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You&#;ve finally found your wedding dress so you can kick back, breathe a huge sigh of relief and relax until your big day. However don&#;t forget that final touch that transforms you from basic to beautiful bride! It all comes down to choosing the right veil or headpiece. If you thought deciphering through dress shapes and fabrics was tough let me introduce your wedding veil choices&#;.

Pouf &#; A gathered piece of tulle or netting that fastens to a comb or headpiece to create height for the veil
Marsala - Alice May Bridal
Blusher &#; A short single layer of veiling. It can be worn over the face for the ceremony and then either flipped     over the head or removed afterwards

Blusher - Alice May

Chapel &#; A formal veil that extends to the floor. It&#;s often worn in combination with a sweep train and blusher for extra oomph. Usually inches from the headpiece.

Chapel - Alice May

Cathedral &#; The creme de la creme of veils, the cathedral veil is probably the most formal. Normally inches from the headpiece. Sometimes referred to as the &#;Royal Veil&#;

Orlando - Alice May Bridal

Finger Tip &#; Very popular length, particularly with ball gowns
Antigua - Alice May Bridal
Double Tier &#; A veil of two layers (either two veils or a veil and a blusher) usually of different lengths
Double Tier
Elbow &#; As the name implies, this type of veil extends to the bride&#;s elbows
Elbow Alice May
Fountain &#; This veil is gathered at the crown of the head to create a cascading effect around the face. Usually of shoulder or elbow length
Fountain - Alice May
Mantilla &#; A long spanish-style circular piece of lace that frames the face. Made of lace or lace-edged tulle

Mantilla - Alice May
Birdcage &#; Also known as a cage veil, Birdcage veils are typically a 9 inch piece of netting that drapes off the side of the head

Joyce Jackson Birdcage Alice May
There may be quite a choice but as soon as you try on a few of these styles you&#;ll know exactly which suits you, your dress and your style. We stock Joyce Jackson veils here at Alice May Bridal in Kilternan so all the images are available and can be ordered in ivory, off-white and cream. Joyce Jackson create exquisite bespoke wedding veils in only the finest fabrics. With over a designs to choose from they can be tailored to your choice of length, fabric and finish. Happy veil shopping!


10 Wedding Veil Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

Ask any of your married friends about the moment they first felt like a bride, and they'll tell you it was the moment they put on their veil. There's just something about a wispy piece of white fabric that completes the transformation from your daily persona to beautiful bride.

The ideal veil depends largely on the style of wedding gown you choose, as well as your face shape and personal style. Feel royal? Opt for a cathedral-length stunner like Meghan Markle's breathtaking embroidered headpiece. For something more minimal and modern, go short, and for something with a period feel, try a chic caged veil. Whatever veil style you choose, note the following pointers before making your final decision.

1. Work with your wedding vibes.

First and foremost, ask yourself if a veil is appropriate for your wedding style. Strict etiquette mavens used to consider veils inappropriate for second-time or pregnant brides, but obviously that's not a thing anymore—so don't worry about that. Think more practically. Are you getting married on a typically breezy beach or mountainside destination? Maybe you should take a foot gossamer veil off the table.

2. Place your embellishments thoughtfully.

Any ornamentation on your veil, like beading or lace, should start below where your dress ornamentation ends. You want the two to complement each other, not compete.

3. Certain embellishments photograph differently.

Who would have thought such a tiny detail could affect your wedding photos? If you're bedazzling your veil with something sparkly, keep in mind that crystals reflect light and often photograph better than rhinestones (which can look like black dots in snapshots).

4. Be super careful with heirloom pieces.

Even if you're a DIY master, don't try to dye an antique veil—it's likely too delicate to withstand the treatment. Don't worry, it doesn't have to match your dress exactly—its appeal truly lies in its uniqueness.

5. It doesn't need to match your dress perfectly.

Likewise, any embellishments on a new veil—like pearls, crystals or sequins—don't need to match those on your dress. Just make sure they complement each other without overpowering one another.


6. Know what you look like from the back.

Don't forget to check your bridal look from behind. If showing off the back of your gown is important to you, you may want to opt for a very sheer veil of just one or two layers of tulle.

7. Plan for the ceremony.

Do you want to wear a blusher (a veil that covers your face) during your ceremony? Make sure it's long enough to flip up and over your head for your first kiss.

8. Plan for the reception.

If you want to remove your veil after the ceremony, have it attached to your headpiece with fabric hook and loop closures for easy attachment and removal. Keep in mind, if you remove your veil before the reception, it won't appear in pictures of the cake cutting or first dance. Many brides wait until after the first dance, but when you take your veil off is up to you.

9. Consider layers.

If you choose to keep your cathedral-length veil on for your entire wedding, try a multi-layered version with a fingertip-length top layer, which can be worn on its own during the reception.

Skip it if it doesn't feel like "you."

Though steeped in tradition, a veil isn't a prerequisite (though you should check with your officiant about any religious head-covering requirements). Sparkling tiaras, glittery barrettes, fresh flowers and hairpins are just a surface skim of other bridal headpiece options. Just keep in mind this could be your one chance to wear a beautiful veil. Why not try on a few to see how you look and feel?

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23 of the Prettiest Wedding Veils from Etsy for Every Bridal Style

What to look for in a wedding veil

When it comes to selecting your wedding veil, it's important to find a style that not only reflects your bridal asethic but complements your wedding outfit. If you're wearing a dress with all-over embellishments, you may choose to match your wedding dress with an ornate veil, or alternatively, pair it with a simple veil to highlight the details of the dress. If you're a minimalist bride you could also go one of two ways. If you want to keep your overall look clean and sleek, then opt for a simple raw edge veil. If you want to add some color or drama to your look, consider a statement-making veil. For the bride whose dress has stunning back details, a short veil or a blusher is an easy way to don a veil and showcase your dress at the same time.


  • It's completely up to you whether you want to wear a veil or not. While some brides would feel incomplete without a veil, others choose to forgo one entirely. Our advice would be to try on different styles of veils with your wedding dress to determine if it's the right look for you.

  • The most common wedding veil lengths/styles are Bird Cage, Shoulder-Length, Blusher, Fingertip, Elbow, Knee-Length, Waltz, Floor-Length, Chapel, and Catherdral-Length.

  • Your veil doesn't necessarily have to match the color of your wedding dress. While some brides prefer to color-match their outfit to their veil, others may choose to experiment with texture and color.

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Contributing writer Sophie Moore is a former fashion editor at Brides and is an expert in all things bridal attire, from couture wedding gowns to the perfect "something blue" accessory. She researches and sources the best fashion items for brides, grooms, wedding guests, bridal parties, and more.

26 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories


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Wedding cream veil

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How to Make a Bridal Cathedral Drop Shaped Veil with Lace Trim

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