a prominent member of Akatsuki, partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. He is Sasuke Uchiha's older brother.

Itachi is relatively popular among many fans of Naruto, often having ranked in the top ten in Shonen Jump magazine's popularity polls since his introduction. He was first ranked in the third character popularity poll ranked in 11th place. He was ranked 9th place during the fourth popularity poll, and 6th place in the fifth popularity poll. During the sixth popularity poll, he again was ranked in 11th place. In the last poll, he was ranked in 5th place.

Itachi was born into the Uchiha clan and was praised by all as the best of his generation - a genius above all others. Even by the standards of the battle-adept Uchiha clan, Itachi's prowess far outshined all others. However, not even his family, friends, or teachers could understand him. When he was only 4, Itachi had already witnessed countless lives lost due to the Third Great Shinobi World War, which emotionally traumatized him and turned him into a pacifist. At age 7, he graduated from the Ninja Academy at the top of his class after only one year, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, passed the Chunin Exams at age 10, and became ANBU Captain at age 13. According to Madara Uchiha, Itachi also had a lover, whom he killed during the Uchiha clan massacre.

He was praised highly by his father, who saw the family's future in Itachi, hence neglecting his other son - Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke. However, during this time Itachi showed great affection towards his little brother, Sasuke, and even encouraged his father to come to the Academy when Sasuke was enrolled, something their dad had otherwise forgotten, by saying that he would not go to an important mission, that would establish Itachi a place in the ANBU ranks, otherwise.

When the Uchiha began planning to overthrow Konoha, Itachi, as an ANBU, was tasked with spying on the village. Knowing that a coup d'etat would only lead to another Ninja War, Itachi chose to spy on the Uchiha instead, passing on information to the Third Hokage and the other Konoha elders. After this he began to act strangely, not attending the clan meetings, speaking out against the clan, and becoming the prime suspect for the murder of his best friend, Shisui Uchiha. The clan lost hope in Itachi, and his father began shifting his focus to Sasuke instead. Meanwhile, the Third's attempts to negotiate a bloodless end to hostilities between the two parties were proving ineffective, so, against the Third's wishes, Danzo and the Konoha Council ordered Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha.

Before the fateful night arrived, Itachi discovered the existence of Madara Uchiha, who was attempting to rekindle the flames of war in Konoha. In return for not attacking Konoha, Itachi offered to help Madara claim vengeance against the Uchiha for turning their backs on him decades earlier. Madara agreed. Itachi slaughtered his entire clan overnight, sparing only Sasuke. Sasuke's life was worth more than the village to Itachi, and he could not follow through with the orders to kill him as well. Instead, he made himself out as a villain, who had killed their innocent family only to test his abilities. By doing so, he wanted Sasuke to take vengeance on him and become a hero to Konoha, thus redeeming the Uchiha name. He tortured Sasuke with his Mangekyo Sharingan, and encouraged him to become strong enough to kill him and avenge their family. Hoping that his beloved little brother would someday be powerful enough to kill him, Itachi left the village as a traitor.

Knowing that Konoha would still want to eliminate Sasuke, Itachi pleaded with the Third Hokage to keep Sasuke safe. He also threatened Danzo to not harm Sasuke or risk him revealing everything he knew about Konoha's secrets to enemy countries. Sasuke's safety was therefore secured, and Itachi returned to his original plan of becoming infamous for his slaughter of the Uchiha.

Itachi joined Akatsuki in order to keep an eye on the organization, along with Madara Uchiha, in case either ever acted against Konoha, all the while planning for his death at Sasuke's hands. While a member of Akatsuki, Itachi was approached by Orochimaru, who tried to steal his body to gain the Sharingan. Itachi trapped him in a genjutsu and severed his left hand as punishment, forcing Orochimaru to flee the organization. Sometime after joining Akatsuki, Itachi later helped recruit Deidara, Orochimaru's replacement, by beating him in battle, after which Deidara swore vengeance again.


Ever since his first appearance, Itachi had always been mysterious, and had acted as though he was hiding his true self. While flashbacks to his past showed that he was a compassionate brother and person, his later acts and claims made it seem that this was mostly just an act. But, surprisingly, he genuinely was the compassionate brother he had once claimed to be, although he hid this from the rest of the Akatsuki to protect Sasuke.

