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I'm not coming back

This site is full of nude photos, fetishes, you will rarely find good drawings... In short, this site has gone downhill. At that time, in 2014, deviantart was more or less normal, and now it's full of the wrong things.


sachiko chisaka

Not for professional/serious artists

This website is a bad website for professional artists. There's no quality control, meaning that something bad will get more views than professional-level art. You'll get a lot of porn, fetish art, low effort 'art', spam and even art theft. The new layout (Eclipse) copies Artstation's layout, and there's no way to turn it off.

The moderators are lazy and don't consider hiring more people. If you take art seriously, don't use DeviantArt. Try something like Artstation or Pixiv.

Robert Richardson

I'm an artist on and…

I'm an artist on and have been for over a year now. Many of my followers have told me of art they had banned for no good reason. Many have pointed out that it seemed some religious zealot complained, or someone against gay art or violence of even imagined kind. DA is not worthy of monetization by any means. What they promote is NOT what do in practice. If you are an artist, pass you will not have to endure what others there are going through now. DA promoted itself as a haven for gay art and yet they have shown they hate gay art and gay artists. I have found a new art website which was founded by DA artists tired of the BS. Some of us have begun moving there, myself included.

this site is FULL of sexual fetishes…

this site is FULL of sexual fetishes with cartoon characters for everyone to see, since eclipse began the layout is so bad both in mobile and computer i had to stop using this crap website, the staff do nothing, there is accounts stealing art, harrasing other users, and it does nothing, they only care about their lil stupid events where u get a ugly gif in your page, most of the user base is: really sexual artists, fetish artists, and request beggers, do not use this site, its awful and the staff does nothing to fix it


Ugh why

Devianart is bad because they make dogs seem like perverts by ripping girls panties and pants off

This user you should avoid is Arura zone he makes gross art ruins series like

Tomb raider , korra , overwatch , fall out ,etc.

Never go there

not what it used to be

I used DA since 2004 and it was a great place to meet other artists and just have fun posting art. I dont care about high quality or low quality art. it was a community. But then the layout changes started 3-4 years ago and I didn't it. They should go back to the old format/layout. I get that things have to change eventually to keep up with the times, but most of the older artists who used DA in the early 2000's till 2014ish have moved on to other platforms. Tumblr started out good also but it's lost many artist users as well. For me I prefer Instagram to post my art now. Bottom line i just miss the communication with other artists and forming connections through our art and fandoms like the old days. no one bothers to comment either these days.

Lord Iheanacho

DeviantArt Tolerates Cyberbullying, Sexual Abuse, and Underage Predators

Becoming a member of DeviantArt became one of the worst things I've ever done in my life.

Let us just say, DeviantArt was FAR different in 2007 than it is today

I could go all day with what is so wrong with the website - shady, uncaring, and abusive staff, toxic prejudicial bullies, some of whom pretend to stand for "justice and equality", parading under it as a shield to subjugate dissenters and the different, stalkers who falsely flag not your deviations or articles, but also spy on your other social media such as your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, DIscord, LinkedIn, and try to shut them all down.

Worst of all, these "social justice" parasites will even target your own business(s) and their pages to get them shutdown, and sometimes harass anyone they know is working for you or your business. This especially the case with the fetish groups on the site, particularly Girls Wedgies. Apparently one of the moderators, TheFairytaler from the DeviantArt group claimed they had a feud that lead to division between their Discord comrades and the main DA group. Yet, despite this and while it is true that it was mainly from the Discord that they have coordinated attacks against me (and others), some of those same abusers are still in the DA group, and some of them are admins of that same group, indicating that moderator was not telling the entire truth. Apparently there are many lies of omission. The worst part is DeviantArt's own staff are VERY WELL aware of this and deliberately chooses to do nothing, or worse, condone and endorse their behavior.

