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Guide to Rocking Horse Ranch All Inclusive Family Vacation

All-Inclusive Family Weekend Getaway at Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY

Are you looking for an easy, all inclusive family vacation within driving distance from the New York Metro area? Rocking Horse Ranch is an easy weekend getaway from NYC. It&#;s located in Upstate New York, just an hour and half drive from NYC. It&#;s also an inclusive resort which makes Rocking Horse Ranch an easy family vacation.

All-Inclusive Family Weekend Getaway at Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY

The Rooms at Rocking Horse Ranch

Don&#;t expect luxury accommodations at Rocking Horse Ranch. The rooms and bathrooms at Rocking Horse Ranch are basic but clean. I&#;d compare the accommodations at Rocking Horse Ranch on par with Hilton Garden Inn or Courtyard by Marriott. Also, compared to the photos on the Rocking Horse Ranch website, the hotel itself is a small building. The photos on the Rocking Horse Ranch website make it look like a big sprawling resort but in reality, Rocking Horse Ranch is a small resort with one main lodge. Everything at Rocking Horse Ranch is steps away from your room which is perfect for families with small children. I recommend staying at the Main Lodge if you are there during winter so you don&#;t have to put on your coat to go to dinner and you are located in the same building as the pool. And if you are going with kids, definitely book the room with the bunk beds. Your kids will love it!

The Food at Rocking Horse Ranch

You will not go hungry during your family vacation at Rocking Horse Ranch. As an all inclusive resort you get four meals a day- breakfast, lunch, a happy hour reception and dinner. Plus there is an all day snack and coffee bar.

Breakfast at Rocking Horse Ranch

Breakfast at Rocking Horse Ranch is buffet style. There is a big buffet with your typical hot breakfast items like scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages as well as oatmeal, cereals, bread, and fruit. You can also order eggs from the kitchen. I ordered the eggs benedict from my server and it was delicious.

Lunch Buffet at Rocking Horse Ranch

Lunch at Rocking Horse Ranch is set up as a buffet. The buffet consists of a salad bar, hot food, pasta and dessert. It&#;s a very kid friendly buffet. I was happy with the assortment at the salad bar. I had pasta fried clams. My had pasta with beef stew and ice cream.

the buffet at rocking horse ranch

Dinner at Rocking Horse Ranch

Dinner at Rocking Horse Ranch is different from lunch. Dinner is set up so that you order the appetizers and main course off the menu and then you get your dessert from the buffet.  There is a wide variety of entrees to choose from in the dinner menu ranging from steak, fish, chicken, and vegetarian dishes. I started with mushroom soup and had eggplant parmigiana for my dinner. My six year old also had the mushroom soup to start and then pasta and chicken fingers as his entree.  Salad was served family style.  The service was amazing and our waiter was very attentive. I was impressed with how attentive and knowledgeable the waiter was when he heard of my son&#;s peanut/treenut . He had the kitchen prepare nut-free bread and nut-free dessert for him.

All Day Snack and Coffee Bar

You will definitely not go hungry at Rocking Horse Ranch. Aside from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, you can also visit their all-day snack and coffee bar for cookies, coffee, and hot cocoa all day. It&#;s nice to have this self-serve bar in case you need a snack in between meals.

Happy Hour

There is also an afternoon Happy Hour at Rocking Horse Ranch. This is also included in your all inclusive room rate. There is a small buffet at afternoon happy hour featuring small bites like chips and guacamole, meatballs, cheese, fruits and fried mozzarella sticks. Plus there are complimentary drinks during happy hour, including alcoholic beverages.

Is Alcohol Included in the All Inclusive Room Rate at Rocking Horse Ranch?

Alcoholic beverages are not included in Rocking Horse Ranch all inclusive room rate. The only time you get alcoholic beverages for free is during the afternoon Happy Hour reception. Non-alcoholic beverages are included in the room rate during meal times.

How Many Meals are included in the All Inclusive Room Rate at Rocking Horse Ranch?

The all inclusive room rate at Rocking Horse Ranch comes with 4 meals a day- breakfast, lunch, a happy hour reception and dinner. Plus there is an all day snack and coffee bar.

Can I eat at Rocking Horse Ranch if I check in early or leave late?

If you check in early or leave late, you can buy extra meal vouchers at Rocking Horse Ranch.

Is Rocking Horse Ranch food allergy friendly?

