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Rain Bird Corporation is a large international privately held manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services for landscapes, golf courses, sports fields, and agriculture which are designed to minimize water consumption. The firm is headquartered in Azusa, California, with offices and manufacturing facilities in Tucson, Arizona; Steele, Alabama; Mexico; France; and China. Rain Bird sells its products and services in over 130 countries.[2]


Rain Bird had its origins in early 1933 when Glendora, California, citrus grower Orton Englehart developed the first prototype of the horizontal action impact sprinkler. The new design offered slow rotation and more efficient watering than other sprinklers of that era, features that were long sought after by local irrigators. Orton's friend and neighbor Clement LaFetra began helping him build and market the sprinklers, and they urged him to patent the invention. U.S. Patent 1,997,901 was awarded on April 16, 1935. Englehart preferred farming, so in 1935, he sold the business to Clement and Mary Elizabeth LaFetra, whose descendants still operate the company today.

The name Rain Bird was taken from the Native American legend of a bird that brought rain, in reference to the bird-like appearance of the impact sprinkler in action. Since its beginnings, the firm has offered irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments, and residential landscapes. Rain Bird has obtained over 450 patents since its founding.[citation needed]


The Rain Bird horizontal action impact-drive sprinkler head was recognized as a historic landmark of agricultural engineering in 1990 by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.[3] This invention led to sprinkler irrigation development that currently exceeds 50,000,000 acres (78,000 sq mi; 200,000 km2) worldwide.

In 2015, the firm was recognized by National Business Research Institute with its prestigious Circle of Excellence award, based upon its outstanding employee engagement.[citation needed]


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Rain Bird LFX600 Low Flow Sprinkler

Product Files

Product Description

The Rain Bird Low Flow LFX Sprinklers are one of the most versatile sprinkler on the market today. They offer unparalleled operational flexibility with both interchangeable brake assemblies and nozzles. Made to fit just about any application. A great choice for greenhouses and nurseries where a smaller footprint and lower volume is required, as well as orchards or fields, as well as for environmental, cooling, and dust control.


  • Very simple three part design: body, nozzle, and brake assembly
  • Simple snap together design provides easy in field maintenance
  • Superior distribution uniformity for low volume applications in under tree or overhead configurations
  • Durable construction, from engineered thermoplastics, provides long life
  • Color coded nozzles and deflectors for easy flow rate identification
  • Inlet: 1/2" MPT (male pipe thread)

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Rain Bird

About Rain Bird Irrigation Systems

You need a website that offers the Rain Bird sprinklers and parts you need for your irrigation project, regardless of what you are looking for. From drip irrigation to valves, to timers and clocks and more, if you need it, Rain Bird has it, and at the best price around! What truly makes Rain Bird sprinkler heads excellent is the impeccable quality that they provide:

Not only do they offer a wide variety of irrigation products, each and every one of those products is as high quality as you can find. Without a doubt, Rain Bird is one of the irrigation industry's leaders, and you could do much worse, read on for more information about their brand, and how to take advantage of the best prices on the web here at PlumbersStock.

Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems - The Intelligent Use of Water

In this day and age, water is becoming more and more of a priceless commodity, especially in certain countries. That is why Rain Bird does its best to design products that use water as responsibly as possible. All of the Rain Bird sprinkler controllers and timers you will find on this site use water efficiently, from water-saving nozzles to irrigation regulation systems. Indeed, if you are looking for a company with incredible quality that also cares for the environment, then you are in the right place. Call us for more information about the water-efficient Rain Bird valves, as well as other products.

The LNK2 Wifi module will allow you to control your smart controller remotely with your phone. There are so many cool features that will get the most out of your lawn while avoiding waste.

Rain Bird Products

Though we do not offer all Rain Bird products, we here at PlumbersStock.com provide a healthy selection to give you everything you will need for your irrigation project. Just a few of these include:

  • Electric Valves: Offering flow control, internal openings, and easy irrigation system control, Rain Bird valves are as high quality as they come. And, with low costs and reinforced construction, the electric valves offered here will give you a long-lasting option for your irrigation system, saving you money and time!
  • Timers and Clocks: Control your sprinkler and irrigation system with world-class timers and clocks with Rain Bird controllers. We offer a wide variety, all of which can give you the solution that you need for automated irrigation.
  • Drip Irrigation: If you are looking for a high-quality, low-cost way to water your plants/lawn AND save money, then look no further than Rain Bird sprinkler parts include industry-leading drip irrigation products. It will lower your water bill while keeping your yard more beautiful than ever!
  • Accessories: We carry everything that Rain Bird makes, and Rain Bird makes everything you need to get your sprinkler system in order, including sprinkler valve boxes, like this best-seller, the Rain Bird Maxi Jumbo Valve Box.

