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Essential oil packaging ideas DEFAULT

Pay attention to packaging trends for essential oils, even if you're already #1.

You've worked hard to build your brand. Becoming a trusted essential oil company for thousands of consumers took research, invested capital, and plenty of sleepless nights. But just because you've taken hold of success doesn't mean you can start to drift. Innovating and keying in on the latest trends will keep you at the tip of the spear. 

Essential oils is currently an $18 billion industry and on track to grow to $33 billion by  Oils are making their way into myriad and varied products from ointments to lotions to food to cosmetics. Truthfully, the oils themselves are only one piece of your operation. Your packaging and labels need to speak as loudly as your products. 

Essential Oil Packaging Trends 

Watch what's happening with packaging trends across multiple industries, not just with essential oils. Here are some of the most important packaging trends in

  • Personalized Packaging: People want to feel that the products they purchase "get them" as a friend would. Products that tie into a certain lifestyle and celebrate important events make consumers far more likely to buy said products, like beer companies that put camo on cans during hunting season or car companies offering paint jobs in customers’ favorite colors. Think about how you can tie this marketing concept into your essential oil packaging.
  • Private/Store Brands: Brand loyalty may seem like an antiquated concept, but it’s actually alive and well, and is especially high among millennials. Even though there are more choices for every product than ever before, consumers are looking to simplify the number of choices they make. Having a brand that they already know and like for many different products makes purchasing feel less taxing. How can you make your essential oil brand a household name?
  • Honesty and Authenticity: Consumers want to trust the products they purchase. Transparent labeling is not only a best practice, but shoppers have come to expect it. Are your essential oil labels clear and upfront?
  • Environmentally Friendly: Having containers and labels that are recyclable and/or made from sustainable materials is a huge selling point among younger consumers. Now more than ever, people want to know their purchases are not negatively impacting the environment. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, buyers look for trustworthy brands that genuinely care about sustainability. Does your packing communicate this value?
  • Vintage Styling: If a product looks "retro" or evokes a specific era, it lends an air of legitimacy and longevity. Plus, tapping into nostalgia helps to personalize the product for people of particular generations. While this is a trend, it’s an interesting point. What are you doing to promote your brand so that it’s set up for long term marketing success? Your packaging plays a significant role in this effort.
  • Color: Bold, dramatic color, and design that is well thought out and consistent with your brand can grab customers’ attention. While staying true to your branding, what can you do to ensure your packaging and labels stand out from the competition and grab the attention of shoppers?

Essential Oil Packaging Trends

Bottling Your Essential Oils 

Once you bottle your essential oils, you want them to stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Informing your customers to store their oils in a cool, dark, dry place encourages responsibility, but not all customers will keep their oils properly. Taking the extra step to protect your product with the right packaging will mean more repeat customers. 

For pure essential oils, you'll want to use glass or aluminum bottles with airtight lids. Since pure essential oils are strong and potent, remember that rubber and plastic pieces can be destroyed due to prolonged contact. Traditionally, amber or cobalt blue glass have been used to protect the oils from sunlight, but aluminum blocks sunlight altogether. Of course, glass is less expensive, but depending on your clientele, an aluminum bottle might be a selling point and worth the expense. 

For diluted essential oils, such as lotions containing oils, plastic will hold up well. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic has extremely low permeability and can easily store products that contain essential oils. But before you make a large order of any container, request a sample to see how it will react to your oils. 

If you choose to store your oils or infused products in glass, research the quality of your bottles. American or European made bottles adhere to rigid standards, but Chinese bottles generally do not. You want to avoid having bottles break easily or leech toxic substances into the oil. Better bottles might cost more money, but they'll save you a lot of headaches.  

Bottling Your Essential Oils

Size matters for bottles, too. ½ ounce, 1-ounce, and 2-ounce purse or pocket-sized bottles meant for travel are common, but since essential oils are becoming more mainstream, people are now looking for larger bottles to store at home. 4-ounce, or milliliter bottles, offer a better value for customers than having to buy multiple small bottles.  

