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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Got your very first Treasure Trail clue scroll as a member? Already spent hours beating yourself up over not being able to solve it? Fear not! Everything you need to know regarding Treasure Trails, can be found in this guide. If you are not sure what Treasure Trails are, here is a brief description.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Clue Scroll

Certain monsters in RuneScape will drop "Clues." After getting a clue, you will be able to "Read" them to find out what the clue is. To solve the clue you may need to search crates, talk to a person, or dig up a casket in the ground. Once you solve the clue, you will get another one. After solving a number of clues, you will obtain a reward. This reward depends on the class of the clue you were given.

The following sections will explain the reward system, and give you answers to all the clues in RuneScape.

2.0 - Obtaining A Clue

There are three different classes determine the rewards for clues and there are different methods of getting different classes of clues. Level 1 Clues being the easiest to get and Level 3 Clues being the most difficult. Please note that at any given time, you can only have one clue. If you have a clue in your bank or inventory, you cannot pick up another clue.

The table below outlines the different monsters that will drop clues when killed.

1st ClassMort'ton Bronze Chests*, Men/Woman (level-2), Farmer, Mugger, Goblin, Barbarian, Al-Kharid Warrior, Thug, Rock Crab, Minotaur, Cave slime, Rogue, Thief, Fremennik Citizen, H.A.M. Member**, H.A.M Guard, Banshee, Afflicted, Ogre coffins
2nd ClassMort'ton Steel Chests*, Mort'ton Black Chests*, Guard, Men/Women (level-24), Tribesman, Cockatrice, Catablepon, Cyclops, Pyrefiend, Fremennik Warrior, Jogre, Jungle Horror, Ice Warrior, Paladin, Vampire, Dagannoth, Skeleton, Harpie Bug Swarm, Abyssal Leech, Sea Snake Hatchling, Zamorak Spiritual Mage, Zamorak Spiritual Warrior.
3rd ClassMort'ton Silver Chests*, Cyclops, Jelly, Ankou, Turoth, Elf Warrior (archer), Greater Demon, Cave horror, Terror Dogs, Aberrant Specter, Kurask, Elf Warrior (melee), Suqah, Gargoyle, Nechryael, Hellhound, Abyssal Demon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Iron Dragon, Steel Dragon, Mithril Dragon

* Note: These chests can only be opened with the correct key. Visit the Mort'ton Shade Burning guide for details.
** Note: Clues from H.A.M. Members can be obtained by pickpocketing.

3.0 - Coordinates

A Coordinate Clue will be in a Clue Scroll form like any other normal Clues. You will see something like "02 Degrees 48 Minutes North, 22 Degrees 30 Minutes East" To solve these types of Clues, you will have to have four important things in your inventory at all times while attempting it. The four items are:

1) Watch
2) Sextant
3) Navigation chart
4) Spade

To start with, you must have a co-ordinate clue in your inventory or bank when you go and do this, and can't have a chart already in your bank. Once you have a co-ordinate clue, head down South-West of Ardougne (or north of castle wars) to the houses just north of the Observatory and speak to the Observatory Professor. Ask him to help you with your Treasure Trail Clue and he will tell you to get a Watch and a sextant. Then ask him about the chart.
To obtain the Watch, speak to Brother Kojo, who is in the Clock Tower, located south of Ardougne's Zoo.
To obtain the sextant, speak to Murphy, who is the Trawler Guide in Port Khazard, located North-East of Yanille.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the sextant View Once you have received these two items, go back to the Observatory Professor and talk to him. He will brief you regarding the usage of the sextant and he will also hand you a Navigation Chart.

Using your sextant, Watch and Navigation Chart:

  1. Click on your sextant to show the sextant Display.
  2. Click on the up and down arrows until you have the horizon in the middle of the eyepiece.
  3. Click the left and right arrows to move the sun to the center of the eyepiece as well.
  4. When your eyepiece looks like the one at the bottom, click "Get location" to know your exact Coordinate you are standing at now.
  5. Move around accordingly to find the place you are required to go and use your spade to dig at that position.

When you are attempting a Level 3 Coordinate Clue that involves the Wilderness, a Zamorak Wizard will appear when you try to dig at the location. High level clues that are not in the wilderness may cause a Saradomin Wizard to appear. You must kill the wizard and dig at that spot again to receive your next Clue Scroll or your reward.

Zybez has created a tool to make finding the location for a co-ordinate clues a breeze! Simply enter in the co-ordinates and Zybez will give you the exact location to dig to receive your next clue! Go to the Coordinate Locator tool page to take advantage of this utility.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Treasure Trail Locator

4.0 - Speak to ...

"Speak to...." clues are very common. Besides them, there are other NPC's, which you might need to find while working on your Treasure Trail Clue. Here is a list of NPC's that you will encounter:

5.0 - Anagrams

An Anagram is a word spelled by rearranging the letters of the original word. Anagram Clues are usually names of different NPC's in RuneScape when properly rearranged. Here is the list of Anagrams you will have to decipher:

AnagramNPCTown - Location
A BasSabaBurthorpe - South of the Troll Camp, in his little cave
Aha JarJaraahAl-Kharid - Duel Arena Hospital
Arc O LineCarolineEast of East Ardougne - start of Sea Slug quest
Are ColOracleIce Mountain - South of Black Knight's Fortress
Bar Bell SeekKebab SellerAl-Kharid - First building South of the Bank
Bail TrimsBrimstailTree Gnome Stronghold - Cave in the South-West corner
By LookBolkoyTree Gnome Village - Gnome store owner
C On Game HocGnome CoachTree Gnome Stronghold - Gnome ball field
Copper Ore CryptProspector PercyMotherlode Mine
Do Say MoreDoomsayerEast of Lumbridge castle - near the Lumbridge guide
Dragongs LamentStrange Old ManCan be found in the Barrows area digging in the mounds.
Dt Run BBrundtRellekka - The Chieftain in the longhallEek Zero OpZookeeperEast Ardougne - South-West corner on the East side of riverEl OwLoweVarrock - Lowe's Archery StoreErr Cure ItRecruiterWest Ardougne - West ArdougneGoblets Odd ToesOtto GodblessedSouthwest of Ancient Caverns entranceGoblin KernKing BolrenGnome Maze - By the Tree SpiritGot A BoyGabootyTai Bwo Wannai village on Karamja IslandHalt UsLuthasNE. Karamja - In the Banana PlantationIcy FeFycieGu'Tanoth - South of Yanille, in a cave north of RantzKay SirSir KayLocated in Camelot Castle (one of the Knights of the Round Table)Lark in DogKing RoaldVarrock - Varrock CastleLeakeyKayleeFalador - Rising Sun InnMe IfFemiTree Gnome Stronghold - By the EntranceI EvenNieveTree Gnome Stronghold - Near the cave by south bankNod MedEdmondEast Ardougne - North-West cornerO Birdz A Zany En PcCap'n Izzy No BeardBrimhaven - Agility Arena entranceOk CoCookLumbridge - Castle's KitchenPeaty PertParty PeteFalador - Party HallR Ak MiKarim, Kebab SellerAl-Kharid - North of the BankRataiTiaraBush Farming Patch in RimmingtonRat Mat WithinMartin ThwaitWaiting area of Rogue's DenSlide WomanWise old manDraynor Village-Residing in the house north of the bank.ThicknoHicktonFletching shop in Catherby

Another type of Clue Scroll that you will receive is the mathematical clue scroll. These clues test your knowledge of RuneScape as well as challenging Mathematical problem sums and equations. When you get a these type of Clue Scrolls, you will need to figure out the answer, and return to who ever gave you the challenge, and give him/her the answer, where you will get your next clue/reward. Here is the list of Mathematical Clues and their respective answers:

If you have completed Eagles Peak quest, there will be 41 animals in the zoo not 40

Some NPC's will ask you to solve a sliding puzzle. These clues may test the patience of many players. A good way to solve them is look at the puzzle and decide how close to being solved it is. If it looks far from complete and ask the NPC for another until you find a semi solved one. To easily solve these puzzles, do the top row first, then the second row, then third, then do the four boxes to the lower left then finish off the six boxes to the lower right.

