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Feed-in braids, also known as French braids or boxer braids (a controversial term fueled by celebrities and female UFC fighters) have been worn by black women for ages, and now we’re seeing a resurgence of the classic hairstyle, featuring two-braid variations. Feed-in braids are essentially cornrows that have extra hair (real or synthetic) fed in little by little so that there’s less hair at the top than at the bottom of the braid—they’re also great for added length. For reference, take a look at the typical two-braid style before we delve into variations. Influencers and celebrities like Hannah Bronfman have been seen sporting the two feed-in braid style, making them even more popular. Their low-maintenance appeal is great for hanging at the beach, running errands, and exercising—or wherever you want, really. (Shout out to our mobile stylists for doing Hannah’s braids shown below).


Two cornrows (aka feed-in braids on Kersti P.)
Hannah Bronfman two feed in braids

Hannah Bronfman with two feed-in braids. Hair by our Yeluchi stylists.

Hannah Bronfman two feed in braids

Hannah Bronfman with two feed-in braids. Hair by our Yeluchi stylists.

Two braids on actress Tia Mowry
Hannah Bronfman two feed in braids

Hannah Bronfman with two feed-in braids. Hair by our Yeluchi stylists.

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[Oh by the way 👋🏾, if you’re thinking about getting a protective style, our short film, Pretty Shouldn’t Hurt, is a must-watch. Also learn all about safeprotective styling here.]

Feed-in Braids vs. French Braids

Feed-in braids are sometimes confused with French braids because of the similar-looking final result. So what’s the difference between French braids and feed-in braids? It’s all about the underhand braiding technique— moving each hair section under the last one instead of over— which makes them pop! In contrast, French braids use the overhand technique and have a wider, flatter appearance. In a way, feed-in braids are reverse French braids, sometimes called Dutch braids, with added hair.

With the terminology clarified, let’s see how this seemingly simple style that actually be worn in many different ways. Here we’ll focus on five variations that add a little flare of creativity to your hair.

Two Feed-in Wrap-Around Braids

A unique look where the hair is parted along a deep curve and each section is braided around the head and joined together at the back. This shouldn’t be hard for your stylist to pull off with just the curve of a comb.

Curved Feed-Ins_Feed-In Styles
Curve Part Feed-In_Feed-in Styles
Curve part two braids


Feed-ins With Curly Ponytail Ends

Here at Un-ruly, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and that’s why we love this playful take on feed-in braids with curly hair added to the ends for a more youthful look. This style is great for kids, too!

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Add Smaller Cornrows to Your Braids

Talk about maximizing your real estate! See how these smaller cornrows have been added to the sides and in between the two larger braids for a more intricate style.

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Here’s a similar variation by Filthy Rich Tresses, in which two narrow cornrows stripe down the middle of the head:


Feed-in Braids Plus Statement Stitch Braids

Stitch braids are similar to cornrows but the slight difference lies in the braiding technique used. A stylist uses their pinky finger and nail to create the sharp, graphic lines seen here.

Gold Stitch Braids_Feed-In Styles
Feed-In With Stitch Braids_Feed-in Styles

Colorful Feed-ins

Spice up your look by adding some color to your feed-ins. Try braiding in a funky color like pink or gold, or opt to dye your hair one color for an even bolder look. The choice is yours.

Colorful Feed-ins_Feed-in Styles
Two cornrows with blonde hair



Now that you know what feed-in braids are and how to style them, give them a try and leave a comment for us below.

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30 Super Hot Cornrow Braid Hairstyles for 2021

Are you looking for a protective hairstyle for natural hair that will turn heads in admiration? If the answer is yes, then you need cornrow braids in your life.

Dating back to ancient Africa, cornrow styles are widely used and adapted by modern-day stylists all over the world. We’re in absolute awe of these 30 different types of cornrows and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Why Choose Cornrow Braids?

Not only do cornrows look stunning but they are also perfect low-maintenance protective hairstyles for natural hair. Braids and cornrows reduce daily tear and wear leading to shrinkage and let you keep your hair in its best condition without putting much effort and product into your hair every day.

Cornrows are braided close to the scalp and often have hair extensions added in for a beautiful length. A cornrow hairstyle can stay in your hair for up to 8 weeks and look fantastic the moment you wake up. The only maintenance it requires is rubbing in oil for scalp health and styling baby hairs.

