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We Reviewed Consumer Reports' Most Reliable Luxury Car — Here's What We Thought

 Lexus IS exterior red

Editor's Note: Consumer Reports released its Reliability Survey this week. Lexus came away as the highest rated luxury brand in survey, and its IS sedan finished as the most reliable luxury car. 

We recently reviewed an all-wheel-drive Lexus IS and came away with a similar impression of the car as Consumer Reports. We found the Lexus IS to be a solid and well engineered vehicle.

Even though a couple of its design features proved to be a bit annoying, we still believe the Lexus IS will be a wonderful choice for long-term ownership.

I just spent a weekend behind the wheel of a Lexus IS AWD — the brand's third attempt to dethrone the BMW 3-Series from its perch atop the entry-level luxury car segment.

Make no mistake, in the over two decades since Toyota's luxury brand first hit the U.S. market, it's more than firmly established itself.

The top tier of luxury automotive sedans includes three players: Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus. And maybe Audi, if you're young and cool and feeling generous.

There no debate: Lexus is the biggest success story in the auto industry, over the last 25 years.

Unfortunately, I found the IS AWD to be a disappointment. A mysterious betrayal, even, of that grand legacy.

The gloom didn't set in right away. I was impressed by the IS's stylish, modern interior. The leather-lined interior feel quality, and the hand-stitched accents look very classy. The dash is a marvel behold. It's touch-sensitive climate controls are really cool to use, and the chrome-accented A/C vents are quite elegant.

But then the sadness began to set in.Why the hollow plastic trim pieces? The center console and steering wheel that use plastic components are state-of-the-art, so skimping on the trim cheapened the look of an interior the company clearly wants to exude a premium feel.

Then there's the bump. It's on the left side of the center transmission tunnel (rear- and AWD cars have one of these, to accommodate a drive axle). And it's an uncomfortable bump, awkwardly placed where your feet are supposed to go when you're driving the car. It has to be there, because it's the transfer case for the AWD system. But it seems to be tacked on as an afterthought. Which, for a company that's all about the "Relentless Pursuit of Perfection," is a shocking misstep.

 Lexus IS interior cockpit overlay
It got worse. Our $47, test car lacked an in-car navigation system — a particular shame because the Toyota/Lexus' technology is one of the best in business. A few years ago, such an omission wouldn't have been a big deal. However, when a $23, Dodge Dart can be optioned with Chrysler's industry-leading UConnect navigation system, it's hard to understand what Lexus was thinking. 

Socheap plastic. No nav for 47 grand.

The bump. 

And that wasn't the end of my sadness.

The IS is supposed to be a sport sedan, but when actually being driven, it didn't live up to its billing. Sure, the liter horsepower V6 engine, a carryover from the previous generation, feels great — velvety smooth. But when pushed a bit, the AWD version's six-speed autobox can't keep up. It feels reluctant to unleash the engine's full, gutsy potential.

There's an easy fix for this — get the rear-wheel-drive IS, with an 8-speed transmission. Eight speeds are better than six. No bump. And it's $1, cheaper!

The car's interior left me wanting, as did the driving part. But the exterior redeemed the IS The third generation features some truly provocative styling cues. Love it or hate it, the looks certainly aren't boring. The bold, swoopy lines offer a refreshing departure from Lexus' typically understated designs. And the IS, for my money, showcases the carmakers most successful adaption of its controversial "spindle grill" design.
 Lexus IS F SPORT0
This might all sound like pretty weak praise, but the bottom line is that I hold Lexus to a high standard — a justified BMW-Mercedes standard. And the fact is that just because the IS didn't please me all that much over the few days that I tested it doesn't mean it isn't a great bet for long-term ownership. There's every chance that the car will enjoy near bulletproof reliability. Lexus' award-winning customer service experience is a wonder to behold.

You will be very happy 10 years from now if you buy an IS today. Competitors, including the BMW 3-Series, will fall by the wayside, and you will end up with a comfortable and reliable sports sedan with great resale value. If you go for the AWD version, you'll be all set for the winter weather.

In the end, the IS isn't a car that appeals to a driver's emotions, but rather one that appeals to logic and reason. In a weird way, this is perfectly consistent with Lexus' brand values. The IS isn't going to worry you very much. It just isn't likely to excite you in the way it's supposed to.


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Lexus IS

Motor vehicle

The Lexus IS (Japanese: レクサス・IS, Hepburn: Rekusasu IS) is a compact executive car sold by Lexus since The IS was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza (Japanese: トヨタ・アルテッツァ, Hepburn: Toyota Arutettsua) nameplate in Japan from (the word Altezza is Italian for "height" or "highness"). The IS was introduced as an entry-level sport model positioned below the ES in the Lexus lineup.

