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Reviews For The RTA store

Customer service: Really quite good.

Quality of cabinets: Not bad at all. Cushion close, heavy doors, plywood boxes, and everything is cut pretty well. So far, they look great, honestly.

Assembly: Sometimes a little tricky, but if you're careful and cautious, they'll go together fine. I had one cabinet go together badly -- a lot of time spent with a rubber mallet and a sharp knife trying to make one edge come together cleanly -- but so far the others have all been quite easy. A simple box cabinet should take you about 15 minutes to assemble, once you're in practice. Even that one "bad" cabinet ended up within a sixteenth of an inch on the critical dimensions, which was close enough for this kitchen.

All in all? I could have spent $16K at any of the local places having custom cabinets made up (then however much installing). Instead, I spent $6K at RTA. I dealt with a crazy nightmare of a delivery, and am spending a couple of weeks slowly assembling and installing my cabinets. I'd probably do it again.


Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/2559909/reviews-for-the-rta-store


What Are RTA Cabinets and Why You Should Buy Them

Fastest Lead Times For Atlanta Ktichen Cabinets

Fastest Lead Times For Atlanta Ktichen Cabinets

RTA (Ready to assemble) cabinets are trending and making market waves not only for their affordability but also for their quality, durability, and ease of installation. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are a great way to save money on your next kitchen or bath remodel. They offer value, quick turn-around time, and rich features that can rival what you might find in a semi-custom line that costs twice as much. With this kind of affordable cabinets, you can give your kitchen a new look and new life by remodeling and replacing tired old cabinets with brand new ones without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Here at Woodstone Cabinetry, we offer a far more affordable option with our RTA cabinets directly supplied from the factory, we also offer installation services in Atlanta or Nashville and a high tech kitchen design center to create exactly the kinds of semi-custom made cabinets you need. If your looking for wholesale kitchen cabinets in Atlanta, Nashville, or anywhere in the nation then we can help you save up to 30% off your cabinets.


How Does It Work?

RTA Cabinets Atlanta

RTA Cabinets Atlanta

The ready-to-assemble name explains these products in a nutshell. When you order RTA cabinets, all of the parts have been cut to size, holes have been drilled where they needed, and any finishes you requested have been applied. Then the parts are stacked and wrapped. You can bring them home from the store or have them shipped to your home.

You then face the job of assembling and installing the cabinets. They should have instructions included, which may include drawings, diagrams, and step by step written explanations. Some also have a link to watch online videos on how to assemble your cabinets.


How Much Do You Stand to Save?

You can save a substantial amount of money with RTA cabinets as opposed to custom cabinets or assembled cabinets. The savings comes in a number of different ways. Firstly, the cabinets themselves are cheaper because they have to be assembled; secondly, because they are flat packed they are easier to store and quicker to ship which also saves money; and thirdly, because they are easy to install yourself, you can do away with hiring a contractor, saving you money on his or her wages.

Your costs can vary significantly depending on such factors as materials, finish, complexity, and degree of completion.


Is there more?

Ok..ok, well is the benefit only the high cost savings or is there more benefits I need to know? Well, below is a comprehensive list of some of the main benefits RTA cabinets offers.


Benefits of Buying RTA Cabinets

  1. Choice:

Our DIY RTA cabinets come in a wide range of configuration capabilities, popular styles and finishes to suit any décor. Whether you like the traditional style or prefer a modern look, we are sure you will find something to your liking among our 150,000 Cabinets in Stock.

  1. Quality:

Woodstone Cabinetry specializes in supplying high-production builders in the single and multi-family industries. Our products are recognized for their exceptional quality and are constructed to be durable and long lasting and will not let you down even if it encounters high temperature or moisture in the kitchen.

  1. Easy assembly:

Our ready to assemble kitchen cabinets come with instructions and pictures so that you know exactly what you are doing. All of the pieces come in one box so that you don’t have to spend ages identifying the parts and since all you are doing is joining the sides to the back and attaching the doors and drawers.

  1. Lead time:
Atlanta RTA Cabinets

Atlanta RTA Cabinets

Because ready to assemble cabinets are flat packed this means they can be stored easily on shelves in large warehouses. Thus, when a customer places an order with us their cabinets can usually be shipped within a couple of days directly to their home. Our warehouses are made convenient to you throughout the United States and constantly restocked to ensure your deadlines are met. We are able to offer one of the fastest lead times in the industry through our efficient and consistent manufacturing processes and attention to service. The result of our competencies is a very competitive sales price for our products. Compare this to a custom kitchen where you could wait months for delivery.


As a business with 50 years of combined cabinet and general contracting experience, we take pride in what we do and take pleasure in helping our customers get the kitchen of their dreams. We have created the perfect business model that pays a high level of attention to details while reducing cost making our RTA cabinets the solution you are looking for.

To get started we recommend filling out our “Fast Free Estimates” form on our website and a kitchen design specialist will contact you and help you step by step through our simple process. Don’t worry we offer you a no obligation and no pressure help for free. So get started today and find out how much you can save.

Sours: https://woodstonecabinetry.com/rta-cabinets-atlanta/
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Are you thinking about updating your closet?

There are many closet organizers available from wholesale cabinet dealers on the market today–but only a few with the quality accessories you need to give your closet a makeover that will last.

Through our free closet design process, you’ll be able to instantly double your closet space, have drawers for storage, sectional shelving for larger items, and save space with tilting shoe shelves.

The closet organizerscan be hung on the wall or stand on the floor and come with hanging rods or shelves to accommodate your needs. With in three widths, you can create the perfect closet for every bedroom or laundry.

Our closet organizers come in 9 interchangeable sections in 4 colors: cherry, espresso, white, and salt oak, in styles from modern to traditional to match each of our kitchen cabinets for congruent cabinetry throughout the home.

Choose from double hang sections with upper and lower rods for shirts/blouses or pants/skirts. You can also have a full set of shelves or mix an enclosed cabinet with doors, shelves, and a shoe rack for all of your accessories, large and small items, and of course, shoes and boots. Full hanging closet organizers are available for full-length dresses and long coats. You can create your dream closet to organize your wardrobe.

Our closet designers are waiting to speak with you for your personalized closet design perfect for your space. During the free closet design consultation, you can add finishing touches like glass-front cabinets or stylish knobs and accessories to add personality to your closet cabinet doors and drawers.

All closet organizers will come flat-packed in ready to assemble (RTA) sections and are easy to install. Update your closet with high-quality wholesale cabinets and beautiful closet organizers.

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