Below, there is a selection of the best cornrow braid hairstyles to pull off in 2021. Sleek and simple or intricate and with lots of detail – which braid style will you choose?

#1: Feed-In Braids with Cuff Beads

There’s hardly anything more sophisticated than beads – and when they’re added to beautiful feed-in braids with a cool pattern, the look scores top points! Feed-in braids are a way to create an illusion of long cornrow braids. First, you create a starter braid using your natural hair, then add synthetic braiding hair is to create a long cornrow that looks super natural.

#2: Ghana Braids in a Bun

Cornrow braids with buns is a match made in heaven! This feminine and chic braided hairstyle is perfect for braiding and bun enthusiasts alike. The feed-in Ghana cornrow braids are a very popular and sassy style, and wounding them up to create a beautiful bun at the back uplevels the game.

#3: Two Cornrow Hairstyle

This absolutely perfect hairstyle is the best of two worlds, as it has two cornrow braids gently cascading into pretty loose curls. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a goddess, then we couldn’t recommend this creative style enough.

#4: Simple Small Cornrows

When you have cornrows braided, you do not need complicated details for them to look absolutely beautiful. Simple, small cornrows earn women just as much praise as complex African cornrow designs and patterns. Plus, the look is more versatile; therefore, you can style it however you like – pop it into a big ponytail or twist it into a bun – it’s your call!

#5: Simple Ghana Braids

One of the most popular African hairstyles of the last few years, Ghana braids are here to steal your heart. Also often called ‘invisible cornrows’, they create an incredibly awesome look and are very low-maintenance. Summer is the perfect time to try out this sassy hairstyle – especially for its protective qualities that will keep your hair healthy for longer!

#6: Highlighted Artistic Cornrows

These sophisticated scalp braids have a beautiful and artistic design. The crossing cornrows feed into a series of delicate braids, blended with blonde highlights that make them pop! Worn in a thick, side-swept twist, this is the perfect cornrow style for special occasions.

#7: Cornrows into a Large Bun

For a look that pairs ‘elegant’ with ‘eye catching’, pop your cornrows into a large bun at the top of your head. Any hairstyle with a bun on top immediately looks more classy, even though the cornrows will give the style a bit of an edge. Wear it for a special occasion or on a daily basis – it will perfectly work for both! If you’re keen to add a touch of chic, just drop in a few cuff beads.

#8: Creative Halo Braid

If you’re a braiding enthusiast looking to take your cornrows to the next level, you’ve met your perfect braided look. This halo braid is beautiful, sophisticated, and unique – albeit a little more tricky to achieve. You won’t regret a trip to the stylist when what you’re left with is this wonderful pattern against your scalp, will you?

#9: Large Feed-In Cornrows

Probably our favorite of the thick cornrows hairstyles – and why wouldn’t it be? It’s so easy to fall in love with this style! These large feed-in cornrows achieve a classy, feminine and quirky look all in one go. The detail that makes us lust is the gold string that’s been incorporated into a few braids. It’s all about the details!

#10: Beautiful Cornrow Ponytail

We’ve always had a slight obsession with ombré, but ombré cornrows tied into a ponytail? That’s almost too good to be true. These cute cornrows braided into a high pony and lighter on the edges will go perfectly with any summer outfit and you’ll probably shed a few tears when the time comes to say goodbye.

#11: Updo Cornrow Braids

How pretty these braided hairstyles look! If you are looking for a way to add even more glamour to your braids and cornrows, opt for an elegant updo. Versatile and chic and perfect for every kind of occasion, you can’t go wrong!

#12: Elegant Feed-In Cornrows

We love this simple but standout cornrow style. The larger cornrow braids separated by tiny cornrows braided close to the scalp have been designed to go around the head, creating an almost halo effect. The pretty cornrows transition to uniform, side-swept braids that fall prettily onto the shoulder – so feminine, sweet, and fabulous!

#13: Creative Blonde Cornrow Braids

We are here for these big cornrows into messy low buns! The chunky cornrows are slicked back into braids, further twisted into beautiful buns and completed with chopsticks! This high fashion cornrow braided hairstyle is made even more incredible thanks to the butter blonde finish.