The first-generation Altezza (codename XE10) was launched in Japan in October , while the Lexus IS&#; (GXE10) made its debut in Europe in and in North America as the IS&#; (JCE10) in The first-generation models were powered by an straight-six engine and available in sedan and wagon variants. The second-generation IS (codename XE20) was launched globally in with V6-powered IS (GSE20) and IS (GSE21) sedan models, followed by a high-performance V8 sedan version, the IS F, in , and coupé convertible versions, the IS C and IS C, in The third-generation Lexus IS premiered in January and includes the V6-powered IS and IS , turbocharged IS t/, hybrid IS h and performance-tuned F Sport variants. The IS designation stands for "Intelligent Sport".[1][2][3]

First generation (XE10; )[edit]

Motor vehicle

First generation (XE10)
 Lexus IS (GXE10R) sedan jpg
Also&#;calledToyota Altezza (Japan)
  • October – August (Altezza)[4]
  • January – August (IS)
AssemblyJapan: Kanegasaki, Iwate (Kanto Auto Works)[4][5]
  • Tomoyasu Nishi (exterior: )[6]
  • facelift: Hiroyuki Tada ()
  • Petrol:
  • &#;L 3S-GEI4 (SXE10; RS)
  • &#;L 1G-FEI6 (GXE10/15; IS /AS)
  • &#;L 2JZ-GE I6 (JCE10/15; IS /AS)
Wheelbase2,&#;mm (&#;in)
  • Sedan: 4,&#;mm (&#;in)
  • SportCross/Gita: 4,&#;mm (&#;in)
  • Sedan: 1,&#;mm (&#;in)
  • SportCross/Gita: 1,&#;mm (&#;in)
Height1,–1,&#;mm (–&#;in)
  • IS 1,&#;kg (2,&#;lb)
  • IS SportCross: 1,&#;kg (3,&#;lb)
  • IS 5-Speed: 1,&#;kg (3,&#;lb)[7]
  • IS E-Shift: 1,&#;kg (3,&#;lb)[7]
  • IS SportCross: 1,&#;kg (3,&#;lb)[7]

Produced as a direct competitor to the luxury sports sedans of the leading European luxury marques, the XE10 series Toyota Altezza and Lexus IS was designed with a greater performance emphasis than typically seen on prior Japanese luxury vehicles. The engineering work was led by Nobuaki Katayama from to under the T program code, who was responsible for the AE86 project. Design work by Tomoyasu Nishi was frozen in and filed under patent number on 5 December , at the Japan Patent Office. At its introduction to Japan, it was exclusive to Japanese dealerships called Toyota Netz Store, until Lexus was introduced to Japan in The Japan-sold AS Altezza sedan and AS Altezza Gita correspond to the Lexus IS and IS models respectively, as sold in markets outside of Japan. The Lexus IS' primary markets were North America, Australia, and Europe. The Altezza Gita was a hatchback-station wagon version sold in Japan and was known in the US and Europe as the Lexus IS SportCross. The AS Altezza Gita was the only Altezza with the 2JZ-GE engine; in export markets this engine was available in the sedan models as well as the Lexus IS Sedan.


Introduced in with the AS (Chassis code GXE10) and RS (chassis code SXE10) sedans, the compact vehicle was produced using a shortened, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive midsize platform,[8] allowing Japanese buyers to take advantage of tax savings imposed by Japanese government regulations concerning vehicle engine displacement (but not exterior dimensions, as the car was 20 mm wider than the 1, mm standard), and adapted parts from the larger second-generation Aristo/GS.[8] The litre 1G-FE straight-six powered AS (GXE10, sedan) was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission as standard, while a four-speed automatic was optional. The litre 3S-GE straight-four-powered RS (SXE10, sedan) was equipped a six-speed manual transmission, while a five-speed automatic was optional. The different size engine choices gave Japanese buyers a choice of which annual road tax obligation they wanted to pay, and the larger engine offered more standard equipment as compensation.

– Lexus IS sedan (GXE10)

The design received critical acclaim at its launch and was awarded Japan's "Car of the Year" honor for – A few months later, Lexus began marketing the IS equivalent models in Europe.[9] The IS in Europe was rated at &#;hp (&#;kW), with a top speed of &#;km/h (&#;mph), and 0&#;to &#;km/h (0–62&#;mph) acceleration time of seconds.[10] The styling cues of the rear lamp clusters on the first-generation models were copied by a number of after-market accessory manufacturers for applications on other vehicles.[11] This iconic style of one or more internal lamp units, covered with a clear (or tinted) perspex cover made popular by Lexus, became known in many circles as 'Lexus-style' or 'Altezza lights'.[11] The taillight style became so popular, that it influenced the development of clear-covered LED taillamps that only revealed their colour when illuminated. The XE10's chief engineer was Nobuaki Katayama, while the chief test driver and test engineer was Hiromu Naruse.


