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During the years of America’s Civil War, the nation was strongly divided into two lands, two mindsets, and two battlefronts: the North and the South. As brothers fought against their own brothers, taking to the battlefield to fight for their chosen army, the conflict dragged on. Still, young its in years, the United States military also became divided in two — and the Union and Confederate armies were left to devise their own uniforms and war plans.

As the Civil War waged throughout the mids, Union soldiers donned official uniforms in varying shades of blue. While at first men enlisted and wore whatever clothing they brought from home, the Union Army followed the tradition of the U.S. Army. All Union men wore dark blue trousers, while their rank was differentiated by jackets in varying shades of navy, sky, and faded blue. Famous Civil War figures including Ulysses S. Grant, James Birdseye McPherson, and Joseph Hooker all proudly wore the navy blue of the Union military until

An exclusive piece in our Heritage Costumes collection of historical clothing, this kids’ Union soldier uniform is authentic to the men’s attire of 19th century America in the midst of war. Your costume includes a single-breasted, lined navy Union officer’s frock coat, a pair of matching military pants, and a red waist sash. This historically accurate uniform resembles those worn by soldiers fighting for the Union.

Pair this Union uniform with our wide selection of Civil War clothing pieces, accessories, and added details to create your very own personalized costume. You can mix and match different Civil War attire to shape your own custom Union Army attire.

This high-quality Union uniform costume for kids can be used for Civil War-themed school events, a history lesson, or simply a fun day of experiencing life during America’s divisive war as a Northerner. Made with pride and care right in the United States, this kids’ Union soldier uniform costume is built to last.


The American Civil War, widely known in the United States as simply the Civil War as well as other sectional names, was fought from to

Fabric Content:
Self% Polyester
Lining: 65% Polyester 35%  Cotton

Cleaning Instructions:
* Most items made from polyester/cotton blend treat as polyester.
* Most items are made from polyester can be machine washed and dried.
* Use warm water and add a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle.
* Machine dry at low temperature setting and remove articles as soon as the tumbling cycle is complete.
* If ironing is needed, use a moderately warm iron.
* Most items made from polyester can be dry-cleaned.

As we cut all of our garments individually (Coats, Vests, Pants, Dresses, Etc.)
Fabric Shades may vary & may not match exactly.

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Union Soldier Costumes

Union Soldier Costumes

Soldier on for the Union's Glory

Dress to end secession. The Northern army had historic ideals to uphold: one law and one country. The Yankee military may not have all held abolitionist beliefs, but they stood behind President Lincoln during the Civil War. Many of these brave men were no more than kids. Relive American history, fight the Confederacy and feel the anguish of a nation torn.

This is the anniversary year for sesquicentennial reenactments. Don't forget to wear an authentic period uniform and bring the past back to life. Honor the early American veterans and share their experience with our next generation.

Blue Costumes

Union soldiers' uniforms were dark blue and made of thick wool. The infantry's leather rimmed hats offered small respite form the sun. Feel the heat and stay dry in the rain. Regardless of your political leanings, become an important part of our national history. Follow General Ulysses Grant in to battle as part of the Federal cavalry.

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In addition to being an incredibly important time in American history, the Civil War era also calls up some specific looks when it comes to costumes. The key to creating an authentic look at home is to use Civil War costume patterns and work to ensure you cover all the details.

Costumes for Civil War Soldiers

The United States War Department standardized the uniform for Union soldiers in to make it easier to tell the two sides apart.

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Union Soldiers

The standard Union uniform consisted of a dark blue wool jacket with four brass buttons, light blue wool trousers, a "blouse" or lined shirt, and a cap.

Use a Good Pattern

If you're making the costume yourself, it's important to use a good pattern to help. McCall's has a four-dollar pattern for a Civil War Coat and Trousers, which you can modify based on the side of the soldier. You can also choose a coat style to signify an officer or keep it simple for a regular soldier. You'll need previous sewing experience, but you don't need to be an expert.

Choose the Right Fabric

Uniforms were made from lightweight wool, designed to wear well in the field. You can find lightweight wool fabric in blue or gray for about $20 per yard on Fabric.com or at your local fabric store. Choose % wool for authenticity, or if you're on a budget, a wool blend will give you the look of wool without the cost.

