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Although it is an unconventional way to earn money, you can get paid to click unlimited ads. 

Are you one of those people who pulls up Google and types in “online add click earn money” or “paid to click sites paypal” frequently?

I can see why, as they can be a genuine source of income.

All you probably need is an email address, a Paypal account, some time in your hands, and you can get started! You won’t get rich doing this,  but it can produce a decent stream of income if you practice some of the tips mentioned below!

So get comfortable because you’ll discover everything you need to know on paid-to-click sites and how you can start earning from them below. 

Get Paid To Click UnlimitedAds – The 11 Best Sites

  1. NeoBux
  2. Scarlet Clicks
  3. PaidVerts
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Prize Rebel
  6. Optimalbux
  7. FamilyClix
  8. Ojooo Wad
  9. Get Paid
  10. Ysense
  11. Offer Nation


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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Can I Make Money By Clicking On Ads?

Unlike other side hustles like freelance writing and proofreading, you may not be able to turn this job into your main source of income. For example, with freelance writing, you can earnaround USD 200 per article. Now imagine, if you have different clients who pay just as much if not more for your work. 

Over time, you could be earning thousands!

Clicking ads will bring you about USD 0.001 to USD 0.004 per click as you will see in the sites explained below. You will need to click thousands of ads to achieve a decent amount of income. 

However, you can get paid to click unlimited ads and earn some money from them especially if you’ve got some extra times in your hand. 

It is legit and there are many sites for you to explore. Having said that, you must exercise caution, because there are scam websites that will ask you to complete work but will fail to compensate you.

These are some of the things that you can do to earn extra money clicking ads :

  • Click on ads
  • Read through emails
  • Complete surveys

What Are Paid To Click Sites?

Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites are websites that will pay you to click on advertisements. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Most of these sites are free to use, and it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn decent money online as it requires little to no skills, an effortless means to make money with pay per click.

When an ad is shown to you, you click on it and search the website that has been opened for the amount of time specified. The reward is added to your account balance after the period has elapsed.

PTC sites serve as the broker or middleman between an advertiser and the consumers.

These sites earn money from the advertisers when they display the advertisements and a fraction of the fee goes towards the viewer when said advertisement is watched. Makes sense? 

If not, here is the process below: 

1- The website places ads on their site

2- You click and view the ad

3-The advertiser pays the website because their ad has been clicked and viewed

4- The website pays you 

Since most websites do not have a referral limit, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Don’t be hesitant to sign up for the free sites listed below because it’ll probably just take a minute or two to register.

Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads: The 11 Best Options


Being one of the oldest and trusted PTC sites, Neobuxoffers a variety of activities for you to complete to earn money such as completing quizzes, viewing advertisements, playing games, taking surveys, and much more. 

It is one of the best sites that allows you to earn free money clicking ads.

The registration process is free and the account will allow you to earn money and get paid from the convenience of your own home by simply engaging with the content published online, and Neobux will reward you for your loyalty and activity on their site. 

They have an extensive Terms Of Services and FAQs page that will pretty much answer any questions you have regarding this PTC site. 

There are five types of membership plans for you to choose from upon registration :

  • Standard
  • Golden
  • Emerald / Sapphire
  • Platinum / Diamond
  • Sapphire

Rates start from USD 0.001 and you can make a withdrawal when your earnings have reached a minimum of USD 2

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 per click
  • USD 0.005 per referral click

Online payment processors : 

2.Scarlet Clicks

Another well-known PTC site is Scarlet Clicks

Do you want to earn and get paid to click unlimited ads? There’s no better place! Clicking advertisements, completing surveys, and referring new members to the website are all ways to make extra money on this site.

Their affiliate scheme (An affiliate may be a person or a business that promotes the seller’s product to potential customers in an appealing manner) is one of the highest in the industry, paying up to 100% of the referral’s earnings.

Completing deals is another way to earn money here. 

After receiving at least USD 2, you can quickly receive your check. However, payments will take up to 7 business days before it is released to you. A fun element in this PTC site is that you can use the money earned to purchase Bitcoins. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 per click. 

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

3.Paid Verts

PaidVerts is a reliable PTC site where USD 9,368,894.91 has been paid in cashouts with 3,894,695 registered users. PaidVerts assumes that providing successful ads while simultaneously generating a business opportunity is possible. But, let’s face it, making money online is the aim of many. 

Members of PaidVerts are compensated for viewing advertisements for a brief period. But, unlike other PTCs, PaidVerts devised a method that allows you to earn based on your level of participation on the website. They will pay to click websites. 

There are two ways to earn from PaidVerts :

Advertising tools are provided to reach as many audiences as possible at the cheapest cost. 

Get paid for each click! PaidVerts have set up an exclusive Bonus Points Program that will help you increase the revenue of the paid ads. 

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their Terms Of Services section for any queries you might have.


Swagbucks have paid out an astonishing USD 551,589,936 to their members and now you can be a part of this instant paying ptc sites. The rewards earned can be earned as gift cards which then can be used in major stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, and other retailers. 

One coin earned from Swagbucks is equivalent to USD 0.01. You can redeem your earnings when you’ve hit a minimum of USD 3.00

Here’s how you can earn from Swagbucks :

  • Shop Online
  • Answer Surveys
  • Watch Videos
  • Discover Offers
  • Search The Web
  • Play Games

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their Terms Of Use section for any queries you might have. 

5.Prize Rebel

Prize rebel is another amazing free paid to click site that has partnered up with different research companies in the market who are actively seeking people to express their views on new products launched. 

Hence, as a reward for your participation and time, points will be given to you which then can be redeemed as cash, gift cards, items from Amazon, or even online game codes. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.01 to USD 0.10 per click. 
  • Up to 30% referral earnings.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 


With 119,832 active members and USD 381,237.16 paid out, many can still use OptimalBux to get paid to click websites. The registration process is free and members from across the globe are welcomed on this platform. 

All you need to do is view ads, promote any site, and start referring your friends and family to do the same and you’ll get paid! The minimum cashout amount is USD 5, so as long as you’ve reached this amount, you’re good to go. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.01 per click. 
  • 100% referral earnings.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 


FamilyClix relies on transparency so you don’t have to worry about your transactions with them. It is a great PTC site that has various means to earn money. With 443,371 active members, FamilyClix has paid out USD688,481.27 thus far. 

 Here’s how you can earn from FamilyClix :

  • Paid Ads
  • Paid Offers 
  • Paid To-Sign-Up-Offers
  • Bonus Games
  • ClixGrid Clone (a game that allows you to win USD 0.05 credited straight to your account)
  • Referral Contests (win up to USD 0.25 for every active referral)

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.02 per click. 
  • USD 0.02 per referral click.
  • USD 10.00 per referral upgrade

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

8.Ojooo Wad

Another great investment-free PTC site is Ojoo Wad with 37,252,801 members. 

You can make money by watching Ojooo Videos, completing simple tasks, or making deals on your own with advertisements on site. There are some easy ways to make money here. 

They even provide you with a referral service. 

You can earn money by referring others and earning from their clicks. Ojooo Wad offers direct, indirect, and rented referrals. They’ve got an affiliate program where you can earn USD 8 with 10 users in your downline. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.004 per click. 

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

9.Get Paid

Since 2005, Get Paid has been conducting online market analysis and surveys.

This site interacts with companies from across the globe and are given surveys to be completed online. A percentage of their earnings from these businesses are then rewarded to every user who has successfully finished the surveys. 