There will be times where you will only see a Map of a place in RuneScape as your clue. As a treasure hunter, you are supposed to locate the exact location of this place and dig at where the "X" is located. These maps are usually very rough sketches and you will need lots of knowledge of the game to be able to tell the exact location. Here is the list of maps you will encounter:

These kinds of clues are some of the hardest clues you will have to solve. These clues are a kind of riddle based upon some fanciful or fantastic resemblance between things quite unlike a puzzling question, of which the answer is or involves a pun. Here is a list of Riddles sorted out in alphabetical order:

RiddleAnswer2 N 2 E 2 N 2 E 10 N 4 W Pipe 3Take these steps in their appropriate direction in the Elemental Workshop first level and search the pipe46 is my number, My body is burnt orange colour, and crawls with those with eight, 3 mouths I have yet I can not eat. My blinking blue eyeThe sapphire respawn in the Spider's Nest in level 46 Wilderness. Dig under the sapphire spawn.A bag belt only? He asked his balding brothers.Speak to Abbot Langley in the Monastery North-West of Barbarian Village.A crate found in the tower of a church is your next location.Upstairs in the East Ardougne Church.A crate in the ground floor of a church is your next location.Next to ladder in the Ardougne church.Aggie I see, Lonely and southern I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house yet no house would be complete without me. Your treasure waits beneath me.Dig outside the window of Aggie the Witch's house in Draynor Village.A great view - watch the rapidly drying hides get splashed. Check the box you are sat on.Baxtorian Falls. Search boxes upstairs the house.And so on, and so on, and so on. Walking from the land of many unimportant things leads to a choice of pathsWhere the two paths meet on Etceteria. Just north of the nearby tree.A town with a different sort of night life is your destination. Search for some crates in one of the houses.Search the Crates in the clothes shop in Canifis, Morytania.Beware of the dog.Go to the Mansion in East Ardougne and kill a Guard Dog to get the key.Citric Cellar.Talk to Heckel Funch who sells cocktail supplies in the Grand Tree.Come to the evil ledge. Yew know you want to and try not to get stung.Dig East of the southern yew tree in Edgeville.Covered In Shadows, the centre of the circle is where you will find the answer.Dig on the road near the General Store in the center of Mort'ton.Dig near some mushrooms behind the Grand Tree.Dig behind the mushrooms behind the Grand Tree.Don't forget to feed the chickens.Kill a chicken to get the key to the drawer.RiddleAnswerFind a crate near a monk that likes to paaarty!The crate in the Chapel south of Ardougne where Brother Omad is.Four blades I have yet I draw no blood. But I mash and turn my victims to powder. Search in my head, search in my rafters, Where my blades are louder.Search the crates in the top floor of the Windmill located between Draynor Village and Lumbridge.Generally speaking, his nose was very bent.Speak to General Bentnoze in the Goblin Village North of Falador.Go to the village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers in one of the houses.Search the drawers in Dunstan's house in Burthorpe. His house is east of the palace. You must go to the bar South-West of there and kill Penda for the needed key.Go to this building to be illuminated, and while you are there check the drawers.The second floor of the lighthouse. You need to kill a Rellekka Marketplace guard to get the key for the drawer.His head might be hollow, but the crates nearby are filled with surprises.Search the crates West of the golem in the Ruins of Uzer.I am the token of the strongest love. My middle is empty, I have no beginning or end. My eye is red yet I can fit like a glove. Go to the place where money they lend. And dig by the gate to be my friend.There is a Ruby Ring locked in the basement of the West Bank in Varrock. Dig by the gate to receive your next clue/reward.In a town where wizards are known to gather, search upstairs in a large house to the north.Search the chest in the house North of the Wizard's Guild in Yanille. You need to kill a man to get the key ("Stand by your man").Identify the back of this over-acting brother. (He's a long way from home)Hamid the Monk in the Duel Arena Chapel, north of the Arena.If a man carried my burden, he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. Speak to the keeper of this trail.The answer to this riddle is "A snail". Talk to Gerrant the Fishing Shop Owner in Port Sarim.If you look closely enough, it seems that the archers have lost more than their needles.Search the haystack by the south corner of the Rangers' Guild. You need level 40 Ranged to access it.I lie lonely and forgotten in mid wilderness where the dead rise from their beds Feel free to quarrel and wind me up and dig while you shoot their heads.Under the Crossbow respawn in the Graveyard of Shadows in level 18 Wilderness. Pick up crossbow and dig under it.In a town where thieves steal from stalls search for some drawers in the upstairs of a house near the bank.Go to Jerico's house located in the East side of river in East Ardougne. Go up to the Second floor and try opening the drawer. You will need to kill a Guard to get the key.In a town where everyone has perfect vision, seek some locked drawers in a house that sits opposite a workshop.Go South of the house with anvils in Seers' Village and search the drawers to recieve a note. You need to kill a chicken to get the key for the drawer.In a town where wizards gather, search upstairs of the large house to the north.North of the Magic Guild in Yanille, there is a house with a chest on the Second floor. You will need to kill a Man to get a key for the chest.In a town with guards armed with maces, search the upstairs room of the public house.Located in the Second floor of Ardougne Tavern, North of the Castle, find the locked drawers. Kill a Guard Dog in order to get the key that unlocks the drawers.RiddleAnswerIn a village made of bamboo look for some crates under one of the houses.Search the crates in one of the houses in Tai Bwo Wannai village.It's a guard's life.Kill a Guard to get the keyIt seems the archers have lost more than their needles.Search the haystack in the South-East corner of the Rangers' Guild.It seems to have reached the end of the line, and its still empty.Search the Mine carts on the southern end of the Dwarven Mines. North of Adamant rocks.Look in the drawers above the shops in Varrock.Search the drawers in the second floor of the Clothes shop.Look in the drawers upstairs in houses in East Ardougne.Located in the Second floor of Ardougne Tavern, North of the Castle.Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador.The house located East of the East Bank in Falador. Search the first crate on right.Mine was the strangest birth under the sun. I left the crimson sack yet my life had not begun. Entered the World, and yet was seen by none.Under Karamja Volcano, by the Red Spider Eggs respawn. Pick up the Eggs, then dig on the spot.Must be full of railings.Search the boxes around the hut where the broken Dwarf Cannon is.My Giant guardians below the market streets would be fans of rock and roll, if only they could grab hold of it Dig near my green bubblesDig next to the cauldron (A big pot with green bubbling liquid) in the Varrock sewers by the Moss Giants.My home is grey and stone A castle with a search for a meal Hidden in some drawers I am across from a wooden wheel.Search the drawers on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle, inside the room with a spinning wheel.My name is like a tree, yet it is spelt with a "g" come see the fur which is right near me.Speak to Wilough, next to the Fur Merchant in Varrock Square.Often sought by scholars of histories past, find me where words of wisdom speak volumes.Speak to the Examiner at Digsite.One of the sailors in Port Sarim is your next destination.Speak to Captain Tobias in Port Sarim.Probably filled with books on magic.Search the bookcase in the basement of Wizard's Tower, in Sedridor's room.RiddleAnswerProbably filled with wizard socks.Wizard Tower, kill a wizard to get a key to the drawers.Property of Black Heather.Kill Black Heather in the Bandit Camp (wilderness) in level 23 Wilderness to get the key for the chest.Read 'how to breed scorpions.' By O.W.Thathurt.A bookshelf on the Northern Wall, of the Second