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A great way to say something special is to send a touching postcard. People love receiving personal messages. With Crello you may not have design skills to make it good.

Create your own Postcard

Make your Own Beautiful Postcard

In Crello you can make stunning postcards effortlessly. It creates a great impression to send a personal message or use it for your business advertising. It is time to show off your creativity.

Design a Postcard Now

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Create Custom Postcards that Show How Much You Care with Ultimate Pack of Tools

Send your friend a vacation postcard or use it in business promotion for your customers. There are so many occasions to present someone with a gorgeous greeting! You will enjoy the creative process, since Crello designers have already created a huge collection of elements, and they are at your disposal.


Beautiful Layouts

You really don’t have to be a designer. Our team created over 25,000 stunning templates to use so you can breeze through the creative process.

Postcards Template

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Use Animation

You can easily turn your digital postcard design into a video. Just add animated objects and backgrounds or choose video clips from Crello’s library.

Add Motion

how to create animation in Crello



Crello’s drag-n-drop feature makes it easy for you to customize any template. You can upload your own photos, illustrations, and fonts or choose from a huge collection of graphic elements.


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Edit Your Design

The highly editable nature of every element on Crello templates makes it super easy. You can change colors, add new backgrounds, or resize objects.


how to edit your design


Making in a Click

Love your awesome design but want it in another size? With our generator it’s easy. Resize it to the other preset dimension or add custom sizes.

Resize Design

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Collection of Design Objects

Crello gives you access to over 7,600 objects—stickers, illustrations, frames, icons, masks, and more. Use these beautiful elements.

Browse Objects

Crello library of custom objects


Enjoy unlimited downloads with Crello Pro

  • Download as many designs as you need
  • Invite team members and design together
  • Get help online with priority support
  • Remove backgrounds from images

Start Free Trial

Create Personalized Postcards in Minutes

Crello is a free online creator, and it lets you work with more than 3,500 free design elements. You are welcome to upload your own photographs, illustrations, patterns and fonts. What is more, premium elements are also available. Show your care and appreciation.

Start Designing

How to Make a Postcard Online

select format

Choose a format

Select the format from your dashboard or find the template under the Personal tab.

choose template

Choose a template

With so many templates to choose from, you can create a wonderful invitation postcard. Pick the template that perfectly fits your theme.



Customize your design to make it even more personalized. Add your own images and text or embellish with Crello’s objects. Change colors, resize objects, and more.

download and share

Download and share

Finished designing and want to share? You can now download in four different formats—JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent, and PDF. Or share it from the Crello interface.


I'd like to send a postcard to my daughter at camp (via US mail). Is there a way to make the backside of a photo look like paper?

Yes, you are welcome to use various lines of Crello and design the backside as you need. And you need to add text on the left side and the address on the right side.

Can I make a frame for my postcard?

Sure. Visit the “Objects” tab and choose the “Frames” section.

If I created a postcard, can I share it with others via the internet?

Yes. Please click on the “Share” button and choose “Share a link or embed”.

Amazing Postcard Designs for All Occasions

Never run out of ideas with Crello’s professionally designed templates. Make stylish creations for the web or for print in a snap.

Postcard Templates


Get Free PostCard Templates In Google Docs

Looking for a high-quality free postcard template? has just launched a new category – free postcard templates. Our professional designers create each template from A to Z. Therefore, all the templates have an original design and attractive look. Keep in mind that you can also edit and customize our templates using Google Documents. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or editing skills so you can do that unaided.

Why Should I Get Your Free Postcard Templates For Google Docs?

Well, to start with, all of our templates are absolutely free. So, you are not losing anything if you download or print them. Remember that each of our templates is made from scratch so it has a unique design and original concept. Still, you can edit and adjust the template just by using Google Documents. It only takes a few minutes so it doesn’t require special editing skills. Here are some benefits of our Google Docs templates:
  • Wide range of exemplars. You will definitely find something worthy on service. We are constantly replenishing the collection to let you get more beautiful postcard templates. If you give us feedback on the quality and design of these templates, we will know better what you like and what should be modified;
  • Original design and uniqueness. Our free postcard templates are made from scratch by professional designers. They do not use references or already existing templates. So, all of our materials are fully unique and original;
  • No hidden fees. You will not bump into any hidden fees or additional payments. When we say that our services are free, we mean that. You should not even think of paying anything for our FREE postcard templates;
  • The comprehensible editing process. You can edit, adjust, and customize all the templates by using Google Documents. The editing process is quite easy and simple so that every user can handle that. Nevertheless, you can watch some tutorials or message us for guidance.

Should I Do Anything In Return?

No, you are not obliged to do anything in return for our service. makes high-quality free postcard templates for both personal and commercial use. We create each template from scratch to ensure full uniqueness and original design. Also, do not forget that you can edit and customize every template using Google Docs. Believe us, that’s quite easy for every Internet user. If you like our free postcard templates, make sure to subscribe to our social media. Also, we always appreciate your feedback and all the suggestions. Help us become better and we will provide you with even more attractive free templates. Stay tuned!
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Postcard Templates

What Is a Postcard?

How to Make a Postcard

postcard template

A basic postcard is a rectangular card made from a thick paper used to send messages by mail without needing an envelope. This usually comes as a photograph on one side. Postcards are perfectly to tell someone far away about your own little adventures. First used in the second half of the 19th century, John P. Charlton created the first commercially produced cards in 1861. Nowadays, postcards are sent when someone is on holiday.

From beach trips to faraway travels, even business postcards, it lets your receiver know that even if your miles apart, you are still thinking about them. A simple postcard is a personal way of sharing what you have experienced to your loved ones. But are postcards a thing of the past? 

The Washington Post reported that, in 2014, 770 million stamped postcards were processed by the U.S. Postal Service. There are some people who study and collect postcards, this is called etiology. 

1. It Starts With The Right Paper

To make a really good postcard, you have to make sure it is made from the best paper you could find. Postcards don’t usually use envelopes when sent, so your paper needs to be sturdy and suitable for your postcard design.  You can make your postcard from thick paper or thin cardboard. We have sample postcards you can check out.

2. Your Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Pick out the perfect picture to make your postcard picture perfect. Use the photo that best represents your trips and travels, picks the photo that also puts a smile on your receiver’s face. Attach your photo to your postcard paper and add a back to write your message and address. You can choose from our many printable postcard templates.

3. Address for Success

Make sure you address your printable postcard properly. You wouldn’t want to send your postcard to the wrong place. Write legibly, the address your sending to should be understandable. Do not forget any details of the address, street name, building number, etc. If you plan on staying in the same city longer, you can also add a return address to your postcard.

4. Send Your Sentiments

When writing your message, there isn’t much space on your postcard, so try to keep it short and sweet. The left side of your postcard is for your message and the right side is for the receiver’s address. Keep your message straight to the point, but don’t forget to be a little creative when writing. You can talk about many things in your postcard. You can write about your day, the locals, the things you’ve learned, etc. Your message on your blank postcard should also be handwritten to make it more personal.

5. No Errors, No Terrors

Always recheck your creative postcard, a misspelling of a name or address can send your postcard somewhere else. Every little detail should be checked to make sure your personal note can reach its destination.

6. Stamp It, Send It, Smile

Don’t forget to stamp your simple postcard. The postage stamp on your postcard helps postal services know the distance your card is traveling. The more you pay in postage stamps, the farther your card is getting. Send it with a smile, your postcard will carry it across oceans.

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