Because of their continuously aggressive actions, I had to create an article defending myself against their extremely defamatory allegations against me just to get them to leave me alone. Members of Girls Wedgies claimed that I was an angry divorced man who abuses his wife, and sought to commit genocide against all women. One of them, Derrick better known as ArseneArts or MundaneArsonist lied that I pressured him to draw art "for a woman I was stalking". In my article, I also disclosed evidence proving the wedgiérs have a very clear history of false-flagging the social media of those they hate in order to silence them or "shut them up". It also revealed that for all the lies they made against me, it turns out THEY themselves are guilty of committing and endorsing sexual crimes, including bypassing laws in their local areas to sexually molest women. However by accident, I managed to unravel that there was an underage activity scandal happening in Girls Wedgies as well, which lead to some kind of civil war between their moderation. Yet despite this, they still engaged in underage art and predatory behavior, including loli content.

Considering DeviantArt has a history of and a very strict policy against underage content, with even a questionable policy against age-ramping in deviations, one would think they'd understand my article and actually side with it for the most part, and especially do something about the offenders in question, right? Instead they demonstrated just how little they truly care for human safety, let alone child safety, by silently rummaging through my St.ash. purging any and ALL of my evidence regarding the wedgiérs as well as two separate groups of scammers who have committed fraudulent crimes against me, and then they suspend me for 2 weeks. All without any warning or notice outside of being suspended for "invalid use of profile"! No prior notice or time to backup my evidence from the Stash, or that what I did was even against their rules (which I last I check actually was not initially). When posting my ticket about it, the admins demonstrated just how utterly brain-damaged they are in understanding or listening to my situation. and to worsen things, decided to suddenly update their policy immediately to prohibit users from making articles to defend themselves from defamation under the guise of "internet or journal drama"! They are scummy and pathetic!

Moral lesson of this story: Avoid that site and the fetish communities like the plague. Trust no one. Even those who claim to be on your side or care on that site are likely just trying to manipulate you and exploit your trust, only to feed information to the VERY SAME criminals behind your back.

NO ONE on DeviantArt can be trusted! DeviantArt is certainly not for children. It is not for teenagers. It is not even for adults. It is for no one but sociopathic and narcisistic, asylum-bred manchildren and womanchildren and creeps with a lust for underage.

If you value your sanity, reputation, dignity, the protect and preservation of your social media, and/or the sanctity of your business (whatever industry you work in), STAY AWAY FROM THIS FREAK-CIRCUS WEBSITE AT ALL COSTS!

Youtube Is Awesome

How to Deviantart:101 (And make it a 5 starts website)

1. Create your own user avatar
2. Search what you are interested into
3. Block\hide anyone that does fetish content
4. Block Sakimichan\Zumidraws\anybody that draw like them (art hacks that not even paint the backgrounds but use stock photos, have terrible anatomy and just draw irrealistic body-typed women)
5. Only give validation to really good artist that paint anything and not pander to a single clientele
8. Profit

Bonus: use greasyfor and tampermonkey to use scripts to help you remove categories you many not like or be interested into, like the terrible "Literature" category, full of bottom-tier content


DeviantART review (ita & eng)

ITA : DeviantART è un'ottimo sito dove puoi conoscere persone con interessi simili ai tuoi. ho scoperto l'esistenza di DeviantART tramite pinterest. ed è stata un'ottima scoperta. questa sito ha migliorato il mio inglese , mi ha aiutato ad esprimere la mia creatività e ho anche scoperto la mi abilità nello scrivere brevi storie. su questo sito ho conosciuto persone da diversi paesi , dai più vicini al mio (svizzera , israele...) ai più lontani (nicaragua , el salvador , india...). molte persone lamentano la presenza di bulli sul sito. ma io non ne ho mai visti. il sito è ottimo anche per , come ho già detto , scrivere storie. tuttavia ho anche pubblicato un po di disegni. e mi diverto a disegnare per pubblicare poi il mio lavoro sul sito. uso il sito anche per chattare con un'amico che ho conosciuto e siamo diventati inseparabili. quindi ringrazio il creatore del sito per aver inventato DeviantART perchè è un sito utile , divertente e creativo.