Floor of the Sorcerer's Tower (South of Seers' Village).Search the boxes in a shop in Taverley.Found in the boxes in the 2h-sword store, at the northern end of Taverley. Just across the road from the house containing the crystal key chest.Search the boxes in Falador's general shop.Search the crates on the ground floor of the Falador general shopSearch the boxes in one of the tents in Al-Kharid.Tent west of cactus patchSearch the boxes in the goblin house near Lumbridge.Search the house north east of Lumbridge with all the Goblins in it.Search the boxes in the house near the South entrance to Varrock. Located in the house that sits on an angle on the West side of the road as soon as you enter the South side of Varrock Castle.Search the boxes just outside the Armour shop in East Adrougne.Self explanatory.Search the bush at the digsite centre.The bush will be in the center of the two paths north of the Exam Centre, the bush is right next to a tree.Search the chests in the Dwarven Mines.Located in the Dwarven Mines, far western portion, southern room.Search the chest in the left hand tower of Camelot Castle.The western tower of Camelot castle, search a crate.Search the chest upstairs of shops in Port Sarim.The chest upstairs the food shop in Port Sarim.Search the chests upstairs in Al-Kharid PalaceThis is the upstairs of the palace with the purple-shirted guards.Search the chests upstairs of houses of east part of Falador.Located in the house north of the fountain on the top floor.Search for a crate in a building in Hemenster.Search the crate in the building that has the sewer pipe from the Fishing Contest quest.Search the crate in the Toad and Chicken pubThe Toad and Chicken pub is located in BurthorpeSearch the drawers found abouve Varrock's shopsLocated upstairs in Thessalia's Find Clothes shop in VarrockRiddleAnswerSearch for a crate on the ground floor of a house in Seers' Village.House north of churchSearch the crate in the left hand tower of Lumbridge castle.Search the crate located in the Southern Guard Tower in Lumbridge Castle.Search the crates in a house in Yanille that has a piano.Found in the North-Eastern-most house in Yanille; by the pillory.Search the crates in East Ardougne's general store.Self explanatory.Search the crates in the shed just north of East Ardougne.The shed located slightly north of the northern bank on the eastern half of East Ardougne.Search the crates in Canifis.Search the crate in Rufus' Meat Emporium, just by the bank.Search the crates in Draynor Manor.Search the crate on the top floor of Draynor Manor, near Professor Oddenstein from the Ernest the Chicken quest.Search the crates in the Guard House of the northern gate of East Ardougne.Just east past the North-Eastern most gate of East Ardougne is the guard house.Search the crates in the Horvik's ArmouryHorvik's Armoury is near Varrock's east bank.Search the crates in the NW most house in Al-Kharid.The house south of the gem seller with a range in it.Search the crates near a cart in Port Khazard.Search the crate south of Murphy, at the docks.Search the crates near a cart in Varrock.Located just south of the Tree patch and Trenzor, outside of Varrock Castle's entrance area.Search for some drawers in the upstairs of a house in Rimmington.The house just north of the Witch's in Rimmington.Search the drawers above Varrock's shops.Above Thessalia's Clothes store in Varrock center.Search the drawers found upstairs in East Ardougne's houses.Upstairs in the house near where Lucien is found - just north of King Lathas' Palace.Search the drawers in a house in Draynor Village.The house opposite Morgan's house just north of the bank.RiddleAnswerSearch the drawers in one of Gertrude's bedrooms.The house west of Varrock on the south side of the path.Search the drawers in the Falador's chain mail shop.Search the drawers in the Falador chain mail shop, located in South Falador.Search the drawers in the ground floor of a house in Yanille .House east of the tavernSearch the drawers in the upstairs of a house in Catherby .The house just north of the bank, with the insect repellant on the table.Search the drawers in the upstairs of the Bank to the East of Varrock.The drawers upstairs of east Varrock bank.Search the drawers of houses in Burthorpe.The drawers in the house east of the anvil.Search the drawers on the first floor of a building overlooking the Ardougne Market.House north of silver stall (first floor also means second floor in some countries).Search the drawers upstairs in a house in a village where the pirates have a good time.The house east from the pub in Brimhaven. You have to kill a pirate to get a key, which unlocks the drawers.Search the drawers upstairs in Falador's Shield Shop.Drawers above shield shopSearch the drawers upstairs of the houses in the east part of Falador.The drawers in the house directly south of the fountain in eastern Falador.Search the tents in the Imperial Guard camp in Burthorpe for some boxes.The tent west of the lined up soldiersSearch through some drawers in houses of Taverley.House south of herblore shopSearch the upstairs of houses in Seers' Village for some drawers.The house just south of the bank, near the graveyard - the house with the spinning wheel on the second floor.Shiver me Timbers.Kill a Pirate.'Small shoe' often found with rod on mushroom.Gnome Trainer at Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.Show this to SherlockSeers' VillageSnah? I feel all confused like one of those cakes...Speak to Hans in Lumbridge Castle.RiddleAnswerSomeone watching the fights in the Duel Arena is your next destination.Speak to Jeed, located in the middle of the Duel Arena's viewing areas.Speak to the staff in Sinclair Mansion.Sinclair Mansion is north of Camelot Castle. Speak to Louisa, the maid.Stand by your man.Kill a Man to get a key for the chest.Surprising? I bet he is....Speak to Sir Prysin on the first floor of Varrock Castle.Surviving.Speak to Sir Vyvin on the second floor of Falador Castle.The beasts to my east snap claws and tails the rest to my west can slide and eat fish. The northern are silly and jump and wail. Dig by my fire and make a wish.Between the Penguins and the Scorpions in the Ardougne Zoo. Dig by the torch.The cheapest water for miles around, but they react badly to religious icons.The Bandit Camp (desert), south of the Bedabin Camp. Search the crates in the General Store tent.The dead, red dragon watches over this chest. He must really dig the view.Search the chest under the Dragon Head, in the main Digsite Building, (The Exam Center). Kill a male barbarian to get the key to the chest.The Keeper of Melzar's...Spare? Skeleton? Anar?Speak to Oziach, the Rune Plate seller. He is located in a hut North of Barbarian Village, between the Monastery and Edgeville.There is no "Worthier" Lord.Lord Iorwerth in the Elf Camp in Isafdar and LletyaThis aviator is at his peak of his profession.Talk to the Gnome Pilot at White Wolf Mountain.This Crate Holds a better Reward then a broken Arrow.Inside Rangers' Guild. Search the crate near the Armour Shop.This crate is all mine, all mine, even if it is in the middle of the desert.Center of desert Mining Camp. Search the crates.This village has a problem with cartloads of the undead. Try checking the bookcase to find an answer.Search the bookcase in the North-West building of Shilo Village.Try not to step on any aquatic nasties while searching this crate.West building of the Fishing Platform from the Sea Slug quest.Wait till I get my hands on Penda, He's nicked the key again!Talk to Penda in the Toad and Chicken bar of Burthorpe.RiddleAnswerWhen no weapons are at hand, now it is time to reflect, in Saradomins name! Redemption draws closer...Entrana. Search the drawers in the house with the glassblowing pipe.When you get tired of fighting, go deep deep down until you need an antidote.The Agility Dungeon, Yanille. Pray at the Chaos Altar to get into the poison spider pit. Search the crates.You have all of the elements available to solve this clue. Fortunately you do not have to go as far as to stand in a draft.Search the crates in the Elemental Workshop in Seers' Village. West of the Air room.You'll need to look for a town with a central fountain. Look for a locked chest in the town's chapel.Varrock Church. The chest says "Property of the Clock tower monastery". Kill a monk in the Clock tower monastery south of Ardougne to get the key for the chest.You will need to under-cook to solve this one.Search the crates in basement of Lumbridge Castle.

