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The Flash: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Show (According To Reddit)

While The Flash is among the most popular Arrowverse shows, it's not immune to a few criticisms from fans of the show. Whether it's the many villains that show up across the seasons or a discussion of the faithfulness of the adaptation of the comic books the show is based on, there are plenty of opinions on all these and more from the fandom.

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Reddit, in particular, is home to many opinions on the show and its characters, some of which are controversial views that only a few fans agree with. Each unpopular opinion sparks a conversation among fans, who present different views on the things they love and hate about the show and some insight into the lightning-fast world of The Flash.

10 Reverse-Flash Isn't An Interesting Villain

The Flash has had several villains, including Reverse-Flash who was the first major villain Barry had to face. One fan shared their opinion on this villain on Reddit, stating that he isn't interesting, especially because he and Barry share the same powers.

Reverse-Flash is one of the most powerful villains on The Flash, especially because he's a speedster and has a connection to Barry's tragic childhood. With a speedster villain, Barry has more of a challenge since they're equally matched, which is why they're counted among the best. However, watching a face-off between two people with similar powers can easily get boring, which makes this view understandable—unpopular though it is.

9 Wally Shouldn't Have Joined The Show

One of the consequences of Flashpoint was Wally becoming the speedster, Kid Flash. Most fans were excited about the development, especially because of its comic book origins, and welcomed the new addition to the Flash family with open arms.

However, a fan on Reddit had a different opinion and they believed Wally should have joined Legends of Tomorrow right afterSurprisingly, most fans prefer Kid Flash over Flash, and some entertained the theory that he would take over the hero's mantle if the Flash truly vanished during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

8 Savitar and Devoe > Reverse-Flash And Zoom

All four of these were major villains on The Flash. The issue of which of them was the best one is a topic of many debates, but most favor speedsters as the best villains. Since Savitar was Barry from the future, he technically fit in this box but the execution of his storyline left most of the audience unsatisfied with him as a villain, much like Devoe whose storyline dragged on for much too long.

One fan on Reddit said Savitar and Devoe were better villains than Reverse-Flash and Zoom and in some ways they were. Devoe wasn't a speedster like Barry but was able to outwit him for an entire season and Savitar had a more personal connection to him. However, Reverse-Flash killed Barry's mother, and Zoom killed his father, leading to some of the best storylines on The Flash, making the two villains incomparable to others

7 The Show Needs More Heart

Most seasons of The Flash consist of a number of episodes that focus on relationships between the characters and reinforcing the fact that Barry's greatest strength isn't just his super speed, but also his heart. Social media comments on the show generally express discontent over episodes focusing on anything other than Barry fighting villains.

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One Reddit user, however, commented that the show needs more heart and romance and not less. Love and romance add an extra layer to the stories on The Flash, although the show hasn't yet found the best formula for balancing it with the action, resulting in several filler episodes of emotional fluff that fans sometimes find annoying.

6 Season 5 Was Good

Season 5 of The Flash had several storylines, including Cicada I, Cicada II, Nora West-Allen from the future, and the return of Reverse-Flash. A lot of these were storylines the fandom didn't really enjoy, especially Cicada I who felt like a drawn-out villain and contrived to be unbeatable for the sake of stretching out the plot.

One fan on Reddit commented that season 5 wasn't as bad as everyone claims it was. There were moments that dragged on, like the Cicada plot, but they were balanced out with interesting storylines like Nora and Thawne working together, her backstory leading to the discovery of her powers, and Thawne's return.

5 There Shouldn't Be A Team Flash

Team Flash slowly grew to include more people like Iris, Joe, Wally, Kamilla, Allegra, and Chester. Whether the team is big or small, Barry relies on them to help take down villains and protect Central City. In a post about unpopular opinions of the show on Reddit, one fan commented that the Flash shouldn't have a team and would be better off working alone.

The show might be able to pull off the Flash running around—literally—for a season or two, but after a while, that would become boring to watch. Each member of Team Flash comes with their own stories, like Caitlyn and her Killer Frost arc or the many versions of Wells featured. They add to the intrigue of the show, even though sometimes their storylines feel like they bog it down.

4 "We Are The Flash."

In season 4, episode 2, "Mixed Signals," Iris and Barry were working through some problems in their marriage. Iris was upset over Barry entering the speed force at the end of the previous season, while Barry argued he had to save the city. When they finally talked, Barry told her it was his responsibility as the Flash to make those kinds of sacrifices and Iris corrected him and said, "we are the Flash."

