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Remus Lupin x Reader

wordcount: 500

warnings: Fluff, mentions of injury. Minor errors.

Y/N- Your Name.

Credit to the creator of this gif. Enjoy.

Plenty of Emotional and Physical support.

Remus is a very lovable person. He puts your needs in front of his. Even though he’s the one with a condition, he still makes sure your fine.

His condition. It didn’t bother you not one bit. You didn’t marry Remus out of pity, you married him due to you loving him, for him. Flaws and all.

Your marriage is what some would call ‘perfect’

Communication, perfect. Support? Strong. Your sex life? Oh boy, There’s never a time when Remus isn’t touching you.

From the simple kisses, to the exotic grinding. In your opinion, Remus is a pro when it comes to sex.

But the two of you try not to base your relationship on sex. But off of pure love.

Most of the time, your both sharing sentimental moments. Like mentioned before, Remus can become emotional, along with yourself.

No wonder the two of you are a perfect match.

One night the two of you were home, cuddled up by one of the nearest windows that was in your bedroom.

A few days ago, Remus transformed into the beast that consumed him. And you just so happened to be there.

While you did your best to calm him down, Remus had accidentally wounded you.

The man had never felt so culpable in his life. He couldn’t forgive himself for harming you. You knew he had no restraint over himself, so there was no need to blame him. After all, you knew the risks of being around him when he transformed.

There the two of you sat. His arms were wrapped around your waist with your back pressed against his chest.

You sat in silence, enjoying the view from the window.

“Y/N..?” Remus questioned you, while his hand gently caressed over your bounded-up arm.

“Yes, Remus?” You turned your head to look up at him.

“Have I ever told you how much.. I admire you?” He questioned which caused you to grin.

“You tell me this everyday darling. Is something the matter?”

Remus shook his head planting a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“No my love. Nothing at all… I love you Y/N. Truly..”

You peered up at him placing a mere kiss on his jaw.

Something was upsetting him.

“Remus, I’m not leaving you because of what happened. We both vowed, do you remember my love?” You stated while sitting up to take his ringed hand into yours.

“Till death do us part. It’s going to take a lot to separate us.. Alright?..”

You could have sworn you seen him tearing up.

“And this is why I love you.” He murmured.

He pushed his forehead against yours while his face softened.

“You better, Besides, you still owe me a Lil pup~”

His smile soon formed into a smirk.

“Then why don’t we start practicing now?”


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— Marauders Era Remus Lupin x fem reader(wife?...


i’m combining these two requests because they’re pretty similar, hope you don’t mind!!

- okay so

- you actually got together in your first year of Hogwarts

- you’d grown up together, both living in the same village and both knowing you could do magic

- so it only made sense that the friendship continued into Hogwarts

- and then when it was time to go home for Christmas both of you chose not to, purely because you were eager to experience Christmas in Hogwarts

- he then awkwardly spilled all his feelings to you on Christmas Eve when you were having a conversation and began to run out of things to say

- of course you were relentlessly teased by James, Sirius and Peter

- even though they secretly thought the two of you were adorable

- but because you got together so young, everyone assumed you’d be the typical first year couple that lasted a week then broke up

- but by third year, you were still going strong and everyone had become convinced you would stay together for Eternity

- and of course, you will

- anyways onto the main stuff

- so your daughter was born about two months before Harry

- you named her Ophelia Hope Lupin, pretty name

- of course Sirius was her godfather

- and he absolutely spoiled that kid

- he’d buy her cute little outfits, dog plushies, he’d come over just to sing to her if she was crying, he even let her tug his hair

- Ophelia and Harry had millions of adorable baby pictures together, matching outfits included of course

- Remus is literally the best dad ever like come on

- reads her a bed time story every single night

- and you’re like ‘remus sweetheart, i don’t think she’s going to understand jane eyre yet’

- and he was just like ‘no no she KNOWS’

- he’s the kind of dad that loves to take his kid out like

- even if it’s just little things like food shopping or a trip to the post office

- she will be in a little harness on his chest vibing

- and then when toxic men are like ‘ha stuck with baby duty’ he’s so quick to be like ‘no this is my daughter and i love spending time with her?’

- he always takes photos of you and her together

- like you could just be feeding her and he’s like no this is the cutest thing ever i must Photograph

- the two of you got married at the start of August the year that James and Lily were killed

- so when you got married, Ophelia and Harry were both one

- and they could walk so they caused absolute chaos running up and down the aisle with Sirius chasing them to try and get them to calm down

- you had a really cute simple wedding

- not many guests because neither of you liked crowded things much

- just imagine a cottage core themed wedding

- that is what you had

- because the three of you totally live in a cute little cottage which is still fairly near to a little seaside town where your friends live

- it’s all very cute

- remus lupin best husband EVER

- loves u so much

- you can do anything and he’s like woah :0 amazing

- you brush your teeth and he’s like woah the talent

- just like? completely in awe of you?

