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Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a turn-based Japanese role-playing game through and through, and that means it’s got a lot of conventions and mechanics common to the genre. It’s a mix of grand scales and micromanagement (in a good way) that is just a whole lot to juggle all at once.

As our first tip below says, Dragon Quest 11 is a slow burn, so you’re going to have a lot (a lot) of time to get comfortable with its concepts. With such a long game, though, it can be a struggle to remember everything that’s going on and everything you can do. This guide is here to help you. Our 11 tips will help you find your way through the sprawling world of Erdrea and through the various mechanics of Dragon Quest 11.

It’s a slow burn

The events of Dragon Quest 11 unfold slowly. When you add in exploration and a few too many monster fights, you play for hours before you even add your first party member (and close to 10 before you add a third member).

You don’t have to play like us, jumping every monster you see and trying to find every nook and cranny available, but even trying to mainline the story is still a long process. Don’t fight that and don’t rush the experience too much. Settle in and enjoy the game at its own pace.

Exploration is rewarded

Since the game is a slow burn, there’s no rush, so you can poke around each of Erdrea’s areas that you get to explore. You’ll almost always find sparkly spots in each location (more on these below), but there’s usually more to discover.

Square Enix

Most areas are, to oversimplify it, a hallway — you’re there to get from Point A to Point B. But there are diverting paths and dead ends. These will usually lead you to a treasure chest with a valuable goodie inside. Similarly, look behind things. There’s usually a treasure chest behind the main building in an area — this might be the only building in the wilds or the local leader’s house in a city.

It’s a lot of work to explore every twist and turn, but the things you pick up are going to help you on your journey.

Grind, but don’t fight every monster

The monsters of Dragon Quest 11 respawn endlessly, and that means you’ll never run out of baddies to grind for XP and the occasional item. There’s a time and a place for that, though.

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The monsters that populate each area are appropriate for your level when you get there. It won’t take much work to outpace that difficulty, though, and that means fighting every monster you come across quickly becomes unworthy of your time.

You can see the monsters as you traverse the overworld and you can always outrun them, so you’re in control of entering fights. Since you can avoid them if you want, you can choose when and what monsters to fight. If you’ve already leveled everyone up in this area (or gotten even most of the way to their next level), you can probably start skipping fights. That will keep you progressing through the story, rather than exhausting yourself on each area.

Fight your way

Dragon Quest 11 is a turn-based role-playing game. That means that whenever a fight starts — either as a result of a cutscene in the main story or by just bumping into a monster in the overworld — gameplay switches to a small arena. Once there, your team of heroes and the bad guys you’re fighting take turns swinging at each other until one side is victorious.

When you’re managing four team members, the turn-based fight mechanic means that even the simplest fight can become a lengthy (or time-consuming) endeavor. Navigating menus to select “punch” over and over again probably isn’t the best use of your time (or all that entertaining). Luckily, the game lets you manage each party member’s Tactics.

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Tactics let you decide how your party as a whole or each individual party member behaves during a fight. You can choose to decide every action each member takes, or you can set them all to fight automatically (with options to fine-tune what actions they prioritize). This allows you to fight the way that works for you.

If you want to choose every action each party member takes, you can. If you want to set it to fight completely hands-off, that’s also an option. If you want to only control your heavy-hitters and set someone else to automatically cast only healing spells, that works, too.

The Fight Wisely tactic is a good way to start playing. This is the hands-off approach. Your party will tackle their enemies with a balanced blend of magic, abilities and attacks. In fact, we used Fight Wisely for almost the entire game — including boss battles — and it worked as well as (and usually better than) when we took control over our party’s actions.

Check your map constantly

Your map does a few things to help you out. There’s a helpful text box in the upper right that will give you some quick guidance about where to go next as you continue on your quest to save the world. And you’re be able to see the adjoining areas as you figure out where you’re going.

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You can also turn your camera while looking at the map. It’s easy to get turned around in the overworld of Dragon Quest 11. The “you are here” arrow on the map shows you which way you’re pointing, so by looking at the map and spinning the camera, you can make sure you’re pointed — and stay pointed — in the right direction.

Most importantly, though, you can pull up every sparkly spot in the area. These spots are crafting supply locations where you’ll pick up the stuff that goes into your Fun-Size Forge (more on this below).

There’s a ton of information in the menus

Between the 400 monsters, 200 weapons, 100 materials, 44 side quests and the dozens of locations and pep powers, there’s just a ton to keep track of while playing Dragon Quest 11. For the most part, you’re not going to care about or even have to think about all of those things, though — until you need one specific item or need to do one specific move.