As a member of Akatsuki, he possessed incredible self-control of his emotions. He constantly displayed an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he didn't lose his composure. He did not possess any arrogance, and fully justified any statements he made about his power, even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities.

In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja, Itachi had equally impressive intelligence, and was shown to be very wise. He was exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he was rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also displayed great intuition, as he was almost never deceived and even then almost instantly realized the truth. Despite his status as a wanted criminal, and having murdered a significant portion of his family, Itachi took no enjoyment in violence or combat, instead preferring to avoid battle or, if this was not possible, end it as quickly as he could.

Itachi's only initial interest was in Akatsuki's goals, and his only loyalties appeared to be to the organization and its members, seeming to put the organization's success and secrecy before everything else. As such, Itachi got along with his partner, Kisame, much better than most other Akatsuki members did with their own partners. Kisame appeared to have a deep loyalty to Itachi, immediately doing as he instructed and constantly looking out for his well-being. Itachi treated all of his fellow Akatsuki members to this same, more respectful personality, although his courtesy was rarely returned by the other members.

However, when he was in a genjutsu duel during his fight with Sasuke, he cruelly claimed he'd only let Sasuke live so that he could take Sasuke's eyes and obtain his own Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, after which he then claimed the Uchiha clan had been nothing but tainted and evil, since many members would kill their friends to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan, and would take another Uchiha's eyes to make its power permanent. Once the genjutsu was released, he called it his true self, implying his calm, emotionless personality was also a facade. This persona was later revealed to be only an act to ensure that he would die by Sasuke's hands, his love for his younger brother being the fundamental aspect of his personality.

Despite his status as an infamous shinobi, his appearance was not the most intimidating, apart from the intensity of his eyes. While living in Konoha, he would regularly have a gentle and caring look in his eyes, especially directed towards his younger brother. After joining Akatsuki, he would regularly have a stern look to them. He was a fairly tall shinobi, whose basic appearance was very much like the rest of his clan.

He, like all members of his clan, possessed dark grey eyes, and also had black hair that hung near his cheeks to frame his face. He also had the addition of a long ponytail in the back of his hair (which he obscured with his Akatsuki cloak after joining the organization). Being brothers, Itachi and Sasuke had a similar appearance, but with subtle differences. Itachi's hair color appeared slightly duller and with a softer flow to it, without the spiky style at the back. His skin was also slightly darker. Itachi's most distinguishing characteristics were the long pronounced creases under his eyes.

When he lived in Konoha, his casual clothes would consist of a black shirt with a large Uchiha clan symbol on the back of it, and black pants with a weapons pouch strapped to them. When on duty, he would wear the traditional ANBU uniform, although he was never shown wearing a mask. As a member of Akatsuki, he wore the traditional Akatsuki cloak, and usually kept the center of it buttoned down. After his cloak was incinerated by Sasuke's Kirin during their fight in Part II, it was revealed that he still wore his casual clothes underneath it. Like almost all members of Akatsuki, he wore the headband of his home village, Konoha, with a line gouged through it, to symbolize his broken ties with the village

(although, secretly, he was actually still loyal to his village).

Since a young age, Itachi's intellect and talent showed their brilliance in everything he did, as even his teachers said his progress hardly required any help. In the few battles he had been seen in since the start of the series, Itachi was shown to be an incredibly powerful ninja, and easily one of the strongest in the Naruto series, as demonstrated by his ability to easily defeat Deidara, Sasuke, Kakashi Hatake, Kurenai Yuhi and Orochimaru (twice), who themselves are considered amongst the strongest ninjas in Naruto. Being a pacifist, Itachi did not actively take part in battle, typically only acting in self-defense.

Being of the Uchiha Clan, and as noted by Kakashi, Itachi was a true successor of the Sharingan Eye. From a stationary position, he would study an opponent's movements with his Sharingan and respond accordingly, often with a genjutsu. He could cast a genjutsu by merely pointing at or looking at someone, and could similarly turn an opponent's genjutsu against them with Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change. Itachi had trained so much with his eyes that he had reached the stage where he could have his Sharingan activated the entire time, with minimal drain on his chakra levels.

