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Chocolate chip cookiesNote: We have a Bosch Universal Plus mixer available in our clearance store here.

The Bosch Universal mixer and kitchen center has a special reputation among discerning cooks. It takes in stride heavy tasks that would literally break conventional mixers within a few uses, and Bosch offers features and benefits found in no other machine!

Highly paid endorsements and continual ad campaigns are how some companies sell mixers. Bosch, on the other hand, doesn’t advertise their mixer at all. The success of the Bosch Universal stand mixer has been growing for decades based simply on its reputation for superior performance. Instead of paying millions of dollars each year to housewares celebrities and cooking shows, Bosch puts their money and effort into real engineering advancements and quality of construction. Continual refinement has made today's Bosch Universal a kitchen machine like no other.

  • “WOW! I've had a Kitchen Aid mixer for years, which is already a great mixer, so I wasn't expecting a huge improvement. This mixer is as much better than my Kitchen Aid (which I still love), as my Kitchen Aid was better than the cheapy I had before—definitely recommend!”

    – Hope T., AL

Cake dessertThe newest model is the Bosch Universal Plus. Its 500 watt motor has a new design that extends motor life expectancy fourfold... and it was exceptionally long before. Just as importantly, the Bosch has a unique transmission that gets the motor’s hard-turning torque to the bowl better than in other mixers. Other new features include suction cup feet, a larger, lock-down bowl with 360 degree handle, and a pop-out drive shaft for easy cleanup. Another speed was added, while expanding the speed range with a lower low gear and a higher high gear, still including the pulse feature. The distinct advantages of the Universal Plus over ordinary mixers are now greater than ever before.

There’s no overhead gearbox with the Bosch, because it's powered from below—a design with major advantages. The base of the machine provides space to transmit motor power to the bowl using a belt rather than gears. The plastic gears in overhead-driven machines are small and breakage-prone, they transmit torque inefficiently, and the heat in their tight enclosure leads to early failure when worked hard. The Bosch belt efficiently transmits far more torque, runs cooler, and is incredibly durable, with an amazing twenty-year failure rate below one percent. In contrast to top heavy overhead-drive machines, this design gives the Bosch a very low center of gravity that makes it a breeze to handle. Bottom drive also provides full bowl access. With no obstruction you see everything that’s happening, so adding ingredients is easy as pie. And without a lot of meshing gear teeth, the Bosch is also exceptionally quiet.

  • “I just should have bought it sooner! Staff were also great and very helpful.”

    – Kathleen P., BC

Whole grain breadThe Bosch Universal's bowl is shaped like a large bundt cake form, a pioneering design that excels at both mixing and whipping. Twin whips mount on top of the narrow center column, driven from below by a stainless drive shaft. The whips float lightly against the bottom of the bowl, spinning rapidly as they rotate. And the bowl's shape ensures that your ingredients are mixed perfectly—lumps have nowhere to hide. The Bosch Universal's whipping action is so energetic it will make a cup and a half of meringue from a single egg white. And being only 10.6" tall with bowl mounted, all of this performance fits easily under your cupboards.

In addition to its stellar mixing and whipping performance, the Bosch Universal kitchen mixer is legendary among bread lovers. It makes better bread, faster and easier, with its patented three-arm stainless steel BreadMaster dough hook—with the strength to knead up to fourteen pounds of tough dough at a time. The BreadMaster hook vigorously incorporates oxygen, processing 100% of your dough every four rotations. Other mixers merely stir the dough, never achieving the Bosch's level of gluten development. Proper gluten development produces light bread with great texture. Merely stirring the dough produces "brick bread." As many as nine loaves of fabulous fresh sandwich bread can be out of your oven in just 75 to 80 minutes!

Bosch dough mixer features

Blueberry muffinsSmaller batches too: Dough for up to nine 1.5-pound bread loaves can be made in a batch. And with the new dough hook extender (currently included free) you can make outstanding dough for as few as one or two loaves. When whipping, the Bosch whips pick up exceptionally small ingredient amounts thanks to the bowl's tubular bottom profile. The Bosch stand mixer's 6.5 quart bowl is made of super-tough, BPA-free polypropylene. More details are under the specs tab, above. Click here for a basic whole wheat bread recipe for the Bosch Universal mixer.

