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FLEXcon celebrates 60 years of quiet success in Spencer

SPENCER – Workers sang, stomped on a toy rocket blaster and dined on food-truck cuisine Thursday as FLEXcon celebrated its 60th year in business.

The privately held company, which makes laminated films and adhesives that go on everything from buses to beer bottles, wanted to thank its workers and offer them a chance to have some fun, President and Chief Executive Neil McDonough said. 

“It’s great just to be able to celebrate,” Mr. McDonough said. “We’re here. We’re solid.” 

With annual revenues nearing $500 million and about 1,500 employees worldwide, FLEXcon is one of Worcester County’s biggest and most long-lived industrial businesses. It controls more than 100 acres of property in Spencer, according to town records, and has offices in Europe, Canada and Asia.

It’s also a quiet company, carefully guarding the names of its customers and working sometimes for years before launching new products.

Mr. McDonough’s father, Myles McDonough, started the business in a Spencer garage in 1956. Early products included metallic laminated polyester, which often went to make women’s shoes or handbags.

But today FLEXcon is pushing into cutting-edge products such as thin, lightweight polymer-based aerogels that were developed by the nation’s space program, even as it continues to make the labels that go on lawn mowers and store shelves.

Mr. McDonough said the company’s specialty is manufacturing thin, flexible products from one roll to another roll. FLEXcon is essentially a custom manufacturer, he said. 

“We call ourselves the company of a thousand singles, not doubles or triples,” Mr. McDonough said.

Some of those hits came from proposals that Mr. McDonough said seemed unlikely to work, including a plan to make a clear label for bottles of Clearly Canadian sparkling water.

“I gave that very little chance of being successful, and it grew into a major business for us,” he said.

More experimental products before FLEXcon include a film for smartphones or other electronic devices to screen out the blue light that can thwart the body’s signals to sleep, as well as materials for electrocardiogram sensors.

Mr. McDonough said his parents instilled in him business lessons that have had an impact on FLEXcon's operations, including a fiscal discipline that has allowed the company to shun bank debt. FLEXcon has been able to evade layoffs during slow markets, as well, he said. 

In fact, that's when FLEXcon has been able to work on some of its more experimental projects, according to Mr. McDonough.

"When we're slow, our customers are slow, so that's when the crazy projects come out," he said. 

FLEXcon's anniversary celebrations are scheduled to continue today on its Spencer campus.

Sours: https://www.telegram.com/news/20160825/flexcon-celebrates-60-years-of-quiet-success-in-spencer

FLEXcon Company Inc.

FLEXcon Company Inc.

Can you provide some history on the company? It takes an innovative spirit to try something no one else is willing to try, and that’s exactly the spirit my father, Myles McDonough, had back in 1956 when he produced his first pressure-sensitive film product in a Spencer garage. When other film suppliers only wanted to produce commodity products, my father had a vision to fill the needs of other innovators who wanted to use pressure-sensitive in new and different ways. He took the small volume jobs no one else wanted and, through outstanding service, technical expertise and sheer ingenuity, he filled that need – one application at a time.

Today, with the majority of our workforce located here in Spencer, we are a leading global manufacturer of coated and laminated films and adhesives. With an average of 13 years of service, our employees strive for an operational and innovative organization that will benefit local, regional, and worldwide markets. We work directly with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their goals to deliver high-quality products and service, quick turnaround, and a highly-personalized approach.

What type of safety programs do you have? We focus on safety and health, continually maintaining the highest standard of safety through OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), where we have been a member since 1995. In addition, our Better Health and Wellness program provides the tools and resources necessary for all our employees to achieve their personal health and wellness goals. 

What are some of your notable achievements/projects? Our numerous achievements over the past 60+ years range from labeling applications to spacesuit insulation. FLEXcon pioneered the no-label-look on glass for beverage labeling in the 1990’s, working with Anheuser-Busch to create clear film labels for Bud Ice. More recently, we engineered our dermaFLEX™ low-trauma, medical grade skin contact adhesive for delicate skin. Lightweight and flexible enough to move with the body, it is permeable enough to allow the skin to breathe – all while staying adhered for the prescribed time without irritation. We also developed label materials for asset tracking at the “hot-end” of the manufacturing process for the steel industry. Labels are applied directly to hot metal surfaces up to 1000°F (538°C).

