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Parents love family portraits, always longing for that one perfect shot to put in their photo albums that they could show off to their neighbors and colleagues. However, far from every family photo ideas that turn out great. Sometimes with some very entertaining results. What are supposed to be impressive family photos sometimes turn out to be some of the best moments of sibling rivalry, shenanigans and weirdness to be ever captured on camera.

Bored Panda brings you this list of hilarious sibling antics, immortalized during funny family photoshoots. I've got a few similar examples in my photo albums, and I'm sure that you do as well. So scroll down, vote for your favorite funny photos, and be sure to share with your siblings and parents. Once you're done, take a gander at Bored Panda's post about two sisters who are polar opposites (see if you can spot at least five differences).

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Siblings are supposed to love and support each other unconditionally. They’re also supposed to look and act properly, especially when their pictures are being taken. At least, that’s the theory. This theory can be seen to break down. A lot. And the chances of that happening are proportional to how badly you want a nice photo for your collection.

We know from practice that some siblings love to poke fun of each other more than anything else in the world. Sibling rivalry is an undeniable fact of growing up together, whether it’s born from jealousy or the need to compete. It can be healthy if it doesn’t turn into an endless series of screaming or boxing matches.

Unfortunately, not all fights between siblings are possible to avoid. That's why, according to KidsHealth, it is important to know what to do. Often, it’s best to let your kids sort their own interpersonal problems out themselves because always stepping in can stifle their ability to act independently in the future.

If an actual physical fight breaks out and there’s a chance of your kids really getting hurt, you should separate them, but avoid blaming any one of them. However, if your kids are simply goofing around and being, well, kids, it’s far better to snap a few pictures of their silliness instead of telling them off. So grab your camera and make some unforgettable memories.

Exactly 27 Years Ago, My Mom Took The Perfect Picture Of Me And My Sister. Some Things Never Change

Sours: https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-sibling-family-portraits/

19 Adorable Baby Christmas Picture Ideas You Should Try!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Especially if a family just welcomed a new member and they are celebrating the baby’s first Christmas together.

Here, we collected 19 adorable baby Christmas picture ideas for you.

No matter if you want to shoot a newborn photography session or capture an older baby. You will find inspiration here!

Sweet baby's first Christmas portrait by the christmas tree

1. Style a Newborn Photo Shoot With Minimal Props to Keep the Attention on the Baby

For this idea, you’ll only rely on some simple newborn poses and minimal props.

The baby can be naked or wear knitted diapers, for example. The focus should be on the head and the face.

Keep it simple. A cute Santa hat or bow is going to be just enough.

You want to focus on the baby with just a hint of that Christmas feeling.

This kind of newborn photo shoot should be simple and emphasise that he or she was a newborn during Christmas time.

Sweet baby's first Christmas portrait on a woolen blanket

2. Use Fun Props to Turn a Newborn Into a Little Snowman

You can spice up any newborn poses with fun Christmas-themed props.

After you have some pictures where the baby is the main attraction, you can add a little extra.

Try the classic ‘potato sack’ pose – where the baby is wrapped in some kind of fabric – to create a snowman look.

You can also put a toy next to the baby – like a teddy bear or a snowman. The toy can even be used in the upcoming years’ photo shoots as a scale.

Arrange the elements to create harmony. The rule of thirds will make images pleasing to the eye without getting the baby lost in the decoration.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby dressed as a snowman

3. Involve Sibling(s) in the Photo Shoot

Christmas pictures with babies can portray the love and bond among family members.

It’s a nice idea to take images of a baby’s first Christmas with older siblings.

If they are too young to hold the baby safely, ask them to sit down and put the baby on their lap.

Having them sitting under the tree, you can create the feeling as if the baby was a gift. A cute little present who just came into the family’s life! This adds an intimate atmosphere to the images.

A little girl holding a newborn baby for their first christmas photo shoot

4. Photo Shoot with the Parents

Christmas pictures with the family capture love and togetherness. And how the little one’s first Christmas was celebrated.

Add variety by taking photos with only one parent at a time, for that special parent-baby moment.

To make these holiday moments intimate, ask the parents to look at the baby and not into the camera.

Smiling at each other and closed eyes create a feeling of bond and closeness. You can ask them to kiss the baby for a picture full of love.

Or try fun baby Christmas poses. Like holding the baby in the air as in The Lion King.

For candid shots, ask the family members to imitate real-life situations. For example, opening presents gives action to the images.

You have great freedom with these photo shoots. A classic idea is having the family wear matching outfits!

