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30 Simple Yet Classy Blonde Hairstyles for Men

Men&#;s blonde hairstyles come in all types and lengths. Some hairstyles are more often seen with specific hair colors like. Here we will look at different men blonde hairstyles.


Best Blonde Hairstyles for Men

blonde hairstyle for men

One popular blonde hairstyle for men is short spiky style such as that worn by Justin Hartley in the television series Smallville. Brad Pitt wore a similar hairstyle in the movie Fight Club.

Not all short blonde hair is spiked. In fact, some blonde hairstyles are short enough to be classed as a buzz cut and Caesar cut. However, most who wear their hair that short have darker hair so that they do not appear to be bald.

Another popular blond hairstyle is the faux hawk. This style is based on the popular punk style known as the Mohawk. The primary difference is that the sides of the head are not completely shaved. Instead, the hair on the sides of the head is left short while the center stripe is allowed to grow longer and is often pulled up so that it stands out from the hair.

One style that is almost exclusively worn by men with blonde hair is a medium length shag worn by members of the surfer subculture. This hairstyle has a distinctive cut but can be styled in different ways. One common factor is the fringe that normally covers, at least partially, one eye.

1. Undercut Style

blonde undercut hairstyle

The slick back undercut style is one the most popular men&#;s blonde haircuts you can get. All you need to do is get the lower end trimmed and you can back brush the upper part. You can also use hair gel on the upper part and set it well. Pair it up with a smart outfit and you are good to go.


2. Military Cut

blonde military haircut

This particular haircut suits men who like to keep it short and smart. You need to get it cut really short in a way that you can manage it well wherever you go. This kind of blonde hairstyle is good in the sense that it is low maintenance and stays for a long time.


3. The Short Messy Look

blonde messy hairstyle

If you have short blonde hair, this is one cool hairstyle that you can carry when you go out with your friends or for casual outings. All you need to do is cut it short and make it messy. We suggest you not to brush it in one direction. Pair it up with loose t-shirts.


4. Blonde Hair with Fringes

Blonde Hair with Fringes

You can get this haircut very easily by keeping some amount of hair long in the middle. Cut it into fringes and make sure you comb it in a way that looks natural. You need to keep the hair short on either side and the bottom line.


5. Short Faux Hawk

blonde hairstyle with high skin fade

If you have blonde hair, you can get it faded on either side. This just means get it highly trimmed from the sides. You can get fringes in the middle or get a Mohawk that stays all day. You can complement it with a trimmed beard and you will turn heads when you go out.


6. Messy Shaggy Haircut

blonde hairstyle with high skin fade

This style is for men with blonde hair who like it messy and unkempt. Get long bangs and comb it in different directions. You can get the sides of the haircut short on either side. Get a beard and mustache along with a haircut to complete the long.


7. Pompadour Style

 men's blonde Pompadour Style

This is one of the most popular men&#;s blonde hairstyles again. This can be done by trimming the sides and brushing the hair to make it look fluffy. It makes you look classy and smart. You can improvise this style by getting your hair trimmed on either side or getting patterns shaved on the sides.


8. Blonde Spikes

This spiky hairstyle can be the talk of the town if done properly. All you need to do is cut your hair short on the bottom. The middle portion can be spiked up with the help of gel. Make sure you use a good quality hair gel though. You can try highlighting the spikes with deep brown color that contrasts with your original hair color.


9. Straight Short Hairstyle

Blonde Straight Shaggy Hairstyle for men

Blonde straight hair can look very out of the place if not styled properly. What you can do is get locks and layers. This looks casual and nice. Since you already have blonde hair, you don’t need to get it colored. You can pair it up with check shirts to get a cool look.


Slick Back Bun

men's blonde hair man bun

Last but not least, what better than a loose man bun tied a bit low with a rubber band. You can keep some locks and fringes outside to bring out the handsome hunk in you. Authors, actors, and musicians are known to keep this kind of men&#;s blonde hairstyles quite often. Pair it up with traditional clothes and you are good to go.


Mohawk with Undercut

haircuts for blonde guys

The platinum blonde gets a new avatar with the spikes. The fohawk is conventional, but the spikes and the combination with the platinum shade make it absolutely stand out blonde hairstyles. It also gives the entire style a modern twist.