Find Authentic Buttons

Buttons are an important part of any uniform costume, whether you're planning to have your solider be part of the Confederate or the Union Army. You can use ordinary buttons from the fabric store, but there are specialty buttons for a really authentic look. C&C Sutlery offers brass buttons for both sides, as well as officers, for about $ each.

Buy or Make the Hat

The hat worn by soldiers, called a "forage cap," can be a challenge to make. If you need several, you can purchase a forage cap pattern at Patterns of Time for about $15 and make it in fabric to match the rest of the uniform.

Make Civil War-Era Costumes for Women

Women had an important role in the Civil War, serving as nurses, laundresses, and cooks. They also sewed uniforms and prepared bandages, and back at home, many women provided essential emotional support. The appropriate costume for a woman will depend a great deal on her role in the conflict, but these tips can help you create the perfect look.

Choose a Good Pattern for a Civilian Dress

For civilian women, the traditional bell-shaped dress of the s is the perfect choice. Use Past Patterns' design of a gathered or pleated bodice and skirt to make an authentic reproduction. These even have dropped shoulders, which were fashionable at the time. The patterns for the skirt and bodice retail for about $14 each and require some previous sewing experience.

Consider an Adjustable Hoop Skirt

At this time in history, women wore hoop skirts to hold the skirt out from the waist, although in the field, they often relied on several petticoats for easier movement. If you choose to use a hoop skirt as part of the costume, pick one that is adjustable, such as the $30 five-bone hoop skirt from Amazon. That way, you can make sure it provides exactly the desired amount of support for the skirt.

Choose Period-Appropriate Fabrics

For authenticity, stick to natural materials like silk, cotton, and linen. You can buy period-appropriate fabrics at a specialty retailer like Hancock's of Paducah or at your local fabric store. Look for muted colors and small patterns.

Create Civil War Costumes for Kids

During the Civil War era, kids also had specific clothing that represented the era. Girls wore dresses and even hoop skirts, and boys wore coats and trousers. Some boys even wore uniforms, since the Confederacy did not have a minimum enlistment age and boys of the Union sometimes lied about their age to enlist.

Choose Patterns for Kids

Any pattern from about can serve as a basis for a child's Civil War-era costume. Amazon Drygoods has a good selection of clothing patterns for kids, including boys' coats and trousers and girls' dresses. Most retail for about $10 to $15 and require some previous sewing experience.

Modify Patterns for Boy Soldiers

To make a uniform for a boy solider, use a standard coat and trousers pattern, and make it in blue or gray wool. Add brass buttons and a cap to complete the uniform.

Plan the Look Ahead of Time

Whether you're making a costume for a child to wear in a play or a completely authentic outfit for a reenactment, making Civil War costumes requires research and a good pattern. Take your time planning the outfit ahead of time to ensure you are totally happy with the period look you create.

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Civil War Costumes

The American Civil War was anything but civil! American history was changed forever by the outcome of the war, By its end, it had taken the lives of three-quarters of a million soldiers and countless civilians. The Civil War divided families and signifies a crucial turning point in America's history. 

The primary issue that triggered the war was slavery, but there were other contributing causes. Planters in the agrarian South believed that: 

  • the U.S. Constitution allowed each state to make its own policy on slavery 

  • their African slaves weren't fully human and thus had no constitutional rights 

  • the federal government had no right to deprive them of property by declaring all slaves free 

The industrialized North held that: 

  • states' rights did not extend that far 

  • slaves were human beings with inalienable rights 

  • states had no right to secede from the union, which must be preserved at all cost 

The presidential election turned on the issue of slavery. After Abraham Lincoln won by promising to abolish slavery, seven southern states seceded in open rebellion. This sparked the gruesome war, which lasted from - The North eventually won, emerging victorious in decisive battles. Even though it represents a time of adversity in the U.S., it's an important to remember the lives lost and it also showcases a move toward progress. That's why it's important to remember everything that took place in the U.S. over a hundred years ago. 

If you're planning a historical project or a reenactment, check out our civil war costumes. We have Union uniforms, based on the clothing worn by soldiers in the North. We also carry plenty of Abraham Lincoln costumes, in both child and adult sizes. He was instrumental during the war and he helped create the change in American that had been sorely needed for over a hundred years. For the soldiers' womenfolk, we have historical dress costumes for girls and women.

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Uniform costume soldier union

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