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Fiberglass Planters: Yay or Nay?

Fiberglass planter advantages from a design point of view

What I like the most about fiberglass planters is the range of design options to choose from, because fiberglass pots can be made to mimic any material.

So, depending on your decor needs or style of your garden  you can get a fiberglass planter that looks like wood, terracotta, cement, stone, ceramic. It can be glazed, shiny, slick and modern, or dull and aged &#; the possibilities are endless.

Your new fiberglass planters will look great in a container garden and kitchen garden, on a patio, balcony, rooftop, front porch, outdoors or indoors.

They are an ideal solution for commercial applications too. If you need long lasting great looking planters in the front of your restaurant or shop &#; fiberglass planters are a great maintenance free choice.

You might wonder though, why wouldn’t get a terracotta or cement planter in the first place instead of setting on an imitation?

That’s because the fiberglass planters have many other great benefits.

Benefits of fiberglass outdoor planters 

  • long lasting
  • lightweight which makes them easy to move &#; great choice for a container garden and especially for rooftop gardens
  • durable
  • don’t require maintenance
  • weather resistant
  • won’t rust
  • won&#;t crack from temperature changes
  • nonporous, can actually prevent water evaporation and minimize soil moisture loss
  • color will not fade from sun
  • can be left outdoors during frost, so don’t require special storage over winter
  • you can leave soil in a fiberglass pot over winter.

So, it seems everything screams YAY for fiberglass pots. Don’t you think?

Yet, there are some

fiberglass outdoor planter drawbacks

  • fiberglass planters trap heat in hot weather (because they are non porous) which leads to overheating of the soil on hot sunny days. This can bake plant roots. 
  • fiberglass pots can crack when dropped
  • some of them are quite pricey
  • fiberglass containers are not ideal for growing tall vegetables &#; like tomatoes, peas, green beans, because they might topple over if you insert support (stakes, cages) for plants
  • small fiberglass pots may get blown by heavy winds and need to be sheltered in severe weather
  • many fiberglass containers come with no drainage holes.

Manufacturer of Large Modern Fiberglass Planters & Containers Manufacturer of Large Modern Fiberglass Planters & Containers

Handcrafted Planters

The marine grade fiberglass in our products is a composite material that provides unrivaled performance and durability in all weather conditions. Premium quality polyester resin is combined with glass fibers to create a material that is as strong and reliable as traditional materials like stone but much lighter in weight. The superior strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass enables our craftsmen to hand craft innovative designs of all shapes and sizes that can be installed, lifted and carried with ease. Resistant to UV, frost and a range of other weather conditions, marine grade fiberglass is ideal for use outdoors in any climate, from a sunny tower rooftop in Dubai to a New York balcony in winter.

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Trying to decide which type of planter to choose for your garden, patio, foyer, deck or sitting room? We might be just a tad bit biased, but we feel that the best type of containers to use when planting are those which are made out of fiberglass. However, not just any fiberglass will do. It&#;s important to order fiberglass planters from a company that specializes in the industry in order to get the best deal possible.

This is why our team only uses the highest quality fiberglass to craft our pots and planters. To help you better decide whether or not they are the right choice for you, here is an overview of the pros and the cons of fiberglass pots.

Pros of Fiberglass Planters

There really are so many great things about fiberglass plant containers, but there are a few big reasons why they are preferred by everyday gardeners, landscapers and professional growers. For starters, unlike metal pots or stone planters, fiberglass garden containers are impressively lightweight. This allows you to move them around in the garden, on the patio, indoors or on the roof with ease.

They&#;re also weather-resistant. While plastic pots dry and crack, metal planters rust and wooden containers splinter, fiberglass pots and planters are strong enough to withstand the elements. They&#;re rust-proof, shatterproof and frost-resistant. This of course means that you can leave the containers outdoors when it&#;s snowing, raining or bright and sunny.

Furthermore, these extra durable planters won&#;t succumb to UV exposure. This lets you add style to your garden, patio, deck, sun room, kitchen or terrace using colored planters without the need to worry about the color or finish fading. Another reason why fiberglass garden planters are the recommended choice is because they&#;re affordable.

They also don&#;t need to be replaced every few years, saving you money! Needless to say, there is little to no maintenance needed to keep your plant containers looking brand new.

Cons of Fiberglass Planters

There aren&#;t that many cons to list in regards to outdoor and indoor fiberglass planters. The only thing that seemingly can be considered a con is that fiberglass planters aren&#;t as inexpensive as cheap plastic pots. However, the minimal difference is a small price to play for the durability you will experience with fiberglass pots.

While plastic pots usually fall apart after just one planting season, fiberglass containers are built to last. That means you won&#;t have to replace the garden containers with the seasons. Simply leave them put. You can even remove any dead plants or blooms and replace them each year. These planters really are that tough.

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of reasons why fiberglass garden pots are much superior that other varieties. If you&#;re interested in learning more about the pots and planters we offer, please have a look at our online shop. You&#;ll find fiberglass planters in all shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, so you can choose the ones that will help you get the job done.

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The variety of large planters that can be made with fiberglass is almost limitless. One of the most popular finish styles of fiberglass planters is the look of antique cast stone. While the fiberglass material will look just like cast stone or concrete it can be done at a fraction of the weight and price.