Although they don&#;t explicitly say they are food allergy friendly, my experience at Rocking Horse Ranch with food allergies is positive. My server was very knowledgeable about my son&#;s nut allergy and served nut-free food during meals.

Things to Do at Rocking Horse Ranch

There are a lot of things to do during your Rocking Horse Ranch family vacation. The best part is its all included in your all inclusive room rate! You can go skiing (rentals and lessons are complimentary!), horse back riding, swimming, tubing and more!

Skiing at Rocking Horse Ranch

free ski instruction at rocking horse ranch

The main reason why we went to Rocking Horse Ranch in the first place was for the complimentary skiing! I thought it was such a great value to have the ski rental equipment and ski instruction all included in the all inclusive room rate. The ski hill at Rocking Horse Ranch was perfect for my 6 year old son, who was a first time skier. There was a rope tow for the small ski hill and a magic carpet to get up the larger ski hill. Both ski hills are perfect for beginners. My son started on the small ski hill then eventually progressed up to the larger ski hill. There were instructors on site teaching my son how to ski. The complimentary skiing made it worth staying at Rocking Horse Ranch!

Ski Rentals at Rocking Horse Ranch

Ski rentals at Rocking Horse Ranch is complimentary. Compared to the big ski resorts, the entire skiing experience was so easy at Rocking Horse Ranch. There was never a line when we picked up our ski equipment from the rental shop. The ski rental staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. Skiing at Rocking Horse Ranch was such a pleasant experience. None of the stress and long lines you&#;d expect at the big ski resorts. Another good thing about Rocking Horse Ranch is the ski rental shop is a few steps from the ski hill, which made it so easy especially with little kids. No lugging of ski equipment. It was nice not have to the deal with the usual struggle of carrying ski equipment with little kids.

Ski Instructors at Rocking Horse Ranch

Ski instruction at Rocking Horse Ranch is complimentary. At the ski area, we were greeted by the ski instructors who were ready to teach my son how to ski. The ski area at Rocking Horse Ranch is comprised of 2 bunny hills. There is a small bunny hill with a rope tow and a bigger bunny hill with a magic carpet. The level of difficulty of the bunny hills were perfect for my 6 year old who was on skis for the first time. The ski instructors helped my son get up the hill on the rope tow and guided my son down the bunny hill. The experience was like having a private one-on-one ski instructor for my son! After a few runs with the ski instructor, my son was ready to ski on his own. He eventually moved up to the big bunny hill and by the end of our trip, I was pleased that he was skiing on his own! If you have a first-time skier, I highly recommend going to Rocking Horse Ranch. It is such a pleasant experience from picking up the ski rental equipment to having ski instructors onsite. Plus the bunny hills are perfect for first timers! I wished I knew about the skiing at Rocking Horse Ranch back when my older daughter was learning to ski. I enrolled her in ski schools and private lessons at the big ski resorts! If only I knew about Rocking Horse Ranch, I would have saved hundreds of dollars on ski rentals and ski school plus I&#;d get an all inclusive family vacation out of it!

Does Rocking Horse Ranch make Snow for their Ski Hill?

Yes, Rocking Horse Ranch makes snow for their ski hill. You should call ahead before going to Rocking Horse Ranch to make sure the ski hills are open for skiing and snow tubing.

complimentary skiing at rocking horse ranch

Tubing at Rocking Horse Ranch

at Rocking Horse Ranch is included in the all inclusive room rate. Tubing is a popular activity at Rocking Horse Ranch. During the winter months, you will be able to snow tube down the ski hill and take the magic carpet back uphill. In the warmer months, you will tube down plastic chutes and take the magic carpet back uphill. There is also night tubing with lights and music which is always fun.

summer snow tubing at rocking horse ranch
snow tubing at rocking horse ranch

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

Horse Drawn carriage rides are included in the Rocking Horse Ranch all inclusive rate. My son and I went on the horse drawn carriage ride after he got tired of skiing. The pick up location for the horse drawn carriage ride is conveniently located next to the ski hill. The horse drawn carriage ride experience at Rocking Horse Ranch is similar to your typical hayride. My son loves it! Needless to say, we went multiple times!

All-Inclusive Family Weekend Getaway at Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY
carriage rides

Horseback Riding at Rocking Horse Ranch

Horseback Riding is a complimentary activity at Rocking Horse Ranch. Going on horseback at Rocking Horse Ranch is definitely one of the highlights of my stay. It was such a peaceful experience to go horseback riding in the snow-covered woods at Rocking Horse Ranch. The view was breathtaking (this is a bad picture but trust me on this). I&#;d go back to Rocking Horse Ranch just for the trail rides. When you go horseback riding at Rocking Horse Ranch, you will be able to choose the level of difficulty. They split the riders into 3 levels- beginners (walk), intermediate (trot) and advanced (canter).