Sweet first Christmas photo of a couple holding their baby in front of the christmas tree

5. Involve the Family’s Pet for Extra Cuteness

If the family has pets, you should involve them in the Christmas photo shoot!

Pose the baby and pet in a similar way by using the same props for both of them and make everyone’s heart melt.

It’s hard to capture them both in a calm moment at the same time. But you can take adorable photos individually and then merge them in Photoshop.

One thing is more adorable than a baby Santa… a baby Santa with a puppy Santa together.

Cute baby Christmas photo of a newborn and a dog wearing Santa hats in bed

6. Take Snowy Pictures to Show a Different Side of Christmas

We don’t always have a white Christmas, so when we do, we better take advantage of it!

Snow is strongly connected to the festive feeling in countries where winter is cold.

You can dress the baby in a cute Christmas outfit, but a simple winter outfit will do the same.

Don’t worry if the styling of your photo shoot is not strongly connected to the holiday. It’s still going to reflect a Christmassy feeling.

Needless to say that the baby should be dressed even warmer than usual, as the shoot will take some time. Try to take the photos quickly so you don’t have to stay outside for too long.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby in the snow

7. Take Closeup Portraits of the Baby to Capture Happiness

Don’t let the baby get lost among Christmas decorations. Take close portraits of him or her so the face fills most of the frame.

Christmas pictures with babies often get too crowded with the surroundings and props. Instead, try capturing their smiles and the joy in their face.

The focus of the photo should be the baby’s expression.

The family is going to love these photos, showcasing their little one’s true self.

Sweet Christmas photo of baby dressed as Santa

8. Capture Details to Create More Intimacy

Capturing the baby’s hands, feet or eyes are great ideas for the first Christmas photo shoot.

These close-up images create an intimate feeling while enhancing the baby’ gestures.

This is a perfect opportunity to involve the parents as well. Create contrast between how tiny the baby is by asking a parent to hold hands.

A soft touch and some kind of decoration make adorable candid shots.

Close up of a couple holding their babies hands with a Christmas decoration

9. Dress the Baby as a Little Angel to Create a Special Memory

You don’t necessarily have to include typical Christmas decorations, or a tree or red, golden and green props.

To create an angel outfit, you’ll need a pair of little wings, a white diaper and muted background.

Try to keep it simple and avoid over-decorating the scene.

These images can be turned into a lovely and personal Christmas card for friends and family.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby dressed up in angel wings

10. Get a Little Sleigh to Capture Little Santas

Getting a sleigh might seem a bit too specific. But you’ll be surprised how diversely you can use it for your photo shoots.

If you put soft blankets, bean bags or pillows in it, it’s a safe prop for newborn photography. But a toddler may have fun with it too!

Put it under the tree, or use it in a studio with a white background. Either way, it’s going to be a perfect prop for adorable Christmas photos.

If you don’t know where to look for it, I recommend buying a sleigh on Etsy.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby dressed as Santa Claus

11. Use Books as Props to Create Peaceful Images

Babies and toddlers love storybooks and often get them as presents.

Christmas pictures are usually about peace and calmness. And what is more peaceful than children forgetting about the world while flipping through a book?

Stage the image and make the baby sit under the tree. It will enhance the Christmas spirit and the joy of getting a nice gift.

12. Use Snow Globes For Magical Christmas Pictures

Snow globes are fascinating just by themselves. But using them for your Christmas photo ideas will make them even more special.

A baby will be mesmerised by it. Ask the parents to shake the globe and look at it together with the little one.

With Christmas lights in the background that can shine through the glass, the scene is going to be warm and cosy.

This vintage toy preserves the feeling of joy in simple things.

Sweet Christmas photo of a father and baby in front of the christmas tree

13. Use Boxes as Props to Make the Baby Look Like a Christmas Gift

Babies are gifts to their parents and the whole family. A great way to illustrate this is by using boxes as props in Christmas pictures.

If the baby is sitting under the Christmas tree in a box, he or she will literally look like a little gift.

This is among the most simple ideas for Christmas pictures, yet, one of the cutest and most popular ones.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby in a gift box in front of the christmas tree

14. Use Fairy Lights to Create a Sparkling Christmas Look

Fairy lights are part of our Christmas decorations. But they also make a nice background to your baby photo shoots.

Decorate a wall with these lights and place the baby on a simple and soft rug or blanket in a plain outfit. This way you can get the Christmas sparkles without crowding the scene.

Having the background not directly behind the baby will make the lights blurred. The bokeh is going to be nice if you are shooting with a wide aperture.

