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(Charlotte, NC, October 17, 2017) – America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) received donations valued over $25,000 from Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. (Patterson) and participating manufacturers to expand oral health care and education for underserved children thanks to a cause marketing campaign in Sparkle. Sparkle is a pediatric-focused dental product catalog distributed to more than 167,000 dental practices across the U.S.

Participating companies including BeeSure, Centrix, Inc., Cranberry, Crosstex, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc., KaVo Kerr, Mydent International, Premier Dental Products Company, Pulpdent, SS White and Whip Mix Corporation donated a portion of product sales during May and June to support programs for children. Since this annual campaign began in 2013, the effort has raised more than $110,000 to support services for children and youth in need.

Children served by NCOHF face many obstacles preventing them from receiving dental care including financial hardship, lack of transportation, language barriers and low oral health literacy. ToothFairy Grants distributed from the Sparkle campaign will allow NCOHF clinical partners to overcome these barriers and increase access to care for thousands of children through projects including school-based screenings, education and care for children with special needs and comprehensive care for children living in poverty.

“Patterson is proud to support NCOHF through this annual Sparkle campaign to support oral health education and services for children and families in need,” said Paul Guggenheim, Western Region President, Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. “We are pleased to see the generous participation of our manufacturers in this effort to improve the health and well-being of underserved children.”

“We are grateful to Patterson for making this campaign possible for the past five years and for the generous contributions of the companies and customers who participated,” said Jill Malmgren, NCOHF Executive Director. “Because of their support, children suffering from painful tooth decay will now receive the preventive services and treatment they need to be healthy and thrive.”

About Patterson
Patterson Companies Inc. (Nasdaq: PDCO) is a value-added distributor serving the dental and animal health markets. To learn more visit

Dental Market
Patterson’s Dental segment provides a virtually complete range of consumable dental products, equipment and software, turnkey digital solutions and value-added services to dentists and dental laboratories throughout North America.

Animal Health Market
Patterson’s Animal Health segment is a leading distributor of products, services and technologies to both the production and companion animal health markets in North America and the U.K

About America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation
As a resource provider, America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) increases access to oral health care by supporting non-profit clinics and community partners delivering education, prevention and treatment services for underserved children. Since its inception in 2006, America’s ToothFairy has distributed more than $17 million in donated products, educational materials and financial grants to improve oral health outcomes for children and youth in need. For more information, visit


Eric Shirley, current president of Patterson Dental, will move into the role of senior vice president of business development, while Tim Rogan is promoted to president of Patterson Dental Supply. 

Patterson Dental Supply Inc, a subsidiary of Patterson Companies Inc, announced a number of leadership changes. The new appointments, according to the company, are “designed to help accelerate the company’s growth in the dental market.”

The leadership changes are effective July 19, 2021.

Eric Shirley, currently president of Patterson Dental, has been named as senior vice president of business development, with responsibility for identifying and executing on future growth opportunities within the dental industry. Shirley will continue to report to Mark Walchirk, president and CEO of Patterson Companies. 

At the same time, Tim Rogan has been promoted to president of Patterson Dental Supply Inc, and will also report to Walchirk, with responsibility for the entire dental business in North America. Rogan is a 28-year Patterson veteran who currently serves as senior vice president and general manager of Patterson Dental.

“We are confident the dental market continues to present attractive growth opportunities for Patterson,” said Walchirk. “Eric’s new role will focus on evaluating these opportunities and help drive that strategic initiative. I am also very pleased to promote Tim Rogan, whose strong leadership, proven track record of success and industry experience make him an excellence choice to lead the Dental business going forward.”

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Patterson Companies

Medical multinational company

Patterson Companies logo.svg

Traded as

IndustryDental equipment
Veterinary pharmaceuticals
Founded1878 (Patterson Dental)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
FounderMyron F., John G. Patterson
HeadquartersMendota Heights, Minnesota, United States

Key people

John D. BuckChair
Mark S. WalchirkPres,CEO
Revenue$3.237 bil FY'10Increase4.6%[1]

Net income

$212.254 mil FY'10Increase6.3%[1]
Total assets$2,447.952 mil July'10Increase1%[2]
Total equity$1,485.881 mil July'10 Increase1%[2]

Number of employees

7,500[3] (2017)
Divisions18 sub, 3 div
Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.
Patterson Veterinary Supply, Inc.
Animal Health International

Patterson Companies Inc is a medical supplies conglomerate primarily in the business of veterinary and dental products (ranging from xray equipment to consumable products, dental consumables make up the biggest part of the dental industry).[4] Traditionally a dental company, it diversified its business at the turn of the millennium when it acquired 55-year-old company, JA Webster Inc, a distributor of veterinary products. That business segment (now known as Patterson Veterinary) currently distributes equipment (diagnostic and surgical) and medicine (anaesthetics, vaccines). The company operates directly in only the US and Canada (in Canada through subsidiary Patterson Dental Canada).