You’re getting paid for simply expressing your opinion without even leaving the comfort of your homes. They’ve managed to get thousands of users engaged with various businesses. 

Here’s how you learn about coins and the different levels they have on their site.

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 to USD 0.003 per click. 
  • Unlimited referrals

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their terms and conditions section for any queries you might have. 


Ysenseis one of the best PTC sites out there where you can earn money by taking online surveys, trying new services and products, signing up for websites, downloading apps, watching videos, and they pay up to 30% when you use your direct referral link and get others to join the club.

You get to enjoy unlimited referrals, meaning you can refer as many people as you’d like to the site, and tasks, and once you’ve reached USD 10 in earnings, you can cash the money out via any one of the payment processors below. They’ve got an attractive affiliate program for you to be a part of as well!

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 to USD 0.002 per click. 
  • USD 0.10 per referral commission.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

11.Offer Nation

Offer Nation is an excellent site that pays you every time you participate in a survey, More than USD 1,115,452.89 have been paid in cash to members who have successfully taken part in a survey. 

The registration process takes less than a minute, and you may be making your first payment in as little as 24 hours as long as you’ve reached the minimum cashout of USD 2.00.

By providing reviews, you can assist businesses in improving their services and goods. The majority of the surveys cost between USD 0.80 and USD 5.00, and you are compensated for each survey you complete.

Here’s how you can earn Offer Nation: 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.80 to USD 5.00 per click. 
  • 30% referral commission.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

How Can I Make Money By Clicking Ads Without Investments?

No investment is necessary with this side hustle. As you can see in the PTC sites mentioned above, most of them are free to use!

Get your account set up and start earning them money. 

How To Make More Money By Paid To Click PTC Sites?

Getting started with legit paid to click sites is relatively easy. 

Read the guidelines and go through the simple registration process that has the most valid pay per click websites list and you can start clicking on jobs right away. 

When it comes to the earnings, set up a Paypal or a Payza account depending on the PTC sites.

These two accounts are one of the widely used online payment processors. Money will be sent through a check or directly linked to your bank account.  

Do you know how to get paid to click unlimited ads? Referrals – people who sign up using your connection – are the secret to making money with PTCs.

Why referrals you may ask? 

Referrals are the ones that earn free money for you by clicking on advertisements. Let me give you a rough idea of how this works, the figures stated are just an example. When a referral clicks on your link, they make USD 0.30 per day, and as a referral commission, you will receive around USD 0.03.

That is just for one referral. If you have 100 referrals making USD 0.30 per day, you would be receiving USD 3.00 daily. The best part? You didn’t even have to do anything to earn those three bucks. 

Your referrals would just have to click and get paid instantly and you can earn a commission without doing anything. 

 There are two types of referrals implemented in PTC sites : 

An exclusive link will be issued to you by PTC sites. Do you know how sometimes you come across influencers who link their referral links in their profile saying you’re entitled to a 10% discount if you purchase the item with their link? 

This is a direct referral. There are no limitations as to how many referrals you can have under you, so the more the better!

This is an option for those who can’t secure a proper downline. A downline refers to participants who’ve used your referral or who’ve entered the program after you’ve done so, who will bring you money with their sales and referrals.

You can rent referrals for a fee directly from PTC sites and you’ll be entitled to this referral for a certain period.  You can use this rented referral multiple times for as long as it is active. Referrals will be assigned to you by the site so you don’t have to go lookout for them. 

However, this may not be as effective as direct referrals because if you’ve got inactive referrals or if a bot referral is assigned to you, then the chances of you earning your commission are low. 

Which Is The Highest Paying PTC Site?

Ah yes, the most important information when you’re thinking about how to get paid to click unlimited ads.

 These are the 5 highest paying PTC sites :

  1. Offer Nation
  2. Get Paid
  3. Ojoo Wad
  4. OptimalBux
  5. Prize rebel 

Are Paid To Click Sites Legit?

With tons of different money-making schemes and PTC websites online, you are bound to experience some differences depending on the sites. Since PTC sites have gained their fair share of popularity recently, many scam websites have surfaced in the name of PTC sites. 

Look out for these red flags when you’re trying to earn some money from a PTC site : 

As much as clicking ads to earn money sounds good, be wary if you’re promised high returns for the job. If you see an ad that promises to pay you USD 20 for two clicks, then you should probably know that it is a scam. 

If the PTC program earns no money from consumers other than its own registered members, any profits you make would almost certainly come from the buy-in fees of other investors.

Think about it this way, you’re on the site simply to click on ads, complete some surveys, and earn the pay, so why would a site charge you a subscription fee or ask you to purchase a product in exchange to click on advertisements?

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Look out for these as well. 

  • Difficulty In Cashing Out

Even though it is stated on the site that registered online payment processors like Paypal are used, if you’re having issues in cashing out your earnings, be wary that the site may not have enough money to pay you. 

Here’s a list of scam PTC sites.

Bear in mind that almost every PTC is bound to have some negative feedback, which is expected and nothing out of the ordinary given the large number of people who use them. However, not everyone would be pleased for various reasons, so take your time to investigate and study the sites you want to participate in.

Keep these few steps below in mind when you’re scouting different PTC sites to avoid being scammed.

  • Conduct Thorough Research

The first thing you want to do is sift through a PTC site with a fine-tooth comb and take a look at their previous interactions. If the site is offline, dormant, or inactive, or if you think there is any unusual activity detected, that type of paid-to-click site is most likely a scam. 

If you’ve heard of a site being referred to as a scam site, refrain from registering with them. Chances are they’re still trying to scam people. 

Other characteristics to look out for are advertisements. If a particular PTC site is bombarded with ads, there are high chances that the site is not genuine. The purpose of you clicking on this article is to learn how to get paid to click unlimited ads and conduct your research to earn some legit money. 

  • Avoid Purchases Of Any Sort

If you come across a new site that appears to be “genuine” and you’re thinking about buying something from said site, do not even bother. Don’t register if the platform is brand new and has no real members or payment proof. To be safe, let the site run for a few months before buying upgrades.

Even though it seems rather pointless to read the FAQ section, you might find real knowledgeable information in that section. 

Skim through the FAQ section of a PTC site to get a rough idea of the type of hurdles you might face with that particular site. You will get answers to questions that haven’t even crossed your mind. 

Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads :Conclusion

There you go folks, the 11 best sites to get paid to click unlimited ads. 

Take these tips with a grain of salt because this particular side hustle may not generate you hundreds of dollars quickly but hey, if you’ve got some extra time in your hands and you’ve got gazillion friends you can get referral incomes from, then why not? 


Get Paid To Watch Ads

This article includes links which we may receive compensation for if you click, at no cost to you.

If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side, there are a few options you can consider. One easy and straightforward way to supplement your income is to watch ads for money.

While this may sound like a scam to some, once you understand how it works, you’ll soon realize it’s not. In fact, there are many reputable businesses behind it with good BBB (Better Business Bureau) scores to put your mind at ease.

Making money watching ads is easy, and there are many different ways to do it. It won’t make you enough money in passive income to quit your day job, but it can still give you a quick and sustainable cash boost to help you save some money or purchase that special something you’ve been eyeing for some time now.