Mangekyo Sharingan:
Itachi possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan, which increased his already great power, and enabled him to use his most powerful techniques. With his left eye, he could use Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu that traps an opponent's mind in an illusionary world, torturing them for what seems like days in a matter of seconds.With his right eye he could use Amaterasu, a ninjutsu which allowed him to create a black flame that he could direct by moving his eye to burn through seemingly anything in its path, including fire itself. His final technique was Susanoo, a technique that manifested itself as a spectral being, labelled as the "Raging God of Battle" in the databook. It wielded the Totsuka Sword, an ethereal sword with the ability to seal anything it pierces into the gourd that serves as its hilt, and Yata's Mirror, a shield that can reflect any attack. Zetsu, a fellow Akatsuki member, stated that Itachi's mastery of the Sharingan, combined with the legendary weapons of Susanoo, made him invincible.

Despite his mastery of the Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi suffered greatly from its side effects. His eyesight would worsen after every activation of the Mangekyo Sharingan, and he would eventually go blind from its power, with his Sharingan forever sealed away. Itachi was so close to blindness that, by the time he activated Susanoo in his final fight, both Sharingan eyes had become almost blind, and had turned white. However, he was still able to perform his own Fūinjutsu in his last moments.

(Source:, Naruto Wikia)

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Naruto: Here's The Heartbreaking Story Behind Itachi's True Love

Amongst Naruto fans, Itachi Uchiha can be a sensitive subject to bring up. For years, fans of the franchise were led to despise the elder clansman after he killed his family and left his brother Sasuke obsessed with getting revenge for the massacre. Itachi became a man whom fans were eager to rain hate upon, but that began to change towards the end of Naruto Shippuden. Creator Masashi Kishimoto revealed that Itachi didn't murder his loved ones out of anger; He did it to save his home and younger brother. The reveal humanized Itachi in a way he hadn't before, and fans learned to pity the man as more of his heart-wrenching past was revealed.

However, there are few things in Itachi's life more upsetting than the death of Izumi Uchiha. The young girl would have become the ninja's wife had he not been forced to kill her, and the encounter is one which scarred them both.

In the canon spinoff novel Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light, fans learned about Izumi and her connection with Itachi. The girl's mother was born from the clan while her father was not, forcing her to become an outcast. However, when Izumi met Itachi after he saved her during the Nine-Tails' attack, she fell for him. the pair become unlikely friends during their Academy days, but Itachi criticized her sentimental nature when she admitted her dream was to become a ninja who protected others from prejudices.

It's not made clear whether Itachi overtly returned Izumi's affection for him, but the ninja made his intentions towards her clear when he massacred the Uchiha clan. The boy chose to begin the bloodletting with Izumi and her mother first as he thought it would make him forget his doubts.

After luring Izumi away from home, Itachi kills the girl shortly after he entraps her in his Tsukyuomi genjutsu. She is the only one from the clan put under the illusion aside from Sasuke, and Itachi did so to show Izumi what their lives could have been like.

naruto itachi uchiha

In the illusion, Izumi lives to become a chunin ninja before she retires and marries Itachi. The two have children, and Izumi lives to be eighty years old before she dies of old age alongside Itachi. The girl was able to live all of those years through the illusion while only a few seconds passed in the real world. When Izumi came back to reality, Itachi held her in his arms as she died and thanked her for loving him so much.

Now, that is what any anime fan would call tragic. Yikes!

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Naruto is a Japanese manga series. The story revolves around Naruto Uzumaki. He wishes to become the Hokage, the leader of the village. The story is narrated in two-fold, first is set in Naruto’s pre-teen and the other part shows his teens. Today, we’ll focus on another character of the series i.e. Itachi Uchiha. Itachi was shinobi of Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan. He is the older brother.

He is guilty of murdering all the members of his clan, sparing only his brother.

Naruto Manga Series: Let’s have a look at the top opponents faced by Itachi Uchiha.

Kakashi was the very first opponent of Itachi. They had a face-off in Konoha after the death of Hiruzen Sarutobi. Hatake outshone in battle in every term. Even after having more strength and shrewdness than Itachi, he fell prey to his Tsukuyomi.

Deidara was recruited by Itachi from Iwagakure. Despite being strong enough to be ranked as an S-ranked criminal but he was unable to stand in front of Itachi. He was defeated by his genjutsu even before the fight began.

Sasuke has to seek revenge from Itachi, and when he found a perfect moment, he didn’t even think for a second. Sasuke gave him a tough battle but after the battle, he came to know that the battle was all planned. Itachi lost from his brother on purpose.

