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Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 Ways To Decorate Your Island For Fall

With the latest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo expanded customization options for a more personalized player experience. If you’ve been playing the game since its 2020 release, you probably have an island decorated so beautifully you earned that five-star island rating from Isabelle. So what’s next for Animal Crossing players?

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A perfect way to keep your New Horizons island feeling fresh and new is to get inspired and remodel with the changing of the seasons. October is the perfect time of year for fall festivities, so let’s look at some ways you and can celebrate the season of pumpkins, apple picking, and Halloween with your island villagers.

10 Plot A Graveyard

Halloween means haunted attractions and scaring your friends. Animal Crossing is probably one of the least scary games ever made, but one Animal Crossing player, who goes by the name Yamgrove, added a creepy graveyard to their island. Some players dedicate entire islands to gothic vibes paired with the spookiest villagers in Animal Crossing. Even if that’s not your style, a graveyard is great for fall.

You can’t have a graveyard without gravestones. In New Horizons, these are the western-style stones players can craft using stones. They can be customized to be coated in moss for an old, weathered look or made an elegant white color. Add flowers and a fence and you've got a beautiful area to visit.

9 Visit An Apple Orchard

Would it feel like fall if you didn’t go apple picking? New Horizons has a wide variety of fruit trees, but apple trees in particular are perfect to plant in the fall. Even if your island’s native fruits are not apples, you can plant a single apple to build an orchard like Twitter user Elfhaven.

An apple orchard needs to be cozy and, most importantly, have plenty of apple trees. Plot your trees so villagers can maneuver through them with ease or rest under them for shade. The possibilities are endless.

8 Embrace The Fall Weeds

New Horizons encourages you to pluck weeds to keep the island looking clean early in the gameplay. Your reward for doing so is getting one step closer to a five-star island that Isabelle will praise as perfect. Later in the game, more knowledgeable players are debating whether weeding your grass is necessary.

The weeds in New Horizons change their shape and color every season and New Horizons fans particularly love the weeds that grow in fall because they turn a muted green or golden color and resemble wheat. Perhaps appreciating their natural beauty on the island is better than wasting hours plucking them anyway.

7 Grab A Hot Coffee

Fall brings crisp windy days and long, cool evenings. It’s the perfect season to relax with a hot cup of coffee. Reddit user Idkwhattochooseok utilized Animal Crossing's options for café themed furniture to create a custom coffee shop.

If you’re a little bit patient, Brewster’s coffee shop will be added to the game in November, so there will be plenty of time to hang out with everyone’s favorite barista pigeon this season. Until then, players can build their own coffee shop anywhere on the island with their favorite decorations.

6 Shop At Spirit Halloween

At the end of every summer, many of us anticipate Spirit Halloween stores moving to abandoned strip malls or what used to be your local Blockbuster. In New Horizons, the expansive crafting possibilities let Reddit user apeycakez bring this iconic Halloween shop to Animal Crossing. Spirit Halloween isn’t going to overtake Nook’s Cranny on your island, but instead, it can be an addition just for the fall season (or even longer, if you’d like).

Use New Horizon’s cliff building feature to create a “building” shape and decorate it using customized panels. Paired with the candy basket and costumes outside, the Animal Crossing version of Spirit Halloween makes you feel like you could go Halloween costume shopping with your villagers.

5 Collect Spooky Trees

Animal Crossing New Horizon’s last update finally gave players an item they’ve been demanding for months. In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, many fans loved the spooky tree that came around in October, and Nintendo brought it to New Horizons. The jack-o-lanterns hanging from its branches can light the way as you walk across your island during fall nights.

The spooky tree is available through all of October in Nook’s Cranny. If you’re looking to grab as many of them as possible, try traveling to your friend’s islands to shop.

4 Stroll Through A Mushroom Forest

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gave many fans the needed filler until New Horizons was released in 2020. Players fell in love with much of the furniture in Pocket Camp, particularly the autumn collections including mushroom themed items.