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Your menu will give you a lot of the answers you’re looking for (or the answers you’ve forgotten in your many hours of playing). In the menu, Attributes will let you see each party member’s current stats. If you select them, you can then cycle through all of their spells, abilities, skills and — most importantly for those few side quests — their Pep Powers and the requirements to activate them.

The Miscellaneous option in your menu is where you’ll find the rest of the useful information. Traveller’s Tips will let you revisit the basics of the game’s controls and mechanics. You’ll also find the Quest Catalogue here to help you keep track of the errands you’ve picked up during your travels. Under Info, you’ll find some general behind-the-scenes information about your game like The Story So Far or a list of the monsters you’ve fought and defeated, along with an Item List.

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Each option in under the Item List will let you filter what you want to look at — like weapons, armor and materials. When you dig into that information, you’ll be able to find the stats and general in-universe information about that item. More useful, though, is the Found In and Dropped By lists. This will let you track down any specific item you’re looking for without having to wander all across Erdrea.

Let the game point you to your next step

Like we said in our Dragon Quest 11 review, the game is really good about leading you by the hand (or the nose, if you’re more cynical). There are, however, some pauses in that guidance. You might need to figure out where to go next, but no one in your party immediately offers up any suggestions. At these points, it’s best to just let the game unfold.

Finish what you’re doing and leave the area. Most of the time, someone will come up with a plan as soon as you leave.

Loot everything

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Houses are where you’ll find some of the game’s best loot. Nearly every house (that you can get into) in every city will have a chest or wardrobes or bookshelves or some combination thereof. You might get the occasional comment from nearby NPCs about taking other peoples’ stuff, but there are no negative consequences. And that means that anything not nailed down is yours for the taking.

It takes a lot of time to poke through every house in every city you visit, but just like sparkly spots, your efforts are going to be rewarded.

Don’t forget about the bookshelves

Square Enix

Bookshelves you can interact with — the ones with a bright red book right in the middle — will have one of two things. Some will have a book of lore that fills in something about Dragon Quest 11’s world or history, while the others — arguably more importantly — are recipe books. These teach you how to make new things at your Fun-Size Forge. A lot of the time, you’ll find a recipe book for gear around or just above the best gear you can currently buy — which means that recipe books translate into gear upgrades (especially early in the game).

Use your Fun-Size Forge constantly

Any time you rest at a campfire in the overworld, you’ll be able to use your Fun-Size Forge — the game’s crafting mechanic. You use the recipes you’ve learned from bookshelves to mash the crafting materials you’ve picked up from sparkly spots and houses into gear. There’s a bit of a minigame involved, but the game aspect only involves the quality — vanilla +1, +2, +3 — of the item, not its creation.

Square Enix

You’re going to be using the Forge a lot. The most obvious use is to make better gear for your party. Like we said about bookcases above, the Forge is going to give you access to better gear than you can buy early in the game. But even after that, there’s reason to keep cranking out low-level items. Every item you forge well — you’re looking for things to turn out “brilliantly” or “really well” when Appraised in the Forge’s menu — will earn you Perfection Pearls. These Pearls can be used at the Forge to, effectively, replay the minigame and (hopefully) improve the quality of an item. This works for things you’ve made yourself as well as for things you buy at shops (which are always of the vanilla, +0 quality).

Later in the game, when what you buy in shops matches or outpaces what you know how to make, the Forge is still useful. Beyond getting you Perfection Pearls to improve the stuff you’ve already got (or that you’ve bought), you can sell the things you make — so you can afford to buy the shiny new stuff.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/guides/2018/9/4/17656152/dragon-quest-11-beginners-guide-tactics-map-sparkly-menu-recipe-book-fun-size-forge-perfection-pearl

Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for A Dragon’s Quest adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. You will be able to unlock this adventure after reaching Chapter 2 of Year 3 of the main story. You will also need to have the clubs unlocked, and your Dragon Club needs to be at rank 5 or higher. Upon meeting all these requirements, the adventure should become available. During it, Diego will accidentally destroy one of the statues in the Dragon Club Room, which will reveal a chest hidden inside. Diego won’t be able to resist the urge to open it, and by doing so, he will release a Bludger that will completely wreck the club room. Needless to say, Professor McGonagall won’t be happy once she finds out what happened, but thankfully, she will give you a chance to fix things. Will you be able to fix the ruined statue? And will you learn who hid the chest in it and why? Dive into this adventure and find out!

