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ASVAB Scores and Navy Jobs

RATINGNAVY RATING TITLEMINIMUM ASVAB SUBTEST SCORESABEAviation boatswain's mate-equipmentVE+AR+MK+AS= ABFAviation boatswain's mate-fuelsVE+AR+MK+AS= ABHAviation boatswain's mate-handlingVE+AR+MK+AS= ACAir traffic controlmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+MK+MC+CS=ADAviation machinist mateVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=AEAviation electronics mateAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=AGAviation aerographer's mateVE+MK+GS=AIRCAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=AMAviation structural mechanicVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=AMEAviation structural mechanic-equipmentVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=ANAirmanAR+AS+MK+VE=AOAviation ordnancemanVE+AR+MK+AS= or MK+AS+AO=ASAviation support equipment technicianVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=ATAviation electronics technicianMK+EI+GS+AR= or VE+AR+MK+MC=AWFAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=AWOAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=AWRAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=AWSAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=AWVAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=AZAviation maintenance administrationmanVE+AR=BMBoatswain's mateVE+AR+MK+AS= or MK+AS+AO=BUBuilderAR+MC+AS=CEConstruction electricianAR+MK+EI+GS=CMConstruction mechanicAR+MC+AS=CSCulinary specialistVE+AR=88CS (SS)Culinary specialist (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=CTICryptologic technician interpretiveVE+MK+GS= and DLAB = CTI/ATFCryptologic technician-interpretiveVE+MK+GS= and DLAB CAT 4 = CAT 3 = CAT 1 = CTMCryptologic technician-maintenanceMK+EI+GS+AR=CTN/ATFCryptologic technician interpretiveAR+2MK+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=CTRCryptologic technician-collectionVE+AR=CTT/AEFCryptologic technician-technicalAR+MK+EI+GS=CTT/SGCryptologic technician technicalVE+MK+GS=DCDamage controlmanVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=EAEngineering aidAR+2MK+GS=EMElectricians mateVE+AR+MK+MC= or AR+MK+EI+GS=EM (NUC)Electricians mate (nuclear field)VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=ENEnginemanVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+AO=EOEquipment operatorAR+MC+AS=EODExplosive ordnance disposal(a) VE + AR = and MC = 51 or GS + MC + EI = , (b) AR + VE = and MC = 50 or GS + MC + EI = ETElectronics technicianAR+MK+EI+GS=ETElectronics technician (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=ET (NUC)Electronics technician (nuclear)VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC= or AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=ETV/ETRElectronics technician (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=FCFire controlmanAR+MK+EI+GS=FNFiremanAR+MK+MC+VE= or AR+AS+MK+VE=FT (SS)Fire control technician (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=GMGunner's mateAR+MK+EI+GS=GSEGas turbine systems technician-electricalVE+AR+MK+MC= or AR+MK+EI+GS=GSMGas turbine systems technician-mechanicalVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+AO=HM/5YOHospital corpsmanVE+MK+GS=HM/SGHospital corpsmanVE+MK+GS=HTHull maintenance technicianVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=ICInterior communications electricianAR+MK+EI+GS=ISIntelligence specialistVE+AR=IS/ATFIntelligence specialistVE+AR=ITInformation system technicianAR+2MK+GS= or AR+MK+EI+GS=IT/ATFInformation system technicianAR+2MK+GS= or AR+MK+EI+GS=IT/SGInformation system technicianAR+2MK+GS= or AR+MK+EI+GS=ITSInformation system technicianAR+2MK+GS= or AR+MK+EI+GS=LNLegalmanVE+MK= Minimum VE=52 or VE+MK+CS= Minimum VE=52LSLogistics specialistVE+AR=LS (SS)Logistics specialist-submarinesAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=MAMaster at armsWK+AR=98, Minimum WK = 43MCMass communications specialistVE+AR= (Effective Jun 1, VE+AR= and VE=55)MMMachinist mateVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+AO=MM (NUC)Machinist mate (nuclear field)VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=MMA/MMWMachinist mate (submarine)VE+AR+MK+MC=MNMinemanVE+AR+MK+MC= or AR+MK+EI+GS=MRMachinery repairmanVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=MTMissile technician (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=NCNavy counselor fleet career counselor NC©VE+AR= and AR=51NCNavy counselor career recruiting force NC (CRF)VE+AR= and AR=51NDNavy diverVE+AR= and MC=51OSOperations specialistAR+2MK+GS= or VE+MK+CS=PRAircrew survival equipmentmanVE+AR+MK+AS= or MK+AS+AO=PSPersonnel specialistVE+MK= or VE+MK+CS=QMQuartermasterVE+AR=96RPReligious program specialistVE+MK= or VE+MK+CS=SBSpecial warfare boat operatorVE+AR= and MC=51SECFSubmarine electronics/computer fieldAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=SHShip's servicemanVE+AR=95SNSeamanAR+VE=96SNSeaman (submarine)NFa:VE+AR+MK+MC≥ or AR+MK+EI+GS≥ or NFb: VE+AR+MK+MC≥ or AR+MK+EI+GS≥ and VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT≥ or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT≥ NAPT not required if qualified using NFA scores. Minimum NAPT 55 if qualified using NFB scores.SOSpecial warfare operatorGS+MC+EI= or VE+MK+MC+CS= or AR+VE= with minimum MC=50STGSonar technician-surfaceAR+MK+EI+GS=STG/SGSonar technician-surfaceAR+MK+EI+GS=STSSonar technician (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=SWSteelworkerAR+MC+AS=UCTUnderwater construction teamVE+AR= and MC=51UTUtilitiesmanAR+MK+EI+GS=YN (SS)Yeoman (submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=

