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Types of Mutual Funds

Based on Asset classes

  • Equity Funds: These funds primarily invest in stocks and can be actively or passively managed. The highs and lows are determined by the performance of the market. While they offer potentially high returns, they also come with relatively higher risks.
  • Debt Funds: These funds invest in fixed-income securities, including bonds, securities, and treasury bills, among others - these have a fixed interest rate and maturity period. These offer regular income and growth. The growth might not be at par with equity funds, but there's a steady income flow.
  • Hybrid Funds: These invest in a mix of bonds and stocks and offer the best of both worlds - equity and debt. The ratio can differ; it can be variable or fixed. This works well for investors who want to earn good returns but also want a safety net (that the debt component provides).

Based on structure

Here's a look at the mutual funds:

  • Open-Ended Funds: These funds can issue an unlimited number of units to the investor. Also, there's no restriction on the time period - an investor can thus invest based on their convenience and exit when they like the current NAV.
  • Closed-Ended Funds: The unit capital of closed-ended funds is fixed, and they sell a specific number of units. Unlike in open-ended funds, investors cannot buy the units of a closed-ended fund after its NFO period is over. These funds have a certain maturity tenure. Like any other mutual fund, a closed-ended fund has a professional manager overseeing the portfolio and actively buying and selling holding assets.
  • Interval Funds: These funds take in traits of both open-ended and closed-ended funds. They can only be exited at certain intervals decided by the fund house; they remain closed for the remaining period. No transactions are allowed for a fixed period of time - your money is not locked-in for longer periods unlike in the case of closed-ended funds.

Specialised Mutual Funds

  • Sector Funds: These invest in one particular sector. The risk is highest since these funds invest only in specific sectors, but they also potentially deliver great returns. In this case, it is important to stay aware of sector-related trends.
  • Funds of Funds: A Fund of funds is a type of mutual fund which invests in other mutual funds or investment avenues. It is basically an investment strategy that pools in money and invests in other investment funds instead of investing directly in stocks or bonds or other assets.

How Portfolio is managed

  • Actively managed funds: An actively managed fund is a fund in which a fund manager takes decisions on which stock to buy, when to buy it and when to sell it. The aim here is to deliver market-beating returns.
  • Passively managed funds: A passively managed fund, by contrast, simply follows a market index to decide which stocks and their corresponding ratio it should have in its portfolio. There is no regular buying and selling happens and changes in the portfolio are done only when there are changes in the index.

Advantage of Mutual Funds

Here's why investing in mutual funds is a good idea:

  • Liquidity


    Except for the case when you decide to go for close-ended mutual funds, it is easy and hassle-free to buy and exit a mutual fund scheme. Close-ended funds issue a fixed number of units - this means that new investors cannot enter, nor can the existing investors exit until the term of the scheme ends.

    In the case of ELSS Mutual Funds, although they are open-ended funds, they have a lock-in period of three years.

  • Diversification


    Mutual funds do come with their set of risks since they are impacted by the performance of the market. Funds invest in asset classes - be it equity, debt, and others and, within asset classes in different sectors and company sizes.

    For instance, equities will buy stocks from different sectors. If one asset class does not perform well, the other can help with better returns, so that the investor faces minimum loss.

  • Expert management

    Expert management

    This is another reason why mutual funds are preferred - it does not require investors to do any research - it is the fund manager who takes care of it and makes decisions on what needs to be done with your investment. He also decides on whether you should hold certain stocks or not, and for how long.

    This makes it critical to have an experienced fund manager, and one of the biggest prerequisites before you zero in a mutual fund house.

  • Financial goals

    Fits all financial goals

    There are multiple mutual fund schemes available today that cater to specific life goals, such as children's education or marriage, retirement, or buying a house. To begin with, you must identify the time frame of your goals.

    For instance, you want to save up for a vacation in the next year or buy a gadget, these are considered short-term goals. To achieve these goals, you can invest in Liquid Funds or Ultra Short Term Funds read more

    Mid-term goals are those that you plan to achieve in the next three-four years. This could be a down payment to buy a house or a car, planning a business, or similar reasons. For these goals, a Balanced Fund is highly preferred. One can also come for a Monthly Income Plan in this case.

    Coming to long-term goals, these are ones that you think will take longer to achieve, say over 5 years. Whether it's saving for your children's future or your retirement, the planning must be systematic and organized. For these goals, Equity Mutual Funds are good, since they offer higher returns but also come with high risk. You could choose from Large-cap/Mid-cap/Small-Cap Funds, ELSS, or Multi-Cap Funds. Read less

  • Cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    An investor also has the option to go for mutual funds that have low expense ratios. You can check the expense ratios of a range of mutual funds and then decide on the one that fulfills your financial goals.

    The expense ratio is the fee that is charged by the mutual fund house to manage your funds.

  • Tax-Efficient Returns

    Tax-efficient returns

    Mutual Fund returns are more tax-efficient compared to traditional investment avenues like FDs. In Equity Mutual Funds, you pay 15% tax on returns if you invest for less than a year.