Company History

Founded in 1933, Rain Bird is a privately owned company that offers a broad range of irrigation products for many applications. No matter if you are a homeowner, a professional, a farmer, a golf course owner, or any commercial property owner, Rain Bird sprinklers can deliver the irrigation you need to keep your grass green and lively. Currently, Rain Bird provides products to more than 130 countries around the globe, demonstrating the experience, quality, and past success that you want in a company. Add in their adherence to water preservation, and it is easy to see why so many choose Rain Bird timers, valves, and more to satisfy your irrigation needs.

Buy Rain Bird Irrigation Systems Online

We offer the lowest prices on lawn and garden products while providing you with a one-stop shop for all your HVAC, plumbing, and irrigation needs. Along with a host of other industry-leading brands, we also give you something you will not find anywhere else; the peace of mind knowing you are buying only the highest quality plumbing/irrigation/HVAC products around. Call today for more information or visit the rest of our site if you need anything else. Learn more at RainBird.com.

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If you are using a Rain Bird sprinkler system, you are the proud owner of some of the best irrigation technology around. That is why you don’t want to trust Rain Bird sprinkler repair to just anyone. It’s important that technicians understand the smart technology and intelligent design of the Rain Bird brand.

What Is Smart Irrigation? Rain Bird’s goals in smart irrigation are:

  • Knowing where water needs to be applied
  • How to most effectively apply it.
  • When the most efficient watering periods are .

The Purpose Of Smart Irrigation: Concern for conservation of natural resources is the inspiration behind Rain Bird’s smart irrigation design. Populations are increasing demand upon water supplies. This also drives up cost. Adding to these challenges is the fact that many cities have old infrastructure that is difficult to maintain as it ages. Rain Bird conserves water yet operates at peak efficiency while supplied by a less advanced delivery system.

Addressing The Issues: Automatic sprinkler systems are the most frequent culprit of water waste through over-watering. On average, an automated irrigation system will have its controller adjusted once a year. Many are never adjusted. Controllers are set to manage irrigation at its peak need. That means much of the year a lawn is being over-watered, wasting a natural resource and driving up a consumer’s utility costs. Do you need your controller adjusted?

Details, Details, Details: There are so many fine details in a Rain Bird sprinkler system. Innovative sprinkler designs with a variety of spray options allow for a custom design and watering pattern for every lawn. Sprinkler bodies are even designed to restrict as much as 70% of water loss should they become damaged or a nozzle disengaged. Efficient performance of the Rain Curtain technology results in large water droplets providing superior coverage that is evenly distributed.

If you have a Rain Bird system, don’t trust its repair or maintenance to anyone except a Rain Bird expert. To schedule a service call for your system, please contact us. American Irrigation has more than 30 years of experience. Our technicians have the expertise to keep your Rain Bird system running smart.

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to the CirrusIC interactive tour! We'll show you some of the exciting new features in CirrusIC.

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  • Dashboard

    The customizable CirrusIC dashboard has been designed from the ground up with our users in mind. An interactive map lets you quickly view the status of all stations and zero-in on any areas of interest. The dashboard is your personalized landing page that gives you all the information you need at-a-glance.

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  • Quick Access

    The Quick Access toolbar puts your most common activities just one click away. Want to manage your programs? Just click PROGRAMS. Go ahead, click it.

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    The PROGRAMS page gives you an overview of all of your programs and program details. Adding, editing and adjusting programs has never been this simple.

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    Want to add a new program? Our QUICKIRR™ button lets you quickly set up simple or complex programs. Click on the QUICKIRR™ button to see it in action.

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    Quickly build an irrigation program, make adjustments, and more. Creating new programs is intuitive, simple and quick!

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  • Add Stations

    Our QUICKIRR™ technology is used throughout CirrusIC. Adding new stations is lightning-fast and super simple.

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  • Batch-Edit

    Need to edit multiple programs or other items? CirrusIC delivers. Simply select all of the items you want to edit, click the Edit button, and choose the settings you wish to modify. Click "DONE" and all of your selected programs are updated.

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  • Alerts

    CirrusIC alerts you to problems before they happen! Diagnostics are constantly running in the background checking for signs of potential issues and automatically delivering the results to you. No need to check voltage levels or other parameters yourself. CirrusIC does it for you and alerts you when something needs your attention.

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  • Personalize

    Make CirrusIC truly yours. Customize the settings for each user including access level, units of measure, language and more!

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  • Unique Per User

    The customization doesn't end there. Back on the dashboard, everything is fully customizable for each user. Put the information that's important to you front and center. Change it at any time as your needs change.

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  • What's Next

    You've seen just a few features CirrusIC has to offer. CirrusIC is the culmination of Rain Bird's experience, its technology, and its singular focus to bring you the Central Control solution you've been asking for. Click below to see a full demo of how CirrusIC is reinventing Central Control.

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    Rain Bird in Ground Sprinkler/ Irrigation System Installation- Rs Do it Your Self

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