This way, the shot will project a Christmassy feeling, but they won’t draw the attention away from your subject. Sweet Christmas photo of a baby in front of christmas lights

15. Shoot in Black and White to Eliminate Distracting Colours

Lights and colours are part of the Christmas spirit. But for some baby photo ideas, you can eliminate them to add calmness to your images.

Black and white images are still going to show the festive atmosphere if you include some props, but the baby gets more emphasis.

Also, this is a unique approach as we usually think that colours make this atmosphere.

Try including, for example, the Christmas tree in the background. You’ll see that black and white images have their place in the Christmas photo albums.

Also, turning your images black and white can solve many lighting problems. Most likely, you are going to shoot under poorly coloured lighting conditions indoors. B&W makes you and the viewer concentrate more on the subject rather than the white balance or the possibly weird colours.

Black and white Christmas portrait of a young boy with a present

16. Document Christmas Traditions Outdoors to Create Nice Memories for the Family

Traditions are important in most families’ life.

Gift shopping, or buying the Christmas tree. Everyone will enjoy looking back at these lifestyle photographs together.

These kinds of photos shouldn’t be staged. Make them rather documentary-like that captures the family during some kind of traditional festive activity.

Sweet Christmas photo of a woman holding her baby in front of an outdoor Christmas tree

17. Document Christmas Preparations in the Family’s Home to Capture their Peace

A huge part of Christmas traditions happens at home.

People are cooking meals, wrapping gifts, decorating their homes or playing games. Why not capture their babies during these activities?

These are everyday, yet, beautiful moments in a family’s life. Of course, a newborn baby is not going to help with baking gingerbreads, but older babies and toddlers can.

The results are going to be adorable!

Artsy Christmas photo of a babys feets on a baking tray

18. Capture Precious Moments by Documenting How Babies React to Their Gifts

Christmas pictures with babies often include presents as decorations or props.

But you can make them a more active part of the image by capturing how a baby gets his or her first gifts.

This way, you can show their joy and surprise through your Christmas photos.

This is not the best idea for newborn photography, as they don’t really care about presents. But slightly older babies or toddlers are going to have adorable reactions.

Years later, these photos will help to recall nice memories.

Sweet baby Christmas photo of a little girl with a present

19. Organise Christmas Photo Shoots that Involves More Babies to Create Lifelong Memories

If the extended family or friends have babies of similar ages, organise sessions for them.

Parents are going to love it, and most likely make it a tradition to see their children growing up together. These images are going to make fun memories.

A Christmas baby photo shoot is a great program to do together with friends or family. You can include all the parents in the images as well.

I bet your friends will be open to these picture ideas!

Cute Baby Christmas photo shoot of five babies in Santa hats


Baby Christmas picture ideas are endless…

As a photographer, you can play a huge role in a family’s life by capturing the baby’s first Christmas.

Always put safety first when it comes to these shoots.

Babies’ moods can be unpredictable, so prepare for the worst. Always have other plans in mind. They easily get bored too, so try to keep the sessions rather short.

Hopefully, our Christmas photo ideas are going to make your job easier. Try twisting and adding your own style to every photo you take.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to use these ideas. Use them bravely even if you are “just” a parent who would like to have some creative baby pictures.

Sours: https://expertphotography.com/baby-christmas-picture-ideas/
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Well, Memorial Day has come and gone; we’ve power-washed our deck; and we’ve had our first s’mores of the season.  It’s official–summer is here for our family!  For many of us, summer also brings with it a family photo session!  Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the grass is green, and our skin takes on a healthy glow… a perfect time of year for taking pictures!  And oftentimes we ladies are starting to think about our holiday cards already, too.  (It’s music to my husband’s ears when I take a peek at my camera after shooting some pictures, and I say, “I think we can use one of these for our Christmas card!”  He loves to check that box and be done with it!!)

With the exception of one time last fall when Aubri from Pink Sky Photography took pictures of our family (what a treat!!), our family has never had a professional photo session.  I know that is shocking to those who know me personally because I LOVE pictures.  But luckily for me, I have some friends who are pretty darn good with a camera, so I will get my kiddos organized (and my husband–let’s be honest, I’ve got to get him on board for this kind of thing!), and we’ll head outside to a beach or a field–or even the backyard.  I’ll hand my camera to my friend, and that’s when we’ll all stop and stare at each other.  So often, we’ll get to where we’re going–looking all color-coordinated and with our hair combed–and then we’ll be like, “What should we do now??”  It can be hard to figure out how to pose!  And if I start telling everybody where to go and what to do, I’ll immediately be sweating bullets.  And if mama is sweating bullets, she is not going to be looking good in any pictures.  And if mama isn’t looking good in any pictures, you can bet your bippy that none of those pictures will be framed in your home, and they certainly won’t be mailed to every person you know around the holidays either!!  So perhaps it would do everyone some good to have an idea about what you want to do before you get to this (exciting) photo session, or the whole thing could be a big ol’ waste of time!