Flow Hair

blonde hairstyles for men

Often when you do not have a naturally blonde hair, it is this combination of shade that makes it a rather striking blonde haircut for men. This regular dark black comb-over gets a modern look with the blonde bangs. It brings in a brand-new perspective, and the contrast with the dark-colored beard also enhances the impact.


Crew Cut with Fade

crew cut blonde hairstyles for men

When you are looking for haircuts for blonde guys, this is one of the most popular amongst those who like their hair super short. It is striking and functional and serves to give you a distinct identity.


Messy Bangs with Tapered Undercut

men's messy blonde hairstyles

This hairstyle for men is all about creating a striking element without trying anything radical. It is rather a play on the varying length of haircut. The top and the sides complement each other to bring about a visually attractive combination that is hard to ignore.


Pompadour with Undercut

 guys with blonde mohawk hair

If you are keen on blonde highlights for men, this is a style that could be close to your heart. It is striking for the contrast that it offers and at the same time gives you the flexibility to style the hair as you wish.


Disconnected Undercut

This is another play with blonde hairs for men. In this hairstyle, the top crown is colored in shades of blonde, but the undercut region is left undisturbed. A small partition line between the two further accentuates the impact.


Side Part Undercut

This blonde hairdo for guys is an absolute play of contrasts. The length and the shades both rely heavily on the striking contrast that they offer. In many ways, that is the factor that sets this haircut apart from the rest.


Short Quiff

There is nothing unconventional about this hairstyle but that said, it continues to one of the most popular men’s hairstyles with a dark blonde shade.


High and Tight Haircut

Another conventional hairstyle for guys with blonde hair, the high temp fade on the sides becomes the high point of this type of styling. It is simple with a stylish twist and makes a striking impact.


Platinum Straight Spikes

platinum blonde hairstyles for men

The straight spikes combined with the platinum blonde creates a stunning effect. This is the type of haircut for blonde guys that border around the edgy zone and creates a stunning impact on the whole.


Comb Over with Undercut

Dual toned blonde highlights always create a stunning impact. Often the contrasts that it offers is what creates a completely new look. The gold-toned blonde looks striking against the black base hair and the black beard.


Quiff with Hard Part Hair

If you like blonde highlights, this is a type of style that will absolutely wow you. It is clean, creative and absolutely striking. This is also what makes this a standout blonde look for men. It is all about creating an effortless charm that is hard to resist. That is what turns this rather conventional quiff into an exciting and unique style.


Blonde Black Men Undercut

If blonde highlights are what you choose, then this is the type of blonde haircut for men that will appeal to you. It is a straight forward cut, but the blonde curls add a new element and texture to the overall style.


Platinum Blonde Hair

This is one blonde hairdo that perfectly suits poker-straight hair. This platinum blonde becomes a style statement in itself. It creates a rather compelling contrast with the dark hint of a beard and soul patch. Despite the softer color shade, it enhances the natural masculine energy.


Curly Top with Undercut

curly blonde men

The platinum blonde in this hairstyle for men gets a completely new and striking interpretation. It is creative, conventional, and offers a unique perspective. It is primarily about playing with contrasting cuts. In this case, the top of the head and the sides complement each other with a bright oomph factor.


Blonde Balayage with Taper Fade

The charm of a balayage is hard to miss for those who are looking for interesting hairstyles for blonde guys. The balayage creates a striking layered impact and lends a stylish twist to the overall hair. It also offers a style that is appropriate for formal and casual gatherings.


Buzz Cut

There is something unique about a temple fade. It lends a strong rugged masculine energy to the face. Even in this combination with absolute blonde hair, the temple fade manages to stand out in a striking manner. For those who like their hair short, this is no doubt an impressive blonde hair look for boys.


Side Swept Undercut

The dark contrasting undercut is what takes center-stage in this men’s blonde hairstyle. The blonde highlight on the top accentuates the darker under layers and offers an attractive and a rather stunning combination.


Short Blonde Fringes

guys with short blonde fringe hair

The platinum fringes make this an extremely versatile hairstyle for blonde guys. It offers a rugged intensity that is hard to ignore but at the same time remains a rather versatile cut. Talk of understated styling and this is one of the best examples that you can have in that genre.


