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Insta360-for GO 2, ONE R, ONE X2, ONE X

Insta360 cameras give creators, athletes and adventurers tools to create like they’ve never created. Whether you're upping your shooting game with an Insta360 ONE R or ONE X2, the Insta360 App is a creative powerhouse in your pocket that acts as your camera’s sidekick. Editing on your phone has never been easier.

Shot Lab
Discover AI-powered auto editing templates in the Shot Lab. This allows you to edit head turning clips such as: Stop Motion, Clone Trails, Hyperlapses and more in a few taps.

Auto Editing
The Insta360 app uses AI to find your best shots and edit them together on beat. FlashCut analyzes footage on theme, quality and time of capture to create cinematic clips that are ready to share.

Deep Track
For your 360 content, select your subject with a tap or a voice command. The AI-powered tracking algorithm keeps it locked in center-frame, even when obstacles get in the way. Deep Track automatically recognizes your subject when it reappears and keeps tracking throughout the action.

Story Editor
Edit your clips in the app’s Story Editor and share instantly to your favorite social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more! Edit multiple clips together with music, text and transitions.

TimeShift lets you adjust the speed of different parts of a clip on a whim. Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse – you have full control over time and perspective. TimeShift can now also recognize and highlight key landmarks in your clip using image recognition technology.

Download-Free Editing
Now you can edit and share your clips without downloading them to your phone first! Save your phone’s storage space and edit clips immediately while you’re on the go. Perfect for sharing quick clips to social media in just a few taps.

Plus, the Insta360 app’s community section lets you explore the best content from our global family of creators! Find new ideas, learn from official tutorials, share your content and connect with your favorite creators. Download now and start exploring.

*Compatibility: Subject to the compatibility list.

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Having some issues? Let us know at [email protected]


Bullet Time

Make it epic with bullet time.

Epic shots are easy with the all-new bullet time effect. Watch as you move through the center of a scene while the ONE swoops around you, capturing every angle in up to 240 FPS.*

*The ONE shoots at a maximum of 120 FPS, while 240 FPS video is achieved algorithmically with the companion app.

FlowState™ Stabilization

Go with the flow.

All-new FlowState stabilization lets you capture hypnotically smooth video, no matter what you’re doing. Even your dog can shoot like a pro.

Cinematic Editing

Shoot first, point later.

Mark off the most interesting parts of your 360 video, outlining the story you want to tell. The Insta360 ONE will automatically create a pro-level edit with ultra-smooth camera movements.


Focus on what matters.

SmartTrack follows any subject to give you a perfectly stable video where they’re always center-frame.

360° Hyperlapse

Hyper. Simple.

Stunning hyperlapses are easy. Just hit record and go – the ONE takes care of the rest. All you have to do is choose the best views, in any direction.

Easy Aerial Shots

Meet the invisible selfie stick.

Pair the ONE with a selfie stick, and watch as the stick instantly disappears from your shot. You’ve got a flying camera but without the noise.

Shoot remotely with your phone.

Connect via Bluetooth to set up the perfect shot—whether you’re in it or not.

Use the ONE on its own.

Or quick-mount it on an accessory. The ONE’s ready for 70 minutes of continuous shooting.

Link up when you’re on the go.

Connect directly to your phone for seamless previews and rock-steady live-streaming. Life moves fast. The ONE adapts.

Path-breaking power. Inside and out.

Cutting-edge optics in a sleek, ultra-portable exterior. The ONE finds simplicity on the far side of complexity.

All in the details.

Packing two 1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensors, a large F2.2 aperture and a high-efficiency Ambarella processor, the ONE makes quick work of capturing brilliantly crisp 4K spherical video and 24 MP spherical stills.

Versatile. Light.
Ready for anything.

Compact and ergonomic, the ONE captures the action without every getting in the way of it. A protective case doubles as a monopod, while a unique foldable Lightning connector means the ONE is ready to link up in an instant.