In July , a hatchback/station wagon model, the AS (Chassis code JCE10), was introduced featuring a litre 2JZ-GE straight-six engine. Equipped with rear- or all-wheel drive (JCE10, RWD Gita wagon; JCE15, 4WD Gita wagon), the AS was only available with an automatic gearbox; a five-speed automatic for the RWD Gita wagon and a four-speed automatic for the 4WD Gita wagon. The six-cylinder version (2JZ-GE) was only available in Japan on the Gita models. In the US, the IS sedan debuted in July as model and the wagon debuted in as a model with the same litre six-cylinder engine (the litre six-cylinder was not available), while in Europe, the IS joined the IS in the model lineup. All IS models in the US were initially only available with the five-speed automatic transmission; this was also the case in Europe. However, a five-speed manual was made available in the US in for the model year (not available on the SportCross wagon). Visually the exterior of the European IS Sport and were almost identical, the only differences being the boot insignia and the larger-engined model initially having clear front indicators (later generalized to IS range).

Chronograph gauge cluster

The first-generation IS' interior featured unique elements not typically found in other Lexus models. These included a chrome metal ball shifter (USDM & European market, other markets received an optional leather-trimmed shifter), (optional) pop-up navigation screen, and chronograph-style instrument panel (with mini gauges for temperature, fuel economy, and volts). For the European and Australian markets, the IS gained full leather seats rather than the leather/escaine of the , plus Auto-dimming rear view and side mirrors, and HID headlamps. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency listed the IS as a subcompact car; although it technically had enough overall volume to be called a compact, rear seat room exhibited subcompact dimensions.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test results in gave the IS the maximum five stars in the Side Driver and Side Rear Passenger categories, and four stars in the Frontal Driver and Frontal Passenger categories.[12] The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rated the IS "Good" overall for frontal collisions and "Good" in all six measured front impact categories.[13]

For the first-generation IS in the North American market, sales hit a high of 22, units in ; subsequent sales years were less than forecast, and below the 10,unit mark in [14][15] The IS fared better relative to sales targets in Europe and Asia, while still well short of the sales volume achieved by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and other, mostly German-made competitors. This trend was indicative of Lexus' smaller global status; while Lexus' range of cars was very successful in North America, the marque's sales lagged behind its German rivals in Europe.[16] In Europe, the lack of a manual gearbox option for the IS may have limited sales in contrast to its rivals, the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class.

In , TTE introduced a compressor kit for the IS in the European market.[17] An Eaton supercharger at bar pressure increased the power output to &#;kW (&#;hp) without sacrificing fuel consumption (+%). The kit was initially available as an aftermarket fitment, but could also be obtained as OEM Lexus accessory on newer cars through the official Lexus dealer network and was fully covered by the standard warranty.[17] This variant was discontinued when the IS was introduced in the European market.


Toyota Altezza Gita AS (JCE10)
Lexus IS SportCross Rear view

In for the model year, the IS line received a minor facelift (designed by Hiroyuki Tada). On the exterior, was a redesigned spoke wheel design, redesigned fog lamps, and smoked surrounding trim for the headlamps and taillamps. On the interior, a 2-position memory function was added for the driver seat, a maintenance indicator lamp, automatic drive-away door locking system, a storage compartment on the dash (for models without the navigation system) and updated trim highlights.[18]

An official concept model, the MillenWorks-built Lexus IS was unveiled at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in [19] The IS prototype was an IS fitted with a litre V8 from the GS [20] Lexus dubbed the IS&#; a one-off with no plans for production. In Europe, Toyota Team Europe (TTE) installed a supercharged litre V8 into an IS bodyshell, the result was a &#;PS (&#;kW; &#;hp) ECEsedan.

Powertrain and models[edit]

Engine Lexus Toyota
Engine Power/torque Model Chassis code Drivetrain and transmission Model Chassis code Drivetrain and transmission
&#;kW (&#;hp);
&#;N⋅m (&#;lb⋅ft)
at 4,&#;rpm
6-speed manual (J)
4-speed automatic (A47DE)
Altezza AS
6-speed manual (J)
4-speed automatic (A47DE)
IS SportCross
6-speed manual (J)
Altezza Gita AS
6-speed manual (J)
4-speed automatic (A47DE)
4-speed automatic (AH)
&#;kW (&#;hp);
&#;N⋅m (&#;lb⋅ft)
at 6,&#;rpm
No equivalent Altezza RS
6-speed manual (J)
5-speed automatic (AE)
&#;kW (&#;hp);
&#;N⋅m (&#;lb⋅ft)
at 3,&#;rpm
5-speed manual (W55, US only)
5-speed automatic (AE)
No equivalent
IS SportCross
5-speed automatic (AE)
Altezza Gita AS
5-speed automatic (AE)
4-speed automatic (AH)

Second generation (XE20; )[edit]

Main article: Lexus IS (XE20)

Motor vehicle

Second generation (XE20)
 Lexus IS (GSE20R) sedan ().jpg

Lexus IS (GSE20R)

PlatformToyota N platform[32]
  • 6-speed manual
  • 6-speed AE automatic
  • 8-speed AA80E automatic (IS F)
Wheelbase2,&#;mm (&#;in)
Length4,–4,&#;mm (–&#;in)
Width1,–1,&#;mm (–&#;in)
Height1,–1,&#;mm (–&#;in)
Kerb&#;weight1,–1,&#;kg (3,–3,&#;lb)
SuccessorLexus RC (for IS C)


The second-generation of the IS was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March as a pre-production model, with the production version debuting at the New York International Auto Show that April. Sales of the sedan began worldwide in September and October as a model, with the Toyota Altezza name discontinued due to the introduction of the Lexus marque in Japan, and the slow-selling SportCrossstation wagon version discontinued from the lineup altogether.