If you’re often in the same boat and need some posing ideas, (or if you’re going to be having some professional photos taken soon), I thought it might be helpful to compile a group of pictures to give you some inspiration.  Photographers love knowing if you have a “vision”, so maybe something below will catch your eye.  When we had our session last fall, I pointed Aubri, our photographer, to this shoot done by Angie from Simplicity Photography.  (many pictures from that shoot–and others from Simplicity Photography–are shared below.)  I loved how comfortable the shots seemed, and I felt like the style of the shoot really captured the closeness of that adorable family.  I also thought their clothes were pretty darn awesome!  (Clearly they spent some time working on that end of things.)  It really helped Aubri to know that’s what I was going for when she took our pictures.   Hopefully you will find some inspiration below yourself!

Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate/referral links. Please click here for further explanation.

As you pan down this post, I’m hopeful that not only will you get some posing ideas, but perhaps you will find some clothing inspiration as well.  Many photographers now include “styling” as part of their fee–they either help you themselves with your clothing and accessories, or they will have you work with a stylist.  It really does make a huge difference when you spend some time compiling your family’s outfits.  If you get a picture with perfect smiles, a cute pose, and beautiful scenery, that photo can’t be incredible if the clothes don’t work.  So if you’re going to make an effort to get some really special pictures that you can cherish for years to come, I’d suggest that you put some thought into what everyone wears.  All the photos below are special in their own way, but some really stand out simply because of the great styling and the attention to detail–oftentimes it’s the necklace, scarf, headband, hat, etc. that really helps to set a photo apart.  Those little things can make a nice photo amazing… With that said, be true to your own style.  You don’t want to look back and feel like your photos aren’t reflective of your family’s personality. View a step-by-step guide for dressing your family for a photo shoot here at Heidi Hope Photography.

Time of Day:  If you are taking pictures outside, you will get the best light just prior to sunset.  First thing in the morning is also good, before the sun gets too high.  But keep in mind that you may want to work around your youngest child’s schedule and take the pictures during his/her best time of day, regardless of light.

Weather (Don’t Fight It!):  If it’s going to be really windy, maybe it’s not worth it to go down to the beach even though you had your heart set on that.  (Or put everybody’s hair in a ponytail!)  If it starts to rain, maybe you can pull out some colorful umbrellas, and have some fun dancing in the rain.  If it’s cold, make sure everyone is dressed warmly enough.  When we had our pictures taken on a sunny day in Florida, my 5-year-old decided she was cold (even though it was 70 degrees!), and unfortunately I didn’t have a sweater for her.  That was the end of her cooperation!  Basically, try to be prepared for anything and just roll with the punches.  You can’t change the weather, so don’t let it ruin your pictures–embrace it!  Maybe you’ll end up with something you didn’t have in mind, but if you’re open to possibilities, you may love the result even more!

Activity:  If you’re worried about your kids being a photo disaster (we’ve all been there!), perhaps you can have some “active” props ready so they forget they are getting their picture taken–things like bubbles, books, balloons, a kite, etc.  You could even set up an outdoor tea party!  You could also tell your kids to do something, such as run, jump, or be silly.  Hold them upside down, tickle them, put them up on your shoulders… Just try not to stress if you start to “lose them” (easier said than done, I know, especially if you are paying money for your photo shoot!).  You can get some amazing pictures (as you’ll see below), by just letting them be kids.  Surely you’ll want your pictures to reflect the love and laughter your family shares–so relax and just go with it!  Not every picture has to be posed symmetrically with everyone smiling right at the camera.  (Although let’s be honest–those are nice, too!)

Reward:  It never hurts to promise your kids a little something if they are wonderful during the photo shoot!  :)  It doesn’t have to be a gift.  If you’re using balloons, for example, maybe they get to let them go at the end of the shoot.  Maybe you let your kids run into the ocean with their clothes on when all is said and done!  (You will probably get your best pictures of the day at that point!)  Our kids’ personal favorite for most any bribe we throw their way:  If they are really, really good–Mommy and Daddy just might do the funniest, silliest, craziest dance they have ever seen.  :)  Oh, if you could only be a fly on the wall for that…

Breathe:  If your pictures are feeling stiff, try taking some deep breaths.  Our photographer had us do that during our photo shoot last fall–it really was a great tip.  We all needed to just settle into things–it was an especially good tip when she took some pictures of just my husband and me.  We needed to stop being so posed and just relax!

