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First time ordering from black craft&#;

First time ordering from black craft cult, Horrible customer service ! I just spent $ on two items. I Had to pay 15$ to ship the items back to them to exchange the size. No company I know makes you pay for shipping items back and doesn&#;t give you a shipping label! They are saying I have pet hair on items when I have no pet and are not letting me exchange them. Horrible company!

Micaiah Tinnell

Poor quality, not built to last

The stuff is cute but will not last. My husband bought me a backpack purse in February and a strap fell off less than 5 months later. Their response was along the lines of &#;it&#;s out of warranty sucks to suck&#;. I fixed it myself and it did okay. 3 months later the second strap fell off. And now the material where I made the first repair is ripping. Not worth the money for the quality.

Deftones Queen

Inaccurate Sizing

I always wear a 2XL in Men&#;s hoodies because I like my hoodies oversized to wear with leggings. I actually got a 3XL because of the size chart. The hoodie literally fits like a Medium. This is my first, and last, experience with BCC. To say I&#;m disappointed is an understatement as the hoodie I bought was something I&#;ve been wanting for a year now.

Lucipurrr is my homecat

I&#;ve been shopping with BCC since and I love their products and message. I will say their stuff runs a little small, but I know that so I order up. I ordered last week and my items came within 4 days. I love to see them expanding and growing their brand.

Samantha Koslik

I feel scammed

I am very disappointed with this company. I have been purchasing from them for years. I bought a hoodie and had to send it back twice and paid $20 in shipping for this and couldn't wait to get my exchange for small but they sent me a defective hoodie with sticky print on the inside of the hoodie and even admitted it was defective but now they refuse to exchange it and say I must repurchase this item. Not sure how they get away with this, not sure why they would want to treat their customers like this either.

ashleigh hitterman

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. I emailed SEVERAL times before hearing back bc the code the kept posting on their Facebook wouldn&#;t work. I even messaged them on Facebook, but no reply. Then, they eventually emailed back and all they said was that they don&#;t reply to Fb messages. So I said, can&#;t you help me then&#; and the only response was that the code was expired. No other help. &#; Even though, they posted the code, the DAY before on Facebook with no expiration date. &#; super Annoying and unprofessional

Jonathan Stephens

Customer service is non-existant

Customer service is non-existant. They ran a sale and begged me thru advertising to participate. When I created an order for a hoodie, paid them with 10x more than the order amount in my bank account, they turned right around and cancelled my order. Claimed they "suspect it is fraudulent." No verifying the order, no putting it on hold until I verify; just straight cancelled. Wrote them back said I won't miss them if they're going to talk themselves out of the sale.

They have horrible customer service

They have horrible customer service. Package was lost in the mail and they waited over three weeks to refund me. I didn&#;t want a refund bc I had purchased everything on sale. I then had to re order sans sale pricing. They also waited over a month to process a return and then told me it was returned damaged. I literally tried them on- what could have been so damaged? I love their clothes but they seem to really have a disdain for people. If that&#;s the case find workers who enjoy speaking with people and helping out, because clearly that isn&#;t the case now.

Jasmin Cervantes Felix

Never shopping with these guys again

Never shopping with these guys again, I have given them many chances. Not only did they send me the wrong item before they rejected fixing an error on my order regardless of the item not being sent out yet, but they still sent me the wrong size even though I fixed it on the return slip. Extremely upset with this company.

Great Experience!

It's crazy to see so many bad reviews so maybe I've just been lucky but I've ordered a few times from Black Craft Cult and I've had no problems with them.

I live in Odessa, Ontario and have always gotten my stuff in a timely matter even during this pandemic. I just got another order of mine from them today and I ordered 7 items about a week ago and it's already here.

Again maybe I'm just lucky each time but none of my orders were ever wrong and packaging was well executed. I would say they're a bit pricey but their clothing is awesome and of decent quality. I'm a bigger woman so I'm happy that they have sizes I can fit into.

I'll say this though that their jogger pants are very slim fitting so even my regular size is a tight fit but it does warn it's slim fitting so I suggest getting a size up from your regular size unless you plan on losing weight like me haha!