Seamless connectivity when it counts.

Go live in 360 with one tap after connecting your phone to the Lightning port. A direct Lightning connection will keep your broadcast stable and beats Wi-Fi by a mile.


Device specifications

Aperture: F2.2 Photo resolution: 24 MP (6912*3456) Video resolution: 3840*[email protected], 2560*[email protected], 2048*[email protected](bullet time) Photo format: insp, jpeg(can be exported via App), RAW Video format: insv, mp4(can be exported via App), LOG Stabilization: Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization Compatible devices: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone8/8 plus, iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone SE 2 iPad Pro(10.5-inch), iPad Pro(9.7-inch), iPad (9.7-inch), iPad Pro(12.9-inch), iPad mini4, iPad Air 2; Click to check Android compatible devices UPC842126100185

Photo, video specifications

Photo modes: Standard 360 photos, timed 360 photos Video modes: Standard 360 video, time-lapse mode, bullet time EV: -2EV~+2EV Exposure modes: Auto, Manual(Shutter 1/4000s-60s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority(1/4000s-2s), ISO Priority(100-3200) WB: Auto, Cloudy, Sunny, Fluorescent, Incandescent


Color: Black Weight: 82g Dimensions: 96mmx36.5mmx25mm(DxWxH)


Bluetooth: BLE4.0 Lightning: Lightning connector USB: Micro-USB 2.0 Micro SD: Supports UHS-I, exFAT(FAT64) format; max storage capacity is 128 GB.


Battery Capacity: 820mAh(5V1A) Charging method: Micro-USB Endurance: 70 min (continuous video shooting)


Built to share. Anywhere.

Insta360 also offers free 360 editing/player softwares

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Review: The Insta360 One R is a modular action camera with a 1"-type sensor

Insta360 ONE R
from $300 | Insta360

The Insta360 One R is a modular action and 360 camera that snaps together like Lego bricks. It allows users to choose between three cameras or mods, depending on the most important features. A '1-Inch Edition' ($550) uses a large 1"-type sensor, features a Leica-branded lens, and captures 5.3K video and 19MP images, a '360 Edition' ($430) captures 5.7K spherical video, and a '4K Edition' ($300) includes a 12MP sensor that shoots 4K video. The first option is somewhat unique, given that most action cameras have smaller sensors.

To use any of the cameras, one connects them to a second cube-shaped unit Insta360 calls the core module, which includes an LCD touchscreen, buttons and ports. The camera + core combo then snaps onto a battery base for operation.

The Insta360 One R has a modular design that snaps together. Left to right: The core module with touchscreen, the 1-Inch camera module, the battery base, and the 360 camera module.

For users who want multiple camera units, Insta360 sells various combination packages up to, and including, the Trio Edition, which includes all three cameras for $780. Additionally, there are all manner of use case-specific accessories such as a motorcycle kit, an expedition kit, a snow kit and more.

Jump to:

Key specs | Overview | What it's like to use | Video/image quality | Who's it for?

Key specifications (shared)

  • Reversible touchscreen
  • Raw and JPEG photos
  • HDR, Night Shot, and Time-lapse
  • H.264/H.265 video codecs (100 Mbps)
  • FlowState image stabilization
  • Waterproof to 5m (16.4ft)
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB-C charging

1-Inch Edition

  • 1"-type sensor
  • 14mm equiv. F3.2 lens
  • Video: 5.3K/30p, 4K/60p, 2.7K/60p, HD/120p
  • Photo: 19MP resolution

360 Edition

  • Dual-7.2mm equiv. F2.0 lenses
  • Video: 5.7K/30p, 4K/50p, 3K/100p
  • Photo: 18MP resolution (2:1 aspect ratio)

4K Edition

  • 16.4mm equiv. F2.8 lens
  • Video: 4K/30p (4000x3000), 4K/60p, 2.7K/100p, HD/200p
  • Photo: 12MP resolution

For this review I mostly focused on the 1-Inch Edition with some additional comments about the 360 Edition.