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Most fans on social media complain about this line, although one fan on Reddit said they didn't mind it. While it may have felt like Iris was taking credit for the Flash, the context of the conversation shows that she was telling him their marriage meant she was there to share his burdens and troubles related to being the Flash, rather than him facing them alone.

3 The Main Lead Is Annoying

In a post of unpopular opinions about the Arroweverse on Reddit, one fan said that they found Barry to be annoying, stubborn, arrogant, and unlikable. The post explained that he often acted like he was right all the time and didn't listen to anyone until it was too late.

Finding the main character of the show unlikable is quite a controversial view, even if it might be valid. Barry certainly had moments when he went against everyone else, like his actions leading to Flashpoint. But most of the time, he learns and grows from his mistakes, which is why Team Flash has such a prominent role in his life.

2 Reverse-Flash Isn't Overused

As the first major villain on The Flash, Reverse-Flash holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many fans. Not only is he a formidable match for Barry because they have similar skills, but their relationship also adds an emotional component to the whole story that makes the villain memorable.

At first, his return was interesting but the more it happened, the less intriguing it got. One fan on Reddit argued that breaking down his actual appearances, he only returned a handful of times. While that may be true, the impact he had on main storylines such as Nora West-Allen's appearance may be the reason why most fans felt like they got a little too much of him.

1 Every Season Is Good

Across the fandom on Reddit, fans have varying opinions on which season out of those that have aired was the best. Most agree that the earlier seasons were good but the quality declined as the show continued. One fan on Reddit however, commented that all the seasons are good.

This opinion is subjective and relies quite a bit on a fan's individual tastes. However, based on most Reddit threads about the show, some seasons fare better than others. While this may be true, each season has storylines that save it, like Bloodwork's arc in season 6 or the reveal of Savitar's identity in season 3.

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Tricia Mawire (134 Articles Published)

Tricia is a List Writer for Screen Rant with a background in creative writing and a love for all things film and TV. She fell in love with reading at the age of 10 after discovering that her favorite movie, Matilda, was based on a novel. That led to her first in-depth analysis of literary work to her mom and anyone who'd listen. If she's not reading or writing stories with crazy plot twists, she's bingeing a new series and ranting about character arcs and plot holes. Or she's eating French fries.

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Reddit's flashmob won't be able to work its GameStop magic on silver

Attempting to corner the silver market has a long and dishonourable history, so one can understand why members of the have-a-go Reddit crew might be attracted to a version of the idea.

The day traders also appear to have chosen one tactic correctly. They targeted silver exchange traded funds, or ETFs, which are obliged to back their units with physical holdings of the metal. Yes, that’s the way to get maximum bang for your buck. No messing about with funds that merely hold derivative silver contracts. The price of the metal jumped by 10%.

So far, so familiar – or, at least, familiar since last week’s fun and games in GameStop, AMC and others. Yet this latest iteration of “flashmob” investing is different. The central tactic may be correct, but the overall plan looks wildly overambitious. For starters, there are no obviously overextended hedge funds to beat up. Second, the price of silver is hard to push around artificially for any length of time.

Both thoughts seemed to have occurred to members of the Reddit army, which looks less than united about the wisdom of this expedition. Some on the WallStreetBets forum pointed out that banks and hedge funds, the supposed enemies, aren’t enthusiastic short-sellers of the metal. Good point: the data shows institutions are actually net long.

Indeed, even the short positions won’t always be what they seem. Some will have been created for reasons of genuine hedging. If, for example, you’re a big investor in Fresnillo, the FTSE 100 silver miner, you might maintain a short position in silver as a way to hedge out market risk. Such a hedge would have done its job on Monday: the pain of a 10% rise in the price of silver was matched by the relief of a big gain in Fresnillo’s share price. So who is hurting?

Then one has to consider the size of the silver market. GameStop was a struggling video games retailer worth $1.5bn at the start of the year. By contrast, the value of the silver market is more like $1.5tn, so it’s hard to sustain the same market-moving momentum. Real-world manufacturers need silver for use in cars and computers, but they also keep stocks of the stuff. So they do not become forced buyers overnight, unlike the hedge funds at Gamestop, who stupidly made the same overcrowded bet.