My was too young for the horseback trail ride however, they do offer pony rides for the kids. (They have complimentary babysitting service if you need it!)

Tip: You should make reservations for the trail rides when you arrive. You can go on standby (they do have open spots unless it is a busy weekend).

horseback riding at rocking horse ranch

Stable Tour at Rocking Horse Ranch

They offer behind the scenes stable tour at Rocking Horse Ranch. I highly recommend the stable tour. It was very thorough and informative. And you will be impressed with Rocking Horse Ranch- they actually operate a ranch with horses! When you go on the stable tour, don&#;t expect to see a stable full of horses. The horses spend the night at a different location and these tours are conducted late in the day when all the horses have left the premises. During our tour, there were a few horses left and my son enjoyed seeing and petting the horses.

Tip: Find out when they bring the horses to the other location, it is impressive to see one hundred horses make their way through the parking lot and across the street!

All-Inclusive Family Weekend Getaway at Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY

The Mini-Farm

Don&#;t forget to visit the mini-farm at Rocking Horse Ranch. There was a mini-farm outside the stables with pigs, goats and cattles. There is even a camel, mini-donkeys and a zebra!


Evening Show

Nightly evening show is included in the all inclusive room rate at Rocking Horse Ranch. Every night features a different performer. We caught the evening show featuring David Darwin. My six year old was mesmerized when he ate fire and swallowed a sword. The show was perfect for families.  Both kids and adults were entertained and had lots of good laughs.  It was an engaging show with a lot of audience participation.

nightly entertainment

Indoor Waterpark

What is a family vacation without swimming? Fortunately, at Rocking Horse Ranch there is an indoor waterpark. Entry to the indoor waterpark is included in the Rocking Horse Ranch all inclusive resort fee. My son loved the indoor waterpark. However, don&#;t expect a big indoor waterpark. The size of the pool is your typical hotel-size indoor pool with a splash area and a big slide. It&#;s conveniently located in the main lodge, right next to the lobby.

Tip: I&#;d recommend staying in the main lodge instead of the Oklahoma building if you plan to use the indoor waterpark so you don&#;t have to walk outside in the cold after swimming.

indoor waterpark at rocking horse ranch


There is also an arcade at Rocking Horse Ranch. The arcade is stocked with games and a small bowling alley. It was nice to take a break from swimming and skiing to play in the arcade do some mini-bowling.


Other Activities at Rocking Horse Ranch

There is a lot to do at Rocking Horse Ranch during your family vacation. We didn&#;t get the chance to do everything. There is a kids club which we didn&#;t try but they will babysit children newborn to age  There is also a shooting gallery with archery and BB Guns and there is an indoor play area with foam balls and bouncy castles.

How Far Is Rocking Horse Ranch from NYC?

Rocking Horse Ranch is an all inclusive resort in Upstate New York, just hours from New York City. It is also an ideal weekend getaway for families from New Jersey and Connecticut. Rocking Horse Ranch is a little over an hour from New Jersey&#;s Bergen County. Rocking Horse Ranch is approximate an hour and a half from Greenwich, CT.

Closing Thoughts for Your Rocking Horse Ranch Vacation

If you are looking for a family friendly vacation, that is an easy drive from NYC, I&#;d recommend staying at Rocking Horse Ranch. The food is simple but tasty and very kid-friendly. The rooms are not luxurious but they are clean. The room configurations are very family friendly, especially the rooms with bunk beds. There are many family friendly activities at Rocking Horse Ranch, making it so worth the all inclusive room rate. Just the complimentary skiing alone makes it so worth staying at Rocking Horse Ranch. And the best part about staying at Rocking Horse Ranch is the service. The staff at Rocking Horse Ranch are helpful and attentive. I&#;m so happy to have discovered this all inclusive family resort so close to home.  I&#;m already planning my next Rocking Horse Ranch family vacation.

Tip: It can get crowded on weekends. They host several Girl Scout weekends during the year. I suggest checking their website to make sure you are not there during Girl Scout weekends. Better yet, if you can get away during the week, that is best because you will enjoy lower rates and avoid the crowds.