The Insta360 One R’s modular system clicks together easily and is made up of a battery, a lens mod and the core module. There's a micro SD card slot and a USB-C port for charging on the side of the core module. Physical controls sit on top of the touchscreen and include a power button and a record button—all other settings are changed through the touchscreen or the app.

The Insta360 One R assembled with the 1-Inch module, core module and battery base (L), along with the 360 module (R).

Before you start shooting, you'll need to connect the camera to the Insta360 app, which is done through the camera’s Wi-Fi. The process is fast and easy, and the app doesn’t have any trouble remembering the camera between uses. Inside the app, you can view footage from the SD card, save files to your phone for easy sharing, access tutorials, change camera settings and edit footage.

One neat feature: the core module can be attached in either direction, allowing you to place the screen at the back of the camera or facing forward (useful for selfie mode).

The touchscreen on the Insta360 One R can be attached facing either the front or the back of the camera.

If you’ve set the Insta360 One R up on a tripod and are looking to capture video footage or a time-lapse, working through the app, rather than the tiny touchscreen, will be ideal for most users.

Although the modular system feels sturdy when it’s all clicked together, the CPU that powers the camera seemed to have issues from the start; every time I turned the camera on, it struggled to recognize that the micro SD card was in the camera.

What it's like to use

Although the modular system clicks together easily and feels substantial, it quickly became clear that not all components are sturdy. Within a few days of using it, the door covering the Micro SD slot and USB-C port snapped off. Without the cover, the camera had an easier time recognizing that a Micro SD card was inside the camera, but the missing cover also meant the camera wasn't waterproof either. (Update: Insta360 informs us that re-seating the door on the camera in this situation should still ensure a watertight seal to 5M.)

The One R is generally well-built, but it didn't take long for the cover for the Micro SD slot and USB-C port to break off.

The menu system is difficult to navigate quickly. The touchscreen isn't particularly responsive, the user interface isn’t intuitive, and changing settings requires a fair amount of work. However, once you've worked through the menus and configured the camera to your liking it's simple to use—just hit the big record button on the top to shoot stills or to start recording video. During my time with the camera, Insta360 released two firmware updates, so with any luck, the user experience will continue to improve.

The 1"-type sensor is somewhat unique, given that most action cameras have smaller sensors.

For video shooting, you'll likely want to use the Insta360 all-purpose tripod or the selfie-stick. The camera includes Insta360's FlowState image stabilization, and you can shoot without it and still get stable footage, but I found it more comfortable to have a grip to hold onto while shooting.

Using the all-purpose tripod or the selfie-stick also helps give you a wider view of a scene—especially important if you are shooting with the dual-lens 360 mod and looking to avoid unattractive under the chin angles. For shooting stills, I found that I preferred to just carry the camera in-hand; it’s quite small, which makes it ideal for street photography.

The 1-Inch module is small enough to keep in your pocket for street photography.

Although the camera has the ability to shoot Raw photos, there's a noticeable lag time between hitting the record button and the photo being saved to the card. The JPEG images on the 1-Inch mod produced file sizes that averaged around 6 MB without any noticeable lag.

I also had a chance to test the 360 mod. Although the One R is aimed at enthusiasts, I think the 360 mod could be used as an interesting creative tool by professionals for capturing BTS footage or unique perspectives at large events like trade shows, festivals, or parades—whenever those high-density events come back. The 360 mod can also be used as a webcam, although its behavior can be a bit unpredictable; it's intriguing tech considering the increased demand for quality live streaming content.

The camera is quite small, which makes it ideal for street photography.

If you’re shooting 360 video and not live streaming, you can use the app to do things like reframe your footage, add music, create a multi-view and make color and exposure adjustments. Within the app, you can also export footage to platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

I took the the One R's dual-lens 360 camera on a drive through Brooklyn to see how it performed on New York's potholed streets.