Once you start the adventure, you will have 3 days and 19 hours to complete it. This should be enough, as long as you don’t waste too much of your energy. Like most other adventures, this one also consists of four parts. Our Walkthrough will aim to help you optimize your energy usage and highlight all of the important choices and their consequences. Below are the links for each individual part of the Walkthrough.

Sours: https://www.bluemoongame.com/harry-potter-hogwarts-mystery/walkthrough/a-dragons-quest/
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Dragon Quest 11: A Complete Guide To Charm

By Tanner Kinney


Though some consider Charm a throwaway stat in Dragon Quest 11, players can find creative uses that help it make the game more fun.

Dragon Quest, as a series, has remained static and consistent throughout its storied history. The franchise has been modernized over the years, but there's still a bit of jank to keep things interesting. Some may find the quirks annoying, but fans will find them rather... charming.

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Dragon Quest 11 works in the same way, particularly with the character attributes. Some of the stats are straightforward, like strength, magic power, resilience, and so on. Other stats, like Deftness, are a bit of a mystery and have negligible benefits. Another one of these stats is Charm, a newer stat to DQ11. It's a bit of a mystery exactly what Charm does, but fans have been able to figure out what it means to be charming.

A Rundown of Charm

Charm effects a few different things within the game. Its primary use is increasing the effectiveness of landing the Beguiled status ailment, using skills like Jade's Blow Kiss. Beguilement can be a strong ailment if it lands, making Charm a useful skill. Additionally, there are skills whose damage scales off of the Charm stat, up to a limit. Jade and Sylvando make the most use of it in that regard.

The more hidden benefit, although it's the one the game explains, is a passive one. Charm will occasionally cause an enemy to be infatuated, skipping their turn. The chance of this happening increases with the charm stat, so using a party member with high charm can be helpful. However, this usage is absurdly rare, and players might not even notice it happening if they aren't paying attention.

Using Charm Effectively

Some consider Charm to be a useless stat, and for most of the party, this rings true. However, don't ignore Charm entirely. The Hero might not make use of the stat, but Sylvando and Jade both have skill sets and builds that utilize it.


Sylvando's Showmanship path has skills that utilize charm, the best of which are the following:

  • That's Amore is a dangerously powerful single-target nuke, with a chance to inflict confusion.
  • Hustle Dance is another great ability to pick up, as it can be obtained early on and give party-wide healing that's unmatched in the early levels of the game.
  • Pied Piper also scales off of Charm; however, the scaling isn't great and the base rate of success is rather low.
  • Although it doesn't scale off of charm, Pink Pirouette is in the Showmanship path and provides strong multi-target damage throughout Act 1 and 2.

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Jade's Allure path is weak early on, but after the Character Builder opens up she gains access to some incredible abilities. Here's how to make the most of them.

  • Sexy Beam is obtained early on, but that's outscaled by other abilities in the early game.
  • Femme Fatale and Pink Tornado pop up in the late game These abilities have a heavy MP cost for her MP pool, but they deal absurdly high damage to all enemies. It's a great way of wiping encounters with multiple enemies. Femme Fatale also gives her some self-sustain, which is a valuable tool even if the healing isn't life-changing.
  • Using an Allure build with Jade requires a specific accessory build using Belle's Bows, but the power is impressive.

The Worth Of Charm

Overall, Charm isn't a stat that most players need to be concerned about. It holds the keys for the best builds with Sylvando, but Jade has stronger builds that aren't as costly. The passive effect of infatuation is so rare that players might only encounter it once or twice in their playthrough, depending on their luck. However, for those looking to have some fun, Charm can be fun to tinker with on the characters that use it.

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Pokemon: Why EXP Share is a Controversial Feature

Many Pokemon fans have different opinions on how EXP Share has been handled in recent titles and what it means for training their parties.

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As the sheer amount of information that this walkthrough would contain would amount to astronomical, each chapter / section will be split into a page in order to provide all the details.