Yagura became the target of Akatsuki soon after Itachi joined the clan. They had a tough battle. Itachi’s partner, Juzo Biwa dies in the fight.

Naruto Manga Series Top Opponents Faced By Itachi Uchiha

Shisui was the childhood friend of Itachi. He was the only person Itachi could rely on. Shisui was much powerful than Itachi as he had the awakened Mangekyo Sharingan at a very young age. Shisue entrusted Itachi with the Uchiha clan’s future and committed suicide.

Jiraiya gave a tough fight to Uchiha, he trapped him in the frog’s belly from which the escape was nearly impossible. However, he was able to escape the trap using Amaterasu.

Yasuki had a showdown with Itachi and Sasuke in his final battle. Kabuto was trapped in Izanami, it is a genjutsu that would repeat itself until the end of time.

During the Fourth Great Ninja War Nagato was reanimated by Kabuto. Nagato was very powerful, he gave a blow to Naruto and Killer Bee. Itachi with his wit was able to take down Nagato. This proved that Uchiha was a genius in his work.

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Itachi Uchiha

Fictional character from Naruto

"Itachi" redirects here. For weasels in Japanese folklore, see Weasel § Japanese superstitions.

Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Narutomanga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, and is responsible for killing all the members of their clan, sparing only Sasuke. He appears working as a terrorist from the organisation Akatsuki and serves as Sasuke's greatest enemy. During the second part of the manga, Itachi becomes involved in attacks to ninjas possessing tailed-beast creatures until facing Sasuke in a one-on-one battle. Although Itachi perishes during the final duel, it is later revealed that Itachi had a secret reason for assassinating the Uchiha clan. Itachi is a playable character in most of the video games from the series.

Itachi's character has been popular with readers of the manga,[6] and has been positively received by critics. His appearance as an antagonist has been praised by several writers, although some have considered his initial appearance to be unsurprising. The gradual revelations of his past and its impact on the story has also received positive reception,[7][8] and his fights were noted to be "one of the best" in the series.[9][10][11] Numerous types of merchandise have been released in Itachi's likeness, including keychains, plush dolls and figurines.

Creation and design

When Itachi Uchiha is first mentioned by Sasuke Uchiha in the manga, Masashi Kishimoto had not planned out the character's backstory. The only idea he had was to attribute to Itachi some violent action that would have Sasuke wanting to kill him. However, when Itachi was introduced, Kishimoto had the idea to make Itachi Konoha's secret agent who killed his clan under their orders.[12] Itachi was originally conceived as the leader of Konoha's Special Assassination and Tactical Squad called the "Anbu", dubbed the Itachi Squad (イタチ隊, Itachi-tai), which would have been a 70-man group divided into four teams, specializing in assassination and other illicit operations. However, this idea was scrapped in favor of the current Itachi working for the Akatsuki.[13] From all the Akatsuki characters Kishimoto designed, Itachi is his favorite based on his backstory.[14]

Itachi's Japanese voice actor, Hideo Ishikawa, often talked with Sasuke's Japanese actor, Noriaki Sugiyama, about their characters. When the two characters first confronted, both Ishikawa and Sugiyama found Itachi's massacre of the Uchiha clan hard to believe and started to read the Naruto manga in order to see if Itachi was hiding something. After Itachi's death, the two actors noted that in the end Itachi served as a good older brother to Sasuke.[15] English actor Crispin Freeman was pleased with voicing Itachi regardless of how many times he revisited the series.[16]


In Naruto

Itachi's Sharingan (above) before its transformation to Mangekyo Sharingan (below)

Itachi is a member of the Uchiha Clan from the village of Konohagakure and the elder brother of Sasuke Uchiha. He grew up as the child prodigy of the Uchiha clan, establishing milestones for not only Sasuke, but also for future Uchiha to live up to.[17] His early childhood was marred by war, the violence of which caused him to seek peace at any cost. Upon learning that his clan was planning a coup d'état to take control of Konoha, after his clan was accused of attacking the village with the Nine Tails, Itachi provides Konoha with intelligence on his clan's actions during his two years as a member of the ANBU. Over time, Itachi distances himself from his clan, as some clan members believed he murdered his best friend, Shisui Uchiha, to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼, Mangekyo Sharingan, lit. "Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye").[18][19][20]