The camera hides itself in 360 footage, but there will usually be some distortion of the user’s hands when the footage is stitched together, not an uncommon problem with these sorts of devices. The app makes the process of shooting and editing in 360 a lot easier, but it’s also your only option—you won’t be able to do anything with the 360 files without running them through the Insta360 app first.

The camera is capable of continuous recording as long as you have power and available card capacity to continue recording. However, footage will be segmented into files. When shooting 5K/30p, 4K/50p or 3K/100p the camera will start a new file after 30 minutes. When recording 4K/30p, it will start a new file after 90 minutes.

The battery is rated at 1190mAh, but if you are shooting a lot of video, that will get used up quickly. For example, when I filmed the band in the video (below) I started with a full charge, but found the battery in the red zone after filming a 30-minute set. It's possible to power the camera via USB while it's running, but that's not always the most convenient arrangement for what is essentially an action camera.

Image and Video Quality

Although the UI on the Insta360 One R leaves something to be desired, I was impressed by the quality of the footage that this camera could capture.

I used the One R's 1-Inch mod to capture this band in difficult lighting.

On the video side of things, I enjoyed setting it up as a BTS camera. The preamps were good enough to capture decent audio during a band’s livestream performance, and the 1"-type sensor on the 1-Inch Edition made for visuals that held up even in a difficult lighting situation. During my time using the 1-inch module, I didn't notice any issues with rolling shutter.

I also used the 1-Inch Edition to capture BTS footage during a portrait shoot. The wide 14.4mm (equiv.) lens made it easy to capture the entire studio set up in a single frame while keeping the camera close by. Although you can pull footage directly off of the cards, it seems best to use the app to process it. Luckily, there's an option in the app to restore footage back to its original capture state, so the process remains non-destructive.

I captured this behind the scenes time-lapse of a photoshoot using the 1-Inch Edition. The wide lens made it easy to capture the entire studio space.

360 video has to be processed inside the app and can be exported at 3K, 4K or 5.7K, or for a much faster export at 960P. Keep in mind that 360 footage may appear strange if you view it outside of the Insta 360 app, but once you upload it to a platform that can handle 360 video (like YouTube), you'll be able to view the scene in 360. Although the camera can shoot and process 5.7K video, once you upload the footage to a platform like YouTube, it will be viewable as 4K.

On the stills side, the Insta360 One R does a very nice job—the wide 14.4mm lens on the 1-Inch mod provides an almost fisheye view. (Note: if you don't love the fisheye view, a lens correction can be enabled in the app.) I loved the vibrant colors that I got while shooting with the Insta360 One R. Its small size makes it useful for discrete street photography as well.

Who's it for?

If you can get past the clumsiness of the Insta360 One R’s user interface and menu system, it’s a versatile tool for content creators. The build quality is generally good, but we wish the microSD card slot's door had been sturdier. Swapping out camera modules was easy to do.

We’re hopeful that future firmware upgrades will make the menu and touchscreen on the camera easier to use. Ultimately, the video footage and stills that we were able to create with the Insta360 One R were quite good. The 360 module has some interesting creative capabilities, and we liked the wide-angle on the 1-Inch module. The mic quality was good enough to clearly capture audio during a live performance too. At $550 for the 1-Inch module, it’s certainly not the cheapest action cam on the market, but it does have one of the nicer lenses, and if you invest in the other mods, it's a very versatile tool.

What we like:

  • Modular system is flexible and versatile
  • 1"-type sensor on an action camera is unique
  • Well-designed app
  • Good in difficult lighting situations (for an action camera)

What we'd like to see improved:

  • Micro SD/USB-C cover breaks easily
  • Menu system is difficult to navigate quickly
  • Limited battery life
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Spherical imaging has never been as approachable as it is right now. Cameras like the Ricoh Theta and GoPro Fusion let you can shove some impressive lens technology into your pocket to take with you anywhere. Especially if you own a VR headset, 360-degree photos and videos are interactive and capture special memories from every angle.