Naturally Long Wavy Hair

long wavy haircuts for blonde guys

This is amongst the most conventional blonde hairstyles for guys, but the brilliance of styling gives it a stunning new look. It is understated and subtle and brings about a soft and stylish twist to the overall cut.


Some men like to let their hair grow out long. In many cases, this means simply having the hair cut in layers and wearing it with a part in the middle and the hair swept to the sides or back. Others have the hair in front and on the sides cut shorter and wear their hair in a style known as a mullet.

There are many different men blonde hairstyles. Some are for short hair, some are for medium length hair, and others are for men with long blonde hair. So get the suitable blonde hair for you according to your hair length.


Top 21 Modern &#; Stylish Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men (Pics)

The Modern Crew Cut Trend

The Modern Crew Cut Trend

Instagram @olliefosterhair

When it comes to modern crew cuts, this is it! It&#;s the perfect look for the college guy who wants that clean, sharp look.

Short Crew for Thinning Hair

Short Crew for Thinning Hair

Instagram @happyhourbarbershop

A short crew for thinning hair is great for fine textured hair. The short sides will accentuate the hair on top, making it appear fuller than it actually is.

Messy Crew Cut

Messy Crew Cut

Instagram @slickgorilla

The messy crew cut is perfect for men with long, straight hair wanting a haircut that’s quick and easy to style and maintain. The haircut is short and faded tightly around the ears, while a lot of texture has been added to the top to create a messy, lived-in finish. In styling this haircut, use a styling powder and a sea salt spray to enhance the shape of the cut and keep the style longer.

Low-Maintenance Crew Cut

Low-Maintenance Crew Cut

Instagram @shoaib_delangiz1

The low-maintenance crew cut is perfect for men who desire a haircut that requires little to no styling. It is great on any hair texture. It is perfectly cut following the shape of the head, faded to the skin, and worked up into a slightly longer top.

Crew Cut for Balding Men

Crew Cut for Balding Men

Instagram @thegaragemg

A crew cut for balding men creates an illusion of thicker tresses. Skin fade at the sides and back is coupled with a lengthier top to compliment the shape of the face and head.

Curly Crew Cut

Curly Crew Cut

Instagram @crew_barbers_

A curly crew cut is perfect for men who want to boost their bold curls. It is short around the ears and faded into a heavy disconnected top. Daily styling is needed with this cut. A good quality sea salt spray scrunched into the tresses will enhance the intricacy of the curls.

Crew Cut Blowout Style

Crew Cut Blowout Style

Instagram @ogabcosta

A crew cut blowout style works wonders on men with thick tresses who prefer a haircut that&#;s quick and easy to style and maintain. This cut is faded down to the skin and taken high and tight into the top. To recreate this look, blow-dry your hair, add sea salt spray into the top, and finish it off with a styling powder.

Crew Cut for Boys

Crew Cut for Boys

Instagram @scyzorbarber

Most parents are fond of the crew cut for boys for its practicality and formality. It is short on the sides while leaving some length at the top to allow a wide array of styles. Adding a strong pomade keeps the style longer.

Side-Swept Crew Cut Style

Side-Swept Crew Cut Style

Instagram @mozambeak

Another fade cut is this side-swept crew haircut, but more on the casual side, with a natural look for the top portion and medium to short hair to match. This creates one of the most well-balanced side-swept crew cut haircuts for men.

The French Crop Crew Cut

The French Crop Crew Cut

Instagram @horatiuthebarber

This French crop crew cut is becoming more popular. The texture on top, combined with the straight, forward-facing bangs, really gives this a clean and easy-to-style look.

Crew Cut with Surgical Line

Crew Cut with Surgical Line

Instagram @lieanne_

Like the famous Japanese paintings of waves, this short crew cut haircut with a surgical line keeps everything low and trimmed. This then directs attention to the front side where a gush of hair goes across.

Side Part Crew Cut with Hard Part

Side Part Crew Cut with Hard Part

Instagram @hectormachadobarber

This side part crew cut with a hard part is simple yet effective. It&#;s paired with faded sides and does a great job at getting attention to your top hair. A side-parted crew cut like this allows you to look dope as always.

The Modern Crew Cut with High Fade

The Modern Crew Cut with a High Fade

Instagram @stell_the_talent

Tidy up your look to achieve that professional form with this modern crew cut with a high fade! It fits the criteria of being sleek, stylish, and somewhat sexy.

