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Tenacious Transformers Coloring Page Printables!

Cool Brawny Transformers Coloring Page Printables. Easy Transformers coloring pictures or a hard Transformer coloring sheet to color. Safe boys coloring of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee...

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Transformers Coloring Page

Transformers Artwork by Hasbro Toys

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Transformers Masterpiece
By Kenneth YM Leong

Transformers G1 was one of the biggest cartoon shows back in the 80's.

It continues to be popular amongst their loyal fans to this day.

This is evidenced by the hugely successful Transformers movies franchise recently released. To capitalize on this fame, Hasbro Toys and Tomy from Japan have released a new line of Transformers toys called Transformers Masterpiece.
Transformers Masterpiece is basically a revamped version of the original toys you fell in love with from Transformers Generation 1. These new toys have been beautifully designed and are bigger than the versions they were originally released in.
These toys are generally manufactured in Japan and then distributed throughout the world. However, these days there is a large secondary market on online stores such as E-bay.
These range have a lot of fans from the older generation of that grew up watching the cartoons and are now adults.

Amongst the popular Transformers characters to be released as part of the Transformers Masterpiece line are:

  • Optimus Prime (cardboard trailer)
  • Ultra Magnus
  • Starscream
  • Optimus Prime (die cast/plastic trailer)
  • Megatron
  • Skywarp
  • Thundercracker
  • Grimlock

These versions of the collectible toys have two key disadvantages which are:
They are slightly bigger and as such are more difficult to transform from vehicle to robot mode.
They are more expensive than other toys of around the same size.

That being said, if you're a big fan of Transformers, then toys are a great way for you to remember the characters you grew up with and at the same time maybe starting a new hobby.

Transformers Game Heroes and Villians: Autobot Coloring - Decepticon Printable

Autobot Transformers Coloring Sheet

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Transformers Picture of Ironhide - Transformers Coloring Sheet of Ratchet

Ironhide Transformers Coloring Picture

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Ratchet Transformers Coloring Pages Free

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Jumbo 8x10 Coloring Pages to Print Help

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Open Folder - Print Full (8x10) Page - Enjoy Coloring!

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How To Make A Transformers Coloring Book Collection...

Skids - Mudflap and Cliffjumper Transformers Colouring Pages To Print Out

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Free printable Autobot coloring pages

Autobot coloring pages are images of a team of brave and peaceful robots, presented in a colorless version. They were created many millennia ago by the god Primus. The world of autonomous giants was shaken and split into two irreconcilable armies. Their main enemy was the aggressive Decepticons, because of them the transformers had to leave their home planet Cybertron and land on Earth in search of the necessary energy. In moments of threat, they transform into war machines equipped with weapons of incredible power. Now the task of the heroes is to protect humanity from the destructive invasion of their opponents. Autobots have become characters in many comics, animated series, games and films, but only coloring will allow you to paint your favorite warrior with your own hand and add your own additions to the image.

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Written by Kelly Bounce
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Free Printable Transformers Coloring Pages. These cool robots will entertain you more on these coloring pages.

The conflict between Autobots and Decepticon is extremely good to follow. Other than that, the characterization in Transformers is on another level of greatness. Thus, The Transformers becomes one of the popular shows in the world. Started in 1975, The Transformer is never losing its magic. In fact, the live-action version has become a franchise that results in millions of US dollars. Therefore, we want to dedicate this page to them. On this page, we provide you with numerous Transformers coloring pages and also cool facts about them. Lastly, hope you enjoy these.

Transformer Cool Facts

World Idol

Optimus Prime as a leader of the Autobots is one of the most-liked characters by many world leaders. In fact, there is a statue of Optimus Prime in Kunming City, Yunan, China. The locals said that the statues will remind the young to become a good leaders like Optimus Prime.

The transformer is From Japan

Judging by looks and storyline, it is hard to realize that Transformer was coming from Japan. The American style actually happened because of the decision of Hasbro. Hasbro chose to use Marvel writers to create the background of Autobots and contribute to the animation production. However, these created a copyright problem for Transformers toys in the US and Japan

VS He-Man

The popularity of He-Man inspired Hasbro to make its own toy. Just like He-Man that popular through comic and tv shows, Hasbro also created an animation-based toy. Thus, Hasbro released Transformer based on a Japanese toy.

Optimus Prime Never Die

If you only watched Michael Bay’s Transformer, you may shock by Optimus’ death scene in the second movie. But, if you are a hardcore fan of Transformer, it was not a big deal anymore. In the animation, comic, live series, etc., Optimus Prime had been death for 25 times and always came back alive.