This section covers clues that involve you dressing up in a certain way and using a certain emote in a certain place. If you follow the instructions of the clue, Uri will appear to deliver the next clue. Sometimes a clue will say, "Beware of Double Agents!" If it does, a high level Double Agent will appear after you complete the required actions, who you will have to kill. After you've dispatched of the Double Agent, completing the action again will summon Uri, and you will be able to move on with your clue. Below is a list of clues you may be given, along with where to go and even how to attain the items needed.

- If a clue requests you wear a rune platebody and you haven't done Dragon Slayer or don't have 40 defence, you won't be able to complete your clue.
- Uri always says something strange/random when you speak to him. This is not your clue. Apart from laughing quietly at the people who came up with these comments, you should just ignore them.
- If you are unsure about where to find the items needed, our Shop Database may be able to help you. Just search the item's name and a list of all the shops that sell it will appear.
- If you get the clue "Blow a raspberry in the Fishing Guild Bank" and you do not have the level required to enter the guild, you could use Fish Pies, Fishing Potions or Admiral Pies to boost your level to get in or just drop the clue.
- No clue will ask for you to do one of the unlockable emotes. For example, none of the following clues will ask you to do the Lean emote.

Emotes & OutfitLocationAquiring ItemsBeckon in Tai Bwo Wannai. Clap before you talk to me. Equip green dragonhide chaps, a ring of dueling and a mithril medium helmet.Anywhere in Tai Bwo Wannai Village.Go to Peksa's helmet shop for mithril med helm; buy the chaps from Scavvo's Rune store or craft them; buy the ring from Grum's Gold Exchange and enchant it.Beckon in the Digsite, near the eastern winch. Bow before you talk to me. Equip a green gnome hat, snakeskin boots and an iron pickaxe.The Digsite, east of Varrock.Snakeskin boots can be bought or crafted. An iron pickaxe can be bought at Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop or from other players. The green gnome hat can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Blow a kiss between the tables in Shilo Village bank. Beware of Double Agents! Equip a blue mystic hat, bone spear and rune plate body.Shilo village bank.The mystic hat can be bought from players or the magic guild in Yanille, the rune plate can be bought from players, or Oziach in Edgeville. Finally, the bone spear can be bought from Lumbridge caves or players.Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo. Equip a studded leather body, bronze platelegs and a normal staff with no orb.The monkey cage in Southern Ardougne.The studded leather body can be made by crafting a soft leather body, smithing studs out of steel and attaching them. A normal staff can be bought at Zaff's Superior Staffs in Varrock. Bronze platelegs can be bought from other players, Louies' Armoured Legs Bazaar or smithed.Blow a raspberry in the fishing guild bank. Beware of double agents! Equip an elemental shield, blue dragonhide chaps and a rune warhammer.The Fishing Guild Bank.An elemental shield is made during the Elemental Workshop I quest. Blue dragonhide chaps and the rune warhammer should be bought from other players or crafted and smithed.Blow raspberries outside the entrance to Keep Le Faye. Equip a coif, an iron platebody, and leather gloves.In front of Keep Le Faye, North-East of Ardougne.Leather gloves and coif can be crafted or bought. The iron platebody can be smithed or purchased off other players.Bow at the top of the lighthouse. Beware of double agents! Equip a blue dragonhide body, blue dragonhide vambraces, and no jewelry.The Lighthouse is South-West of Rellekka.Can either be crafted or bought from other players. Remember not to wear any jewelry.Bow in front of the legends guild. Equip iron platelegs, a emerald amulet, and an oak longbow.In front of the Legend's Guild, east of ArdougneAn oak longbow can be fletched (Oak trees in Seers' Village) and an emerald amulet should be attained by either crafting or buying it. Iron platelegs can be smithed or bought.Bow in the Duel Arena Ticket booth. Wear an iron chainbody, leather chaps, and a coif.The Duel Arena Ticket Area.Leather coif and chaps can be crafted from soft leather or bought from other players. An iron chainbody can be smithed or bought from other players.Cheer at the Druids' Circle. Equip a blue wizard hat, a bronze two-handed sword and HAM boots.The Druids' Circle, north of Taverley.The easiest way to obtain HAM boots is to buy them, but they can also be pickpocketed in the HAM's hideout. A blue wizard hat can be attained by killing wizards or just buying from other players. A bronze 2h sword can be smithed from 3 bronze bars.Cheer for the monks at Port Sarim. Equip a coif, steel plate skirt and a sapphire necklace.The Monks of Entrana are on the North pier.A coif can be crafted or purchased from other players. Steel plateskirts can be smithed or bought and a sapphire necklace can be crafted or purchased off other players.Cheer in the Barbarian Agility Arena. Headbang before you talk to me. Equip a steel plate body, maple shortbow, and a Wilderness cape.The barbarian Agility Arena, North-West of Seers' Village.A maple shortbow can be fletched (Maple trees in Seers' Village) or bought. A wilderness cape can be bought off other players or bought from any of the wandering sellers in the wilderness. Steel platebodies can be smithed or bought.Cheer at the games room. have nothing equipped at all when you do.Burthorpe Games Room.Wear nothing.Cheer in the Ogre Pen in the Training Camp. Show you are angry before you talk to me. Equip a green dragonhide body and chaps and a steel square shield.King Lathas' Training Area, north of West Ardougne. Requires completion of Biohazard to enter.Green dragonhide body and chaps can be either crafted or bought. The Steel square shield can be smithed or purchased from other players.Clap in the main exam room of the Exam centre. Equip a white apron, green gnome boots and leather gloves.The Exam Centre is south of the Digsite, east of Varrock.A white apron can be attained by killing goblins or by buying from Thessalia Fine Clothes. Leather gloves can be crafted or bought. The green gnome boots can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Clap on the causeway to the wizards' tower. Equip an iron medium helmet, emerald ring and a white apron.South of Draynor Village Village, near the Wizard Tower.A white apron can be attained by either killing goblins or buying it from other players.Clap on the top level of the mill, North of East Ardougne. Equip a blue gnome top, HAM robe bottom and unenchanted tiara.The mill north of ArdougneA tiara can be crafted or bought. The HAM robe bottom can be bought from other players or pickpocketed from HAM members in the HAM hideout.Cry in the Catherby Ranging shop. Bow before you talk to me. Equip blue gnome boots, a hard leather body and an unblessed silver sickle.The Catherby Ranger Shop.A hard leather body can be crafted from hard leather or bought. The silver sickle can be crafted or purchased from other players. The blue gnome boots can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Cry on top of the western tree in the Gnome Agility Arena. Indicate 'no' before you talk to me. Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging and green dragonhide chaps.The Western Tree of the Gnome Agility Arena.A ring of forging can be crafted and enchanted or bought from other players. Green dragonhide chaps can be crafted or bought also.Dance at the crossroads north of Draynor Village. Equip an iron chain body, a sapphire ring and a longbow.The intersection of roads north of Draynor Village Village.A longbow can be fletched (Normal trees east of Draynor Village Bank). An iron chainbody and sapphire ring can both be crafted or smithed.Dance a jig by the entrance to the fishing guild. Equip an emerald ring, a sapphire amulet, and a bronze chain body.In front of the Fishing Guild door.The emerald ring or sapphire amulet can be crafted or bought from other players. The bronze chainbody can either be smithed or bought off other playersDance a jig under Shantay's Awning. Bow before you talk to me. Equip a pointed blue snail helmet, an air staff and a bronze square shield.Shanty's Pass in the desert, underneath the canvas.An air staff can be purchased from Zaff's Superior Staffs in Varrock. The pointed blue snail helmet can be either bought or crafted from a pointed blue snail shell, which is a drop from killing blue snails with the pointed shells. The snail can be found between the two fishing spots in the swamp just south of Canfis.Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanen. Beware of double agents! Equip a ring of life, an uncharged glory and an adamant two-handed sword.The pyramid in Sophanen.You can craft and enchant your own ring of life or just buy it. An uncharge glory amulet can also be crafted and enchanted or bought. The adamant 2-handed sword can smithed, bought off other players, or bought from the two handed shop in the Taverley for 6400 coins.Dance in the center of Canifis. Bow before you talk to me, equip a green gnome top, mithril platelegs and an iron two-handed sword.Canifis, east of Varrock.Mithril platelegs and the iron 2-handed sword can be smithed or bought off other players. The green gnome top can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Dance in the party room. Equip a steel full helm, steel platebody and iron plateskirt.The bottom level of Pete's Party Palace.All items can be smithed or bought from other players.Dance in the shack in Lumbridge swamp. Equip a bronze dagger, iron full helmet, and a gold ring.The shack used to teleport to the Lost City.The gold ring can be crafted and the iron full helmet and bronze dagger can be smithed.Headbang in the mine north of Al Kharid. Equip a desert shirt, leather gloves and leather boots.The mine north of Al Kharid.A desert shirt can be bought from Shanty in Shanty's Pass. Leather gloves can be crafted or bought from other players.Jump for joy at the beehives. Equip a white desert shirt, green gnome robe bottoms and a steel axe.The beehives are west of Catherby.The white desert shirt can be be bought from Shanty in Shanty's Pass. A steel axe can be bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge. The green gnome bottom can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Jump for joy in Yanille bank. Dance a jig before you talk to me. Equip a brown apron, adamantite medium helmet and snakeskin chaps.Yanille Bank in east Yanille.A brown apron can be bought from Varrock's Clothes Store. The adamant medium helmet can be smithed or bought off other players. Snakeskin chaps can be craft (not recommended) or bought from other players.Laugh in Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp. Beware of double agents! Equip a rune full helmet, blue dragonhide chaps and a fire battlestaff.The Mountain Camp is east of Relekka. Start the Mountain Daughter quest, first.You can buy from another player or make a fire battlestaff. A rune full helmet can be smithed or bought from other players. The blue dragonhide chaps can be crafted or bought.Panic by the mausoleum in Morytania. Wave before you speak to me. Equip a mithril plateskirt, a maple longbow and no boots.The Mausoleum.A maple longbow can be fletched (Maple trees in Seers' Village). A mithril plateskirt can be smithed or bought from other players.Panic by the pilot on White Wolf Mountain. Beware of double agents! Equip mithril legs, a rune axe and a ring of life.The gnome glider pilot at the top of White Wolf Mountain, east of Catherby.A rune axe can be smithed or bought. Mithril legs can be bought or smithed also. A ring of life can be crafted and enchanted by yourself or just bought.Panic in the heart of the haunted woods. Beware of double agents! Have no items equipped when you do.In the woods North-East of Canifis (Map).Wear nothing.Panic in the limestone mine. Equip bronze plate legs, a steel pickaxe and a steel medium helmet.The limestone mine NE of Varrock.All items can be either smithed or bought.Panic on the pier where you catch the Fishing Trawler. Have nothing at all equiped when you do.The Port Khazard PierWear nothing.Salute in the banana plantation. Beware of double agents! Equip a diamond ring, an amulet of power, and nothing on your chest and legs.The banana plantation is on North Karamja.You can craft and enchant your own amulet of power or just buy it. A diamond ring can also be crafted or bought.Shrug in the mine near Rimmington. Equip a golden necklace, a gold ring and a bronze spear.The Mine north of Rimmington.A golden ring and necklace can be crafted or bought. The bronze spear is a common drop of goblins or it can be bought off other players.Shrug in the Zamorak temple found in the Eastern Wilderness. Beware of double agents! Equip rune plate legs, an iron plate body and blue dragonhide vambraces.The "Chaos Temple" in level 13 wilderness.Rune platelegs can be bought or smithed as with iron platebodies. Blue vambraces can be crafted or bought from other players also.Spin at the crossroads north of Rimmington. Equip a green gnome hat, cream gnome top and leather chaps.The intersection north of Rimmington.Leather chaps can be attained by either crafting them or buying them. The cream gnome top and green gnome hat can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Spin in Draynor Village Manor by the fountain. Equip an iron platebody, studded leather chaps and a bronze full helmet.The Draynor Village Manor Fountain.Studded leather chaps can be made by either buying, or creating normal leather chaps and attaching steel studs to them. An iron platebody and bronze full helm can be smithed or bought.Spin on the bridge by the Barbarian Village. Salute before you talk to me. Equip purple gloves, a steel kite shield, and a mithril full helm.The bridge east of Barbarian village and west of Varrock.Purple gloves can be bought in Canifis or from other playersand the steel kiteshield and mithril full helm can be smithed or bought.Think under the lens of the Observatory. Spin before you talk to me. Equip a mithril chain body, green dragonhide chaps and a ruby amulet.The Observatory is north-west of Yanille.A ruby amulet and green dragonhide chaps should be crafted or bought. The mithril chainbody can either be smithed or bought.Think in the wheat field by the Lumbridge mill. Equip a blue gnome robetop, a turquoise gnome robe bottom and an oak shortbow.The Lumbridge mill is North of Lumbridge castle, towards Draynor Village.An oak shortbow can be fletched (Oak trees in Lumbridge). The turquoise gnome bottom and blue gnome top can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other playersWave along the south fence of the lumber yard. Equip a hardleather body, leather chaps and a bronze axe.The lumber yard is nort-east of Varrock.A hardleather body can be crafted from hard leather or purchased off other players. Leather chaps can be crafted or bought. A bronze axe can be bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge.Wave on Mudskipper Point. Equip a black cape, leather chaps and a steel mace.Mudskipper Point, South-East of Rimmington.A black cape can be attained by killing the Highwayman north of Port Sarim or just buying it. Leather chaps can be crafted or bought. A steel mace can be smithed or just bought.Yawn in the Castle Wars lobby. Shrug before you talk to me. Equip a ruby amulet, a mithril scimitar, and a Wilderness cape.Castle Wars Lobby room, west of Yanille.Wilderness capes can be bought from the wandering trades people scattered all over the wilderness. A ruby amulet can be bought or crafted. The mithril scimitar can be smithed or bought.Yawn in the rogues' general store. Beware of double agents! Equip an adamant square shield, blue vambrances and a rune pickaxe.The rogues' general store is in the Bandit Camp in the wilderness.A rune pickaxe can be bought from other players or from the Dwarvn Mines in Falador. The adamant square shield can be bought or smithed and the Blue vambraces can be crafted or bought.Yawn in the Varrock Library. Equip a green gnome robetop, a HAM robe bottom and an iron warhammer.The Varrock Library is inside the Varrock Castle.The HAM robe bottom should be purchased off other players, but it can also be pickpocketed from HAM members. An iron warhammer can be bought off other people or just smithed. The green gnome top can be bought from Fine Fashions on the second floor of the Grand Tree or from other players.Yawn in the Draynor Village Marketplace. Equip studded leather chaps, and iron kiteshield and a steel longsword.The Draynor Village stalls, west of the bank.To obtain studded leather chaps, you can either buy them or craft them from leather chaps and steel studs.

