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Sharp edges

I received and installed it and then realized how sharp the serrated edges were. I removed it and took a fine file to round all the sharp edges.

Easy to install, love it all except for the sharp edges.

I am new to guns and the G23 is my first. I almost couldn't take the gun apart because I couldn't get hold of the release. I bought this. It was easy to install using only the video uploaded by GlockStore. I can now easily release the slide. My only complaint is it is very sharp and hurts the fingers. I am not (at this point) a competition or sport shooter, I got my Glock for home defense. It would tear up my fingers if I had to release it a lot.


I am so excited with my purchase of the extended slide lock! Now I can remove the slide with ease on my first attempt, where prior to installing it, it would take me 3 or 4 attempts to get the slide off. Thanks to the video, the installation is so easy, even a caveman can do it !!

G S extended slide lock

Yes the edges are sharp but that's why I bought it and makes it so much easier to pull down. Is thicker also fills out slot perfectly makes pistol feel tighter when engaged, A1 machining, very pleased with purchase, good price. I'm buying another today.

The extended precision slide lock is the solution to a stock flush slide lock

Purchased a new Glock 29 a few weeks ago. The stock slide lock was nearly flush on each side and disassembly was very difficult. I couldn't hold the slide lock down on both sides because not enough of it protruded outward. Order the extended precision slide lock and once it arrived I watched Lenny's video one time and replaced mine within few minutes thereafter. Now I can remove the upper portion of the 29 in seconds compared to all the difficulty I had previously. I highly recommend the extended slide lock especially if you can't hold the stock lock down on both sides. Replacing the OE lock is very easy.

A nice addition; installation took concentration.

I got one of these for my Gen4 and a second for my Gen5 Glock 19s (they are different parts, but I'll only write one review).

Highly recommended - the slight difference in length makes a huge difference in getting purchase to unlock and remove the slides. As an added bonus, the slightly raised and noticeably rougher end makes for a better memory spot for trigger-finger control.

Installation on my Gen4 was a 30-second breeze.

Installation on my Gen5 was a bit more work. That little spring that tensions the slide lock on the Gen5s is the devil. Twice it flew out on me. The first time it happened to land in a spot that was naturally illuminated in such a way that the spring stood out against the background and I found it easily. The second time I could not find it and I thought I had lost it - until I realized that it had flown straight up my left nostril (true story) and I was able to recover it from there.

Works exactly as advertised

Makes takedown 100% easier. Great purchase.

Great part!!

I have a bad hand, so I decided to give the Precision Extended Slide Lock a try. A great decision. Perfect part, easy installation and makes takedown much easier for me. I will be putting this in all of my Glocks.
Thanks Glockstore for the fast shipping and service

Stop cussing the factory part.

I own 5 Glocks and have purchased the extended slide lock for each. It is a must have for me.

great size, but very sharp

Size and fit is good in my 23, but the notches are too sharp. Would be 5/5 if more round like the factory part.

I actually enjoy taking my slide off now

I spent more time looking for the spring on the floor when it popped out than to put in the part haha. Much better than the factory part so my fingers thank you. Edges are definitely sharper than the factory slide lock but at least for me not uncomfortable at all to use.

Works great and simple to install

The edges are a little sharp but easy enough to deal with. The extended precision slide lock makes it so much easier to take the slide off my G30 and the product video made the change out very simple.

To sharp

Like several of the other reviews, I do like the design and it is a necessary item making takedown easier but the sharpness of the ends in very uncomfortable due to that sharpness. I did manage to make it a little more bearable by filing and grinding the edges.

Excellent product, just as shown in pictures.. but

The product is amazing and is just how it’s shown, simple to install and helps a lot with striping your Glock. My only gripe and I have seen this by others purchasers, the edges of it are too sharp for me. I found actually putting my stock one back in works better... at least till I can file down the edges.


Far better than I imagined! I always had such a hard time with the factory one. The edges are sharp, but I love that about it, and don't understand why some others don't like it. It doesn't extend too far at all. When I first installed it I thought it looked the same and was worried it wouldn't live up to expectations. I tried it out, and was immediately blow away because it EXCEEDED expectations. I was able to easily install it with Lenny's video.