Transformer Coloring Pages

Bumble Bee, Optimus and Megatron

free printable transformer coloring pages just print a
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Dinobot Triceratops Coloring Page

transformers coloring pages at getdrawings free for
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Starscream Coloring Page

free printable transformer coloring pages for kids cool2bkids
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The Optimus Prime Coloring Page

coloring book 39 marvelous transformer coloring book free
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Autobot Ready to Action

transformers coloring pages print or download for free for
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The Last Prime

transformers prime coloring pages bumblebee jarvis varnado
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Autobot Stand Still

transformers coloring pages print or download for free for
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Autobot Transformers Coloring Page

coloring sheets of transformers transmissionpress
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Optimus Shoot Coloring Page

free transformer optimus prime coloring pages download free
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The Optimus Prime

coloring book 39 marvelous transformer coloring book free
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Optimus, Leader of Autobots

free printable transformer coloring pages clip art library
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Bumble Bee Transformers Coloring Page

transformers coloring pages transformers coloring pages
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Optimus Prime Animation Coloring Page

transformers coloring pages pdf interesantecosmetice
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Starscream of Decepticon Coloring Page

transformers coloring pages starscream transformers
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The Autobot Optimus Prime Comic

transformer coloring pages photo 1 the sun flower pages
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Transformers Coloring Pages Bumblebee Superfresco

transformers coloring pages bumblebee superfresco
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Robot Transformer Coloring Page

transformers coloring book picture pusat hobi
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Optimus Prime

free transformers coloring pages picture 6 550x687 picture
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Bumblebee Beetle Coloring Page

bumblebee transformers coloring page bee coloring pages
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20 Popular Transformers Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

Recommended Articles:

Children are always attracted to magic, tricks, super-powers, exaggerated and overwhelming characters that represent enormous power and influence. This is why, superheroes have such a huge influence on their young and creative minds.

Evolution of transformers:

Transformers is a branded toy line from Hasbro which is hugely popular among toddlers and pre teens. Even a film series was produced by Steven Spielberg based on these toy line which further made transformers a household name.

Bring Superheros on your child’s page:

Children are hugely attracted to these transformers and if you provide them with coloring sheets with the pictures of transformers, they will readily agree to do the coloring and it will be easier for you to indulge them in recreational and creative activity.

Top 20 Transformers Coloring Pages For Toddlers:

Here are the top 20 printable transformers coloring pages to kindle interest among children:

1. The Transformer Power:

Transformers are auto robots or shortly called auto bots and look like huge vehicles. The picture of transformer in this coloring page is in quite detailed. This will give your child enough practice to color within the limits of the intricate linings in the picture and also bring out the expected character.


2. The Lone Fighter:

This transformer with planet earth in his hand looks destructive and powerful. Children love such action-oriented pictures and although difficult, their attraction towards the theme keeps them hooked to coloring and will make them complete the whole picture.

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3. It’s War Time:

With two and more transformers, fighting with their unique automatic weapons the overall scene in this coloring page is quite dramatic and attracts the young transformer fans to color and bring more life to the picture.

4. Reading Transformer:

The picture shows a big transformer reading a book whereas couple of his team men are checking some machines. Many buttons, gadgets along with transformers are present in the picture that the young children find attractive. Adding color to such  pages, give the sketch more life and character which the children find quite amazing.

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5. Tall and Small:

This picture has two transformers; one is huge and tall whereas the other is shorter. Despite the fact that the two are similar, their facial expressions makes them quite unique. Certainly, it is an interesting combination in one picture!

6. Hi-Tech Operations:

In this coloring page, the transformers are doing what they are meant for- operating high tech machines and gadgets and running a complete network of automation. Children find such activities quite amusing.

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7. Transformer At Repairing:

Here the transformer is seen checking a particular machine with tools used for repairing at close distance. You can explain several things to your child when he is coloring this page. This will introduce him to the various tools that are used in repairing activity.

8. Transformer Caught In A Storm:

This coloring page shows rain, storm and the transformer walking on uneven grounds balancing his way out. This is quite an interesting picture in which the transformer for a change seems to be at the mercy of nature.

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9. Putting Down The Enemy:

This transformer coloring page shows a big transformer challenging a comparative smaller auto bot. The whole activity is evident through the expressions on the face of the transformer and the pose of the smaller auto bot. Children will be introduced to a new perspective of fighting through this page.

