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Translation of address in Spanish:


dirección, n.

Pronunciation /əˈdrɛs//ˈæˌdrɛs/

See Spanish definition of dirección


  • 1

    • 1.1(of house, offices)

      dirección feminine

      señas feminine

      what's your home address?¿cuál es su dirección particular?

      • home addressdomicilio (particular)
      • change of addresscambio de domicilio
      • they're no longer at this addressya no viven aquí
      • return addressremitente
      • address labeletiqueta con la dirección
      • The event served as a rendezvous for parents to exchange addresses for ‘further discussions’.
      • Paper was produced and they exchanged addresses.
      • They exchanged mailing addresses and became good friends after their chance meeting.
      • But the list didn't have detailed addresses or contact information.
      • They exchanged addresses and phone numbers, but neither had contacted the other.
      • After we'd exchanged numbers and addresses, Marty looked as though he was about to explode.
      • Users are required to fill in their address and provide contact details as well as a proof of ID under the less known Aussie Patriots Act?
      • Detectives established addresses and other details and passed the information to British authorities.
      • Among the abusive calls and text messages being received are some claiming to have put campaigners' addresses and contact details on Combat 18's target lists.
      • I believe that journalists who deny anyone else a right of privacy should have details of their addresses and private lives made freely available.
      • The people in the group bond in a special way, and addresses are exchanged at the end so you can keep in touch with, or just remind yourself of, those you walked with.
      • On Sunday enjoy a farewell breakfast with your new friends, it will give you a chance to exchange names and addresses with your fellow guests.
      • You can get more information, including addresses and links on our Web site.
      • The addresses and contact information of the main shops are a useful addition.
      • Anyway we exchanged names and addresses and now I'm expecting a huge bill.
      • Suddenly the whole room's just buzzing and names and addresses are being exchanged.
      • I assured her that there was plenty of information on the address and that China Post was pretty good and would no doubt get the package to me.
      • The display system will contain a copy of the driver's license, his address and other details.
      • He gave no further details other than his address.
      • His daughter, who is a police officer, has had her home address posted on the Internet.
    • 1.2Computing

      dirección feminine

      • Customers are also able to send photo messages to email addresses.
      • Whitelists, for example, search character strings to identify legitimate e-mail addresses.
      • References are made to the recipient's domain name and email address to give the message the smack of authenticity.
      • Webmasters can now identify and block robots that harvest email addresses from their websites.
      • It only covers personal e-mail accounts, which means it will still be legal for a company to send unsolicited commercial messages to corporate email addresses.
      • The flash memory controller is used to control data access and specify an address of data storage.
      • Rather then knowing the various memory addresses, or offsets, needed to compromise systems, a single offset could work, Lynn said.
      • The rest of the boxes are flagged with the memory address of the cache line they contain.
      • The tags are examined and mapped back into the display memory addresses and only those rows or columns containing changed data are transferred to the data stream for display.
      • Thereby, the necessity for increasing the memory capacity can be avoided to secure empty addresses in the memory region, and furthermore, control can be simplified.
  • 2


    discurso masculine

    alocución feminine formal

    • Other CPA officials I talked to said they had no knowledge of him delivering a farewell address.
    • He represented the US at a major public event in Battenberg Square in honour of the anniversary and delivered an address.
    • The Dalai Lama will also deliver an address to MSPs at the Scottish parliament during his tour, which begins in late May.
    • It was a competent address, cleanly delivered, but it was hardly an exercise in high octane oratory.
    • He delivered a pithy address on old England sports.
    • He was at the university to deliver an address on foreign policy, after which he was asked about the embargo by a student.
    • A chapel beside the ruins of the World Trade Centre was the place chosen by New York's outgoing mayor to deliver his farewell address yesterday.
    • The closing address will be delivered by the Head of the School of Business at the Waterford Institute.
    • He said not only were staff members and the board of directors present, but the prime minister had delivered the feature address.
    • As he delivered his address, you could almost whisper the caveats.
    • He was there in his capacity as President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science to deliver addresses in Melbourne and in Sydney.
    • This book is made up of four addresses delivered in India between 1999 and last year, plus one other of uncertain date.
    • This article is adapted from an address delivered at the Naval War College on 8 May 2001.
    • He was delivering the feature address at a Lake Asphalt seminar at Cara Suites Hotel in Claxton Bay when he made the announcement.
    • I delivered my address to about 50 women as they ate breakfast and smiled appropriately at my remarks.
    • The trial judge and the Crown Prosecutor were both of the opinion, after all the evidence and all the addresses, that the issue was alive for the jury's consideration.
    • The address, suited to the climate of 2002, was given by a well-known human rights activist.
    • The quote that is allegedly from George Washington's farewell address is also a complete forgery.
    • He now faces a new challenge of explaining his vision to the country and to the world in his second inaugural address.
    • This would be her last public address as head of the woman suffrage movement.
  • 3 literaryaddresses plural