Lexus IS (GSE20; Rear view)


Lexus IS F (USE20)

The second-generation IS marked the next introduction of Lexus' L-finesse design philosophy on a production vehicle, following the premiere of the GS executive sedan. The sedan's exterior design featured sleeker, coupé-like contours, a fastback profile, and a repeated arrowhead motif in the front fascia and side windows.[33] The IS sedan has a drag coefficient of&#;Cd=

Production of the sedan commenced in September at the Miyata plant in Miyawaka, Fukuoka,[21] supplemented in October with the Tahara plant at Tahara, Aichi.[22] Production of the IS F started in December at Tahara.[22] The facility at Miyata began manufacture of the IS C in April [21]

In North America, IS models sold at launch included the IS and IS sedans; in parts of Europe, the IS models sold by Lexus included the IS and IS d sedans. The IS was also available in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chile (automatic only), South Africa and South Korea.

All second-generation IS models offered a more typical Lexus interior compared to the previous generation with a focus on luxurious amenities. The interior is equipped memory leather seats, lightsaber-like electroluminescent instrument display lighting and LED interior lighting accents, the choice of faux-metallic or optional Bird's Eye Maple wood trim (aluminium composite on the IS F), and SmartAccesskeyless entry with push-button start.[34] Options ranged from touchscreen navigation with backup camera to a Mark Levinson premium sound system and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

On 6 December , Lexus officially confirmed the existence of a high-performance variant of the second-generation IS called the IS F.[35] The Lexus IS F sedan (USE20) premiered at the North American International Auto Show on 8 January as the launch product of Lexus' F marque lineup of performance-focused vehicles.[36] The IS F went on sale several months later in North America and Europe. The IS F was capable of accelerating from 0–97&#;km/h (0–60&#;mph) in seconds,[37][38] and had an electronically limited top speed of &#;km/h (&#;mph).[39]

The introduction of the second-generation IS model marked a resurgence in sales for the IS line, with a % increase overall in compared to the previous year. In its first year of sales, the IS sold over 49, units, making it one of the ten best-selling luxury cars in the US.[40] The IS line later took a median position in the entry-luxury market; in it sold behind the variants of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Cadillac CTS, and ahead of the Acura TL, Audi A4, and Infiniti G sedan.[41][42] Outside the US, the Lexus IS spearheaded Lexus' growing sales efforts in Europe, Australia, and South Africa, becoming the best-selling model in Lexus' lineup in many of the aforementioned markets. In the US, as of , the Lexus IS was the third place best-selling vehicle from the marque after the Lexus RX and Lexus ES.[43]


Lexus IS C (GSE20)

Facelift Lexus IS d (ALE20)

Facelift Lexus IS (GSE21)

In , the IS line received a facelift, and the suspension and steering were retuned for improved stability and control. After three years with only one body style, the IS returned with a second body style, this time as a coupé convertible, on 2 October when the IS C debuted at the Paris Motor Show.[44] A more powerful IS C also became available, with engine specifications analogous to those on the sedan models. The IS convertible went on sale in Europe in , in North America in May ,[44] and an IS C was also produced for certain regions. The mid-cycle refresh in saw slight styling revisions to the interior.


In , coinciding with the second IS line refresh, the revised diesel IS d was detuned for improved fuel consumption figures but lowered power output by 27&#;hp (20&#;kW; 27&#;PS).[45] Building on its "F Sport" line of parts and accessories for the IS /,[46][47] Lexus added factory-produced F Sport IS models in [45] This facelift also includes further interior updates for the IS line.