- sometimes he’s like wow that’s really my wife. like. we really got married

- he is big on physical contact in my opinion okay

- loveS LOVES LOVES IT when you lay your head on his chest because he can play with your hair and give u lil forehead kisses

- BUT also loves to lay his head on yours so u can run your fingers through his hair

- he would be the big spoon but he’d be more than willing to switch around sometimes

- also loves nose kisses

- he is Super Respectful and always makes sure you’re okay with stuff even if you’ve done it a million times before like he would hate himself if he made you uncomfortable

- also reads to you if you’re feeling down and need something to take your mind off things

- favourite date is just walking down the beach, maybe u pick up cute shells and get ice cream and chase each other along the shore as the sun is setting

- oh and you totally have a cute little veggie patch outside and tons of flowerbeds which you love caring for together

- in conclusion remus lupin best husband ever best father ever i hope u like

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ms roni lupin — Arranged Marriage (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Summary: Pure families have an age-old tradition of marring their children off as soon as possible. the families of black and L/N are no exception. What can two kids do when they don’t want to part take in marriage? Marry each other, of course. Let’s just hope this doesn’t end the readers’ chances with a certain werewolf.

Key: y/n (your name), y/l (last name), n/n (nickname)

Word count: 3k

“No,” said Remus not looking up for his copy of fantastic beasts and where to find them.

“I haven’t even said anything yet!” James exclaimed, looking up around at his friends at the table, obviously looking for support that wasn’t given to him.

“You were about to ask me to do your homework,” Remus looked up momentarily, “am I correct?”

“Is that how lowly you think of me, Moony?” James slammed his fist on his heart and gasped, causing you to giggle. “I was just gonna ask to copy yours!” the sound of laughter roared around the table, only interrupted by the screech of owl bringing in the morning post. Packages were being unpacked and sweets shared until two black envelopes were dropped at the table. One in front of you, the other in front of no one other than Sirius Black.

His handsome features tensed up and the shadow of laugher which fell from his lips just seconds ago faded into nothing. You, however, didn’t question this diversion in behavior seeing how you were mirroring his actions. Sirius looked up at you, and irritated yet worried look flickered through his eyes. a crease formed between your brows as a response. he looked back down at his letter and you followed suit, ripping the red, snake-embedded, wax seal. A few seconds of reading was all it took for the both of you to find the letter to contain the very thing you thought it would. A marriage arrangement. You groaned.

“N/N? everything alright?” James asked concerned. you just slammed your head down on the table and, without looking up, handed him the letter. he took it wordlessly. There was silence for a moment, the previous chatter between the boys now died down. Remus and Peter were glaring between the other three with confusion, but reading the room and knowing not to ask questions just yet. James made an airy sound, something between a gasp and a contemptuous exhale, and proceed to slam the letter back on the table.

“I cannot believe this!” He exclaimed loudly. This coupled with the force he slammed the letter down with made a few heads turn, but upon seeing James be the source of commotion which was a daily ordeal, the heads turned back to their breakfast. “Pads, you too?” He groaned in response.

Sirius nodded. You finally looked up. Your eyes wandered to Remus, his eyes were already locked on you, concern seeping out of them with a force you haven’t quite seen before. He briefly glanced down at the paper resting between you and the exasperated boy next to you, he was silently asking you what the letter said. After years of friendship picking up on these cues from the boys was like a second language, especially when it came to Remus who had trouble expressing everything with words. You knew that, and yet, you didn’t want him to read the letter. The letter which contained your future, possible suitor, your soon-to-be husband, which wasn’t him. the only one which you ever felt something real for, your best friend, your source of happiness, Remus’ name wasn’t there. it’s not as if you had to check, there was no way in hell his name would appear on a list of pureblood bachelors no matter how much you wanted it to. You decided to ignore his silent request and looked straight ahead into the gray eyes of the oldest descendant of the Black family.

You put your hand on the paper and crumpled it slightly with the pressure you used, the spoke in a steady voice which, to your dismay, was laced distress, “My dear mother suggests,” You started “Rosier or Mulciber. You?”

“Her disgraceful son was so hard to find a suitor for she nearly had to Imperio someone into marrying me, luckily the Vanitys took pity. Emma is her name, I believe.” He said trying to make a joke out it, but the bitterness in his words ruined it. Nobody laughed. Peter scratched his head in confusion.

“Wait- Marry? What are you saying?” He asked looking in between the pair. Remus almost whacked him in the back of the head for being so oblivious to you not wanting to answer the question, but his curiosity took the best of him, so he restrained himself. Luckily, it was Sirius who spoke, saving you the pain of telling the man you love you are to be married off to a stranger.

“L/N and I and getting married off, living up to the tradition.”

“It’s a stupid pureblood tradition! I mean they can’t honestly expect you guys to agree to this!” James cried out.

“I’m afraid we don’t have a choice, James. It’s not exactly up to us,” You sighed deeply stabbing your eggs angrily, “I should be glad they did me the courtesy of suggesting two candidates-”

“You cannot get married!” Remus stood suddenly with both hands on the table, as soon as he realized what he was doing his eyes widened slightly and he sat down promptly, “What I mean is - you’re both underages. You can’t be married.”

“It’s an engagement, Moony,” Sirius chimed in, “As soon as we’re out of Hogwarts, it’s marriage and pumping out as many pureblood babies as you can.”

“Well, can’t you refuse? What’s the worst that could happen?”

“The worst?” Sirius snarled, almost humorously. “The best-case scenario is being fed to the Malfoys’ peacocks! We’re already on thin ice, being Gryffindors and all.”

