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Select the Right Dump Truck Rental for Your Applications

Depending on availability, our inventory can include small dump truck rentals that offer maximum maneuverability when carrying lighter loads. We can also provide larger models for heavy-duty hauling jobs. If you're not sure which truck is best for your applications, we can help. Every store features a staff of well-trained, highly knowledgeable equipment professionals who will guide you through each step. We'll eliminate the guesswork from the decision-making process to deliver a positive outcome for your business.

To ensure you get the best quality and value for your money, we offer an assortment of Cat dump truck rentals as well as vehicles from other leading allied manufacturers. Features will vary from one model to the next, but you'll have plenty of choices regarding crucial factors such as power, dump capacity and vehicle weight. Every truck receives regular maintenance and undergoes a rigorous multi-point inspection before it leaves the lot. As a result, you'll never have to worry about dependability, performance or safety.

When Is Renting Dump Trucks a Smart Move for Your Company?

Renting is typically the best option when you have a short-term need. Examples can include replacing a truck that's in the shop for repairs or adding to your fleet to meet a sudden increase in demand. A late-model dump truck rental can give you access to some technologically advanced or specialized features that will increase your worksite productivity and efficiency. Would you like to test out a truck you're thinking of buying? Renting for a few days or weeks will allow you to do so without risk or obligation.


The Cat Rental Store team knows Cat dump trucks. You can depend on the highest-quality service to help you select an ideal solution. 

There are several main tips for choosing a dump truck:

  • Region: Local gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) regulations impact how you can maximize your payload with axle setup and spacing. For example, many states in the West impose the Federal Bridge Formula on dump trucks.
  • Engine: It's important to consider horsepower so you don't overspend or underspend on fuel. Flat areas may require less horsepower, while hilly terrains need more power and result in more consumption. 
  • Transmission: A manual transmission allows the operator to choose gears for different situations like wet terrain or steep grades. An automatic transmission eliminates shifting, making it easier for inexperienced drivers. 
  • Body: Trucks made with an aluminum body have a lower overall weight and are good for carrying dirt and sand. Impact-resistant steel is preferable for abrasive loads like rocks and debris.
  • Suspension rating: Consider whether you'll drive the truck on-road or off-road, as this decision impacts what kind of suspension you need. 

Got questions? The Cat Rental Store team can provide more information and help you find the right dump truck rental.

The Cat® Rental Store Can Maximize Your Equipment Rental Experience

If you've had bad experiences renting equipment in the past, you'll appreciate the Cat Rental Store difference. We've made our process fast and easy to get your trucks to your jobsite without costly delays. We'll also partner with you to develop a cost-effective rental arrangement based on how long you'll need the machine. What's more, you can count on us for prompt on-site technical, mechanical and operational support to quickly resolve any issues.

View Our Available Dump Truck Rentals Right Now

You can check out our dump trucks online. If you have questions or are looking for a specific model that's not listed here, feel free to give us a call at RENT-CAT. We're available 24/7 to serve you. You're also welcome to contact us at your convenience to receive a quick quote to rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes.

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Kid Trax CAT Mining Dump Truck

This battery powered ride-on looks like a mini version of a real CAT construction vehicle. With room for two, a real working dump bed, and fun accessories like plastic boulders, a hardhat, lights, and motor and construction sounds, and even a functioning 2-way radio, this ride-on earned our recommendation.

Our tester parents found that the truck promotes lots of interactive and imaginative play. Kids worked at creating their own &#;construction sites&#;, then role played at different jobs that would be performed at a real site. They also apperreciated that the dump truck actually promotes a more physical type of interactive play. Loading and unloading items as well as riding around fully engaged the playful learning. They did not just drive around randomly but looked for ways to use the truck while they pretended to work and build while not inside of the truck constantly.

Performing well on most surfaces, our testers did note the vehicle can struggle with traction on grassy inclines, especially when loaded with two children. They also caution to be prepared to move quickly to keep up with the vehicle&#;s top speed of 5 mph! However, the speed didn&#;t seem unsafe or a raise a concern for the young drivers/passengers.

Note: the volt battery requires a full hours of &#;first-time&#; charging, so it would be best to plan ahead, or prepare your little-ones for a wait.


Parents&#; Choice © Parents&#; Choice

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Articulated Trucks

Hard-working industries ranging from commercial construction to private waste management understand success and productivity relies greatly on the strength and durability of your fleet of off-road trucks. When you’re in the market for equipment capable of answering the call of your most rugged and challenging applications, there’s no substitute for the performance, innovation and reliability of genuine Cat articulated trucks.