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New Horizons brought some of the mushrooms back for a cottage-core or fairy forest vibe. One reddit user used mushroom lamps to add glowing pops of color around the island. We’re hoping someday New Horizons adds even more mushroom items for plenty of variety.

3 Roleplay As A Witch

October is the season of the witch, so in the open world of Animal Crossing, why not embrace the witch aesthetic? Make a magical potion shop to pretend your villagers are buying elixirs from you. Nintali on Tumblr made a botanical potion shop that perfectly fits nestled deep in the woods.

Many Animal Crossing players use the fortune telling set and lab-experiments set to make a whimsical and mysterious potion stand. If you combine that with custom designs for signs and stalls, you’ll fit right in with a witch hat and fall foliage surrounding you.

2 Move In Fall Villagers

Animal Crossing fans have their favorite villagers and varying opinions on who’s the best. From cats to chickens, Animal Crossing has hundreds of villagers to choose from, and with such a huge variety, there’s an option for everyone.

Some players coordinate their entire island, including their villagers and their homes, to be uniform. The option of buying Nintendo’s Amiibo cards allows you to have almost infinite possibilities on which villagers to choose. A great way to spruce up your island this autumn is to move in fall themed New Horizons villagers. Deer, frogs, and squirrels can give your island a cozy cottagecore aesthetic for fall.

1 Plant A Pumpkin Patch

In the fall of 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizons brought players the option to grow pumpkin plants. Pumpkins grow all year, but the seeds only show up in Nook’s Cranny in October so buy them while you can. Once the pumpkins grow, they are both pretty and functional. They can be used for crafting and customizing pumpkin themed items.

As soon as players could plant pumpkin in New Horizons, they made pumpkin patches. Twitter user Icelestel designed a pumpkin patch any player would be happy to spend the day at with their villagers. Seeing hay barrels, various colors of pumpkins, and wooden fencing in an Animal Crossing pumpkin patch reminds you of what you’d see in a real pumpkin patch on a fall day.

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Living Room Design Ideas & Tips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives its players a more creative license to design, with several levels and rooms to their home, but let's go back to the basics of the living room. The islander's home can be designed in a great variety of ways, allowing players to design every type of room someone might find in a home. This freedom, however, also allows the player to go above and beyond in their designs.

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This game gives out certain designs based on the seasons, so as the year continues new, interesting, and beautiful ideas are sure to crop up. For now, depending on where the player is located on the planet, they will only have access to what has been released in their area for as long as they have been playing. Without further delay, here are several diverse living room concepts players have used in their own island homes.

Asian-Inspired Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

For starters, here is the Asian-inspired living room. Fairly early on into the game, players can gain access to bamboo to grow on their island and will receive several different DIYs that will allow them to craft bamboo items. Players can also use the imperial furniture set to give their home a more Asian-inspired aesthetic. The most pivotal part of pulling this off as a living room is getting the hearth as the centerpiece. The hearth can be learned as a DIY, likely given to the player by another resident islander or bottle found on the beach.

For a less modern version, add more clay pots and furnishings. Tatami rugs and walls can also add to this effect, giving the players home a very antique yet rugged-looking home. This earthy touch can take the living room from cliche to grand.

Cottage Core Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

The second big aesthetic in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons' community is the cottage core style. This Ghibli-Esque style involves anything that makes the space cozier and cottage-like. Adding things like a wood-burning stove, small house plants, a fireplace, or anything someone might assume belongs to a grandmother. Thanks to the Nook's Cranny it won't be hard to find these items for sale or gain DIYs to craft them.

Pulling the cottage core style into a more modern iteration, there is a more witchy aesthetic. Another popular style that revolves mostly around keeping specimens, house plants, and dried flowers. Not quite hitting the Wiccan style, but on the cusp between witchy, cottage core, and minimalist.

Minimalist Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Sharmaine on Reddit shows that the minimalist is all about going back to the basics. Very little clutter, clean walls, and floors with a fresh light color. Using only small pops of color here and there to give the room a more refreshing feeling. Minimalist rooms are fun and easy to design when first starting out in the game as the player doesn't have much to choose from, but as their funds grow, this may be a difficult style to keep.