Insta360 is one of a handful of younger brands hoping to capitalize on this new, unique kind of photography, and its latest camera shows how much imaging tech $300 gets you.

The Insta360 ONE is more than just an iPhone accessory—even though it has a flip-out Lightning connector that lets you attach it to an iOS device, making photo transfer a cinch and framing your shots pretty easy. Since the Lightning port is on the bottom of the phone, once you attach the camera, you have to flip your phone upside-down. This points the camera skyward where it can get a clear view of the world.

But, as we found out when we tested the Insta360 Nano and Air cameras, it's not always convenient to swing your phone around to capture spherical images and video. That's the big reason Insta360 has made the ONE camera usable as a standalone device. You can still take photos and videos without plugging it into your phone, which means it works with Android devices too. The camera has its own battery that's chargeable over micro-USB, and it uses microSD cards for storage. It even comes with an 8 GB card pre-installed.

It comes with a few other accessories of note. For Wachowski-style bullet-time footage, there's a fishing line in the box that lets you swing the camera around the action. The ONE also has a plastic sleeve that doubles as a stand, but it's probably the worst aspect of this device. I found even though the doohickey does a decent job at protecting the camera's two lenses, it's a pain in the butt to attach and detach reliably. Since the plastic deforms when you grasp it, it can feel like the camera's stuck, and the smooth sides of the ONE make things more difficult as your fingers struggle for purchase, skittering across the shutter button and release mechanism for the Lightning port.

I greatly preferred to leave the sleeve off for convenience. However, if you frequent places with lots of sand or other environmental hazards that might damage the glass lenses, you're gonna want to find a pouch of some kind for this thing.

Recently, Insta360 updated the ONE's companion app, adding functionality and a pretty impressive software image stabilization feature. Everything from programming automated pans to tracking moving subjects are all doable without much fuss, and tutorials walk you through each function before you're set loose.

But, along with the poorly designed case, I had some other issues with this product which made me miss the bigger but more ergonomic Ricoh Theta series 360 cameras. The ONE's small body means there's not a lot of room for its many ports and connections, and it makes the unit's shutter button way too easy to accidentally push. Additionally, there's a noticeable delay between the view on the iPhone's screen and the image that's captured. When I was using the camera at the world-famous Rancho Obi-Wan, I thought I captured a quick portrait with my girlfriend only to discover we didn't stay still long enough, and the shot showed us pulling away from the camera instead. Bummer.

Probably the biggest drawback I found from this product is that it's bad at guessing the proper exposure level, especially in bright sunlight or in brightly-lit rooms. I noticed a lot of blown highlights, which is something the Theta, with its HDR mode, dealt with a little more elegantly. Thankfully, the app lets you tweak image settings before you take a photo or video, so you can use your best judgement to get it how you want it. And even if exposure isn't the camera's strong suit, its stitching algorithm—the on-board software that assembles a seamless 360-degree photo from the two, separate 180-degree photos captured by the dual lenses—is quite good.

If you can't justify grabbing the pricier Ricoh Theta V, Insta360 has made what is probably the best alternative. I actually prefer the Insta360 app in most cases, and its latest set of updates makes this product really shine. Especially if you prefer to use an iPhone for all things photography, the feature-rich Insta360 ONE is an approachable way into 360 imaging.


360 one insta

Shenzen-based Insta360 has been making 360-degree cameras for a few years now, but — like most consumer 360-degree cameras — none of them have been anything terribly special. The resolution is usually spotty, the image stitching is noticeable, and they don’t help solve the problem of when, where, and how we should use 360 cameras. That changes today with new $299 Insta360 One.

The shape of a Beats Pill speaker, but the size of small sausage link, the new camera won’t blow you away with high quality imagery. (It uses two cameras to shoot, in total, 4K at 30 frames per second, and captures 24-megapixel stills — all about par for the course for current consumer 360 cameras.) But it does offer something that makers of 360-degree cameras have seemed to be heading towards for a little while now: the ability to pluck a photo or a 1080p frame of video from the 360-degree photos and videos that you shoot.

