4150 holley 750 cfm

4150 holley 750 cfm DEFAULT


  • For Use with Holley® 4150 750 CFM Carbs
  • No Air Horn
  • Features Adjustable Air Bleeds and High-Performance Annular Boosters
  • Comes with Gaskets and Jet Kit
  • Natural Aluminum Finish
  • Comes with Gaskets and Jet Kit
  • Sold Individually

PART# 67217

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Direct replacement components to turn a street carburetor into a high-performance carb: get that extra performance out of your ride in less than 30 minutes! Add up to 25-50 HP with PROFORM's 100% NEW, high-performance carburetor main body (no re-built components). Easy swap-in, swap-out installation utilizing existing metering blocks, fuel bowls, and baseplate. Involves only 14 screws. Has adjustable screw-in air bleeds, high-performance down-leg boosters. Get maximum air flow with no air horn, choke tower, or choke control. Comes with instructions, all necessary non-stick replacement gaskets, and high-performance jet kit. Technical Note:Main body does not retain vacuum advance port in original metering block.

PROFORM is a registered trademark of Specialty Auto Parts USA, Inc. Holley® and Double Pumper® are registered trademarks of Holley Performance Products, Inc. No carburetor products sold under the PROFORM® trademark, including such parts as may fit with or replace a Holley® part number application, are designed, made, or endorsed by Holley Performance Products, Inc. or any other carburetor manufacturer.

  • Direct replacement components to turn a street carburetor into a high-performance carb: get that extra performance out of your ride in less than 30 minutes!

Warning for part number #67217:

  • This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Sours: https://www.proformparts.com/product-detail/67217/carburetor-main-body-for-use-with-holley-750-cfm-4150-carb-with-ann-boosters

Holley MDL 4150 750 CFM D/P

90 Day Limited Warranty applies to B&M transmissions, launch control kits and all electrical components (switches, lights, solenoids).

Holley Performance Products warrants its Holley Street Avenger™ Carburetor to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product on parts and one year on repair labor. After a period of one year, Holley will charge standard rates for repair labor. For any Holley Street Avenger Carburetor used in any type racing or off-road use will only be covered by a one (1) year limited warranty on parts and labor. Warranty performance will be initiated by returning the alleged defective product to HOLLEY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS with the original, dated purchase receipt. Purchaser is to call toll free the Holley Factory Service number at 1-866-464-6553 to receive details and shipping instructions.

For full warranty information please Click Here

Installation Instructions

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Sours: https://www.vividracing.com/holley-mdl-4150-750-cfm-p-152725985.html
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Holley® 4150 HP® carburetors have no choke tower. The main body uses a radiused air entry. The carburetor identification number on the HP series are stamped into the linkage side of the main body. Listed are all of the currently available Holley® HP® carburetor factory specs. This will, provide you a baseline as to how your carb started out. Many of these parts are available on our website. Along with many other genuine Holley® and BLP manufactured items to get the most of your carbureted applications.

80507, 80507-1, 80507-2 390cfm
Pri. Main jets 65.
Sec. Main jets 65.
Power valve secondary 3.5.
Pri- Sec pump nozzle 025.

80540, 80540-1 600cfm
Pri. Main jets 70.
Sec. Main jets 70.
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. Nozzle 028.
Sec. Nozzle 029.

80541, 80541-1 650cfm
Pri. Main jets 70.
Sec. Main jets 70.
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. Nozzle 028.
Sec. Nozzle 029.

80528 750cfm
Pri. Main jets 72,
Sec. Main jets 84
Power valve 6.5
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 031

80528-1 750cfm
Pri. Main jets 73.
Sec. Main jets 73.
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 031.

80535 750cfm Alcohol
Pri. Main jets 132.
Sec. Main jets 132.
Power valve 5.5.
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 045.
80535-1 750cfm Alcohol
Pri. Main jets 144.
Sec. Main jets 144.
Power valve 5.5.
Pri. –Sec. Nozzle 045.