    atenciones feminine

    galanterías feminine

    to pay one's addresses to sbhacerle la corte a algn

  • 4 formal


    habilidad feminine

    destreza feminine

    • Ten years later he conducted, with considerable address, the combined operations which led to the capture of Toulon.
    • William extricated himself from his difficulty with considerable address.
    • He conducted his search with considerable address, but everywhere he received the same reply.
    • She did so with admirable address--sometimes playfully, sometimes coldly, sometimes firmly, always kindly; yet with all this tact the repeated checks made Pinder cross now and then.

transitive verb

  • 1

    this letter isn't properly addressedesta carta no lleva la dirección indicada correctamente

    • the package was addressed to youel paquete estaba dirigido a ti / venía a tu nombre
    • address it to my London homemándemela a mi casa de Londres
    • If you would like to receive a reply then please enclose a stamped, addressed envelope with your letters.
    • I have spent the last couple of days bundling up parcels and addressing envelopes.
    • Please include a stamped and addressed envelope with your letter requesting an application form.
    • Graham wrote the card and addressed the envelope, and I pulled out my trusty little pencam.
    • For them, the mere thought of finding a stamp, addressing a letter, and dropping it in a mailbox is challenging.
    • The website doesn't mention whether you need to enclose a stamped, addressed envelope but best be on the safe side.
    • The envelope was addressed to me but on the letter itself there was no welcome, no Dear Emma, nor was it signed.
    • Handwriting which is used to address the envelopes is fluent, naturally written and not disguised, according to forensic experts.
    • The envelope was correctly addressed and had a first class stamp.
    • The letter was addressed to my wife but it was meant for both of us.
    • Now she may never see the photos or read what was in the lovingly addressed letter her grandmother had sent.
    • He received the incorrectly addressed letters due to a clerical error.
    • She picked up her pen, finished addressing the envelope in front of her and added it to the pile of invitations to be sent out.
    • When you get an incorrectly addressed letter you can return it to the sender without ever seeing what's inside.
    • Depending upon the size of the mailing, consider hiring some high school kids you know to address the envelopes.
    • The council believes up to 300 wrongly addressed envelopes slipped through the net.
    • He has contacted 150 people telling them about the application and to whom to address their letters.
    • Some time later I finished my letter, put it in an envelope, sealed and addressed it.
    • I enclosed a stamped, addressed, envelope so they could send me a receipt for the payment.
    • If the quantity is manageable, have someone address the envelopes for you.
  • 2

    • 2.1(speak to)

      (person)dirigirse a

      (assembly)pronunciar un discurso ante

      are you addressing me?¿se dirige usted a mí?