The Classic Crew Cut with a Beard

This classic crew cut with a beard is clean and versatile and can be styled to a man&#;s liking. &#;It can be styled over to either side or up in the middle, making it easy and looking good,&#; says look creator Heather Euting of California.

For styling products, Euting recommends trying the Hudson and Hammers Alchemy, which is a mix between pomade and wax that creates a satin shine.

The barber adds, &#;any pomade with a sheen will do. This haircut caters to the modern man looking for something clean and easy to style. Whether you&#;re looking for men&#;s or boys haircuts, this classic crew cut hairstyle suits all!&#;

The Ivy League Crew Cut

The Ivy League crew cut styles are clean and polished. &#;An Ivy League cut is precise and sharp and showcases facial features. It is a no-fuss cut that still makes a statement, similar to an undercut,&#; this is how Kentucky-based stylist Reva Segnitz describes this particular haircut.

Speaking of &#;no fuss,&#; this hairstyle only needs one product to make it look polished and done. According to Segnitz, &#;use Kevin Murphy Easy Rider on all of your short men&#;s cuts. It dries with a natural finish. Any hair creams would go a long way in this cut. It can be very kempt, or roughed up and tousled for a casual day.&#;

This cut is for a variety of men. If a man is a little on the thinning side, it can help a man&#;s hair look thicker. If he does manual labor or plays sports, it&#;s a haircut that breathes and doesn&#;t trap sweat and heat.

Taper Fade Crew Cut with Mid Fade

This is a men&#;s crew cut with a taper fade featuring a mid fade.  It was created by barber Anthony Lieu of Canada. &#;With the touch of a fade and the man&#;s opinion on how they want to line their sideburns (i.e., pointed, square, or tapered), the haircut will still stand out,&#; he remarks.

This haircut is suitable for most guys since it compliments most head shapes. Lieu explains, &#;The styling also depends on how their hair grows. The direction of the hair will be the judge on which side it would be best combed towards. This crew-cut hairstyle is also quite versatile. If the barber or stylist decides to leave more length on the front, the dude would be able to pull that part up as they style to give them a pompadour look.&#;

The Military Crew Cut Fade

The military crew cut is characterized by short back and sides and hair length on top that is about one or two inches. The longest hair generally begins at the front hairline and gradually shortens toward the crown area. The back and sides can be as short as skin.

Crew cut hairstyles are for any guy who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle and/or holds a vocation or position that may require certain hair length regulations. &#;This cut is recommended for guys who hold what some call white-collar jobs because it exudes confidence,&#; says Schmidt.

He adds, &#;This haircut can be designed to look good on nearly any face shape. For instance, the cut can be fitted nicely for someone with a round face shape by maintaining squareness in the area of the parietal ridge of the head, where the sides meet the top of the head.&#;

Men who want crew cuts should ask their barber or stylist to design their crew cut so that it gives the most oval shape to the face as possible. This is usually done by preserving length (or &#;squaring up&#;) where the sides of the head meet the top and by leaving the appropriate length on top.

The Long Crew Cut

the long crew cut

Instagram @milenobarber

This is a neat and long crew cut hair with spikes and a surgical line. It&#;s easy to style and looks fresh.

Crew cuts are best for men who prefer a shorter haircut. It suits all hair types. Use a good matte pomade like Byrd Matte or Reuzel Clay pomade when styling.

Tapered Crew Cut with Fade

This is a tapered crew cut fade designed by Wisconsin-based stylist Maddie Braun.

&#;It&#;s short on the sides, so the cut could show off the facial features. There&#;s enough length on top where he can get different looks, too. When you have a lot of length and texture up top, depending on how you cut it, it can give you that messy sort of &#;model&#; look that you see in the magazines, or you can sleek it down more to be more conservative,&#; Braun states.

If you&#;re getting this cut, Braun advises products such as paste. She adds, &#;If you don&#;t, you won&#;t get the look that you&#;re looking for. It takes at the most 2 minutes to put in the product.&#;

Textured Crew Cut with Mid Fade

This textured crew cut with a mid-fade is classic and energetic at the same time. Adam Chan of Hong Kong is the promising barber behind this haircut.