ASVAB Requirements for Law Enforcement in the Navy

By Will Charpentier

The Navy Master-at-Arms school requires good reasoning and vocabulary scores on the ASVAB.

The nine-part Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, tells the Navy what jobs you qualify for. Entering the U.S. Navy’s Law Enforcement/Master-at-Arms training requires you to meet the ASVAB requirements for law enforcement in the Navy. You also must achieve the required minimum score on the three parts of the ASVAB that make up the Armed Forces Qualifying Test, to determine if you’re smart enough to get into the Navy at all.

Vocabulary and Reasoning

The minimum score on the arithmetic reasoning section of the ASVAB must equal or exceed 43, regardless of any other scores. Arithmetic reasoning isn't your ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide; it's logic and the ability to reason. The word knowledge portion of the examination deals with your vocabulary. The total of your word knowledge score and the arithmetic reasoning score on the ASVAB must equal a minimum of

AFQT Score

Your Armed Forces Qualifying Test score must be greater than If your AFQT score is less than 50, you must have a high-school diploma or you must have successfully completed at least 15 semester hours of post-secondary education. The raw AFQT score equals the total of the verbal score times two, plus the mathematics knowledge score and the arithmetic reasoning score.

Two Test Versions

There are two versions of the ASVAB. The CAT-ASVAB is adaptive; if you answer a question with ease, the next question is more difficult. If you have difficulty with a question, the next question is easier. You take the CAT-ASVAB on a computer. The other version of the ASVAB is a traditional test using paper and pencil. There are differences between the computerized and the pencil-and-paper versions of the two sections that determine whether you attend Master-at-Arms training.

Qualifying Section Differences

The computerized CAT-ASVAB allows 39 minutes for completion of the question arithmetic reasoning section and eight minutes to complete the question word knowledge section. The pencil-and-paper version of the ASVAB has 30 questions in arithmetic reasoning, with 30 minutes allowed for completion. The word knowledge portion of the test is 35 questions and you must complete it in 11 minutes.



Writer Bio

Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history.

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The Navy refers to their specialties as Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC), or ratings.

There are currently over 60 opportunities to serve the Navy.

The Navy currently tests in the following subtests:

  • Assembling Objects (AO)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Auto and Shop Information (AS)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • General Science (GS)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)

The minimum ASVAB score to join the US Navy is an AFQT of 35, placing it 1 point lower than the Air Force.

Your AFQT score can be calculated by combining the scores from the following portions of the test: AR + MK + WK + PC.

You will need a relatively high AFQT score to qualify for most Navy jobs, but the test is relatively easy when stacked up to college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT.

The complete list of available NECs and the necessary testing requirements on the ASVAB can be found below.

