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50+ Free Cloth & Rag Doll Patterns

Sew an assortment of plush cloth dolls with this collection of over fifty free cloth & rag doll patterns (including quite a few felt doll patterns) gathered from all over the web.

What a wonderful gift a handmade fabric doll would be for that special child in your life (if your doll will be for a small child or a baby, just remember not to embellish your cloth doll with anything that could come off and become a choking hazard, like buttons) (for more information about toy safety from the CPSC, click here and here).

Sew your cloth doll from brand new felt or sew a rag doll to use up those smaller scraps of fabric (and scraps of trimmings like lace and ribbon) you may have leftover from other projects - particularly for the doll's clothing. (And for the doll's clothing it might be best to stick with either solids or prints that are scaled to the size of the doll. In other words, a large print on a small doll may not look quite right.)

And a simpler plush doll pattern might make a fun project for an older child, particularly, one of the hand-sewn dolls (and even the dolls that call for machine sewing could probably also be sewn by hand).

And for more precise sewing of the small fabric pieces for your fabric doll, you may want to cut your pattern pieces from stiff cardboard (with no seamline added) instead of from paper. Trace around the cardboard templates onto your fabricwith a fabric marking pen, then draw a second line outside the first as your cutting line. This will give you an exact seam line to follow when stitching, instead of trying to sew a certain distance from the edge of your fabric.

Please note: Most of the links below will take you to another website.

Also, this page may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a commission if you purchase something from one of these websites (but the patterns linked to should be free).

Sours: https://www.sewingsupport.com/sewing-how-to/free-patterns-and-projects/dolls/dolls.html

The 21 Best Doll Sewing Patterns

Create a very special gift when you sew a stuffed friend for someone with one of these doll sewing patterns. Choose from a range of skill levels, doll styles, and price tags (including many free patterns).

Many of the designers in this list make other dolls too, so check out their blogs and shops for more fun sewing projects.

These aren't your traditional fashion dolls, but they are very stylish. Designed by Gingermelon, the 17-inch dolls look so pretty and come with patterns for the accessories shown in the photo. You can also buy patterns for more clothes for these dolls. Kids would enjoy these, but they're so cute that you might decide to make a set for yourself.

Abby from While She Naps created this free small doll pattern to contribute the dolls to a fundraising project. You can make each one different and once you get the hang of it, they come together quickly. Be sure to check out Abby's other stuffed toy patterns, including her fleece family of dolls.

This baby doll is perfect for a very young child. Plus it's easy to sew without any arms or legs. It stays all bundled up in it's attached blanket. Instead of relying on a pattern, this doll comes together with a few measured out pieces and a bit of simple shaping.

There's something magical about a mermaid, so who wouldn't want a mermaid doll to carry with them? The seashells and sweet hair buns look adorable on this doll. Add a few more details to the tail with embroidery or fancy fabric.

A lovey is a cross between a small blanket and a stuffed animal or doll. They're comforting to little ones because they're easy to cuddle with. These little loveys have a star-like shape and a gnome hat. Although the samples are all one color, the assembly allows you to make the face and hat in a different color, which would also be cute.

Your child will treasure this precious baby doll pattern from Nimble Phish for years to come. Use fleece to give it a soft texture that's delightful to snuggle. The construction lets you pose this doll so it looks like a real baby. Plus, it has a tiny belly button.

Jennifer from The Craft Patch shows a brilliant way to sew this simple felt doll together. The result is a more two-dimensional doll with flat, paper-doll-like clothes. You can even have your child help design new outfits for their doll.

Keep this sleepy baby doll in your pocket for those times when your child needs some entertainment or comfort. It's all cozy and cute in tiny sewn-on pajamas. In addition to this free pattern, designer Wendi Gratz also has a great collection of Dress-Up Bunch dolls in her shop.

Rather than placing a tooth in a tiny pillow, have your child slide their lost tooth into the pocket of this tooth fairy doll. Even when they aren't expecting a dental-related reward, this is an adorable doll that they can play with and enjoy.

This lovey doll has more blanket surface than some, but it's in the form of a baby onesie. Items like this often get a lot of love and children get attached to them. To prevent tears at laundry time, make a few loveys so you can rotate them.