As an authorized dealer for Indiana, MacAllister Machinery is your exclusive source of articulating dump trucks and off-road dump trucks that deliver the quality, safety, versatility and value you’ve come to expect from Cat.

Cat Articulated Dump Trucks for Sale

Our new line of bare chassis and three-axle dump trucks manufactured by Caterpillar provide the perfect combination of quality construction, precision controls and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you need the smooth ride, exceptional acceleration and productivity of the hp OEM C bare chassis model or the massive ton rated payload capacity of the C three-axle model, you’ll find all the latest equipment in stock. All of our dump trucks for sale are configured to your local applications and deliver the smooth operation, automotive styling, comfort and serviceability to help your business get more done in less time and with less effort.

From Standard Roll Over Protection Systems and Falling Object Protection Systems to rear-view cameras and LED flashing beacons, our line of dump trucks come available with innovative safety features. Additional benefits and advantages of purchasing a Cat articulated truck include:

  • Exceptional operator comfort including spacious two-person cabs, cushion air suspension seats and lumbar support.
  • Productivity features ranging from tilt adjustable telescopic steering columns to ergonomic in-cab controls.
  • Optimized torque distribution for performance and traction control in uneven and soft underfoot conditions.
  • Improved load retention with Cat rear suspension designed to deliver an incredibly stable ride.
  • Sweeping hoods and wide-angled mirrors for better visibility and worksite safety.

Why MacAllister for Articulated Trucks?

Whether you need a bare chassis dump truck in Indianapolis or a three-axle articulated truck in Fort Wayne, MacAllister has you covered. We offer convenient sales locations for articulated trucks for sale throughout Indiana including Lafayette, Washington, South Bend and Terre Haute. Our knowledgeable and experienced representatives will work with you to identify the heavy equipment solution that fits your budget and your requirements.

We’ve been meeting the diverse needs of industries ranging from material handling and hauling to construction, road building and agriculture since the s. Everything we do is geared toward delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to help grow your business. As full-service dump truck dealers, we not only sell new equipment throughout our territory. We also provide:

  • Complete equipment parts including new, used and remanufactured solutions.
  • Professional machine services ranging from preventive maintenance to engine repairs.
  • Broad selection of Cat work tools and attachments to optimize versatility.
  • Peerless product knowledge and dedicated live support from highly trained technicians.

Get in Touch About Articulated Dump Trucks

When your business can’t afford to slow down, you require the peerless productivity of genuine Cat articulated trucks. Contact us online, on the phone or in person at one of our convenient locations in Indianapolis and across the region for more information. Our experienced team will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide a free, competitive quote on a new dump truck for sale today.



Off-highway ultra class haul truck for mining and heavy-duty construction

Motor vehicle

The Caterpillar is a series of off-highway, ultra class, two-axle, mechanical powertrainhaul trucks developed and manufactured in the United States by Caterpillar Inc. specifically for high-production mining and heavy-duty construction applications worldwide.[1] In production since , the series represents Caterpillar’s largest, highest capacity haul trucks.[2] The current, third-generation model, the F, offers one of the largest haul truck payload capacities in the world, up to short tons (&#;t) and has the highest payload capacity among mechanical drive haul trucks.[3]

Initial development[edit]

In , Caterpillar decided to begin the development of a short tons (&#;t) payload capacity haul truck to meet the demand from large-scale mine operators wanting to reduce operating costs at mines using 80 to 90 short tons (73 to 82 t) per pass shovels.[4]Engineers at Caterpillar's Mining & Construction Equipment Division in Decatur, Illinois, created a new design for the using computer-aided design technology. This was the first time CAD tools had been used extensively to design a Caterpillar truck.[4]


Caterpillar first unveiled a completed on September 29, , at its assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois. The first two s produced were transported to Caterpillar's Arizona proving grounds for testing. In the second quarter of , the third and fourth s produced were the first to be placed in service with a customer at the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah. Caterpillar put 18 additional s into service with mine operators worldwide as production development units.