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ASVAB Scores and Navy Jobs (Ratings)

NECNavy Job TitleASVAB Subtest Scores (Minimum)
AGAerographers MateVE + MK + GS =
PRAircrew Survival EquipmentmanVE + AR + MK + AS = or MK+ AS + AO =
AWAircrewmanVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+AR+MK+AS=
ACAir Traffic ControllerVE+AR+MK+MC= or VE+MK+MC+CS=
ABAviation Boatswains MateVE+AR+MK+AS=
AEAviation Electrician’s MateAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
ATAviation Electronics TechnicianMK+EI+GS+AR= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
ADAviation Machinist’s MateVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
AZAviation Maintenance Administration ManVE+AR=
AOAviation OrdnancemanVE+AR+MK+AS= or MK+AS+AO=
AMAviation Structural MechanicVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
AMEAviation Structural Mechanic – EquipmentVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
ASAviation Support Equipment TechnicianVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
BMBoatswain’s MateVE+AR+MK+AS= or MK+AS+AO=
CEConstruction ElectricianAR+MK+EI+GS=
CMConstruction MechanicAR+MC+AS=
CTTCryptologic Technician – TechnicalVE+MK+GS=
CTRCryptologic Technician – CollectionVE+AR=
CTICryptologic Technician InterpretiveVE+MK+GS= and DLAB CAT 4 = CAT 3 = CAT 1 =
CTMCryptologic Technician – MaintenanceMK+EI+GS+AR=
CTNCryptologic Technician – NetworksAR+2MK+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
CSCulinary SpecialistVE+AR=88
DCDamage ControlmanVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
EMElectrician’s MateVE+AR+MK+MC= or AR+MK+EI+GS=
ETElectronics TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS=
NUCElectronics Technician (Nuclear) ETVE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT= and NAPT=55 or AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
EAEngineering AideAR+2MK+GS=
ENEnginemanVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+AO=
EOEquipment OperatorAR+MC+AS=
EODExplosive Ordinance Disposal(a) VE + AR = and MC = 51 or GS + MC + EI = , (b) AR + VE = and MC = 50 or GS + MC + EI =
FTFire Control TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
FCFire ControlmanAR+MK+EI+GS=
GSEGas Turbine Systems Technician – ElectricalVE+AR+MK+MC= or AR+MK+EI+GS=
GSMGas Turbine Systems Technician – MechanicalVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+AO=
GMGunner’s MateAR+MK+EI+GS=
HMHospital CorpsmanVE+MK+GS=
HTHull Maintenance TechnicianVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
ITInformation Systems TechnicianAR+2MK+GS= or AR+MK+EI+GS=
ISIntelligence SpecialistVE+AR=
ICInterior Communications ElectricianAR+MK+EI+GS=
LNLegalmanVE+MK= Minimum VE=52 or VE+MK+CS= Minimum VE=52
LSLogistics SpecialistVE+AR=
LS (SS)Logistics Specialist – SubmarinesAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
MRMachinery RepairmanVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
MMMachinist’s MateVE+AR+MK+AS= or VE+AR+MK+AO=
MCMass Communication SpecialistVE+AR= and VE=55
MAMaster-At-ArmsWK+AR=98, Minimum WK = 43
MTMissile TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
NCNavy CounselorVE+AR= and AR=51
NDNavy DiverVE+AR= and MC=51
OSOperations SpecialistAR+2MK+GS= or VE+MK+CS=
PSPersonnel SpecialistVE+MK= or VE+MK+CS=
RPReligious Program SpecialistVE+MK= or VE+MK+CS=
SHShip’s ServicemanVE+AR=95
STSonar TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS=
SBSpecial Warfare Boat OperatorVE+AR= and MC=51
SOSpecial Warfare OperatorGS+MC+EI= or VE+MK+MC+CS= or AR+VE= with minimum MC=50
SECFSubmarine Electronics/Computer FieldAR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
UCTUnderwater Construction TeamVE+AR= and MC=51

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is considered a good ASVAB score for the Navy?

In general, an AFQT score of 88 would be considered good.  It means that you scored better than 88% of the other guys and girls that took the test, and would qualify you for most jobs in the Navy.

With that said, you can still qualify for a wide variety of jobs with a much lower score.

2. What&#;s the lowest score I can get?

For the Navy, the lowest score you can get to enlist is an AFQT of   Keep in mind that this isn&#;t your actual score on the ASVAB.

Rather it simply means that you scored better than 35% of the others that took the test.

Additionally, you will still qualify for numerous jobs with this score.