Your fists clenched tightly, and your eyes starring daggers into the half-eaten piece of toast on your plate, just so you wouldn’t have to look at Remus. The things which your eyes couldn’t see, your mind made up for. Remus’ slightly widened eyes. His clenched fists. His sad, sad expression on his, scarred but nonetheless, beautiful face. You could almost hear him voice his displeasure with the arrangement in his classic Prefect Voice. Your eyes watered. To quickly mask your feelings you stood up, put the crumpled piece of paper in the pocket of your robe, and swung your bag over your shoulder.

“Where are you going?” James frowned at you.

“To hang me in the girls’ bathroom, what do you think? I’m going to class,” You turned around and waved a hand in the air, “See you all in charms!”

Yet, they didn’t see you in charms, nor potions, or transfiguration. The map pointed to the girls’ dormitory, James almost started climbing the stairs up to the dorm before Remus dragged him away and explained the way the stairs work, yet again. He explained this very clearly to convince, not James he realized mid-speech, but himself to not go up there and check on you. He would have to wait in the common room. He would wait all night if that’s what it took to make sure you’re okay.

However, to his surprise, he didn’t have to wait that long. Just as he finished his homework and focused on his only source of entertainment which was watching Sirius brooding around while James and Peter fussed around him. You strutted down the stairs into the common room and looked around, once your head landed on the group you run up to them.

“Great, you guys are here! Sirius get up,” you took a hold of his hand and pulled him out of his spot towards you, “Marry me.”

The room went quiet. Remus thought he was going to burst out with a cry of shock, yet Sirius beat him to it.

“Sorry, sweetheart, I don’t like you that way.” You smacked his shoulder playfully.

“Me neither, you buffoon! Listen, I had an epiphany,” You said and started pacing as Sirius sat down, “We write to our families, we tell them how we just cannot live without each other and all that crap,” you said that a couple of octaves too high while batting your eyelashes, imitating a love-sick girl, “Best case scenario, our engagements get called off and we just have to pretend to be interested in each other for a few social functions.”

“Wait,” Sirius exclaimed, “That could work. I mean they don’t like the both of us being in Gryffindor why wouldn’t they want the two of us to hook up. We’re both pureblood anyways,” He said blurted out, comprehending the idea fully. He sprung to his feet and took ahold of your hands, “You, my dear, are a genius.” He spun you around and danced around with you while humming a clique song, earning a giggle out of you.

“What?!” Remus and James bellowed together. They glanced at each other and James let Remus continues. “Are you two seriously planning to marry each other? That’s your genius plan!”

“No!” You said quickly, suddenly alerted to his presence again. “We’ll just pretend to be engaged for a while and call of the wedding when we’re no longer dependant on our families.” You explained in a rush. Remus’ expression softened, he muttered a quiet oh and sat down contemplating this idea.

“I reckon it could work,” Prongs stated, still having a thoughtful look on his face, “Let’s write your letters, I figure it’ll be a laugh.”

A laugh was, for everyone in the room, except for Remus, who consumed by his jealousy at your lovey-dovey words towards his best mate, left up to bed early. His thoughts were so preoccupied he knew he wouldn’t get an ounce of sleep tonight. Sirius, his closest friend which already beat him in everything, now had the one girl which Remus cared about. Perfect, he thought, fucking perfect.

The next morning at breakfast, you were in a weird mood. For one, you though your plan was great and could workout, which means you wouldn’t have to marry some pureblood loser. On the other hand, you had mixed emotions about even fake dating Sirius, which was more about you rather than him, and your huge crush on his best friend. You tried to preoccupy yourself with the intense quidditch conversation, or rant rather, James was having with Peter next to you. During a particularly boring part of James’ already rather tiring rant, you were pretty sure it was about how awful school brooms are, you were rescued by Remus sitting down in front of you. Your mood immediately lighted at the presence of your favorite person, you smiled at him brightly.

“Good morning, Remus! Did you sleep well?” as you asked that you noticed the dark circles under his eyes looking slightly worse than yesterday.

“Yes-“ Remus attempted to lie, but he didn’t get the time to convince you about he had an excellent night that he most definitely did not spend thinking about how he could have confessed his feelings for you just twenty-four hours before and possibly flipped the whole situation around. However, he did not have time for his well-rehearsed excuses, he was cut off by the single most horrifying sight he has ever seen in his life. Sirius putting his arm around your shoulder. Sirius pressing a kiss to your temple. you laughing it off. You smiling at Sirius. Oh god, he felt so nauseous all of sudden.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Sirius beamed at you. You made a slight gagging noise as he pressed a kiss on your head, teasingly.

“You disgust me, darling.” You teased, smirking up at him, as you continued to eat your breakfast.

“Well, that is no way to speak to your boyfriend.” He fake pouted and you showed a piece of toast in his mouth. At that very moment, Remus swore you himself silently, of course, to never have a piece of toast ever again. He was just about to stand up and leave to go puke in peace when he noticed you tensing up.

The source of your tension soon became apparent as the great hall was flooded with screeching owls. The rest of the marauders seemed to also notice this and wordlessly looked around to find the Black or L/N family owls, hoping they carry good news. Soon enough James spat out a ‘look’ and pointed at the L/N owl heading their direction. Before the owl even managed to land properly, you snatched the letter out of its beak and ripped the envelope open.