Changes to the IS C include Intelligent Transport Systems and Dedicated Short Range Communication units become standard equipment. Change to US model of F SPORT Package includes revised silver metallic interior trim. Change to Japan F SPORT Package includes dark rose interior colour, medium silver ornament panel. F SPORT performance accessories include inch forged wheels (set of four), with hardware; brake upgrades, front axle set, rear axle set, carbon fibre engine cover, carbon fibre leather shift knob, floor mats (four-piece set), lowering spring set, performance air intake, performance dual exhaust, shock set (set of four), sway bar set Japan models went on sale on 22 August Early models include IS C, IS C.[48] US models went on sale as model year vehicle. Early models include IS C, IS C.[49][50]

Changes to IS F include a carbon fibre rear spoiler, front LED fog lamp, all sports seats include embossed 'F' logo at head rests, Alcantara upholstery door trim and center console, standard Intelligent Transport Systems, and Dedicated Short Range Communication unit. IS F Dynamic Sport Tuning model (available in Japan) includes 7&#;PS (&#;kW; &#;hp) engine power increase via low-friction piston and pump, strengthened body contact, carbon fibre front spoiler/rear diffuser, 7&#;kg (15&#;lb) lower body weight via titanium muffler, orange colour brake caliper with LEXUS logo, orange accent engine headcover, carbon interior panel on the centre console and door switch base with nameplate, choice of 7 body colours including starlight black glass flake.[51] Japan models went on sale on 5 September [52] US models went on sale as model year vehicle.[53][54]


Safety equipment on the IS models ranged from multiple airbags to stability control systems.[55] A Pre-Collision System (PCS) was the first offered in the entry-luxury performance sedan market segment. NHTSA crash test results rated the second-generation IS the maximum five stars in the Side Driver and Rollover categories, and four stars in the Frontal Driver, Frontal Passenger, and Side Rear Passenger categories;[56]Insurance Institute for Highway Safety scores were "Good" overall score for all fourteen measured categories in the front and side impact crash tests.[57][58]


Calendar year(s) Model no(s). Chassis code(s) Engine type Engine code Transmission(s) Power Torque
IS d ALE20 L straight-4 2AD-FTV6-speed MT &#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 2,&#;rpm
IS d 2AD-FHV&#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 2,&#;rpm
IS GSE20 L V6 4GR-FSE6-speed AT/MT &#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm
IS AWD GSE25 6-speed AT
IS GSE21 L V6 2GR-FSE&#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm
IS GSE22 L V6 3GR-FE&#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm
IS F USE20 L V8 2UR-GSE8-speed AT &#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 5,&#;rpm
IS C GSE20 L V6 4GR-FSE6-speed AT/MT &#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm
IS C GSE21 L V6 2GR-FSE6-speed AT &#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm
IS C GSE22 L V6 3GR-FE&#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm
IS AWD GSE26 L V6 2GR-FSE&#;kW (&#;hp) &#;N⋅m (&#;lbf⋅ft) at 4,&#;rpm

The IS , IS and IS F is equipped with a D-4 (IS) or D-4S (IS and IS F) direct injection system with direct fuel injectors (D-4 and D-4S) and port fuel injectors (D-4S only). Certain Asian markets have the IS (GSE22) model without direct injection.[59]

Third generation (XE30; )[edit]

Motor vehicle

Third generation (XE30)
Lexus ISh japan front.JPG

Lexus IS h (AVE30)

ProductionApril – present[60]
AssemblyJapan: Tahara, Aichi (Tahara plant)
Body&#;style4-door sedan
PlatformToyota New N platform
RelatedLexus RC
  • Petrol:
  • &#;L 8AR-FTS I4-T (ASE30; IS t/)
  • &#;L 4GR-FSE V6 (GSE30/35; IS )
  • &#;L 2GR-FSE V6 (GSE37; IS AWD)
  • &#;L 2GR-FKS V6 (GSE31/36; IS )
  • &#;L 2UR-GSE V8 (USE30; IS )
  • Petrol hybrid:
  • &#;L 2AR-FSE/2AR-FXE I4 (AVE30/35; IS h)
Electric&#;motor1KMpermanent magnet synchronous (IS h)
Battery – V nickel metal hydride cells
Wheelbase2,&#;mm (&#;in)
  • 4,&#;mm (&#;in) (–)
  • 4,&#;mm (&#;in) (–present)[62]
  • 1,&#;mm (&#;in) (–)
  • 1,&#;mm (&#;in) (–present)[62]
  • 1,&#;mm (&#;in) (–)
  • 1,–1,&#;mm (–&#;in) (–present)[62]

Concept model[edit]

The LF-CC concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and later Auto Shanghai is a rear-wheel drive coupé incorporating designs from LF-LC concept and Lexus LFA. Main features include a litre four-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine with D-4S direct injection technology, water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor, 3 LED-projector headlamp design, Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are integrated into the upper bumper surface, rear spoiler integrated within the boot lid, L-shaped combination lamps with three-dimensional design, Fluid Titanium body colour, 2-zone dashboard, seats, door panels and instrument binnacle hood upholstered in amber leather.[63][64][65][66]


Lexus IS h (AVE30)

Lexus IS h F Sport (AVE30)

Lexus IS h interior

The production version of the IS was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in January , followed by the Auto Shanghai. Exterior design work was done by Masanari Sakae[67] during – and the F Sport models were styled by Yuki Isogai in [68][69]