ENG : DeviantART is a great site where you can meet people with similar interests to yours. I discovered the existence of DeviantART through pinterest. and it was a great find. this site improved my english, helped me express my creativity and i also discovered my ability to write short stories. on this site i met people from different countries, from the closest to mine (switzerland, israel ...) to the most distant (nicaragua, el salvador, india ...). many people complain about the presence of bullies on the site. but I've never seen any. the site is also great for, as I said, writing stories. however I have also published a few drawings. and I enjoy drawing to publish my work on the site. I also use the site to chat with a friend I met and have become inseparable. so I thank the creator of the site for inventing DeviantART because it is a useful, fun and creative site.

How did it get so inappropriate?

Deviantart, you need to clean the site up. I don't want to see fetish and straight up porn in the "suggested collections" part of a page. I like MLP and Pokemon. I was enjoying seeing the fanart of such from 2014, up until I decided to make my own account, and that's when I started seeing that dirt. What made you think I would like the garbage that is recommended? Don't teens use this site too? How are these rampant when adolescents can see them just looking through memes or something? It's why I dectiaved my account. I am hoping to come back when it is cleaned up more, but I'm not holding my breath

Deviantart is a bad art site

Deviantart is a terrible art site. At this point if you are considering taking art seriously try art station. The majority users on the site don't care about quality in art. Low effort artwork gets more attention than professional like artwork. Deviantart isn't for serious artists anymore. The site is full of porn, fetish art, low effort artwork, drama, spam accounts, and trolls. I don't recommend anyone to use this site. The moderators are lazy and do not care about their users. My advice for artists looking to post your art online try pixiv, join art discords, tumblr, Twitter and sketchers united.

I used to like DeviantArt but alas no more...

I used to like DeviantArt, I had put together a favourite page sometime ago that I intended to use with relevant permisions. However after an extended illness (years) I come back to find the site has changed completely. Gone is the simple to navigate site I knew and instead is something that find very difficult to use and I have tried. My favourite page is no more and although I found some stock images of the model I wanted pictures of and had featured a lot on my favourite page, most of her pictures that were on DeviantArt before are missing now.
To be honest nothing about the way the site is now seems as good as before, I don't even like the way it looks (I miss the green)!
It is sad that something that worked so well has been meddled with for no sensible reason. I always say: If it aint broke, don't fix it!
I will try to find a new platform to use, also I'll try asking the model directly if she would send me me the pictures I want for my project. From my point of view it seems like DeviantArt is probably finished. I was going to leave just one star but that seems a little too mean as clearly the site is working for some people.


“We live in a Society

“We live in a Society, where Honour is a distance memory.”

-Joker, the trailer to the Snyder Cut

Ok I am a user on this site. Why am I still on that site? Well I have a good friends on that site and I’m doing my best to avoid the drama. But I’m not going to sugar coat it this next part. The staff is the worst. I seen bad users who steal and harass good users, even the ones who call them out or criticize them. This site is like Gotham City without Batman, but replace the whole Gotham City police department with the police from the Simpsons.

You know that meme where that dog is in a burning room and the dog says. "This is fine." The dog is the Deviantart staff.

Royal Sara HimeSara

Wix destroyed deviantart

I joined deviantart 2011 and have used it almost every day. I've seen it destroying itself with Eclipse. It's heartbreaking to see a website I loved so much, to get destroyed by morons who forgot what the site was originally for.. ART! With Eclipse, they added so many useless junk that was copied from social medias (like buttons, "awards", "exlusive" currency) those belongs to social medias, NOT an Art website! And our profiles are so bland and boring! Before you had a chance to modify your profile almost unlimited ways! Wix really wanted deviantart to die, seriously. Literally 80% of us users were against Eclipse, told what not to delete or add, they didn't care at all. I am trying to get used to Eclipse, but every time I feel even a bit comfortable with it, it manages to disappoint me once again (For example, they had a system for submitting your art easier in groups (you could see if the folder was full, so you could choose another one) but they decided to take that away, which actually was Very useful, so WHY take it away?!). So please do not bother joining this website. They're making the website as a graveyard.

Not what it used to be, but usable.

The staff refuses to accept that their own website died due to corporate greed and not listening to what their users want. I use it for a portfolio but I don't use it to socialize with other artists anymore, as most people's profiles are dead due to lack of interest. I actually don't have a problem with the new layout, but if they actually looked for their opinions of all artists instead of just overly popular ones, then they'd probably be as popular as what they used to be, they could easily be a replacement for Tumblr or Instagram if they worked harder at it and did some research.