3. What&#;s the highest score I can get?

The highest AFQT score you can get on the ASVAB test is This score is difficult to obtain, but is certainly possible!

4. What score do I need to become a Navy SEAL?

In order to qualify for a SEAL contract, you will need the following combined scores:

GS + MC + EI = , or;

VE + MK + MC + CS =

There are no exceptions to this, and you cannot obtain a waiver if you don&#;t have the requisite ASVAB score.

5. Does my score affect my Navy pay?

No. Your pay in the Navy will be dependent on 2 factors:

1. Your rank

2. Your length of time in service.

Learn more about the Navy ranks and pay here.

6. Can I retake the ASVAB?

Yes. You&#;re allowed to retake the ASVAB as many times as you&#;d like, under certain conditions.

First, you&#;ll have to wait at least 1 calendar month before retaking it a 2nd time.

ASVAB Score Requirements For Other Branches:


Air Force

Marine Corps

Coast Guard


Official Navy website

Navy Recruiting

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Navy ASVAB Scores

Navy ASVAB Scores

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See what the required ASVAB scores are for every job in the US Navy, and 6 frequently asked questions.

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Below is a description of each subtest and what they measure. Note, the Auto and Shop Information subtests have been combined into one section.

General Science. This section is designed to test one's understanding of basic high school level science, specifically chemistry, astronomy, and the physical, environmental, and biological sciences. Refresher high school science study guides and scanning Wikipedia articles for basic science concepts may prove helpful.

Arithmetic Reasoning. Tests one's ability to use arithmetic to solve a variety of math problems, including word problems. Studying basic word problems such as proportions, mixtures, and time-distance; percents, integers, ratios, and basic geometry will be helpful.

Word Knowledge.This section measures one's knowledge of words and their meanings, particularly through the use of synonyms. Regular reading and vocabulary building will help test takers to do well in this section.

Paragraph Comprehension. Reading comprehension items require examinees to extract meaning from text passages. Each item requires the examinee to determine which of the response options can be inferred from the passage itself. This is pretty straightforward, although it is very important that examinees remember that incorrect response options may still appear to be ‘true’ – only one answer to each item can be derived solely from the information in the passage.

Mathematics Knowledge. This section measures one's knowledge of mathematical principles and concepts. Arithmetic, geometry, and high school level algebra will comprise most of the problems. Knowing how to factor, solve, and simplify algebraic expressions; understanding exponents, absolute values, and systems of equations and solving inequalities will be helpful. You will also encounter words problems. Test takers should know how to solve word problems by creating algebraic equations. See product recommendations for more advice.

Electronics Information. This section measures basic knowledge of electronics, electrical current, circuits, devices, and electronic systems. Refresher high school science study guides on electric currents and scanning Wikipedia articles for basic science concepts may prove helpful.

Auto & Shop Information. This section measures the general knowledge of automobiles, automotive maintenance, and the recognition of common tools and engine components. Possessing a basic understanding of wood and metal shop practices will also be helpful.

Mechanical Comprehension.Items contained within this section include topics that would typically be found in an introductory high school physics course and the application of these topics within a variety of situations. The questions in this portion of the test gauge examinees’ knowledge of principles related to gases and liquids, and their understanding of the ways in which these properties affect pressure, volume, and velocity. This subtest also includes questions that relate to the components and performance of mechanical devices.

Assembling Objects. This section will test your spatial ability by mentally visualizing objects and manipulating them in space in order to recreate particular shapes and puzzles.


Officer asvab score navy

navy seal

While other military branches create line score composites to determine your eligibility for various jobs, with the Navy it is more of a case of what you see is what you get.

This means if a Navy job requires a General Science (GS), Auto & Shop (AS) and Mathematics Knowledge (MK) score of 80, the total of your scores on each of these subtests from the ASVAB would have to be 80 or above.

We’ll look at this more in-depth later but first let’s take a closer look at all your scores from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

Once you’ve taken the ASVAB, you will receive a full report with your scores.

The most important score on the report is your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score.

This score takes into consideration how you performed on the following specific ASVAB test sections:

• Arithmetic Reasoning
• Word Knowledge
• Paragraph Comprehension
• Mathematics Knowledge

The Navy currently requires an AFQT score of at least 35 for all active duty recruits in order to qualify for enlistment. This score was raised from 31 in In fact, reserve enlistment programs still require a score of

The thing to keep in mind with the AFQT score is that the better you do the more Navy career options that will be available to you. Higher scores may also qualify you for enlistment incentives, such as bonuses.