Food:  Make sure your family isn’t hungry.  (This includes your husband.)  Hungry family members make for whiny and uncooperative photo shoots.

Husband:  Get your husband on board!  This is key.  Tell him how much these pictures mean to you.  Maybe even give him a beer.  He’s going to smile, kiss, swing kids around, and “happily” do whatever he’s told for the next hour or so (while wearing whatever he’s told to wear).  You know what… on second thought, give him two beers.  Food and two beers.  That should do it.  :)


I know some photographers hesitate to offer your images to you on a disc simply because they want you to use and enjoy your shots–they want you to display them, share them, and love looking at them every day!  Too often our pictures these days end up “trapped” inside our computers.  Furthermore, to quote myself from this post I wrote where I share a wall gallery I hung:  “I believe that if our kids constantly see pictures of our family enjoying life, holding hands, laughing, sharing special moments, etc., it helps them to really feel confident in that love and security.  If they’re surrounded by happy images, I think it encourages them to be happy as well–and they will be more likely to feel like they have grown up in a loving home because they can actually see it all around them.”  So whether you take the pictures yourself or a photographer takes them for you, just promise yourself that after going to all that trouble, you will actually do something with the pictures!  I think you’ll be glad you did.  :)

So once you have all those great pictures, what should you DO with them?!  Some ideas:


After we had our pictures taken last fall by Aubri from Pink Sky Photography, I had a wall gallery of canvases made at Canvas On Demand.  (I can’t recommend them enough–the quality and service was outstanding!  I also saw a box pop up when I got to their website, and by just “liking” them on Facebook, I was able to get 50% off my order that day!!  Needless to say, that’s when I ordered this entire gallery!)  See a glimpse of how it turned out below.  You can view the post here for more shots of the canvases and to see how easy it was to hang them perfectly the first time around!  I also had a single canvas made of a special picture of my husband and me–view it here (and see how I hung it by marking the wall with toothpaste, of all things!)  I have to admit that constantly seeing a picture like that of us (it hangs in our bathroom) helps to remind me of the love I know we have for one another–even on the days when we’re annoying each other!  :)



You could also take the session and turn it into an album full of pictures.  I used to love scrapbooking.  (Find the best albums ever here at Exposures–it is the only place I will buy albums.  Their quality and photo-protection is superior to any other albums I have ever found!!)  I still keep a Christmas album (see it here) where I tuck in our holiday card and describe how we celebrated each year, and I also have an album for each of my girls where I keep their 8×10 portrait pictures from each year.  (When they graduate from high school, that will be a gift for them–a complete album of their pictures through the years–see a picture of it in this post.)  But aside from those ongoing albums, I have now moved into the world of making my photo books online!  It’s so much easier, and you can print multiple copies, too.  If you took your great photo session, for example, you could create a single photo book online, and then order a copy for yourself, one for each of your children as a keepsake, one for grandparents as a gift, etc.  You do the work once, but you can get multiple copies of the book–simple!

I have made photo books at Shutterfly, Blurb (see the book I made for my daughter’s first birthday), and Mixbook.  They are all great.



Obviously you can print your pictures and frame them (I always use Shutterfly to print my pictures–I like to have them mailed to me.  I personally don’t think the quality is as good when you have them printed at Target via Shutterly and pick them up.)  But aside from printing and framing a picture these days, you can also get creative–this post has many ideas for using your pictures around the house (or as gifts) in unique ways.  You could make photo mugs; have a photo printed on a vase; create a photo puzzle; print your photos on coasters, canvases, pillows, or even your iPhone case!  You could also have a custom key chain made (I have this one with a picture of my four daughters in it–I love it!!  It’s held up really well even though my keys bang against it constantly).  See even more options here.  So many ways to use your photos these days–it’s endless!



Ah, the holiday card.  Some people love creating them (like me); some people dread creating them (like my mother.  So guess who makes her cards for her every year now?  Yep.)  But regardless of whether or not you actually enjoy having your cards made (and then mailing them out), I think it’s pretty likely that we all like receiving cards each December.  Who doesn’t like finding “real mail” in their mailbox?!  I love receiving any card in the mail around the holidays, but I especially enjoy the ones with a picture or two inside.  And with all the great online companies these days, it’s so easy to order your photo cards online–some will even mail them for you.  Minted even offers to print all your recipient addresses for FREE!  So when you’re taking pictures this summer or later this fall, perhaps you can keep those “dreaded” cards in mind.  If you’re like my husband, the sooner you can check that task off your list, the better!  Apparently he doesn’t enjoy the whole process quite like I do!  :)

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your holiday cards, be sure to check out these posts:

100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards

30 Fun Photos with Wording Ideas Linked to a Holiday Card with that Sentiment

15 Great Sites to Order Your Holiday Photo Cards



Tiny Prints has been my go-to company (for Christmas cards, invitations, birth announcements, etc.) for the past several years.  One time I wasn’t happy with how they cropped a picture (without telling me) when printing my 250 (!) holiday cards, and they reprinted them and sent them to me overnight, no questions asked.  They have great service, and I love their designs.