#14: Intricate Cornrow Style with Beads on Each Braid

This adorable hairdo will steal your heart (and a lot of looks)! We love the mix of the intricate cornrow design, complete with criss cross braids and twists to complement the hairline. To add the “wow” factor, each braid end has been fitted with a cuff bead, giving an overall playful and feminine look.

#15: Smaller Braids with Twists and a Bun

Who said braid styles cannot have twists and wash-and-go elements in them? This gorgeous and authentic hairstyle is a good example. The combination of tiny cornrows, gold cuff beads, and twists makes a bold statement, while the natural puff bun at the back adds a fun and funky twist. Great if you don’t want to have to choose between your favorite hairstyles for natural hair!

#16: Cornrow Braids into a Faux Hawk

It isn’t all about feed-in and box braids – natural cornrow braid hairstyles can be just as creative and receive just as much praise! Look how this edgy yet elegant updo features side cornrow braids and natural hair texture at the same time. Your scalp can be such an excellent canvas for intricate cornrow design.

#17: Four Large Ghana Braid Buns

If you like how a big cornrow braid looks, these four beautiful Ghana braids braided into low pigtail buns will tick the boxes for you. We absolutely love how easy it is to turn these goddess braids into an elegant, low updo – and there isn’t a better way to deal with loose strands at the nape of your neck.

#18: Straight Back Cornrows with Colour

If you’re looking for ideas on how to jazz up your cornrows that go straight back, adding a bit of color will absolutely do the trick. The easiest way to achieve the look will be by adding bright color braiding hair extensions. You may even not stop with one color – the more hues, the more playful the look!

#19: Cornrow Ponytail with Cuffs

Glam and sophisticated, this is a look that’ll undoubtedly receive a lot of attention. Gold cuffs incorporated into a beautiful high cornrow ponytail is a hairstyle that’ll work for a special occasion – or when you’re in need of a generous amount of compliments!

#20: Large Jumbo Cornrows

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’ll make you look and feel like a princess – then opt for these beautiful large jumbo braids, decorated with gold cuffs and unique patterns. Sophistication, boldness and elegance – those are the qualities we can’t help but think of (with a slight hint of jealousy) when looking at the wonderful braided hairstyles like this.

#21: Half Box Braids, Half Cornrows

For those of you who are keen to give their cornrow hairstyle a bit of an edge, this is is the perfect way to do so. Opt for a pattern that’s quirky and unique, such as this beautiful zigzag and straight-line design. Box braids enhanced with cornrow braids in the front will sure make you stand out from the crowd!

#22: Skinny Braids into a Pony

How cute do these skinny braids look?! We absolutely love them, and if you’re someone who would like to use braids as a base for different hairstyles (a ponytail, a bun, two buns – you name it!), then you’ll love this style too. It’s very versatile and chic, especially if you add one or two pieces of hair jewelry.

#23: Cornrows with Curls and Braids

If you don’t want to take the full plunge into cornrows and braids, then this sexy style is a great way to dip your toe in the water. Keep things simple and funky in the front with half-head cornrows, and then let your natural hair flow in the back with full and bouncing twist-outs. It’s a double win!

#24: Braids and Buns

Incorporating just a few cornrow braids into your hair is a wonderful way to change up your hairstyle without having to commit to the cornrow hairstyles for months. Cornrow braids like these are perfect for someone looking to add just a few small details to their hairdo while also showing off the beauty of lush, thick natural locks.

#25: Straight Back Stitch Braids

Straight-back stitch braids are a simple yet cool way to braid your hair, without having to come up with creative designs and quirky patterns. Excellent if you prefer elegant and neat cornrow hairstyles that will protect your hair from environmental damage. What can we say – sometimes, less is more!

#26: Puka Shell Cornrows and Braids

Puka shells are a natural and authentic alternative to your average bead. When added to these cornrow braids, they create a natural and bohemian statement that will make you feel beautiful and powerful. The braids are worn loose and wild resulting in a unique finish that we love. By the way, have you noticed that two side cornrow braids go in a different direction? Cornrow styles allow for so much experimentation, indeed!

#27: Beautiful Stitch Braid Updo

This is a wonderful example of a successful half-head cornrow style. This stitch braid updo leaves the top of the hair unbraided, achieving a fuller-looking top and a neat lower half of the head. What do we love about it the most? You guessed it! The highlighted curls, of course!