      • she will address Congresspronunciará un discurso ante el Congreso
      • The person obviously wasn't addressing him, but speaking to someone else.
      • When we speak, he addresses me like a slightly harried father chivvying a child.
      • They are both expected to address the assembled guests and students of the School.
      • The movement was interrupted by a monologue on the properties of water, delivered in the style of a lecturer addressing her students.
      • Three groups were allowed to address the assembled students.
      • Right at the top of the hour, he'll be speaking from the White House, addressing the American people and the world.
      • Ian addressed the assembly on behalf of the students, speaking warmly and wittily of his time in the school.
      • Eric was encouraged to take the stage and address the assembled folk.
      • After the lapse of some time, Sharpe rose to address the meeting, speaking in a low, soft tone, that his voice might not be heard beyond the walls of the building.
      • Thank you for that magnificent speech yesterday, and it is my pleasure to ask you to address the assembled gathering.
      • She was addressing delegates at the council's annual conference in Castlebar.
      • Why doesn't she have the courage to defend her economic convictions when addressing a general audience?
      • Just as a public debater primarily addresses the audience and not the opponent, remember that others are watching and listening.
      • In this sense, the film addresses its audience in the form of a lecture or a political broadcast, yet in a highly innovative manner.
      • Earlier, addressing the students, he spoke about the need to protect the environment and the hazards of pollution.
      • ‘We don't address the president unless he speaks first,’ a member of the film crew had told me earlier.
      • Each will address the worldwide audience during the conference weekend.
      • A panel of speakers will address the audience and this will be followed by a question and answer session.
      • Since then, she has travelled across the world addressing anti-war conferences, meetings and rallies.
      • I don't know or care who started it, but you do not address people in that manner in my classroom, in my hearing or out of it.
      • It took Anna a while to even get Nancy to call her by her name instead of addressing her as ‘your highness’.
      • Despite telling them her name, they address her as Bridey or Molly.
      • The phone book is alphabetized by first names, and a man named Sitha Sisana would be addressed as Mr. Sitha.
      • I really liked saying her name but she had addressed me as Mr. Taylor so maybe I thought I should keep some what of a professional air about me.
      • Provided the subjects were male, regardless of age, they were addressed as ‘Father’.
      • But when they are addressed as ‘honey’, ‘my child’, ‘darling’ and so on, their fondness towards her doubles.
      • Meanwhile, Joss was scolded by her mom for addressing President Bush as ‘George’.
      • Because he was so often referred to in pompous tones as ‘the eminent historian and biographer’, I would sometimes address him as: ‘Dear eminence.’
      • Often, as in the US services, they are addressed as ‘chaplain’ (‘Padre’ in the British army) though they may hold a variety of commissioned ranks.
      • As everyone in Charlottesville was addressed as ‘Mister,’ I asked: ‘Mr. Buchanan, could you give us a few suggestions about what you are looking for in this essay?’
      • In several passages in Matthew disciples call Jesus ‘Lord’, and in six places in Luke Jesus is addressed as ‘master’, a word not found in the other gospels.
      • Instead of being called ‘Master’ by his disciples, he is addressed as ‘Rabbi.’
      • Although Okonkwo could never show emotion because that would be a sign of weakness, he was fond of Ikemefuna and the boy began addressing Okonkwo as father.
      • ‘Well, how very rude of you, young man,’ said a voice, addressing him as if he were an adolescent.
      • According to one of her two self-published booklets, Jesus appears frequently to her, addressing her as ‘My suffering soul, ‘‘My sweet petal, ‘and ‘My child ‘.’
      • It could be funny and a touch mischievous - one self-regarding, supposedly glamorous female TV anchor frostily asked her to desist from addressing her as ‘ma'am’ during a live interview.
      • In 1787 he met Mrs M'Lehose, with whom he corresponded at length in high-flown terms, addressing her as ‘Clarinda’, signing himself ‘Sylvander’.
      • An Episcopal female bishop was also present, and the archbishop was criticized by conservative Catholics for addressing her as ‘Bishop.’
      • But I yearn to know the sweetness of that first moment Jonathan addresses me as ‘wife.’
    • 2.2

      to address sb as sth
      • they address her as "madam"
    • 2.3 formal (direct)


