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Reserve parking for Boston Common Garage here!

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This is a secure and affordable underground garage in downtown Boston. Just a few minutes to the Boston Opera House, Royale Boston, and Charles Playhouse. This location also offers a car wash service and restrooms for customers. Reserve your parking spot now before rates change!

To easily access your parking pass when you arrive, use the ParkChirp mobile app. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play Store!


Facility Address: 0 Charles St, Boston, MA

The entrance to this underground garage is located on the right side of Charles Street, between Boylston Street and Beacon Street. Look for a blue and red sign that reads &#;P, Boston Common&#; in white.


  • Covered Parking
  • Handicap Accessible
  • License Plate Required
  • Mobile Pass Accepted
  • Oversize Vehicle Friendly
  • Self Park
  • touchless-parking

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 24/7
  • Tuesday: 24/7
  • Wednesday: 24/7
  • Thursday: 24/7
  • Friday: 24/7
  • Saturday: 24/7
  • Sunday: 24/7

Massachusetts General Hospital offers parking for patients and visitors at the Fruit Street, Parkman Street, Yawkey Center and Charles River Plaza garages on our main campus. We also offer valet parking at the Wang and Yawkey Centers.

Additional parking options include nearby private parking garages and parking lots as well as limited street parking.

Due to the high volume of visitors to Mass General every day, we recommend that visitors use public transportation whenever possible. We are located directly across the street from the Charles/MGH stop on the MBTA Red Line and a short walk from the Bowdoin (Blue Line) and North Station (Green and Orange Line) stations.

Mass General Brigham also provides a free shuttle bus between Mass General offices, parking garages, and transit stations.

Mass General Parking Garages

Patients and their visitors are eligible for reduced parking rates in the following garages:

Things to know: 
  • Fruit, Parkman, and Yawkey garages provide a minute grace period for patient drop-off and pick-up
  • Charles River Plaza has a minute grace period
  • Reduced parking rates are available only for Mass General patients and their visitors

Valet Parking at Mass General

Valet parking is available for patients and their visitors at the Wang Ambulatory Care Center lobby, Yawkey Center, and the Charles River Plaza upper level of the garage.

, and Cambridge Street Parking

Patients with appointments at , , and Cambridge Street should park in the Charles River Plaza garage, with the entrance at Cambridge Street, next to Au Bon Pain. Parking on the outside deck is for Charles River Plaza (CRP) retail customers only. Patients must have their parking ticket validated by the cashier in the Cambridge Street lobby, or at the garage cashier office located to the right of the garage exit. Patient validation is not available at the exit lane parking equipment.

To best serve our patients, we reserve Mass General parking garages for patients and their visitors. If you are not a patient or patient visitor, please park in a nearby private parking lot. View nearby parking garages by main campus location. Only Mass General patients and their visitors are eligible for reduced parking rates.  For additional information, please contact the Parking Office at

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Height Restrictions in Parking Lots/Garages - Boston Forum

Later this year we are visting Boston and are hiring a vehicle. We will need to park it in public garages due to where we are staying (Boylston Street).

Due to numbers travelling we are hiring a Ford Expedition which standing approx. 6'6" tall now poses us problems with finding a garage/lot that the height restrictions of the underground garages provide (e.g. Boston Common is max height of 6'3").

I was hoping that someone may be able to provide me with details of any 'open air' parking garages or at least underground ones that may have sufficient height to not exclude such a beast.

I would be prepared to have to travel a few stops on the T to get the vehicle or pay in the dearer car parks if needs be as though needed most days, it would probably be less hassle than trying to find street parking a lot of the time.



Declan McGrath


Boston Common Garage

Boston Common Garage almost always offers cheaper rates than most other nearby garages when you want to park in a central location near Boston's theaters, Faneuil Marketplace, TD Garden, Downtown Financial District, Beacon Hill, and Back Bay.

Best of all, the garage's location under Boston Common makes it easy to find, easy to enter, and easy to exit. 

"Easy" is a huge benefit in a city where many streets are so narrow and winding that you'd swear they haven't changed since Colonial times.  

If you've parked in other downtown garages with steep ramps, low ceilings, and narrow spaces, you'll appreciate the spacious layout.

Evening and weekend rates give you an especially good deal. 