In reality, as Shisui possesses the ability to subliminally manipulate others and shares Itachi's love for the village, he intended to use his gift on the Uchiha clan leader to stop the coup d'état. However, Shisui is mortally wounded by the Leaf High Council member Danzo Shimura, who then takes his eye to achieve his own ideal of peace. When Shisui entrusts Itachi with his remaining eye, Itachi covers up Shisui's death to make it appear it was his doing. Eventually, in return for Danzo's offer to spare his younger brother, Itachi slaughters his entire clan.[21] After creating the misconception that he murdered their family in cold blood to give Sasuke the mindset to become strong enough to kill him once he is capable, Itachi leaves the village, although he warns Danzo not to harm Sasuke. Meeting up with Konoha's Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, who promises to do what he can to look after Sasuke, Itachi reveals his intentions to continue to protect the village from the shadows.[22] Soon after perceiving them as a threat to Konoha, Itachi joins the Akatsuki to ensure they do not endanger his village. Itachi becomes good friends with his partner Kisame Hoshigaki, who expresses concern for Itachi's wellbeing.[23]

Itachi debuts in Part I after Hiruzen's death, when he uses his infiltration of Konoha to hunt down Naruto Uzumaki as an excuse to secretly check on Sasuke's wellbeing.[24] After engaging with Kakashi Hatake and some of Konoha's forces, he reveals Akatsuki's goal to gather the Jinchuriki which are the people that contained the tailed beasts which there are nine of. Itachi also learns that Naruto is under the protection of Jiraiya and sets up a trap to lure the experienced ninja away to grab the boy.[23][25] However, as Jiraiya comes to Naruto's aid, Itachi finds himself facing Sasuke and directs his brother back on the path of getting stronger by defeating him before he and Kisame fall back.[26][27]

In Part II, Itachi uses one of Sasori's informants as a clone of himself to hold off Naruto and the rest of his team while he and the others seal away Shukaku the One Tail.[28] Itachi remains on the sidelines until learning that Sasuke has finally severed his ties to Orochimaru, having absorbed him and now being strong enough to settle matters. Prior to his fight with Sasuke, Itachi meets with Naruto and, after questioning his intentions to save Sasuke, ensures the youth's safety with a crow with Shisui's Sharingan (写輪眼, lit. "Copy Wheel Eye", English manga: "Mirror Wheel Eye") as a countermeasure against Sasuke if he gains his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and attempts to attack Konoha.[29] Sasuke ultimately tracks him down and they engage in their final battle, during the course of which he uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to push Sasuke to his limits. In doing so, Orochimaru is drawn out from Sasuke's body, and Itachi seals him away with his Totsuka blade before finally succumbing to his mysterious illness.[30] As his final act, Itachi implants his Amaterasu technique within Sasuke, meant as a protective measure that will kill Tobi in case he ever tries to approach Sasuke and reveal the truth of their clan's slaughter.[31] Unfortunately, having known where Itachi's loyalties truly lie, Tobi survived and reveals the truth of Itachi's actions to Sasuke. This gives Sasuke the resolve to destroy the village in revenge for ruining his brother's and his clan's lives, eventually having his brother's Mangekyo Sharingan implanted on him.[22]

Itachi reappears later during the Fourth Great Ninja War, brought back by Kabuto Yakushi using the Reanimation Jutsu, a forbidden summoning jutsu that brings the dead back as immortal corpses, to fight on Tobi's side.[32] Paired with Nagato and forced to fight Naruto and Killer Bee against his will, Itachi learns of his brother's intentions and summons the crow he gave Naruto to regain his free will.[33] After sealing Nagato,[33] Itachi heads out to stop Kabuto and encounters Sasuke, with his younger brother wanting to know the truth once it is over.[34][35]

After a long battle, Itachi is pushed to use Izanami to trap Kabuto in an eternal time-loop in his own mind, to have him break his jutsu.[36][37][38] His soul beginning to fade, Itachi uses his Sharingan to project his memories to Sasuke to reveal the full story of the events leading to the Uchiha Clan Massacre. Telling his brother that he does not have to forgive him, Itachi tells Sasuke that he will always love him, no matter what choice he makes from then on.[39] With his brother's parting words, and accepting defeat after his final battle with Naruto, Sasuke renounces destroying the village and devotes himself to protecting it, fulfilling Itachi's wish for his younger brother. Sasuke even adopts Itachi's habit of poking on the forehead as a sign of affection, which Sasuke does with his wife Sakura and their daughter Sarada Uchiha.[40][41]

