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Then she said: Put down your pants and panties, Nadia, lie down on the sofa, I'll go fill the enema with water!" Zhenya left. The room and went to the bathroom, and Nadya slowly got to her feet, looked at her brother standing next to her, untied the waistband of her jeans, pulled the zipper down, put her fingers under her trousers and pulled them down to her knees.

Gena saw his sister's big, white panties. This alone gave him tremendous pleasure, for Nadya in her underwear usually tried not to appear in his eyes.

Gary talked about his childhood sexual fantasies and that he has long wanted to feel the member of another man, but still. Had no opportunity to realize his desire. To which Warren asked: - Would you like to try today. Gary smiled: - Of course. They got up and went out into the street.

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We walked through the lobby of the hotel, where the already familiar brunette was sitting at the counter, and went out into the street. Despite the early hour, there were already quite a few people on the street. Two girls walked by, similar to each other as older and younger sisters.

His father died without seeing his son when his mother walked on the eighth one month of pregnancy. Later, many wooed the mother, but she did not allow anyone. Beautiful in her youth, by the age of forty she had faded a little, but she was still a prominent woman with. A light blond braid around her head, a high chest, and a straight back.

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A day earlier, a day later, I will approach him, the difference is not great, but you need to calm down and think about everything. Not a damn thing like that. Of course, I didn't think of anything. Like a madman, he rushed there again the next day. I have to see him, and then come what may.

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Of course. A sick woman lies on the bed. Her gaze is gloomy, blue circles around her eyes, her arms folded over her chest like a dead woman's. Out of clothes, she is wearing a nightie and warm socks. The long-awaited doctor arrives.

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After the third enema, I helped her get up and brought her to the toilet. She didn't care, I was already worried about the door, toilet paper and the drain of water. The only thing she asked to do was wait outside the door. For some reason I didn't want to eavesdrop or spy onI turned on the music on the phone.

After forty minutes I took her back and the second time I heard a polite word.

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