#28: Mohawk with Box Braids

Yes, cornrow braids are super versatile – you can truly style them in a million different ways! For daring women out there, how about turning your box braids into a mohawk? Use some of the braids to create an illusion of a hairband and hide the bobby pins or an elastic you’ve secretly used to fix the style in place. Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone!

#29: Creative Braided Updo

Creative braiding enthusiasts – this is the hairstyle you’ve been waiting for! How about a beautiful and unique half head cornrow braids style that allows you to showcase some of the lushness of your natural hair? And you definitely won’t see the exact same braids on anyone else (always a bonus!).

#30: Side Cornrows and Curls

If this is a look you have not considered yet, then you totally should. This side cornrows hairstyle is for someone who would love to experiment with cornrow braids but would love to show off their voluptuous curls at the same time. Double win!

Each year, hair styling gurus come up with new and exciting ways to style cornrow braids – and we feel eternally grateful for that. Braiding your hair into beautiful cornrows will not only save you hours of precious time you would spend on styling their hair, but will unavoidably earn you praise wherever you go.

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30 Most Stylish Cornrows and Scalp Braids for 2021

Cornrows were invented as a protective female hairstyle that can both help to regrow your curls and save you from the hottest months of the year. So, if you are looking for scalp braids to try out asap, you are in the right place. Read on!

Some facts about cornrow braids:

– Cornrows are braided close to the scalp, so they are often called the SCALP braids.

– It’s difficult to cornrow your hair without the help of a hairdresser. Better book an appointment with your hairstylist.

– Cornrow braids last at least one month and are easy to take care of.

– To create some cornrows braided hairstyles you might need to add extensions to your natural hair.

The selection below will show you the trendiest cornrow hairstyles 2021 for girls, with images and descriptions.

1. Cornrow Lemonade Braids. This scalp braid style didn’t have a name of its own until Beyoncé has released her Lemonade album. It’s a safe alternative for bobs with shaved sides.

2. Cornrow Bun. A bun is the easiest way to style your cornrows for your studies or work. You can transform it into a ponytail in a few seconds.

3. Cornrow Bob. Long cornrows are quite heavy, but a bob is light and playful. Some make bobs with cornrow dreads if their lifestyle is laidback and informal.

4. Cornrows Going Back. This type of cornrows for women looks neat and is acceptable for a formal setting. It accentuates the impeccable shape of the skull and high cheekbones.

5. Half Cornrows. By making it “half” you can easily correct the proportions of your face. It will definitely help you stand out from all the other cornrow styles.

6. Two Cornrow Braids. Typical of diligent and obedient schoolgirls. Please pay attention to the small rings in the braids — adding some zest is easy.

7. Scalp Braids plus Free Curls. A perfect idea to prevent your restless curls from getting into your eyes. Saves you time in the morning, makes hair clips or pins excessive.

8. Side Cornrow Braids. Side cornrows are a smart alternative to your regular scalp braids running back. If you want to play with asymmetry, here’s a great solution.

9. Ponytail Stitch Braids. Strike a pose and show off your chunky stitch cornrow braids styled up into a pretty ponytail. This is one of the trending cornrows braids styles of the moment. Lace in small cornrows in-between the larger stitch braids for a captivating effect.

10. Cornrow Updo with Curls. Such a cute updo creates an impish and feminine impression at the same time. Use hairbands, ribbons, or tiaras to hold your hair.

11. Four Cornrow Braids. Actually, 4 cornrows or 6 cornrows — the number doesn’t matter as long as there is an impressive braided design on your scalp. You choose.

12. Cornrows in Front & Box Braids in Back. Cornrows and box braids allow you to experiment with multilayered hairstyles. Your hairdo will keep its shape for days without spray or gel.

13. Side Cornrows aka Lemonade Braids. One of the most flirtatious cornrow styles for women. Choose it for your prom, birthday, or cocktail party. Pair it with lash extensions and high heels.

14. Cornrow Goddess Braids. These two massive cornrows symbolize a crown on the head of a queen or a goddess. Such an impressive hairstyle may require a lot of extensions.

15. Half-Cornrows Half-Curls. Searching for different ways to style cornrows? Check out this cornrows braided hairstyle with curls. A fanciful way to reveal your natural curls while keeping your hair off your face with dazzling side cornrows braids to the back.