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We recently came back from an all inclusive vacation to Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, NY and let me tell you &#; my heart is full! A combination of creating family memories, the amazing staff, and wonderful experiences has our entire family wanting to go back.

I&#;m going to be honest, what we think of as &#;family camp&#; isn&#;t usually up our alley and we don&#;t want the stress of going from activity to activity on a vacation. Yes, I realize this makes no sense because we go to Disney all the time, but trust me, mentally this was a different animal for us. Boy were we WRONG! Rocking Horse Ranch gave us everything we needed for a fantastic getaway and checked all the boxes for a successful family vacation. To put in perspective, our kids are 12, 10, 8, and 5 and there was more than enough for everyone to do!

Let&#;s talk FOOD: Ok &#;family friendly&#; you&#;re probably thinking oh the food is basic&#; NOPE! You know how sometimes you go to a place where the dining area smells like a cafeteria? That is a big turnoff for me and I can happily say the dining room at RHR was not only beautiful, but most definitely did NOT smell like a cafeteria. I want to go back for all of it, but especially for the butternut squash soup I had with dinner and the brisket with lunch&#;.YUM!

Here are some details you might want to be aware of:

  • Check in time is pm and they request that you arrive no earlier than pm. When you arrive you will sign up for the pool and horseback riding. Do not wait to do this if you want some specific times! Pro tip &#; we did dinner at pm, pool from pm &#; pm, showered everyone up and went to the pm show &#; PERFECT TIMING!
  • Your meals are included starting with dinner on your arrival day and breakfast and lunch on your departure day.
  • You can purchase lunch on your arrival day for $20 per person or bring your own.
  • Breakfast and lunch are buffet style (served by RHR staff) and dinner is waiter service. Please note that alcohol is not included, but want to hear something amazing? You can bring your own to dinner (or purchase there if you didn&#;t plan ahead).
  • Due to Covid, the resort is currently booking at 50% capacity. You are guaranteed one horseback ride and must make a reservation for both that and your pool times.

Let&#;s talk MONEY: The price point can be a bit of a sticker shock, but you have to think about everything you&#;re getting. I sat down and figured out if we went to another place and paid for everything a la carte it would wind up being more in the end. You pay for the activities ahead of time so taking advantage of all RHR has to offer is the name of the game!

Let&#;s talk about WHAT&#;S INCLUDED: If your kids have never skied or are beginners this is the perfect spot to give it a try. The ski shop is so efficient your kids will be fitted and ready to ski in under 10 minutes. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED &#; you are not paying for ski rentals, lift tickets, or individual instruction. This is a huge savings especially for bigger families!

Winter highlights include skiing, tubing, and ice skating. Summer highlights are all water activities like the banana boat, fishing, and kayaking. When skiing and tubing are retired for the season they convert over to the mountain tubing, which is incredibly perfect for both the &#;in-between&#; seasons and the summer, along with bungee trampoline jump and a rock climbing wall.

With every stay you are guaranteed a horseback ride, no matter the season, and if your little ones are not 7 years old or 48&#; tall you can take advantage of the pony rides instead. There is an exotic wildlife exhibit, archery, shooting range, daily chef&#;s tasting, arcade, and nightly entertainment. We were laughing so hard I had tears from the skinny German juggler&#; seriously &#; he was hysterical and I want to go back just for his act!

Let&#;s talk POOL: If your kids are anything like mine you could take them to a Holiday Inn with an indoor pool and they&#;d be happy. But the pool at RHR had them feeling like they won the powerball&#;and to be honest I did too! RHR has a beautiful indoor pool, a splash area for the littles, a twisty slide, and my personal favorite, an outdoor hot pool called Eldorado Hot Springs! Another pro tip &#; bring a hat and fill your yeti with a choice beverage for this portion of the vacation.

Let&#;s talk STAFF: I have a major issue with unfriendly staff. Like, zero tolerance for it. I&#;m going to tell you &#; EVERYONE who works here was friendly, answered questions with a smile, and made you feel welcome. I cannot stress this enough. You know we have a Disney standard when it comes to customer service and RHR had us feeling that family business-run love!

Whether it&#;s winter, spring, summer or fall&#;all ya got to do is call&#;your local ETFT agent&#;and like James Taylor, you&#;ve got a friend! Ok sorry, couldn&#;t control myself to not burst out in song. Anyway, don&#;t delay and plan your Rocking Horse Ranch vacation today. This is a perfect getaway especially if you&#;re not interested in flying at the moment.

