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Entryway & Foyer Tile Design Ideas

As the first glimpse inside your home, your entryway is a chance to make a lasting impression. Installing tile can set a stylish tone while providing the durability required to stand up to heavy foot traffic. The Tile Shop offers a range of colors, patterns, shapes and textures that can help establish a welcoming presence for your guests. 

Entry way with wood-look wall and floor tile.

Your entryway is the initial look into your home, so don’t make it an afterthought.

2021 Entryway Tile Design Trends

Tile is an ideal choice for an entryway because it’s fashionable, sturdy and easy to clean. Make a smart decision and protect your home with materials like porcelain, ceramic and slate. Grey continues to be a popular color for home decor—soften the look with a grey wood-look tile that incorporates softer tones like taupe and beige that add warmth. Want to add an elegant feel? Use a combination of stone-look ceramic or porcelain for durability and real marble to elevate the whole space. If you want to enhance a neutral color, consider choosing a geometric pattern. Whether your space is a sprawling foyer or a small entryway, investing in the right tile design can add some flair that transforms your room. 

Black and white graphic entryway floor tile.

Bold and graphic black-and-white floors are always a classic choice.

3-D relief entryway tile.

Tile with a 3-D relief pattern enhances this entryway with a stunning wallpaper effect.

Encaustic patterned entryway floor.

Make a good first impression with a dynamic entryway floor tile that sets a vibrant tone.

Grey and beige industrial floor tile.

Grey, beige and taupe—a tile that combines all of our favorite neutrals is a win.

Pattered rug-look floor tile.

An entryway rug gets a lot of wear and tear. Opt for the easy-to-care-for choice and install patterned tiles that replicate the look of a rug.

Entryway Floors

Your entryway is a high-traffic area that sees a lot of comings and goings, so it’s important to put some thought into your flooring decision. A durable material like tile can stand up to abusive weather conditions that track rain, snow and mud into your home. Protect your space by putting down reliable, low-maintenance flooring that you can clean by simply sweeping and mopping. Not only does tile offer practical convenience, but the variety of styles, textures and colors mean that you’re able to customize a look for your one-of-a-kind room. Our experienced associates at The Tile Shop can help you transform your entryway into a bright spot for your home or business.

Large-format herringbone entryway tile.

These large-format tiles are the perfect scale for a big, airy mudroom.
Photo credit: New Old Custom Homes

entrance wood like tiles.

From rustic to traditional to modern, wood-look tile is perfect for any décor.

Browse our vast selection of tile for entryways.

Large-Format Tile

Large-format tiles are a huge trend in entryways, becoming an effective way to make the most of your space, whether large or small. Bigger tiles have a widening effect that opens up the room and enhances the size of your entryway. Expand your foyer with rectangular tiles that elongate your room and give the impression of even more space. Larger tiles mean there’s less grout to clean and the installation process goes quicker—meaning your DIY project is even more doable.

grey floor tiles.

These large rectangular tiles have widening effect on this entryway.

The light color and larger size of these tiles make this room feel much bigger.

Want to see more options? Browse our large-format tile selection.

Wood Look

Wood-look tiles have become a very popular option for homeowners who want to combine the timeless beauty of wood with the long-lasting durability of tile. Advances in tile technology have managed to duplicate the distinctive grains, knots, colors and patterns of natural wood to achieve a realistic alternative. Faux wood adds warmth to your entryway decor and can provide a rustic, farmhouse vibe. Check out our newest designs in person by stopping in to your local store.

entrance floor tiles.

Our wood-look tile is available in a variety of unique colors and styles.

wood look hallway tiles.

The authentic finishes and grains of this faux-wood tile makes it look like the real thing.

Want to see more options? Browse our selection of wood-look tile.

Let our design experts help you to create the entryway of your dreams. Our free design services are available to you 7 days a week.

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Design Tip: Choosing Materials

The reliable durability of tile makes it a practical choice for entryways and foyers. Installing a material like porcelain or ceramic is a sensible decision that will make your floors stylish and functional for years to come. Create a timeless look with tile from our natural stone collection like marble, travertine, slate, limestone and granite. Explore our extensive variety of tile material options in store or online.

The patterns on this ceramic tile add a tropical vibe to this home.

Encaustic tile flooring is an effective way to add beautiful patterns and colors.

front gate entrance floor tiles.

This stunning tile adds elegance and luxury to this grand foyer.

Design Tip: Choosing Colors

The color you select in your entryway can impact the initial look and feel of your home. A strategic pop of color or a funky pattern creates a fashionable mood as your guests walk through the front door. Choose a natural tone that works well with the rest of the house or add elegance with a deep brown espresso wood-look tile. Stop in to The Tile Shop to browse our range of color options that will fit any décor.

wood look floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles.

This is a great example of how to mix and match materials, patterns and colors.

Entrance tiles.

Spice up your room’s white walls with an interesting tile flooring pattern.

ceramic wall tiles.

This smart combination of wall and floor tile adds a lot of depth to this seating area.

The encaustic ceramic tiles effectively add some flair in this entryway.

Nothing beats seeing the tile in person. Come in to browse our huge selection of tile options at a store near you.

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Sours: https://www.tileshop.com/inspiration/tile-ideas/entryway

Top 50 Best Entryway Tile Ideas – Foyer Designs

The foyer is arguably the first introduction that is made upon entering one’s home, and you want your own to leave a stellar first impression.

The front foyer can make or break a house’s appeal, and you want your guests to feel instantly welcomed and in the care of a host with impeccable taste, no matter the time of day.