Main Story[]

Season 1[]

Chapter 1 The First Island Completed: August 3 2020

Chapter 2 A New Power Completed: August 8, 2020

Chapter 3 The Notorious Thief Completed: August 22, 2020

Chapter 4 The Barren World Tree Completed: August 22, 2020

Chapter 5 The Blacksmith's Haven Completed: September 14, 2020

Chapter 6 The Enraged Protector Completed: September 14, 2020

Chapter 7 Final Battle! La Citadelle des Lions Completed: September 19, 2020

Chapter 8 To the Polar North

Chapter 9 The Winter Queen's Land

Chapter 10 Land of Blizzards

Chapter 11 The Queen's Icy Keep

Chapter 12 The Land of Mages

Chapter 13 Hunting the Ghost Ship

Chapter 14 The King of Mahrad Castle

Chapter 15 The Three Towers

Chapter 16 Beyond the Volcanoes

Chapter 17 The Sea Dragon's Strike

Chapter 18 Koalad, the Forbidden Land

Chapter 19 The Tropical Land

Chapter 20 Bushwacking

Chapter 21 Liars and Truth-tellers

Chapter 22 The Legendary Bird

Chapter 23 Towards Desert Lands

Chapter 24 The Riddling Queen

Chapter 25 The Desert Guardian

Chapter 26 The Parched Holy Eldertree

Chapter 27 To Darkstar Castle

Chapter 28 The Lost General

Chapter 29 Brother and Sister

Chapter 30 The Lunar Astronomer

Chapter 31 Moonbreaker

Chapter 32 The Squirril Truth

Chapter 33 The Moon's Secret

Chapter 34 Stellar Memory

Chapter 35 Two Planets

Permanent Dragon Quest Events[]

These are events listed in Keys / Other that have no end date. They are loosely based off the various trilogy storylines from the main Dragon Quest games.

Guided by Rubiss's Light: Legend of Erdrick - This event loosely follows the story of DQ I, II, and III. Requirement: Clear Chapter 3, The Notorious Thief: Visit the castle

The Heavenly Golden Dragon: History of Zenith Dragon - This event loosely follows the story of DQ IV, V, and VI. Requirement: Clear Chapter 4, The Barren World Tree: Visit the village to the north

Sours: https://dqots.fandom.com/wiki/Walkthrough

Walkthrough dragon quest

Dragon Warrior

Box artwork for Dragon Warrior.
This is the first game in the Dragon Quest series. For other games in the series see the Dragon Quest category.

Dragon Quest (localized as Dragon Warrior in USA and Europe) was the sixth best selling Famicom game released in 1986, selling approximately 1 500 000 copies in its lifetime. It was repackaged and re-released along with Dragon Warrior II as Dragon Warrior I & II for the Super Famicom in 1993 in Japan only, and later on for the Game Boy Color (with Super GB support), which was released in Japan in 1999 and the States in 2000.


Dragon Warrior is most notably remembered as one of the earliest home console RPGs of its kind. It arrived on the Famicom/NES one year before Final Fantasy appeared on the same system; both games took three years to be translated from Japanese and released in America and Europe. The Dragon Warrior series is different from the Final Fantasy series in many respects. The biggest difference is the atmosphere: while Final Fantasy portrays beautiful worlds caught in the midst of an impending catastrophe, Dragon Warrior tends to be a bit more serene with a touch of humor thrown in. Despite the differences, games from both series contain deep and intricate stories as well as hours of enjoyable game play.

The first Dragon Warrior, like any first game in a series, is the most simplistic and not very complex. It casts the player in the role of a solo adventurer who must solve the world's problems single-handedly. It features a number of underground dungeons, a wide expansive world, and numerous well illustrated monsters to battle; the art style of the game, and in fact most of the series, was directed by Akira Toriyama, of Dragon Ball fame. Fights are simple as well, since they always consist of a one-on-one battle between you and a monster. Despite the lack of customization or strategic flexibility, Dragon Warrior is a fine example of a basic RPG, and an astounding success in both Japan where the enjoyment of a good RPG was well known, and in America where it was thought that players would not appreciate such a slow paced game. Instead, it created a fan base that has continued to support the series through the latest release, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on the Nintendo DS, and on to today.


Localization note: in the English NES release, most names were changed; original names were restored in later localizations (GBC); this section states the original names in bold and the NES localized names in brackets.

Long ago, a man named Loto (Erdrick) returned peace from the hands of evil. The peace came in the form of the sacred Ball of Light. Loto returned to the King with the Ball of Light and there were great festivals and celebrations. Eventually, Loto took his leave and was never seen again. Years passed and the people prospered, but one person was not happy with the way things were. He lived in the western mountain cave, far from the walls of Ladatorm (Tantagel). While exploring deep within the cave, he came across a sleeping dragon. Suddenly, the dragon awoke and the man was very frightened. As he closed his eyes to stop himself from seeing his demise, nothing happened. The man grew tired of waiting and threw a stick to distract it. Surprisingly the dragon picked it up in his mouth and brought it back to the man, like a dog. After that, he discovered he could make the dragon do whatever he wanted. He then named himself the Dragon Lord. Suddenly a disaster occurred! Dragonlord Castle (Charlock Castle) rose from its earth grave and everyone knew this was a bad omen. A few minutes later, a swarm of Slimes, Ghosts, Dragons and other monsters attacked Ladatorm and the villages across the land. Though they fought bravely, the years of peace had made the people weak. The Ball of Light and Lady Lora (Princess Gwaelin) were stolen by the Dragon Lord himself!