10. Planning A War:

The coloring page shows few transformers surrounding a table with a big map. It seems that they are all planning an attack on particular place and deciding their plan of work. The transformers are standing in different poses which gives the children ample scope to color different line works and sketches in one picture.

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11. Star Scream:

Star Scream Seeks to replace Megatron as leader of Decepticons. He is ruthless, cold-blooded, and cruel. He considers himself to be the most sophisticated and handsome of Decepticons. He also believes that Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute force to defeat the Autobots. Fastest flyer of group, he can easily reach Mach 2.8 and an altitude of 52 miles. He is great at shooting cluster bombs and null-rays which disrupts the flow of electricity. He is very good at what he does but is overconfident and arrogant.

It is good to be an all-rounder but it is also important to have some modesty. Your child will be amazed to see his super human abilities and will perhaps wished that he belonged to Autobots!

12. Transformer Masks:

Your child will enjoy coloring these interesting Transformers mask. Their magic touch and creativity will make the masks look even brighter. You can ask him to use pastel shade on the background so that the masks look prominent. This can make a great poster for your child’s superhero themed room!

13. BumbleBee:

Bumblebee is small, eager and brave. Bumblebee acts as a messenger and spy, his small size gives him the added advantage to go to places where others won’t dare to go. He idolizes bigger autobots like Optimus Prime and Prowl and struggles hard to get their acceptance. He is energetic and can go underwater to complete some missions. Though he is not strong physically his stealth makes up for his weakness. He is also serious and mature and has a mind of an autobot. A Bumblebee can tolerate extreme hot and cold temperatures and can adapt under water.

The character of Bumblebee is very inspiring and it will teach your child to use his talents to the maximum extent and in benefit to humankind. We all have flaws but it is important to be sincere and make up for it!

14. Transformer’s Favorite Car:

Transformers travel in stylish cars when they go to fight. Sometime transformers morph themselves into high speeding cars that often act as weapons.

Some super cars used by Transformers are Tyrell P34, Porsche 928, Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari 308 GTB. After all a super hero story is incomplete without stylish and high speed cars. The one shown below is the picture is a powerful Chevrolet.

Your child who is a big fan of speed and thrills and action will love coloring this picture. You can pin it up as a poster for your car freak kid.

15. Megatron:

Megatron is the primary antagonist from the Transformers franchise and is created by Hasbro. He is a toy design based on the design by Takara. He is a sentinent robotic life form from the planet Cybertron. He is a leader of the Decepticons, the enemy of Autobots.

He can transform into various weapons and vehicles based on which Universe he is seen in. Megatron is a fallen hero who rose up from the oppressed class of Kaons to become the leader of region’s illegal death matches. He took the name of Megatron so that the masses can chant his name and he can create an aura around his name. He tried to end Cybertron’s caste system and give the down trodden the freedom of self-determination.

Megatron unleashed a whole new tyranny in Cybertron. He is ambitious, powerful, charismatic, violent and full of rage. He can’t tolerate anyone who stands in his path of ambition and drive.The main anger towards Optimus is due to the fact that Optimus Prime betrayed him by stealing from the council the rank of Prime, which legally belonged to Megatron. He was killed in the hand of Optimus Prime and was reformatted into Galvatron.

Your child will enjoy coloring the minute details in this picture, which will sharpen his observation skills and creative thinking.

16. Optimus Prime:

Optimus Prime is a character from the Transformer’s franchise. He is the prime leader of the Autobots. Autobots are a group of transforming robots from the planet called Cybertron. The Autobots are always fighting against Decepticons. Optimus is a wise, powerful, courageous and compassionate leader who puts his talent into good use by improving the Universe around him. He is shown as the protector of life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth. He also has a strong sense of justice and righteousness.

Your child will look up to Optimus Prime and will want to become a great leader like him when he grows up. If your child is a great fan of Optimus Prime and has a range of Optimus toys then your child will definitely enjoy coloring this picture.

17. Iron Hide:

Iron Hide is the name of several fictional characters in Transformers franchise. Iron Hide was named after the television series Ironsides. Iron Hide was originally depicted as black’72 GMC. Other than being Optimus Prime’s bodyguard he was seen fighting as a warrior with or without Optimus Prime. He was an officer who led the team of autobots and he developed a friendly bond with autobus’s human allies.

When Iron Hide was not fighting wars he was constructing vast bridges that connect Cybertron’s many city states. When the civil war took place on the fictional planet Cybertron between Autobots and Decepticon factions then Iron Hide joined Autobot cause.