“Merlin, I’m too nervous. You read it.” You said shoving the letter at Sirius.


“You’re to slow, never mind!” You grabbed the letter back, and Sirius lent closer to you to get a read at it too. “Dear daughter, blah blah blah, this is an inconvenient arrangement, blah blah blah,” You read of in a hurried voice, eye skimming the page at a rapid rate, “But I am happy you found love, and with a suitable man. Mrs. Black and I agreed to let you persuade each other-!” You got cut off by Sirius suddenly standing up and turned to face him. His smile as bright as yours, he picked you up out of your seat in an embrace and spun you in circles. You both laughed and cheered, and the euphoria you were feeling that you almost didn’t notice Remus halfway out the door. Almost.

“Hang on, guys. I’ll just check up on Rem.” You managed to get out before dashing out after Remus. If your thoughts weren’t too preoccupied with the thoughts of your crush, you might have heard James’ snarky comment.

“Merlin, do you think he’ll ever confess to her? It’s so frustrating.”

“I bet you both five whole galleons he’ll do it before next full moon, I think I put him on edge,” Sirius remarked, very obvious to the effect this arrangement was having on his best friend.

“I’ll bet those five galleons she’ll be the one to confess!” Peter chimed in, he knew you to be a fairly confrontational person and hoped he could persuade oh to confess your feelings, which he was certain off so that he could earn thirds few galleons. James groaned.

“They are both clueless, no one will confess. You are on.” and they all shook hands.


Remus hasn’t gone far, he was a few meters outside the great hall when you caught up to him. Yet, the short distance didn’t stop you from feeling anxious. Was he sick? When is the next full moon again? No, it’s still almost three weeks left. Did he get hurt last transformation and didn’t tell you? Did you do something wrong? Oh my, you did something wrong. He hates you, he hates your guts and can’t stand seeing you happy. My crush hates me-

“Hey, Remus! Are you okay?” The sound of your voice caught you by surprise, it came out a little frantic but much calmer than you expected, considering your state of mind.

“Y/N!” He stopped walking for a second, clearly caught off guard, “Oh, I’m alright, thanks.” Then carried on walking.

“Come on, Rem. Whatever it is you can tell me, you know that.” You put a hand on his shoulder, and he stops again. He stops because the warmth of your gentle hands would be powerful enough to stop him if he were a hurricane or a tsunami. He stops because the power you held over him made him frozen to the spot, unable to move a muscle. He stopped unwillingly, but as he looked straight into your E/C eyes which glowed with concern for him, and even compassion? He stopped by your power but stayed for your magic. Not the magic taught at Hogwarts by old wizards, or the one used by house elves, no, it was a whole new type of magic which filled him with warmth from the inside. The magic of a helping hand, the magic of a shoulder to cry on, the magic of a kind smile, or a caring look, something that never failed to make him feel like he belonged as if he mattered. The magic, he realized as he watched your brows furrow slightly with concern (which twisted at his stomach, he hated himself for being the cause of any of your pain), was nothing other than pure, unadulterated, love. At that moment he felt, to his surprise as much as yours, a tear stream down his face.

“Remus…” You began, not knowing where you were going with it, but concerned nonetheless. “Talk to me, I’m here for you.”

“It’s just- I don’t- I mean-“ He took a deep breath. “I - I like you, alright!”

“Well, I like you too.” You giggled out.

”No, you don’t get it I like you. Like, I cannot imagine life without you, every morning when I wake up I think about you, and every full moon I’m so scared I’ll wake up to find you hurt, and how whenever I see you there the next morning my heart swells and I cannot bear to even think how it’ll be if you weren’t there. and I think you don’t like me, I know,” He attempted to take a breath in yet his breath shook with a sob, tears falling freely down his face, ”I know that Sirius is such a better match for you, and I wish I could have been that guy for you but I’m not and I’ll never be. I’m sorry just forget it-“ He almost turned to walk away but you were faster, grabbing his face and pressing your lips onto his.

“Remus you ARE that guy for me. do you know the real reason why I was so anxious about that arranged marriage? I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want to be forced away from you. I just thought by faking a relationship with Sirius i could still…. have a chance with you. I don’t like Sirius, he’s like a brother to me. I like you, and only you.”

He, shocked, didn’t know what to do with this new information. He never even considered the thought you’d like him back and now he was bawling like a baby in front of the one girl he loved and she loved him back? This was too much. He was ready to faint, head racing, as you embraced him, and the world seemed a perfect place when he wrapped his arms around your body. Everything made sense, and the rest of the world was merely a whisper in the distance.

The distant whisper had belonged to three eavesdropping men nearby. Sirius holding his hands out to the two others.

“Cough up,” he smirked at them. They, with dismay and much argument, handed him five galleons each. “What did I tell you, lads? I know my fake girlfriend and her real boyfriend.”


Remus Lupin x Reader

Literature Text

Remus Lupin x Reader

AN: This takes place after the Battle of Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows.  Reader is Remus’ wife.  The song I’ve used is Time for Miracles by Adam Lambert.