80509, 80509-1 830cfm
Pri. Main jets 86.
Sec. Main jets 86.
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. Nozzle 028
Sec. Nozzle 029

80511, 80511-1 830cfm
Pri. Main jets 84,
Sec. Main jets 84,
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. Nozzle 028.
Sec. Nozzle 029.

80496, 80496-1 950cfm
Pri. Main jets 78.
Sec. Main jets 78.
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 031.

80498, 80498-1 950cfm Alcohol
Primary main jets 144.
Secondary main jets 144.
Power valve 5.5.
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 055.

80513, 80513-1 1000cfm
Pri. Main jets 84.
Sec. Main jets 84.
Power valve 6.5.
Pri. Nozzle 031.
Sec. Nozzle 036.

80514, 80514-1 1000cfm
Pri. Main jets 84.
Sec. Main jets 88.
Power valve 6.5.
Primary Nozzle 031.
Sec. Nozzle 036.

80575 600cfm Supercharged
Primary main jets 73,
Secondary main jets 73,
Power valve 10.5,
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 029

80576 750cfm Supercharged
Pri. Main jets 76,
Sec. Main jets 87,
Power valve 10.5.
Pri. – Sec. Nozzle 031.

80577 950cfm Supercharged
Pri. Main jets 80.
Sec. Main jets 86.
Power valve 10.5.
Pri. –Sec. Nozzle 031.


Sours: http://www.blp.com/78-featuring/295-holley-hp-4150-standard-specifications

Holley 0-4779C 4150 Double Pumper 750 CFM 4 Barrel Carb, Manual Choke

Top off your your engine with an American icon - the Holley Model 4150 Double Pumper. As a staple on hot street cars and race vehicles, this four barrel carburetors dual accelerator pumps provide additional fuel under initial acceleration for awesome tire-turning performance in lighweight vehicles and vehicles with manual transmissions or low gearing. Plus, with mechanical secondaries, your foot directly controls the opening of the secondary throttle blades.

With features like dual metering blocks, center hung floats, 4-corner idle, and dual fuel inlets, it's no wonder why Holley is #1 in performance fuel delivery.

  • Mechanical secondaries
  • Dual accelerator pumps
  • Manual choke
  • Four corner idle
  • Dual feed fuel inlet
  • Center hung floats
  • 1 timed (spark) port, 1 full vacuum, and 1 PCV port
  • Intended for lightweight vehicles w/ manual trans or automatics with high stall & low gearing


Holley 750 4 Barrel Carburetor Installation Instructions(PDF)

Sours: https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Holley-0-4779C-4150-Double-Pumper-750-CFM-4-Barrel-Carb-Manual-Choke,365.html

Holley 750 cfm 4150

Holley 0-80537 Model 4150 750 CFM Four Barrel Marine Carburetor with Mechanical Secondaries 

Holley 0-80537 Model 4150 750 CFM Four Barrel Marine Carburetor with Mechanical Secondaries

All Holley Marine Carburetors are designed to meet Coast Guard specifications. A marine carburetors fuel metering system is calibrated to compensate for unique engine loads found on boats. The J-style vent tubes direct fuel/fumes back into the carburetor for safe operation while on rough waters.

  • Gold Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance
  • Manual (Cable driven, hand operated) choke for precise cold start control
  • Dual feed fuel inlets for constant high volume fuel delivery
  • Meets Coast Guard Specifications
  • Barrels 4
  • Booster Down Leg
  • Choke Manual
  • Emission Code 3
  • Throttle Bore 1.688 inch
Sours: https://www.cpperformance.com/p-14110-holley-0-80537-model-4150-750-cfm-four-barrel-marine-carburetor-with-mechanical-secondaries.aspx
Set \u0026 Tune Holley Carburetor Idle Mixture \u0026 Idle Speed

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