You may be asking yourself, what rewards you will get with different leveled clues. Well, normally a harder clue you will get a better reward however, this is not always the case. The below table will tell you the possible rewards for each clue class. Remember, at least one item listed below is guaranteed however the number and value of the items will vary.

Q: Do the trimmed, god and heraldic armours give any better bonuses than their normal counterparts?
A: No, they do not. A Rune trimmed platebody has the exact same stats as a normal Rune platebody.

Q: Does the Ring of wealth have an effect on the rewards?
A: Yes, be it a minuscule addition to the loot rating the Ring of wealth does in fact have an effect on the loot, and it only has to be worn while opening the reward casket at the end of the clue.

Author: Zybez Content Team

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Master Clue Scroll

The Clue Scroll Guide

Clue scrolls (Also called Treasure Trails) contain clues and riddles that a player must solve to eventually find a reward casket. A clue scroll can be obtained from killing monsters, certain skilling methods, and through several other sources.

There are 5 Tiers of Clue Scrolls:

  • Easy

  • Medium

  • Hard

  • Elite

  • Master

Master clues can be obtained as a reward from any of the other 4 tiers, or by turning in 1 of each tier clue to Watson in Varrock. Elite clues can be obtained from PvP. You must be ranked first or second on either the 7 day or 3 hour leaderboard for a chance at receiving an Elite clue scroll when you kill your opponent. This is one of, if not the best way to obtain Elite clue scrolls. Note: To receive Elite clue scrolls from PvP you need to complete the wilderness achievement diaries.

Whenever you are fishing, woodcutting or mining, you can now randomly obtain a clue bottle, nest or geode. They range from easy to elite. The difficulty is decided at random and the type of fish, tree or rock you mine has no influence on whether you get an easy or an elite clue. The level requirement and your fishing/woodcutting/mining level do however influence how often you will get a clue. You can only have 1 of each tier of each type (so you can have up to 12 skilling clues at any given time). In order to get an actual clue scroll from your skilling clue, simply open the bottle, nest or geode. When you do, you also have a chance to obtain one of these 3 unique items:

  • From a bottle: fishbowl & net, which can be equipped in the weapons slot and can be used as a replacement for a small fishing net, saving 1 inventory space

  • From a nest: musketeer hat (no stats or special use, but you have to admit it looks really cool)

  • From a geode: black pickaxe, which unlike OSRS is as good as a dragon pickaxe (but with a lower level requirement)

Skilling clues will never contain combat steps.


The rewards for each tier are listed on the Wiki Drops page.


Ironmen can obtain additional items from clue scrolls such as custom whips, Ex-ex parrots, and Bounty Hunter Shop items. The Ironman droprate is split up into tiers:

  • For Elite and Master clue caskets you first have a 1 in 100 chance to hit the Third Age Druidic table.

  • For Elite and Master clue caskets you have a 1 in 5 chance to hit the Elite Ironman-only items (with all the Mbox items, Donator items and of course the custom whips).

  • For Hard clue caskets you have a 1 in 8 change to hit the special Hard droptable with the Rune pouch, Ring of Vigour, Ex ex parrot, etc.

If non of the above are hit, you get drops from the regular droptable. All items on the Ironmen drop table have an equal chance of being obtained.

The Clues

Coordinate Clues require digging at a specified location. Locations can be found using a sextant, watch, and chart through trial and error methods. Alternatively, use the guide below to go to the exact location and dig. When digging, there is a chance of being attacked by a Double Agent. Pray Melee and kill him to receive a clue. Skilling clues will not contain combat steps.