And if you can take advantage of the Weekday Super Late Night Special, you can potentially save a bundle - especially if you want to avoid high parking prices at nearby hotels.

Find out more about parking in Boston

What you need to know about driving in Boston before you come

Top photo:  Boston Common Parking Garage

Parking Rates at Boston Common Garage 

Parking rates are hard to beat in this part of Boston:

Weekday rate:  Enter between 6am and 4pm

  • $12 - Up to 1 hr
  • $18 - Up to 2 hrs
  • $24 - Up to 3 hrs
  • $28 - Up to 10 hrs
  • $32 - Maximum charge for 24 hours

Evening Rate: Enter between 4pm and 6am and exit before 8am - pay just $10 for up to 1 hour, $14 for hours, and $18 (up to 8am) for 3 hours or more.

Weekend and Week Night Rates:   Enter after 6am on Saturday or Sunday and exit by 8am on the following morning; or enter Monday - Friday 4pm-6pm, and exit before 8am.

  • $10 - Up to 1 hour
  • $14 - hours
  • $18 - Over 3 hours (up to 8am)

Potential Savings for Boston Visitors needing Overnight Parking:  Staying at a nearby hotel in Downtown, Beacon Hill, or Back Bay and want to avoid expensive hotel parking rates?  If your schedule permits you to enter the Boston Common Garage after 9pm on Monday-Friday, leave before 8am the next day, and don't need in/out priveleges during this time period, you can snag the biggest parking garage bargain in Boston:  the $5 Super Late Night Rate.  You MUST reserve online at

Fastest Way to Pay:   When you enter the parking kiosk on the way back to your car, pay with cash or a credit card at the payment machines

Slower: Pay with credit card with you exit the garage; make everyone behind you has to wait longer.

Snow emergencies:  When on-street parking bans go into effect in the city due to snow emergencies, Boston residents of nearby neighborhoods get to park here for discounted rates - so expect the garage to be very full during these times.

Size:  Inside, you'll find 1, parking spaces.  The underground garage is well-lit, and gets fairly heavy usage day and night.  Security personnel are usually a visible presence in the garage.

Have a "Plan B":  Occasionally, the dreaded "Lot Full" sign blocks the entrance, so unfortunately, you should always have a backup garage, and know where it is before you leave home.  Driving aimlessly around the city while hoping to find parking will put you in danger of ending up in one of Boston's most expensive garages.  (Check parking in Boston's Theatre District for other nearby options.)

How to Save on Overnight Parking in Boston

If you're planning to visit Boston, want to bring your car, and your hotel of choice has just quoted $50 as the daily parking rate - which is not uncommon now at many Boston hotels - you may be able save a significant amount of money if you can take advantage of overnight and weekend parking at the Boston Common Parking Garage. 

This strategy works best if you're just visiting for the weekend. 

During the week, you'd need to be willing to get up early in the morning and move your car out of the parking garage before weekday hourly rates kick in.  

5 Tips for Parking Under the Common

1.  You enter the Boston Common Garage from Charles Street, which is 1-way going north between Boston Common and the Public Garden.  The garage is easy to reach from Storrow Drive, I, and Mass Pike (I).

2.  Once you park and lock your car, be sure to note:

  • The letter (A, B, C, D, etc) on the aisle where you parked
  • The garage level you parked on (Upper, Middle, Lower) - this is the Number 1 detail that first-time parkers here forget to note!

3.  Once you walk up the stairs or take the elevator up to ground level, you'll exit through a small kiosk.  There are four kiosks in all, and they all look identical.  Make a mental note of the location where you exit, so that you can find it when you leave. 

Parking garage kiosk on Boston Common

4.  Bring your ticket with you, as you may need to swipe it at the kiosk door in order get back in.  (Boston Insider's Tip:  Sometimes late at night, all but one kiosk is locked - definitely disconcerting if you aren't expecting it.)

5.  Payment machines are available in each kiosk.  You should pay before going back to your car.

How to Get Around Boston

Boston Transportation Options - Quick Links to More Info

Attractions Located Near Boston Common Garage

Because Boston is so compact, the location of Boston Common Garage is convenient to the Theatre District, Historic Downtown Boston, Chinatown, Beacon Hill, Back Bay (the end closest to the Public Garden), the Greenway, and Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market.  TD Garden and the Downtown Waterfront are also reasonably close - perhaps a minute walk.