After this terrible attack, the people were terrified to walk outside again. Many men were killed traveling between places, and people locked their doors at night. You could hear the Slimes scratching and mumbling along the walls of Ladatorm at night. The King fell into a deep depression over his kidnapped daughter, even though the legends told of a descendant of Loto coming to restore peace. The King believed it to be a myth until one day a scrawny looking young man appeared at the King's feet and asked permission to retrieve the Ball of Light and Lady Lora. Since many other hapless warriors volunteered and failed, The King had already given up hope. But he saw a light in this young man's eyes, and knew he was the descendant of Loto. Giving various items and gold, the King sent the warrior out. Now you must guide the hero to victory and defeat the Dragon Lord!

Name changes[edit]

Table of Contents


Sours: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Dragon_Warrior
Dragon Warrior (NES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

Dragon Warrior

Mike's RPG Center


  • You begin the game in the throne room of Tantegel Castle where King Lorik will commission you on your quest. Speak to him again at any time to save your game.

  • Open the three chests in the throne room using the Take command. You'll find 120 gold, a Torch, and a Magic Key.
  • Use the Door command to open the door with the Magic Key and head down the stairs to the main floor of the castle.
  • Talk to the other people in the castle to learn more about your quest and then leave.
  • Enter Brecconary to the east. Use the 120 gold you have to buy some equipment. I usually prefer to buy the Club and some Clothes.

  • Battle the Slimes and Red Slimes in the forest and mountains north of Tantegel and Brecconary to gain experience points and gold to purchase better equipment. As you get stronger, you'll be able fight more difficult enemies to receive more experience points and gold. The further you go from the castle, the harder the enemies will become. You will spend most of the game battling enemies like this to become more powerful.

  • To the northwest you'll find Erdrick's Cave in the middle of a desert. Enter the cave and use a Torch or cast the Radiant spell to see your way around the cave. Descend to the second level and open the chest to find Erdrick's Tablet. On the tablet are instructions from Erdrick that list three items you need to find to reach the Dragonlord.

  • Further to the northwest you'll find the town of Garinham, where you'll find more powerful weapons and armor available for purchase. The top half of the town is blocked by a magic door, so you won't be able to reach it yet.
  • Go north and then east from Tantegel Castle across two bridges and then head north to find the village of Kol in the middle of a forest. Here you'll be able to purchase the Full Plate. Search the forest tile four tiles south of the Bath to find the Fairy Flute.
  • To the west of Kol, you'll find some steps leading down into a cellar where an old man will request that you bring him the Silver Harp to prove your bravery.
  • Far south of Kol near the bridge you'll find a cave in the middle of a swamp. Enter the cave and head straight south until you find the exit. When you leave the cave you'll be on the South Island.

  • Go south around the mountains and then west to find Rimuldar on an island in the middle of a lake. You can purchase the Broad Sword and the Magic Armor in the weapon shop here. Go around the north end of the town on the far side of the river and you'll find a shop that sells Magic Keys. Buy six of them.

  • Return to Tantegel Castle and use a key to open the door in the northern part of the castle. Walk two tiles beyond the east wall and then head straight south. You'll find the castle cellar in the southeast corner of the map. Take the Stones of Sunlight from the chest.

  • Enter the town of Garinham in the northwest corner of the world and use a Magic Key to open a door into the north part of town. Walk into the darkness three tiles east of the west wall and then go east to find the entrance to Garin's Grave.
  • Descend to the second level and then take the stairs in the southwest corner. Take the next stairs down to the fourth level and then back to the third where you see a chest. Inside, you'll find the Silver Harp.
  • Return to the old man in the cellar west of Kol. He will take the Silver Harp and disappear, leaving you free to take the Staff of Rain from the chest behind him.

  • Enter the Swamp Cave south of Kol and about halfway down on the east side you'll come across a Green Dragon. The Dragon can be a very difficult enemy in the earlier part of the game so you may need to return again later when you are stronger. The Sleep spell may be helpful.