In other media

Itachi is present in the sixth Naruto: Shippuden movie, Road to Ninja, where he leads an alternate-universe Akatsuki to help Naruto. He has a brief cameo in one of the original video animations, and is a playable character in nearly all Naruto video games, including the Clash of Ninja series and the Ultimate Ninja series.[42][43][44][45][46][47] In some games, he utilizes variations of his techniques not seen in the anime or manga.[48] Several merchandise items based on Itachi have been released, including key chains,[49] plush dolls,[50][51] and figurines.[52][53]


Itachi has ranked high in the Weekly Shonen Jump popularity polls for the series, continuously placing in the top 10.[6] He was ranked in fifth position in the polls of 2011, his highest ranking to date.[54] The character received generally positive reviews from several publications for manga, anime, video games, and other related media. IGN reader Jason Van Horn characterized Itachi as "badass" and jokingly mentioned that he is a character to be afraid of since, in his first fight in the series, he does not make any remarkable move.[11] He found that "there is just something about the cold and numb Itachi," that makes the viewer "want to breakout in chills".[9] IGN's Charles White liked the episode where the relationship between young Sasuke and Itachi is revealed, and hoped to see more of their past to resolve the mystery of Itachi's character commenting that learning about their "past has been intriguing".[7]NTT customers voted him as their tenth favorite black haired male anime character.[55]CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama referred to Itachi as one of his favorite characters from Naruto.[56]

In the Shelf Life section from Anime News Network (ANN) Bamboo Dong comments that Itachi is one of her favorite characters from the series, noting his background and his introduction as the best parts of the series.[57] Activeanime writer Davey C. Jones celebrated Itachi's fights as the best ones in the series, noting his abilities to be as amazing as a "sci-fi ninja".[58] Holly Ellingwood from the same website agrees, citing his fight against Kakashi Hatake as one "few will be able to forget". The reviewer also praised Itachi's attitude, commenting that he "is as cold and as ruthless as any villain yet".[10]

In a review of Volume 16 of the manga, Deb Aoki from listed Itachi's introduction in the series as one of the cons from the volume. She praised his first fight in the series as very entertaining, meant to "whet readers' appetites for future fights between Konoha ninja and the Akatsuki".[59] James Musgrove commented that Itachi and his partner Kisame "make a dramatic and well-timed entrance into the story".[60] However, Jason Van Horn criticised the first battle between Itachi and Sasuke, as "good" but not "as epic as it should've been".[61] His last fight with Sasuke before dying was considered "epic" by Casey Brienza from ANN. She found it to be "a battle of minds" since, even after Itachi's death, Sasuke changes his mind about him when he learns about his past. She also anticipated the impact of Itachi's past revelations on the future storyline of Naruto.[8] Despite disliking how the anime Shippuden used Itachi's light novel as part of the series, Chris Beveridge from the Fandom Post enjoyed Itachi's impact on both Sasuke and Naruto.[62] Writer Jason Thompson highly praised his visual tortures, due to the effect it has on the victims, reminding him of the antagonist from Kiyoshi Kurosawa's film Cure notable for its horror scenes. Nevertheless, he criticized Itachi's death scene as a result of his disease rather than being killed by Sasuke, taking all the blame from his brother in the process.[63] In 2014, IGN listed him as the fifth best Naruto character when the series ended.[64]


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He gently began to stroke the back with a sponge, making circular movements, rubbing his shoulders, then slowly sank down and began to massage the. Lumbar region. To say that I was aroused is to say nothing. I was just going crazy, my cock was buzzing with tension, warm waves of pleasure penetrated my whole body.

I still doubted, what if: But after a second, Alexei threw the washcloth aside and continued to massage with his hands.

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Then she took one sachet, there was a white powder, which she poured into the water, and then stirred. The water acquired a milky white color Anya climbed in and hung a big blue pot-bellied bag on the hook from the shower. After that she got off and took a breath, the most interesting began.

The girl took off her skirt (because she did not respect trousers as a class) and a blouse, then slowly pulled.

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