Minted is right at the top of my list now as well (maybe even the very tippy-top!).  I used them last year for my holiday cards, and they were my favorite cards yet.  They included vellum paper inserts to be sure that the ink didn’t transfer inside my folded cards when mailed (because that does happen, especially if you have a picture printed on the inside).  Minted also has the best envelopes you’ll find (I love the brown kraft paper myself), and they print on really beautiful paper as well.  (You can view our family’s card from last year here.)  It’s pretty safe to say that I think I’m developing a crush on this company.  :)

I have also always loved Shutterfly.  I typically order photo thank you notes there after the holidays so we can send out a little glimpse of how we celebrated, along with our note of gratitude.

To give you some ideas, see below for various cards I have ordered over the last several years.



Thank you so much to all the talented photographers who gave me permission to feature their work in this post.  I am truly grateful that you have allowed me to share your beautiful pictures.  I’m inspired by each of you!  Please check out any of their links below for a closer look–maybe you will even discover someone near you who can take pictures for your own family!  :)

Ampersand Studios Photography (Idaho)

Amy Robertson Photography (Florida)

Azul Photography (North Carolina)

Blue Lily(constantly traveling; worldwide)

Bre Thurston Photography (Washington/Seattle)

Emily Garrison Photography(Florida)

Esther Louise Photography(Florida)

Fresh From God (California)

Heather C. Johnson Photography(North Carolina)

Heidi Hope Photography(Rhode Island)

Mindy Leigh Photography(Michigan)

Peekaboo Photography(Utah)

Pink Sky Photography(Michigan; also shoots occasionally in Florida & Colorado)

Rebekah Westover Photography(Utah)

Simplicity Photography(Utah; occasionally travels)

Sorensen Studios(Arizona)

Sydney Middleton Photography(Minnesota)

Zoe Berkovic Photography(New York, New Jersey & Connecticut)


For even more inspiration and posing ideas, be sure to view this post with 100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards or click on the collage below.



Finally, without further ado…

They are organized by various posing ideas… I hope you find some inspiration!

By the way, I had started this post with the intention of sharing 100 photos… I’m past 125 already! Too many amazing shots to share!!

Get on the Same Level

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via: www.sorensen-studios.com



via: www.pinkskyphoto.net



Stack it Up

via: www.freshfromgod.blogspot.com




via: sydneymiddletonblog.com



via: simplicityphotography.com



Form a Triangle

via: blog.peekaboophotos.com



via: peekaboophotos.blogspot.com



via: www.pinkskyphoto.net



Find a Doorway

via: www.sorensen-studios.com



via: www.heathercjohnsonphotography.com



Turn Different Directions (Flattering for Mom to Turn to the Side!)

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via: www.sorensen-studios.com



Kids Run Ahead

via: simplicityphotography.com



via: simplicityphotography.com



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Kids Wrap Their Arms Around Mom & Dad

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via: www.pinkskyphoto.net



Tickle Fight!

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Stand Close Together

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via: simplicityphotography.com



Lean In

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Use Signs

As someone who grew up with two older brothers, I love this idea! :)
You could do this with any number of brothers–just change what’s written on each sign!

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Pile on a Bed

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Back to Back

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Use a Ladder

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Kids Up High!

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Find a Bridge

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Sit Down and Snuggle Up

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Lie Down on Your Belly

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Use a Fence

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Find Something to Do (Great for Kids!)

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Shop all Girls Bedding at Serena & Lily.