One more thing to remember when checking out your ASVAB scores on the report, the scores are expressed as percentages – but not as percentages of how many questions you answered correctly.

Instead, your ASVAB scores are an indication of how well you did on the test compared to others.

For example, if you score a 75 that means you scored as well or better than 75 percent of the men and women in your age group who took the ASVAB.

Military Requirements for Minimum ASVAB Score

Military BranchHigh School DiplomaGED
Air Force3665
Coast Guard4050
Marine Corps3250
National Guard3150

Your Subtest Scores

Now following closely behind the AFQT score in importance are your scores on each of the subtests of the ASVAB – this is because these scores are used to determine your eligibility for various jobs in the Navy.

The nine subtests are:

• General Science
• Arithmetic Reasoning
• Word Knowledge
• Paragraph Comprehension
• Mathematics Knowledge
• Electronics Information
• Auto & Shop Information
• Mechanical Comprehension
• Assembling Objects.

As we stated earlier, the Navy takes your score from each of these subtests and uses it determine what jobs you have the aptitude to perform well.

Another example would be – say a Navy job requires a score of 90 or higher on the Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and General Science subtests. That means your combined scores on those three subtests would have to total 90 or more in order for you to qualify for that job.

If you’re wondering, the Navy only allows ASVAB retests if your previous ASVAB is expired or you failed to achieve a qualifying AFQT score for joining the Navy.

This means if there is a particular Navy job you are seeking you should take the ASVAB very seriously and practice and study as much as possible to ensure you perform well in the required subtests.

As for other education requirements, the Navy accepts very few recruits who don&#;t have a high school diploma.

To be considered for enlistment with a GED, you will have to score at least 50 on the AFQT.

Jobs You Qualify For

Jobs in the Navy are referred to as &#;Ratings&#;. To find the rating you qualify for, the Navy looks at your ASVAB subtest scores &#; different subtests for different ratings. The ASVAB subtests are: General Science (GS); Arithmetic Reasoning (AR); Word Knowledge (WK); Paragraph Comprehension (PC); Auto and Shop Information (AS); Mathematics Knowledge (MK); Mechanical Comprehension (MC); Electronics Information (EI); and Sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension (VE).

Note: The data presented in the table below and is subject to change.  You should use this list as a general guide on how the Navy uses ASVAB scores to determine job selection.