&#;There&#;s lots of texture in the evenly chopped layers on the top. The uniform layers were cut short, giving the top some movement and thickness that is very easy to manage,&#; Chan explains.

If you have thick hair, crew cuts will soften and lighten the top while still appearing thick to show the fade well.

For men with a receding hairline and thin hair, this artificial horizontal fringe can cover the receding hairline very well. The barber just needs to be aware of the part that needs to be kept to form the thickness covering the receding part.

Chan also mentions, &#;many face shapes can suit this cut as long as we control the height of the conjunction well. For example, a rounder face would look good with a mid to high fade, while a long thin face would look good with an even lower mid-fade.&#;

Short Crew Cut with Hard Line

This short crew cut, made by stylist Kyla Rose of California, features a variety of personalities. The short edgy skin fade with a hard line gives it an edgy look while having professionalism at the same time. It has a bit of a greaser feel to it as well as a traditional military feel.

&#;Something to think about for this classic crew cut is maintenance,&#; Rose emphasizes. &#;Go in to see your barber every three weeks and once in between for a neck trim cleanup. Product is something necessary for this crew cut for men. That&#;s because most of us have cowlicks and different hair growths that will require some maneuvering to achieve the desired outcome,&#; she adds.

Most men who get edgy crew cuts are usually guys who need that strong impression. When it comes to face shape, this cut can be worn on almost any guy. Rose points out, &#;It just is a matter of bone structure and how high up to bring the initial fade levels on the skull. The hard-line can be brought up higher or lower depending on the temple shape and curvature of the head.&#;

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Choosing a haircut can be hard, especially if you’re looking for something stylish, but still practical. The crew cut is a relatively simple tapered hairstyle, with the top of the head trimmed short, and everything else even shorter. It works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life.

Ryan Reynolds crew cut short style

This clean cut is truly the best of both worlds, because not only is it easy to maintain, but it also looks great. It can make your face seem more mature, and there’s just something about it that exudes confidence and athleticism. The crew cut works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life. It’s a great option if you’re looking to balance practicality and appearance.

John Goodman crew haircut

The fact that there’s so little hair at all in a crew cut means that you can get away with starting from almost anything. As long as you’ve got some hair, you’re good to go. Even people with receding hairlines can wear this cut and look great (just take Jason Statham in his younger years as an example).

How to Get

Firstly, decide how long you want the top of your hair to be. The difference between the crew cut and any old tapered haircut is mainly in how short you cut your hair. It’s not typical to see this cut with any hair longer than, say, an inch or two.

This gives you the option to either trim it off, or cut it off, depending on what length you’re looking for. Your hairdresser should decide this on their own, but if in doubt (or for example, someone else is cutting your hair) just find out if you have a trimmer attachment as long as you want your hair – if not, go with scissors.


A blonde buzz cut does have a tendency to turn heads. It’s attention-grabbing, effortlessly masculine, and always neat. 

Whether you’re a natural blonde or you’ve dyed it to suit your taste, trimming it down to a buzz cut length may be something you want to experiment with. 

The main benefits of this style are its ease-of-maintenance, versatility, and eye-catching color. Its simplicity is what draws a lot of men towards it, but it’s the wide range of possible variations that keeps them coming back to it. 

In this article, I’ll go through the main variations of the blonde buzz cut. You’ll be seeing some pictures to give you a good idea of what’s possible. 

I’ll also delve into the benefits of the style a little bit deeper. Finally, we’ll be exploring a few frequently asked questions on the topic. 

If you were on the fence about trimming this style or dyeing your buzz cut blonde before, hopefully, this article will help you make up your mind one way or the other.

What Does A Blonde Buzz Cut Look On A Man?

Before we go further it’s important to define what a buzz cut actually is. I do this at the beginning of most of my articles on buzz cuts. 

Blond crew cut side profile

A “buzz cut” is a short, even haircut that to a reasonable extent is dependent on the use of a hair clipper. The three I usually like to discuss are as follows: 

  • Induction Cut – Equal length in all directions and dimensions. 
  • Burr Cut – Top slightly longer than the sides (maximum a few millimeters longer). 
  • Crew Cut – Top significantly longer than the sides which are short and buzzed. 

So a blonde buzz cut can take the form of any of the cuts above. Of course, there are other, more intricate variations, but those are the main ones to know about. 