Lie Down & Look Up

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Railroad Tracks

***Originally I had posted two pictures taken on railroad tracks. Those have since been removed due to safety concerns and readers pointing out that people are actually usually trespassing if they’re on railroad tracks. Thanks for keeping me informed, everyone! :)

Have Baby Curl Up Face-Down

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Bubbles Bring Smiles…

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Just Feet

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Hug it Out

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Upside Down

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Use Interesting Seating

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Grab Some Balloons



Lie Down in Opposite Directions

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Focus on the Lower Half

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Get in a Row

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Wagons, Bikes & Skateboards…

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Catch a Moment

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Use a Dock

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Stand in a Row & Hold Hands

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Tip for Photographing a Dog:
Have the photographer walk up to the dog and start to whimper (like a dog) in order to get the dog’s attention. The dog will be curious by the sound and will most likely freeze as the photographer backs away (still whimpering). Snap the pictures in a hurry while the photographer continues to whimper. The dog will be trying to figure out what’s going on while everyone else smiles naturally because the photographer is making a complete fool of herself! Works like a charm! :)



Up on Shoulders

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Walk in a Line

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Cheek to Cheek

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Work the Attitude!

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Give a Little Kiss

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Throw Leaves

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Shoot from Above

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Shoot from Behind

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Well, that does it!  I hope you are inspired to take some pictures.  I know I am!!

And remember that even when things go awry during your photo session, try not to stress (easier said than done, I know!)  Just enjoy the moment… if a pose you have in mind isn’t working, move on.  Don’t force it, because it won’t go well if you do, and you certainly won’t be getting any good smiles at that point anyhow!  And if all else fails and the wheels are completely falling off, just turn around and get some neat shots from the back!  Nobody will know that your children are crying, your husband is annoyed, and one child managed to get mud down the front of her dress… it’s all good!  :)

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45 Hilarious Pictures That Perfectly Illustrate What Having Siblings Is Like

Anyone who has grown up with siblings will tell you that it can be the best – but it can also be the worst. Sure, having a partner in crime is great when doing all sorts of shenanigans, but it can quickly change when it comes to sharing candy or toys. Love it or hate – it’s all part of that sibling life.

People on the internet are sharing old photos of themselves and their siblings and they are absolutely hilarious. From ridiculous 80s haircuts to fish funerals, check out the funniest photos of siblings growing up in the gallery below!

#1 So I Heard You Guys Like Awkward Family Photos And Pictures Of Pets. Well, Check This Out

Image source: Sir_Charge

#2 Much Heavier Than The Dolls She Practiced On

Image source: vassili_zaitsev

#3 Here’s My Brother With His Hockey Trophy And Medal, And Then There’s Me. Proudly Showing Off My Onion Ring

Image source: TickleMy5Hole

#4 For Christmas One Year My Mom Made My Brother And I Outfits From The Drapes That Came With Our Beautiful Couch

Image source: yborctyalmstkilledme

#5 This Is A Photo Of Me With My Sisters

Image source: Darsa

#6 My Mom And Her Sisters. They Were Told Not To Blink (1978)

Image source: krrristin

#7 My Oldest Brother And I Have Such Similar Looking Faces That Even With Our Faces Swapped, We Still Look The Same

Image source: hotcheetos96

#8 This Is How My 2.5 Year Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother

Image source: thisismyfupa

#9 I Never Truly Understood What It’s Like To Grow Up With Siblings Until I Found This Gem Of A Photo In My Wife’s Family Album

Image source: Playtonic1

#10 I Want That Fish! Son Improvises Without Fishing Gear, Yanks Carp Outta Lake, Shocks Both Fish And Sister

Image source: ontheoffbeat

“My son and daughter were canoeing at a park, and James saw the tail of this huge grass carp and determined he wanted it. With no fishing rod or gear, he just hopped out of the canoe and grabbed it up. He loved on it for a little, let the mammarazzi shoot some pics, and released the shocked fish. Then I sent him home with his dad, since he smelled like a giant fish.”

#11 This Is A Picture Of My Sister And I As A Princess And Knight Riding “Horses” Halloween ’93

Image source: t3rces

#12 Exactly 27 Years Ago, My Mom Took The Perfect Picture Of Me And My Sister. Some Things Never Change

Image source: JK_not_really

#13 The Photographer Told Me To Show More Teeth

Image source: ZoutSlayer69

#14 My Sisters And I Went Through A ‘Sound Of Music’ Phase When We Were Younger. Yes Those Are Our Underpants

Image source: digitag

#15 I Really Didn’t Want To Hold Them

Image source: Mareeswan

#16 Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day

Image source: BryanwithaY

#17 The Permullets

Image source: Kaycee

“Our grandma used to not only give my sister and me mullets in the 80s, she would then perm them. Matching permed mullets. Need I say more?”