10 Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads

Here are the 10 best ways to watch ads for money today:

  1. 🏆 InboxDollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. MyPoints
  4. Prize Rebel
  5. Nielsen
  6. iRazoo
  7. QuickRewards
  8. You-Cubez
  9. Earnably
  10. AdWallet

1. InboxDollars

When it comes to getting paid for watching video ads, InboxDollars is the name that usually comes straight up. InboxDollars is an incredibly popular cash reward and survey site that’s a legit way to make some extra money in your spare time. With a bonus of $20 straight off the bat just for signing up, InboxDollars offers a few different ways to make money with video ad watching being one of the top ways.

As you watch videos, you will start getting scratchcards that contain anything from $0.05 to $30 or more (which is fun and exciting in itself!). Payments can be done in a variety of ways, from receiving a check at home to electronic gift cards or simply donating the money to your favorite charity.

  • Generous bonus just for signing up
  • Cash rewards
  • Gift cards to PayPal account
  • Easy to use website and mobile app

Next steps:

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another popular choice for those looking to make some extra cash in their spare time. It offers many different ways of earning money—like playing games, taking surveys, and of course, watching ads. The points you earn (called Swagbucks) can be redeemed in gift cards or even PayPal cash. With Swagbucks, there’s also a cash welcome bonus of $20 with multiple video categories available.

You will be able to see how much you can earn for each video you watch. This can help you plan ahead and allow you to invest your time in a way that earns you the most money for your time.

That said, watching videos in Swagbucks is not lucrative and can only earn you a few Swagbucks (which amounts to a few pennies) for watching a chunk of video. But if you don’t mind having it on in the background while you do other things, it might be worth it to you.

  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Video playlist categories with listed earnings
  • Easy to use platform
  • Offers a ton of ways to make extra cash

Next steps:

3. MyPoints

MyPoints kicks things off with a cool $10 bonus just for signing up, with points earned for watching ads and a number of other activities. Withdrawals can be done by way of Amazon or Visa gift cards, giving you the opportunity to save money when making your purchases.

MyPoints has been active since 1996, which makes it one of the first sites to offer such a monetization program. Moreover, they offer a wide range of videos, including Hollywood gossip clips and coverage of events like the Golden Globes.

  • One of the first sites to offer payments for watching videos
  • You can choose PayPal account, gift cards, or travel miles payments
  • $10 sign up bonus

Next steps:

4. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel is another membership rewards site offering cash and hundreds of gift card options including Amazon, PayPal, Visa, and Google Play. Minimum payout is low and quick as well, with redemptions starting as low as $2.

Sign up is quick—you can either sign up with an email address or through your Facebook account.

PrizeRebel has been around since 2017 and has paid out more than $22 million to its members, so they’re definitely legit.

  • Easy sign up through Facebook
  • You can choose gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, Visa, and Google Play
  • Redemptions start as low as $2

Next steps:

5. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen works slightly differently from the other sites on this list, but it’s still worth knowing about. For starters, it’s by invitation only, so there is no signup process. Instead, you’ll need to keep an eye on your inbox. If selected, you’ll join the Nielsen family program and receive compensation for your membership in the program.

There is no Nielsen website. Instead, you will get paid for watching TV (talk about “passive income”). The data Nielsen collects is sold to networks. This allows the cable and television companies to decide which shows are the most popular and which ones need to go.

  • Membership is by invitation only
  • Get paid for watching TV
  • Members are selected at random

Next steps:

6. iRazoo

With some 50 channels of content, iRazoo has all types of videos available on their website. Here, you can watch anything from ads and short films to cooking tutorials and app trailers. You earn iRazoo points for any video you watch. Points can be redeemed into iRazoo points, which can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

Statistics show that iRazoo has paid close to $90,000,000 in cash to its members. When it comes to withdrawals, you can choose between cash and a variety of gift cards, including iTunes, Starbucks, and many others.

  • Different video categories available
  • Many gift cards to choose from
  • Also offers other ways to make money

7. QuickRewards

QuickRewards offers fast payments that you can withdraw from as little as $0.01 when choosing PayPal or $5 should you opt for a gift card. Transfers to your Paypal account are completed within 72 hours, while gift cards are sent within a week. If you opt for gift cards, you can choose from Amazon, Disney, Walmart, and Red Lobster.

You have a variety of informational and educational videos and ads to choose from, concerning things like news, pop culture, lifestyle, and more.

In total, QuickRewards offers over 50 different ways to redeem your points, making this a truly extensive program that can help you with your expenses in many different ways:

  • Cash withdrawals start at $0.01
  • Over 50 redemption options
  • Quick payment processing

8. You-Cubez

You-Cubez works like an advertising agency. This means that not only can you get paid for watching videos online, but also promote your business. The site boasts close to 400,000 members, and they have delivered over 75,000,000 ad views since inception.

If you refer other people, You-Cubez had a referral program that pays a 15% commission rate. The minimum withdrawal amount varies according to membership status ranging from $2 all the way to $8.

  • Has a referral program
  • Allows you to promote your business
  • Extensive viewership program

9. Earnably

Earnably is another site where you complete special tasks for points that you can redeem for gift cards and wallet codes.

Minimum payout is only $1. But what sets Earnably apart from others is that if you get friends and family to also sign up, you get 10% of the points that they earn… for the lifetime of your account. So be sure people new to your network use your referral link.

Earnably also provides you with the reward amount and also a time estimate on how long each task will take. So you can be selective about which tasks are worth your time.

  • Redeem points for gift cards and wallet codes
  • Minimum payout of $1
  • Earn 10% of points from referrals for life

10. AdWallet

AdWallet is a relatively new player to the market, having paid out just over $1 million to its members. Unfortunately, they don’t offer an app, so your interaction with them will be web-based through a browser.

The payouts are higher than some other options (between $.50 to $3), but the options are limited, both in the number of available ads to watch for money and the variety of ways you can make money. This separates it from sites like Swagbucks, through which you can also make money filling out surveys, online shopping, and searching the web.

AdWallet is primarily a platform for making money by watching video ads and then taking short surveys about them. But AdWallet does tell you up front how much you will earn for each activity.

The minimum threshold to cash out is $10, which is higher than the others we are recommending.

  • Browser-based, no app
  • Minimum cash out of $10

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about getting paid to watch ads.

Can I earn money by watching ads?

Yes, it is very much possible to make money by simply watching ads online. While this might sound like it’s too good to be true, or even a scam, it is all actually quite simple. It will make plenty of sense once we explain what is actually going on.

Why do companies pay people for watching ads?

Marketing is one of the most important things any company can do to let the world know about their products and services. Marketing is so important to a business’s survival and ultimate success that it commands top budget dollars. Many companies invest huge amounts of money into their marketing budget.

As internet connectivity continued to become increasingly faster and able to handle larger data capacities, video ads started to outshine the rest of a company’s marketing efforts. From traditional ads to product reviews and tutorials, videos proved to be the right medium for companies to distribute their message effectively, offering a highly flexible and entertaining way to do so.

On the other hand, unless videos are seen by people, they cannot do their job well. Companies pay advertising platforms a lot of money to get their videos in front of viewers. But wouldn’t it make more sense to pay the users directly? And this is exactly why you can make money by watching ads—where you get the money instead of the big companies.

How do I get paid for watching ads?

Each site will pay users differently, so always check with the website to see how and when you can start receiving payments. Generally speaking, you can expect the process to look something like this:

  1. Watch videos to collect points: Each video you watch will help you gain points.
  2. Exchange points: Points can be exchanged for cash withdrawals or gift cards once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.
  3. Processing: Cash withdrawals are processed according to company policy, and the money or gift card will be on its way to you in no time at all.

