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Guitar tabs for beginners need to be easy and fun. In this free lesson you&#;ll learn some iconic riffs and licks. Let&#;s crank it up!

This free guitar lesson includes:

  • 20 iconic guitar riffs which sound great and are easy to play
  • 20 videos to help you master each tab
  • These tabs cover a wide variety of genres and will help you develop your lead guitar skills

Ready? Let&#;s do it. 🙂

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Guitar tabs for beginners need to strike the right balance between simplicity and musicality; they have to be easy to play but sound good too.

It can be difficult to find tabs that match that criteria so we put together this list to make things easier for you. Enjoy!

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Beat It&#; by Michael Jackson

This is one of the best guitar tabs for beginners because the riff is awesome and it&#;s not super-difficult to play. It&#;s uses our trusty Minor Pentatonic scale and sounds great.

Let&#;s listen to the track before we look at the tab.

The main riff looks like this:

guitar tabs for beginners

Here&#;s a video explaining how to play it:

Notes on how to play this guitar tab

  • Practice it SLOWLY. Get it right. Gradually increase the speed. Practicing slowly and correctly is the best way to build muscle memory.
  • The tricky part with this riff is jumping from the A string to the G string, as you have to skip over the D string. Look at the strings while making this change.
  • Practice playing the A string then go to the G string. This helps you get used to jump.
  • Pay attention to whether you&#;re plucking up or down with the guitar pick. (For example, when going from the G to the D string you may find it easier to be plucking up, so the pick is travelling in the direction you need to go. Plucking away from the direction of travel can make things more difficult.)

If you want to learn a lot more about lead guitar, check out this article:

How To Play Lead Guitar: The Ultimate Guide

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Sunshine Of Your Love&#; by Cream

This is one of the very best guitar tabs for beginners. A big fat iconic riff that&#;s easy to play. Turn up your amp and channel Clapton in &#;67!

Let&#;s listen to the riff before we look at the tab:

The part we&#;re going to focus on is the intro riff:

guitar tabs for beginners

Watch Jack explain how to play this riff in this video:

Tab notes

  • Practice it SLOWLY. Get it right. Gradually increase the speed. Practicing slowly and correctly is the best way to build muscle memory. (This is so important I thought I&#;d repeat it!)
  • Pay attention to the bit when you cross strings.
  • Make sure you take each part of the riff really slow.

Download our lead guitar cheat-sheet to make things easier

It can be disorientating for guitarists to understand which scales work with which keys.

With this in mind, we created a cheat-sheet; a key and scale-finder that you can use again and again.

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Seven Nation Army&#; by The White Stripes

Here&#;s another awesome riff from a great rock band. (They made a lot of noise considering there was only two of them!)

This is one of my favourite guitar tabs for beginners because it sounds great and it&#;s all played on one string.

The riff we&#;re going to be focusing on is the main riff at the start. Here&#;s the tab:

easy guitar tabs for beginners

In this video I explain a bit more about each part of the riff:

Notes on how to play this guitar tab

The tricky part of this riff is deciding which fingers you need to use, I tend to use my 1st finger on the 7th fret to start with, then stretch up to the tenth with my pinky, after this I use just my first finger on the rest of the riff.

However, if you&#;re a total guitar newbie you can certainly play it with just one finger. Try both and see what feels best for you!

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Come As You Are&#; by Nirvana

Guitar tabs for beginners don&#;t get much moodier than this. The main riff in this song is so cool.

Here&#;s the tab for the iconic riff:

best guitar tabs for beginners

Check out this video to see Jack explain how to play it:

Notes on how to play this guitar tab

  • The tricky aspect of this riff is playing the 2nd fret then going to the open A string. Consider practicing just that part as it will increase your fluidity.

With any riff, it&#;s always really important to practice the parts you are struggling with, even though it may seem difficult you simply need to build the muscle memory.

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Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Day Tripper&#; by The Beatles

Another one of my favourite guitar tabs for beginners, this one has a truly awesome riff. Dial up the gain on your amp and hear how wild it sounds. So cool.