It's late at night and I can't sleep
Missing you just runs too deep
Oh, I can't breathe thinking of your smile

You watched as your son slumbered peacefully and you were envious of him.  He wasn’t worried about whether his father, uncle, godson and his godson’s friends were alive or dead due to the fact a no nosed murdering, egomaniac with a god complex was trying to take over Wizarding Britain.  It had been a trying year for everyone and when you, Remus and Sirius had found out that Harry, Hermione and Ron had returned to Hogwarts from doing whatever they had been doing; Remus and Sirius had stepped through the Floo network while you were sleeping and then locked it so that you couldn’t follow.

When you found out, you placed a silencing charm on the kitchen and proceeded to use every swear word that you had picked up from your year mates and the ones you had picked up from Professor McGonagall.  You knew why they had done it, but it didn’t make it any easier and worries plagued your mind like wasps attacking an intruder to their nest.

You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
'Cause I ain't giving up on love

At some point you must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing you knew, Professor McGonagall’s cat Patronus was pawing insistently at your leg.  Once it was satisfied that it had your full, undivided attention, it sat down on its haunches.  

It felt like your heart was in your throat.  Were you about to hear that your husband, one of your closest friends, your godson or any of your godson’s close friends wouldn’t be coming home to you tonight?  Would your son grow up without his father or any of the influential people that you’d come to love in his life?

It seemed like an eternity before the Patronus spoke.  “(Name), rest assured that Remus, Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione are all well.” Relief spread throughout your entire being, leaving a tingling feeling in its wake as you heard this sentence. “Voldemort has been defeated and Sirius and Remus both request that you temper your anger at them for sneaking away like they did.”

You rolled your eyes at this point.

The ethereal messenger continued, “At this point, I know that you are rolling your eyes.  I can’t say that I blame you. I know you are beyond furious with them both but please, for your own sake, hear them out.”

The cat cocked its head to the side expectantly and you sighed, “Alright. I’ll listen to them and then they’re gonna listen to me.” You ended the sentence on a growl.

The Patronus seemed to approve of your response before it vanished into thin air.

I just wanna be with you
'Cause living is so hard to do
When all I know is trapped inside your eyes

It was midmorning when (Son’s Name) woke up and it was about half a second later that Harry’s voice floated through the door. “Hi (Name), I have one apologetic husband here and one extremely tense godfather here too.  Would you mind opening the door so that Hermione and I don’t end up yelling at the both of them?”

Chuckling at your godson’s humour, you lifted your wand and pointed it at the door, “If you are who you claim to be, what was your reaction when you realised Remus and I were married in your third year?”

Harry groaned and you heard Hermione giggle from outside, “I groaned and said that now I had to pay Hermione ten galleons because she bet that there was something between you two.  That was the day I learnt not to bet against Hermione.”

With a wave of your wand, the door opened to reveal Hermione, Harry, Remus and Sirius.  Hermione ran into your arms and Harry was close behind.  Remus and Sirius nervously edged towards you as you still had your wand in your hand.  

Another wave of your wand and the door closed.

Frowning, you looked at Harry and Hermione, “Not that I’m not happy to see you two but where’s Ron?  Is everything okay?”

Harry smirked, “He sent his regards, asked you not to kill Remus and Sirius and that’s as far as he got because Mrs. Weasley started hugging him so tightly that he couldn’t breathe and then every one of his family members joined in.  Fred and George also requested that you don’t kill Remus as he was their favourite defence teacher and that you didn’t kill Sirius because they wanted to learn pranking from one of the greatest pranksters to live. Their words, not mine.  Personally, I don’t think they can learn anything more.”

“Harry.” Remus groaned, pinching his nose as Sirius beamed and started muttering under his breath.

“Oops.” Harry grimaced as he noticed Sirius.

“Well, I think it’s time for us to go.” Harry remarked as he pulled Hermione towards him and started edging towards the door.

“Go.” You said to Harry and Hermione, “I solemnly swear that I will not kill them.”

When Harry and Hermione had left and the door was closed, you turned to look at Remus and Sirius.  Remus started speaking almost immediately, “Love, I know you’re beyond furious that the both of us snuck out and locked the Floo behind us so that you couldn’t follow us when we fought Voldemort and his forces with the Order. I…we needed to know that you and (Son’s Name) were safe so even if we did die in the Battle of Hogwarts, you both would have a chance of escaping if Voldemort won and even if he didn’t, (Son’s Name) would have one parent who would be able to take care of him.”

It was rare that Sirius was as quiet or as solemn as he was in this moment.  “(Name),” he began, moving forward towards you with his hands raised in the I surrender position, “please understand that neither of us wanted to sneak out and leave you like we did but Remus is right.  Obviously, we were hoping for the best possible outcome and by some miracle, we got our wish. The only other alternative was to perform an Unbreakable Vow and we didn’t have the time to convince you and then perform the Vow.”

A puff of air escaped you as pocketed your wand and you moved closer to your husband and one of your closest friends, “Believe me when I say I understand why you did what you did but you’ve gotta understand how terrified I was when I woke up and you were both gone and the Floo was locked. I knew what was happening and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it without abandoning my son in some way.  Not only that, but you took my choice away.  I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have coped if any one of you didn’t come back to me.”

Remus scooped you into his arms and held you close, “I swear as your husband I will never do anything like that again.”