Highly recommended upgrade for your Glock

A great addition, but, per other reviewers, I would recommend some minor mods before you install this one. The side serrations are quite sharp, so if you find this too hard on your fingers, it's very easy to use a fine file to round them off just a bit. Also, the center groove on the bottom is to engage the slide lock spring. This groove is machined to very tight tolerances, so I would remove your spring first, test fit into the groove to be sure it fits flush. I had to use a medium diamond file to widen it several thousandths in order for the spring to fit. It's alot easier to do this BEFORE you install the new slide lock. If the spring doesn't engage the groove just right, you'll have a helluva time getting it back out to do this mod. Overall, this is a good addition and greatly enhances ease of take down over the stock part. Also, per other reviewers, the extended slide lock gives a great place to stage that trigger finger.

Great Slide Lock, Careful Sharp Edges

Great extended slide lock piece, edges are a little sharper than I like. But it fits nicely and it was a great purchase for my G19.4

Screw up

As the title says I screwed up. I bought one from a different company that says why pay more? Well I found out why the hard way. First the other one is stamped not machined. Second the spring grove is wider than the spring, which it slid from side causing my firearm to jam. As i tried to free it the guide rod jammed inside, yes fun times. After reading the reviews I got this one. This by far is worth every penny. This is machined not stamped, the spring fits nicely in the grove and no movement!! It’s a tight fit and fills the frame perfectly As far as the sharp edges, I love it. So if you’re thinking on buying this one, go for it!!! You’ll thank yourself later!

Another Great Replacement Part

The Extended Slide Release is an awesome, inexpensive and easy to install modification for your Glock. After watching Lenny’s video and following it, I installed the release level in 2 minutes. It makes the gun so much easier to breakdown! Great part again by The Glock Store!

A must have for your Glock!!

I purchased a Glock 17 Gen 4 and absolutely hated the slide lock lever. I am 66 years old and don't have the finger strength nor nails to make this an easy task. After watching Lenny's video on extended controls ( he is going to take all my I purchased this and boy am I glad! The installation video was awesome! I have zero mechanical ability and was able to install this in about 5 minutes as opposed to his 1 but, I did it! Now take down is a snap. Some people complain about the sharpness, but I love it because I can grab the lever and easily take down my Glock. You gotta get this for your Glock, I promise, you won't regret it. Great job Lenny, and all the people at Glock Store!!

Highly recommended!!!!

Thanks Lenny! Watched your video and installed my extended precision slide lock. You make the videos informative and clear to understand. After install I immediately noticed the difference and was super impressed. Thanks I would recommend to any skill level glock user this is a MUST BUY!!!!!!!

Works as advertised and worth every penny

I bought this product from the Glockstore and it came in about two weeks… I watched a couple of videos online on to how to install it… And it was quite simple.
The installation took about 10 minutes. The one thing I did notice is that the slide lock on the left side fit rather tight where it protrudes from the body of the gun to the point where I would say ‘it was too tight’ so I added a tiny drop of gun butter to both sides where it’s protrudes from the body. Problem solved! And YES, it does work as advertised. Worth every penny.

A little bit too thick for the slot on a glock 27, needs filing down.

I put this on a glock 27 which I believe is a gen 3. It is definitely a good replacement. The reason I gave 4 stars is that it was considerably thicker by maybe a millimeter than the oem slide catch. That made it stick in the slot and not work very well till I filed it down with a diamond stone. After that it worked great.

Extended Slide Lock

I have purchased 2 precision extended slide lock's for 2 g19 gen 3's unfortunately it is not a drop-in pat , first the slide lock spring will not fit in the new slide lock ,the cut out is slightly smaller, second the new slide lock it will not sit flush when is under tension in the frame , this is a safety concern , with that said the part is a solid part only the tolerances are of .


Installing An Extended Slide Lock On Your Glock

5. Install the New Extended Slide Lock

Roll the lower, or frame, back to an upright position.

Now, depress the spring again. If you do not depress the spring now, the new extended slide lock will slip right under it.

With the spring depressed, start sliding in the new extended slide lock. Stop as soon as you notice the spring is under it. Release the spring for a moment.

You can pause here for a second and roll the frame back to its side (in the direction you want the new extended slide lock to fall).

With the hand that is holding the frame, you can cover the exit for the extended slide lock with your middle finger. This will prevent the new extended slide lock from just falling straight through.

With this exit hole covered, depress the spring again. The new extended slide lock will now fall into place. You will note the small notch where the spring will catch within the bottom of the extended slide lock. You may need to wiggle it a hair to get that part to line up.

Release the spring and the new extended slide lock is installed.

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Slide lock glock

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Lenny Magill Demos Our Extended Precision Slide Lock

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