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Let’s Plan Together

When you choose an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) to be your partner through pregnancy and delivery, we’ll help you create a birth plan that fits your preferences. We respect and honor your plan–understanding that preferences and safety concerns can change throughout your pregnancy and right up to delivery day.

Developing a birth plan is easier with an OB-GYN who listens to you, understands you, and shares in your decision-making. Need help finding an OB to fit your personality and preferences? Take this list of questions with you to your first appointment to help you find an OB-GYN partner who’s right for you.

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A Modern Labor and Delivery Approach

When you go into labor, you can expect the same level of supportive, compassionate, and safe care you’ve received throughout your pregnancy. We’ll respect your birth plan, and you’ll be able to choose when and if pain medication will be used. Your labor and delivery experience will be based on your preferences and what is safest for you and your baby at the time of delivery.

Most babies can be born with very little medical help, and that’s good news because when we minimize surgical intervention, we help ensure a safer delivery. We’ll monitor your health and the health of your baby during the labor and birthing process. Unless necessary, we’ll work with you to avoid common interventions like inducing labor or episiotomy to help prevent dangerous complications that can delay healing.


Lower Risk. Higher Confidence: Having a Baby the Providence Way

At the same time, we know every birth is different, as is every new mom. If you choose an epidural for pain relief–even if you change your mind from your birth plan–we will honor your request when it’s safe to do. You are in charge of your birth experience, and that means easing your discomfort.

Did you know that women are three times more likely to experience complications during cesarean delivery? For your safety, our OB-GYNs encourage vaginal birth even if you’ve had a previous C-section, when possible. However, there are times when a cesarean delivery may be medically necessary, and our experts will help ensure both you and your baby are safe and comfortable.


Let’s Start this Journey Together

If you’re ready for an outstanding pregnancy experience, start by choosing an OB-GYN who will be a good fit for you and will prioritize your safety. It’s so important to find someone who listens to you, doesn't pressure you, and gets you–both your head and your heart.

It’s your pregnancy. Let Providence be your partner. 

Sours: https://www.providence.org/locations/holy-cross-medical-center/obstetrics

Labor and Delivery

Our family-oriented Holy Cross Birthing Center offers an innovative birthing concept that is as close to home as you could wish for. Holy Cross Hospital’s Birthing Center has the comforts of a homey environment, with an emphasis on keeping the delivery of babies as comfortable as possible. We provide the best medical expertise and technology, assuring the safe and healthy birth of your child.

As an expectant mother, you will be in one of our three home-like rooms with a comfortable birthing bed, hardwood floors, a rocking chair, plenty of sunlight from a large window and ample room for your family to visit you and your new baby.

When delivering your baby, you will remain in this environment for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care with experienced, professional, and compassionate nurses.

Our Holy Cross Birthing Center offers centralized fetal monitoring which allows both nurses and physicians a method of monitoring the mother and unborn child’s condition. The nurse’s station and birthing or labor and delivery rooms are able to analyze the baby&#;s status for signs of fetal distress at any time.

A nursery for newborns requiring extra assistance is just a few steps away from the birthing rooms. There is also a triage room to assess urgency of need by expectant moms just coming in to the labor and delivery area. Expectant moms and dads are welcome to come by, tour the HCH Birthing Center, and meet our experienced nurses.

Sours: https://holycrossmedicalcenter.org/service/labor-and-delivery/
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Giving Birth at Holy Cross Hospital (Silver Spring)

Holy Cross Hospital (Silver Spring) is located at Forest Glen Rd, Silver Spring, MD After parking in the garage (or being dropped off at the front door) you&#;ll check in at the front desk and be directed to the elevators on your right. Labor and delivery is on the 3rd floor.

What providers support birth at Holy Cross? 

There are no midwives currently supporting births at Holy Cross. However, a large number (about ) of physicians attend labors at the hospital. 

Can I take a tour of Holy Cross? 

Holy Cross offers tours as well as birthing classes. However, the COVID19 pandemic has caused in-person tours and birth classes to be suspended for now. You can learn more about their maternity care here, and in our childbirth classes. We are able to provide information to help you prepare.

You can pre-register for your birth, and it’s recommended that complete the online registration paperwork here.

What options are available at Holy Cross during birth? 

You have the option of birth balls, peanut balls and birthing bars, as well as the shower at Holy Cross. There is wireless monitoring to facilitate your ability to move around during labor as well. If you opt for medical pain relief, you have access to an epidural or IV pain medication. 

Can I eat during labor?

We recommend eating earlier in labor, prior to going in for your birth at Holy Cross. You are likely to be offered a clear liquid diet including things like broth, popsicles, jello and ginger ale during your labor and delivery, until you give birth.

How many people can be with me in labor? 

Currently, due to safety precautions to slow the spread of COVID19, patients can have one support person with them during their labor. 

Generally, guidelines allow 4 support persons with you in labor (although you may request more loved ones to attend if you like, and others may wait the birth of your baby in the waiting room). 

What are my options for a cesarean birth?

If you need a c-section, you can have a support person in the operating room with you. You should expect your baby to remain in the room with you in recovery, and you will go to your postpartum room together. You can request skin to skin time with your baby, and to breastfeed as soon as possible in the recovery room. 

Is there breastfeeding support? 

There are nurses and lactation consultants available to support breastfeeding at Holy Cross. Your doula can also facilitate your initial nursing while she supports you after labor. 

How has COVID19 affected the hospital policies at Holy Cross?

As of writing on October 30, , the following precautions are in place due to the COVID19 pandemic: 

  • Patients entering will have temperature checked on arrival, and the patient will be tested if symptoms are shown. 
  • If a birthing patient tests positive for COVID19, there will be no visitors permitted, and CDC guidelines to separate parent and baby for 24 hours will be followed. 

Can I have a doula at Holy Cross Hospital?

  • Patients giving birth at Holy Cross can have one visitor. The visitor must wear a wristband and is not permitted to switch with an alternate visitor. The visitor can come and go but if the visitor band is removed, the visitor band will be considered voided.
  • Expectant mothers may designate one adult support person to be with them for a Cesarean birth and in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit after a Cesarean birth.

For more questions about having a baby at Holy Cross, you can check out their online brochure, call Labor and Delivery at , or ask your doula. We’ll be happy to help you find the answers. 

Sours: http://www.dcmetromaternity.com/giving-birth-holy-cross-silver-spring/

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