Bottle styles vary widely, with drippers and droppers being the most ubiquitous types. Droppers come with glass pipettes that have rubber squeeze bulbs for precise dosing. Keep in mind that pure essential oils will eat away at this rubber over time, however. European dripper style bottles are less susceptible to such damage and allow for single drops to be dispensed at a time. Additionally, different sized inserts can be used depending on a specific oil's viscosity. You can even choose fine mist spray bottles for easy dispersal.  

Labeling Your Essential Oil Bottles 

While it’s wise to follow the latest label design trends, you must also make sure your labels fit and stay attached to your bottles. Oversize labels that hang off a container are more easily damaged or torn. With small travel-sized bottles, the surface area available for labeling is quite small, so choose labels that are small enough to fit completely on the container but large enough that all essential information is present. 

The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) requires that your labels include: 

  • Name of the Item
  • Net Contents (if sold in the US, this must also include metric measurements)
  • Name and Address (either for the manufacturer or the distributor)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will require:

  • Declaration of Ingredients (in descending order of amounts) 

Labeling Your Essential Oil Bottles

Depending on the size of your bottles, you may have to be clever about your use of space or rely on external packaging such as pouches or boxes to properly represent your brand with branded graphics. As for the bottles themselves, wrap around or shrink sleeve labels will offer the most surface area for creating appealing designs and have the added bonus of blocking UV sunlight. If your bottles have caps, such as on a Euro dripper style bottle, you also have the option of end dots for additional branding. 

For boxes, top and bottom label machines can make quick work of a production run. Whether you need to label small boxes meant to hold a single dropper bottle or a box meant to hold dozens of bottles, a machine that can handle any sized box and apply multiple labels at once means increased efficiency and more product you can place on store shelves. 

Explore Essential Oil Bottle Labelers 

Once you've decided on your bottle type, label size, and label design, then it's time to get the right equipment to ensure every bottle gets well-applied and consistently straight labels. 

Pack Leader USA's full line of labeling equipment designed to serve the needs of the essential oils industry will ensure your products will wow customers. Schedule afree consultation today and find the labeling equipment that's right for your budget, goals, and growth needs. Find the Right Essential Oil Bottle Labeler Now

Explore labelers for essential oil bottles.


Ideas for Expanding Your Essential Oils Product Line

The essential oils business is a versatile one, filled with many possibilities for expanding your products into an interested marketplace. The demand for essential oils and their related therapeutic benefits is strong and it’s a great time to explore your potential in the essential oils business. Expanding your essential oils bottle sales into other areas can increase your profit potential and help you build a more stable brand.


Taking your business to the next level is possible with the development of new product ideas in addition to your packaged essential oils. There are a number of essential oils-centric products you can create and package to upsell to your loyal customer base. These new products will also help you attract attention from new buyers.



Essential Oils Bath Salts

Bath salts made with essential oils are a great way to incorporate the therapeutic benefits of natural bath salts with the aromatherapy power of essential oils. Bath salt recipes can be developed to give your brand a signature line of exclusive products. The salts are relatively easy and inexpensive to make. A variety of natural bath salts are available, including affordable Epsom salts to higher-end sea salts. Salts are mixed in a large bowl with a choice of essential oils. Popular oils to use for bath salts include:


  • Lavender oils (relaxation)
  • Spearmint oils (energy)
  • Eucalyptus oils (tired muscle relief/colds)
  • Frankincense oils (anxiety relief)
  • Coconut oils (stress relief)
  • Peppermint oil (headache relief)
  • Chamomile oil (pre-menstrual syndrome)



Massage oils

Aromatherapy is often included with traditional massage therapies to reduce tension and invite a deeper sense of relaxation. Creating massage oil blends is a great way to expand your use of essential oils and your product offerings. Massage oils require a carrier oil to dilute the strength of the essential oils. The carrier oil will help the skin absorb the essential oils without irritation or burning. Massage oils can be stored in either plastic or glass bottle containers as they are a diluted essential oils product.


Popular carrier oils for massage include:


  • Sweet almond oil – the extract of almonds is one of the most popular carrier oils for massage purposes. It glides easily over skin and absorbs quickly.


