Bona floor finish review

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I thought it would be helpful to others to read about my experience with refinishing prefinished hardwood floors. I had a hard time deciding on what finish I wanted and did so much research on these forums and the internet.

- Background

Our prefinished floors were Bruce Bristol Strip, Fawn color, with the aluminum oxide finish and were installed in our home when we bought it new. With 2 Golden Retrievers, we knew hardwood was probably a mistake, but the floors were so beautiful! This particular style of floor is solid hardwood with fairly deep bevels on the sides, about 1/8 inch. Over the course of 6 years, the floors took quite a beating and looked just terrible by the time we decided to refinish. There were bazillions of dog-nail scratches in the finish (our dogs are playful) and in high-traffic areas, the finish was worn to the wood.

I will admit that I did not use the proper cleaning solutions over the years. Never did I use the manufacturers recommended cleaner. In hind sight, this was a huge mistake. Most of the years I asked my cleaning lady to use vinegar in water or a very dilute solution of non-sudsing ammonia in water. She used the Sh-Mop by The Clean Team which is an awesome mopping tool no putting dirty water on your floor. Again, these solutions were probably a big reason the finish failed.

-Research of floor finishes

After months of research on these forums, I chose to go with Bona Traffic, a water-based polyurethane finish. The contractors I talked to said it is the best on the market  the most expensive by far, but the absolute best, most durable finish. I gave serious, very serious, consideration to Waterlox. I probably would have gone with Waterlox had I been able to find a contractor who was familiar with it and could tell me more about it. Everyone on these forums who chose Waterlox raved about it, but I just couldnÂt bring myself to do it. Plus, my husband had recently gotten out of the hospital due to a serious asthma attack and the odor of Waterlox made me nervous.

Bona also has a system for dust containment during the sanding process that was definitely something I wanted. The sanding machines are connected to a vacuum system in the truck and Âmost- of the dust is vacuumed out of your house.

- Estimates

I joined AngieÂs List so I could find well-qualified contractors for bids. In particular, I looked for comments where the estimator educated the homeowner on the process. We have about sq ft of hardwood and the three estimates ranged from $ down to $ (We live outside of Indianapolis, so not a high cost of living area.) Happily, the low bid was the contractor I was most impressed with. The high and the low bids included removing and replacing the shoe mold, moving appliances, removing and replacing the toilet, sanding the bevels out (thatÂs a lot of wood to take off!), staining and 2 coats of Bona Traffic.

The middle estimate we got did not include removing the shoe molding, appliances or toilet  his job just worked around these things. We were not impressed with that idea! The high estimate did not include sanding the bevels out. I HATED the bevels and wanted them gone! Yes, at first they are attractive, but they catch gunk and, with the dogs, even splintered. Plus, the contractor we chose said he most definitely would not leave the bevels because there was a good chance the new finish would not adhere to the old finish in the bevels, causing premature failure of the finish.

- Refinishing process

To prepare for the job, I took down pictures, window treatments and most decorative items. Because I thought there would be minimal dust created in the process, I did not remove dishes from the kitchen cabinets or knick-knacks that were on top of the kitchen cabinets, nor did the contractor include sealing off any doorways with plastic.

The crew arrived on Monday morning and the sanding process took until Wednesday afternoon. We were able to walk on the floors and mostly use the kitchen. They had moved the range out of the kitchen so we either ate out or I grilled dinner outside. Where the hardwood met the carpet, they lifted the carpet and folded it back several inches. And, yes, the process was dusty. We had floors refinished about 15 years ago before dust containment systems were developed. If that was a "10" on the dust scale, this was about a "4", maybe a "3". IÂm not a clean freak so I donÂt think it was a terrible ordeal. I damp wiped most everything after they finished but it wasnÂt a huge deal.

On Wednesday before they left, they put down several samples of colors of stain for us to choose our color. The colors were not as rich as I had hoped so they offered to do a Âwater popÂ. They dampen the bare wood with water which raises the grain. After it dries for a couple of hours, they put the stain on and it produces a deeper stain color. We chose Bona Cherry done with the water-pop and are THRILLED with the color. Our floor is white oak, and with the cherry stain, it almost looks like cherry wood.

They water-popped and stained the floor on Thursday. That night we could walk on the floor with sock-feet but only for necessities, and no dogs on it. I freaked out that night, thinking the color of the floor was too orange-y, peach-y. That was a stressful night but the contractor assured me that the finish would tone the color down.

With the contractorÂs input, I chose the satin gloss level of the Bona Traffic. Friday they put on a coat of Bona Traffic, allowed it to dry for 3 hours. The satin gloss was very flat, no sheen at all. I know that glossy surfaces show scratches more, but we wanted some gloss. So the contractor used semi-gloss on the second coat. It was perfect! A subtle, elegant sheen. We had to stay off the floor until that evening. We were advised to be as gentle as we could for the next several days, keeping the dogs off as much as we could. Bona Traffic requires curing and the curing process is 90% complete in 3 days, % complete in 7. The curing process requires oxygen so we couldnÂt put rugs down until it was completely cured.

- Final thoughts

- The finish slightly darkened the stain color, but more importantly, gave it the warmth that the bare stained wood didnÂt have. I love the floor and cannot stop looking at it.

- No finish on hardwood will withstand dogs. We will always have dogs, so our next home will have tile. Hardwood is gorgeous, but the reality is, it just isnÂt for us.

- I promise to use the manufacturerÂs recommended cleaning products.

- The contractor suggested that before the finish is worn through to the wood again, that we have the floors Âscreened and 2 more coats of Bona be applied. With this process, the finish is very slightly abraded so the surface better accepts the finish. This process is much less involved than a complete refinish.