What are the secrets to your success? We believe that planning for economic swings is essential for long-term success and is achieved by making sense of financial data and economic trends. Investing in the future for the long-term and staying the course enables us to weather whatever the market may throw at us. Furthermore, staying open to the thoughts and ideas of employees at all levels is critical. They are closest to the work and know best how to deal with any issues and make improvements. This openness is the ultimate show of respect.

What differentiates your company from your competitors? Our manufacturing and delivery capabilities, combined with our ability and willingness to make custom products, differentiates us and allows us to bring added value to our customers. 

FLEXcon Company Inc.

Address: 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562

Phone: 508-885-8200

Website: www.FLEXcon.com

Name and email address: Neil McDonough, CEO/Chairman, [email protected]

Year Founded: 1956

Number of employees: 1000+ employees worldwide

Sours: https://www.wbjournal.com/sponsored/article/flexcon-company-inc
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FLEXcon Employee Reviews in Spencer, MA

Great place to work! Learned a lot!

Credit Intern (Former Employee) - Spencer, MA - February 11, 2016

A typical day at work included examining customer invoices for the Mexican Subsidiary, and compiling the data that was needed to compare the top customers for the region.

I learned how to sort information, and how to condense it into a functional amount. Because my co-workers were very approachable and helpful, it was easy to navigate the necessary customer invoices. My boss was also very available for questions, yet allowed me to have some freedom with the structure of the project.

The hardest part of this job was condensing the information. Because I was allowed some free range with this project, I made the mistake of including too much of the invoice within my analysis.

The most enjoyable part of the job was analyzing the information. After the data was entered, I was able to sort it and apply the necessary equations.

Sours: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Flexcon/reviews?fcountry=US&floc=Spencer%2C+MA


FoundedSpencer, Massachusetts, U.S. (1956)
FounderMyles McDonough

Spencer, Massachusetts



Area served


Key people

Neil McDonough (CEO & Chairman of FLEXcon Holdings)
Lavon Winkler (CEO of FLEXcon North America)
Stephen Hall (Managing Director, FLEXcon Europe Ltd.)
ProductsPressure-Sensitive Films & Adhesives

Number of employees

1,200 (2008)

FLEXcon is a worldwide manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film products for applications that include indoor and outdoor advertising, product identification and safety/hazard labels, bar coded labels, primary labels and bonding/mounting.[1]

FLEXcon also develops custom solutions to meet unique converting or application needs. The company is headquartered in Spencer, Massachusetts, and has operations throughout North America and Europe, with distribution worldwide.[1]


From its origin as a small garage-based business in Spencer, Massachusetts, FLEXcon has grown to be a worldwide polymeric coater and provider of pressure-sensitive film and adhesive products. FLEXcon remains a family-owned, privately held company.[2]


Neil McDonough’s father, Myles, founded FLEXcon in 1956. In those early years, the company focused on laminatingvinyl and metallic polyesters for use in women's shoes and handbags. “You can never remain on a plane. You must either go up or down.” was Myles motto.[3]

Among his values that permeate the company to this day, Myles McDonough emphasized doing whatever it takes to meet customer needs. A typical example of his ingenuity was building a slitter/re-winder using motors from discarded washing machines.[3]


Through the years, FLEXcon's product line and capabilities expanded to meet changing requirements within the industry. This included the increased demand for dyed, brushed, embossed, and topcoated products in the '60s; the growth of sheet-form labeling and dramatic expansion of roll-form-labeling in the '70s; the introduction of variable print technologies in the '80s; and the birth of "no-label-look" labels for glass bottles, which FLEXcon pioneered in the '90s for Clearly Canadian.[3]

Quality management[edit]

FLEXcon adopted a quality management system in the 1980s, achieving ISO certification and OSHA VPP status in the 1990s, and integrated lean manufacturing practices in the 2000s. All of these programs are ongoing today.[3]


FLEXcon employs 1,200 people worldwide (2008), with manufacturing facilities located in Spencer, Massachusetts; Columbus, Nebraska; and Glenrothes, Scotland. The company also has sales offices throughout North America and Europe and distribution worldwide.


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLEXcon

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