  • Once you have slain the dragon, use a Magic Key to open the door and speak to Princess Gwaelin, who will thank you for rescuing her and will ask you to escort her back to the castle. She will not accept no for an answer.
  • Return to the castle with Gwaelin and speak to King Lorik who will thank you for rescuing his daughter. Gwaelin will give you an item called Gwaelin's Love that will allow you to speak to her at any time. When used, she will tell you how much experience you need to reach the next level and your current location relative to the castle.

  • From the west coast, head all the way south across two bridges to the very southwest corner of the map. Cross the bridge to the east and follow the forest northeast, skipping the first bridge, but crossing the second into the small swamp. Directly south is the town of Cantlin which is guarded by the Golem. Use the Fairy Flute to put the Golem to sleep and he'll be an easy enemy. In Cantlin, you'll be able to purchase the Flame Sword and the Silver Shield.

  • Enter the town of Haukness in the great desert in the southeast part of the world. Step on the forest tile between the ruins of two buildings on the east side of the town and you will be attacked by an Axe Knight. Once you have defeated it, search the ground to find Erdrick's Armor. This armor will protect you from swamps and barriers and will heal one hit point for every step you take.

  • Enter the large swamp south of Cantlin and search the ground at the point 70 tiles south and 40 tiles east of the castle to find Erdrick's Token. You can use Gwaelin's Love to determine your exact position relative to the castle.
  • Go to the southern island and cross the bridge south of Rimuldar. Enter the cellar near the southern tip and speak to the old man. If you have the Stones of Sunlight, the Staff of Rain, and Erdrick's Token, he will combine the stones and the staff into the Rainbow Drop.
  • Go to the northwest corner of the southern island to the point where the island that Charlock Castle is on is only one tile away. Use the Rainbow Drop to create a bridge to the island.

  • Enter Charlock Castle and enter the throne room at the back. Search the square directly behind the throne to reveal a stairwell which will bring you into the heart of the castle.
  • You will not have any choice of direction until you reach the fourth floor. Take the stairs on the west side of the floor down to the fifth floor.
  • On the fifth floor, if you take the stairs near the southeast corner, you will eventually find a chest that contains the strongest sword in the game: Erdrick's Sword.
  • Return to the fifth floor and take the stairs near the northwest corner and you will eventually reach the lowest floor of the castle where you will find the Dragonlord.
  • The Dragonlord is the most difficult enemy in the game. Your level will probably need to be at least twenty, though you shouldn't have any problem if you've achieved the maximum level of thirty. Conserve your MP before fighting him, since your success will depend on having a lot of magic. Don't agree to his terms or the game will end (badly). Once you have defeated the Dragonlord's first form, his true self will be revealed. Although challenging, the battle is pretty staight forward. Keep attacking him with Erdrick's Sword and cast Healmore whenever your hit points fall below fifty.

  • Once you have defeated the Dragonlord, you will find the Ball of Light, which will eliminate all the monsters in the world.
  • Return to Tantegel Castle where you will find King Lorik waiting for you. He will offer you his kingdom, but you will decline his offer and head off with Gwaelin to find your own kingdom to rule.

Sours: https://mikesrpgcenter.com/dw1/walkthrough.html

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Dragon Quest II (iOS/Android) Walkthrough

You begin with the Prince of Midenhall. Don't forget to equip your sword! First you need to find the Prince of Cannock. From Midenhall castle head west to the town of Leftwyne and heal if you need to, then travel north to Cannock Castle.

Talk to the king at Cannock Castle, he will tell you that his son has just left to go to the Wellspring of the Hero. Head north and east until you find the opening that leads into the cave.

Make your way thru the cave and talk to the old man near the spring, he will tell you that the prince has headed to Midenhall Castle, so head back there. (The king says that he went to Midenhall, but since you are already there, it must be a typo) Head to Leftwyne and check at the Inn, there you will find the prince and he will join your party.

Next you need to go west into the Lake Cave and get the Silver Key. The key can be found on the second floor of the cave.

After getting the key, you can prepare to head south to Moonahan. Having Fizzle can make this trip much easier.

Take the Monolith to the south island and travel south to Moonahan. In town there will be a dog on the north side of town, talk to the dog and notice that it follows you strange.

From here travel west to Moonbrooke Castle and see the ruins of what is left of the castle. Talk to everyone there, including the flames. You will learn of the Ra's Mirror and its power to restore the princess (who is the dog that followed you) to her true form.

Mirror Info

Travel south around the small lake and then follow the river east you will find the swamp patch by the 4 bridges. Search the swamp patch and you'll find Ra's Mirror

Ra's Mirror Location

Return with the mirror and use it in front of the dog that follows you, and you will have the Princess of Moonbrooke join your party.