There Are Toxic Fandoms, Bullies, Fetish Fans, Pedos & More

Becoming a member here was one of the worst things I have ever done in my life. I first joined November 28th of 2020 and everything had went great up until March of this year. I made friends, I saw good art, made art etc. Even prior to March when things were still good, there were weird things, I saw bullies and someone even offered to send me nude images which of course I blocked that person, which is when I started getting suspicious. About March, the things that started to happen, were that I started to encounter more bullies and other things, it was also during this time where I started to encounter toxic fandoms and hatedoms, mainly of my favorite childhood shows. There were many things, but the most notable one was The Looney Tunes Show. I started to encounter its hatedom on that site almost 24/7 and on April 1st, I encountered a nostalgia blinded user named T5-Comix-Cartoonz(Salim Al Mumim) who drew hate art out of the show which some people liked. I also encountered a user named Fastsonicous who is an art thief and nostalgia blinded person who constantly rants on Mystery Incorporated and attacks the fans that like it, he is also a bully and harasses others, he even talked about me behind my back after drama me and him had that he initiated. Ive generally been bullied because about the hate art, there was this one user named DisneyEquestrian2012 and he agreed with the hate art and put a chainsaw next to the comment, I called them out due to how childish that was and they said “This show is not good and it will never be good so tick off”. For some reason, people on the site hate popular shows, are very opinionated and feel the need to express their thoughts rather than keeping them to themselves. I really don't know why the site is called DeviantArt, people don't even use the site for art, they use it as a social media site, talk about shows, make reviews, bully others etc. And when they do make art, its always cringe, porn or hate art. The worst part is that I saw some of this stuff was happening in 2011, which makes me think that this stuff was happening 2001-2010, which makes me ask “Was this ever a good site and for real artists”? The amount of drama on this site is also a big factor here and people constantly poke their noses where they don't belong like Fastsonicous. There were many times I wanted to deactivate but I hesitated which resulted in me staying. Heck, even the day I deactivated which was May 26th, I hesitated because I had friends and there was a sad emote saying “You wont be able to be in the DeviantArt community”. But then I thought about it. “Wait the DeviantArt community, isnt that the same community that”, destroyed my childhood, destroyed my personality, destroyed me as a person, destroyed my reputation, destroyed my entertainment cartoon life, turned me into a fanatical and obnoxious cartoon fan, almost destroyed my love of anime due to that, almost destroyed my dreams of wanting to voice in cartoons, caused me to know about The Looney Tunes Show's hatedom etc. A friend of mine made a thing for my friends to interact with me on Discord and YouTube, but only a few came and I assumed the others wouldn't come because it was weeks later so I just asked him to delete it. The site is also responsible for stress that I held from March all the way until late June. As of June 27th, Ive been happy again. But a bit of the stress is still in my head which really shows how bad my experience on the site was. Its really sad because I wanted to join this site since 2016 after seeing amazing Sonic renders. I don't recommend this site to anyone, there are bullies, nostalgia freaks, pedos, fetish fans, people who ignore the site's actual purpose, and a lot of drama between the good users and bad users. For the sake of your life, reputation and sanity, never join this site. The staff also does nothing as I once sent two reports ticket about someone and they said “Block them if you haven't” and they do nothing. Even some of my friends had nearly gotten me involved in drama and did some of the things that the bad users did. This site is also the reason I have refused to join places like Twitter. I have heard that Twitter is better, but I remember when I first joined DeviantArt, I expected nothing to go wrong and look what happened. I don't want the same thing happening again. In fact, some of the bad users like Salim Al Mumim are on Twitter. Plus I have seen toxicity on there too, but not to the same extent as DeviantArt. If you are considering finding people who use a site for art, try ArtStation. DeviantArt is where toxic fandoms and hatedoms reside the most. Toxic cartoon fans are scattered across it. I hope November 28th of this year leads me to something better. November 28th of 2020 led me to dooms that I never should've experienced or dealt with. Of course, leave it to 2020 to do that.


