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Crafters and creatives love sublimation designs with full-on big heart eyes. Why? Because they create next-level crafting opportunities! Whether you're looking for a sublimation t shirt design, a keychain, or something else entirely, prepare to be in awe of the variety of unique graphic designs you're about to find specifically for sublimation. Crafters, you'd better get comfy because you're going to be here a while, and your fingers are going to be tired from all the clicking and scrolling.

Our talented independent graphic designers have outdone themselves with the most fantastic PNG designs for sublimating that you'll find on the web, hands down. Pages, and pages, and more pages. Oh, and don't forget to check out our free sublimation designs before you hit overload!

Sublimation Designs = A Whole New World for Crafters

Maybe, you already know what this great design style is and how it works. If not, there are tons of tutorials and videos, Facebook groups, and more that can teach crafters like you all about the wonderful world of sublimating. Here's a great YouTube video from the Design Bundles channel, Introduction to Sublimation for Beginners.

The most popular way designers and crafters use this technique is for sublimation designs for t-shirts. This type of craft product is by far a bestseller for many! Using vinyl, printed heat transfer, and similar are still fantastic ways to get that awesome graphic onto a shirt, tank, or hoodie. But if you want colors that pop, details that stand out, texture, and a seamless feel between the graphic and the substrate, then you're in the right place! These fantastic designs are totally on point and the most popular craft out there today!

Beyond Just Apparel

This incredible design technique isn't just for apparel. Crafters and makers can sublimate onto mugs, keychains, tumblers, pens, and many other substrates. The possibilities are pretty much endless as long as your product has a suitable composition, and we have mind-blowing unique designs for all those and more! You'll probably find gorgeous designs for things you would never have thought of! Did your creativity just go up a notch or two? Get excited, crafters, because you're exactly where you need to be! Cancel your plans, call in sick to work, whatever you need to do because the tornado of creative crafting is about to hit! Don't forget to check out our free sublimation templates before you get too deep in that creative process.

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Sublimation Trends for 2020

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Top Trends of 2019


EasySubli inks and vinyl helped bridge the gap between two different crafting worlds this summer.  For the first time, users could sublimate full color designs directly onto vinyl. 

For vinyl users that meant no more layering.  For sublimators that meant the option to finally put designs on dark colors and non-polyester fabrics.  The change caused excitement among users all over the internet and brought vinyl creators into the world of sublimation.

Country Chic

From Target to Marshalls and everything in between, you can’t go many places without seeing the country chic designs.  It’s no wonder the cultural shift made its way into sublimation.  We went looking through sublimation groups and found many designs consisting of florals, animal prints, trucks, boots and faded images.  Some of the most popular items we saw these designs on were wooden signs and shirts.

Here at Sawgrass we released our own line of country chic designs to an overwhelmingly positive response!  Our country designs have been used more than 2,000 times since they were released this summer.  Don’t shut the barn door on this one - we think country chic is here to stay!

Sequin Pillows

This is a trend that started in different parts of social media that sublimators quickly pounced on.  People online shared videos of themselves running their hands over a sequin pillow, switching the pillow from a solid color to a hidden image.  Sequin pillow pressing was a technique that many sublimators mastered this year. 

Bleach sublimation

Bleach sublimation was one of the hottest trends of the summer.  Is it safe?  Does the shirt quality hold up after being bleached?  To some sublimators the benefit far outweighed the risk.  Crafters flocked to sublimation groups on Facebook to show off their new bleach sublimation apparel.  There are now dozens of bleach sublimation tutorial videos on YouTube. 

Although popular, we recommend using extreme caution when working with bleach and understanding that bleach degrades the fabric, which could cause a shorter “shelf life” for your sublimated products.

Door mats

Door mats are coming back around as a form of self-expression for homeowners.  Door mats are not only a great way to welcome people into your home, but also to give your home character. 

The best part about this new trend: people weren’t going too far away from home to take advantage of it.  We saw many people posting in Facebook groups saying they went to Home Depot or Lowe’s to buy up not just one, but multiple door mats at a time.