  • Jojoba oil &#; a non-greasy wax extracted from the jojoba plant which absorbs into the skin quickly and is believed to have antibacterial properties.


  • Sunflower oil – a light oil rich in fatty acids to promote healthy skin.


  • Apricot kernel oil – full of vitamin E, apricot kernel oil offers a long shelf life and a non-greasy feel.


  • Fractionated coconut oil &#; a lighter, non-greasy version of the traditionally thicker coconut oil.


When choosingmassage oil blends, it is important to remember the strength of each essential oil you are using. You want to create a nice-smelling product but if it’s too overwhelming (or even too underwhelming), your customers may not be satisfied. Practice a few different recipes before committing to the one you wish to sell. Always mix carrier oils and essential oils slowly and carefully so as not to break up the compounds of the oils. Store massage oils in a high-quality glass or plastic container with an air-tight sealing lid to keep your products protected from deterioration and loss of quality.



Hair and skin oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries due to their therapeutic and healing properties. Many skin conditions and hair problems can be addressed with essential oils. The most popular essential oils for skin and hair conditions include:


  • Lavender essential oils – known for its antiseptic properties, lavender oil is often used to treat a variety of conditions, including oily skin, dandruff, acne, and bacterial or fungal infections.


  • Chamomile essential oils – known for its anti-inflammatory properties and calming effects, chamomile oil can be used to treat dermatitis, psoriasis, itchy scalp and skin problems, and is also useful in protecting hair from toxins in the environment.


  • Clary sage essential oils – known for its phytoestrogen properties, this essential oil is frequently used in hair care products to promote fast hair growth. It is also useful in control dandruff and treating dry scalp conditions.


  • Lemon essential oils – known for its drying properties, lemon-based essential oil products can be used for treating oily skin, dandruff, and acne. It also acts as an antiseptic, which is useful for treating skin and scalp infections.


  • Tea tree oil – known for treating any type of skin and hair issue, including dryness and dandruff. This oil also helps to unclog the hair follicles and pores of the skin to improve the flow of natural oils. Tea tree oil is effective at treating fungal and bacterial infections as well.


Popular carrier oils for skin lotions and balms include avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil, and sweet almond oil. Skincare oils are often packaged in smaller quantities with simple dropper-style bottles to easily dispense small amounts of fragrance on the skin.

Shampoo recipes containing essential oils are a bit more complicated. A number of ingredients are required to prepare a quality shampoo or conditioner in addition to carrier oils. They may be more time-intensive and expensive to make but they can also increase your profit potential significantly. Bottle different sizes of your crafted shampoos and conditioners to expand your brand’s offerings.



Introducing your products to the marketplace requires some forethought. There is a lot of competition on store shelves so it is vital to create a marketing plan to set your essential oil products apart from the competition. Designing an intriguing logo and your overall packaging concept is the first step in marketing your essential oils. Customers are often inspired to buy based on packaging design alone. A unique looking essential oils bottle is a good start to building a memorable brand design. What’s on your packaging is just as important. Be sure to provide consumers with as much insight as you can fit on the bottle, including how to use the product, what’s inside, and the many benefits the use of the product offers. This kind of detail can help consumers choose products they are unfamiliar with but are interested in buying.


Check out the competition’s colors, styles, and other detail to help you become familiar with how you will differentiate your product on the shelves. Invest in the planning of your packaging and marketing efforts, even if you have to hire professionals to help your vision come to life. With each new product you create, you’ll need to have a corresponding package design that sets your product line apart but still incorporates your brand’s overall image. offers a large selection of essential oil bottles and packaging for your extended line of essential oils products, including wholesale packaging options like our popular amber glass dropper bottles, the stylish Boston Round bottles, and the convenient Pour-Out Round. High quality, durable glass and plastic containers are a great first step for expanding your essential oils business.

Jonathan @ BottleStore

Jonathan @ BottleStore

Jonathan is the Online Marketing Manger of BottleStore and it's parent - The O.Berk Company. In addition to making BottleStore work and run smoothly, Jonathan also enjoys passing on packaging knowledge to help solve customer pain points. He is the chief architect of Packaging Crash Course - a packaging resource hub for rigid glass and plastic packaging site.

