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Set it and forget it - the Patrol 2™ Boot is the no-fuss, waterproof, certified motorcycle boot you've been waiting for. The TECTUFF® leather upper is seamlessly integrated with the lightweight BOA® lacing system for easy on, off, and micro adjustments. D3O® ankle insert, engineered lasting board, and rubber shifter interface answer your motorcycle-specific footwear needs. Patrol 2 Boot: the ultimate riding boots to battle the elements.


  • Tested And Certified According To Standard - EN 13634:2015


  • TECTUFF® Coated Leather Upper



  • D3O® ankle inserts, Plastic heel reinforcement, BOA® lacing system, Shifter interface.

BOA® Lacing: The BOA® lacing system is a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. Each configuration is engineered to optimize fit and provide precision, adaptability, and control.

Composite Lasting Board: Engineered to provide structure without compromising comfort and control feedback.

D3O® Ankle Impact Plate: The D3O® ankle impact plate adds reinforcement and comfort through an ergonomic shape. This allows for subtler integration into the boot without compromising performance.

Sours: https://www.motocentral.co.uk/icon-patrol-2-wp3-boots-black.html

Biker Review of the Icon Patrol 2 Boots-Progressive Motorcycle Riding Shoes/Boots

Icon Patrol 2 Boots

Icon Patrol 2 Boots

I recently took an 8 day, 7 State, 3,000-mile motorcycle trip on my Harley-Davidson while wearing and riding with the Icon Patrol 2 Boots. I am always searching for & testing progressive motorcycle riding gear. I'm not very traditional and know there are way better things to ride a Harley in rather than heavy bulky leather coats, chaps, and big clunky biker boots. I like gear that is protective, functional, and often works on and off the bike. (see review video below)

The Icon Patrol 2 Boots met my standards and I really enjoyed wearing them during this motorcycle trip. When you first look them over you can tell they are built well and quality.  These shoes/boots offer much riding protection, yet are comfortable and stylish. They come on an off very easy with the BOA lacing system. With the BOA lacing system, classic laces are replaced by stainless steel wires, connected to a turning knob. You can tighten or loosen these shoes to just the right feel. 

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During my motorcycle trip, it rained at times and it was very nice not to have to worry or pull over as the Icon Patrol 2 boots are waterproof! I could just ride on in conjunction with my other progressive riding gear.


I also walked around town every evening after riding all day for dinner and entertainment wearing these shoes/boots. I got off my motorcycle and hiked trails at Zion National Forest and at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and these Icon Patrol 2 Boots worked great for that too! That's what I'm talking about when I say I like motorcycle shoes/boots that work for many different things. Space is limited when packing for motorcycle trips, so multi-purpose shoes/boots such as the Icon Patrol 2 Boots work great. On a stiffness scale of 1-10, 10 being the stiffest, I'd rate these at a 6 and they break in easily and nicely. They are very comfortable. 



I wore the Icon Patrol 2 Boots in temperatures ranging from 45 degrees to 100+ degrees and they handled it well. They could be worn in much colder temps without a problem. Of course, in 100 degree temps your feet can get warm but that is understood and the same thing would happen in any boots. My feet did not get any warmer in the Icon Patrol 2 boots than in any other motorcycle riding shoe/boot I've tested thus far. 

Note/Sizing:When ordering the Icon Patrol 2 Boots, order one size larger than you wear as they run small. I am a 9.5 mens and I ordered a 10.5 and they fit perfectly. 

Overall, I love the protection, look, the functionality of the Icon Patrol 2 Boots. They are very comfortable and work both on and off the motorcycle. I highly recommend them for local or cross-country motorcycle riding!

Icon Patrol 2 BootsIcon Patrol 2 Boots

When you've had enough of the great indoors and feel the need to check the perimeters of your soul, take the Icon Patrol 2 Boots with you. Waterproof leather upper and easy on/easy off BOA laces keep you dry and comfortable.

Waterproof level 3 (will get you through heavy rain, wet snow, and some pressure)
Tectuff-coated leather upper
Plastic heel reinforcement
D3O ankle inserts
BOA lacing system
Shifter interface
Tested and certified according to standard EN 13634:2015

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Icon Patrol 2 Boots-Motorcycle Riding Shoes


Overall, I love the protection, look, the functionality of the Icon Patrol 2 Boots. They are very comfortable and work both on and off the motorcycle. I highly recommend them for local or cross-country motorcycle riding!

My only complaint is that Icon did not size these shoes to normal US size standards and they run a size small. An easy fix is to just order one size larger than you normally wear and you'll be fine. I am a 9.5 normally and I ordered a size 10.5 and they fit great. 

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Sours: https://www.lawabidingbiker.com/icon-patrol-two-boot/
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Icon Patrol Boots

Wow, these are some tough looking boots! The Icon Patrol boots are an all weather riding boot with a tough look, which is backed up with some pretty tough features. A dual metal buckle closure keeps the boots secure on your feet, and an internal lacing system helps to get a nice snug fit. An inner waterproof liner should keep your feet dry in wet weather, although keep in mind that these are a fairly short boot and unless you’re wearing a rain suit or similar garment over them, water could run into the boots from the top. Shifter interface nubs add to the looks while providing good shifter feel, and the arch of the boot is textured for grip on the foot pegs. There is some padding on the top of the boot and front of the ankle which should provide both comfort and protection. These boots should work well for a wide variety of riders and riding conditions. To see some closeup pictures of the Patrol boots, simply click the “View Larger Images” link above.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product


From: L.A.
Location: Virginia

The boots look much better in brown than black. Fit nicely, but take some time to make sure you get the laces the right tightness, the straps the right length, and everything tucked in. They get more comfortable once you take the time to adjust the fit. (Read more...)


From: Adam
Location: Chicago

I was looking for a pair of waterproof boots for street riding and came across these. I particularly liked them for a couple of reasons, the first being that the panel in the front covers the laces so less water gets trapped inside compared to oth... (Read more...)

Sours: https://www.motorcyclegear.com/street/closeouts/last_chance_bargains/icon/patrol_waterproof_motorcycle_boots.html

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2014 ICON Patrol Motorcycle Boot Review by MxMegastore.com

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