Waldorf dolls have shaped faces, achieved by creating a wool base with a knit fabric over the top. This simplified Waldorf doll comes to you in a series of posts. Start with this link below and let it walk you through the process.

There's no need to choose between a princess or a unicorn with this doll. She's a unicorn princess! This hand-sewn felt doll pattern comes with pieces to dress up your tiny doll with a crown or a unicorn hat. Looking for another style? Noia Land offers hundreds of kawaii patterns.

Does your tiny dancer want a doll to dance with? Sew them a ballerina doll. This free pattern has some great details, including arms perfectly shaped for holding ballet poses.

Sew these sweet siblings with a detailed pattern from Retro Mama. The 18-inch doll pattern is best suited for intermediate sewers and includes full photo-tutorials, plus tips and tricks, and customizable pieces. There are so many ways to change up the style.

This free pattern for a tiny baby doll has a Waldorf-style sleepy face and a cozy little body. Designer Christina Platt recommends making the body and hat from a recycled wool sweater and adding a little lavender inside for an extra sleepy effect.

This trio of friend dolls can wait for you to sew them up so they can play together! In addition to the 16-inch doll pattern with three hairstyles, you can also sew them a small wardrobe of clothes to share.

Use your hand sewing skills to make these posable felt dolls. At just four inches tall, they're the perfect size to go in a dollhouse, and with a bit of imagination, you can craft all kinds of accessories for them.

Are these the cutest stuffed baby dolls you've ever seen? This pattern set from Dolls and Daydreams includes two sizes of baby dolls. There's even a bonus pattern for a baby sling so other dolls can hold the tiny baby.

Sours: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/best-free-doll-patterns-for-sewing-2978494
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I have finished my rag doll pattern! I’ve been working hard to create the instructional videos and I am happy to say that I have the body instructions ready to share with you today.


I really enjoyed working on this project and mixing and matching fabrics to create the body of the doll.


I love all of the different styles you can design to make the doll uniquely your own!

This project is a bit more time consuming than others and does require a bit of patience. It is probably a 5/10 in difficulty just for the amount of time needed to hand stitch the hair and for the exactness of seam allowance that is needed. When sewing plush projects, a small error in your seam allowance can make a big difference in the appearance of your doll. You also need to be comfortable slip stitching and working with small curves.

The doll measures between 14 and 14.5 inches tall when finished.

Rag Doll Pattern by learncreatesew


Hemostats / Forceps



Here is the second installment of my rag doll tutorial. This was by far one of the most difficult videos I have made. Not because the process is hard, but because there are so many different styles of hair that can be selected and so many methods with which it can be applied.

I spent a lot of time deciding what I would share because I didn’t want anyone to feel limited in the approach they had to use. Not to mention, there was a whole lot of yarn that did not want to cooperate and stay in place while filming! Apparently it does not take direction well.


I really enjoyed using multi-colored hair on this doll. Mixing and matching colors strand by strand was a lot of fun, and I really like the look it created.

On the above doll the majority if her hair is the dark purple color. The wefts added at the bottom were all the same color, however at the top, I added just a bit of contrast.

I hope that you can take the methods used in this video and expand upon them to make something all your own 🙂


I love the drastically different looks you can create by altering hair styles and color.

Here is my rag doll pattern in case you missed it in the last post. The doll is just over 14 inches tall when completed.

Rag Doll Pattern by learncreatesew



A rag doll was one of the project brainstorm ideas that I posted in my sketchbook recently. The project is a bit time consuming, so I opted to do other projects first.

However, this weekend I was quite excited to have the time to work on the project.

First, I drafted two pattern options. After testing them both I made some adjustments to my favorite version and found a shape I was pretty happy with!


Next came the daunting task of tackling the hair! I do have to say that it took longer than expected to hand stitch all that yarn! Thank goodness for comfy couches and Netflix. It definitely helps the process.

Once I was happy with my rough drafts, I went on to test the project!


I have to say, I was quite happy with the results! I love all of the hair! It took about a half skein of yarn, but I love how puffy it is!

Sours: https://learncreatesew.com/free-patterns/plush/rag-doll-coming-soon/

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Doll pattern rag

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