Caterpillar began marketing the in North America in , with full worldwide marketing following in The first generation serial number prefix is 5YW.[4]

B (–)[edit]

Caterpillar introduced the B in spring of , replacing the first-generation The B's increased payload capacity of &#;t ( short tons) is a &#;t (20 short tons) increase over the first generation Caterpillar increased the power output of the Cat B EUI cylinder diesel engine used in the from net 2,&#;kW (3,&#;hp) to net 2,&#;kW (3,&#;hp) enabling the B to achieve a 68&#;km/h (42&#;mph) top speed when transporting a &#;t ( short tons) load, a &#;km/h (2&#;mph) increase over the first generation [5]

The first B units entered service with customers in October [6]

F (–present)[edit]

Caterpillar introduced the F to the public at MINExpo International in September, The F replaced its predecessor model, the B, when the F entered full production in late [7][8] Prior to the introduction of the Caterpillar F and the Bucyrus MTAC at MINExpo International in September, , the Liebherr T B, introduced in , was the only haul truck with a payload capacity of short tons (&#;t).

Compared to the B, the F has a higher payload capacity and a more powerful, more efficient engine. These changes allowed Caterpillar to meet mine operator's needs to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by increasing the amount of material hauled per trip.

The F's increased payload capacity of short tons (&#;t) is a 20 short tons (&#;t) increase over the B.[3]

Caterpillar replaced the gross 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) [net 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW)] Cat B EUI cylinderdiesel engine used in the B with the gross 4,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) [net 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW)] Cat C ACERT cylinder diesel engine, enabling the F to maintain the 42&#;mph (68&#;km/h) top speed of the B while transporting a heavier short tons (&#;t) payload.[9]


The Caterpillar series trucks employ mechanical drive powertrains in contrast to the diesel-electric powertrains of similar haul trucks offered by competitors.[4] During initial development in , a diesel-electric powertrain was considered for the , but this powertrain configuration was not developed because Caterpillar considered a mechanical drive powertrain more appropriate for market conditions at that time.[10]


A gross 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) [net 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW)] Cat B HD EUI cylinder, displacement]], electronicunit injection, quad single-stage turbocharged, liquid aftercooled, four-strokedieselengine powers the [11][12] The Cat B HD engine is a tandem unit consisting of two cylinder Cat B HD engine blocks coupled to operate as a single engine with a combined displacement of liters ( cubic inches).[13]

B engine[edit]

A gross 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) [net 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW)], quad turbocharged Caterpillar B engine powers the B.[5] The power rating of the B is valid up to an elevation of 8,&#;ft (2,&#;m) or 15,&#;ft (4,&#;m) with a high altitude arrangement.[5]

F engine[edit]

A gross 4,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) [net 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW)] Cat C ACERT single block, cylinder, electronic common rail injection, quad turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled, four-stroke diesel engine powers the F.[9] The power rating of the C is valid up to an elevation of 7,&#;ft (2,&#;m) or up to 16,&#;ft (4,&#;m) with a high altitude arrangement.[14]


The series haul trucks are equipped with a rear-axle-mounted, computer-controlled, seven-speed planetarytransmission with a separate lock-up torque converter. Both transmission and torque converter use a common powertrain oil.[5]

Wheels and tires[edit]

Each wheel is attached to the axle using 54 - mm nuts that are torqued to 2,&#;lb⋅ft (3,&#;N⋅m).[15] A size 55/80R63 radial tire was developed by Michelin in conjunction with Caterpillar specifically for the first generation [16] The Caterpillar B and F run &#;m (&#;ft) tall, 5,&#;kg (11,&#;lb) Michelin 59/80R63 XDR. Most first generation s have been retrofitted to use the 59/80R63 tires as well.[17] Six tires are required per truck at a cost in of approximately US$42, per tire.[18]

Manufacturing and assembly[edit]

CAT haul truck at the North Antelope Rochelle opencut coal mine.

Major components of the are manufactured and assembled at seven Caterpillar or supplier facilities located throughout North America, then shipped to the customer site for final assembly by Caterpillar technicians.

The engine is manufactured by Caterpillar in Lafayette, Indiana, and is then shipped to Caterpillar's assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois.

The transmission and torque converter are manufactured by Caterpillar in East Peoria, Illinois, and is then shipped to Caterpillar's assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois.

The axle assemblies are manufactured by Caterpillar in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and are shipped to the customer site.[19]

The tires are manufactured by Michelin North America at the US7 Earthmover Manufacturing plant in Lexington, South Carolina, and are shipped to the customer site.

The driver's cab is manufactured by Bergstrom Climate Control Systems' Contract Assembly division in Joliet, Illinois. Each cab is assembled by one person and requires forty hours to complete. The cab is shipped to the customer site.

The dump body is composed of five components: the floor, the two sides, the front wall and the canopy. The dump body is manufactured at Caterpillar Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico, as well as at least to a limited degree by WesTech of Casper, Wyoming in the western United States and shipped in component form to the customer site where it is assembled and welded into a monolithic structure before being joined to the frame during final assembly.

