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How to Watch HBO Max™ with Cox Contour

HBO Max?the subscription video-on-demand streaming service by WarnerMedia?is designed to compete with streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus. The streaming service carried 10, hours of popular and premium content at launch, with over 2, films included. It not only offers viewers access to programming from HBO channels, but new HBO Max Originals and third-party content as well. Meaning you can watch iconic shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, South Park and more.

Consumers can sign up for HBO Max in a number of ways?you can go with a direct standalone subscription, include HBO in your pay-tv channel lineup (cable or satellite), or access HBO Max via platforms like Apple TV, Hulu, YouTube TV and others.  

If however, you are already a Cox Contour subscriber, we are here to tell you all about how to access HBO Max via your Cox subscription. For those of you not yet subscribed to Cox, this is your chance to know how the provider makes it simple and straightforward to view HBO Max content.

HBO Max Comes to Cox Contour

Cox is currently serving approximately million residential and business customers, and like other major cable TV providers in the U.S., it has endeavored to equip its cable TV service to deliver a contemporary experience. The Contour product line up is geared to fulfill the needs and wants of the modern TV watcher who yearns for a more flexible and convenient way of accessing TV entertainment

If you are a Cox Contour subscriber looking to stream HBO Max TV content, there is good news for you: in March WarnerMedia announced HBO Max has been made available on the Cox Contour set-top box and Contour Stream Player. Which means, all current and new Cox Contour subscribers will now have easy access to one of the largest selections of sought-after content via the HBO Max app?and they’ll be able to enjoy a fully-integrated experience.

How to Access HBO Max via Cox Contour?

As we just said, Cox customers can now access HBO Max content in 2 ways?either via the Contour set-top box or Contour Stream Player. The former comes with a subscription to Cox Contour TV (bundled or standalone), while the latter makes an excellent package for cord-cutters together with super-fast Cox Internet and Panoramic wifi Gateway.

Watch HBO Max via Cox Contour TV

If you subscribe to Cox Contour TV, you get 2 choices. You can go for a higher TV tier which includes HBO Max in the core lineup. Or choose a low-tier core lineup and add on HBO Max à la carte. Whichever arrangement works better with your preferences. Either way, the HBO Max app on your Contour TV device will allow you to watch HBO Exclusives, Max Originals, and more with great ease.

Use the voice activated remote to search and filter content via the smart on-screen guide, get recommendations based on your watch-history, switch from live TV to On Demand, DVR, or your favorite streaming apps?the Contour 2 device makes it ever so convenient and flexible to access what you love to watch on TV.   

Watch HBO Max via Contour Stream Player

On the other hand, if you are inclined towards cord-cutting, Cox offers an amazing combo?fast and reliable internet, with the high-end Panoramic Gateway and the wireless 4K Contour Stream Player?which now carries the HBO Max app among many others.

With download speeds ranging from Mbps, Cox Internet takes care of individuals and families of all sizes alike. Pick a speed tier that fits your needs, add the Panoramic wifi to it, and enjoy a fully-integrated streaming experience with the Contour Stream Player?with all entertainment options in one place and the FREE voice remote which makes it a piece of cake to discover new favorites. Now that is streaming streamlined and simplified!

How to Start Watching HBO Max with Cox?

Subscribe to HBO Max via Cox Contour

Do you want to add HBO Max onto your existing subscription to a Cox Channel Lineup? Or you have the Cox Contour Stream Player with the HBO Max app, and you want to subscribe to the service? Well, you can conveniently subscribe via your Cox Contour TV device or the Contour Stream Player. And, this is what you need to do:

  • Navigate to Apps by pressing the Home or Contour button on your voice remote. And select HBO Max.
  • Choose “Subscribe Now”?this option will appear only if you are not already included in your Cox TV subscription.
  • Next, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the subscription through Cox.
  • Once you are subscribed, open the HBO Max app and sign in with your Cox credentials.

Sign into HBO Max via Cox

Are you subscribed to a Cox Contour TV plan which includes HBO Max? Here is what you need to do next in order to start watching HBO Max:

  • Launch the HBO Max app on your Cox Contour TV device or the Contour Stream Player.
  • Click on “Sign In”. You’ll see a 6 digit code.
  • Stay on this screen, and open a web browser on another internet-enabled device?smartphone or PC?and go to You’ll be redirected to and taken to an Enter Code screen.
  • Enter the code that appeared on your TV, and click on “Next”.
  • Select “Sign in with a Provider”. And, choose “Cox”.
  • Enter your Cox user ID and password.
  • Create your account by confirming your name and email.
  • Once your TV updates, you’ll be ready to stream!


