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2020 Census - BE COUNTED!

In preparation for the 2020 Census, the state of Michigan has launched a new website to provide information and resources to Michiganders.

Live as of Tuesday, Jan. 14, the website will be available throughout the census-taking season so residents can have their questions answered, keep up to date on the latest census news and obtain a better understanding about the importance of the census. The website includes a list of frequently asked questions and an interactive map of hard to reach areas, among other things.

To find more resources about the census or to get involved, go to

The website is one piece of a larger effort to ensure that every Michigander is counted. In particular, the "Count Me In" campaign seeks to let Michigan residents know that responding to the census this year is convenient, confidential and critical to the future of our state.

Residents can fill out the census in multiple languages online, by phone or on a paper form. All answers are completely confidential.

By law, the data can be collected for statistical purposes only and cannot be used against a person. The Census Bureau cannot share or publish any household-specific census data, even to other government agencies.

Ensuring an accurate count of Michiganders is important because roughly $30 billion in federal funding for public safety, schools, housing, health care, and more, as w​ell as one congressional seat, are at stake for Michigan.

The census count will shape Michigan's social infrastructure for the next decade.

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Is Traverse City the best Michigan city for your business?

population icon Population 2020

With 15,678 people, Traverse City is the 125th most populated city in the state of Michigan out of 1,520 cities. But watch out, Traverse City, because Brandon with 15,384 people and Harper Woods with 15,492 people are right behind you.

race icon Race & Ethnicity 2020

The largest Traverse City racial/ethnic groups are White (89.3%) followed by Two or More (4.3%) and Hispanic (3.1%).

income icon Median Income 2019

In 2019, the median household income of Traverse City households was $57,076. Traverse City households made slightly more than Banks households ($57,074) and Brant households ($57,054) . However, 6.0% of Traverse City families live in poverty.

age icon Median Age 2019

The median age for Traverse City residents is 41.4 years young.

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Traverse City, Michigan Population 2021

The Ojibwe and Ottawa tribes were the original inhabitants of what is now Traverse City. Europeans arrived in the area during the 18th century. The first permanent settlement along the Grand Traverse Bay was originally called Grand Traverse and was established in 1839.

A man from Illinois purchased land along the Boardman River in 1847. That same year, a sawmill was constructed, which was later sold in 1851. Hannah, Lay & Co made the purchase and invested in the sawmill, drawing in new settlers. The following year, a new post office was established, and a new settlement was created, named Grand Traverse City. The post office suggested changing the name to Traverse City, which was implemented immediately.

Traverse City saw growth in the years ahead with the introduction of rail service in the 1870s. As the area became more populated, Traverse City was incorporated as a village in 1891, then incorporated as a city a few years later. Throughout the 1900s, the city continued to grow. Many national magazines and multiple newspapers are printed in Traverse City. The city is also the largest producer of tart cherries and hosts the National Cherry Festival, which brings in about half a million tourists each year. Other attractions also bring in more visitors, including vineyards, beaches, and skiing areas. The city also features multiple shopping malls, retailers, wineries and professional sports teams, and even a local film festival available.

In recent years, Traverse City has been named as one of the top small travel destinations in the U.S., as well as one of the best places in the country for retirement.


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City census office traverse

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U S Census Bureau Economic Programs Overview Including COVID 19 Hub update

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