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Essential Oil Packaging

Frisky Fish LA &#;

Essential oils are a fun way to utilize the benefits of plants. Frisky Fish LA create hand blended essential oils to elevate yourself. From topical, to aromatherapy, SPI’s GreenKraft clamshells are a wonderful option for all essential oil packaging. Frisky Fish LA is a great example of using inserts to secure oil blend roll ons. We offer different ranges in size from small to large bottles too. GreenKraft clamshells and SPI inserts pair together for all your essential oil packaging needs.

Small clamshell essential oil packaging with IN (yellow)
Small clamshell essential oil packaging with IN (blue)
Small clamshell essential oil packaging with IN (orange)

Cardboard Tube For Essential Oil Bottle Packaging

Cardboard tube packaging has been widely used in cosmetics, such as for perfumes, lipsticks and essential oil. We are going to introduce the cardboard tubes for essential oil dropper bottles packing, includes CBD hemp oil bottle packaging, vape pens or cartridges packing tubes, beard oil packaging tubes and so on oil products which in glass bottles or jars, and pack them into a Kraft paper made cardboard tube packaging. Why cardboard tube packaging is more popular than the folding boxes carton used for packing these glass bottles and jars? They can be concluded to below several reasons, also they are the advantages of custom cardboard tube packaging boxes.

Custom CMYK full color printed Kraft cardboard tubes for essential hemp CBD oil dropper glass bottle packaging, in regular 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a shorter cap and a longer tube body. Outside brown Kraft color with printing, inside white tube.

Cardboard tube packaging has same round shape as the essential oil bottles.

First of all, from the appearance of cardboard tubes we can see it's same round shape as the bottles mostly used to pack essential oils products. This property makes it more suitable to pack essential oil bottles than other rectangular shaped folding boxes. It can save more storage room because there's no more extra space inside the tubes when putting the bottles in them, while regular paper folding carton has. Also, round tube packaging has better touch feel than rectangular cartons, people like round tubes to be better feel when holding them on hand. 

Custom natural brown Kraft cardboard tubes for essential oil glass bottle packaging with single white one color printing, in 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a longer cap and a shorter tube base. Outside brown and white Kraft paper, inside brown color tube.

Cardboard tube for essential oil packaging is easier to pack and saving time.

As most style cardboard tubes packaging are consist of one cap and one bottom base two parts. When essential oil factory packing the oil product bottles into these tubes can be faster than packing into other folding carton boxes. You don't have to spend time assembly the folding cartons before packing, the only process is put oil bottles into the tube and put on the tube lid cap onto the tube base, very clean and fast process.

Custom printed white cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging with a foam insert to fit the bottle inside, in 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a longer cap and a shorter tube base. Outside full-color printing and gold foil stamping logo, inside white tube.

Sturdy cardboard tube packaging can better protect essential oil glass bottles safely.

The cardboard tube is made from rigid Kraft cardboard which can better protect the glass oil bottles than paper folding boxes. The thickness of one layer tube cardboard wall is about 1mm thickness, the tube body is consist of two layers cardboard about 2mm in total. In this case, no matter what kind of impact or stress pushed on the tube packaging during shipment, it won't out of shape easily, so as to safely protect the glass bottles inside them without any damage. However, the normal paper stock made folding cartons are very easy to be squeezed out of shape as it's very thin board even 24pt paperboard. Besides, you can choose a foam insert with a slot cut to fit the glass bottles inside the cardboard tube packaging without any movement, they won't be damaged even drop to floor from your hand. A high-end essential oil product must be safely protected by its packaging.

Full color printed white cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging with a black EVA foam insert to fit the bottle, in 3-piece tube style which with black inner neck, a longer cap and a shorter tube base. Outside full-color printing on body and lids, inside white tube.

Essential oil bottle packaging cardboard tube packaging can long lasting used.