The Cost of HBO Max Subscription with Cox

Depending on which way you get HBO Max with Cox, the cost varies?

  • If you go for a Cox Cable plan which includes HBO Max in the core channel lineupe. Contour TV Preferred Plus or Ultimate, you’ll be paying $ or $ per month respectively.
  • If you choose to keep your core Cox Channel Lineup more modest, with Contour TV Starter or Preferred, you’ll be paying $50 or $90 per month respectively for your TV subscription, and another $16/mo. for the HBO Max add-on.

And, if you are signed up for a Cox Internet plan, your subscription cost will include the monthly service fee for internet?ranging from $$ per month?depending on the speed tier, the Panoramic wifi Gateway rental fee i.e. $12/mo., the Cox Contour Stream Player rental fee i.e. $5/mo. and HBO Max subscription fee i.e. $16/month.

The End Note

If you have already cut the cord and are looking for a better alternative, HBO Max with Cox Internet is a great choice. But sometimes it’s quite hard for people to ditch Cable TV, and that’s when you can consider getting HBO Max with a Cox Contour TV plan.

With such great variety of shows, movies and original content to look forward to as HBO Max has to offer, we are sure you’d want to launch the HBO Max app on Contour. In case you need pro advice and more information about the way forward, speak to Cox Customer Service at


Sign in or sign up on a Cox device

Ways to sign in

How you sign in depends on how you get HBO Max.

Subscribe through Cox

If you don't currently have HBO Max, see Subscribe through Cox.

Sign in through Cox

If HBO Max is part of your Cox TV package, here's how to sign in:

  1. Open the HBO Max app on your Cox device: Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player.
  2. Choose Sign In. You should see a 6 character code. Stay on this screen while you grab your phone or a computer.
  3. Open a web browser on your phone or a computer and type in the address bar (this redirects to This should take you to an Enter Code screen.
  4. Enter the code that appears on your TV, and then choose Next. Code not working?
  5. Choose Sign in with a Provider.
  6. Choose Cox and then you'll be prompted to enter your Cox User ID and password. If you have trouble signing in, see Can't sign in.
  7. First time signing in? You'll see 'Create Your HBO Max Account.'
    • New to HBO Max? Enter your name and email address and then choose Create Account.
    • Already have an HBO Max account? Enter your name and your existing HBO Max email address, and then choose Create Account. Next, follow the Account Found steps in Link accounts or create a new account to link your existing account to your HBO Max subscription through Cox.
  8. Once your TV updates (this will take a minute) you're ready to stream.

Can't sign in?

  • Can't verify subscription
    Close the HBO Max app and make sure your Cox TV package includes HBO Max. To do this, sign in to your Cox account at and make sure HBO Max is included with your TV package. Then, open HBO Max and sign in again.
  • Other sign-in issue
    See Can't sign in through a provider.

Sign in with HBO Max email and password

If you have an HBO Max email and password, use these Sign-in steps.

Can't sign in?

  • Can't verify subscription
    Check your subscription status to make sure your subscription is active. To find out who your subscription is billed through, go to and sign in with your account email and password.
  • HBO (HBO NOW) Subscriber?
    If you previously subscribed to HBO (HBO NOW), you need to sign in to HBO Max on your phone or computer (and accept the terms of use) before you can sign in on Cox. Here's what you need to do:
    1. Go to on your computer or open the HBO Max app on your phone or tablet.
    2. Sign in using your account email and password (use these Sign-in steps).
    3. If you haven't signed in before, you must agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy for the HBO Max platform. If you choose Access All of HBO Max, then you can stream the entire HBO Max catalog. Or, if you choose Access HBO Only, then you can watch all of HBO on the HBO Max platform.
    4. Go back to your Cox device and try signing in again.
  • Other sign-in issue
    See Can't sign in with email and password.

Subscribe through Cox

You can add HBO Max to your Cox TV package using the HBO Max app on your Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player.