This riff is quite similar to &#;Beat It&#; by Michael Jackson and it uses the same scale and some open strings.

indie guitar tabs for beginners

Watch this video to see Jack explain how to play this riff:

Notes on how to play this guitar tab

As always: Practice it SLOWLY. Get it right. Gradually increase the speed. Practicing slowly and correctly is the best way to build muscle memory.

There are two elements to this riff which can be tricky:

  1. The first part is going between each string, your accuracy needs to be on point. When you first learn this riff, play SLOWLY.
  2. Secondly, when the riff goes from the 2nd fret on the A string to the 4th fret on the D string, this can be a bit of stretch, so make sure you take your time and relax with it.

You may need to move your wrist forwards or backwards to make this riff comfy. Make sure your forearm is free to move. (Not resting on your thigh or tucked into your torso. Remember, we play chords with our whole left arm, not just the fingers on our left hand.)

Check out this article from the NME with &#;Sunshine Of Your Love&#; featured in the Top 50 Greatest Guitar Riffs of all time. This is a cool article for inspiration: 50 Greatest Guitar Riffs Of All Time

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Wonderful Tonight&#; by Eric Clapton

This is a gorgeous riff&#;. Takes me back to when I first started to learn guitar.

This riff uses a few different lead techniques which makes it great for developing beginner guitarists.

This is one of the more difficult guitar tabs for beginners because the bends require control, but it&#;s a fantastic learning exercise so stick with it:

guitar tabs for beginners wonderful tonight

Here&#;s a video that will walk you through it:

The tricky part with this riff, is getting the bending right. Make sure you TARGET the notes you want to hit when you&#;re bending up the strings. Concentrate and LISTEN to ensure they&#;re in tune.

You can learn a lot more about lead guitar techniques in our guide: How To Play Lead Guitar: The Ultimate Guide

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Iron Man&#; by Black Sabbath

The next riff helped shape the start the metal genre. If you&#;re ready to rock this is the riff for you.

The riff we&#;re going to be focusing on is the main intro riff (after the weird robot stuff). It kicks in around  Here&#;s the tab:

essential guitar tabs for beginners

Jack explains the riff in more detail in this video:

Notes on this tab

This can be pretty tricky once you get to the 10th and 9th fret. Those changes are quick! This is great practice for developing your picking speed.

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Sweet Home Alabama&#; by Lynyrd Skynyrd

This is a classic rock song, but this video is worth a watch purely for the OTT bass player at I love it!

This is one of the weirder guitar tabs for beginners because there are multiple guitars on the &#;official&#; recording. We&#;re going to look at the easiest part of the intro riff:

Sweet Home Alabama tab

Here&#;s some more guidance from Jack:

Notes on this tab

This is one of the trickier guitar tabs for beginners because you need to know the chords before you attempt the lead work. Get these chords down, just strum them in time and THEN add in the fills.

If you don&#;t understand the chord diagrams below read this lesson: How To Read Guitar Chordboxes


National Guitar Academy

Learn more easy ways to play D in this lesson: 3 Easy Ways to Play the D Chord on Guitar


guitar tabs for beginners

Check out this article to learn lots of easy ways to play C: Easy Ways To Play The C Guitar Chord

G Major

guitar tabs for beginners

G might be best guitar chord of all. So we&#;ve created a whole article talking about easy ways to voice it: 4 Easy Ways To Play The G Chord On Guitar

It&#;s vital we have these chords down as they underpin this entire song.

Learn the 12 EASIEST beginner chords with our famous FREE guide

  Stop struggling. Start making music.

  Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord.

  This is our most popular guide and it will improve your chord ability quickly.

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Smoke On The Water&#; by Deep Purple

This riff is pure rock n roll and nice and EASY, which is why it&#;s one of the very best guitar tabs for beginners. Let&#;s take a listen to the song:

This riff is super simple and is only played on one string:

Smoke On The Water tab

This riff is pretty easy but Jack explains it further in this video:

National Guitar Academy

Guitar tabs for beginners &#; &#;Enter Sandman&#; by Metallica

Metal riffs are some of the very best guitar tabs for beginners. This one is another classic. (I remember learning this riff in my bedroom and rocking out to it for hours!)