You leaned into your husband’s embrace and rested your head on his shoulder as your arms wrapped around him, simply relishing in the fact that he was here, and he was safe.  Raising your head from Remus’ shoulder, you beckoned to Sirius, “Get in here too, you crazy mutt.”

“Crazy? Moi?” Sirius pouted, mock offended before you grabbed him by his wrist and dragged him into the hug.

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
'Cause I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
'Cause I ain't giving up on love

*Extended ending*

Sirius stretched contentedly as he walked into Number 12 Grimmauld Place.  This would be his last visit for a long time to this infernal place but there was one thing he needed to do first.  As he approached his Mother’s portrait, he wandlessly and wordlessly moved the curtains so she could see him.

As Sirius expected, she began screaming.  Sirius had been prepared for that and drew his wand.  He didn’t miss the way Walburga's eyes widened as he flicked his wand.

Thinking the spell had no effect, Walburga opened her mouth to continue her tirade but found that she had no voice.

Grinning, Sirius pocketed his wand.  “Now that I have your attention, you miserable old bat, I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna listen.  Not that you have much of a choice anyway.” Licking his lips in anticipation he began, “Your precious Dark Lord is dead for good this time.  My best friend, who you degraded for being a werewolf, has an amazing wife and a beautiful baby boy.  My godson, the man who defeated Voldemort with the help of his friends time and time again, is going to have the life he deserves. Despite your best efforts, you inbred, meddlesome bigot, I have a family.”

Sirius watched as Walburga processed his words and with a final smirk he turned to walk away.  “Oh!” Sirius exclaimed as he pivoted on his heel and turned to face Walburga, “One other thing.  Kreacher is now Harry Potter’s elf which means that he is tied to Harry and I have it on good faith that Harry will not be returning here and surprisingly, Kreacher actually enjoys working at Hogwarts and being with other House Elves.

So, to sum up, when I leave this house, I’m going to lift the Silencing spell I’ve put on you and you can scream and rage until your heart is content.  Which, seeing as I know you, will be for quite some time but,” Sirius leaned forward and allowed a crazed grin to dance along his face, “no one will ever hear you.  You will be all alone in this house until the Permanent Sticking Charm that you put on yourself fades and who knows how long that’ll be.  I can do this because I’m the last Black and I’ve changed the wards.” Sirius finished.

Walburga paled.

With a jaunty wave in her direction, Sirius walked out of Number 12 Grimmauld Place for good.  Spinning on his heel, he Apparated to where you, Remus and (Son’s Name) lived and entered the house.  As he walked past the lounge room, he glimpsed you and Remus in each other’s arms dancing.  Sirius backed up and leaned against the doorframe while continuing to watch you both.

Remus turned to face him, “What are you doing, you old dog?  Why are you watching (Name) and I dance?”

Sirius smiled, “Just watching my family.”


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Fandom Imagines — Anniversary- Remus Lupin


Originally posted by harrypottersources

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 713

Author: Charlotte

When you had thought about your future life you had always known that you were to be married to Remus, you loved him from the first moment that you had seen him and you could have only ever hoped that your future was bright and beautiful. You’d hoped to have a home together ready for if you chose to start a family, but either way you were just happy to have a place to call your own. Although these things came true you had never thought that also living in your home would be Sirius Black. You knew that he was a bit of a clingy git, but by the time you were about to celebrate five years of being Mrs Lupin you had never quite gathered that Sirius would still be in your spare room.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford his own home. He hadn’t worked a day in his life, but he had been left a large sum of money from his uncle when he left his family many years ago, however since Lily and James had started a family and their spare room was occupied by their children it meant that you were lucky enough to receive his presence seen as he couldn’t handle a moment alone.

You’d tried to get James to distract him for the evening but his youngest son had come down with the flu and Lily needed his help in wrangling the other kids and keeping them apart so it didn’t spread meaning Sirius was stuck with the two of you on your anniversary.

The original plan was a romantic meal at home for the two of you, but with Sirius sat in the corner, it wasn’t as great as you had planned, but you did your best to ignore him.

Once the dishes were washed and the two of you had made your way to the sofa (with Sirius sat in the arm chair) Remus had retrieved a hat box which he handed to you.

“I thought we said no gifts?” you smiled softly.

“I know. I know but you made dinner and are gift enough for me, so I thought I would get you something that I know you have always wanted and that can be there when I can’t be,” he said softly reaching out to hold your hand.

Your heart swelled at how much you loved your husband. Honestly sometimes it felt unreal.

“Remus, you didn’t have to,” you laughed, eager to open the box. “Can I open it?”

He nodded with a warm smile. “Just be careful.”

You excitedly threw off the lid and you couldn’t have been happier with what was inside. You lifted up a small kitten that was cuter than anything you had ever seen- well other than your husband of course.

“Moony! What the hell?” Sirius exclaimed.

“Sirius shut up,” you frowned in his direction.

You pressed a kiss to Remus’ lips completely content that he had bought you a cat.

“Thank you, Remus,” you smiled.

“You’re welcome Y/N,” he grinned pecking your lips again.

The two of you embraced whilst you placed your cat into the box again so that you didn’t accidentally hurt it whilst you hugged your husband.

By the time you had moved away Sirius had been stood in front of you holding your poor innocent kitten glaring at the poor thing.

“Sirius?” You frowned.