Restoring Princess

If you travel west and then north you will see two towers (the Dragon's Horn) across a channel, and there is no way to get across.

Travel to the Tower of Wind, to get to it you will need to go east from Moonahan and then north across the second bridge and back south along the coast. Before you travel to the tower it helps if the Princess knows Holy Protection and the Prince knows Zoom and Evac. Find the Windbreaker inside a chest.

Now with the Windbreaker equipped (use it as an item, not thru the equip menu) head back to the Dragon's Horn and climb to the top floor and walk off the north side. You will float across the channel to the other side.

Once on the other side travel northeast to reach the port town of Rippleport. In the northwest corner of town a woman is being attacked my monsters, defeat the monsters and her grandfather will give you the ship in town.

From Rippleport take the ship and from the west edge of Alefgard head north and you will encounter a "shallow" spot (a lighter blue patch of water), search here to find the treasure. Take it back to Rippleport and give it to the man behind the silver door (use the boat to get to him), he will give you the Echo Flute in return.

Now from Rippleport head east and look for the Tantegel Castle on the continent of Alefgard, talk to everyone there and then cross the channel and go into Charlock Castle and find Erdrick's Sword.

Now we will get the Golden Key, go to Zahan (it is south of Dirkandor), there is a dog on the east side of town that will run and point to a location, search here to find the Golden Key. (If you sail west of Zahan you can find an island with a single tree, this is the Yggsdrasil Tree, you can carry one Yggsdrasil Leaf at a time, but it will revive fallen party members.

Golden Key Location

Head back to Cannock Castle and open the Gold door and get Erdrick's Shield.

Erdrick's Shield Location

Then go to Midenhall Castle and get Erdrick's Mark from behind a Golden door.

Erdrick's Mark Location

Then take Erdrick's Mark to the Monolith on the southern island in Alefgard and trade Erdrick's Mark for Erdrick's Helmet.

Trading for Helmet

Now in the South you will find the town of Burrowell, here we need to find Roge Fastfinger. To get to him there is a shop on the west side of town, buy the "blank" spot, this will be the jailor's key, for 2500 GP.

Buying Jailor's Key

Then go to the jail on the east side of town, Roge isn't in his cell, but upon further inspection you can walk out of the cell in the middle of the east wall. Upon finding Roge he will give you the Watergate Key.

Looking for Roge in Cell</a>) </p> <div align=Found him!

Now to pick up Celestial Skein to make the Flowing Dress, head back to the north tower of the Dragon's Horn and on the third floor if you search you will find Celestial Skein.

Celestial Skein Location

Next make sure you have learned Safe Passage and go back to Zahan to get the Subtle Shuttle. Cast Safe Passage and go to the west room in the house on the north end of town with the damage tiles. Here you will find the Subtle Shuttle.

Subtle Shuttle Location

Now we need to get to Slewse, sail back west to Beran (west of Burrowell) and follow west most of the two rivers on the continent north of Beran. You will have to park your ship and walk around to get to Slewse the first time.

When you get to Slewse go north and west around the tool shop in town until you find the Floodgate, use the Jailor's Key to get inside, and then use the Floodgate Key inside, this will flood the dry riverbed so you can sail to Slewse the next time you come back, and also get to the Tower of the Moon.

Use the Golden Key to open the building in the center of town, here you will find Don Calico, he will take the Subtle Shuttle and the Celestial Skein and begin making the Flowing Dress. The quickest way to get it is to Zoom to another city, save the game, quit, restart, and Zoom to Slewse.

Talking to Don Calico

Now cross the river to the south of Slewse and enter the Tower of the Moon. Navigate the tower to find the Moonshard.

Armed with the Moonshard find the cave that is to the south and west of Dirkandor and use the Moonshard . The tide will rise and the shallow water around the cave will be replaced by deep water so you can sail to the entrance to the Sea Cave.

The Flowing Dress will protect whoever is wearing it from the lava, the others will take damage, and Safe Passage does not help. Make your way thru the cave and find the False Idol. You will have to defeat 2 Wrecktors to get to it. Save enough MP to cast Evac so you don't have to trek back thru the cave.

Now head back to Beran, there is a building on the north side of town with the house of healing in it, enter that building and use the Jailor's key in the center of the north wall to open the door, cast Safe Passage and walk into the transporter.

You are now in a small room, cast Safe Passage again to get over the tiles and go up the stairs.