We&#;re going to be focusing on the intro riff:

Enter Sandman tab

Tab notes

Watch out for those changes between strings and as always make sure you take it SLOW. Jack explains the riff in a bit more detail here:

guitar tabs for beginners

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Easy Guitar Tabs

One of the things that makes the guitar so fun and easy to learn is the prevalence of guitar tabs online. Tablature, or tabs, is a form of musical notation meant for fretted instruments like the guitar. Beginners can use easy acoustic guitar tabs to learn songs without needing to know how to read standard musical notation.

In this article, we’ll share tips on how to read tablature and provide several easy guitar tabs for popular songs, so you can start playing some new music today!

How to Read Guitar Tab Music

Before we dive into the songs and riffs, let’s start with an overview of tablature. What are guitar tabs and how do you read them?Guitar tabs are written out as six lines, with each line corresponding to a string on your guitar, e-B-G-D-A-E from the top down, as shown in the diagram below. Since there are two E strings in standard tuning, the higher-pitched string is written with a lowercase “e.”

how to read guitar tabs

Guitar tabs show you which note needs to be played on which string by placing a fret number on the corresponding line, but they do not tell you which finger to use or the timing of the piece. Since tablature gives you no information about the rhythm of the notes, it is not a good substitute for standard musical notation. This means, if you’re not familiar with the song in the first place, you won’t have all the tools you need to recreate the tune. It’s well worth it to learn how to read standard music notation along with tabs to get the full picture.

Read guitar tab music from left to right and use your ear to determine the timing of each note. You’ll have to listen to a recording of the song (if you don’t already know it by heart) to hear how it should be played and what rhythms are to follow. If you’re struggling with learning how to play guitar tabs or having trouble with a specific tab, work with a guitar teacher for some extra help! The combination of taking private lessons and experimenting with guitar tabs on your own will have you well on your way to playing along to all your favorite tunes.

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3 Easy Acoustic and Electric Guitar Tabs

Before playing the songs and riffs below, make sure your guitar is in tune. You may feel the urge to skip this test, but it’s a crucial one. You can easily tune your guitar with an app on your smartphone. Here’s a guitar tuning tutorial that shows you how. You can play these tunes on either electric or acoustic guitar. While the thinner strings of the electric guitar are often easier to play, performing these easy guitar tabs on acoustic guitars will help your fingers build up strength!

Just like when you’re learning any other skill, if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to start with the basics. This might mean mastering nursery rhymes first, but you’ll soon work your way up to more complex tunes. Start with these easy guitar tabs for beginners, and you’ll be shredding and riffing on your favorite pop songs in no time.

Now, onto the tabs!

&#;Twinkle Twinkle Little Star&#;

You’re most likely already familiar with this tune, so you should have an easier time learning the fingerings and rhythm because you already know what the song is supposed to sound like. You can play a wide range of notes without sliding all over your guitar neck in the intergalactic anthem, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

twinkle twinkle little star guitar tab

For this easy guitar song tab, keep your left hand in what is known as &#;first position.&#; Your index finger will play all notes on the first fret, your middle finger plays all notes on the second fret, your ring finger plays the third fret, and your pinkie plays the fourth fret.

Keeping your left hand still and using this fingering will help you build better speed and coordination as you learn how to play the guitar.

&#;Three Blind Mice&#;

“Three Blind Mice” is another tune that is probably already ingrained in your head. Since you know how it goes, it’s just a matter of figuring out where to place your fingers and following the rhythm from memory. You can also play &#;Three Blind Mice&#; in the same position noted above. Here is the tab for this catchy nursery rhyme.

three blind mice guitar tab

&#;Happy Birthday&#;

Knowing how to play “Happy Birthday” on the guitar always comes in handy! Grab your guitar and send your happiest birthday wishes to the guest of honor when you try out this familiar tune using the easy guitar tab below. You already know this tune by heart, so now it’s time to figure out where your fingers belong on the frets.

happy birthday guitar tab

As you can see, &#;Happy Birthday&#; is a melody that can be played on just one string and is composed of four short phrases. The tricky part of this guitar tab is deciding on the right fingering.