I wish I had been told that at least…

I wish I had been told that at least 80% of the website's members are mentally disabled adults. I'm not making a joke or a insult, this was my literal experience. I had no clue whatsoever. So be prepared and understand what you are signing up with. Do not be like me and have a experience similar to thinking you are going into a lecture hall and walk into a special education room. Again, I am not trying to insult anyone or making light of any health issues, it is just good to be aware of what you may want or may not want to do.

Quitting the website

I cannot stress this enough. The website is TERRIBLE. And I’m not just speaking subjectively. Not only is the layout clunky and uncomfortable to use but the amount of drama and cyberbullying I’ve had to put up with are one of the reasons I hate the website.

I remember first joining DA in 2014 to follow my favorite artists and was my browser to visit then. As of now, there are no words to describe just how awful it is. And don’t get me started on the staff; a friend of mine was sexually harassed by a user. We reported all of his comments but staff did literally nothing about it and the abuser went unpunished.

One time I was accused of art theft simply because I drew a character in a similar pose as another piece which I was not aware of. The accusers even made an entire call out journal in hopes of getting me reported. Nobody owns a pose, that’s ridiculous! Just a site littered with cyber bullies and cancel culture. For the sake of your sanity, do not join this website.

New Layout is terrible

New Layout is so bad and clunky and nothing is in the normal place the files and folders don't help because u cant tell what you clicking on and finding anything is a chore. Its all just so bad.
should have kept classic


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How to Switch without Toggle - Eclipse and Back

How to Switch to Eclipse and Back without the Toggle

Edit (April 22, 2020) :

It was announced today (through email and header updates) that New DeviantArt (Eclipse version) will launch around May 20th, 2020. When everyone migrates to the New DeviantArt, the toggle/switch will not be around and will not work as everyone will be in the new DeviantArt version.

Around May 20th, all deviants will gain access to the new version of DeviantArt! The old version of the site will be retired.

Read More Here: New DeviantArt Launch: Late May

If you think your Toggle won't work or disappeared and would like to try Eclipse or switch back from Eclipse: .…

If you want to use it without going back to some different page, use the page link that you are currently in after the switch_version/ and reload it again. forum thread your personal profile link. . deviation link .

You can use the same link to switch to Eclipse and back. Make sure to reload the page again with that full link by putting it in your browser address bar and loading it again.  :la:

Edit (April 4, 2019): If the toggle is not working, something you could do is please check if your browser is supported and updated to the current version or not. This helps if you are doing it from a desktop or laptop browser, since mobile browsers might have a problem sometimes. After that, clear your browser cache/cookies and restart. Try the toggle again. If that fails, try using a different browser than the one you are currently using to switch.

Does DeviantArt support my browser?

How can I troubleshoot loading issues on DeviantArt?

Please contact help with a ticket if it still doesn't work.

Edit (May 29, 2019): It’s most likely this option won't work for particular new accounts. Currently, most DA new accounts are automatically enabled/started with Eclipse. The switch is only available to old accounts which haven’t been created through Eclipse and users who were given the feature to test the site. Since everyone will move over to Eclipse when it’s final, it’s likely that having new account users try the old version when they have to also switch soon would be less helpful with getting used to the new version.

Please contact help with any Eclipse Bugs so they can be fixed.

You can also provide feedback on Eclipse and request features from green version be included or new features that you would like by following these steps:

  1. Switch to DeviantArt Eclipse
  2. Hover over your avatar
  3. Select “Give Your Feedback” to access our official form

Edit (October 1, 2019): As of today (October 1, 2019), all deviants (except accounts created in Eclipse) will have a toggle to switch between the classic site and Eclipse. New accounts created through Eclipse will not receive this since they are already in Eclipse. For more info, click here: DeviantArt Eclipse is Here.

Edit (April 22, 2020) :

It was announced today (through email and header updates) that New DeviantArt (Eclipse version) will launch around May 20th, 2020. When everyone migrates to the New DeviantArt, the toggle/switch will not be around and will not work as everyone will be in the new DeviantArt version.

Around May 20th, all deviants will gain access to the new version of DeviantArt! The old version of the site will be retired.