16. Cute Pink Cornrows. With cornrows, you don’t need to stick to your natural hair color. You can try pink, blue, ash-blond, or any other daring shade.

17. Low Bun for Stitch Cornrows. You don’t have to spend hours in your stylist’s chair for your hair to look marvelous every day. Though simple and laid-back, her cornrow braids style is eye candy. The updo with baby hair gives her a super-classy look.

18. Simple Big Cornrows. A simple and less time-consuming cornrows hairstyle. Boost that seductively innocent statement with these super-stylish big stitch cornrows. A nude make-up will subtly enhance the allure. Don’t forget to style baby hairs.

19. Cornrow Braided Ponytail. Makes you look taller, skinnier, and younger. You can do without an elastic band and wrap the ponytail with a couple of your braids.

20. High Bun Cornrows. Check these polished medium-sized cornrows. You can drop the braids down in a classic ponytail hairstyle or wear it up in a high bun for a more formal majestic queen look.

21. Twist Cornrows. The twisted version adds a dynamic flair to your look. Match it with sporty outfits. Gold or silver accessories will be a plus.

22. Cornrows and Goddess Braids. Cool, no-hair-out-of-place stitch cornrows. The large back braids deliver a fascinating look. The smaller straight and zigzag cornrows in-between make for a gorgeously intricate and classy cornrows style. Use extensions to give extra length and thickness to your braids.

23. Jumbo Stitch Cornrows. Too busy (ok, make that lazy) to be bothered with styling your hair daily? These protective goddess braids styled into a ponytail are what you need. A versatile, low-maintenance, get-up-and-go cornrow hairstyle.

24. Cornrow Box Braids. Cornrows plus long box braids are an amazing combination. Enjoy the length and volume of your new hairdo, and feel free to weave in a few strands of another color.

25. Half-Cornrows Half-Braids Updo. This is a popular African cornrow hairstyle for women. The versatile small cornrows are a showstopper anytime anywhere. Cornrow braids are usually elongated with extensions for additional glitz and easy styling. Wrap the ends up in a bun or let it down in a ponytail – versatility and perfection in one style.

26. Half Cornrows Half Kinky Twists. A fun and fancy way to get the best of both worlds. This sophisticated cornrow hairstyle is a marriage of cornrow braids and curly kinky twists. A perfect hairstyle for both formal events and casual outings.

27. Mohawk Cornrows. A regular Mohawk might look brash and even aggressive. But its cornrows counterpart is gentler and chicer.

28. Straight Back Cornrows for Casual Wear. Your hair doesn’t have to be thick or have much volume to recreate this style. It’s comfortable for everyday life and looks sophisticated at the same time.

29. Jumbo Cornrows. Jumbos are supposed to be big cornrows, but their thickness should depend on your facial features. Jumbos produce a great impression in buns and intricate hairdos.

30. Stitch Braided Cornrows. This look is a cute blend of different braid styles. We see here Fulani-like side braids, thick Ghana cornrows (also known as Banana braids), and thin scalp braids. Mix and play with braids you like the most!

So, these were the trending cornrows for the year 2021. Hopefully, this selection of cornrow designs will give you enough inspiration to choose your unique style. Feel free to experiment with braids and extensions, but make sure your braider is skilled and experienced enough. Cornrow hairstyles are always a great idea because they attract a lot of attention and match well with trendy clothing. Cornrow braid styles will help you produce an indelible impression on your family, friends, and colleagues!


20 Two Cornrow Styles to Stay Glamorous in 2021

Two cornrow styles must be on the top of your hairstyling list because they are pretty easy to style and look gorgeous. In addition to that, they require the least maintenance and can be designed pretty quickly. So, stop wasting time on whatever hairstyles you have in mind and start braiding!


Who Should Try Two Cornrows?

Cornrow braids have been around for many years as a wildly popular hairstyle for African American women. Therefore, it has proven its fair share of quality control and all that is left is that you employ them for your upcoming event.

Moreover, this style works best for African American women with thick and kinky hair that can hold this design in place for a while longer. However, other hair types can enjoy this style but for a shorter period of time because it might become loose.