Monday’s dramatic surge in the silver is not to be sniffed at. It was a significant move. But was it just small-time investors buying? Or were hedge funds, or others, enjoying some sport by anticipating the Redditors’s intentions (which were advertised since last week) and adding a bit of speculative money in an attempt to catch a pop in the price? If so, one suspects the professionals will have banked their profits already.

That’s the worry about “meme” investing. It creates short-term trading opportunities for those who can read, and create, social media forces. But the likely losers are who get sucked in and arrive late. Silver was an odd target to pick, especially with the price now at an eight-year high. It’s a case of frothy market and frothy thinking.

The tale of London Capital & Finance winds to a sorry end

“Those who, I hope, will be informed by my report will need to consider what are the appropriate consequences in the light of the criticisms which I have made, in relation to the organisation and individually.”

Her wording was slightly opaque, but one could catch Dame Elizabeth Gloster’s drift. The London Capital & Finance affair was a serious financial scandal and the question of accountability should be addressed. And the question applies to those at the top of the Financial Conduct Authority at the time, including Andrew Bailey, then the regulator’s chief executive, now governor of the Bank of England.

In practice, the chances of Bailey losing his job, or even being censured, are remote. If the chancellor was minded to act, he would have done so by now. But that political reality doesn’t make the saga any prettier.

Some 11,600 individuals who invested £236m lost most of their money in LC&F, and Gloster’s blistering 500-page report showed how the FCA ignored red flags for years. It is a shocking tale. And it is equally shocking how smoothly the financial and political establishment moves on.

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The Flash: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Iris West Allen, According To Reddit

As Iris is one of the leading characters of The Flash, fans have a lot of opinions about her. Apart from being an integral part of Barry's life, most of the praise surrounding Iris comes from her personal growth, which has seen her go from being a successful journalist to the leader of Team Flash (and later, Team Citizen).

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However, that doesn't mean there aren't a few criticisms about her - especially if some fans explore Reddit. Unfortunately, the most popular fan opinions about Iris on The Flash subreddit are negative, bashing her character, her choices, her actions, and even the things she says. So much that, the unpopular opinions on the platform are few and far between, mostly positive and coming to the character's defense with a few negative ones.

10 She Was A Great Leader While Barry Was Gone

At the end of season 3, Barry went into the speed force to stabilize it and prevent it from destroying Central City. With Barry gone, Iris became the leader of Team Flash. Fans had mixed opinions as most felt that she didn't have the qualifications to lead people that relied on scientific principles to fight the powerful villains that Team Flash faces.

Contrary to that, QuantumWolf0813 on Reddit said, "Iris was also a great team leader while Barry was in the speed force." While it's true that Iris had no scientific knowledge, she was the logical option as the others had to balance other responsibilities with being out in the field. She had no combat training, so she couldn't go into the field and the best place for her was in the lab as the leader. She kept the team together and motivated them as any good leader would do.

9 Her Reaction To Barry Going Into The Speed Force Was Justified

After Barry's return in season 3, he and Iris went to couple's therapy. During a session, she asked, "how could you leave me?" Many fans didn't understand her reaction but the Redditor korrasbicepss said, "yes, her husband is the Flash but that doesn't mean she's always going to be 100% fine with the fact that he always ran into danger."

Barry's decision was brave and heroic and he had no choice but to do it. However, to Iris, he's more than just the Flash and letting him go without knowing if she'll ever see him again was heartbreaking. Barry's choice might have been logical, but Iris' grief and her expression of it were valid.

8 Her "We Are The Flash" Line Is Severely Misunderstood

When Barry said it was his duty as the Flash to save the city, Iris countered with the line, "we are the Flash." Fans were up in arms over the statement as they felt she was taking credit for Barry's heroics. A few didn't mind it and one fan on Reddit said the line "is a metaphor for the WestAllen supportive partnership."

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The line came after her controversial accusation that Barry left her, so—unsurprisingly—it was upsetting to some fans. However, considering Iris had been expressing her grief over losing their partner, it's clear that all she wanted was for Barry to share his burdens of being the Flash with her so she could help and support him as she always does.

7 Run, Iris, Run Wasn't A Bad Episode

After confronting Melting Point, Barry lost his speed to Iris. She spent the episode as a speedster and the episode received mixed reviews as some didn't enjoy it. Sharing their less popular opinion, Reddit user theboxsays commented, "it wasn't an all-out bad episode" and pointed out that most hated it for being Iris-centric.