He ignored you, focusing on the kitten.

“I was here first,” he growled at it. “Get out of my house.”

You punched his arm taking the cat from him, cradling it in your arms.

“This isn’t your house Sirius. You have outstayed your welcome if you ask me.”

“Moony loves me. He’d never want me to leave,” he argued.

You could tell that Remus wanted to contradict his view as although he did love Sirius, Remus clearly wanted some space from the clingy man. Before he was able to say anything, you had decided to speak.

“Well Sirius, both of us get a pet. I get a cat and Remus gets you. Now be quiet before we get you neutered,” you frowned.

Instantly his eyes became wide before he scampered out of the room and away from you before you were able to do anything to him.

Marauders x Y/N TikTok POV

Popular Bookworm — Married (Remus Lupin x reader)

Requested by @dusk-realm


A/N: I think this is the last request before Part 20! I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment!

WARNINGS: I think none.

Thoughts, suggestions, criticism, and all sorts of comments are greatly appreciated, no matter what. Please comment. I like reading your thoughts and opinions. I’m begging you.


Originally posted by aesthetic-lupin


It hadn’t really been a secret; you were in love with Remus Lupin, he was in love with you. What everyone else didn’t know, except for James, Lily, Sirius, Peter, and McGonagall, was that you two were married. You had married literally a few months after James and Lily, though you still didn’t know how you managed to even date him, with his fear of hurting everyone and all that. The fact that you got married was astonishing.

Then, with the deaths of James and Lily a year later, along with the supposed death of Peter and Sirius’ imprisonment, it was down to two people knowing of your marriage, which you liked keeping on the down-low.

That’s why, when you went to Hogwarts with him as his teaching assistant, you decided to have fun and not tell anyone. This, of course, made everyone assume you two were best friends who were completely and utterly in love with each other but were too afraid to confess.

You used your maiden name and wore your wedding ring as a necklace, which was tucked under your shirt, Remus did the same with his. You almost cried at the sight of Harry but managed to hold yourself together by remembering why you were there: to protect him from Sirius.

This had always been the subject of many fights, seeing as you knew Sirius, though much less than Remus, and knew him enough to know he would never kill anyone. Remus thought the opposite and insisted he was dangerous and would hurt Harry, his godson. He slept on the couch once because of that.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, both of you practiced for a few days not calling each other pet names and using your given names. It was hard at first, but by the second day, you got the hang of it.

You didn’t know why you were wasting so much time on this, but go big or go home, right?

The first week was a fun one. You heard students gossiping about you two as you walked down hallways and sometimes passing notes in class about how you two should get together. You also noticed that sometimes students, mostly fifth years, tried setting you up. It never worked, or so they thought.

Sometimes he was teaching and you found yourself staring at him with heart eyes (he just looked so good while teaching), shaking your head and busying yourself with something immediately after realizing it. Students giggled each time.

The thing that was probably the most fun, was that you always fought like an old married couple. It happened the first time when Remus was avoiding letting Harry participate since he thought his boggart would be Voldemort. You, however, were more observant and noticed that he got much more scared at the Dementors than the idea of this powerful evil wizard that killed his parents.

This is why you encouraged him to step forward. Remus tried to silently stop you, but you ignored him and walked closer, smiling at Harry. “Remember, this is just a boggart, not your actual fear. Think of it as if it was wearing a mask.” You told everyone, but mostly Harry.

He stepped forward and the boggart was about to turn into a Dementor, but Remus stepped forward and in front of Harry, making it turn into the moon and exploding once he finished casting the spell, which also made the students burst into laughter once more. You grinned at them as they walked out of the staff room, talking excitedly.

The second everyone was out, you closed the door and locked it, casting a silencing charm over the place. You turned around slowly and glared at Remus. “What the hell was that?!”

“What do you mean? The boggart was about to take the form of Lord Voldemort in front of everyone! What were you doing?!” He snapped, talking as if it was the most obvious thing in the world and you were stupid, which you didn’t like, much less coming from your husband.

“No, it wasn’t! Are you really that dense?!”

“What are you talking about? Harry has every reason to fear Lord Voldemort the most!” He explained, and you glared at him harder, if possible.

“Did Lily or James ever fear Voldemort?” Was all that you asked. He looked surprised but answered nonetheless.

“No, but look where that—”

“Then Harry doesn’t have a damn reason to do so.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “He fears Dementors. He knows he fears Dementors. He also admires you, and he now thinks you don’t believe him capable of fighting off a boggart. And he’s going to go to your office and ask you why you didn’t let him participate, and you will explain and make him feel better. Maybe teach him the Patronus charm, that’d help a lot.” You were angry, and he knew it, so he simply nodded, to which you nodded, and walked out of the staff room.

What you didn’t know, was that Harry had been in the room with you, under the Invisibility Cloak. This was actually what convinced him to ask Remus a couple days later when everyone else was in Hogsmeade.


Sometimes you were almost caught kissing, whether it be in the staff room, in your private office, or sometimes in the classroom before class. The thrill was fun, though.

You also were vaguely aware that there were bets going around the school, not just amongst students, but sometimes teachers, too. They tried to guess when you’d confess and who would do it first. Once, you caught some students passing around a note and you took it from them, reading it silently, though pleasantly surprised when you noticed it was written in paper and with a pen. It talked about who would confess first.