To subscribe on your Cox device:

  1. Press the Home or Contour button on your Cox voice remote, then choose Apps, and then select HBO Max.
  2. Choose Subscribe Now.
  3. Choose Subscribe (if HBO Max is already included with your Cox TV package, you won't have a Subscribe option).
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe through Cox. You'll be charged $16 (plus applicable tax) for your first month. Your subscription will auto-renew each month until you cancel.

Once you've subscribed, open the HBO Max app and sign in through Cox.


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HBO Max Is Now Available on Cox

By Ste Knight


If you've got a Cox set-top box, then you can now get HBO Max shows via the app.

Are you a Cox Contour customer looking to enjoy HBO Max shows on your set-top box? Well, now you can, because you can launch the HBO Max app direct from your device.

HBO Max Comes to Cox Customers

If you've been looking for a convenient way to watch HBO Max via your Cox hardware, then you now have the option to install the HBO Max app on your Contour gear.

From here, you can watch your favorite HBO series, including Ridley Scott's Raised by Wolves, Gomorrah, and The Flight Attendant, using your HBO Max login.

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It also means you'll get to see the premiere of Zack Snyder's Justice League, which premiere's via HBO on March 18th.

Whatever you decide to watch, this will no doubt come as a pleasant surprise to Cox Contour Customers.

What Cox Devices Are Getting HBO Max?

According to a press release, issued jointly with Cox Communications, you can access the HBO Max app on two devices:

Cox customers can now access HBO Max via their Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player devices by opening the HBO Max app using their Contour remote or by saying “HBO Max” into their voice remote to launch the app. Customers are also able to subscribe to HBO Max directly via their Contour TV device using their remote.

So, it looks like Cox Contour subscribers have full integration with HBO Max to look forward to. They'll even be able to watch in high definition with content available in "4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to Cox Contour customers on supported devices".

How Do You Get HBO Max on a Cox Contour Device?

As WarnerMedia mentions above, it is a very simple process. You'll need to have an active subscription to HBO Max, first. You can grab one by heading to the Max page and signing up. Note that this will cost you $ a month.

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You can also sign up using your remote control, but this is a fiddly process when entering your details. So if you don't already have a subscription to HBO Max, we suggest you sign up online.

Other than that, you just need to launch the HBO Max app on your Contour 2 or Stream Player and log into your account.

Will You Be Watching HBO Max Shows on Your Contour Device?

With so much high-quality content to look forward to, we have no doubt you're already firing up the Contour 2 and getting ready to watch your favorite shows.

Of course, if you're not a Cox customer, then there are other ways you can enjoy HBO Max content. It is available via a wide range of other devices, too.


How to Stream HBO Max on Roku

There are many ways to watch HBO Max on your Roku device, even if you don't have the app installed.

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HBO Max lands on Cox boxes

HBO Max, WarnerMedia's new supersized premium streaming service, will gather up a bit more exposure now that its app has been integrated with certain IP-capable video devices from Cox Communications.

The HBO Max app is now available on Cox's Contour 2 set-tops as well as the Contour Stream Player. Both devices hook into Cox's X1 syndication deal with Comcast. Contour 2 boxes are akin to Comcast's X1 pay-TV set-tops and client devices, and the Contour Stream Player is a product that closely mirrors Comcast's Flex device/platform targeted to broadband-only customers.

A mirror image to Comcast's Flex product, Cox's Contour Stream Player uses the same 4K/HDR-capable wireless IP client hardware (the Comcast Xi6 box) and voice remote. While Comcast offers Flex for no added cost to broadband-only subs, Cox currently charges an additional $5/month for the Contour Stream Player. (Image source: Cox Communications)

A mirror image to Comcast's Flex product, Cox's Contour Stream Player uses the same 4K/HDR-capable wireless IP client hardware (the Comcast Xi6 box) and voice remote. While Comcast offers Flex for no added cost to broadband-only subs, Cox currently charges an additional $5/month for the Contour Stream Player.
(Image source: Cox Communications)

The launch on Cox devices comes ahead of the March 18 release of Zack Snyder's Justice League. WarnerMedia will release its full movie slate simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters.

In addition to accessing HBO Max content via search results (including results generated from voice remotes), Cox customers with supported devices will also be able to subscribe to HBO Max directly with their remote control.