I actually plan to order more very soon here. Let me tell you there's nothing worse than feeling like you have to resort to ugly fat people clothes all the time so I'm very happy to have found a satanic/witchcraft clothing site that has sizes for bigger people too. Now I feel like I can at least feel more confident in my own skin while I continue on my weightloss journey.

Hope y'all are doing good especially during these trying times. My heart goes out to all those affected by this awful virus. Keep strong folks and remember to spread love &#; NOT hate.

Looks nice but sizing charts are completely wrong and customer service doesn&#;t respond

I really want to recommend this brand because the things they send look really nice but their sizing charts are WAAAY off and they won&#;t get back to me about getting a refund. So I bought two shirts that didn&#;t match the sizing measurements that they advertised and the customer service people won&#;t get back to me about returning them. Obviously they need to pay for shipping because the sizing chart is inaccurate, but if I create a shipping label they&#;re going to charge me unless I can confirm the situation. So unfortunately until that&#;s resolved It&#;s a 1 star for me. I also bought sweat pants but again I got a small that I&#;m positive it&#;s an unmarked medium.

Jessica Jewett

Awful Customer Service

I ordered from them at the end of February, filled out all the fields with my correct info (They'd shipped to me before no problem) and waited. I got a notice from USPS that they could not deliver and were sending it back so I inquired as to why. BCC didn't fill out the shipping info correctly and still have made no attempt to ship it back to me even though it was returned to them last week. I have contacted them multiple times and gotten nowhere. Definitely not ordering again.


I ordered from them when the store was 50% off. My items were delivered in a reasonable time. However the quality of the clothes I've received are just bad. The leggings print cracked immediately and after 1 wash the middle seam in the crotch popped. The slides i purchased were already coming apart when i opened the box. You can find better quality clothes from discount places like tj maxx. Don't waste your money on this company better to get items off etsy for the same price and they care about the customer.

Bobby Douglas


these people dont care about their customers. they literally took 3 months to finally get back to me about my $ package that was lost in the mail. they didnt provide me with any real answers and had no empathy about the issue. instead they send me emails every week asking if i wanna buy more stuff from them that wont get delivered. they issued me a refund only after me doing all the leg work and hunting them down. they didnt reach out nor did they try to make the situation any better after hearing about my experience with their brand and shipping issues. instead they assured me i wasnt the only one and i can always place another order with them. instead of apologizing and making the situation better, they would rather brush people off and move on. were in a global pandemic. i couldve taken my business anywhere on the internet. never again will i go through this headache with these people

Heather Smith

I love this company

I love this company! I love and believe in their mission statement and I love their clothes! I&#;ve never had any problems with them regarding quality or getting my shipments in a timely manner. The majority of my shirts come from Blackcraftcult. It saddened me to see that they don&#;t have higher ratings. But people will complain about something more often than praise something. If you&#;ve had a good experience with BCC write a review.

Would Buy Again

I had been wary of ordering off of this website simply because of the reviews. Their products looked incredible but I also felt unsure about the wait times. However, I'm pleased to say that either they've been able to catch up and make some changes, or simply somewhere in shipping things got lost - which has happened to me with other products from other companies during this pandemic. I received my hoodie within the week of order which was a lot faster than I had anticipated and the product came in looking great! I ordered an XS and felt true to size in the arms and chest, although a little long, but I am fairly short. I look forward to ordering products from this company in the future!

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How did you get your first interview at Blackcraft Cult?

August 27,

Sent a resume via email to ops manager.

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What is the interview process like at Blackcraft Cult?

August 27,

Sit down with two managers. A basic interview, sometimes odd questions.

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What benefits does Blackcraft Cult offer?
How did you get your first interview at Blackcraft Cult?

August 27,

Sent a resume via email to ops manager.

See 1 answer
What is the interview process like at Blackcraft Cult?

August 27,

Sit down with two managers. A basic interview, sometimes odd questions.

See 1 answer
What benefits does Blackcraft Cult offer?
What is the interview process like at Blackcraft Cult?

August 27,

Sit down with two managers. A basic interview, sometimes odd questions.

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