18. Transformer and His Pet:

This Transformer is equipped with huge guns and is ready for war, to help him to gain victory his pet Searchlight comes along.

Searchlight is a creature of the night. He cruises the Earth with the curiosity of a cat. Nothing is too insignificant or irrelevant escapes his notice. He is a loner and keeps to himself. Searchlight is equipped with awesome features like it has a top row of headlights equipped with stereoscopic digital video cameras, spectroscopic chemical analyzer, and radiation detector. The bottom lights can produce strobe effect, full color spectrum with blinding 10,000 watt brightness.

19. Police Car:

Your child must have watched Police in cartoons and films, so he will be aware that police helps to maintain law and order in the country and arrests criminals. They are just like the super heroes who fight enemies that cause harm to people and protect mankind from evil forces.

The red and blue sirens on police cars immediately draw attention and the word instills and unknown fear in the minds. But since children love cars and perceive police as friends and protector, they will love coloring this police car!

20. Transformers Too Have Emotions:

Transformers are not just robotic creatures who only fight with guns and repair gadgets; they are capable of emotions too! Here we see a romantic picture of a transformer showering affection on his girlfriend, who is also a female transformer.

This is a very cute picture and your child will enjoy coloring it!

Superheroes and robots fascinate little children. It makes them curious and they tend to research and find out more about their superheroes. Encourage your child to find out more about these Transformer characters, since this makes them feel close to the heroes they admire. You will be really surprised when you see that your child has a vast knowledge about all the Transformer characters, be a patient listener. Don’t forget to appreciate his work and spend quality time with him, even when your child is busy coloring!

Share your memorable experiences on these free transformers printable coloring pages to color and download.

Hope you liked our free printable transformers coloring pages online. Don’t forget to tell us how your toddler enjoyed transformers coloring sheets in the comment section below:

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Free Printable Transformers Coloring Pages For Kids

Transformers is a popular entertainment franchise co-produced between Takara Tomy, the Japanese toy company and the American Hasbro company. It was originally developed by Hasbro as a brand consisting of rebranded and renamed transforming toys from the Microman and Diaclone toy lines from Takara. The Transformers toy lines including a wide range of transforming alien robots marked the beginning of the franchise. The transforming robots are divided into two groups, the Autobots and Decepticons who fight with each other in an eternal struggle between good and evil. The franchise has introduced numerous animations, video games, comic books and films since it was first created.

Children love robots and with the Transformers coloring pages they can take part in the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons while learning about drawing and coloring. Here is a collection of some of the best Transformers coloring pages that are both fun and educative.

Coloring Page Transformers

Coloring Page Transformers

Coloring Pages For Transformers

Coloring Pages For Transformers


Coloring Pages of Transformers

Coloring Pages of Transformers

Coloring Pages Transformers

Coloring Pages Transformers

Printable Transformer Coloring Pages

Printable Transformer Coloring Pages

Printable Transformers Coloring Pages

Printable Transformers Coloring Pages

Transformer Cloring Pages

Transformer Cloring Pages

Transformer Color Pages

Transformer Color Pages

Transformer Coloring Pages For Kids

Transformer Coloring Pages For Kids

Transformer Coloring Pages To Print

Transformer Coloring Pages To Print

Transformer Printable Coloring Pages

Transformer Printable Coloring Pages

Transformers Animated Coloring PagesTransformers Bumblebee Coloring Pages

Transformers Cloring Page

Transformers Cloring Page

Transformers Cloring Pages

Transformers Cloring Pages

Transformers Color Pages

Transformers Color Pages

Transformers Coloring Pages For Kids

Transformers Coloring Pages For Kids

Transformers Coloring Pages Online

Transformers Coloring Pages Online

Transformers Coloring Pages To Print

Transformers Coloring Pages To Print

Transformers Optimus Prime Coloring Pages

Transformers Optimus Prime Coloring Pages

Transformers Prime Coloring Pages

Transformers Prime Coloring Pages

Transformers Printable Coloring Pages

Transformers Printable Coloring Pages

Bumblebee Transformers Coloring Pages

Bumblebee Transformers Coloring Pages

The popularity of the franchise received a boost from the release of the 2007 film with the same name. It became a box office success and was followed by two sequels. The transforming robots from the series make interesting subjects for kid’s coloring pages as they allow children to use their imagination while filling the pictures with suitable colors.

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Autobot. Bumblebee Transformers. Bumblebee Coloring page.

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Faca Transformer Coloring Page | Coloring papers

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