Coordinates Location Picture
7 degrees 37 minutes North, 21 degrees 41 minutes East

South West of Cooking Guild

Teleport to Varrock. Run West out of the city.
8 degrees 24 minutes North, 15 degrees 5 minutes East

South West of Taverley tree patch

Teleport to Taverley. Run Southeast.
9 degrees 35 minutes North, 10 degrees 31 minutes East

South East of Camelot Castle

Teleport to Farming. Run West.
9 degrees 56 minutes North, 4 degrees 31 minutes East

Coal Trucks

Teleport to Thieving. Run Northwest past the Fishing Guild. Continue North.
10 degrees 5 minutes North, 1 degree 13 minutes East

Gnome Stronghold

Teleport to Gnome Agility Course. Run North.
11 degrees 11 minutes South, 10 degrees 41 minutes East

Ape Atoll

Teleport to Ape Atoll. Run North.
11 degrees 15 minutes North, 7 degrees 22 minutes East

Seers' Village Hops Patch

Teleport to Seers' Village. Run North.
11 degrees 45 minutes North, 38 degrees 31 minutes East

North of Ectofunctus

Teleport to Port Phasmatys. Run North.
12 degrees 5 minutes North, 14 degrees 58 minutes East

East of Warrior's Guild

Teleport to Slayer Master Turael. Run Northwest.
15 degrees 1 minute North, 23 degrees 58 minutes East

North West of chaos temple (Level 16 Wilderness)

Teleport to Green Dragons. Run West then Southwest.
16 degrees 22 minutes North, 25 degrees 48 minutes East

West of Green Dragons (Level 21 Wilderness)

Teleport to Green Dragons. Run West.
16 degrees 52 minutes North, 6 degrees 45 minutes East


Teleport to Rock Crabs. Run West and hop the fence. Continue West.
25 degrees 1 minutes North, 17 degrees 3 minutes East

Frost dragons (Level 55 Wilderness)

Teleport to the Wilderness Agility Course. Run West then North.

When you receive the arrow clue, it will be pointing in a specific direction. You need to go in the direction that it is pointing. You know you are close to the spot when the arrow begins to turn white. Once it's a solid white colour and starts spinning around when you move just one spot, it means you are in the right location and need to dig. When digging, there is a chance of being attacked by a Double Agent. Pray Melee and kill him to receive a clue. Skilling clues will not contain combat steps. Below is a list of common arrow locations.

Not very close...Getting Closer...Very Close!

Travel to the location indicated by the clue. Dig at the location required. Click on an object to search it.

Equip the items required by the clue. Go to the location and perform the proper emote. There is a chance to be attacked by a Double Agent. Pray Melee and kill him to receive a new clue or casket.

Instructions Location Picture
Bow at the entrance of the legends guild, equip iron platelegs, a shortbow and an emerald amulet.

Teleport to Thieving. Run East out of the city to the Legends Guild.
Cheer at the Dark Wizards' Circle, equip a bronze 2h sword, an iron full helm and wizard boots.

Teleport to Varrock. Run South out of the city.
Cry at the Catherby ranging shop, equip a hardleather body, an amulet of glory (3) and a dragon med helm.

Teleport to Fishing. Run west to the ranging shop.
Cry at the Tzhaar gem store, equip a tzhaar-ket-om, a fire cape and rune boots.

Teleport to the Fight Caves. Run Southeast to the gem store.
Raspberry at the Rogue's pub, equip a Leather Body, an Iron Dagger and Leather Boots.

Teleport to Yanille. Enter the town, run alongside the northern wall until you reach a tunnel, go through that and continue north until you see a pub sign in your minimap.

These clues will tell you to talk to either the Wise Old Man or the Estate Agent while wearing an item. This is the list of all items you may need. The Wise Old Man is located in the center of Edgeville. The Estate Agent is located in Varrock Center, northwest of the fountain. Equip your required item and talk to the NPC to receive a new clue or casket.

Wise Old Man

Estate Agent

Falo the Bard's Location

To find Falo the Bard, Teleport to Seers Village from the Towns and Cities teleports and run North.

Use the item described in the clue on Falo to receive a new clue.

Clue Item How to Obtain
A shiny helmet of flight, to obtain this with melee, struggle you might. Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Helmet Armadyl
No attack to wield, only strength is required, made of obsidian but with no room for a shield. TzHaar-ket-om TzHaar-ket-om (obsidian maul)
A blood red weapon, a strong curved sword, found on the island of primate lords. Dragon Scimitar Dragon Scimitar ::shops
A bow of elven craft was made, it shimmers bright, but soon will fade. Crystal Bow Full Crystal Bow Full Elf Warriors on Crash Island
It can hold down a boat or crush a goat, this object, you see, is quite heavy. Barrelchest Anchor Barrelchest Anchor Barrelchest
A molten beast with fiery breath, you aquire these with its death. Lava Dragon Bones Lava Dragon Bones Lava Dragons.
To slay a dragon you must first do, before this chest piece can be put on you. Rune Platebody Rune Platebody Smithing or ::shops
Penance healers runner and more, obtaining this body often gives much deplore. Fighter Torso Fighter Torso PkP store in ::shops
A book that preaches of some great figure, lending strength, might, and vigour. Unholy Book Any Godbook Battlemages in mage arena, ::shops, Jellies
A sword held in the other hand, red its colour, Cyclops strength you must withstand. Dragon Defender Dragon Defender Kalphite Queen

Some clues will require you to kill a certain NPC. Here are some common ones.

Insturctions Boss Guide
Kill a Dagannoth Supreme DKS
Kill the Kalphite Queen Kalphite Queen
Kill a poison spider at the King Black Dragon lair entrance N/A
Kill a *random* battlemage at the mage arena Battle Mages
Kill a Barrows Brother in his lair Barrows Brothers
Kill a Frozen Dragon (vorkath) Vorkath
Kill a green dragon (in wilderness) N/A

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What monsters drop hard clue scrolls Osrs?

What monsters drop hard clue scrolls Osrs?

Clue scroll (hard)/Drop list

MonsterCombat levelLocation
Hellhound122Taverley Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave, Witchaven Dungeon, Wilderness, Catacombs of Kourend
Iron dragon189Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend
Jelly78Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Kurask106Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Desert Slayer Dungeon

What monsters drop easy clue scrolls?

Clue scroll (easy)/Drop list

MonsterCombat levelLocation
Al-Kharid warrior9Al Kharid
Banshee23Morytania Slayer Tower
Barbarian9, 10, 15, 17, 29Barbarian Village, Barbarian Outpost, Blue Moon Inn, Kourend Woodland
Cave slime23Lumbridge Swamp Caves

Can you have 2 clue scrolls at once Osrs?

It is possible, though extremely rare, for the player to receive the same clue multiple times in a row, regardless of occurrence.

Do clue scrolls drop on death?

Protects your clue scroll if you die. The clue box is an item that can protect a player’s clue scroll or reward casket within the Wilderness. Although clue scrolls are always kept on death outside the Wilderness, clue boxes are always lost on death.

What can hard clue scrolls drop?

Hard clue scrolls are usually long and complex, and can give the player puzzle boxes to solve. They can also involve trips to the Wilderness, and fights with a Zamorak wizard, a Saradomin wizard, or the double agent. They can offer many valuable rewards in return, including rune, 3rd age and gilded weapons and armour.

Is it worth doing easy clue scrolls?

If you are not planning to farm for a long time on Clue Scrolls, but you are somewhat willing to finish one or two to have some fun, then easy scrolls might make the best call for you. They do not have high requirements, and they might give you some decent rewards.

Do fire giants drop clues?

Some do, but not all since most giants are level 28 or 48. They are too low for hard clue drops.

Do varrock guards drop clue scrolls?

Guards can be pickpocketed at level 40 Thieving, giving 46.8 experience. Guards are also a popular clue scroll drop monster due to their low level and ability to drop medium clue scrolls….Changes.

26 February 2015 (update)Added some Guards to the roof of Varrock Palace.

Are clue scrolls lost on death?

How many hard clue scrolls can you have?

one hard clue scroll
As for all tiers of clue scrolls, only one hard clue scroll can be held or in a bank at one time. If you have dropped the prior clue scroll while having done some of the steps on that, the next clue scroll you receive will NOT have retained the steps of the dropped clue.