The frame is created from nine individual metal castings manufactured by Harrison Steel Castings Co., in Attica, Indiana and by Amite Foundry and Machine, Inc., in Amite City, Louisiana. The smallest casting weighs &#;lb (&#;kg) and the largest casting weighs 12,&#;lb (5,&#;kg). The rough castings are shipped to the Caterpillar Decatur, Illinois, assembly plant.

At Caterpillar's assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois, the frame is assembled and the powertrain is installed and tested.

The nine castings that compose the frame are machined to provide clean welding surfaces. The castings are placed in a jig and are initially joined by human welders. The frame is moved to a second welding station for further welding by robots. The third and final welding stage is completed by human welders. To ensure quality, welds are tested using an ultrasonic flaw detector. In total, &#;lb (&#;kg) of welding wire is used to join the individual castings into a monolithic frame.

After the frame assembly is completed, production workers attach hydraulic lines and electrical wiring to the frame before installing the engine and rear axle. The frame/powertrain assembly is tested and then partially disassembled to facilitate shipping from Caterpillar's Decatur, Illinois assembly plant to the customer site.[15]


The engine, frame, axles and differential requires six to seven semi-trailer truck loads, the cab requires one semi-trailer load, the six tires require two semi-trailer loads and the dump body requires four semi-trailer loads. In total, one requires 12 to 13 semi-trailer truck loads that originate at various manufacturing facilities and deliver to the customer site. If a must be moved from one job site to another for any reason, it can not be driven on public roads due to its exceptional size and weight. Moving a requires dis-assembly, loading onto semi-trailer trucks, transport and re-assembly at the new location.

Final assembly[edit]

Final assembly of the is completed by Caterpillar field mechanics at or near the customer site. Before the dump body can be joined to the frame, the dump body components must be assembled and welded together by a dedicated team, requiring seven to ten days per dump body. Final assembly of one requires a team of seven mechanics working in three shifts around the clock, for 20 days, in addition to the time required to assemble and weld the dump body.[15]


Although the price varies based on individual customer specifications, each costs approximately US$5,,[15] Other prices have been listed at US$3,,[20]

Service life[edit]

All major components of the can be serviced or replaced during the useful life of the truck, except for the frame. The overall service life of the truck is therefore dependent upon the durability of the frame which Caterpillar estimates to have a twenty-year service life.[15]


The Liebherr T B and Bucyrus MTAC, as well as Caterpillar's own AC, match the Caterpillar F's short tons (&#;t) payload capacity, but employ diesel/electric powertrains in contrast to the F's diesel-powered, mechanical powertrain. Both fall short of the BelAZ 's short ton capacity, the largest of any haul truck in the world, which also employs a diesel/electric powertrain. Depending on customer requirements, lower payload capacity short tons (&#;t) products such as the Komatsu E-1 and Belaz may also place competitive pressure on sales of the F.

Specifications chart[edit]

Introduction to Service
Nominal Payload Capacity short tons (&#;t) short tons (&#;t) short tons (&#;t)
Engine Power 3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) net3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) net (SAE J)3,&#;hp (2,&#;kW) net (SAE J)
Engine Model B High Displacement EUICat B High Displacement EUICat C ACERT
Engine Arrangement V x 2V x 2V
Top Speed (Loaded) 40&#;mph (64&#;km/h)42&#;mph (68&#;km/h)42&#;mph (68&#;km/h)
Gross Machine Operating Weight 1,,&#;lb (,&#;kg)1,,&#;lb (,&#;kg)1,,&#;lb (,&#;kg)
Overall Height to Top of ROPS (Empty) 23&#;ft 8&#;in (&#;m)24&#;ft 11&#;in (&#;m)24&#;ft 5&#;in (&#;m)
Overall Height (Body Raised) 49&#;ft 3&#;in (&#;m)50&#;ft 2&#;in (&#;m)51&#;ft 6&#;in (&#;m)
Overall Length 47&#;ft 7&#;in (&#;m)47&#;ft 5&#;in (&#;m)49&#;ft 6&#;in (&#;m)
Overall Tire Width 30&#;ft 0&#;in (&#;m)32&#;ft 0&#;in (&#;m)31&#;ft 3&#;in (&#;m)
Fuel Tank Refill Capacity 1,&#;US&#;gal (3,&#;l)1,&#;US&#;gal (6,&#;l)2,&#;US&#;gal (7,&#;l)

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