With the Insta360 One, you shoot 360-degree videos and photos like you normally would. You can set the camera up on a tripod, or hold it steady in an outstretched hand (it has, surprisingly, fantastic gyroscopic stabilization for a tiny little camera) and capture the world around you. Those photos and videos look fine.

The breathtaking difference is that afterwards capture. Insta360 calls it “FreeCapture,” saying you can “shoot first, point later.” Here’s the way it works: when you’re playing back a 360-degree photo on your phone, you spin and pinch and zoom the image until you’ve framed up a 16:9, 4:3, or even 1:1 composition that you like. Then just one tap of the button saves a full-resolution still of that newly-composed 2D image to your phone.

The same goes for video, though the process is a little different. With video, you shoot in 360 degrees, and then during playback, you can actually pan around the sphere of imagery by moving your phone like you would when you’re shooting a video. It’s as if you have stepped back into that part of the world where you and your camera originally were and were given the opportunity to shoot it all over again. It honestly feels like magic.

That ability completely changed how I typically use 360-degree cameras. Over the weekend, I was walking my dog with the camera in my hand, and we ran into another dog that she plays with. As they started wrestling on the sidewalk, I just tapped the camera’s shutter button twice to start a video. I didn’t hold the camera up and out away from me, and I didn’t have to pull my iPhone out of my pocket and risk dropping it or distracting the dogs. I just kept the Insta360 One by my side with my arm hanging down, knowing full well that half the 360-degree sphere was being blocked by my body.

And yet, later, I was able to pull all the action out of the 360-degree frame and save it as one normal video. The video looks better than anything else I could have shot in that situation. It’s like there was a third person standing right next to me filming the dogs on their own phone.

Now, the Insta360 One’s app is still awfully buggy, and the camera — which you can shoot with hand-held, or with it plugged into the bottom of your iPhone while connected via lightning cable (an Android version is on the way) — isn’t the best-made thing in the world. (It doesn’t quite sit flush with the bottom of my iPhone 7, for example.) I also fear, like with most 360-degree cameras, that the dual lenses will get scratched because of how exposed they are. I haven’t had nearly enough time with it to say anything for sure about how durable it is, both on the outside and inside.

You also still need to be really close (within five to 10 feet) to your subjects for any of this to work well — another video I shot at a baseball game, even from the front row, was less impressive. And, like I said before, the quality isn’t that great. You need plenty more resolution from spherical video (8K or higher, really) before the imagery looks as good as we all inherently expect video to look, and so pulling a 1080p video out of the Insta360 One’s 4K frame means you’re left with a cell-phone quality video at best.

But you can do it. And it’s far more compelling a use case for a 360-degree camera than what’s been offered by anyone else who’s sold one to date. 360-degree cameras are an fascinating new technology in the photography world, but for the first time, I’m actually excited to keep using one.

Insta360 One Review After 5 Months Usage: Should you buy it?

5.7K Video + 18MP Photo

FlowState Stabilization

360º Capture

Cinematic Slow-Mo

Invisible Selfie Stick

WiFi Preview & Transfer



Praise for the Insta360 ONE X

FlowState Stabilization

FlowState is as smooth as it gets.

Traditional action cameras are left shaking.

Best-In-Class Image Quality

Look sharp.

Invisible Selfie Stick

You. In third-person view.

Pair the ONE X with our invisible selfie stick and the stick is gone in an instant. You’ve got a flying camera without the noise.


HDR Mode

Natural lighting. In every direction.

High dynamic range shooting means your footage stays true-to-life and true-to-light.

Drift Shot

Impossible shots. Made easy.

Snap into the Drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo from a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.