If you're planning to explore the Freedom Trail, you'll find the Boston Visitor Information Center where you can pick up a free map just on the other side of the Common - and of course, Boston Common itself is part of the Trail.

Directions for Boston Common Garage

Location:   0 Charles Street.  Enter Boston Common Garage on Charles Street between the Public Garden and Boston Common.  You'll find detailed directions from Storrow Drive, I, and the Mass Pike (I) on the Boston Common Parking Garage website:
Hours:   24 x 7
Cost:  See above
For more information: 
Managed by:  MCCA, the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
Nearest T station:  Green and Red Lines/Park Street or Green Line/Boylston; if you need to go somewhere on the Blue or Orange Line, State Station is a few blocks away

Fun Things to Do in Boston

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Parking for Oversized Vehicles & Vans in Boston

Question about Boston

Boston Parking Lots & Garages for Oversized Vehicles & Vans

Finding parking for a vehicle this large in Boston presents two challenges:  1) the height of your van, and 2) the size of the parking space you'll need.

Boston Parking Lots for Tall Vans

Let's start with height first because that can be the biggest limiting factor.  If your van is really tall, you won't be able to fit into many of Boston's parking garages.  

You also may not be able to drive under some of overpasses on Storrow Drive along the Charles River.  I know you're not asking about that - but since vans and trucks get stuck, or worse, sheer off their tops, while trying to go under the lower overpasses periodically, avoid this road if your van is 10 feet or higher.

But back to parking.  Your best bet in terms of clearance is to find an open air parking lot.  Although they are rapidly disappearing from the central parts of the city, there are still a few left.  For example:

  • 25 Northern Ave Parking Lot, Seaport (; website)
  • Harrison Ave Parking Lot, South End ()

In the South End, there are a few additional small lots along Albany Street.  The North End also has a few surface lots - but due to the narrow neighborhood streets and almost constant congestion, trying to drive a large van in that neighborhood would not be advisable. 

Another possibility for open air lots (as well as garages that might accommodate your size and clearance requirements) are the MBTA lots and garages at subway ("T") and commuter rail stations.  Regular weekday parking rates range from $2-$9/day, and weekend rates at most of them are cheaper.  They are managed by a variety of companies, and you would probably need to contact them individually to find out if they offer oversize parking and if so, what the rates would be.  You can find a list on the MBTA website.

Boston Garages for Oversized Vehicles & Vans

Now let's look at garages.  To make sure they will accommodate you, they need two things:  1) clearance, especially at the entry/exits, higher than your van, and 2) large enough parking spaces for your vehicle.   

Here are several good options in different parts of Boston:

  • Garage at Post Office Square, Financial District - The Congress Street entrance clearance is 7 feet 6 inches, as is the height of the Lobby Level parking.  They do have some space on this level for oversized vehicles.  You need to contact them for more information and rates: ; website
  • Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Summer Street, South Boston - You can park oversized vehicles in the self-park BCEC South Lot for $  More information:  website
  • Boston Marriott Copley Place, Huntington Ave, Back Bay - Valet parking will accommodate oversized vehicles and you get in/out privileges - but at a cost:  $  Since you will probably give a tip for valet parking, your total amount would be even higher - but you can't beat the convenience of this central location.  More information:

Since you didn't mention the part of Boston where you want to park, I hope this variety of locations will help you find a garage (or lot) that's a good fit with your needs!

Next Steps for Finding Oversized Vehicle Parking in Boston

If none of the above options look like a good fit, the next step would be for you to contact garages directly near your preferred parking location and ask if they can accommodate your vehicle.

As a start, here are Boston Discovery Guide's pages about parking, where you'll find numerous garages and lots listed along with their contact information:

Best of luck with the parking, and have a great time in Boston!

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Top Photo:  Boylston Street, just before Boston Common and Downtown

How to Get Around Boston

Boston Transportation Options - Quick Links to More Info

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More about how to save on Boston hotels

2 Car Garage Dimensions - Minimum, Average, and Ideal Garage Sizes

Boston Common Garage

Open 24/7

Our spacious, state-of-the-art parking facility is located beneath Boston Common and provides clean, well-lit parking for 1, vehicles at an affordable price. Best of all, it's just a short walk to most of Boston's top attractions, including the State House, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, the Theater District, and the shops of Downtown Crossing.

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