Minimalism can also be done in a more antique or boho style to branch out early on as most of what the player has access to is all DIY. Using birch or redwood furniture to keep the room light or add a pop of color to this simpler style.

Nautical Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Getting more into the islander theme, a nautical living room is very fitting. Going from the extreme of having a beach in the player's home to a simple sailor-style living room fit for a boathouse. This style is easy enough to gain fairly early on in the game, especially if the player cleans their beaches of seashells and bottles often.

DIYs allow players to make water-like flooring and sea-based wallpaper for any room in their home. Fish can also be displayed in tanks around the room for extra points of detail. With the new seasonal sea-based items, players can craft their own little mermaid fantasy. This themed room may leave players singing, 'Under the Sea' or twirling a fork through their hair.

Space-Inspired Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

With shooting stars leaving their debris on the beach, many players may want to find another use for these besides crafting 100 outfit wands. This room theme takes players completely out of their world and into a peaceful and breath-taking space. Items can be crafted but some must be found by random chance at the Nook's Cranny or found at random on the island.

Whether players completely dedicate the room to just being the image of the night sky or a theme to decorate a room still based in entertaining, this is an extravagant look.

Hogwarts-Inspired Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Much like designing a home to fit the style of The Little Mermaid, many players have themed their homes after their favorite Hogwartshouse. Whether a Gryffindor or Slytherin, players can find all they need to create their house's homeroom. This theme gives a lot of freedom for the player to interpret the decorations as there aren't many items that are specific to any one Hogwarts house or the Harry Potter franchise in general.

As the Hogwart's class houses vary widely, players can find completely different niche aesthetics for their own home. Base this player living room around a color scheme based on the house or even the animal mascot.

Gothic Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

If someone loves the witchy aesthetic but is done waiting for their letter from Hogwarts, creating a dark academia aesthetic with crystal balls, candles and bookshelves can be a lovely option for a living room. This style draws quite a bit from the goblin core and cottage core styles, displaying mushrooms, artwork, and specimens of plants and animals.

Give this witch a darker more gothic aesthetic with darker walls, flooring, or carpeting, using dark woods and metal. Candles, crystals, animal heads, and bones can help add points of interest and pops of color in this dark styled home.

Artist-Inspired Living Rooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Players can live out their dreams by having a home studio to create in as their living room space. Being able to come home to a space that truly embodies the player's passions and ideas can be very fulfilling. Collect artwork, easels, and sculptures to get the true traditional artist's studio in the works.

For a musician, it may take a good chunk of time, but the player can collect lots of different instruments through their time on the island. Amplifiers, foot pedals, and more can also be found for someone looking to expand and make a realistic collection.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizon is available on Nintendo Switch.


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You can get paid to be an interior designer in Animal Crossing now

With the cloud of a pandemic hanging over the economy for the foreseeable future, it’s tricky for those beginning to enter the workforce to envision a stable income, let alone from a creative dream job. But miracles do happen. For instance, you could become an interior designer for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons home, which lets be honest, is the only home most of us will ever own. No, I'm not crying, I'm fine.

A luxury homeware brand called Olivia's has announced a new initiative which will pay people actual money to design non-actual homes. These "consultants" will give their clients advice on how best to create a sense of aesthetic harmony in their island home, providing a list of recommended products and styles to use, all while making sure it doesn’t break the (Bell) bank. I mean, you really do not want to piss off Tom Nook.

And as a virtual design consultant you can expect to earn upwards of £40 an hour. Or you can also set your own rates, if you really want to scam people. All you need in order to be eligible for the position is a Nintendo Switch, a copy of the AC:NH game, and a strong internet connection.

“The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons couldn’t have come at a better time,” founder Nick Moutter said in a press release. “With everyone social distancing and many people completely isolated from friends and family, this game allows them to stay connected while immersing themselves in a virtual world away from the stresses and restrictions of current life."

Hard to believe this is real but hey, it's a new world now. That's quarantine baby! Think you fit the bill? Register your interest here. You might never need to trade turnips again.

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