      to address sth to sbdirigir algo a algn

      • He said he had not addressed the remark to the inspector but to someone beside him.
      • I think you need to address those remarks to him.
      • But that's not the crowd that I'm addressing my remarks to.
      • Unable to see who had spoken I addressed my remarks to the whole crowd.
      • It is worth noting that he has called on protesters to address their protests to him, yet he refused to see two Gulf War veterans who wanted to hand their medals back to him.
      • I want to address some remarks to him, and I hope he is listening to this debate.
      • Elderly people are pushed out of the way and if any remarks are addressed to them, the language is shameful.
      • Unusually, harking back to The Burns And Allen Show the key characters in Love & War directly addressed comments to the camera while others around them were oblivious to ‘the fourth wall’.
      • Another writer addressed a letter to the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, regarding civil proceedings between Baker and Walter Winchell, well-known newsman and broadcaster.
      • She looked at Rowena; a lot of her remarks were addressed to Rowena, who was the only person who reliably answered.
      • The remarks were addressed to her since she was present at the time and must have been recognised by the judge having appeared before him on earlier interlocutory applications.
      • Meanwhile the doctors addressed their concerns to both the committee and the ministry.
      • ‘The workers have to address their demands to the management of Tripatra directly, not Caltex,’ he said.
      • If he wanted to make his speech in order, he should have addressed his remarks to you, then said that the remarks he was making to you would be of interest to Maori.
      • In addition to the scholarly work of the study, he wrote Horace's Compromise to address its findings to a broader audience.
      • They should be addressing their messages to the bulk of the American public that is unaware of the consequences of US foreign policy, not to each other.
      • He kind of answers it, but doesn't bother looking at me or addressing his comments to me.
      • You should contact the estate agent and ask to whom you should address your letter of complaint.
      • The second half of this book, once the history has been dealt with, addresses the problems of the present, issue by issue.
      • On the whole, general comments now became longer and more analytical, and they began to address difficult issues of interpretation.
      • A typical day begins with a staff meeting, where any issues and problems are addressed.
      • And that doesn't even begin to address the problem itself.
      • Could you do with a helping hand in beginning to address these issues?
      • But now, it seems, one publisher, at least, has begun to address the problem.
      • Have the Government begun to address these problems in its recent Green paper?
      • How do we begin to address the issue of vandalism?
      • Have his policies begun to seriously address the enormous problems facing our nation?
      • To begin addressing these social problems, international volunteers have arrived in Ethiopia.
      • The good news is that we have already begun to address the problem.
      • Fortunately, recent studies have begun to address these important issues.
      • This bill addresses second-tier application issues, such as defining the territorial scope of investment adviser law received or given in New Zealand.
      • The second issue addresses whether techniques employed in a research or university laboratory can be transferred to a clinical setting.
      • Crew resource management is used in aviation and addresses issues such as flattening the hierarchy.
      • He is a director on the boards of organisations that addresses social inclusion issues at local and national levels and has a good understanding of issues faced by the socially disadvantaged.
      • We need to gauge neighborhood support and address legitimate concerns.
      • What treatment may address is his ability to control his conduct.
      • A question we will need to address is whether we can teach and learn these skills.
      • The report calls on the Department for Education to invest more money in refurbishment programmes and address pay levels for technicians.
  • 3

    • 3.1(deal with, confront)


    • 3.2(face, aim at)


reflexive verb

  • 1

    (speak to)

    to address oneself to sbdirigirse a algn

  • 2 formal

    (turn one's attention to)

    to address oneself to sthabocarse a algo



Our physical address is Rue De La Marina BP 299.

Nuestra dirección física es Rue De La Marina BP 299.

Our physical address is Bumbak No 22 Kerobokan Kuta Bali.

Nuestra dirección física es Bumbak No 22 Kerobokan Kuta Bali.

Our physical address is Cnr Moores Crescent & Varsity Parade.

Nuestra dirección física es Cnr Moores Crescent & Varsity Parade.

The change of IP address should be sent to: Meghan.

El cambio de dirección IP debe ser enviado a: Meghan.

Our address is 36, rue de la Croix St Simon.

Nuestra dirección es 36, rue de la Croix St Simon.

The physical address is Av Duque de Loulé, nº 45.

La dirección física es Av Duque de Loulé, n.º 45.

The physical address is 1- 5 Exchequer Street, Temple Bar.

La dirección física es 1- 5 Exchequer Street, Temple Bar.

The physical address is 82/32 Moo 3, Bangtao Beach, Cherngthalay.

La dirección física es 82/32 Moo 3, Bangtao Beach, Cherngthalay.

Here's a picture of my husband and his address.

Aquí está una foto de mi marido y su dirección.

The IP address for this domain may have changed recently.

La dirección IP para este dominio puede haber cambiado recientemente.

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Translation of address – English–Spanish dictionary

This paper addresses the technical challenges of implementing a producibility analysis tool.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Very few of these studies actually address the distinction between planning and control.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Longterm exclosure plots currently capturing and protecting seeds falling into the crab-zone will help address this uncertainty.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

The initial measures addressed sociodemographic variables, psychological\psychiatric problems and social disability.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Very few studies, however, have addressed the existential concerns of families of late-stage dementia patients.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

It will be important for future work to continue to address these issues by attempting to differentiate lexical from phonological representations.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.


discurso  - speech, address, discourse, treatise 

alocución  - speech, address 

dirección  (de una residencia, etc.)- address, direction, management, leadership, steering (of an automobile) 

dirigirse a

pronunciar un discurso ante

dirigir  - to direct, to lead, to address, to aim, to point, to conduct (music) 

ponerle la dirección a


In spanish address

Dictionary English-Spanish

Below, you

[...] will find ourpostal address,a general phone [...]

number and a fax number.