Conversely, don’t you want to look forward to crossing the threshold each and every time?

An exquisitely tiled entryway instantly elevates a home to prestigious territory reminiscent of old-world elegance rarely seen today. From Roman mosaic inspirations to nouveau chic schemes, there is an endless assortment of tiling options to choose from, with every budget and space in mind. Well-laid tiling can brighten an otherwise dim foyer or add depth to a confined space, to say nothing of the visual beauty that is the hallmark of artisanal tiling.

Your Tuscan villa or Moroccan casbah is closer than you think, and thanks to a wealth of professionals and visionaries awaiting your call, you’ll have no shortage of assistance at the ready.

You deserve a home you genuinely love returning to, and likewise showing off to guests. From the front entrance on, this is your realm. Before the next season is upon us, why not reconsider a foyer upgrade the preferred way of the ancient elite, and start looking for your own special tiling motif? Thresholds will never look or feel the same again, and yours may just become the next dream destination.


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15 Floor Tile Designs For The Foyer

Greet your guests with something extra special. Instead of boring hardwood or carpeted entrances, why not take up the fashion-forward appeal of your home a notch with a pattern, a color, a design or two. These 15 floor tile designs for the foyer will knock the socks off of every passer-through.

1. Focal Point

View in gallery

Wow your guests with a focal centerpiece that’s on the floor as soon as they walk in. With a similar design, you can add an artistic presence where its more likely to make a unique impression. Surround your focus with neutral tiles for an even grander entrance inside.

2. Slate Herringbone

View in gallery

This slate herringbone design from Studio Mcgee is a more traditional choice when it comes to foyers. But, it’s not so traditional that it becomes bland and boring. Instead, it adds a sexy sleekness to your entryway that will definitely be adorned and enjoyed.

3. White Hexagon

Hexagon floor tiles - mix between wood and porcelainView in gallery

White hexagon tiles could be a fun route to take. Neutral and versatile, the beauty here is in the unique shaping and personalizing of the foyer’s design. Use it as a way to finish off the entrance to your modern home or add something a bit chicer to your trendy, rustic space.

4. Polka Dots

View in gallery

A bit of a polka-dot pattern seems to be good for the soul, at least that’s what we believe. We love the contrasting, small black tiles sprinkled around this foyer and how it brings new life and style in without straying away from the posh vision.

5. French Painted

View in gallery

Hand painted tile floors are gorgeous inside any space of the house. Usually seen in bathrooms and kitchens, don’t be afraid to dress the foyer in something similar. Just look at this gorgeous pattern find and how the entrance and hallway could easily be transformed by adding some of this Euro flair.

6. Fun Geo

View in gallery

We’ve gushed about this space before on Homedit, and we’re really loving it as a means to greet our guests and ourselves into a more eclectic and trendier home. This geo print – being black and white – has a very classic, timeless approach as well. You’ll be able to switch up décor and style with the changing of the seasons.

7. Yellow Victorian

View in gallery

If you’re inspired by vintage design then you’ll really fall hard for this tile floor design. Pops of yellow blended with bouts of Victorian beauty, your foyer gives off the very first impression of your home. And Balance Design gave us a stunning example of how to do that when searching for an antique flair.

8. Chic Subway

View in gallery

Subway tiles are probably the most popular and most versatile choice around. Bathrooms, backsplashes, kitchen floors and in the foyer, it will always do its job. AM Dolce Vita showed off how sleek and chic a foyer’s foundation can be when going with a glossy white.

9. Wooden Chevron

Chevron wood tile for foyerView in gallery

Maybe you’re envisioning a more farmhouse-inspired entrance. Wooden, chevron styles may be what fits that bill and here’s a beautiful example from Studio M of how you can make it happen in a tasteful way. We love this idea especially for when foyers or entryways flow into mudrooms.

10. High Gloss

High gloss foyer tiles designView in gallery

Check out this chic, high gloss tile and the stunning, crisp entrance it helps to create! For a no-fuss finish we definitely recommend going with a similar design in a neutral of your choice. Again, you’ll set a solid foundation that can easily blend and change when and if the decor around it does.

11. Small Checkered

Small checkered tile floor foyer designView in gallery

Checkered prints are a timeless choice as well. And the smaller you go the more interest and contemporary appeal you’ll be bringing into the space. Check out similar inspiration over at Enig Wonen.

12. Classic Retro

View in gallery

Over at Lorri Dyner Design, you’ll see how you can fashion a foyer around classic, retro black and white tiles. Give your home a sophisticated throwback feel by complimenting the space with something similar. Yes, the checkers go well within kitchens but it certainly spruces up the entryways too.

13. Colorful Vintage

Colorful Vintage floor tile for foyerView in gallery

Original Style went with a vintage design at the doorway as well. Don’t be afraid of a little color. Dive in and make bold choices, especially If you’re set on truly transforming your home. And if you’ve got vintage style in mind – this could be your very first step.

14. Modern Art

Modern tile floor interior designView in gallery

Are you inspired by art? If you want no-fuss with a twist of personal style, you may want to create a fun design all on your own. Like this custom, modern art tile floor that’s sprucing up an elegant foyer.

15. Black and white Pattern

View in gallery

And finally, we leave you off with another black and white design to peak your interest. This is just another beautiful way to set the tone of your home from the moment one walks into the foyer and onto the tile floor.

Sours: https://www.homedit.com/foyer-floor-tile-designs/

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70 Tile To Wood Transition Ideas

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