In 2008 it was noted as having one of the lowest debt ratios among companies in the health care sector.[5] Patterson was also a member of the Nasdaq-100 until December 10, 2010 when it and six other companies were replaced. The Nasdaq-100 is composed of the 100 largest non financial stocks traded on the Nasdaq.[6]

On June 17, 2010 Patterson Medical purchased the rehabilitation part of Ireland-based DCC Healthcare (Days Healthcare, Physiomed and Ausmedic) in a move that increased Patterson Medical's revenue by 16.43% (US$70 million, fiscal year ended April 24, 2010). The new companies were added to its Homecraft Rolyan unit in the UK.[7]


The company traces its roots through division Patterson Dental Supply back to one established in 1878 named Patterson Dental Company. It remained focused solely on the dental products market until the 21st century when it branched out into the veterinary supplies market through 2 large acquisitions, JA Webster in 2001 (92.5 million dollars)[8] and ProVet in 2004. For about 130 years it dealt only in dental supplies.[9][10] It began selling rehabilitation supplies in 2004 after acquiring Ability One Products Corporation followed by Medco the same year.[11]

It went public on the Nasdaq in 1992 with an IPO of around 480 million dollars.[12]

Key dates and events

  • 1987 - Acquired D.L. Saslow Co another major distributor
  • 1993 - Started doing business outside of the US by purchasing Healthco Canada.
  • 1997 - purchased software developer Eaglesoft Inc a company founded by Scott R. Kabbes who 6 years later was made president of Patterson Dental Company. It later became Patterson Technology Center [13]
  • 2004 - CAESY Patient Education Systems was acquired. It is used by the company to provide information relating to treatment procedures for patients. As a subsidiary the company retained its name.
  • July 2004 - was renamed Patterson Companies Inc because by then it was not only in the business of dental equipment distribution, it also made software, served the veterinary market and supplied products for general medical use. Until that time it was named Patterson Dental Company.
  • Dec 2008 - Patterson acquires Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions to enhance their software portfolio to include Dolphin's dental specialty treatment planning and practice management software. [14]

Business segments[edit]

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc, Patterson Veterinary Supply, Inc. (formerly Webster Veterinary Supply), are both core segments of the company. Those core businesses branch out into many regional subsidiaries, most of which are based in the United States (except for Patterson Dental Canada (has 550 employees). The majority of business in Canada comes from Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Software and hardware businesses are part of Patterson Dental.

Veterinary Columbus Serum Company
Odyssey Veterinary Software LLC
Associated Medical Supply
New England X-Ray
Dental Global Medical & Dentals Denesca Dolphin Imaging Systems

Leventhal & Sons[1]


On 26 April 2021, Patterson Veterinary Supply, Inc., has agreed to a deal to buy Miller Vet Holdings, LLC's assets.[15]

Criticism and Controversy[edit]

FTP Server Databreach[edit]

In 2016, a security researcher named Justin Shafer found 22,000 patients data on an FTP Server owned by Patterson Dental. He was reportedly raided by the FBI. [16]

Animal Welfare Issues[edit]

In 2017, photographs captured by a former employee of a Texas blood bank that Patterson Veterinary distributed products from showed greyhounds under duress. PETA revealed pictures and video taken at The Pet Blood Bank showing kenneled dogs with open wounds, rotting teeth and severely overgrown toenails. According to The Washington Post, "Pet Blood Bank owner Shane Altizer did not deny that the images were taken there, but said they predated his 2015 purchase of the company or were “moment snapshots” unrepresentative of overall conditions now." A veterinarian who visited the facility earlier in the year said she found the dogs to be in satisfactory condition but after seeing the pictures, believed that “(T)he facility was ‘cleaned up’ before our touring...This certainly suggests that regional, state and/or federal regulation is warranted.”[17]

On its website, Patterson said it had "ceased doing business" with the blood bank, which subsequently closed.[18][19]

FTC Antitrust[edit]

In 2019, the FTC ruled that Patterson Dental, Henry Schein, Inc., and Benco Dental violated antitrust law by refusing to compete for the business of buying groups by colluding with each other. [20]

On November 8, 2019 the FTC's website states: "Judge Chappell held that Benco Dental Supply Company and Patterson Companies, Inc. conspired to refuse to provide discounts to, or otherwise serve, buying groups representing dental practitioners. The judge dismissed the charges against the third respondent, Henry Schein, Inc. " [21]


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