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What is the best Mac compatible CCTV DVR software? This is a questions that I have heard countless times since I started CCTV Camera Pros with my business partner. Being a Mac user myself, I have always sought out to find the best surveillance software and security systems that works well with Macintosh computers. My name is Mike Haldas. I am the co-founder of CCTV Camera Pros and I am in charge of the company&#;s product research and development.

When Greg and I started the company, we noticed that there were very few surveillance system manufacturers that were developing surveillance software for Mac users. Almost all of the security camera viewing software was based on Active X controls and only worked on Windows. Since that time, I have constantly been testing DVRs (stand-alone and PC based models) to find the ones that work best with Mac. I believe that we discovered the very best one &#; Viewtron stand alone CCTV DVRs. The latest models are &#;hybrid&#; which means they support older analog CCTV cameras, HD-over-Coax security cameras (AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI), and even network IP cameras.

Here are some of the reasons why I love the new Viewtron DVRs and the software apps used to monitor them (not just for Mac users, but for all users).

Easy to Use Software Interface

Mac users expect the very best graphical user interfaces on the devices that they buy. We like things to be intuitive, easy to understand, and useful. The user Interface of the new Viewtron hybrid CCTV DVRs is outstanding. Users can navigate the interface using the USB mouse or wireless remote control that is included. Watch the below video to see how easy the interface is to use.

hybrid security camera DVR

Easy Mac Software Setup

Mac Security Camera Software Setup

Watch this video to see how to setup the Mac NVMS software (network video management) step by step, starting with downloading the NVMS from CCTV Camera Pros website.

Mac Security Camera Software Demo

mac security camera software for Viewtron DVRs and IP Cameras

Watch the above video to see a demo of the Mac software for Viewtron DVRs. Please note that this software can also connect to NVRs and directly to Viewtron IP cameras. The Mac software is able to connect to multiple DVR and security camera locations. Users can create customized screen layout consisting of cameras from multiple locations.

HD Security Camera View

4K CCTV camera

The Mac software for Viewtron surveillance DVRs supports remotely viewing analog CCTV cameras, HD security cameras (HD over Coax), and IP cameras up to 4K resolution are supported. The above screenshot was captured from the Mac software while remotely viewing one of these 4K security cameras.  This software supports analog CVBS, p / 1mp, p / 2mp, 4mp, 5mp and 8mp / 4K resolution cameras. You can learn more about these hybrid HD security camera DVRs here.

Live Camera View from Mac Software

Everyone with a video surveillance system expects to be able to login remotely to view their security cameras live from over the Internet. It amazes me how some manufacturers still do not create client software for Mac users to do this, being that the global market share for Macintosh based PCs is growing.

The DVR viewer software for Mac that is included with Viewtron DVRs and NVRs is excellent. The below snapshot was captured while remotely viewing a home security camera system from a  MacBook Pro laptop. Please click on the image for a larger view.

mac software security camera view

Recorded Surveillance Video Playback on Mac

Mac DVR Viewer Software

In addition to the outstanding live camera viewing, the Macintosh software also supports remote search and playback of surveillance video footage that has been recorded to the DVRs hard drive. Using the DVR viewer software, users can also export segments of video and save them as files that can be played back on any Mac or Windows PC using Quicktime or Windows media player.

DVR Viewer App for iOS

iPhone security camera view

Most Mac users also use iPhones and iPads as their choice for mobile and tablet devices. The iOS app for Viewtron security DVRs let users login to their DVR over WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE to view their cameras live. Like the desktop software, app also lets users search and playback recorded video footage from the DVR&#;s hard drive.

Request a Consultation

Do you have additional questions about Viewtron video surveillance systems? Please click here to request quote / consultation.

hybrid security camera DVR

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Mike Haldas is the co-founder and managing partner of CCTV Camera Pros. Mike works on product research and development for the company. Before starting CCTV Camera Pros, Mike worked as a software engineer in the web hosting industry. CCTV Camera Pros is a veteran owned business as Mike proudly served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from to Mike can be contacted for questions about this article and anything related to video surveillance systems at [email protected]


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Recommended Wireless Cameras For Mac OSX & IOS

Here's a couple of WiFi connected wireless cameras of note that play nice with Apple computer laptops, desktops and IOS handheld devices. It's only recently that truly simple and easy to configure Apple-friendly wireless cameras have reached the market. Previously, far too many remote WiFi security cams required complex camera setup procedures and deep-dives into your wireless router configurations that frustrated even the most geeky Macintosh users.

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Set up security cameras to use with Home on Mac

  • Room: A camera can be located in a room inside your home, or you can create a room for an outside location such as your front porch or back yard.

  • Notifications: Choose when to receive a notification (at any time when you’re not home, for example), when motion is detected, or when a clip is recorded. You can also choose to allow snapshots to be taken when motion is detected.

    If a camera becomes unavailable (or available), or if all the cameras in your home become unavailable and the Apple device you use to control your home has internet access, you can receive a notification. To receive the notification, in Recording Options for When Home, When Away, or both, choose Stream & Allow Recording.

  • Streaming & Recording: Options include Off, Detect Activity, Stream, and Stream & Allow Recording.

    You can create separate settings for when you’re home and when you’re away. For example, when you’re home, you might choose to stop streaming and recording for a camera inside your home, but continue to stream and record from an outdoor camera.

    If you stream and allow recording, and a camera is unavailable for 90 seconds, you receive a notification.

  • Recording Options: Your camera can record when any motion is detected or when specific motion is detected. Choose Specific Motion to have video recording triggered by the motion of people, animals, or vehicles.

    Tip: Choosing a specific motion, rather than any motion, results in fewer clips (and fewer clip notifications) and less video to review. For example, choose People, and your camera won’t capture the movement of leaves on a tree.

  • Select Activity Zones: Outline an area to include or exclude for detecting motion and receiving a notification. Click to add a corner. Click a corner again to delete it. Drag a corner to shape the area.

    The camera needs to be set to record at least one significant event type.

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