Read More Here: New DeviantArt Launch: Late May




American art website

DeviantArt (formerly stylized as deviantART) is an American online art community featuring artwork, videography and photography subsidiary of the Israeli company It was launched on August 7, 2000 by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens, and others. Artworks are organized in a category structure, including photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, filmmaking, skins for applications, operating system customization utilities and others, along with downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography. Additional features include journals, polls, groups, and portfolios.

DeviantArt, Inc. is headquartered in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California.[1] Fella, a small, devil-esque robotic character, was the official mascot of the website.[2] DeviantArt had about 36 million visitors annually by 2008.[3] In 2010, DeviantArt users were submitting about 1.4 million favorites and about 1.5 million comments daily.[4] In 2011, it was the thirteenth largest social network with about 3.8 million weekly visits.[5] Several years later, in 2017, the site had more than 25 million members and more than 250 million submissions.[6] On February 23, 2017, the company announced it was being acquired by in a $36 million deal.[7]


DeviantArt started as a site connected with people who took computer applications and modified them to their own tastes, or who posted the applications from the original designs. As the site grew, members in general became known as artists and submissions as arts.[8][9] DeviantArt was originally launched on August 7, 2000, by Scott Jarkoff, Matt Stephens, Angelo Sotira and others, as part of a larger network of music-related websites called the Dmusic Network. The site flourished largely because of its unique offering and the contributions of its core member base and a team of volunteers after its launch,[10] but was officially incorporated in 2001 about eight months after launch.[11]

DeviantArt was loosely inspired by projects like Winamp facelift,,,, and, all application skin-based websites. Sotira entrusted all public aspects of the project to Scott Jarkoff as an engineer and visionary to launch the early program. All three co-founders shared backgrounds in the application skinning community, but it was Matt Stephens whose major contribution to DeviantArt was the suggestion to take the concept further than skinning and more toward an art community. Many of the individuals involved with the initial development and promotion of DeviantArt still hold positions with the project. Angelo Sotira currently serves as the chief executive officer of DeviantArt, Inc.[11][12][13]

On November 14, 2006, DeviantArt introduced the option to submit their works under Creative Commons licenses giving the artists the right to choose how their works can be used.[14] A Creative Commons license is one of several public copyright licenses that allow the distribution of copyrighted works. On September 30, 2007, a film category was added to DeviantArt, allowing artists to upload videos. An artist and other viewers can add annotations to sections of the film, giving comments or critiques to the artist about a particular moment in the film.[15] In 2007, DeviantArt received $3.5 million in Series A (first round) funding from undisclosed investors,[16] and in 2013, it received $10 million in Series B funding.[citation needed]

On December 4, 2014, the site unveiled a new logo and announced the release of an official mobile app on both iOS and Android,[17] released on December 10, 2014.[18]

On February 23, 2017, DeviantArt was acquired by, Inc. for $36 million. The site plans to integrate DeviantArt and Wix functionality, including the ability to utilize DeviantArt resources on websites built with Wix, and integrating some of Wix's design tools into the site.[19]

As of March 1, 2017, Syria was banned from accessing DeviantArt's services entirely, citing US and Israeli sanctions and aftermath on February 19, 2018. After Syrian user Mythiril used a VPN to access the site and disclosed the geoblocking in a journal, titled "The hypocrisy of deviantArt", DeviantArt ended the geoblocking except for commercial features.[20]

Since autumn of 2018, spambots have been hacking into an indeterminately large number of long-inactive accounts and placing spam Weblinks in their victims' About sections (formerly known as DeviantIDs), where users of the site display their public profile information. An ongoing investigation into this matter began in January 2019.[21]

Copyright and licensing issues[edit]

There is no review for potential copyright and Creative Commons licensing violations when a work is submitted to DeviantArt, so potential violations can remain unnoticed until reported to administrators using the mechanism available for such issues.[22] Some members of the community have been the victims of copyright infringement from vendors using artwork illegally on products and prints, as reported in 2007.[23][24] The reporting system in which to counteract copyright infringement directly on the site has been subject to a plethora of criticism from members of the site, given that it may take weeks, or even a month before a filed complaint for copyright infringement is answered.