We recommend starting with your index finger on the second fret, your pinkie on the fifth fret, and your ring finger on the fourth fret. You can play the first phrase with your left hand in this position.

To play the note on the seventh fret in the second phrase, you will need to slide your pinkie up to reach. You can then play the fifth fret with your middle finger.

In the third phrase, you will have to slide your pinkie up again to reach the ninth fret, and then slide back down to play the fourth fret with your ring finger and the second fret with your index finger.

For the final phrase, use your pinkie to play the tenth fret and your ring finger to play the ninth fret. Then, slide your hand down to play the fifth fret with your index finger and the seventh fret with your ring finger.

Following this guide to the fingering of this piece enables you to hit all the notes while making minimal movements with your hand up and down the neck of the guitar.

Easy Guitar Tabs for Popular Songs

A guitar riff is a short, catchy series of notes that is usually repeated a few times within a song. Riffs are typically simple to play and easily recognizable.

Rock and pop music are full of great riffs that you can learn to play quickly. Are you ready to rock out? Here are a few examples with easy electric guitar tabs. Turn up the volume on your amp and work your way through these easy guitar tabs for beginners.

“Smoke on the Water”

This popular guitar riff comes from Deep Purple’s classic song, “Smoke on the Water.” Before tackling these easy guitar song tabs, play the recording of this song first to better familiarize yourself with it. The more familiar you are with the song, the easier it’ll be to replicate the tune.

smoke on the water guitar tab

You&#;ll notice that you need to play two notes on the same fret at the same time in order to play this riff.

One easy way to accomplish this is to lay your index finger across multiple strings in a partial barre chord and only strum the G and D strings. Hold the partial barre shape with your left hand and move your hand from the third fret to the fifth and sixth frets as needed.

&#;Sunshine of Your Love&#;

This riff from Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” is also quick and easy to learn. Work your way through these easy guitar tabs, and you will be jamming out to this rock song in no time.

sunshine of your love guitar tab

To use the proper fingering on this riff, start with your ring finger on the twelfth fret and your index finger on the tenth.

Now, this is a little bit tricky. When you play the first 10th fret note on your E string, slide your hand slightly up the neck to play the 10th fret with your ring finger. Now you can easily reach the 8th fret note that is coming up next.

You&#;ll notice that this riff calls for a bent string, as indicated by the &#;b&#; on the eighth fret of the A string. To bend this note, push the string up the neck of the guitar as you play. Bending a note creates a distinctive, bluesy tone.

&#;Satisfaction&#; &#; Guitar Riff Tabs

One of the most-loved riffs in rock and roll comes from the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.” And you just might be surprised at how easy it is to learn. Once you master this song, you’re sure to feel the ultimate sense of satisfaction! Check out the tab below:

satisfaction guitar tab

You can play this awesome guitar riff all on one string! To practice the correct fingering and play with better speed, use your index finger to play the second fret, your ring finger on the fourth fret, and your pinkie on the fifth fret.

Free Electric Guitar Tabs for Beginners

The good news is that when it comes to finding easy guitar tabs for beginners, you don’t have to hunt high and low. There is no need to even go into a music shop because there are a ton of free resources online where you can find easy guitar tabs for popular songs. A couple of our favorite sites with popular songs include Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr.

Keep in mind as you browse guitar tabs that most of what you see online was submitted by other guitarists just like you. If a tab doesn’t sound quite right, somebody may have heard the song differently or made a mistake when transcribing it. Look for the tabs that have the highest reviews, and if it doesn’t sound right, trust your ear!