You will be in the overworld again, walk west until you find a patch of poisonous swamp, now use the False Idol and the entrance to the Cave to Rendarak will open up.

Open Entrance to Rendarak

Soul Sigil: Use Zoom to travel to Tetengel and go to the second floor of the Armory, which is in the west side of town. You'll need the Golden Key to open the door. Speak to the King and he'll give you the Soul Sigil.

Soul Sigil Location

Now get the other 4 Sigils if you have not already come across them.

Sun Sigil: Sail west of Zahan, to the Fire Shrine search in the northeast corner of the outside wall to find the Sigil.

Sun Sigil Location

Water Sigil: Once you have all the keys, go to Moonahan, open the golden door, go down and open the jail cell with the 2 monsters (demons) and defeat them and search the northeast corner to get the Sigil.

Water Sigil Location

Star Sigil: There is a tower South of Alefgard, the Lighthouse. Go thru the tower and you will find an old man that will lead you to a chest. When you open the chest he will tell you it is a trap, and you will be attacked by 4 gremlins. Defeat them and you will get the Star Sigil automatically.

Star Sigil Location

Moon Sigil: Talk to the King, accept his challenge; defeat the tiger in Dirkandor and the king will give you the Sigil.

Moon Sigil Location

Now that we have all of the Sigils we need to go find Rubiss. Sail due south from Midenhall and you should see an island with only a monolith on it. Go to the bottom floor and stand on the white square in the room (make sure you have space in your inventory). Rubiss will speak to you and give you the Eye of Rubiss.

Receiving the Eye of Rubiss

Upon re-entering the cave go east and take the southeast most set of stairs to take you to the second floor. Go east and take the third intersection down, these stairs will take you to the third floor. Go all the way east to get Erdrick's Armor, then go north as far as you can then go back east and take the stairs. You will be on a small fourth floor, go up again to reach level five.

From the stairs on the fifth level take one step south and one step west. You will fall to the fourth floor, which is a big open room. Go to the southwest corner and fall in the pitfall that is one step north and one step east of the corner. Get the chest to retrieve the Thunderbolt Blade. Walk east and fall down the pitfall on the east wall. Go north and in the middle of the room there is another pitfall that will take you back to the second floor.

Trek all the way back to the fifth floor. To avoid all of the pitfalls; walk 2 steps south, 2 steps west, 4 steps down, 3 steps east and 1 step south to the stairs. Now you are on level 6.

On level 6 go east from the stairs, then go west, then east, then east again, then the northeast path, then the northwest path, then north, then east, continue east to the stairs out of the cave.

Head northeast from the exit to the cave and go into the shrine. You will be healed and be able to save your game and revive any dead members all for free.

Now head north along the mountains, then west and follow the mountains around to the south. Turn north when you reach the hills to find the castle.

When you first enter the castle it looks like Midenhall Castle, use the Eye of Rubiss to break the illusion.

Now go behind the throne and to the far left in the barrier area, use the Jailor's Key to open the hidden door, then go to the middle and use the Golden Key to open the door there. Next stand on the grey square in the middle of the barrier area and use the False Idol. This will take you to the second floor.

There are random monsters on the second and third floors. When you reach the fourth floor you will encounter Atlas just before you reach the stairs, have the Hero attack, have the Prince parry, use Power Shield, or cast Kabuff, and have the Princess cast Kasap or use Power Shield.

On the fifth floor you will encounter Pazuzu, have the Hero attack, have the Prince parry or use Power Shield, and the Princess cast Snooze (it actually works sometimes!)

Then on the sixth floor you will have to fight Belial, have the Hero attack, have the Prince parry or use the Power Shield, and the Princess cast Snooze (it actually works here sometimes here too!)

Then to the seventh floor, have the Hero attack, the Prince cast Fizzle (it actually works, and keeps him from casting Fullheal), and the Princess parry or use the Power Shield. Hargon is actually pretty easy, but when you beat him you discover there is a hidden power behind him. Try to leave and the next battle will begin.

Malroth is your next battle. Have the Hero attack, then have the Prince cast Kabuff, Midheal on the Hero, or Power Shield, and have the Princess cast Kasap, Power Shield or cast Fullheal on the Hero. Malroth knows the HealAll spell, so can it can be a hard battle. He can attack for about 70 damage, and breathe flames for 50-70 to all party members.

After the long battle with Malroth you can walk around the world without any monster attacks and talk to all of the people. Then Talk to Midenhall Castle and talk to the King, and watch the credits.

Talking to King</a>)</div> <div align=The End
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