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LEGO Pick A Brick Vs. Bricks & Pieces Explained

Posted By Adam White on Feb 23, 2021 |

Earlier today it was announced that a trial for a minimum spend amount for the LEGO® Pick a Brick service would be running in the UK. It’s opened up a discussion about the service and the similar Bricks & Pieces service. Now both of these brick sourcing options are found on Both allow you to purchase LEGO elements but their purposes are slightly different.

Pick A Brick is easily found on under the Shop By section tab called Bricks. It’s best described as a digital version of the Pick a Brick walls found in LEGO stores. The service was created to allow the purchase of bulks of elements. The range of elements is limited, in a similar way to the walls in stores. This is a large-scale operation and has been set up in a way to deal with larger orders. This isn’t a new service and has been available for a while now.

Brick & Pieces is an extension of LEGO Customer Services and was set up to assist in providing replacement parts for sets. It was extended to allow LEGO fans to also purchase almost every single element from almost every recent LEGO sets. This service was never intended for large-scale orders and so has a smaller team dealing with it. It’s a little more difficult to find on and is found under the support section of the site. But you can search for certain elements using their element ID or even bring up the inventory for a set, using the set number. It’s super useful.

The changes announced today are only relevant to Pick a Brick, so your order will need to hit £12 or more before you can add it to your basket. (UK only) Online PaB doesn’t use the cups as the stores do, but the minimum pricing has been set to match that of the stores. Obviously filling a PaB cup is a fine art, where you can maximize the space with skilful element placement, something someone packing the order in a LEGO warehouse will not have the time or patience to do. I must admit, I’ve never used Pick A Brick online and from what I’ve seen today, I’m not the only one.

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If you are looking for lego bricks and pieces customer service, simply check out our links below :

1. Bricks & Pieces – Customer Service – US
Bricks & Pieces - Customer Service - US
The Official LEGO® Guarantee … Missing any pieces or instructions? Let us know …

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Menu. Lego · Customer Service … from your new set. Missing Bricks · Let us know if a brick has broken. Broken Bricks … How’s our service? Although we’re …

3. New sets with missing parts – Customer Service – LEGO

Please click “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site to order the part you need to finish your set. If you can’t find what you’​re …

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Replacement parts – Replacement parts. Bricks & Pieces delivery times · New sets with missing parts · Replacing lost LEGO® parts or buying extra parts.

5. Replacing lost LEGO® parts or buying extra parts – Help …

Replacing lost LEGO® parts or buying extra parts. You can order individual bricks online through our Pick A Brick and Bricks & Pieces services. You …

6. Bricks & Pieces – Customer Service – SG

LEGO® Shop E-Mails abonnierenErfahre als Erster alles über neue Sets, exklusive Produkte, Angebote und Events in den LEGO Stores! Your email address.

7. Buying individual LEGO® parts – Customer Service

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for on Pick A Brick, our Bricks & Pieces service offers you a wider selection of parts. You’ll need to enter either the …

8. Customer Service – US

How’s our service? Although we’re … Five hands picking random LEGO Bricks from a pile … Visit Bricks & Pieces to find more unusual bricks and DUPLO parts.

9. Replacement Parts – Help Topics – Customer Service – LEGO …

Is there something wrong with your new LEGO® set? Find out how to replace missing or broken LEGO® parts.

10. Missing LEGO Bricks or Instructions? Here's How to Get Free …

By heading over to the customer service section of LEGO’s website and clicking on “BRICKS & PIECES,” you’ll be immediately shown the …

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We sell online LEGO® parts & pieces. Buy only the LEGO items you need! More than 20000 unique LEGO® pieces. Visit our store now.

12. LEGO Pieces –

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LEGO Brick Haul - How to use Bricks and Pieces \u0026 My FIRST ever order!

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