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Steel Pier Coupons, Savings and Theme Park Description for 2021

Steel Pier has fun filled thrills to give the entire family a treat. Make sure you take the opportunity at one of our many amusement games or just tag along the pier taking in the sights and sounds. Don’t forget to come here hungry and taste a variety of great boardwalk food! There are tons of traditional rides to enjoy at the amusement park including bumper cars, a double decker carousel, helicopter rides and a ferris wheel to name just a few and popular daredevil shows such as motorcycle stunt riders on trapezes who also defy the laws of gravity as they speed around the inside of a 14 foot steel globe. The amusement park is also home to arguably the world’s most famous animal act – the Diving Horse.

Current Steel Pier Printable Coupons and Savings for 2021

2021 Steel Pier Ticket Prices

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Single Tickets $1.0050 Ticket Book with coupons $40.0080 Ticket Book with coupons $60.00

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Note to our visitors Steel Pier coupons and specials can change without notice. So please visit their official website to make sure of the latest pricing and coupons.


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Steel Pier: Our most recommended tours and activities

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80 Amusement-Park-Ride Tickets at Steel Pier 32% Off Regular Price

80 Amusement-Park-Ride Tickets at Steel Pier 32% Off Regular Price

80 Amusement-Park-Ride Tickets at Steel Pier 32% Off Regular Price

If you are headed to the Atlantic City boardwalk anytime this summer here is a deal you don’t want to miss. Get 80 Amusement-Park-Ride Tickets at Steel Pier for 32% off the regular price. I just bought my tickets as this pier is a place my kids love to visit and thanks to this offer I’m paying only $0.63 per ticket!

Gales of laughter compete with crashing ocean waves at Steel Pier’s scenic location on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Traditional attractions such as a Ferris wheel take parkgoers on a spin, while elsewhere, guests get behind the driver’s wheel of bumper cars. To get their hearts racing, the most daring visitors climb aboard The Sling Shot, which sends them racing at 100 miles per hour and up to 5Gs, or The Mix, which places guest on spinning arms that reach speeds over 60 miles per hour. Guests can also go on a helicopter ride for a bird’s-eye view of the shore and other birds.

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Indian 4K Helicopter (Model: Robinson R44) Ride To Steel Pier, Atlantic City , NJ .

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