Two Cornrow Styles That Suit Every Season

two cornrow braid styles for all season

The best designs range from cute cornrow braids peeking from below your wool hat on cold winter days to plaits that stay out of your face on hot summer days. Due to the high convenience of this design, it has spread out like a flu virus among everybody. On the other hand, choosing the design that is perfect for you can be a tricky task. So, we have compiled this shortlist of the top 20  two cornrow styles to end your searching spree!


Tools You Will Need

However, before you begin let us go over the tools you will need to make this dreamy style come to life.

  1. Hairbrush
  2. Elastic rubber bands.
  3. Hairspray or Mousse or any kind of fixative product.
  4. Styling clips (optional) if you want to add some kind of flair.


Detailed Step By Step Procedure

So, now just one more step before you get introduced to the top two cornrow styles. Let us get to know – how to really cornrow our hair.

  1. Wash or hair or spritz some water on it to dampen it.
  2. Brush your hair to get rid of all the unwanted knots and tangles.
  3. Part your hair into two sections with the help of sectioning clips or elastic bands.
  4. Moisturize your hair with cream for smoother braiding.
  5. Divide each section into three subsections and start braiding.
  6. Secure the ends with an elastic band.
  7. Add a strand of hair after every two stitches in case you are working with hair extensions.

And if these steps were not enough for your imagination, we’ve got you covered with this amazing DIY tutorial video to guide you through the whole process.


Most Popular Two Cornrows for 2021

Now that you know how to cornrow your hair, here are the best cornrow braids you can try.

1. Black and Yellow 

two cornrows with weave

Add interesting contrast to your two cornrows with weave. Honey blonde looks cool with black hair, for instance. Fasten the weave to the top of the scalp and braid it into french braids for a touch of edge on an otherwise sweet style. 


2. Headband Double Braids 

This soft hairstyle uses double braids to frame the face in a headband fashion. We love this look on younger girls, though women of all ages can try it out for a romantic occasion. Leave the rest of the hair down for an easy vibe.


3. Pop of Purple

two thick cornrow braids

Whether you are creating French braids or two thick cornrow braids, a pop of neon is perfect for super dark hair. You could dye half of your hair or simply find some beautiful pieces in your favorite bright color. 


4. Curly Pigtails 

The contrast between these two cornrows with curly ends is truly something to admire. Make sure hair is totally smooth up top before attempting these tight braids. As your hair reaches the back of the neck, loosen your braids so luxurious curls fall over your shoulders. 


5. Gold Beads 

Hair jewelry is all the rage these days. They take a nice, simple style and make it one of a kind. Gold is ideal for contrasting with dark hair and drawing the eye inwards. Create a classic chignon at the back of the head for formal occasions or a work environment.


6. Zebra Cornrows 

Instead of creating a basic part in between your two cornrow braids, try something a little different. These horizontal cornrows are done in a zebra fashion for a truly impressive look. Time and patience are all you need. 


7. Blonde Feed In

Using extensions is the easiest way to create this two feed in cornrows look. Try adding hair that is just one or two shades off from your regular color for interesting dimension. These braids are done at a slight angle so they curve with the natural shape of your scalp.


8. Side Part Braid with Edges

Perfect, sleek, and shiny; these two cornrow braids with side part are a must-try. Create a sloping side part so that one of the braids creates a sort of crown along the top of the forehead. It’s so soft and feminine. Instead of hiding edges, define them for a truly beautiful look. 


9. Braid Crown

Braid crowns may be simple but they are always chic. Wear one for a wedding or any occasion that you desire. Simply create two braids starting at the temples and pin them underneath the nape of the neck.


10. When Cornrow Meets Dutch Braids

Dutch Braid Two Cornrow hairStyle for girl

By choosing the middle line that goes all the way from your forehead to the back of your neck as the focal axis of your design, you would be making a bold fashion statement. So just braid your hair from the center and towards your ears in a jagged cornrow pattern.

After that, you can spice it up a little with this edgy schoolgirl look by attaching pre-braided Dutch plaits to the ends of your cornrows.

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11. Double Buns

Double Bun Two Cornrow Style for girl

As you grow older, pigtails can no longer suit you. However, if you are way too fond of this style and can’t let it go here’s a tip up to offer it with an ample update. So, all you need to do is tie the braided hair left at the back of your head into two cute buns to create this sporty yet chic look!


12. Eternally Stylish

Asian women Two Cornrow hairstyle

For hairstyling enthusiasts who are craving for eternally stylish two cornrow styles, this is your ultimate choice. Because throughout the centuries the white and black combination has been the only color combo to never go out of style.