Limitless Design Possibilites

Our molded fiberglass capabilities are not limited to a stone looking finish. They can be finished to look like painted wood, terra cotta or even a modern composite. Yet the fiberglass will outperform these materials due to its longevity, strength and toughness, while being reasonably lightweight. These qualities are especially important when these garden boxes are subjected to dramatic temperature changes or stresses from relocating them. Fiberglass planters are a particularly good choice when they will be placed indoors or in other areas where water is not allowed to seep out.

Need some help choosing the right planters and options for your next project? View our Large Planters & Outdoor Planters Selection Guide, for a functional solution to bring your design to life. Or, call us toll free for more information regarding our line of custom outdoor planters, commercial planters or if you simply need large planters.

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How to Use Large Fiberglass Planters

By Jenny Harrington

Larger pots provide space for multiple plants.

Fiberglass planters resemble clay pots but they weigh less and often cost less for the larger sizes and are less prone to breakage. Larger pots usually require multiple plants to properly fill out the growing space, which allows you to create a miniature garden in the container. You can use the pots anywhere in the landscape. Add color to a patio, frame a driveway entrance or place one along a garden path to provide a focal point.

Inspect the bottom of the fiberglass pot for drainage holes. If holes aren't present, drill four to six 1/2-inch diameter holes in the bottom of the pot so excess water can drain out.

Set the fiberglass pot in the preferred location before adding soil and plants, because it may be too heavy to move after filling. Select a location that provides the necessary sunlight for the type of plants you are growing.

Fill the pot to within 3 inches of the rim with a lightweight potting medium. Avoid using garden soil because it compacts in large containers, which prevents proper root growth and drainage.

Arrange the plants on top the soil before removing them from their nursery pots. Most plants require half the spacing indicated on the plant tag when grown in containers. Place taller plants near the center of the pot and arrange shorter plants around it. Add trailing plants around the edge of the pot, if desired.

Remove the plants from their pots and plant them in the fiberglass container in the determined location. Plant them at the same depth that they were growing at previously.

Cover the soil with a 1-inch layer of mulch. The mulch prevents water loss from evaporation and provides an attractive covering until the plants fill out the pot.

Check the soil moisture in the pot daily and water it when the top inch of soil feels dry. Containers can dry out more quickly than garden beds although large containers that aren't over planted may retain moisture longer than smaller pots.



  • Fill the bottom of a deep fiberglass pot with crushed cans or plastic bottles to act as a filler. The filler provides drainage, makes the pots lighter and reduces the amount of soil necessary. Most plants only need 10 inches of soil depth to grow well.

Writer Bio

Jenny Harrington has been a freelance writer since Her published articles have appeared in various print and online publications. Previously, she owned her own business, selling handmade items online, wholesale and at crafts fairs. Harrington's specialties include small business information, crafting, decorating and gardening.

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Fiberglass Planters by The Chandler Company

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ASLAWe have one of the largest selections of fiberglass planter standard styles and sizes offered in our industry. If you have a special need regarding length, width or height, let our sales staff assist you to find a solution for your project. Most planter heights, for instance, can be adjusted to the height you need.

In addition, we can make a style not shown in our catalog in order to allow you to procure all of your planters from one reliable source. Check with our sales department for prices and availability. When you specify The Chandler Company, you are specifying product fabricated in our manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California since the early ’s. Product that is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Why is made in the U.S.A. important, or made in California maybe even more important? Our products made in California comply with Prop 65 regulations and you know if something is made in the U.S.A. it must comply with the environmental regulation of this country. If the environment matters to you, then you should insist on products made in the U.S.A. Products made in this country have a shorter supply chain, thus shorter lead times. Borders have been known to close and that can delay deliveries. You should want to deal with companies whose complete production line is local to avoid possible delays.

Three Features of Fiberglass Planters

  • Lightweight
    Fiberglass planters weigh about 1 pound per 1/8” of thickness per square foot of surface. That mean large fiberglass planters cost less than heaver product to ship or install. No need for cranes or extra reinforcement for roofs or floors. Wheels or lift truck pockets can be incorporated to make moving after planting easy.
  • Durable
    Fiberglass is designed, tested and built to lastfor decades. That means there is less waste heading to landfills, as fiberglass products have extremely long life cycles.” This quote from . Invasive root systems don’t penetrate fiberglass planter walls. The strength of fiberglass exceeds concrete 10 times our thickness. Over time roots won’t crack the planter and leak.
  • Watertight
    Fiberglass boats keep water out and fiberglass planters keep water in. You need to use less water in un-drained planters. All our planters are tested before shipping to insure quality. We still recommend installers water test the planters before planting.

Let's Get Started!

The simplest way to get prices is to email us the “take offs” or a sketch of the planters. Quantity, styles and sizes are necessary for accurate estimates. Or you can link us to the landscape layout for us to help. Just be sure to give us all the information for a truly accurate number. Include the “ship to” location and estimated required on site date. Once you get our bid, check it carefully. Insure yourself we have included everything you need. Please give us your contact information incase we have questions. It is that simple.

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