Who are all the clue droppers in RuneScape?

v • d • e Treasure Trails Items Clue scrolls File:Clue scroll (beginner) Guides Full guides All clues scrolls • Easy clu NPCs Uri • Sherlock • Falo the Bard • Double Other Clue droppers ( Easy • Medium • Hard • E

Where do you get clue scrolls in RuneScape?

Clue scrolls are commonly obtained as a drop from monsters. Below is a small list of some of the more common clue droppers. For a complete list of monsters please see the Clue Scroll entry in our Items Database. There are also other way of obtaining clue scrolls using various skill (see the list below).

What’s the highest drop rate on a clue scroll?

Killing Hellhounds – Hellhounds have the highest hard clue drop rate, at a rate of 1/64. Killing Hellhounds in the Wilderness with a Ring of wealth (i) will double that to a drop rate of 1/32. Killing Skotizo – Skotizo has a 100% drop rate for a hard clue scroll, although it requires a dark totem, which can be time consuming to obtain.

How many steps does a medium clue scroll take?

Medium clue scrolls offer coordinate clues along with more complex puzzles than easy clues, and occasionally a monster ranging from a chicken to a Market Guard may be fought. However, there are no clue steps that brings you to the wilderness. They can take between 3 and 5 steps to complete.


Easy - Elite Clue Scroll Requirements And Descriptions

Easy Clues:

Easy clues do not require specific skill levels/quests to be achieved. These clues 

consists of map clues, crypt clues (riddles), and emote clues. Nothing will be fought

during these clues.

Medium clues, or level 2 clues, are the next step up from easy clue scrolls. These clues

consist of Anagram clues, Challenge clues, Cryptic Clues (riddles), Emote Clues,

Coordinate Clues, Map Clues, and Cipher Clues. 

Skills: 50 Range - To Wear Blue D'Hide Body

40 Mage - To Wear Mystic Gloves And Mystic Bottoms

40 Defence - To Wear Blue D'Hide Body

35 Agility - To Enter Barbarian Agility Training Area. (With Barcrawl)

Quests: Dragon Slayer - Gives Access To Green D'Hide Body And Crandor.

Horror From The Deep - Completion Not Necessary, Need Access To Lighthouse.

Biohazard - Gives Access To The Combat Training Camp.

Tourist Trap - Completion Not Necessary, Gives Access To The Desert Mining Camp.

Sea Slug - Completion Not Necessary, Gives Access to Fishing Platform.

The Freminik Trials - Gives Access To Miscellania.

Jungle Potion - Gives Access to Gabooty in Tai Bwo Wannai.

Hard clues, or level 3 clues, are the next step up from medium clue scrolls. These clues

consist of Anagram clues, Challenge clues, Puzzle Box Clues, Cryptic Clues (riddles), Emote Clues,

Coordinate Clues, Map Clues, Coordinate Clues, and Cipher Clues. Hard Clues are usually long and

complex, and can give you a puzzle box to solve. They also involve wilderness trips and can

involve fights with a Zamorak Wizard, Saradomin Wizard, or Double Agent.

Skills: 60 Prayer - Required To Wield Stoles And Croziers.

50 Range - Required To Wear Blue Dragonhide Armor.

40 Magic - Required To Wear Mystic Hat And Weild The Mystic Fire Staff.

40 Attack - Required To Wield Various Rune Weapons And The Mystic Fire Staff.

40 Defence - Required To Wear Rune Armor And Blue Dragonhide Body.

68 Fishing - Required To Access The Fishing Guild. (Can Be Boosted. Admiral Pie @63)

56 Agility - Required To Get Through The Dense Forest In Tirannwn. (Can Be Boosted. Summer Pie @51)

Quests: Priest In Peril - Gives Access To Canafis.

Plague City - Gives Access To West Ardougne.

Regicide - Gives Access To Tirannwn. Reccomended To Complete Fully.

Ictharin's Little Helper - Gives Access To Sophanem.

Legends Quest - Gives Access To The Kharazi Jungle. 

Mountain Daughter - (Optional) Gives Access To The Mountain Camp, Without Rope Everytime.

Watchtower - Gives Access To Gu'Tanoth.

The Grand Tree - Gives Access To The Ship Yard.

Shilo Village - Gives Access To Shilo Village.

Nature Spirit - Gives Access To Nature Grotto.

Troll Stronghold - Gives Access To Trollheim.

Fairytale II - Gives Access To Fairy Rings.

Elemental Workshop 1 - Gives Ability To Equip Elemental Shield.

Dragon Slayer - Gives Access To Crandor.

Zogre Flesh Eaters - Gives Access To Jiggig.

Elite clues, or level 4 clues, are the next step up from Hard clue scrolls. These clues

consist of Anagram clues, Challenge clues, Puzzle Box Clues, Cryptic Clues (riddles), Emote Clues,

Coordinate Clues, Map Clues, Coordinate Clues, and Cipher Clues. Coordinate Elite Clues will

require you to ight an Armadylian Gaurd (Flying/Range) or Bandosian Gaurd (Ground/Melee).

Skills: 70 Attack - Required to wield dragon weapons and the black salamander.

60 Defence - Required to wear the dragon med helm and dragon boots.

70 Range - Required to wear black dragonhide armour, the rune crossbow, and the black salamander.

70 Magic - Required to cast Lvl-5 Enchant for Sherlock and to wield the black salamander.

60 Prayer - Required to wield a crozier.

60 Agility - Required to access the Seers' Village Agility Course.

76 Fishing - Required to fish a shark for Sherlock.

59 Runecrafting - Required to runecraft a nature rune and or double cosmic runes for Sherlock.

55 Mining - Required to mine a mithril ore for Sherlock.

66 Herblore - Required to make a super defence potion for Sherlock.

60 Woodcutting - Required to cut a yew tree for Sherlock.

63 Hunter - Required to catch a red chinchompa for Sherlock.

72 Thieving - Required to picklock King Lathas's chest for Sherlock.

87 Crafting - Required to craft a Dorgeshuun light orb for Sherlock.

64 Smithing - Required to smith a mithril 2h sword for Sherlock.

70 Fletching - Required to create a yew longbow for Sherlock.

65 Slayer - Required to kill a Dust Devil for Sherlock.

Quests: Priest in Peril - Gives access to Canifis

Mourning's Ends Part I (started) - Gives access to Lletya and Mourner gear.

Regicide (started) - Gives access to Tirannwn. Highly recommended to complete the quest, as travelling becomes easier with using a charter ship to Port Tyras.

Darkness of Hallowvale (started) - Gives access to Meiyerditch.

Jungle Potion - Gives access to the Hardwood Grove.

Cabin Fever - Gives access to Mos Le'Harmless and its nearby cave.

Shilo Village - Gives access to Shilo Village.

Legends' Quest (started) - Gives access to the Kharazi Jungle and Legends' Guild.

The Great Brain Robbery(partial completion) - Gives access to Harmony Island.

Monkey Madness - Gives access to Crash Island and Ape Atoll.

The Fremennik Isles - Gives access to Neitiznot and Jatizso.

Lunar Diplomacy - Gives access to Lunar Isle and Pirates' Cove.

Troll Romance (partial completion) - Gives access to Trollweiss Mountain.

Spirits of the Elid - Gives access to the crack west of Nardah.

Swan Song - Gives access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Death to the Dorgeshuun - Gives access to Dorgesh-Kaan.

Recipe for Disaster - Required to wear barrows gloves.

The Slug Menace- Required to wear proselyte armour.

Elemental Workshop II - Required to wield the mind shield.

Underground Pass - Gives access to Tirannwn.

Another Slice of H.A.M.- Gives access to Ambassador Alvijar.

Horror from the Deep - Required to equip a filled God book


Agent osrs double

OSRS Hard Clue Scroll Overview


OSRS Hard Clue Scroll Overview

Hard Clue Scroll is a valuable item dropped by high-level mobs around Gielinor. The steps to complete a Clue Scroll (Hard) can vary from 4 to 6 steps. Being a part of the Treasure Trails, you’ll need to run around from places to places, while solving various clues. The rewards obtained in the end are items randomly chosen from the rewards list mentioned below in this article. The rewards can be anything between basic OSRS items to very rare 3rd age and gilded items, depending on how lucky you are. They’re usually long and complex to solve because of the puzzle boxes that they include, and can also involve fighting various mobs like a Saradomin / Zamorak Wizard, or a Double Agent.