We hope you have a &#;rockin&#; good time!

by Ellen Volpe &#; co-owner of ET Family Travel

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Rocking Horse Ranch is a little slice of the West, right on the East Coast — just a minute drive from New York City. But this all-inclusive resort isn’t your typical ranch resort. While this family-friendly destination centers on horses and horseback riding, there’s such a wide range of activities available (and nearly all included in the price) that even the most jaded city slicker can have a blast here.

With only guestrooms, Rocking Horse keeps their guest count low. Pair that with the massive slate of activities available and you’ll find that even during the peak seasons of summer and winter, you won’t have to wait in long lines.

The resort is a family owned and run business, which has been managed by the Turk family since it was founded in Toolie and Gloria Turk bought an abandoned 19th century hotel, Friedman’s Shady Lawn Rest Hotel (a prominent gang hangout during Prohibition), and built the old hotel into a family-friendly resort and ranch, slowly adding new amenities over time including indoor and outdoor pools, snow skiing and water skiing.



Guests are invited to arrive anytime after 1pm on their first day to enjoy available facilities. Rooms will be ready by pm. Complimentary changing rooms and luggage storage are offered until the guest room is available. Horseback riding on the arrival day is stand-by basis only. The first included meal is dinner on arrival date, however lunch can be added for an additional charge. Dinner for late arrivals can be arranged in advance. All guests must be registered with occupants&#; names and dates of birth at the Front Desk prior to using any facilities.

Check-out time is am, but guests are welcome to stay on property and enjoy the facilities. See front desk for details.  Meals on the departure day include breakfast and lunch. Late check outs may be available for a fee based on availability.

By making a booking, you are confirming that you are authorized to do so on behalf of all persons named in the booking and you are acknowledging that all members of your party agree to be bound by these Booking Terms & Conditions. You are also confirming that each accommodation being booked will be accompanied by at least one adult age 21 or older.


Ranch alcohol horse rocking

A Hudson Valley Family Getaway: Rocking Horse Ranch

For families looking for a fun weekend getaway near NYC, Rocking Horse Ranch in New York's Hudson Valley is a definite crowd-pleaser in winter or summer. This year-round, all-inclusive resort provides non-stop activities for all ages, including an indoor water park, horseback riding, snow tubing, skiing and even spa services and babysitting, all of which add up to a memorable family getaway less than two hours from NYC.

Read on for our parent review of the resort and useful tips to know before you go.

Family Activities

Every aspect of Rocking Horse Ranch is designed for families. The staff is friendly and attentive, helping visitors navigate what can be a dizzying array of activities for kids and adults. They will help you plan your day, book mealtimes and spa appointments and camps.

Depending on the season and weather, activities include horseback riding, pony rides, swimming, ice skating, tubing, rafting, skiing, bungee cords, horse-drawn sleigh rides, gaming rooms, hikes and playgrounds. Thanks to this year's record warm temperatures, many outdoor winter activities, including skiing and snow tubing, were not in operation when we visited, though my kids were all too happy to spend the majority of their time time in the indoor pool which also featured a water park. Warmed to a balmy 85 degrees, the pool was a perfect place to play with other kids, shimmy down the water slides, splash in the water fountains, challenge themselves on the water walk and ride the thrilling foot long water slide: the Gold Rush Flume.

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The kids spent all morning in the pool, splashing in the water park and braving the Dynamite Alley Water Walk Challenge. Photo by author.

We also took advantage of the resort's ranch specialty, too, and enjoyed multiple horse rides. My husband and 7-year-old daughter opted for the intermediate ride which included walking and trotting. Intermediate riders must be at least 7 years old and have had at least 10 hours previously on a horse. The rides typically last an hour and the trails are beautiful and serene. The ranch doesn't leave out younger kids either. Those under 7 can enjoy a pony ride, which typically last 15 minutes.

The Fun Barn—a large foam structure with a bouncy castle, climbing walls, soft foam balls, and ping-pong tables—was a major hit with the kids, too. The resort also boasts of a brand-new polymer surface rink for ice skating, but we were a bit disappointed. The surface actually made gliding and skating difficult, so it was not our favorite activity.

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Pony rides are available for the little ones and kids over the age of 7 can go on longer trail rides. Photo by author.