The IS F Sport models include enhanced handling and performance, Adaptive Variable Suspension and Variable Gear Ratio Steering (IS ). Not only does the F Sport models handle differently, but they are more aggressively styled to set them apart from the base production models. F-Sport styling includes an edition specific F-Sport pattern front grille, F-Sport logo badges, and five spoke split graphite wheels; the cabin includes carbon fibre-like trim, extra bolstered performance seats, an all-black headliner, and a moving vessel gauge cluster (inspired by the Lexus LFA) that displays navigation and audio information. The F-Sport models have an edition specific Ultra White exterior and Rioja Red interior. The model year also served as the first year to offer all-wheel drive in the IS F Sport line up.[70][71][72][73] and Octagon Club in South Korea[74]

International models went on sale in mid Early models included the IS RWD, IS AWD, IS h and IS RWD. The hybrid IS h model is sold in Europe, Japan, and select international markets.[75][76][77]

US models went on sale as model year vehicles on 28 June [78] Early models include IS RWD, IS AWD, IS RWD, IS AWD.[79][80][81] In , for the model year, the IS was discontinued and replaced by the rear wheel drive only IS t. The IS is only offered with all-wheel drive, while the top of the line IS can be ordered with either drivetrain.[citation needed] The IS AWD versions use a full-time all-wheel drive system that utilizes a planetary gearset center differential coupled with a multi-disc clutch to act as the slip limiting device. The planetary gearset provides a front-to-rear torque split under normal conditions for handling agility, however the system can allow for a torque split of up to to control wheel slip. In August , for the model year, the IS RWD changed to using the litre four-cylinder engine from the previous IS t while the IS AWD retained the same litre V6 engine.[citation needed]

Chinese models went on sale in Early models include the IS and the IS F Sport.[72][82]

Japanese models went on sale on 16 May Early models include the IS , IS AWD, IS and the IS h.[83][84][85]

European models arrived at dealerships in June/July. Early models include the IS and the IS h.[86]

South Korean models went on sale on 27 June Early models include the IS Supreme and the IS Executive.[87]

Australian models went on sale in July Only rear-wheel-drive versions were on offer, the models included the IS , IS h and the IS The IS was dropped from the line-up in September and was replaced with the IS t.[88]


The revamped third generation model includes updated headlamps, taillamps, front fascia and hood. It debuted at the April Beijing Auto Show with interior technology improvements including inch infotainment screen, updated steering wheel, and contrast stitching along the dash.[89]

  • Lexus IS h (AVE30)

  • Lexus IS h (AVE30)

  • Lexus IS t F Sport (ASE30)

  • Lexus IS t F Sport (ASE30)


The IS received a major makeover in for the model year. The updated styling includes a larger bodywork, restyled headlamps and full-width taillamps, slightly updated dashboard, and a larger spindle grille design. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities were made available, as well as upgraded driver-assistance systems and standard blind-spot monitoring. The suspension has also been revised with a more rigid body.[90]

Dynamic Handling Package (DHP), which includes Adaptive Variable Suspension, lighter inch black BBS alloy wheels, Sport S and Sport S+ drive select modes, and carbon fibre rear spoiler, is available for the IS F Sport.[citation needed]

The first V8-powered model since the IS F, called IS F Sport Performance, was unveiled in February and will be on sale exclusively in North America in the third quarter of [91]

  • Lexus IS AWD (GSE37)

  • Lexus IS AWD (GSE37)

  • Lexus IS F Sport (ASE30)

  • Lexus IS F Sport (ASE30)


Toyota Racing Development (TRD) F Sport parts for Japanese IS sedan included a front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler, sport muffler and rear diffuser, diamond-like carbon fibre shock absorbers, inch aluminium wheels (measuring 19xJ front and 19x9J rear, 45&#;mm front and 50&#;mm rear insets, /35ZR19 front and /30ZR19 rear tyres), member brace and performance dampers.[92][93]


Model Calendar years
IS (GSE30)
IS t (ASE30)
IS (ASE30)–present
IS AWD (GSE37)–present
IS (GSE31)–present
IS h (AVE30)
IS F SPORT Performance (USE30)–present


ModelCalendar yearsType/codePowerat rpmTorqueat rpm
IS 2,&#;cc (&#;cu&#;in) V6 (4GR-FSE) 6, 4,
IS AWD 6, 3,
IS t1,&#;cc (&#;cu&#;in) I4-T (8AR-FTS) 4,–5, 1,–4,
IS –present 4,–5, 1,–4,
IS AWD–present3,&#;cc (&#;cu&#;in) V6 (2GR-FSE/2GR-FKS) 6, 2,–4,
IS 6, 4,
IS AWD 6, 4,
IS h–present2,&#;cc (&#;cu&#;in) I4 (2AR-FSE/2AR-FXE) 6, 4,–5,
1&#;km electric motor
IS F SPORT Performance–present4,&#;cc (&#;cu&#;in) V8 (2UR-GSE) 7, 4,