Where can I watch ads for money?

There are a number of websites offering people the opportunity to watch video ads for money. These companies work directly with the companies producing the videos to get their ads in front of customers.

All you need to do is sign up, which is usually free, and you’re ready to go. Many of them even offer sign-up and referral bonuses, helping you make more money quicker than ever before.

What apps pay you to watch ads?

Yes, some of the companies that pay people just like you to watch ads also offer apps. These apps can automate your video watching tasks, helping you make money even while you sleep.

Apps are free to download, and many of them also offer free sign-up. This means that you can start making money without investing a cent out of your own pocket.

Should You Watch Ads for Money?

There are many different ways to make money online. Some other options include watching videos, reading emails, and even leaving your computer running.

Watching video ads for money tends to get overlooked as a monetization strategy, but we hope this article has convinced you that it can be a great way to make some extra cash on the side.

It might not be enough money to make you rich, but it can certainly help you get out of a rough spot or even help you build your savings.

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  4. Bpc id check

Watch Ads For Money: 9 Sites That Are Worth Your Time

Watch Ads for Money
Some of the links on our website are sponsored, and we may earn money when you make a purchase or sign-up after clicking. Learn more about how we make money.
PINTEREST: How To Watch Ads For Money (The 7 Highest-Paying Websites For 2021)

Is it possible to watch ads for money?

You may be surprised to learn there’s an entire internet subculture devoted to getting paid to watch ads. Some people even buy extra phones and laptops so they can run ads continuously on multiple devices, often seeing a positive return in as little as three months!

But you don’t need to be quite that committed.

It’s possible to earn a little bit of spending money or a free gift card here and there by watching ads on your computer or phone in your spare time. In some cases, you can even do this while getting work done, by having the videos play in the background.

Which websites and apps should you start with? There are a lot of scams and time-wasters out there, so we researched the best available options.

First, we collected data from reviews of all the apps on platforms like Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, the App Store and Google Play. Then we dug into what real users are saying about them in various forums and communities across the web. 

Here’s what we found.

*Reviews and ratings were last updated on September 30, 2021.

#1. AdWallet

PlatformsTrustpilot RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
Mobile browser and desktop3.2 (from limited reviews)N/AN/A

AdWallet offers a straightforward proposition: get paid 50 cents for watching a 30 second ad and answering one simple question about the content. It’s the most clear-cut offer of any option on this list, and with a pay rate that adds up to $60 per hour, it’s the most lucrative one by a wide margin.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should plan on quitting your day job. Like all of the platforms listed here, AdWallet offers a limited number of earning opportunities. The specific amount of videos you’ll be able to watch depends on your demographics and household composition, but our testing suggests you’ll be sent a few invitations per week.

So while the pay rate of $1 per minute is excellent by any standard, it’s still going to take a little while to hit the $10 minimum payout.

When you do accumulate $10 in your account, you can withdraw your funds directly to your bank account, or choose from around 200 digital gift cards.

Note that to use AdWallet, you’re required to provide a cell phone number, and the system does not accept VOIP numbers (such as those from Google Voice). AdWallet doesn’t have an iOS or Android app, so the company uses text messages rather than push notifications to let you know when new videos are available.

Still, if you’re willing to give the company your cell phone number, we think AdWallet offers the best combination of straightforward earning potential, good pay for the time and effort, and easy cash-out options.

Learn more by watching the video below and visit AdWallet here.

#2. Swagbucks Video

PlatformsTrustpilot RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
iOS, Android, mobile browser and desktop4.3 with 23,303 reviews4.4 with ‎48,600 reviews4.2 with ‎66,601  votes

Swagbucks gets a lot of attention and is widely considered one of the best overall money-making websites. That’s partly because it’s more versatile than many others. In addition to making money watching ads, you can get paid for taking surveys, playing games and more.

In fact, we identified over 20 different ways to make extra money on the site in our comprehensive Swagbucks review.

While you’re not going to get rich from watching videos and ads through Swagbucks, the extra cash does add up over time — especially if you combine it with some of the better money-makers on the site, such as its best-in-class online shopping portal. 

For example, if you’re booking a vacation, Swagbucks often has cash-back offers on travel websites like Expedia that pay up to 5% (and occasionally more). These larger purchases are a great way to rack up reward points quickly. (Those points, which are called SBs, can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.) 

There’s also a $10 sign-up bonus, which you can earn after spending $25 through the cash-back shopping portal. 

#3. InboxDollars 

PlatformsTrustpilot RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
iOS, Android, mobile browser and desktop4.2 with 24,829 reviews4.5 with 141,129 reviews3.9 with 104,249 votes

InboxDollars is another legitimate, widely-used website, having paid out more than $59 million to its members since its inception in 2000.

The Penny Hoarder claims you can make up to $225 a month by watching ads, movie trailers, app trailers and other videos on the site.

Based on the research and testing we conducted for our InboxDollars review, that figure seems like the high end of the range. We estimate the average person can earn $25 to $50 per month with consistent usage.

As with Swagbucks, you can also earn cash by taking surveys, printing and redeeming coupons, shopping online, browsing the internet and reading emails. And if you’re a gamer, you can get paid for playing games like sudoku, solitaire, chess, arcade games and crossword puzzles.

You’ll also get $5 just for signing up. 

While the site does have great reviews, the one drawback compared to Swagbucks is that you’ll need $30 in your account to request a payment. Swagbucks has no minimum withdrawal, with most of its cash-out options starting at just $3.

Visit InboxDollars.

#4. Ibotta

PlatformsTrustpilot RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
iOS and Android4.1 with 908 reviews4.8 with 1,281,973 reviews4.4 with 546,742 votes

Ibotta is a bit different than other get-paid-to-watch apps, because it’s not as simple to use as just clicking “Play” and letting a video roll. But it does offer some of the best reward-for-effort of any option on this list.

After creating an account, you open the app to look for in-store offers that you want to take advantage of. For example, you might see an offer for $1 cash-back on any loaf of bread, or $2 cash-back when you buy a specific brand of yogurt. 

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of an offer for $3 cash-back on any three boxes of cereal:

Ibotta ceral offer example

To qualify for this cash-back, you’ll need to click a button to add the offers to your account. And in some cases you’ll be asked to watch a short video ad. (That’s usually the case with the highest-value offers.) 

Ibotta started out as strictly a cash-back app for groceries, and it’s still one of the best ways to save money at the grocery store. But recently, the app has added additional ways to earn rewards, such as via online shopping and by linking your store loyalty cards.

Just make sure to grab your receipt! You’ll need to snap a picture of it to claim your rewards.

Learn more in our Ibotta review.

#5. MyPoints

PlatformsBBB RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
iOS, Android, mobile browser and desktop4.4 with 12,204 reviews4.3 with 4,528 reviews4.3 with ‎5,039 votes

MyPoints is a decent tool to use to watch ads for money. Some of the entertaining videos you can watch include things like Golden Globes coverage and gossip from Hollywood. The problem is that the videos on the platform don’t pay much.

But there are other ways to earn extra cash on the site, and most of them pay better. You can cash in on your hobbies to make money, like playing games, traveling, using coupons and filling out online survey questionnaires.

You’ll earn a $5 sign-up bonus for taking five surveys. And since the minimum payout is only around $3 (depending on the option you choose), it’s easy to quickly earn a free gift card, travel miles or PayPal cash.

Learn more about the site in our MyPoints review.