In addition to all the activities, Rocking Horse puts on a number of family entertainment options, including marshmallow bonfires and sing-alongs, country line-dancing, character lunches, Wild West shows, magic shows and fireworks. The resort also offers a few adult-only options such as comedy shows and cocktail and wine and cheese parties. These often coincided with the kid shows, so parents were able to drop the kids off for a bit and enjoy some adult company. Other downtime activities include games, cards or taking a break in the lobby (fireside) or watching movies in the lounge.

Children's Programs

Rocking Horse provides supervised children's programming for kids 12 and under, which offers parents an opportunity to enjoy the spa or other activities without little ones in tow. Its Wild Buckaroo's Day Camp is designed for kids ages and is chock-full of activities including mini-golf, pony rides, romps in the indoor water park, face painting and so much more. The Little Tykes Nursery hosts infants and tots (newborn to 5 years), and features age-appropriate entertainment including storytime, crafts and sing-alongs.


Rocking Horse Ranch in an all-inclusive resort, which means everything is included in one price—accommodations, food, activities and entertainment. The resort usually charges a price per room, based on two adults, including a discounted price for children. Be sure to check the resort's website for special deals and discounts.

The few exceptions to the all-inclusive rate are for alcoholic beverages and spa treatments. These items and services are charged separately. Tips for restaurant and other staff are not included.

The accommodations aren't fancy, but they are clean and worked well for us. The Main Lodge offers rooms with either two queen beds, a queen bed with bunk beds or two queen beds with bunk beds. Another option is its new Oklahoma Building where suites offer a queen bed and bunk beds with two bathrooms, but it's located further from the Main Lodge with no Wi-Fi at this time. We usually like to have our kids stay in a separate room, but opted for a Main Lodge room with two queen beds and a bunk bed that worked just fine for our family of four. Expect rustic decor and minimal room amenities. We were happy that we chose to stay in the Main Lodge with the swimming pool and dining hall located so close.

Resort Dining

My husband and I were expecting pretty bland, cafeteria food but were pleasantly surprised that the food was actually good! All the meals are served in the main dining hall. For breakfast and lunch, meals are served buffet style with an array of options. For those with special dietary needs or for especially finicky eaters, the chefs are as accommodating as can be.

Dinner is served by making reservations, but you only have to make reservations once and that time block is yours for your whole stay. There is an la carte menu for dinner that offers several appetizers, salads and entrees options. The dessert buffet really wowed the kids: a chocolate fondue station, half a dozen pies and cakes and an ice cream bar!

Weather permitting, skiing and snow tubing are favorite activities. Photo courtesy of Rocking Horse Ranch.

Good to Know Before You Go

  • Free shuttle service is offered to and from the Poughkeepsie Metro North station, so it is possible to reach without a car.
  • The pool and water park gets packed with kids most afternoons. Visit in the morning or evening hours for a quieter experience.
  • Rooms on the second floor are a bit quieter because you don't hear the noise from children running up and down the hallway.
  • Check-in is at 4pm; however, you can get there earlier and enjoy the facilities even if your room isn't ready.
  • Cribs and roll-away mattresses are available.

Rocking Horse Ranch is located at State Road 44/55 in Highland, New York, about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Midtown Manhattan and 1 hour from central Westchester.

Top photo courtesy of Rocking Horse Ranch.

Rocking Horse Ranch All-Inclusive Family Resort Vacation Day 1 (May 2016)

Is Rocking Horse Ranch All Inclusive?

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort is an all-inclusive resort. You pay one rate for all the food, lodging and activities.

Click to see full answer.

Correspondingly, what is included at Rocking Horse Ranch?

All packages include lodging, meals (beginning with dinner on the arrival day and concluding with lunch on departure), horseback riding, Big Splash indoor water park, use of facilities including our private lake, sports activities, food events, kids' club program for ages 3 and older, seasonal facilities and

Also, what can you do at Rocking Horse Ranch? Hundreds of Activities for the Whole Family, All Year Long

  1. Super Bungee Jumpers & Rock Climbing. See More. Soar 25 feet in the air on our Super Bungee Jumpers and climb all the way to the top of our rock climbing tower.
  2. Outdoor Water Sports. See More.
  3. Mountain Tubing. See More.

Just so, is alcohol included at Rocking Horse Ranch?

Rocking Horse Ranch in an all-inclusive resort, which means everything is included in one price—accommodations, food, activities and entertainment. Be sure to check the resort's website for special deals and discounts. The few exceptions to the all-inclusive rate are for alcoholic beverages and spa treatments.

How many horses does the Rocking Horse Ranch have?



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