Gluten free? The Bosch Universal also provides the control you need to make delicious gluten-free recipes, tailored specifically to your family’s needs. Nothing approaches the tastiness of homemade and fresh! 

Reaching beyond the role of stand mixer, the Bosch Universal Plus is a complete kitchen center. Available attachments extend its abilities to powerful blending, food processing, grinding, juicing and more. By eliminating duplicate power units, you save money and kitchen space while using superior, German-engineered kitchen tools. Below, you can see a wide range of optional equipment. From food processing to pasta making, the Bosch Universal Plus offers the tools to do the job quickly, easily, and right. The Universal Plus is available with or without the blender; the mixer is the same either way, so you can always add the blender later if you wish.

  • “After four years of experience with Pleasant Hill Grain, I can't think of another company of any kind that I can recommend as highly as yours. Your service is outstanding; it's a real pleasure doing business with you.”

    – Lori Itano, IL

Included standard are the mixing bowl, splash ring and lid, BreadMaster dough hook and French whips. Plus: The new dough hook extender is currently being included free!

Pleasant Hill Grain is the world’s largest retailer of Bosch stand mixers. We’ve used Bosch bread mixers ourselves for many years and we’re here to assist you with any question or need. We’d be delighted to help you start your own personal Bosch experience today! 


Bosch Mixer

Bowl Capacity6.5 Q (6 L)
Bowl Dimensions (Dia. x H)12" x 6.25"
Dough Capacity1.2 to 14 lbs. (0.5 to 6.3 kg)
Flour Capacity0.75 to 8 lbs. (0.34 to 3.6 kg)
Motor120V, 500W
Dimensions (W x D x H)With lid: 15.5" x 12" x 10.6"
Weight12.75 lbs.
Speeds4 + Pulse
Warranty3 years motor/1 year parts

Did we forget something? If you need more information about this product, please tell us what else you'd like to know with a quick email or live chat!


KitchenAid vs Bosch Mixer: Which Mixer is Best for You?

When it comes to mixers, Bosch and KitchenAid are at the top of everyone’s wishlist. Both brands are extremely popular—and for good reasons. Bosch and KitchenAid products are of high quality and perform extremely well. If you are looking to purchase a new mixer, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be comparing the Bosch White Universal Plus 6.5 Quart Mixer and the KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. Through our list of pros and cons, we’ll find what mixer will best fit you and your baking needs!


Bosch: This mixer has 4 blending speeds and a momentary switch. Bosch claims you can make up to 34 dozen cookies in one batch! The bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe, which makes for easy clean-up. The power base has 4 suction cup feet in order to keep the mixer in place. This model comes with a lid to help avoid messes.

KitchenAid: This mixer has 10 blending speeds! It can make up to 9 dozen cookies in one bowl. You can easily add ingredients with the tilt head. The bowl is stainless steel, making it super tough!


Bosch: Bosch mixers have many, many attachments. This Bosch mixer comes with a dough hook, lid, and wire whips. They offer a blender, wire whip, dough hook, cookie paddles, bowl scraper, and more accessories. This Bosch is capable of whipping, shredding, stirring, blending, and so much more. Overall, the Bosch has many more attachments than the KitchenAid Mixer.

KitchenAid: This mixer comes with a dough hook, metal wire whip, and a cookie paddle. You can purchase more accessories like a spiralizer, sifter, and different styles of mixer bowls. While the Bosch may offer more attachments, KitchenAid offers many more styles and colors of mixers. On this particular model, there are 46 color options to choose from, while Bosch offers two colors: white and black.

Life Span

Bosch: Many happy Bosch customers claim they’ve used the same mixer for more than 30 years! These mixers will generally last at least 20 years. Bosch offers a 3-year warranty on this model.

KitchenAid: KitchenAids are known to last about 15 years. Under the right conditions, this mixer could last 30 plus years. KitchenAid offers a 1-year warranty.