Players often prefer solving Easy and Medium Clue Scrolls due to the risk that Clue Scroll (Hard) holds, as well as its quest requirements. Apart from all the clue scrolls tiers in-game, Hard Clue Scroll is the only item that can be held one at a time. In other words, you can’t have more than one, and to pick another, you must first solve the one you picked or drop it. Another thing to remember is if you complete a few steps of a Clue Scroll (Hard) and drop it to pick another, then your steps will completely reset, resulting in a do-over.

Completing 300 Clue Scroll (Hard) will unlock the Transform emote, and upon completing it, you’ll receive a Casket (Hard) as a reward, which can be opened to obtain various rare items. Handing a Hard Clue Scroll, along with Easy, Medium and Elite to Watson will result in receiving a Master Clue Scroll.

Wilderness Concerns

Keep in mind that if you die with a Clue Scroll above level 20 Wilderness, then it will disappear (Either it is a PVP death or death by a monster), unless the item is kept on death, or if you have a Clue Box with you. Upon returning to the location where you died, you’ll notice that the Clue Scroll has disappeared, but if you’re dead with a Clue Box in your inventory and you return soon enough, then the clue will remain in your inventory, while the Clue Box resulting in being lost. However, if you die below level 20 Wilderness, then the clue scroll will remain on the ground for an hour until it disappears or you pick it up, and the same goes for the reward caskets that you obtain after solving the clue. If you end up dead by a Wilderness NPC below level 20, then even if you’ve protected the item or not, it’ll remain in your inventory.

Types of Clues

There are nine types of clues that you can get while solving a Clue Scroll (Hard). These clues include; Anagrams, which are strings of letters that can be rearranged to form a different phrase or word. Challenge Scrolls, where you have to first find the right NPC, speak to him, and then solve his riddle to clear the step. Puzzle Boxes, where you’ll be provided with a scrambled, and you have to move the tiles to form the right image. Coordinates, where you have to find the location of the next clue with the help of the coordinates (Example, 01 Degrees 24 Minutes North, 08 Degrees 05 Minutes West). Cryptic Clues, where you have to complete different tasks like speaking to an NPC, digging at a given location, or searching creates. Emote Clues, where you may have to equip certain equipment’s, travel to a designated area and perform an emote to summon the NPC named Uri for the next clue. Maps, where you have to find the location that is drawn on the clue and dig at the area where the ‘X’ is marked. Cyphers, where you have to encrypt different codes using a Caesar Shift to find a specific NPC’s name, and finally, Music, where you’ll be tasked to play a specific song by standing on the bridge, next to the NPC Cecilia, located in the Falador Park.

Skill Requirements

Clue Scroll includes requirements where you have to wield a specific item or access an area, and this can only be done if you have the required skill set. For Clue Scroll (Hard), you’ll need 60 Prayer to wield Stoles & Croziers, 50 Ranged to equip Blue Dragon Hide armour, 66 Magic to start the quest Swan Song and gain access into the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, 40 Attack to wield Rune weapons, as well as a Mystic Fire Staff, 20 Strength to wield a Rune Halberd, 40 Defence to equip Rune armour pieces, as well as a Blue Dragon Hide Body, 68 Fishing to gain access into the Fishing Guild, and 56 Agility to pass through the Dense Forest located in Tirannwn.

Ironman Concerns

Ironman concerns are different and have more skill requirements as compared to normal accounts. For an Ironman to solve a Clue Scroll (Hard), you’ll need 80 Slayer to obtain Rune Boots as a drop, 58 Crafting to craft a Diamond Bracelet, 68 Crafting or 50 Hunter to obtain Blue Dragon Hide Chaps, 89 Hunter or 80 Crafting and 68 Magic to obtain an Amulet of Glory, and completion of the quest ‘The Lost Tribe’ to gain access to a Bone Spear.

Quest Requirements

Many clue scrolls require accessing areas that can only be accessed after completing a specific quest.


The average amount that can be earned from a Hard Casket is worth around 30,934 OSRS Gold Coins, and if you are willing to sell a Hard Clue Scroll, it’ll go for around 154,673 Gold Coins. So, that way you can earn money both ways, either by solving it for a chance to obtain a rare reward or by selling it off to another player. Apart from the rewards listed below, which are of the rare category, there are also basic rewards that can be obtained from the casket.


Table of Contents

How do you get treasure trails Osrs?

A clue scroll can be obtained randomly from killing monsters, playing minigames, looting implings, fishing, woodcutting, or mining. There are six different levels of clue scrolls. The higher level ones being more difficult to complete. Players can own up to one clue scroll of each level at a time.

How do you solve clue scrolls in Runescape?

To solve hard clue scrolls, players may encounter anagrams, challenge scrolls, puzzle boxes, coordinates, cryptics, emote clues, or maps before obtaining a reward casket (hard), containing their rewards; 4–6 items are awarded from each hard casket opened.

How do you get treasure trail points in rs3?

Treasure Trail Points are awarded to the player upon completion of clue scrolls and obtaining or solving their relative caskets. More points are awarded every multiple of 10, 50, 100, 250, and 500 completed treasure trails.

Where can I get hard clue scrolls in rs3?

Taverley resource dungeon
The best way to farm hard clue scrolls in large numbers is in Taverley resource dungeon. Inside you will find a large amount of clustered hellhounds. Your ability bar should consist of mainly of abilities able to hit multiple targets such as Quake, Hurricane and Cleave.

Are beginner clues worth doing?

Possible rewards On average, beginner clues are worth 6,624. As well as unique Treasure Trails rewards, players may also receive a variety of items. A more detailed overview of all possible rewards can be found at reward casket (beginner).

Are clues worth doing Osrs?

Even easier clues have decent ratios of reward value to the time spent on completing them. Because of that, Clue Scrolls can be categorized as a decent money making method in OSRS.

How many hard clue scrolls can you have rs3?

25 sealed clue scrolls
As of the Treasure Trails update on 26 February 2018, players can collect as many as 25 sealed clue scrolls of each type of difficulty. Previously, they were restricted to only one new clue scroll of each difficulty if they did not already have one in their inventory or bank.

How many steps is a clue scroll?

A clue scroll (hard) is a valuable random drop from a large variety of high-levelled monsters. A hard clue scroll can be 4-6 steps long. Clue scrolls are the start of a Treasure Trail – a treasure hunt that sends players hunting all around Gielinor and other realms.

What do I do with treasure trail points?

Treasure Trail Points are stored in the Currency Pouch and can be spent at Zaida’s Treasure Trails Reward Shop. They are awarded on completing treasure trails (by getting a reward casket or solving a puzzle casket from the final clue scroll in a treasure trail).

How many clues are in a hard clue scroll?

Hard clue scrolls are between 5 to 7 clues long (4 to 6 with the Totem of Treasure). Completion of the clue scroll will either give a scroll box (hard), containing another clue, or a reward casket (hard), containing rewards for completing the treasure trail.

Are elite clues worth doing Osrs?

On average, elite clues are worth 255,194. As well as the unique Treasure Trails rewards shown below, players may also receive a variety of other items.

How do you get clues Osrs?

A clue scroll is a reward that can be obtained randomly from killing monsters, playing minigames, looting implings, fishing, woodcutting, or mining. Clue scrolls are the starting point of Treasure Trails – rewarding treasure hunts throughout Old School RuneScape.

Are hard clues worth doing?

Hard clue scrolls are usually long and complex, and can give the player puzzle boxes to solve. They can also involve trips to the Wilderness, and fights with a Zamorak wizard, a Saradomin wizard, or the double agent. They can offer many valuable rewards in return, including rune, 3rd age and gilded weapons and armour.

What is bad luck mitigation?

Bad luck mitigation is a mechanic that can affect the drop rate of certain rare items or the chances of certain events occurring. When a player has not received an item by a certain threshold, the drop rate is altered so that players are more likely to receive it.

Can you stack clue scroll caskets?

While players can only have one of each type of clue scroll in their possession, they can possess unlimited amounts of reward caskets, and are eligible to receive clue scrolls again once it is obtained. …

How long does an elite clue scroll take?

between 5 and 7 steps
Elite clue scrolls can be between 5 and 7 steps long, and reward an elite reward casket upon completion.


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