ABEAviation Boatswain&#;s Mate &#; EquipmentAR+MC+AS=
ABFAviation Boatswain&#;s Mate &#; FuelsAR+MC+AS=
ABHAviation Boatswain&#;s Mate &#; HandlingAR+MC+AS=
ACAir Traffic ControlmanAR+2MK+GS=
ADAviation Machinist MateAR+MK+EI+GS=
AEAviation Electronics MateAR+MK+EI+GS=
AGAviation Aerographer&#;s MateVE+MK+GS=
AKAviation StorekeeperVE+AR=
AMEAviation Structural Mechanic &#; EquipmentAR+MC+AS=
AMHAviation Structural Mechanic &#; HydraulicsAR+MC+AS=
AMSAviation Structural Mechanic &#; StructuresAR+MC+AS=
AOAviation OrdnancemanAR+MK+EI+GS=
ASAviation Support Equipment TechnicianAR+2MK+GS=
ATAviation Electronics TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS=, and MK+EI+GS=
AWAviation Antisubmarine Warfare TechnicianAR+2MK+GS=
AZAviation Maintenance AdministrationmanVE+AR=
BMBoatswain&#;s MateN/A
CEConstruction ElectricianAR+MK+EI+GS=
CMConstruction MechanicAR+MC+AS=
CTACryptologic Technician &#; AdministrationVE+MK=
CTICryptologic Technician &#; InterperativeVE+MK+GS=
CTMCryptologic Technician &#; MaintenanceMK+EI+GS+AR=, MK+EI+GS=, MK=57, and AR=57
CTOCryptologic Technician &#; CommunicationsVE+AR=
CTRCryptologic Technician &#; CollectionVE+AR=
CTTCryptologic Technician &#; TechnicalVE+MK+GS=
DCDamage ControlmanVE+MC+AS=
DKDisbursing ClerkVE+AR=
DTDental TechnicianVE+MK+GS=, and VE+MK+CS=
EAEngineering AidAR+2MK+GS=
EMElectricians MateAR+2MK+GS=
EMElectricians Mate (Nuclear Field)VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT >or= AND NAPT >or=50 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT >or= AND NAPT >or=50 or AR+MK+EI+GS >or= or VE+AR+MK+MC >or=
ENEngineman (Advanced Technical Field)AR+MK+EI+GS=
EOEquipment OperatorAR+MK+EI+GS=
ETElectronics TechnicianAR+MK+EI+GS= and MK+EI+GS= and MK=57 and AR=57
ETElectronics Technician (Nuclear)VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT >or= AND NAPT >or=50 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT >or= AND NAPT >or=50 or AR+MK+EI+GS >or= or VE+AR+MK+MC >or=
ETElectronics Technician (Submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MV=
EWElectronic Warfare TechnicianVE+MK+GS=
EWElectronic Warfare Technician (Advanced Electronics Field)AR+MK+EI+GS= and MK+EI+GS= and MK=57 and AR=57
FCFire Controlman (Advanced Electronics Field)AR+MK+EI+GS= and MK+EI+GS= and MK=57 and AR=57
FTFire Control Technician (Submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MV=
GMGunner&#;s MateAR+MK+EI+GS=
GSEGas Turbine Systems Technician &#; ElectricalAR+MK+EI+GS=
GSMGas Turbine Systems Technician &#; MechanicalAR+MK+EI+GS=
GSMGas Turbine Systems Technician &#; Mechanical (Advanced Technical Field)AR+MK+EI+GS=
HMHospital CorpsmanVE+MK+GS=
HTHull TechnicianVE+MC+AS=
HTHull Technician (Advanced Technical Field)AR+MK+EI+GS=
ICInterior CommunicationmanAR+MK+EI+GS=
ISIntelligence SpecialistVE+AR=
ITInformation System TechnicianVE+MK+CS= or VE+MK=
MAMaster at ArmsWK+AR= Minimum WK=45
MMMachinist MateMK+AS=96
MMMachinist Mate (Nuclear Field)VE+AR+MK+MC+NAPT >or= AND NAPT >or=50 or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT >or= AND NAPT >or=50 or AR+MK+EI+GS >or= or VE+AR+MK+MC >or=
MMMachinist Mate (Submarine)VE+AR+MK+MC=
MRMachinary RepairmanAR+MC+AS=
MSMess SpecialistVE+AR=89
MSMess Specialist (Submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
MTMissile Technician (Advanced Electronics Field)AR+MK+EI+GS= or VE+AR+MK+MC=
OSOperations SpecialistVE+MK+CS= -OR- AR+2MK+GS=
PCPostal ClerkVE+AR=
PHPhotographer&#;s MateVE+AR=
PNPersonnelmanVE+MK= -OR- VE+MK+CS=
PRAircrew Survival EqupmentmanVE+MC+AS=
RPReligious Program SpecialistVE+MK= -OR- VE+MK+CS=
SHShip&#;s ServicemanVE+AR=96
SKStorekeeper (Submarines)AR+MK+EI+GS= -OR- VE+AR+MK+MC=
SMSignalmanVE+MK+CS= -OR- AR+2MK+GS=
SNSeaman (Submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= -OR- VE+AR+MK+MC=
STGSonar Technician &#; SurfaceAR+MK+EI+GS= and MK+EI+GS= and MK=57 and AR=57
STSSonar Technician (Submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= -OR- VE+AR+MK+MV=
TMTorpedoman&#;s MateAR+2MK+GS=
YNYeomanVE+MK=, -OR- VE+MK=CS=
YNYeoman (Submarine)AR+MK+EI+GS= -OR- VE+AR+MK+MC=
Score High in US Navy Officer Exam - Prep for US Navy Officer Test

A perfect physique before. The rhythmic contraction of the musculature well outlined the sculptural perfection of the naked male torso. The shape of the hands was sculpted so that it was possible to study the laws of symmetry from it.

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Come on, just quickly. And you remember, aunt, we have a weapon. If you have problems, you better give up here. - No, no, I hastened to assure them. Honestly, I was just in a hurry today.

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