Difference of induction, buzz and crew cut

Faded buzz cuts are incredibly popular and work very well with blonde hair. A fade refers to the gradual increase in length as you go up the sides or the back of the neck. 

The fade on a blonde buzz cut could be low (ending a little bit above the sideburns), middle, or high (ending around the level of the temples). It’s a thoroughly modern addition to a buzz cut and has become extremely popular over the last few years. 

It’s important to note that how eye-catching a blonde buzz cut appears does partially depend on the contrast between skin tone and hair color. 

Blond buzz cut example

For instance, darker skin tones provide a pretty stark contrast to bleach blonde hair, and the look stands out as a result. It can look very impressive indeed and is almost always the result of dyed hair. 

That’s not to say that naturally blonde military-style cuts without this contrast don’t look impressive. They may not stand out as much, but buzz cuts still look fantastic on naturally blonde hair. 

What Type Of Blonde Buzz Cut Should I Go For?

You’ve now learned the three main types you can choose from. It’s time to decide which one of them is for you. There are three main factors you should consider. 

1. Receding Hairlines And Balding

If you’re a blonde man that happens to be receding or balding, you’ll want to read this bit. If not, I’d read it in any case. Who knows what the future holds? 

Naturally blonde hair does have the benefit of often camouflaging itself nicely against a light skin tone. 

Because of this, receding hairlines can sometimes look less noticeable. The most effective way to make a receding hairline less obvious is to reduce the contrast between the hair and the forehead. 

Side profile of buzz cut #4

Another way to do this is by trimming the hair very short and even in length. This is exactly why a buzz cut would work very well. 

The type of buzz cut you choose does partially depend on the extent of your hairline recession. 

If you’ve got a pretty advanced receding hairline with rapidly diminishing hair on top, you’ll most likely want to trim an Induction Cut. Very short and very even. 

Once the extent of your balding is that advanced, chances are a buzz cut isn’t exactly going to fix everything. But it’s certainly a much more stylish and graceful way to go bald than combing over and trying to hide it. 

Now, if you’ve simply got a mild or moderate receding hairline, you may well want to consider a Crew Cut. That’s because having longer hair on top will actually allow you to hide receding temples by slicking the hair forward. 

Finally, consider adding a high fade. A high fade would actually absorb and camouflage the receding temples, making them even less obvious. With blonde hair, this can really work well. 

2. Personal Preference

This one may seem obvious, but don’t forget it. Some men just love Induction Cuts because that military-style aesthetic works so well with blonde hair

It may be something they’ve always wanted to try and have a list of celebrities with the haircut they’ve always wanted to emulate. 

Other men may just prefer the tapered effect of a Burr cut where the sides are a little tighter and shorter than the top. It grows out very well – less like a fuzz ball and more natural-looking. 

But some may love having the ability to actually stylethe hair on top of a Crew Cut. It’s actually long enough to work with. That could mean spiking it up or flopping it forward in a fringe. 

Using the pictures in this article, try to get an idea of what aesthetic you think you suit you best. Not just your looks, but also your personality. 

3. Ease Of Maintenance 

It’s important to mention that if you were dyeing your buzz cut blonde your maintenance efforts would definitely be higher. Even if you were to use a more permanent dyeing method, you’d still have to take this into consideration. 

However, the process of trimming and grooming a buzz cut can be very minimal indeed. This does, of course, depend on the type of buzz cut you wish to have. 

An Induction Cut is by far the easiest one to DIY. It’s simple, straight forward, and requires little technical skill. That’s the beauty of trimming everything down to the same length. 

The Burr Cut and the Crew Cut may require some professional assistance, simply because of the variation in length and quite possibly the addition of a fade or taper. 

So, the type of buzz cut you choose may partially depend on how much effort you’re willing to put into it. Take maintenance requirements and cost into consideration. 

Key Benefits Of The Blonde Buzz Cut

We’ve touched upon a couple already – ease of maintenance (potentially) as well as how flattering the style can be for receding or balding men. 

But whether your blonde buzz cut will be natural or dyed, here are a couple of benefits you should know about. These benefits apply to most buzz cut variations, not just the Induction Cut. 

1. It’s Versatile

Buzz cuts have the benefit of being versatile. I mean that in two different ways. 