Contests for companies and academia[edit]

Due to the nature of DeviantArt as an art community with a worldwide reach, companies use DeviantArt to promote themselves and create more advertising through contests. CoolClimate is a research network connected with the University of California, and they held a contest in 2012 to address the impact of climate change. Worldwide submissions were received, and the winner was featured in The Huffington Post.[25]

Various car companies have held contests. Dodge ran a contest in 2012 for art of the Dodge Dart and over 4,000 submissions were received.[26] Winners received cash and item prizes, and were featured in a gallery at Dodge-Chrysler headquarters.[27]Lexus partnered with DeviantArt in 2013 to run a contest for cash and other prizes based on their Lexus IS design; the winner's design became a modified Lexus IS and was showcased at the SEMA 2013 show in Los Angeles, California.[28]

DeviantArt also hosts contests for upcoming movies, such as Riddick. Fan art for Riddick was submitted, and director David Twohy chose the winners, who would receive cash prizes and some other DeviantArt-related prizes, as well as having their artwork made into official fan-art posters for events.[29][30] A similar contest was held for Dark Shadows where winners received cash and other prizes.[31][32]

Video games also conduct contests with DeviantArt, such as the 2013 Tomb Raider contest. The winner had their art made into an official print sold internationally at the Tomb Raider store and received cash and other prizes. Other winners also received cash and DeviantArt-related prizes.[33]


The site has over 358 million images which have been uploaded by its over 35 million registered members.[34] By July 2011, DeviantArt was the largest online art community.[35] Members of DeviantArt may leave comments and critiques on individual deviation pages,[36][37] allowing the site to be called "a [free] peer evaluation application".[38] Along with textual critique, DeviantArt now offers the option to leave a small picture as a comment.[39] This can be achieved using an option of DeviantArt Muro, which is a browser-based drawing tool that DeviantArt has developed and hosts. However, only members of DeviantArt can save their work as deviations. Another feature of Muro is what is called "Redraw"; it records the user as they draw their image, and then the user can post the entire process as a film deviation.[40] Some artists in late 2013 began experimenting with the use of breakfast cereal as the subject of their pieces, although this trend has only started spreading.[41]

Individual deviations are displayed on their own pages, with a list of statistical information about the image, as well as a place for comments by the artist and other members, and the option to share through other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).[42] Prior to Version 9, Deviations were required to be organized into categories when a member uploaded an image and this allowed DeviantArt's search engine to find images concerning similar topics.[43]

Individual members can organize their own deviations into folders on their personal pages.[38] The member pages (profiles) show a member's personally uploaded deviations and journal postings.[44] Journals are like personal blogs for the member pages, and the choice of topic is up to each member; some use it to talk about their personal or art-related lives, others use it to spread awareness or marshal support for a cause.[45] Also displayed are a member's favorites, a collection of other users' images from DeviantArt that a member saves to its own folder.[46] Another thing found on the profile page is a member's watchers; a member adds another member to their watch list in order to be notified when that member uploads something.[45] The watcher notifications are gathered in a member's Message Center with other notices, like when other users comment on that member's deviations, or when the member's image has been put in someone's favorites.[45]

Members can build groups that any registered member of the site can join. These groups are usually based on an artist's chosen medium and content. Some examples of these are Literature (poetry, prose, etc.), Drawing (traditional, digital, or mixed-media), Photography (macro, nature, fashion, stills), and many others. Within these groups are where they do collaborations and have their art featured and introduced to artists of the same kind.

DeviantArt does not allow pornographic, sexually explicit and/or obscene material to be submitted;[47] however, "tasteful" nudity is allowed, even as photographs.[48] To view mature artwork and content, members must be at least 18 years of age and to enable the content, they have to make an account.