#6. iRazoo

PlatformsTrustpoliot RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
Android, mobile browser and desktop4.0 with 354 reviewsN/A4.3 with 985 votes

iRazoo is an all-in-one online rewards program that offers paid video ad watching as well as the following earning methods:

  • Download apps. You may be required to use the app, like reaching a certain level within a game.
  • Paid survey offers. iRazoo sources its surveys from nine major market research firms, and provides a fairly consistent stream of new surveys to take.
  • Money makers. You’ll have to spend a little up-front, but you earn more in rewards than you paid.
  • Play games. iRazzo offers 50+ games — mostly web-based puzzle games like Mahjong — through a link to the Arkadium platform.

You can cash-out via gift card once you’ve accumulated $3 in iRazoo points, but you need $20 to request a transfer to your PayPal account.

Visit iRazoo.

#7. AppNana

PlatformsTrustpilot RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
iOS and AndroidN/A3.3 with ‎1,100 reviews4.1 with 568,152 votes

With AppNana, you earn points (which are called “Nanas”) by completing a variety of tasks on the platform. This includes downloading free apps, watching ads, referring friends and simply opening the app each day. 

Once you’ve accumulated enough Nanas, you can use them to purchase paid apps, or cash them out for an Amazon gift card. The minimum redemption is 30,000 Nanas, which is valued at $1.

Their Android app has over a half-million reviews in the Google Play store, with a 4.1 rating. However, verified reviews and the consensus on the popular Beer Money subreddit (where users share their experiences with money-making sites and apps), seems to be that AppNana is not worth your time. 

#8. Get Paid to Go to the Movies

Are you a movie buff? Do you love seeing the previews of all the new movies that will be coming out soon? Why not cash in on that passion?

Movie studios are eager to learn more about their audiences and what brings them in. To get that information, they pay audience members to give them the details they want.

It’s like mystery shopping, but in a movie theater. Check out Market Force Information to see the opportunities available and fill out a brief application.

If you’re selected, you’ll get email alerts for assignments in your area, which include:

  • Watching and recording each movie trailer that plays before a movie.
  • Counting the number of patrons in attendance at a certain show.
  • Watching the different advertisements the movie theater plays before the trailers start.

Pay varies by area, but you can expert to earn around $10 per theatre check.

#9. Get Paid For Your Internet Usage

PlatformsBBB RatingiOS ratingGoogle Play Rating
iOS and AndroidN/A2.9 with 15 reviews3.8 with ‎7,187 votes

You can make up to $50 per year through the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel. All you have to do is download their app to your smartphone and then use the device as you normally would — whether you’re watching TV shows online, scrolling social media or playing games.

Participants are also entered into sweepstakes, so you could potentially win more than $50 a year. Every month, the company gives away $10,000, which is split between 400 winners — with the grand prize winner getting $1,000.

The set-up process is easy. All you have to do is give your basic information, create a username and password, and install the app. Then you’re done. 

If you’re going to be online anyway, this is a good opportunity to make a bit of cash off of it.

Make Money Watching Ads: FAQ

How much money can you make watching ads?

Your earning potential will vary depending on the site, your demographics and a variety of other factors. But even in a best-case scenario, you should view this as a source of side income; your monthly haul will be in the $10s, not the $100s.

Why do these companies pay people for watching ads?

The monetization strategy of each site differs, but in general, these sites and apps give you a share of the revenue they earn from delivering their partners’ ads to your eyeballs. Take AdWallet, for example: their slogan is “Get paid for your attention.”

Video ads produce much better results than image ads or banner ads, so advertisers are willing to pay a premium to make sure they’re actually viewed. That means rewards sites like the ones listed here can split their ad revenue with their users, creating a win-win scenario. 

Can you get paid for watching YouTube videos?

We are not aware of any legit ways to get paid to watch YouTube videos. If you know of any, please share them in the comment section below!

How do you become a Nielsen Family?

Many websites list Nielsen Family as one of the best ways to watch ads for money. Like Ibotta, Nielsen is a little bit different than a typical reward site that allows you to click “Play,” watch a video, and get paid. 

The company is one of the largest consumer research firms in America, and is most well-known as the company that provides the TV viewership ratings that determine whether or not shows get renewed for a new season or canceled.

Nielsen has a program called Nielsen Families that pays households monthly for allowing the company to track their TV viewership, in addition to filling out surveys about their TV habits. Nielsen then sends this viewership data (which is confidential) to networks so they can make better decisions about what shows to keep on the air. 

The big downside — and the reason Nielsen Family didn’t make our list of the top options — is that the program is invite-only. There’s literally no way to sign up; you just have to be on the lookout for an invitation in the mail.

On the positive side, Nielsen sends over 1 million new invites every year, so the odds of being invited aren’t as bad as they might seem.

Can you get paid to watch TV shows?

This article is devoted to watching ads for money, but there are ways to get paid for watching longer-form content like TV shows. Check out our guide to getting paid to watch videos for a list of the best options.

Is It Worth It to Watch Ads For Money?

If you enjoy the content, watching ads for money isn’t the worst way to spend some of your spare time. But keep in mind that the earnings on a per-hour basis are very low.

Plus, to actually see any money in your bank account, you need to earn the minimum withdrawal amount for any given site. So at the end of the day, this doesn’t rank as one of the best ways to make money from home.

That said, it can be an easy way to make a little bit of real money with the popular sites mentioned above.

For those looking for a more legit side hustle, getting paid to do movie theatre audits can produce a decent hourly wage. You can learn more about how to get started in our beginner’s guide to mystery shopping. 

R.J. Weiss
R.J. Weiss is the founder and editor of The Ways To Wealth, a Certified Financial Planner™, husband and father of three. He's spent the last 10+ years writing about personal finance and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, MSN Money, and other publications.

Get Paid To Click Ads Online: 9 Legit Ways To Make Money

Did you know you can actually earn money from paid to click ad websites? Yes, it’s true, you might not want it to be your only source of income, but you can make some extra cash by doing this. ‘Paid to click' sites are sites where you join and are paid to view ads.

These are completely free to join and have a track record of being a successful way to make an income. You have to be careful though because there are scam websites out there that will have you do the work but will not pay you anything. There are plenty of proven sites out there like getting paid to play gamesor take surveys, that users have and consider beneficial. 

Not interested? There are several other online side gigs to make easy money such as:

These are completely free to join and have a track record of being a successful way to make an income. You have to be careful though because there are scam websites out there that will have you do the work but will not pay you anything. There are plenty of proven sites out there like getting paid to play gamesor take surveys, that users have and consider beneficial. Here are 9 ways to get paid by using click ads.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars sends ads straight to your email and pays you to read them. They are emails about special offers from different merchants.

Home Chef, Vistaprint, JustFab, and Hulu Plus are just a few of the companies that use Inbox Dollars to advertise offers they are attempting with consumers. It only takes a few minutes and who knows maybe you’ll consider using one of the products or deals yourself.

Bux Inc.

Bux Inc has over 100,000 members who get paid to click on ads. To see all the ads viewable on a specific day you click on the view ad tab. That brings up a ton of advertisements available to make money from.

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Ayuwage was founded in 2009. Users can make money by doing simple tasks like viewing ads and taking surveys. Ayuwage goal is to always be looking for ways for members to make money by surfing the internet.



The amount of money users can earn with NeoBux varies by the type of membership they have. The type and quality of the advertisements is also a factor as well. Neobux doesn’t have any daily limits or limits on how much you can earn. The minimum amount paid is $2.00 on the first cash out.