It had clearly been passed around between classrooms and houses because there weren’t that many kids in your classroom, but you were mostly proud that most people thought you would confess first. You smiled, gave the note back to the student after warning not to do that in class, and winked. The class went wild at that.

From time to time, students also liked to socialize with you, sometimes even convincing you to play Gobstones or Exploding Snap with them, which was fun. Once though, a seventh-year student convinced you to play truth or dare with them, though you had mostly agreed because it was during your break and you were bored.

You sat down in the courtyard with a few other students, varying in houses and ages. You played harmlessly for a while until one of the students dared you to follow Remus around and cling to him for the rest of the day, without explaining to anyone. You grinned and accepted, shaking hands with all of them and walking off, remembering you had a class to teach.

At least one student from that group was always following you around, too, making sure you followed through with the dare. You found Remus eating in the Great Hall and sat next to him, pulling your chairs together and starting a conversation with him, he gave you a weird look, but didn’t question it.

He started to question it, though, when you followed him around everywhere, once to the point you convinced him to give you a piggyback ride to the DADA classroom. It was incredibly amusing for everyone watching, mostly to the students, who had caught on and were laughing, spreading the word that you were dared to stick to Remus like you had been glued together.

Whenever he asked about it, you would just reply with: “Don’t question it, I’m just having fun.”

As the hours passed, he got used to it, to the point of not moving while teaching so you could cling to him without having to move back and forth and follow him around the classroom as he checked up on students.

When the day ended and it was curfew, you followed Remus to his room and laid down with him, cuddling. “What was all that about?” He asked softly after a while.

“I was dared to follow you around and cling to you until the day ended.” You shrugged, then grinned. “It was tiring, but that piggyback was great.”

“Ha, ha.” He rolled his eyes, then kissed your forehead. “Are you staying tonight?”

“Sure.” You kissed him softly and you both got up to change into your sleepwear, then went to sleep cuddling.


The best part of it all was probably when the whole school found out.

It was the last dinner at the Great Hall before the students had to go back home until September, and it was filled with chatter, both excited and sad, and you were enjoying your last moments at Hogwarts, knowing you wouldn’t come back next year, and were thinking about what had happened during the year. You were also wearing your wedding ring, your hand under the table to make sure no one noticed.

You finally got to reunite with Sirius, got to say ‘I told you so!’ to Remus after he was proven innocent, and hugged the fugitive tightly, crying a bit. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Severus also found out about your marriage, seeing as Sirius didn’t know about your little game and casually mentioned it during his whole monologue. You asked all of them not to say anything, wanting to see how long your secret would last. Severus only agreed because he tolerated your presence enough.

It was nice, your thoughts being drowned out by the excited chatter in the Great Hall, until a Slytherin seventh year, stood up on the table, making everybody quiet, wanting to know what he was about to say.

“PROFESSOR Y/N, WILL YOU MARRY ME?!” Echoed through the whole room. Everyone stayed silent, curious as to what you would answer.

You grinned, then told him from the staff table, loud enough for everyone to hear, but not screaming. “Tempting offer, but I’m already happily married!” And you lifted your hand to show the ring.

Gasps were heard everywhere around you, and you grinned. You also heard Remus start choking on his coffee, not expecting you to say that. Muttering then burst out, everyone dying to know who you had married. A Ravenclaw was the one brave enough to ask, loud and clear, making the Great Hall fall silent once more.

Right then, as if you had planned this out, Remus wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer, to which you tilted your head and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips, making the whole school burst into cheers.

A Hufflepuff stood up and shouted. “HOW LONG?! WE NEED TO KNOW!”

You both grinned as, for the third time, the room went silent. You looked at each other and then back at the students. Remus was the one who answered. “Fourteen years and counting.”

Everyone cheered again.


Now discussing:


(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Remus 😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him unable to hide his smile whenever he finally holds your hand and shows off the ring he got you to everyone else, loving to introduce you as his wife more than anything and clearly enjoying it

-Him letting you wear any of his jackets or cardigans as much as you want, loving to see you in it and of course even more as you’d let everyone else see you in it

-Him utterly trusting you and realizing how much he loves you as you’d help and wait for him whenever he has to transform, letting his guards down as he admits to you how worried he is at times

-Him trying to be as sweet and gentle as he can, calling you by all sorts of cute nicknames and of course not shying from being affectionate with you as you’re both alone

-Being picked up bridal style out of nowhere once you get home at times, with him unable to deny how much he has missed you during the day and that he just needs you right away

-Having your own little inside jokes and just teasing one another about it and acting like it isn’t a big deal whenever someone would ask you both what’s going on

-Being teased by your friends, especially Sirius whenever you’re both acting sweet and loving towards each other, only for Remus to be oddly more than proud to show your affection for one another even more

-Him wanting to have a child with you and subtly finding different ways to get you in the mood, with him being more than glad to go down on you and reassure you that he loves you

-Him loving to surprise you with little gifts, flowers or a dinner out of the blue or when he feels you deserve it, making you melt from how romantic he is at times

-Him trying to brush it off whenever he’s clearly jealous, saying he has nothing to worry about since he knows you so well, but clearly not letting any incident go as he can’t stop talking about it during the day

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