Learn more

Insta360 Drifter

Buy Insta360 Drifter >

1. Aerodynamic body for smooth flying. The tail fins are automatically removed from your shot.

2. Tailor-fit. Shock-resistant frame.


Control time. And perspective.

Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse. All in the app.

Shoot first. Point later.

Simple. Stunning. Cinematic editing.

Reframe the best parts of your shot, and connect them with ultra-smooth camera movements. Then add your favorite music and effects. The ONE X app is an editing room in your pocket. Support for both iOS and Android devices.

Fully Upgraded App

Better visuals. Better audio. Better editing.

ONE X just got better with three all-new features. Color Plus brings out vibrant colors even in tough lighting, True Audio cuts the noise so you can hear the important stuff, and Story Editor puts a powerful editing suite in the palm of your hand.

Bullet Time

Be at the heart of the action.

Slow-mo Bullet Time shots turn heads like nothing else. The ONE X pulls it off in stunning 3K @ 100fps and with a full 360° field of view.


GPS Smart Remote

Track your trek.

Control your ONE X. Record GPS data. Track your journey with on-screen stats like speed, altitude and direction. Then, put your expeditions on the map with one-touch upload to Google Street View.

Buy GPS Smart Remote >

No stitching. No waiting. Just start your edit.

Venture Case

Rough and ready.

Ideal as a tough layer of protection for when you're mountain biking, skiing or out and about.

Buy Venture Case >

Dive Case

Go deeper.

Great for scuba diving and other underwater uses.

Buy Dive Case >

The right tools for every adventure.

Kiteboard Bundle

Waterproof Housing + Chest Strap + Head Strap


Jet Ski Bundle

Waterproof Housing + Chest Strap + Head Strap + Handlebar Mount


Snow Bundle

Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount + Extension Pole + Chest Strap Selfie Stick


Skate Bundle

Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount + Extension Pole + Chest Strap + Wrist Strap


Motorcycle Bundle

Handlebar Mount + Extension Rod + Adhesive Mount


Mavic Pro Bundle

Mavic Pro Hang Mount


Climb Bundle

Head Strap + Wrist Strap


Run Bundle

Selfie Stick + Head Strap + Chest Strap


Sky Bundle

Extension Pole + Helmet Flat Adhesive Mount + Selfie Stick + Wrist Strap


Removable battery

Ready for the long haul.

Swap out on the fly and charge up fast with the Dual Battery Charging Dock.

nonstop shooting

per battery

Buy extra battery and dock >

WiFi Preview & Transfer

Shoot and transfer in a snap.

WiFi Transfer

Cable Transfer

Outer simplicity. Inner refinement.

794 individual components, one game-changing camera. The ONE X is precision-crafted for durability, impact-resistance and temperature regulation — all in a featherlight 3.2-ounce body.

Sleek and seamless.

An ultra-thin 28mm body doesn't just look good. It keeps the ONE X's dual lenses close together for an immaculate stitch.

ultra-wide fisheye lenses

Sony CMOS sensor

large aperture


Device specifications

Aperture: F2.0 Photo resolution: 18 MP (6080*3040) Video resolution: 5760*[email protected], 5760*[email protected], 5760*[email protected], 3840*[email protected], 3840*[email protected], 3008*[email protected] Photo format: insp, jpeg(can be exported via App), RAW(dng) (RAW files require software on PC/Mac to stitch.) Video format: insv, mp4(can be exported via App), LOG (Log files require software on PC/Mac to stitch.) Video coding: H264 Video Bitrate: Up to 100Mbps Stabilization: Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization Compatible devices: iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE 2 iPad Pro, iPad (2018)

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Photo & video specifications

Photo modes: Standard 360 photos, timed 360 photos, HDR 360 photos, interval 360 photos, RAW 360 photos Video modes: Standard 360 video, time-lapse mode, bullet time, HDR video, log 360 video Live-streaming: 360 live-streaming, FreeCapture Live (user controls visual perspective) EV: -3EV~+3EV Exposure modes: Auto, Manual(Shutter 1/8000s-55s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority(1/8000s-2s), ISO Priority(100-3200) WB: Auto, Cloudy, Sunny, Fluorescent, Incandescent