The app integration will give HBO Max further exposure to Cox's pay-TV and broadband customer base and will likely lead to more activations of the new supersized subscription VoD service. The tie-in will also build on WarnerMedia's plan to convert existing HBO customers to the new HBO Max service.

HBO Max and HBO ended with about million combined subs (a gain of 7 million subs for the year). HBO Max ended with million activations. By comparison, Disney+ just crossed million subscribers worldwide.

HBO Max, which currently costs $ per month, will add a less expensive, ad-supported version of the service later this year.

HBO Max's early gains have largely been fueled by HBO subscriber conversions among WarnerMedia's pay-TV service partners. However, WarnerMedia appears eager to start ramping up HBO Max as a standalone, premium streaming service.

The key to HBO Max's success around the globe will center on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, Jason Kilar, WarnerMedia's CEO, said last week at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. "By any measure, we have to start with that," he said.

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— Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor, Light Reading


Max cox deal hbo

HBO Max Now Available on Cox Cable TV Set-Tops

WarnerMedia, in another step forward to make HBO Max easier to access, announced that the streaming service&#;s app is now available to Cox Communications&#; Contour customers on their set-top boxes.

The AT&T-owned media conglomerate had a pact with Cox to offer the operator&#;s HBO customers access to HBO Max for no extra cost for the May launch. Now, Cox customers can access HBO Max via their Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player devices, and can also subscribe to HBO Max directly via their Contour TV device using their remote control.

Cox had an estimated million TV subs at the end of , per Leichtman Research. HBO Max similarly became available customers of Comcast, the nation&#;s largest cable operator, on Xfinity and Flex set-tops in mid-December.

By putting HBO Max at the fingertips of cable TV customers, WarnerMedia is hoping to boost active users of the premium streamer. At the end of , WarnerMedia had million combined HBO Max and HBO U.S. subscribers, up 20% year over year. However, of the million HBO Max-eligible subs at year-end, less than half of those &#; million &#; had activated HBO Max.

In , HBO Max subscribers will get day-and-date access to Warner Bros.&#; entire film slate with theatrical release, including the upcoming &#;Godzilla vs. Kong&#; (March 31).

WarnerMedia is planning to debut a price-reduced, ad-supported version of HBO Max later in The company also is set to expand HBO Max into 39 territories throughout Latin America in June, and the HBO-branded streaming services in Europe (the Nordics, Spain, Central Europe, the Baltics and Portugal) will be upgraded to HBO Max later this year.

optional screen reader

What the $43B WarnerMedia/Discovery Deal Means for HBO Max \u0026 DC Comics - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

How to Get HBO for Free on Cox Cable


Subscribe to Cox Cable Bundled with HBO Today

Cox makes getting HBO fast, cheap and easy. It already comes bundled with most of their packages. But it can be added to an existing bundle just as easily as it can be removed. That being said if you happen to switch to Cox during when they are running a special promotion it is possible to even get HBO free. You can call Cox to find out about their existing HBO deals.

Or grab HBO directly, without a cable subscription from HBOMax:


Add HBO to Your Existing Cox Cable Package

To add HBO to your existing Cox Cable subscription simply sign-in to your Cox account either directly via the official website or their Cox Connect mobile app. Then just click on HBO, Add to Favorites and you’re done. You can also click the Favorites button to see if HBO is already added.

Wait for HBO Free Preview by Cox Cable

Sometimes Cox Cable runs what they call ‘HBO Free Preview’ for a couple of days. The idea is to primarily let everyone know how good HBO is and so they can get hooked to the programing.

Cox Cable generally announces their so-called HBO Free Preview via social media a few days before it starts. So, you’ll want to like their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date. The free preview runs a few times a year but it is for a day or two at best. So, you’ll want to catch it while its still hot!

You can also check Cox Cable’s official press release page for updates.


Add HBO to a non-Cox Cable Streaming Account

Most people want to ditch conventional cable in favor of the cheaper alternative i.e. streaming services. Fortunately, streaming services are as good if not better than their conventional counterparts. You have a tone of options many of which include HBO as part of their lineup. Amazon, Hulu Live and Sling are to name a few. They cost around the same if not slightly cheaper than a full-blown Cox Cable plan making them a worthy consideration. Plus, you also get free HBO deals depending on the service you choose.

Once you add HBO to your Cox Cable account make sure to use their streaming app on your mobile device. You can log-into HBO GO with the same Cox Cable credentials.


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