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HDMI to VGA Adapter

Belkin HDMI to VGA Projector Adapter


View content from your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone on a bigger screen with this HDMI to VGA Projector Adapter. The adapter plugs into the HDMI port on your Apple TV (sold separately) and connects to any VGA projector. Enjoy visual presentations on a larger screen or share a photo slideshow from your iPhone with an audience.

This cable works with AirPlay-compatible sources including iPads, iPhones, AirPort-enabled computers, and other iOS devices to stream content to your projector.


Belkin HDMI to VGA Projector Adapter



Designed for portability, this compact adapter measures 6 inches so you can easily take it along while traveling. A high-quality molded-strain relief at the connection points provides flexibility when connecting between devices, reducing strain on the cable and providing durability for long-lasting use.


At A Glance:

  • 6-inch adapter connects Apple TV to VGA-enabled displays
  • Compatible with Apple TVs, AirPlay-enabled devices, DVD players, and projectors
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Molded-strain relief provides flexibility at the connection points
  • Ideal for sharing presentations and slideshows with an audience
  • Video only - separate audio cable required

Package Includes:

HDMI to VGA Projector Adapter



C2G VGA to Composite PC-TV Video Adapter

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Da Passer from Does the trick!This was the exact item I had been looking for over a very long time. A short online "Chat" with the tech guy and I was rockin'. Only problem I encountered was once I received the cable, I discovered the projector I had was very short on display quality.
Date published:
Rated 4 out of 5 by Steve Karaoke from TruLink® VGA to Composite PC-TV Video AdI Use this to connect a laptop to a TV
Date published:
Rated 4 out of 5 by Doc from good device to do the work i was doingthe pix quality was good for the type of presentation i was doing. not for doing high quality work but for the price you can't beat it for normal use. using the s-video out put helps in the pix quality. using the video output resulted in poor quality and not being to read any text when enlarged.
Date published:
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VGA PC to TV Video Converter with Remote Control

This High Resolution VGA to TV Video Converter/Scaler accepts your computer’s VGA signal and converts the graphics data into TV video format (composite, S-Video, and analog RGB for SCART implementation).

A versatile video solution, the VGA to TV video converter/scaler supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM video systems, acting as a VGA to NTSC/PAL Converter and features adjustable zoom, freeze, horizontal/vertical scaling, picture positioning, brightness, sharpness, and flicker control - allowing you to tweak the video as needed to suit your display.

A practical tool for synchronizing your monitor and television screens, the converter/scaler provides simultaneous display on both TV screen and PC monitor, and features a handy remote control that allows you to make adjustments from a distance.


  • An inexpensive way to increase the size of a computer display
  • Displays computer screen images on your TV
  • Great for boardroom meetings, tradeshows and lectures
  • Use your TV to display computer presentations, surfing the Internet, playing video games and more

The Advantage

  • Plug and Play pure hardware design that automatically detects the scan rate and resolution of the incoming graphic signals without the use of software
  • Easy to operate though push buttons, remote, and on-screen display
  • Compatible with any PC/Mac&#;/Sun&#; computer

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Composite to VGA Adapter from eBay Review

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