There can only be one user per day on a single internet connection in a 24 hour period making money by clicking on ads. There are other things to do on the site, but only one per day can make money on NeoBux by clicking on advertisements. The preferred methods of payment are Skrill, Neteller, and AirTM.


Swagbucks has a few different ways to make money, but one of the easiest is by clicking on video ads. The videos are normally around a minute long. 


Get-Paid has been providing users with an extra income since 2005. You earn coins by completing tasks like completing surveys, clicking ads, competing in sweepstakes and winning different contests. Simply cash out directly to your PayPal account and you will be paid between 1-3 days.

Scarlet Clicks

The minimum to cash out with Scarlet Clicks is $2.00. You will earn up to $0.01 per click with the site. Payments are made via Neteller, AirTM, Skrill, Payeer Solidtrustpay, and others. Scarlet Clicks has paid out nearly 2 million to their 77,000 members.

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is another site that the money-making opportunity isn’t from just clicking on ads. You can also complete surveys, download apps, and more. You receive a $5 sign-on bonus just for signing on with them. One bad thing maybe you cannot cash out until you reach the $25 minimum.

Fushion Cash has a nice set up for their referral system for every person you ask to join you earn $1 when they confirm their email, another $2 when they finish their first offer, and $5 each time they cash out earnings.

Getting paid to click ads is an easy way to make extra money during your spare time. You'll be surprised at how your earnings stack up.


This advertisement allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers. Aticlix pays users $0.04 per click and up to  $0.04 per referral click. You will be able to click new ads every day, they reset at midnight. Be careful trying to make multiple accounts with Aticlix.

If they find out that the same user has multiple accounts trying to make the most money possible they will shut down all accounts. Aticlix does have a referral program available. 

More Ways To Earn Easy Cash

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Reading Emails Online

How to Earn Money From Home Doing Micro Jobs

9 Short Task Sites to Make Extra Money Fast


Free click paid get to ads

10 best websites to make money clicking ads!

Have you ever thought about starting to make money online but, instead of doing so with the most usual means you find online such as affiliate programs or by starting your own online store, doing it by clicking ads on webpages? That is indeed a viable way for you to start making a decent amount of money!

To help you understand better how these PTC (Pay to Click) and GPT (Get Paid To) websites work and what they are, we’ve created a list including all the best options for you to make money clicking ads. Find out what the options are and explore what makes each of them unique!

1. Neobux

Neobux is certainly a great option for those who want to make money clicking ads. The amount of money you can receive will depend on your sign up type to the platform, as well as the quality and the type of ad you’re clicking.

On its upside, Neobux doesn’t have any limitations as to how much you can click every day or how much income you can generate. The minimum withdrawal amount for the first payment is 2 USD and they use primarily the platforms Skrill and Neteller to do so. Learn more on their official website.

Neobux make money clicking ads

2. GPTplanet

With GPTplanet you can make up to $0.01 per click on ads or by taking part in surveys and filling out online forms. Besides that, the platform also offers an affiliate program, where you can bring more users to start using this service and receive based on how well they perform.

All you need to start clicking on ads to make money online on GPTplanet is to follow the link to their website and sign up for free!

3. Get-Paid

Get-Paid is an excellent option among the websites to make money clicking ads. It’s been up and running since 2005 and it works based on a “coin” system for users who complete certain tasks.

They include clicking ads, filling out forms, taking part in some online surveys, and even offers a few random contests. Get-Paid sends payments to your PayPal account. To start using it to make your extra income, follow the link.

4. ScarletClicks

Similar to GPTplanet, Scarlet Clicks is a website that’ll pay you up to $0.01 per click on online ads and is one of the best ways to make money online. Its minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD, which can be done via Neteller, AirTM, Srkill, and other platforms like these.

The service offers a platform that shows you in detail everything you’ve made and it also offers you support. You can reach the official website by following this link!

ScarletClicks make money clicking ads

5. ySense

Considered a global community to make money online, ySense is also a very good option to earn by clicking on ads. They act mostly in the questionnaires and online forms areas.

However, they also pay users to try out certain services and products, download apps, sign up to websites, or even to watch videos. If you’re looking for an option with several alternatives to make your money, follow here!

6. Offernation

Another amazing alternative among the websites to make money clicking on ads, Offernation will give you $0.25 from the get-go, as soon as you sign up. Unlike other platforms, they have a webpage dedicated exclusively to proving they actually pay their users.

This is a website that works in the GPT (Get Paid To) model. That is, its users will get paid for performing specific actions, such as clicking ads, filling out forms, and more. Follow the link to learn more.

7. Ayuwage

A GPT website that was founded in 2009, Ayuwage allows its users to make money by watching and clicking ads or by partaking in online surveys or filling out forms.

Their front page has a 9-part video guide where you can learn exactly how it works. Its payments are done mainly via PayPal, Payza, and Amazon gift cards. Learn more here!

8. Swagbucks

Exclusive for those who live in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, Swagbucks is another website focused on video ads. It offers a point system and a cashback one that can then be converted into gift cards for online marketplaces such as Amazon, or to your PayPal account.

Swagbucks’ main focus is in making your day-to-day online activities in a way to passively make money and, according to the data they present, they’ve paid almost 450 million dollars to their users. Follow the link to see more.

Swagbucks make money clicking ads

9. FusionCash

FusionCash is a great alternative among the websites to make money by clicking on ads. Beyond adverts, you’ll also be able to make some extra cash by filling out forms and online surveys. A nice edge found on FusionCash is that you can make money by installing mobile apps.

Unfortunately, it is only available for American residents and it also only lets you withdraw your money when you’ve reached at least 25 USD on the platform. The payments are by PayPal, gift cards, and some other methods. Learn more about it here!

10. Bux Inc

Finishing off our list, we have  Bux Inc, which also has a few neat advantages. They pay their users exclusively for the activities that involve clicking ads or navigating on the advertiser’s page for at least 30 seconds.

The service has over 100 thousand users and has paid over 1.5 million dollars among them. Follow the link to see more.

Did you like any of the websites to make money by clicking on ads?

Did you already know this was a way to make money online? Let us know in the comments which one of these websites you’re interested in using or even if you already knew them, and don’t forget to check out the best apps to get Instagram followers so you can make money and, while you’re at it, see also the most popular Instagram hashtags and our Instagram bio ideas!

Get Paid Per Click 2021 ($1,000) - Make PayPal Money Online For Free

Spread the word 🙂

This post may contain affiliate links. This costs you nothing and means I may receive a commission if you purchase through my links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money by doing hardly anything at all? 

I know. It sounds too good to be true!

But the truth is, there are so many ways to make money online and some are simpler than you can even imagine. 

For example: You can actually make money by clicking links and ads

GPT (Get Paid To) and PTC (Paid To Click) sites do just that. Advertisers pay these sites to run their advertisements, and the site pays its users to click and view them. 

GPT sites also provide you with other ways to earn, such as playing games, searching the internet, taking surveys, and even reading emails. 

But there’s one caveat:

GPT and PTC sites can’t all be trusted. Some are better than others…and some are even straight up scams. But not to fear!

In this post, I’m going to take the guessing game out of this and share 13 LEGIT sites where you make money by clicking ads and links. Let’s take a look…

13 Best Sites to Get Paid to Click Links and Ads

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks how it works screenshot

Swagbucks is one of the most popular GPT sites around and has paid out over $532 million in cash and free gift cards to date. 