Bosch: This mixer is $419.00. This model includes the base, mixing bowl, dough hook, wire ships, plastic whip driver, splash ring, and mixing bowl lid.

KitchenAid: This mixer is $219.99. This model includes the tilt-head stand mixer, dough hook, metal wire whip, and a cookie paddle.

Pros and Cons


Pros: The Bosch mixers have lids that help to eliminate mess. Due to the lid, it is easy to add ingredients without making a mess. The Bosch offers more attachments than KitchenAid. Since they offer more attachments, this one mixer can replace a lot of your old kitchen appliances (blender, hand mixer, juicer, etc.) The Bosch mixer is known to last longer than KitchenAid mixers.

Cons: Bosch really only offers 2 models of mixers. They have the Universal, the Universal in black, and the Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. This model is also more expensive than the KitchenAid model.


Pros: You can easily match your KitchenAid to your kitchen, due to its many color options. They even offer custom builds. This model offers 10 mixing speeds. The tilt-head makes removing the bowl and adding ingredients a breeze. This mixer is quite a bit cheaper than the Bosch Universal Mixer.

Cons: KitchenAids have much fewer attachments. The stainless steel bowl can get scratched. This mixer does not have a lid, which creates the potential for making a mess of flour and other powder ingredients.

Overall, both mixers are of high quality and will do a great job. Everyone has different baking styles and needs. Now that you have the facts, it’s up to you to decide which will fit you and your kitchen best. We know you will love both! To order a Bosch mixer, text or call us at (435) 986-3100 to see availability!

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White Universal Plus Mixer

Why switch to Universal Plus?

The Bosch Universal reputation of quality began in 1952. You can rely on your Bosch Mixer.
The Bosch kitchen mixer is uniquely designed with its motor beneath the bowl, making it more compact and lightweight.

Dual wire whips create a triple whipping action and allow you to whip as little as one egg white into over a cup of meringue. The cookie paddles are perfect for creaming butter and mixing medium to thick batters and cookie doughs (please note butter. The cake paddles thoroughly mix pourable batters or light mixtures without incorporating too much air. Ideal for quick breads, muffins, and pancakes which can become tough and chewy if over-mixed.

The heavy-duty dough hook is designed to mimic the motions of hand kneading to stretch, tuck, and fold the dough for maximum gluten development, kneading 100% of the dough every 4 rotations around the bowl. With the included dough hook extender, you can knead as little as one loaf of bread (3 cups flour) or up to 14 1-pound loaves, with either white or whole grain flour. The powerful belt-driven transmission delivers adequate torque to knead light or heavy loads without overheating or bogging down. The dough hook can mix up to 34 dozen cookies in a batch.

Four suction feet on the base grip the mixer to your counter for optimum stability. Choose from 4 speeds with pulse. Convenient cord storage. Many optional accessories and attachments are available to purchase separately for increased functionality, such as a blender, meat grinder, citrus juicer, food processor, slicer/shredder, pasta maker, and more.


  • Belt drive transmission
  • Overload and restart motor protection
  • Removable drive shaft for easy cleaning
  • 3-year warranty on motor and transmission
  • 1-year warranty on attachments and other parts
  • Ergonomic, unique, modern design.


User Manual

Video Product Guide

How To Clean

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions18 × 15 × 14 in

6.5 Quart


3-year warranty on motor and transmission.
1-year warranty on attachments and other parts.

Dishwasher Safe

Splash Ring, Mixing Bowl Lid, Stainless Steel Bowl, Wire Whips (Top Rack Only)

Hand Wash

Dough Hook, Plastic Whip Driver

Wattage Change

*Due to rating regulations recently passed by UL Laboratories, which changed the method of motor wattage ratings, the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has a new rating label of 500 watts. The motor HAS NOT CHANGED, only the rating label because of the new rating method. We are working to change all online images to reflect this change. Please be assured that nothing has changed in the Iconic Bosch Motor. It has the same motor with the same 3-year motor guarantee. This is the case with ALL Bosch Universal Plus Mixers available for purchase in-store and online.

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KitchenAid vs. Bosch: Which Stand Mixer is Best?

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