    For a holding period of more than 1 year, you pay tax only if your returns exceed &#;1 lakh in a financial year. Even then the tax rate is 10% and you pay it on the amount in excess of &#;1 lakh.

How to Invest in a Mutual Fund?

Investing in a Mutual Fund is extremely easy with ETMONEY.

  • For first-time investors

    For first-time investors

    For first-time investors, KYC is a prerequisite for investing in Mutual Funds. On ETMONEY, the entire KYC process is completely paperless and takes only a few minutes

  • For existing Mutual Fund investors

    For existing Mutual Fund investors

    For existing Mutual Fund investors, it is equally easy to begin investing. They just need to enter a few details and they can start investing

  • Direct Mutual Funds

    Direct Mutual Funds

    On ETMONEY, you invest in commission-free Direct Mutual Funds, which help you earn extra returns by saving on commissions.

Frequently asked questions

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Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Read all scheme related documents carefully.

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Top 10 mutual funds to invest

Are you looking to start investing in mutual funds? Did you search- 'top 10 MFs' on the internet? If the answer is yes, this article may resonate with you. Most new mutual fund investors ask this question while starting their investment journey. But will the magic list make you rich? Well, the answer is complicated. Read this article to understand why.

For example, try an online search. Mostly it would take you to some websites with ready-made lists. Most often, the schemes may be shortlisted on the basis of their short-term performance. Sometimes, schemes from a single category may dominate the list because that happens to be the flavor of the season. Some may follow a faulty methodology.

Some people never proceed beyond collecting names of top funds because looking for the top funds becomes their favourite pass time. A lingering doubt about the veracity of the names always hold them back. No wonder, many investors keep visiting mutual fund forums for validation even years after after they had started investing.

That is why ETMutualFunds.comdecided to put out a list of top 10 mutual fund schemes. We have chosen two schemes from five different equity and hybrid mutual fund categories - aggressive hybrid, large cap, mid cap, small cap and flexi cap schemes – which we believe should be enough for regular mutual fund investors. There are caveats: read till the end to ensure you are picking up the best scheme for you.

Here is the list of top 10 schemes:
  • Axis Bluechip Fund
  • Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund
  • Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund
  • Kotak Standard Multicap Fund
  • Axis Midcap Fund
  • DSP Midcap Fund
  • Axis Small Cap Fund
  • SBI Small Cap Fund
  • SBI Equity Hybrid Fund
  • Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind while investing these schemes. First, find out about each category and whether it is suited to your investment objective and risk profile.

Aggressive hybrid schemes (or erstwhile balanced schemes or equity-oriented hybrid schemes) are ideal for newcomers to equity mutual funds. These schemes invest in a mix of equity (%) and debt (). Because of this hybrid portfolio they are considered relatively less volatile than pure equity schemes that invest the entire corpus only in stocks. Aggressive hybrid schemes are the best investment vehicle for very conservative equity investors investors looking to create long-term wealth without much volatility.

Note, ICICI Prudential Equity Debt Fund has been performing poorly for a while - the scheme was in the last quartile during the last month. It was in the third quartile before that. We are watching it closely, as it is apart of our aggressive hybrid fund recommendation list. We will update about it every month.

Some equity investors want to play safe even while investing in stocks. Large cap schemes are meant for such individuals. These schemes invest in top stocks and they are relatively safer than other pure equity mutual fund schemes. They are also relatively less volatile than mid cap and small cap schemes. In short, you should invest in large cap schemes if you are looking for modest returns with relative stability.

A regular equity investor (one with a moderate risk appetite) looking to invest in the stock market need not look beyond multi cap mutual funds or diversified equity schemes. These schemes invest across market capitalisations and sectors, based on the view of the fund manager. A regular investor can benefit from the uptrend in any of the sectors, categories of stocks by investing in these schemes.

What about aggressive investors looking to pocket extra returns by taking extra risk? Well, they can bet on mid cap and small cap schemes. Mid cap schemes invest mostly in medium-sized companies and small cap funds invest in smaller companies in terms of market capitalisation. These schemes can be volatile, but they also have the potential to offer superior returns over a long period. You can invest in these mutual fund categories if you have a long-term investment horizon and an appetite for higher risk.

Looking for mutual fund SIP portfolios to start investing to create wealth over a long period? Here are our recommended mutual fund SIP portfolios for three different risk profiles - conservative, moderate, aggressive - and three different basket of SIP investments. For more, read: Best mutual fund SIP portfolios to invest in
Finally, any search starting with the word 'best' is unlikely to offer you the best solution. You should always choose a scheme that matches your investment objective, horizon, and risk profile.

If you do not understand these basic concepts or totally new to mutual funds and investing, you should always seek the help of a mutual fund advisor.

Note, some of these schemes in the recommended list may be underperforming for a while. They are also part of our recommendations in their respective categories. We are tracking these schemes closely and we update about their performance every month as part of our monthly updates.

If you want to look at recommendations in each category in detail, here are some useful links:
Best large cap mutual funds
Best large & mid cap funds
Best mid cap funds
Best small cap funds
Best tax saving or ELSS funds

( Originally published on May 24, )

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