These rigid cardboard tubes give themselves an added value is to be reusable or long lasting used until the essential oil product being used up. Comparing to weak paper folding box cartons, the cardboard tube packaging is sturdy and strong, every time after using the essential oil you can put the bottle back to the tubes easily and they will not be damaged or out of shape even after many times use. However, general folding boxes are easy to be damaged and tear up, they can't be long lasting used and you might just throw them away at the first time you get the oil bottle out of them. And in this case, if you just put the oil bottle somewhere without packaging to protect it, they can easily be broken when dropping to the floor by accident. So a reusable cardboard tube is an ideal packaging to get rid of these troubles and well keep your essential oil or CBD oil products safe.

Custom white cardboard tubes for mg hemp oil bottle packaging with a white EVA foam insert to fit the bottle, in 3-piece tube style which with short inner neck, a longer lid and a shorter tube base. Outside single black printed on the body and top lid, inside white.

Cardboard round cylinder oil bottle packaging tube has more customization options.

For different branded essential oil products, they have their own custom packaging with their artwork and design, this is the customization property for all kinds of packaging, a general plain box without any printing and brand information cannot get the trust of customer and also can't let people remember and spread your brand to increase your sales. So a custom packaging is very important for retail products. Comparing to folding boxes, the cardboard tubes not only can be done with custom printing but it also with many different styles, you can learn more tube style in our cardboard tube knowledge page. Also, they can with foam insert, rope handle and ribbon pull etc custom decoration options to stand out your essential oil bottle tube packaging.

Full color printed cardboard tubes packaging for 50mg 10ML CBD oil dropper bottle, in regular 3-piece tube style which with short inner neck, a short cap and a long tube body. Outside CMYK color printed with artwork, inside plain white.

Round cylinder tube packaging can stand out your essential oil products from others.

You can notice that most essential oil products are packed with regular folding paper boxes in the market, in this case, if you pack yours in a special Kraft cylinder tube packaging, it must be very eye-catching on the shelf and certainly will stand out your essential oil products. Many oil product factories trend to apply cylinder tube packaging to replace the folding boxes to distinct their products to others. 

Black cardboard tubes packaging for beard oil bottle packing, in regular 3-piece tube style which with short inner neck and rolled edge opening, a short cap and a long tube body. Outside wrapped with black paper printed with white artwork, inside plain white.

Kraft cardboard tubes packaging for oil bottle packing is a more eco-friendly choice.

As we know, cardboard tubes are made from Kraft paper by rolling through round mold with glue to certain thickness cardboard tubes, and Kraft paper is the most recyclable material than other bleached papers. So choose to use Kraft cardboard tubes is better for our environment and the tube packaging for your essential oil products can be % recyclable. Many countries encourage to use eco-friendly packaging to reduce plastic pollution. Cardboard tube packaging is a good choice to replace any plastic packaging boxes or bags. 

Customized CMYK full color printed white cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging, in regular 3-piece tube style which with a short neck and sharp cut edge opening, a short cap and a long tube body. Outside artwork printed tube body and lids, inside plain white.

If you want to custom made your own personalized Cardboard TUBE OIL BOTTLE packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a oil bottle tube box dieline to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. 




Packaging essential ideas oil

Essential oil label with the title 'Essential Oils - Label Design'

Show off your brand’s personality in your packaging with a custom essential oil label designed just for you by a professional designer. Need ideas? We’ve collected some amazing examples of essential oil labels from our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect essential oil label design today.

How to create your essential oil label design

If you want an amazing essential oil label that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Start a contest

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner.

Start a project

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom label.

What makes a good essential oil label?

A great label shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Labels communicate all of that through color, typography and other design elements. Learn how to make your essential oil label tell your brand’s story.

Essential oil label with the title 'CBD Oil label design'
Essential oil label with the title 'Premium e-liquids Labels'

Discover stunning label design trends and find out what's new in the world of product packaging design… Keep reading

How to design product packaging

Creating great labels and packaging can be complicated. This guide will walk you through the design process step-by-step… Keep reading

Discover the best freelance label designers for hire and let their work inspire you… Keep reading

Essential oil label not right for your brand? Try one of these:

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