Because the crazy contrast created from these two impeccable hues can get anyone to awe in shock and admiration. So, after getting your hair these white highlights you need to twist your cornrows diagonally backward to recreate the design illustrated in the photo above.


13. Crazily Combined

For girls who are not big fans of the cute and girly designs, here is something edgy to keep you rolling. So, instead of the cliché two originally based cornrow styles, this design goes ahead and breaks the sacred rule by starting off with 6 braids. However, it keeps the same two braid concept by combining each 3 braids in the back of your head into one big cornrow.

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14. Asymmetrical Updo

Asymmetrical updo with Two Cornrow hairstyle

Good News!! If you are in a mood for an updo, two cornrow styles look as good up as they look down. So, with this cute updo shown in the photo above as an example, you can get inspired. In addition to that, this design creates a sense of movement with its dynamic twisted cornrows that originate asymmetrically from the middle of your head.

Tip: This design works for both casual and formal events!

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15. Big and Small Cornrows Hairstyle

Having hairstyles with two cornrows sure is glamorous, but why settle for that when you can have this lovely and exquisite hairstyle. The big cornrows run straight and smooth through your head while there are multiple twisting and turning small cornrows between two adjacent big ones.

There is an intricate pattern made from these sweeping and sharply pulled aside cornrows which make the scalp stand out more than other cornrows hairstyles. The big cornrows are not joined in one, later on, rather they are left individually after completion of each cornrow’s braiding. This is a hairstyle for long hair, so if you have long hair and want to have an attractive and cool hairstyle then this one is best for you.


16. Red Cornrows with Zigzag Parting

Red Two Cornrows with Zigzag Parting

Cornrows are attractive and cool, but they enter a whole new arena of beauty and attractiveness when they are in red. The lovely red color is the only thing that you need to stand out from others more while having cornrows made in your hair. The thick cornrows are stylish and easy to put together as you will need to make only 3 or 4 cornrows as opposed to making multiple small ones.

The zigzag parting makes sure that everyone knows that you have an unbending resilient soul that refuses to be caged. Do try this one if you feel bold enough to have a new cool hairstyle of this magnitude.


17. Jumbo Cornrow Style

This is another one of those styles, which have more than two cornrow braids as there are multiple long braids running down. The scalp is pulled tight to make these cornrows neat and attractive, however, the scalp shown in this one is less than other cornrow styles.

The hair here is black and shiny which makes these cornrow braids look more lovely and healthy. This jumbo cornrow style is extremely simple and has no fussy details about it. You need to spend more time on it and it hardly requires any products to stay in shape which makes it even more irresistible.


18. Honey Blond Style

This honey blond jumbo cornrows hairstyle is one of the best choices for you if you are simple and sophisticated but have a cool sense of style. The honey blond touch to the otherwise plain and simple cornrow braids is a great confidence booster for you.

This is an effective way of showing that you have a strong imagination and will not stop pursuing your heart no matter what. You just need to color the cornrow braids while the rest of your hair stays in its natural form.


19. Red Cornrows and Stars

Red Two Style Cornrows with Stars

Want to go all red and glamorous with a hairstyle update? If yes then this is where you can get the true inspiration from. The hair is dyed an attractive and irresistible red while thick cornrow braids are made out of it. Every pair of two cornrow braids lying next to each other has small stylish and highly impressive stars between the braids.

The base is of your natural hair color and the stars have this color more visible in them which gives this whole hairstyle a very cool and artistic feel.


20. Cornrows with Platinum Crochet Hair

Two Cornrows with Platinum Crochet Hair

Gone are the days when people had cornrows just to get their hair out of their faces. Now cornrows are more of a style and glamour thing which means that they can be modified to the hairstyle that you love. The platinum crochet on top of the small and sleek cornrow braids is very contrasting and highly attractive. This hairstyle surely encourages you to go unconventional and glamorous, doesn’t it?


With any of the two cornrow hairstyles demonstrated above, we guarantee you will be flawless. Which one you’re going to try? Let us know in the comments.


Cornrow hairstyles two

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SIMPLE Protective Style - Slick Down 2 Cornrow Braids and Low Bun on Short 4C Natural Hair Tutorial

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