In order to communicate on a more private level, Notes can be sent between individual members, like an email within the site.[45] The other opportunities for communication between members are DeviantArt's forums, for more structured, long-term discussions, and chat rooms, for group instant messaging.[49]


DeviantArt has been revising the website in "versions", with each version releasing multiple new features. Coincidentally, the third, fourth and fifth versions of the site were all released on August 7, the "birthday" of the website's founding.[citation needed]

Version Release Changes
1 August 7, 2000 The site goes public as part of the Dmusic Network.
2 February 5, 2002 In version 2, browsing was made easier.[50]
3 August 7, 2003 The "extreme speed and reliability increase" was accompanied by some bugs that had to be fixed.[51] For the release of version 3, there were numerous free giveaways.[52]
4 August 7, 2004 In version 4, the chat client called dAmn was added to the site.[53]
5 August 7, 2006 In version 5, each deviant has a Prints account, through which they may sell prints of their works for money, receiving 20% of the profits.[clarification needed] Users can also obtain Premium Prints Account offering 50% of the profits and an immediate check of material submitted for sales. Before version 5 of DeviantArt, users did not have by default access to this service and it had to be obtained separately. By paying for a subscription, a deviant could also sell their work for 50% of each sale.[54]
6 July 10, 2008 In this revision, the message center, front page and footer were revamped, and users could now customize the DeviantArt navigation toolbar. The design style of the site was slightly modified as well.[55]
6.1 Early 2009 In this revision, there is a slight change of design and easier search options, in addition to users being given more options to customize their profiles, and stacks are added to the message center later in 2010.
7 May 18, 2010 Version 7 features a new smaller header design and the removal of the search bar except on the home page. The staff later made updates to Version 7, including adding a search bar to every page.
8 October 15, 2014
(updated December 4, 2014)
Version 8 features a re-styled header, removal of the large footer, updated browsing interface, addition of "watch feed", a news feed containing a summary of postings by watched users, status updates, and additions to user collections.

Eclipse (Version 9)[edit]

In early November 2018, DeviantArt released a promo site showcasing a new update, titled 'Eclipse'. The site showed that the update would include a minimalist design strategy, a dark mode option, modified CSS editing, improved filtering through a 'Love Meter,' profile headers, and other cosmetic changes and improvements. The update would also include no third-party advertisements and improved features for the site's Core users.[56]

On November 14, 2018, a beta version of the Eclipse site was made available for Core Members who marked their accounts for beta testing.[57] As of November 21, 2018, the site reported that over 4,000 users tried Eclipse and that the site received almost 1,700 individual feedback reports; these included bug reports, feature requests, and general commentary.[58] On March 6, 2019, DeviantArt officially released Eclipse to all users, with a toggle to switch back to the old site.

On May 20, 2020, the previous User Interface was discontinued from access, leaving only Eclipse available.[59]

Live events[edit]

deviantART Summit[edit]

On June 17 and 18, 2005, DeviantArt held their first convention, the deviantART Summit, at the Palladium in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California, United States. The summit consisted of several exhibitions by numerous artists, including artscene groups old and new at about 200 different booths. Giant projection screens displayed artwork as it was being submitted live to DeviantArt, which was receiving 50,000 new images daily at the time.

deviantART World Tour[edit]

Starting May 13, 2009, DeviantArt embarked on a world tour, visiting cities around the world, including Sydney, Singapore, Warsaw, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris, London, New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles. During the world tour, the new "Portfolio" feature of DeviantArt was previewed to attendees.[60][61]

"Birthday Bashes" and deviantMEET[edit]

Occasionally, DeviantArt hosts a meeting for members to come together in real life and interact, exchange, and have fun. There have been meetings for the birthday of DeviantArt, called "Birthday Bashes", as well as simple general get-togethers around the world. In 2010, European DeviantArt members held a deviantMEET to celebrate DeviantArt's birthday in August.[62] There was also a celebration that year in the House of Blues in Hollywood, California.[63]

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Al parecer mañana, 20 de Mayo de 2020; DeviantArt Eclipse será permanente.

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He was curled up in a ball, so, um, there was no sign of gender. The mere fact that I found a man in the desert would have been enough for me to come to view. But he was also unprotected. That is, he lay naked in an atmosphere of poisonous gases, on a rocky surface, in which chromium sulfide and cadmium bisphosphonate would be enough to poison all.

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Him. dear. Kostya realized what I wanted from him and began to lick and suck my clitoris and I stroked his head and enjoyed the caresses of his lips. Stronger.

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