Camp Mugs

The outdoorsy accessory is going beyond the great outdoors.  Camp mugs became one of the hottest drinkware accessories of 2019. 

The item’s shape, coating and material allowed it to stand out from the traditional mug.  Camp mugs have also crossed over into other craft forms.  A quick search on Etsy shows nearly a dozen pages filled with uniquely personalized camp mugs.  We think camp mugs will stay popular in 2020!

Predicted trends of 2020


It’s a product that started in 2019 that we think will really take off in 2020.  This new product allows users to press onto all different types of drinkware without needing different mug press applications. 

SubliShrink uses a film that wraps around your image and mug.  When your drinkware is put into a convection oven the film acts as a vacuum.  Pressure from the vacuum seal, along with the heat, sublimates the image to your drinkware. 

Stainless Steel and Double-walled Drinkware

It’s like a Yeti that you can personalize! BestSub first showed us their version of this product in Dallas at Printing United. 

The Facebook live video showing off these products generated questions on where users could find them. We predict as companies come out with more versions of these substrates people will jump on them!


Once EasySubli was introduced to the public, it opened a new door for sublimation.  For the first time, sublimation was mixed with another form of crafting.  This is a trend that we think will only expand in 2020.  We predict other creators, such as embroiderers will jump on the bandwagon.  Look forward to seeing sublimation being used on apparel alongside other medias.

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Sublimation Designs – Where To Find Them & What To Use!

Where can you find the best sublimation designs?

If you don’t have the time, desire, or skill-set to design your own sublimation files, here are some of the best sites for buying them – along with some freebies!

If you would rather buy ‘ready to press’ pre-printed sublimation transfers, check out the range over at My Vinyl Direct!

Sublimation Designs For Sale

The exact type of file that you should use for sublimation printing will depend on:

  • the design software you are using
  • the sublimation printer brand
  • your file preference

However, most sublimation printers and programs will support PNG files for sublimation transfer designs. Most files online will be sold as PNG files.

Here are some of the best sites for getting design files for sublimation!

1. Design Bundles Sublimation Designs

View Latest Offers →

You have got to check out Design Bundles first!

Not only do they have a range of FREE sublimation designs, but their large selection of sublimation designs for sale are very affordable. What’s more, whether free or paid, they come with a commercial use license!

As you’ll discover, they have:

  • seasonal & occasional designs
  • free sublimation files
  • templates for sublimation mock ups

The freebie offers don’t always stay free, so download them while you can!

2. Creative Fabrica Sublimation Files

View Latest Offers →

Creative Fabrica has a wide range of sublimation designs for download, as well as templates for mock ups (mugs, pillows, tees, etc).

Their high definition designs can be used on mens, womens, and childrens tees – including designs for baby onesies.

Of course, mug sublimation is another popular application, and there are plenty of designs for this as well.

3. Hungry Jpeg Designs

View Latest Offers →

The Hungry Jpeg also offers hundreds of vibrant designs for sublimation – all at affordable prices with commercial licences.

Find text designs, text and image files, designs for mugs and shirts, and a whole lot more!

4. So Fontsy Sublimation Files

View Latest Offers →

So Fontsy is another good spot to pick up sublimation images for mugs, tees, and other sublimation blanks.

They’ve got a great range of Christmas, Halloween, fall sublimation designs, as well as options for giftware, and other seasonal and occasional designs.

5. Etsy Designs

View Latest Offers →

And last but not least, if you’re not designing your own sublimation transfers, check out the selection on Etsy.

As with the other sites listed, Etsy has a huge range of designs for every holiday, season, or special occasion. Making a mug for moms or dads? A t shirt for girls? A Kentucky State design? It’s all there!

Free Sublimation Designs

As far as we’ve been able to find, the best free sublimation files can be found on Design Bundles – such as the design pictured above.

The other sites listed above will also have sublimation freebies from time to time. For a more extensive range, check out all of these free cut files for t shirts, and let us know in the comments below where you find them!

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🔥 How to Create Sublimation Designs for Beginners

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