As I mentioned earlier, buzz cuts are versatile in that there are so many different variations on what you may call a “buzz cut”. You can vary them with length, styling, fades, etc. 

But they’re also versatile because they’re very much a multi-purpose haircut. There are very few situations where they wouldn’t be considered “appropriate”. 

A blonde buzz cut can be casual, or it can be formal. Of course, there are a few workplaces that may not embrace a fade with open arms. For example, some corporate workplaces may prefer a less ostentatious style. 

But overall, a buzz cut can be worn to a job interview, a party, or a wedding without a second thought. They’re effortlessly neat and tidy, and importantly don’t take up too much of your time to achieve this. 

2. It grabs attention

A buzz cut is quite unique in that it couples subtlety and simplicity, with an incomparable ability to turn heads. 

People notice a buzz cut. They ask you about it, they may question you about it. Most people can identify a buzz cut as “a buzz cut” with relative ease. That’s mainly because of how exceptionally popular the style is as a whole. 

Blonde in itself as an eye-catching color. It certainly carries a premium, and a lot of men often wonder what they’d look like with an impressive lock of beach-blonde hair. If you’re lucky enough to be a natural blonde, you may well be used to the odd passing compliment or two. 

When trimming a buzz cut with blonde hair you’re essentially doubling-down on grabbing attention. Blonde hair turns heads, as does a buzz cut. 

That’s why the combination tends to work so well. 

The Dyed Blonde Buzz Cut

Dyed blonde buzz cuts can look fantastic. But trying to compare them to naturally blonde ones isn’t really worth doing. They’re often very different in how they look, particularly in different shades of light. 

Platinum buzz cut

People often ask whether it looks obvious. That depends on the quality, color, and nature of the hair dye itself. Some dyes are designed to look obvious because after all, obvious colors do grab attention. 

Skin tone also plays a huge role. It’s much rarer for men with darker skin tones to have naturally blonde hair. So, it would be more obviousif their hair contrasted and stood out against their skin tone. 

Before experimenting, it’s important you seek the help of a professional such as a stylist. Dyeing hair blonde incorrectly can be harmful to your hair and scalp. 

Here are a couple of shades of bleach blonde buzz cuts you could go for:

  • Beach Blonde Buzz Cut – Bright, warm, vintage, classic. It usually looks pretty natural. 
  • Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut – This is arguably the most eye-catching. It’s a shade of blonde that’s had its brightness significantly reduced, leaving a cooler, silvery, almost metallic hue. 
  • Ash Blonde Buzz Cut – Think of this as a less extreme version of platinum. It still has a grayish tint with cooler undertones but is a little brighter and warmer than platinum. 

What Does A Blonde Buzz Cut Fade Look Like?

A blonde buzz cut fade can be low, mid, or high. It’s a relatively simple way to add some flavor to an otherwise straightforward style. 

It can be difficult to DIY without some technical prowess. You’ll also need a reasonably good and versatile pair of clippers. 

Before and after, receding hairline with a buzz cut

But it can work stunningly well with blonde hair. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, a high fade can definitely make mild or moderate receding hairlines less obvious. 

Blonde Buzz Cuts And Beards

This combination works very well. Buzz cuts are so short that the shape of your head will be on full display. A key benefit of having long hair is being able to style it to adjust the shape of your face. Other than longer Crew Cuts, this isn’t really possible with buzz cuts. 

But having a beard can offset this disadvantage. It’s incredible how a beard can transform a face shape. Depending on the style you choose, it can soften or accentuate cheekbones and jawlines, as well as make chins look more or less pointy. 

They’re also great for framing and adding balance to the bottom of the face. 

It’s definitely something to consider if your new blonde crop needs some support from below. 


Hopefully, you got what you came for from this article. It may have been to check out some pictures, to learn some of the lingoes, or to figure out whether this really is the style for you. 

If you were in the last camp of people on the fence about this style, hopefully, it’s helped you make your decision. If you were still unsure, there’s no real harm in trying it out. After all, it’ll grow back. 

If you’re nervous, try trimming a Number 4 or 5 as a decent stepping stone. It’s short enough for you to get a good idea without committing to a very shortbuzz cut. 

But whatever you do, have fun with it. Enjoy. 


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HOW TO GET A PLATINUM BUZZ CUT - Black to Platinum Blonde

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