Abajo encontrará Ud. las señas de correo y un número [...]

de teléfono y de fax generales.

This address is also thepostal addressof your company.

Esta dirección es

[...] también la dirección postal de su empresa.

For thepostal addressof your national central [...]

bank, please see its website.

La dirección de correo postal de cada banco [...]

central nacional figura en su sitio web.

Formal proposals should be sent in one original and four

[...] hard paper copies to the abovepostal address.

Las propuestas formales deberÆn enviarse en una versión original y en cuatro

[...] copias en papel a la dirección anteriormente mencionada.

Please also include yourpostal address.

Es importante

[...] incluir la dirección postal del remitente.

The appeal

[...] must also giveapostal addressand telephone [...]

number that can be used to communicate with the appellant on matters relating to the appeal.

Asimismo han de indicarse en la

[...] solicitud la dirección postal y el número de teléfono [...]

que pueden utilizarse para comunicar


la información destinada al solicitante en relación con el asunto.

Article 2 of the General Shareholders Regulation sets forth that among other aspects, the company's website will post information on the communication channels between shareholders and the company and the opportune explanations on


exercising their rights to obtain

[...] information, indicating thepostal addressthatshareholders can [...]

use and means and production for


conferring representation of the General Assembly and for long-distance voting, with the approved forms for carrying out all of the above.

El artículo 2 del Reglamento de la Junta establece que en la página web de la Sociedad se establecerán, entre otros aspectos, los cauces de comunicación con los accionistas y la información pertinente sobre el ejercicio del derecho


a la información; con

[...] indicación de las direcciones de correo postal y electrónicoa las [...]

que pueden dirigirse los accionistas,


así como los medios y procedimientos para conferir la representación en la Junta General y para el ejercicio del voto a distancia, con los formularios aprobados para llevarlo a cabo.

If you supply us with yourpostal address,telephone number [...]

and/or social security number online you will only receive information


or be contacted regarding your inquiry or order.

Si nos proporciona su dirección postal,mero deteléfono [...]

y/o número de seguro social en línea solo recibirá información


o será contactado con respecto a su consulta o pedido.

Our Office Services for all those


corporations whose company

[...] founding we did not support: You receiveapostal addressfromus in Miami; mail that is delivered [...]

to that address will be


forwarded in a timely and reliable manner.

Nuestros servicios de oficina para todas aquellas empresas en cuya fundación no brindamos


nuestros servicios: Usted

[...] recibe una direccn postal en Miami y todo el correo que se entrega a esa dirección le será reenviado [...]

en forma puntual y confiable.

the permanent place

[...] of residence orpostal addressof the holder (optional)


[...] permanente o dirección postal del titular (facultativo)

Examples of personal

[...] information include your name, yourpostal address,your e-mail address and [...]

your telephone number.

Ejemplos de información personal incluyen su

[...] nombre, su dirección, su dirección de correo electrónico y su número [...]


In addition, Eppendorf AG requires

[...] the name andpostal addressof the Participant [...]

for handling of the service.

Además, para desarrollar esta prestación, Eppendorf AG necesita el

[...] nombre y la dirección postal del Participante.

(xvii) For the"postal_address",indicate the [...]

street name and street number of the institution.

xvii) Para "postal_address", debe indicarse el [...]

nombre y el número de la calle de la institución.


[...] information, such aspostal address,phone number or URL.


[...] adicional, como por ejemplo dirección postal,mero de teléfono o URL

While the analogy is

[...] actually somewhat flawed, this is not unlikeapostal addressor atelephone number.

Aunque el símil no sea el más acertado, las

[...] direcciones de Internet no difieren mucho de las direcciones postales o los meros [...]

de teléfono.

To do so, he will send his request to the electronic mail

[...] [email protected], or to thepostal addressAvda.

Para ello dirigirá su solicitud a través del correo electrónico

[...] [email protected] o bien a la dirección postal Avda.

Attention, you

[...] must supply yourpostal addressbelow so that we [...]

can send you the relevant brochure(s).

Atención, debe

[...] informarnos de su dirección postal arriba para quepodamos [...]

enviarles los folletos correspondientes.

An entity may have special requirements, such as not

[...] to disclose thepostal addressand possibly instead [...]

return a fake address.