What’s great about Swagbucks is the numerous ways you can earn with them. Not only do they offer paid surveys, but also you can get paid to click links in emails, watch videos, play games, and search the web

Reading emails is one of the easiest ways to make money, and that’s saying a lot considering ALL GPT tasks on Swagbucks are pretty darn easy. 

After joining Swagbucks, you’ll receive promotional emails in your Swagbucks inbox. You can make money by clicking links within these emails and visiting the advertiser’s website. Doing this, you’ll earn SBs which can then be converted to Paypal cash and gift cards

Note that some paid emails will require you to make a purchase in order to earn, but a lot of them don’t. You just click on the link, spend some time on the website, and get paid!

2. InboxDollars

inbox dollars ways to earn free cash and gift cards

InboxDollars is another GPT site, meaning there are many different ways to earn Paypal money and gift cards on it. And if you’re looking to get paid to click links, then Inbox Dollars has you covered. 

Just like with Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars sends you emails which you can get paid to read. The emails come from big brand-name companies and perhaps lesser-known businesses that partner with InboxDollars for marketing and promotional purposes. 

So when you receive a promotional email, most of the time all you have to do is read the email and then click a link saying you did. Yup, it’s that easy. 

Other times, you’ll make money clicking ads in these emails and visiting the website. 

Lastly, InboxDollars also pays you to click links to videos and watch them. Most of these videos are movie trailers or product advertisements, which can actually be quite fun to watch! You get an inside peek to new products and movies you might not have discovered otherwise. 

Get an instant $5 bonus when you sign up with InboxDollars. 

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3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel high paying survey sites

PrizeRebel is one of my absolute favorite ways to make easy money online (and earn free Starbucks drinks because I’m a coffee addict). 

But no matter what places you like to shop, PrizeRebel has a gift card for you. They have over 500 different gift cards available to you, including Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Xbox and even Steam gift cards!

And don’t worry. If you don’t want gift cards, PrizeRebel also pays via Paypal

There are many different tasks you can get paid to do on PrizeRebel. The most popular way to earn is by taking surveys but you can also get paid to click links, view advertisements, and complete other easy online tasks too. 

It’s FREE to sign up for PrizeRebel and start earning, so why wait? Start getting free gift cards and Paypal money today. 

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4. GPTplanet

GPTplanet make money by clicking links

GPTplanet is free to join and pays you to view advertisements, click links, complete offers, and refer new members to the platform. There are also paid surveys available, although not as many as other GPT sites. 

What’s great about GPTplanet is their simple payment system. You earn up to $0.01 per click and can cash out for as little as $1 via Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, and even Bitcoin. 

GPTplanet has been around since 2010, so it’s definitely not the new kid to the PTC block. They’ve paid out nearly $1.5 million in that time, so there’s definitely earnings to be had here. 

While their website could use some updating, don’t let that fool you. GPTplanet is a legit, trusted site and is a great choice to make extra money by clicking links. Don’t pass up this one. 

5. Neobux

neobux logo get paid to click links

Neobux works differently to a lot of the other PTC and GPT sites on this list. With Neobux, you choose a membership plan which determines how much money you make per click and the quality of ads you see. 

With the free Standard Neobux membership, you’ll earn roughly $0.015 per link click and ad you view. 

While this doesn’t sound like a lot, with Neobux there’s no limit on how many links you can click and therefore how much you can earn. Plus, you can always up your membership plan and earn more per click and get exclusive benefits. 

Another perk to Neobux is their low payout amount, which is only $2. So after clicking lots of links and making money, you can cash it in pretty fast. 

However, Neobux doesn’t pay via Paypal like a lot of other GPT sites. Instead, they use Skrill and Neteller to distribute payments, so you’ll need to sign up with one of these. 

6. Get-Paid make money clicking links

Get-Paid might not have the most clever name, but are there any doubts what this site’s all about? Didn’t think so…

Get-Paid gives you coins for completing tasks like clicking links, viewing ads, playing games, and watching videos. You can also enter contests for a chance to win money and join their highly-engaged community on social media. 

Some other features of Get-Paid are:

  • You can earn anywhere from 20-30% of your referrals’ earnings
  • Get paid via Paypal, gift card, orBitcoin.
  • Move up levels by referring people and being active so that you earn more money. 

Overall, Get-Paid brings some pretty big benefits to the table and makes it easy to earn money online by clicking links. It’s been around since 2005, so this is an established site that’s well worth your time.

make money by clicking links pin

7. Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks get paid to click ads

Scarlet Clicks is another great option for those of you looking for easy ways to get paid online. Their minimum payout is only $2 and pays via Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, and Bitcoin like a lot of other pay-to-click sites. 

With Scarlet Clicks, you can earn money by clicking links to ads, completing online forms, and referring friends to the site. Expect to make up to $0.01 per click and earn up to 100% of referrals’ earnings. Not too bad! 

Scarlet Clicks does have different membership plans which determine the amount you can withdraw each time. For their Standard free plan, you can withdraw up to $5 each time. If you upgrade to a higher plan, you can withdraw between $10-$50, depending on the one you choose. 

While referring people is one of the best ways to earn on Scarlet Clicks, there are many other simple ways to get paid so you definitely won’t be without options!

8. ySense

ySense get paid to sites

ySense is one of the most trusted names in the PTC and GPT world and is owned by Prodege, the same company behind Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints

You can earn in a variety of ways like other get-paid-to sites, including:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Testing new products/services
  • Downloading apps
  • Signing up for websites

What makes ySense stand out is the number of survey and product testing companies they work with, meaning you won’t run out of paying gigs on this platform. Surveys typically take around 10-15 minutes each and just involve clicking links and answering simple questions about yourself. 

ySense has a ton of gift card offerings and also pays via Paypal and Payoneer

Don’t skip this one. It’s a highly-trusted site owned by a big-name company that provides quality support, various ways to earn, and even an online forum to share your earnings and view others’!

9. Offernation

Offernation homepage

Offernation is another great Get-Paid-To site that has a bunch of online survey opportunities, as well as other simple ways to make money online. You can earn by referring people and through paid-to-click offers by advertisers.  

Just for signing up, Offernation gives you $0.25 to get you started. From there, surveys pay between $0.80-$5 each and you can cash out using Paypal, gift cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, and more. 

And to date, Offernation has paid out over $1 million to its members, so get in on that! 

Overall, this is a good GPT site that provides a steady flow of survey offers and other simple tasks to make money by clicking links, playing games, and viewing ads.

10. AyuWage

Ayuwage homepage

AyuWage was created in 2009 to help websites and advertisers gain exposure, and pay people like you to view websites and click ads. 

Users can also make money by taking surveys, filling out online forms, watching videos, and just simply surfing the internet. 

AyuWage will pay you up to $0.015 per ad clicked and has a low payout minimum of only $1. They work with Paypal and Payzaa to pay users and also offer Target and Amazon gift cards. 

If you’re looking to sign up with just 1 site, I wouldn’t recommend this one. But if you sign up for AyuWage along with a few others, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make money and boost your earning potential.

11. Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash get paid to site

Fusion Cash offers even more ways to get paid beyond just clicking ads and links. They also pay you to fill out forms, take surveys, play online games, and download apps. 

Did I mention you also get paid to just sign up? Yup, you’ll get a free $5!