ModelCalendar yearsTypes
IS 6-speed automatic (6 Super ECT/ECT-i) (A)
IS AWD6-speed automatic (6 Super ECT) (AH)
IS AWD–present
IS t8-speed automatic (8-Speed Sport Direct Shift/ECT-i/SPDS) (AA81E)
IS –present
IS –present
IS AWD6-speed automatic (6 Super ECT) (AH)
IS hElectronic CVT
IS F SPORT Performance–present8-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic (AA81E)


A race car based on the Lexus LF-CC entered the Super GT GT class, replacing the SC Vehicle shakedown began at the Suzuka Circuit.[94][95]


Production at Tahara plant in Japan began on 25 April [96]

As of June , sales of the Lexus IS has reached 1, units.[97]

Between 16 May and 16 June , the order of IS sedans reached approximately 7, units, including 2, IS and IS , 5, IS h models.[98]


As part of the Lexus IS sports sedan launch in the US, Lexus and the Tony Hawk Foundation asked their fans and supporters to be part of a fan based decal to be featured on the Lexus IS F CCS-R race car competing in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Fans were able to enter their names via a Lexus Facebook post, Lexus Google+ post, comment on a Lexus YouTube IS F CCS-R video, or through Twitter and Instagram using #Lexus14K.[99]

As part of the Lexus IS sports sedan launch in the US, two television ads (Crowd, Color Shift) were produced by Lexus' agency of record, Team One, with Original music from Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, and directed by Jonas Åkerlund. The 'Crowd' ad emphasizes that things designed to draw a crowd are good, but leaving the crowd behind is more rewarding. The 'Color Shift' ad shows it's more fun and exciting to blend out than blend in. The[] Two additional ads (This is Your Move, Intense) were created by Lexus' multicultural agency, Walton Isaacson, as part of the campaign. 'This is Your Move' was geared to the African-American audience, featured Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp as he searches for something that matches his ambitious and driven personality. 'Intense' is targeted to the Hispanic audience and follows a young couple as they experience the thrills of driving the redesigned IS []

As part of the Lexus IS sports sedan launch in the US, Lexus outfitted respective editors of Motor Trend and with the first of Kogeto's 'Joey' panoramic cameras to showcase the "performance and stunning design" of the Lexus IS.[]

As part of the Lexus IS sports sedan launch in the US, Lexus invited more than followers on Instagram, along with their smartphones, to make a commercial of the Lexus IS using hundreds of their photos of the car strung together into a video.[]

As part of the Lexus IS sport sedan launch in the US, Lexus created and hosted a MADE Fashion Week event in debuting a first-ever live holographic performance art experience titled 'Lexus Design Disrupted', featured supermodel Coco Rocha and a bold retrospective from the archives of designer Giles Deacon in a creative concept inspired by the IS and the brand's commitment to design and technology.[]

As part of the Lexus IS sports sedan launch in the US, Lexus partnered with NBCUniversal for the 'It's Your Move After Dark' campaign. The ads took advantage of real-time marketing by allowing viewers to contribute ad concepts via social networks to influence the creative for the Lexus advertisements. The campaign featured a series of live, improvisational short comedy ads that will run in the commercial pods during NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The ads were based on real-time viewer social media submissions each Thursday and performed by New York's comedy troupes including Fun Young Guys, Magnet Theater Touring Company, MB's Dream and Stone Cold Fox. Every Thursday night for four weeks beginning 19 September, as part of an early commercial break on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, improv comedians asked viewers to suggest ad concepts with the #LexusIS hashtag via social media platforms. Submissions would influence the content of the ad and a live, on-air improve performance based on the viewer's ad suggestion will follow at the final commercial break. East and west coast live broadcasts of the commercials will be completely different each time based on their respective social media suggestions. Each Thursday's advertisement would be broadcast live from under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. In anticipation of the campaign launch, a second promotional teaser was premiered on 18 September in NBC's late night programming commercial pods. Additionally, the selected comedic concepts and submissions were made be available for viewing and sharing on a custom page at the day after each live broadcast.[]

As part of the Lexus IS sports sedan launch in the US, Lexus partnered with DeviantART to start a campaign to challenge the design community to show the IS with custom exterior treatments and modifications. The IS sports sedan concept would be modified by VIP Auto Salon in 10 weeks to reflect the rendering, and be displayed at the Lexus space at SEMA.[][]

In November , Lexus partnered with Huy Fong Foods to produce a Sriracha edition of the IS for the LA Auto Show. The car is painted red with chili-like flakes and has green accents that evoke a Sriracha bottle cap. In addition, the trunk is filled with 43 bottles of Sriracha sauce.[]

In , Lexus partnered with Marvel Studios for a commercial promoting their film Eternals and the IS The commercial stars Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo and is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.[]


The first-generation IS / and RS series was used by many racing teams, including TRD, to race in various touring car racing series across Asia. In Europe, the Lexus IS&#; was raced in the British Touring Car Championship (through organizations such as BTC Racing),[] and the IS was raced in the US via the Motorola Cup North American Street Stock Championship touring car series (with the manufacturer-sanctioned Team Lexus).