Una entidad puede tener requisitos especiales, tales como no

[...] desvelar la dirección postal y en su lugar enviar [...]

una dirección falsa.

Please inform us each time you change your e-mail/postal address,or phone/fax number so that we may keep our address book [...]

up to date.

Por favor infórmenos cada vez que

[...] cambie su dirección de mail / correo, o su número de teléfono / fax para que podamos mantener nuestras direcciones al día.

(For the

[...] time being ourpostal addressremains the same [...]

as before.

(De momento las señas de correo ordinario siguen [...]

siendo las mismas que antes).

at least one of theaddressvariables'postal_address', 'postal_box'or 'postal_code' [...]

is completed

la variable «postal_address» indica el nombre y el número de la calle de la entidad

In the table below,

[...] provide the name, fullpostal address,telephone number, [...]

fax number and e-mail address of the authority responsible


for coordinating the collection of data on legislative and administrative action taken to implement the international drug control conventions, as well as the name of the contact person.

En el cuadro que figura a continuación, sírvase indicar el

[...] nombre, la dirección postal completa, los números [...]

de teléfono y fax y dirección de correo electrónico de la autoridad


encargada de coordinar la recopilación de los datos sobre las medidas legislativas y administrativas adoptadas para aplicar los tratados de fiscalización internacional de drogas, así como el nombre de la persona de contacto.

Nevertheless, if you wish to participate in


our promotional contests or other kinds of activities, you will have to

[...] provide your name, age,postal addressand e-mail.

No obstante, si desea participar en nuestros concursos promocionales o


demás tipo de actividades, deberá facilitar información relativa a su

[...] nombre, edad, dirección postal y correo electrónico.

As I said a few minutes ago, we have, for

[...] instance, an e-mailaddress, apostal addressand a fax number that [...]

can be used.

Y, hace unos instantes he dicho que teníamos una dirección de

[...] correo electrónico, una dirección de correo postal y un fax, no es exclusivo.

2.2 Thepostal address(in case of discrepancy of the juridical andpostal address-you must necessarily [...]

indicate the juridical address).

2.2. La dirección postal (en casode la no coincidencia de la dirección jurídica y postal - la instrucción [...]

obligatoria de la dirección jurídica).

Eppendorf AG shall effect

[...] shipment to thepostal addresslastprovided by [...]

the Participant and shall not be responsible for


any adverse consequences resulting from an incorrect address or failure to provide notification of a change in address.

Eppendorf AG efectúa sus

[...] envíos a la dirección postal última comunicada [...]

por el Participante, y no se responsabiliza de las


consecuencias negativas que se derivaran de una dirección errónea o de la omisión en la comunicación de un cambio de dirección.

Please inform us of your order in writing, sending your

[...] bank details andpostal addressper Email to: [...]

[email protected]

Comuníquenos su pedido por escrito mediante indicación de su relación

[...] bancaria y su dirección postal por E-mail a: [email protected]

Personal data includes information such as the

[...] donator's name,postal address,emailaddressor telephone number.

Los datos referidos a la persona,

[...] tales como nombre y apellido, dirección, dirección de e-mail o [...]

número de teléfono, son considerados datos personales.

If you provide unique identifying information, such

[...] as name, emailaddress, postal addressand other information [...]

on forms stored on this website,


such information will be used only for statistical purposes and will not be published for general access nor disclosed or sold to third parties.

Si usted proporciona información


que lo identifique, como su nombre,

[...] dirección electnica, dirección postal, etc. en formularios [...]

almacenados en este sitio,


esa información será utilizada sólo con fines estadísticos y no será pública ni entregada o vendida a terceros.

This service is personal and individualized and puts at

[...] the disposal of Shareholders and Investors an email address ([email protected]), a direct telephone line (933 422 119) andpostal address

La atención de este servicio de atención al inversor es personal e individualizada y pone a disposición de


Accionistas e Inversores

[...] tanto una dirección de correo electrónico ([email protected]), como un teléfono directo (933 422 119) y una dirección de correo postal

How to say Address in Spanish

The daughter-in-law objected fearfully. - Come on, who will see here. I specially chose the place, you can't see us from either side, so let's take off your clothes and start fulfilling your promise. I said a little irritated, anticipating that my blowjob in her performance would break off. - Well, okay: I'll do you what you want so much: But I won't undress here: Oksana said uncertainly.

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