Color: Black Weight: 90.9g (without battery); 115g (with battery) Dimensions: 115mm x 48mm x 28mm (D x W x H)

Storage & Connectivity

Bluetooth: BLE4.0 Wi-Fi: 5G(Standard range of approximately 20 meters) USB: Micro-USB MicroSD Card: Recommends UHS-I V30 speed class, exFAT(FAT64) format; max storage capacity is 256 GB


Battery Capacity: 1200mAh (5V2A) Charging Method: Micro-USB Charging Time: 100 mins with a 5V2A charger or 60 mins with our Dual Battery Charging Dock Run Time: ONE X lasts roughly 60 mins while shooting 5.7K @30FPS or [email protected] video when it is used independently Use Environment: Standard Battery suitable for 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C); Cold-Weather Battery suitable for -4° F to 86° F (-20° C to 30° C)

ONE X Bundle now available at Apple.


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Chinese camera company

Arashi Vision Inc. (Chinese: 影石创新科技股份有限公司), doing business as Insta360, is a camera company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin. It makes action cameras, 360-degree cameras,[1] editing software for mobile and desktop and 180-3D cameras.


Insta360 CEO JK Liu (刘靖康) met his co-founders while studying computer science at Nanjing University. Liu recognized the potential of 360 when he attended a music concert and wanted to develop products to record and share such powerfully moving events.[2]

Liu's first product was a smartphone app for live streaming, but he quickly expanded the firm's product portfolio by developing an accessory to turn a smartphone into a 360-degree camera.[2]

After graduating, Liu and his team moved to Shenzhen and founded Insta360 in 2015[3] to begin developing and manufacturing 360-degree cameras as they found the current market standard did not fulfill their needs. Insta360 later began to recognise the benefits of 360 video go far beyond standard 360 video, and began pioneering a new type of action camera, a 360 action camera that uses 360 video as a tool to create traditional flat framed content. This was with the first in the ONE series, Insta360 ONE.

Since then, Insta360 has also opened offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Berlin and it hosts 500 employees globally.

In 2020, Insta360 entered a strategic partnership with Leica to help produce the ONE R 1-Inch Edition.[4] Since then, ONE R has been recognised as one of TIME magazine's best inventions of 2020.[5] A recent milestone for the company was Apple hosting Insta360 cameras in stores in over 100 countries.[6]

In 2018, NASA used Insta360 Pro and Pro 2 to live stream the landing of the InSight Mars Lander from mission control,[7] winning an Emmy for the project.[8] In 2021, NASA again used Insta360 Pro 2 to live stream from mission control when the Perseverance rover landed on Mars.[9]

Product lines[edit]

Action cameras[edit]

Insta360's action camera lineup includes the ONE series (ONE, ONE X, ONE R and ONE X2) and the Insta360 GO with its successor the GO 2. The ONE series uses 360 technology to create traditional flat video results by "reframing" the 360 video, allowing the editor to pick their angle in post-production.[10] They also all share "FlowState Stabilization" Insta360's proprietary image stabilization technology.[11]

Professional VR cameras[edit]

Insta360 also create VR 360 cameras made for professionals. This line includes Pro,[12] Pro 2[13] and Titan.[14] They all shoot high resolution content designed for consumption in VR, or as traditional 360 video.

The Insta360 app[edit]

The app for iOS and Android is developed for use alongside Insta360 ONE X2, ONE R[15] and GO, the Insta360 app is made for editing 360 into flat framed content, then exporting it to share or save. It has editing tools as well as AI-assisted templates in what Insta360 call "Shot Lab" to make 360 editing less cumbersome, and make creative 360 techniques easier.[16] The app also has a community section, where creators from around the world share tips, discuss and share their content shot on Insta360 cameras.



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