Storywise, the episode was realistic and handled well. Iris didn't immediately become an excellent speedster and she made mistakes. Even Barry's jealousy when she had his powers and his frustration when he couldn't help her phase made sense.

6 She's A Well-Written Character

Several fans on Reddit have pointed to poor writing as the reason why Iris is not a likable character. A few, like Ad_Total on Reddit, believe "Iris is one of the most well-written characters on the show." Another Redditor, CityAvenger, explained that they believe this unpopular view as well because Iris "learned things and gained experiences along the way and has applied that to where she is now."

There are some aspects of Iris' story that fans don't like because they feed into certain tropes and stereotypes and aren't developed properly, like her transition into the team's leader, or the fact some of the storylines on The Flash dropped. But, there are also some good ones in there, especially from season 6 where she has storylines that actively involve her and finally give her a voice.

5 She & Barry Have No Chemistry

Fans watched Barry and Iris evolve from friends to husband and wife, and the journey is filled with adorable moments. While some fans enjoyed watching it, others—like HalloweenLover on Reddit—said they, "don't feel any chemistry between Barry and Iris in the show."

Their chemistry is often compared to that of Barry and other women. That includes Patty, Linda, Caitlin, and Felicity from Arrow. Chemistry is about perception and while Barry had an interesting dynamic with them, his connection with Iris is admirable and the best. It's evident in every "you're my lightning rod" moment and when they're reunited in "The Flash Reborn."

4 The Show Needs More West-Allen Moments

Some filler episodes focus more on the emotional aspect of the show and put the action on the backburner. A lot of those have West-Allen moments that some find sweet and others don't. One fan on Reddit shared several controversial opinions about Iris, and one of them was that "the show doesn't need less WestAllen," as some fans on the platform believed.

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The filler episodes tend to drag, so anyone can see why most fans don't enjoy them. However, completely removing the romantic aspect of the central love story would leave a show that's all action, which isn't appealing to some fans. The love story adds to the endearment of the show, and Barry is the paragon of love, after all, so his relationship with Iris is bound to take center stage.

3 Savitar Should Have Killed Her

The major storyline in The Flash season 3 was Iris' impending death. Thanks to H.R. Wells' sacrifice, Iris survived and Team Flash later defeated Savitar for good. However, the Redditor, FlashSeason2, had a different opinion and said, "it would've been better if Savitar killed Iris and H.R. lived."

The future where Savitar's plan had succeeded was a dystopian world, which would have taken The Flash down a dark path the fans may have hated or loved. On the other hand, killing Iris off means removing the main love story on the show, which is an essential part of the story.

2 She's One Of The Best Developed Characters

The characters have all changed and grown over the seasons, mostly because of everything they've been through. Although most fans argue that the characters didn't develop much, the Redditor, riabe, shared one of their unpopular opinions as "Iris is one of the best-developed characters."

Iris was a journalist and a leader, who helped build Central City Citizen from scratch. She also dealt with a death threat hanging over her, lost the love of her life to the speed force, and watched her daughter get erased from existence. All that made her more resilient and proactive, so while this opinion might be unpopular because she's not as liked as other The Flash characters, it has merit.

1 Most Unfairly Hated Character In The Arrowverse

As with any other TV show, fans prefer some characters over others. However, on Reddit, Iris receives more negative opinions than anyone else on the show. One fan pointed out the unfairness of this and said, "obviously she's not perfect and could benefit from better writing but that's not an Iris only problem."

There is a lot to love about Iris. She's assertive, loving, kind, and an understanding and supportive partner. Whenever Barry feels hopeless, she comforts and encourages him as his "lightning rod." Even though some fans didn't like her reaction to Barry taking Nora back to the future without telling her—among other things—all of that doesn't justify the hate she gets.

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Tricia Mawire (134 Articles Published)

Tricia is a List Writer for Screen Rant with a background in creative writing and a love for all things film and TV. She fell in love with reading at the age of 10 after discovering that her favorite movie, Matilda, was based on a novel. That led to her first in-depth analysis of literary work to her mom and anyone who'd listen. If she's not reading or writing stories with crazy plot twists, she's bingeing a new series and ranting about character arcs and plot holes. Or she's eating French fries.

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