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Design Dilemma

We will be installing site-finished white oak floors stained in a dark hue.
We also have three kids under three who throw a lot of heavy toys that cause floor dents and will likely get a dog at some point. While I'm fine with seeing the dents and scratches with time, I also hate the sheen on the floors we have currently, as they are so shiny and highlight every imperfection. I'd like something more matte, however, don't want them to be complete matte. After a lot of research, I recommended Bona to my GC, however, don't think his floor installer has used it. He will use whatever we want, so wanted to get some advice so I can tell him what we'd like. I'd love to hear from others who have used Bona Pro products to tell me if they've used Bona Traffic or Bona Traffic HD (which sounds great based on how it's described) and why did you choose one over the other. And did you use Extra Matte, Satin, or Semi Gloss..and do you have pics that you can post that would show me how shiny or not your floors are? Lastly, are you happy with your choice, or if you had to do it again, would you have gone another route?

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Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish Review Page

Bona Mega is a one-component waterborne % polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of wooden floors in commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear. With its pioneering cross linking technology in a waterborne formula. Today, Bona Mega still holds a unique position on the market due to its innovative formula that reacts with oxygen, giving the benefits of a two component product.

• Easy to use – one component with user friendly properties.
• High resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches
• Very good chemical resistance

The above text is the standard Bona Mega product introduction.

Mega is Bona's best selling product, and it's their best seller for many good reasons - Since this superb product was introduced in , Bona have produced many, many millions of litres of Mega and have calculated that million m2 of wood floors have been coated. I have used Bona Mega on countless occasions and have nothing but positive things to say about the product. Its very easy to apply to any properly prepared wooden floor, and has good drying times as well, which can be as little as an hour and a half or less if the site conditions are right, i.e. [central heating being on can really help lacquer drying times]

Bona state that Bona Mega has a Hr Drying Time per coat.

Bona Mega has many plus points, one of which is that it has been designed with renewable resources [vegetable oils] included in the formulation, which can only be a good thing, and has excellent flow and levelling properties as well, Bona recommend using a primer coat before using Mega, Bona Prime would be eminently suitable, although Bona Novia would be fine to use as the primer/1st coat as well, a compatible solvent based primer can also be used as a first coat prior to a further 2 coats of Bona Mega being applied.

In my experience, whether you are using a roller to apply this product onto your wooden floor or using a more professional 'T' bar type of applicator, Bona Mega is easy to apply, and if you apply the product as you should it will look superb and leave you with a durable, hard wearing surface that will give you years of service if properly maintained. You may of noted that there are no 'cons' or bad points against Bona Mega, I have thought long and hard about any negative points for this product but there just aren't any to be honest with you, one minor critique would be the price, expect to pay anything between ££ for a 5 litre can of Mega, it is a little pricey, but remember that you are getting a premium near top of the range product backed up by the considerable expertise of the Bona organisation.

With specialist flooring lacquers you do get what you pay for - shop around for a good deal, several online retailers sell Mega for around the £ mark. [UK Prices] Bona have recently brought out an Extra Matt version of Mega with a very low 9% sheen level, the aesthetic look of Extra Matt is that of an Oiled finish, but you have all the considerable benefits of a high quality lacquered finish with minimum maintenance and maximum protection for your floors.

With Mega, Bona recommend light use a minimum of 8 hrs after the final coat has been applied to your floor, Remember maximum hardness of the Lacquer is achieved after 7 Days with Bona Mega. The coverage is also excellent, we get at the very least 10m2 per litre of Mega, often 12m2 + is achievable, but is dependant on many variables - Bona specify an application rate of m2 per litre of Mega to achieve the correct film coat depth. Mega comes delivered in a 5 litre can or 1 litre bottle and is available in 4 different sheen levels which are:-

Extra Matt [9% Sheen] Matt [25% Sheen]Silk Matt[50% Sheen]Gloss[90% Sheen] All these finishes look superb when properly applied and it would of course depend on the choice of the end user as to what aesthetic sheen level best suits the particular area/room that the product is being applied into.


We are often asked 'How many coats of lacquer do i need' - the simple answer is as many as you like, but this always relates to cost & the time frame involved in the project. As a general rule of thumb a Professional Floor Sanding company will specify 3 Coats of Lacquer or 2 coats of Oil as standard for a domestic situation, extra coats of lacquer will be at an extra cost, anything between £4 - £6 per coat per m2 - eg. For a 20m2 lounge to be given a 4th coat of lacquer should cost between £80 - £

If in doubt just ask your Floor Sanding Professional.

Bona Mega can be applied to a wood floor in a number of ways, a floor sanding professional will use a variety of application methods depending on the size of project, but if you are looking to apply lacquer to for example a 20m2 lounge, Oak strip, a 9" roller would be perfectly acceptable, the roller refill you need should be a 'medium pile' with the pile length being approx 8mm, a decent quality roller will have that information on the packet, use an inch and three quarter roller and cage, these are more robust and just better than the cheaper, quite flimsy inch and a half alternatives.

  • Look out for a light blue line around the roller refill, this designates that the pile has been thermo fused onto the actual roller sleeve and is highly unlikely to shed hair/pile into the lacquer.

For cutting in we would recommend using a 4" Mini Paint Roller with a foam refill, these products are cheap but do the job extremely well. You don't always have to buy the manufacturers recommended products, which are normally twice the price of perfectly suitable alternatives.

The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of Woodfloor-Renovations through our experiences with the numerous Floor Sanding & Sealing projects that we have undertaken.

** No guarantee whatsoever is offered with this advice **

REMEMBER - ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions and read them carefully.

If you are not sure about any aspect of this article consult a Professional.

Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Violation Search

Woodfloor-Renovations is a genuineBona Approved and Recommended CompanyCertified company you can find us on Bona's Find your contractor page on their website




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Review finish bona floor

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Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish

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