WithFusion Cash, you get paid through Paypal and gift cards to major retailers, so you can be sure your payments are secure and legit.  

One slight downside to Fusion Cash is that their minimum payout is quite high at $25. This means it will take you much longer to cash out than other Paid-to-Click and Get-Paid-To sites. 

However, you shouldn’t be expecting quick returns on any of these sites, so as long as you sign up for a couple and get to clicking, that’s all that matters.

12. Ojooo WAD

Ojooo WAD make money by clicking ads

Bit of a strange name, but Ojooo WAD is actually another site that’ll pay you to click links and ads from its advertisers. 

Ojooo WAD mostly pays you to watch video ads, which can earn you anywhere from $0.001 to $0.04 per click and view.

As well, another benefit is that the minimum payout amount on Ojooo Wad is $2, which is super low. They will pay you through Paypal, Payza, or Bitcoin. 

Besides clicking links on videos and watching ads, you can also get paid to complete online offers, like signing up for websites, playing mini games, and answering quizzes. 

Still, clicking links and watching videos is the best way to earn with this site, and thankfully Ojooo WAD offers many opportunities to do so. 

While they say that you can also earn by taking surveys, I wouldn’t recommend it as the payouts are much lower than if you signed up for other higher-paying survey sites instead. 

13. FamilyClix

FamilyClix get paid to sites

FamilyClix is a bit unique in the PTC space, as it’s geared towards getting all members of the family involved and earning through their platform. 

Most PTC sites prohibit multiple people signing up and clicking links on the same internet connection. This is to keep people from creating multiple accounts and attempting to earn more by essentially cheating the system. 

But with FamilyClix, your whole family can hop on and get paid to click links, view ads, play games, and do other easy online tasks. 

Besides this, some other benefits to FamilyClix include:

  • Earn up to $0.02 per click
  • Get paid $0.02 per referral, and up to $10 if your referral upgrades their account.
  • Payment via Payeer, Neteller, or Bitcoin
  • Minimum payout of only $2 ($5 for Neteller)

FamilyClix also links you to paid offers on other sites as well, so you’ll probably earn more by signing up with those sites directly. Most certainly, FamilyClix will take a cut if you don’t. 

In summary, FamilyClix is like almost all other PTC sites. It’ll take you a lot of clicks to really earn but the good news is you won’t run out of links! 

Final Thoughts: Get Paid to Click Ads and Links

Here’s the long and short of it:

Making money by clicking ads and links isn’t going to fast track you to the 6 figure train. 

However, it’s a decent and incredibly easy way to earn money online in your spare time. And heck, even earning 1 buck is $1 more than you had before, right? 

But if you’re really serious about earning money online and want to make a full-time income online, don’t just make money by clicking links. 

Instead, explore ways to monetize your hobby, make money creating niche websites, and look into non-phone work from home jobs. These are scalable ventures and can grow from being just a side hustle and even into a booming online business. 

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5 Ways to Watch Ads for Money and Earn Cash in Your Spare Time

Getting paid to watch ads sounds like a scam.

We’ve done the digging ourselves and tested out this side hustle. The verdict? It’s legit, but it’s a very slow process to earn any meaningful amount of money. As long as your expectations are reasonable, this is an easy way to earn a few extra dollars each month.

But how exactly can you get paid to watch ads, and how much can you expect to make?

Here’s How It Works

How it works to get paid to watch ads

There are a variety of money-making apps and websites that will pay you money for watching online content. Some of them also offer other ways to earn cash by taking paid online surveys, completing tasks, and redeeming coupons.

It’s not much of a time investment, and you can get paid to watch ads in short bursts of time, like during your lunch break or while the kids are napping. Another trick to earning more is to play the videos on your phone or tablet and let them run in the background while you do your regular tasks. That way you’re not spending hours glued to the screen.

How much money can you make watching ads?

How much you make depends on how much time you want to invest, but it’s reasonable to expect anywhere from $5-20 per month in payouts and rewards. Earnings vary with the platform you use, so make sure you check out a few of the ideas below.

Some of the apps and websites from our list even offer bonus categories that can increase your payout. While the payout method varies, most offer the option to redeem your rewards for gift cards or via PayPal.

5 Top-Rated Apps for Getting Paid to Watch Ads

Here are seven ways you can get paid to watch ads.

1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars Ways to Earn

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money watching videos and ads, check out InboxDollars. You can earn rewards by watching a variety of short videos daily. Check each day for new videos and other money-making opportunities including performing web searches, completing online surveys, playing games, and signing up for promotional offers.

There are a number of ways to make money with InboxDollars, and you get $5 just for signing up.

You need to earn at least $30 before you get paid. You’ll receive your cash payout in the form of PayPal cash, ePayment (merchant gift cards, prepaid Visa card, or a charity donation), or a check in the mail. It can take between 10 and 16 business days for checks to arrive.

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2. Swagbucks

Screenshot from Swagbucks showing videos you can watch to earn money

Swagbucks is a free online rewards site. Earn points, or Swagbucks (SBs), for watching a variety of videos — some short and some longer. Video categories include entertainment, fashion, food, health, home and garden, news and politics, parenting, and sports.

In addition to watching videos, you can earn SBs by answering surveys, using coupons, shopping online via the cash-back portal, and more. Cash out your points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

You can redeem as few as 160 SBs for a $1 Amazon gift card. If you prefer cash, the payout threshold for PayPal is $5 or 500 points.

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3. Ibotta

Ibotta Homepage Welcome Bonus

One of the most popular ways to get cash back on your groceries and other items, Ibotta may require you to watch ads in order to claim your rebates. But if you do, you might be able to get up to $1 (or more) off that item when you scan your receipt.

It’s a quick and simple way to get extra money back on your purchases, with ads often lasting fewer than 30 seconds. And don’t forget that if you’re not currently using Ibotta, you can get up to $20 in bonuses when you create an account and redeem qualifying offers within 30 days of signing up.

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4. iRazoo

iRazoo: Watch Ads for Money

According to its site, iRazoo has paid out more than $55 million in cash rewards to its users. It’s free to join and you’ll get paid to watch ads and videos on your phone.

You can also share your opinion on the newest ads or movie trailers, watch short films, app trailers, cooking tutorials, and more. There are more than 50 channels of content, and inventory refreshes daily.

You’ll earn points for each activity you complete on iRazoo. In addition to watching videos and ads, you can earn points for entering promo codes, reading emails, and completing other offers. Once you earn 3,000 iRazoo points, you can cash them out for gift cards to retailers like Amazon or AMC theaters, or opt for cash via PayPal.

5. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen TV Families: Get Paid to Watch Ads

Nielsen is most known as the system used for TV show ratings. The company measures the number of people watching television shows and collects data that’s then sold to television and cable networks, advertisers, and the media.

Every U.S. household with a TV is eligible to be selected as a Nielsen Family. Participation is by invitation only, so you can’t sign up to join. But make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox for your invite.

If you do get an invitation and you accept, you’ll receive compensation for being part of the program. It’s not much — typically around $200 per year — but it’s still a way to get paid for watching TV.

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Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Watching ads isn’t a replacement for your full-time job – not even close – but it is a way to earn money online to pay for a splurge. 

In the long run, there are better ways to invest your time. Learn a new skill, try out one of the higher-paying gigs, work extra hours at your day job, etc. You’ll make way more money that way and probably feel more fulfilled, too. 

That said, there is nothing wrong with spending a few minutes of downtime here and there on this. Every little bit adds up!


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