Also, realize that tabs are just a starting point when it comes to learning the guitar. Critical elements to the guitar such as rhythm, technique, and jamming with others are missing if you just stick to tabs alone. Think of them as a supplement to your guitar learning journey, rather than a comprehensive resource.

By far, the best way to learn guitar is through private lessons. Working hands-on with a professional guitar teacher will help you develop good playing and practicing habits for the long term. If a local teacher is not an option, online lessons can also be a great way to get your questions answered and learn new material. The beauty of online lessons is that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. You can connect with your private teacher entirely over the internet using your smartphone, computer and webcam, or laptop. It’s never been easier or more convenient to take guitar lessons. With the right teacher, you’ll have the support you need to reach your musical goals.

Check out the guitar teachers at TakeLessons to get started today, and in the meanwhile, try your hand at these easy guitar tabs for beginners!

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Easy Tabs

Our selection of the most easiest songs to play on a guitar for beginners. Easy songs without barre chords.

  • L'hiver (Dolly) - Dm,C
  • Something In The Way (Nirvana) - G#sus4,Esus4
  • Lady In Black (Uriah Heep) - Am,G
  • Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones) - D,A,G
  • Doll Parts (Hole) - A,Cmaj7,G
  • La Poupée Qui Fait Non (Michel Polnareff) - D,E,A
  • Used To Love Her (Guns N' Roses) - D,A,G
  • Chasing Cars (Snow patrol) - A,E,Dsus2
  • It Means Nothing (Stereophonics) - G,Cadd9,Em7
  • Louie Louie (the Kingsmen) - A,D,E
  • Jeune Et Con (Damien Saez) - Em,C,G,D
  • Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Guns N' Roses) - G,D,Am,C
  • Sullivan Street (Counting Crows) - D,G,A,Em
  • Turn The Page (Metallica) - Em,D,A,C
  • Zombie (The Cranberries) - Cadd9,D/F#,Em,G6
  • Hey Soul Sister (Train) - G,D,Em,C
  • For What Its Worth (Buffalo Springfield ) - E,A,D,G
  • The Ballad (Millencolin) - G,Em,D,C
  • Feliz Navidad (José Feliciano) - G,A,D,Bm
  • Talkin About A Revolution (Tracy Chapman) - G,Cadd9,Em,D
  • Mad World (Gary Jules) - Em,G,D,A
  • Fire Water Burn (Bloodhound Gang) - G,Em,D,C,Am
  • Waiting For You (Ben Harper) - G,Em,F,C,D
  • Yellow Submarine (The Beatles) - D,C,G,Em,Am
  • Revolution (John Butler Trio) - E5,G5,C5,A5,D5
  • As Tears Go By (The Rolling Stones) - G,A,C,D,G/F#,Em
  • Le Vent Nous Portera (Noir Désir) - Em,D
  • Cemetery (Silverchair) - C,Em,A
  • C'est Quand Le Bonheur ? (Cali) - Am,Dm,E7
  • The Joker (Steve Miller Band) - G,C,D
  • In The Summertime (Mungo Jerry) - E,A,B
  • Good Riddance (time Of Your Life) (Green Day) - G,C,D,Em
  • Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (Nirvana) - E,D,A,D/A
  • Last Kiss (Pearl Jam) - G,Em,C,D
  • Lucky Man (The Verve) - Asus4,G,D,Em
  • Still Having Fun (Eagle-Eye Cherry) - E,Am,C,D
  • Why Don't You Get A Job ? (The Offspring) - D,G,A,E
  • Love Is My Religion (Ziggy Marley) - E,D,A,Bm
  • Drive (Incubus) - Em,D,C,G,A7
  • Island In The Sun (Weezer) - Em,Am,D,G,C
  • Rockstar (Nickelback) - E,A,D,G,C
  • Sing (Travis) - Am7,Em,Am,G,D
  • Je T'aimais, Je T'aime, Je T'aimerai (Francis Cabrel) - G,D,C,Em,Am
  • Heroes (David Bowie) - D,G,C,Am,Em
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