IS WedsSport race car which competed in the GT season and won the GT class

In , Team Lexus entered three IS s in the third race of the Grand-Am Cup season at Phoenix, Arizona,[] and won their first IS victory that year at the Virginia International Raceway.[] In , Team Lexus raced the IS in the Grand-Am Cup ST1 (Street Tuner) class, winning both the Drivers' and Team Championships,[][] as well as a sweep of the top three finishes at Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.[]

In , the second-generation IS was entered in the Super GT race series in the GT class (cars with approximately &#;hp (&#;kW)). The No. 19 Team Racing Project Bandoh IS driven by Manabu Orido and Tsubasa Abe achieved its first victory in its fifth race at the Motegi GT race.[] In , The Project Bandoh WedsSport IS , driven by Manabu Orido and Tatsuya Kataoka, won both driver and team title in the GT class that season.[]

In April , a Lexus IS F entered by Gazoo Racing finished second to the team's Lexus LF-A in the SP8 class[] in the ADAC-Westfalenfahrt VLN 4h endurance race. An IS F was also entered in the 24 Hours Nürburgring race and finished third in the SP8 class.[] In August , an IS F entered by Gazoo Racing and driven by Peter Lyon, Hideshi Matsuda, and Kazunori Yamauchi won the SP8 class at the DMV Grenzlandrennen VLN race.[][] Kazunori Yamauchi is the developer of Gran Turismo series,[] of which the IS line is playable in several versions, and the IS F racer carried test equipment for future game modes.[] The 3 drivers, along with Owen Mildenhall, participated in the 24 Hours Nürburgring and finished in 4th place in the SP8 class, behind the 1st place ranked Lexus LFA.[]

In , Japanese drift racer Daigo Saito entered an IS C in the Formula Drift Asia series. The car, which was a victim of the Japan earthquake and tsunami and due to be scrapped, was purchased by Saito and heavily customized for drift racing use. The most notable modification was the swapping of the stock engine to a 2JZ-GTE from a Mark IV Toyota Supra.

Sales and production[edit]

Sales data for Lexus IS generations are as follows, with chart numbers sourced from manufacturer yearly data.

(chassis code)
Names Calendar
Sales Total exports,
US Japan
GXE10, SXE10, JCE10
IS / 15,[]? ?
22,[14]? 30,[]
GXE10, SXE10, JCE10, JCE15
IS //
20,[14]? 23,[]
13,[]? 14,[]
9,[15]? 11,[]
GSE20, GSE21, GSE25
IS / 54,[]10,[],[]
GSE20, GSE21, GSE25, GSE26, USE20 IS //F 49,[]10,[]93,[]
IS //C/F 38,[]5,[]43,[]
IS //C/F 34,[]? ?
IS //C/F 29,[]? ?
IS //C/F 27,[]? ?
IS //C/F 35,[]? ?
GSE20, GSE21, USE20, GSE30, GSE31,
GSE35, GSE36, GSE37
IS //C/F 51,[]? ?


  • J.D. Power and Associates named the second-generation IS&#;/IS&#; sedans the best vehicles in the entry luxury class in its Initial Quality Survey.[]
  • J.D. Power and Associates named the first-generation IS&#; sedan and IS&#; SportCross the best vehicles in the entry luxury class in its Initial Quality Survey.[]
  • Ward's Auto bestowed the IS&#; V6 engine with one of its 10 Best Engines awards in [] The IS&#; V6 engine was also named to Ward's 10 Best Engines list in , , and
  • The Lexus IS was the winner of the Intellichoice/AutoPacific Motorist Choice Award for Aspirational Luxury Cars, referring to the vehicle owners most desired in the luxury segment.[]
  • The Lexus IS was named the winner of the IF product design award from the International Forum Design group in Hannover, Germany.[]
  • The Lexus IS was the winner of the Golden Steering Wheel Award in the Luxury category, according to German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag. This award, selected by a jury panel of 25 automotive experts, was presented to Lexus in a Berlin ceremony.
  • British automotive magazine Top Gear named the second-generation Lexus IS as the Executive Car of the Year in
  • The Canadian Car of the Year Awards, selected by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, gave the IS&#; its Best New Technology award in []
  • The Lexus IS was a finalist for Wheels magazine's Car of the Year (COTY) awards and also the World Car of the Year (WCOTY) award in []
  • Kelley Blue Book gave the first-generation IS&#; its Best to Hold Value Award in []
  • The IS was the winner in and of Best Prestige Car in the Australia's Best Cars awards – awarded by the conglomeration of all of Australia's respective State Automotive Associations.
  • The Lexus IS came second in the Top Gear Satisfaction Survey , beaten only by the Honda S
  • The Lexus IS came first in the 'J.D.Power' car satisfaction survey in and joint second in []


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