#18 Just Found This Cute Picture Of Me And My Psycho Brother In The Background

Image source: leahkray

#19 Apparently This Was The Best Photo They Could Get For My First Christmas

Image source: vpayne993

#20 My Brother And I Peaked In ‘97

Image source: RyanBurry

#21 Found This Picture Of My Sister And I. She Was Probably About Two Weeks Old In This Picture. Right About The Time I Realized That We Were Keeping Her And I Was No Longer An Only Child

Image source: colleenxbean

#22 Requiem For A Betta

Image source: Song

“I was about seven years old when my favorite betta fish died. I was so devastated that I insisted on hosting a full blown funeral for it. We dressed in all black and even said nice words. My mom took this photo in our back yard before we buried it. My older sister is trying her hardest not to laugh while I stood there holding my dead fish on a paper plate!”

#23 Don’t Look Back

Image source: Adam

#24 Siblings Xmas Photo Circa 1980. I’m The One Grabbing My Crotch. This Is The Picture My Parents Chose To Display

Image source: DMG41

#25 Family Road Trip: Obligatory Angsty Teens Against Picturesque Backdrop

Image source: OatmealBreakfast

#26 Gearheads

Image source: Kathryn

“Who makes three siblings commemorate their headgear wearing days? My mom, that’s who! What teenagers agree to have a professional picture taken in said headgears?! My crazy family! Embracing the weird!”

#27 Dad Got Mad When We Weren’t Cooperating For Our Family Christmas Photo

Image source: bdun774

#28 My Brothers And I Back In The Sweet Sweet 90s

Image source: 2 years ago

#29 I Was At My Friends House, And I Asked If I Could Share This Picture Of Him And His Brother. He Reluctantly Agreed

Image source: Gmb1t

#30 This Was Our Family’s Christmas Card In 1991

Image source: Alexnadria

The caption, so lovingly coined by my mother, was “from our happy home to yours!”

#31 The Photographer Asked Us To Look To Our Right, Expecting Us To Turn Our Heads And Look Right

Image source: Dan

My brother and I kept looking forward and only moved our eyes, assuming that was what he meant.

#32 Found This Old Pic Of Me And My Sisters With Balloon Hats. I Think My Sister In The Middle Got The Best One

Image source: krayola228

#33 This Is A Photo From The Final Tap Dance Duet My Brother And I Did Together. It Is My Deepest Hope That He Will Still Speak To Me After This Is Posted

Image source: Kipp

#34 By Far My Favorite Pic Of My Twin Brother And I

Image source: sbabster

#35 The Blunder Brothers, Circa 1994. I’m In Purple

Image source: dame_condor

#36 Just Shoot Me

Image source: Nancy

“One of many shots from our worst portrait sitting ever! Shoots only got more stressful when your little brother is born!”

#37 Legends Of The Fall

Image source:  Jess

#38 My And My Sister’s Embarrassing Childhood Photo. I’m The Unfortunate Soul On The Right

Image source: sabertoothedliger

#39 Spider Girl

Image source: Ashley

“My sister (the legs in the picture) and I (the face) were taking dance pictures and the photographer wanted us to strike our favorite pose. My sister is 10 years older than me so needless to say, we came home with an entertaining conversation piece!”

#40 This Is A Photo Of My Siblings And I. Quinton Was A Biter

Image source: Alex

#41 Just Me, Keeping An Eye On My Older Sister

Image source: readingcarrot

#42 Burning Down The House

Image source: Rachel

“Backstory, ha! I wish I knew! The pic is me (in the towel?!?) and my baby brother .. circa 1989 and I have no idea why we are so calm and why my Mom or Dad felt the need to snap this photo!”

#43 The Mummy

Image source: Meredith

“This is a photo of my younger sister, (mummified), my older brother, (proud as ever), and me (“I didn’t do it”). My favorite part of this picture is how, even though you can’t see my little sister’s face, you can tell she is smiling in a very “TA-DA!” way, and I can only imagine how proud she was to be our model. I don’t remember when this was taken, but I can look at the craftsmanship in the placement of the streamers, and the excellent color blocking techniques, and I know that’s my fabulous work – my brother must have been the project manager/supervisor. My siblings and I have talked about recreating this picture for our mom now that we are all in our 20’s, but it has been really hard to drum up this collection of oddly specific t-shirts.”

#44 Skinny Dippers

Image source: Caitlin

“Every year for swimming my brother and I take a family photo for the team pictures, but this year the crop job and my hair made it look like we were naked.”

#45 In Middle School, I Was The Only Girl On The Wrestling Team. My Brother Was On It As Well And To Save Money, We Decided To Take Our Picture Together. I Now Regret That Decision

Image source: Tiffany

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Old Fashioned Christmas Pictures Set To Christmas Music! 🎄

I knew she was crying and didn't want me to see. She has cried a lot since we moved here. You could often see her leaning her elbow on the table, looking out the window. However, she does not make a sound.

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